#10 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth finally hits double digit episodes!

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Recorded: 2009-06-17 23:25:48

Runtime: 00:37:07 (2227.66 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey


Transcript (in progress):

what is cognac so who's that Gus too long he was one of the you yeah he was like he had to be like in the first three or four guys also the kind of person just to continue the really what you want he's ready he registers ever that has anything to do I understand vanity names on eBay that's retarded yeah I definitely no bids but it doesn't seem like that is how you find people on Facebook would you because it never existed but you think it's you facebook.com / Gus we have it on our side you know I would get through it we have a motorcycle but it's not that we don't think it's valuable not the people want to sell it ever wants to know solution to everything you want social media Egyptians like to know why do they have it set up that way to begin with Obsidius current big player in social media and it's up Myspace really have going for them is every time you saw someone's address it was always Myspace.com / whatever that's being a MySpace is here but there layoffs at 33% or something what's open late up player Department plain stupid Flash animation percent which is 340 something people just terribly sad that means Myspace had a thousand employees which also I think I think after that number might be wrong then because now that I think about it I think after the layoffs still have fairly popular social networking site and we have you and been like this it really take a thousand people to run Myspace yes I need to talk to you about that Okay so comment on Joel's absence here at the drunk tank this week okay okay Google that's okay he's here so we decide start without him we were shooting Geoff you were there and we and there was a very simple shot they had to pull off they're playing catch and I think I'm there anything we not spoiling anything in the video by saying that Nathan had to throw the ball to match it must have taken 30 minutes I think they threw the ball 30 times and the cats are successful twice like when you said the cats were successful with only a baseball bat baseball glove Nathan can Nathan not get it there or does when I get near that is a duck I mean what's that all about it was it was a transmission and receiving and I'm running camera on running camera and because they're both in the shot I was doing slate and running camera Gus is running all day so I have to Rack focus and tilt pan and catch the ball through the sky as it hits the glove in Lansing sure they would do 12 times get it wrong they would do it kind of right one time on a 13 x and a marigold you get it I'm not sure if you're not sure it's like what you said yesterday just like the like the least athletic dudes in the planet when did texting the ball catching the ball he was drenched in sweat it was like 7 in the morning too hard for the football field the perimeter fence he was like she's deep in the sunflower thing so it'll run through the sunflowers to catch it you should have just given up and they can try to kick it in slingshot misfire hits ball actually showing no Don was the star of the 3D plane Castle let me see clearing the boom and all that should I had to throw baseball you were successful successful every time boy Barbies like nobody else in the office you know you that was met with Matt today she was mad about was getting your shit up well did you have a defense you hate you well that was up at 10 and I was here nightmare is awesome because it's like if you Geoff 15 in the Army for talking about stuff for working on let's talk about reconstruction 3D creation for sure because it's always when I go to say it I always want to go see reconstruction and then I'm always naming the files and moving files around the server I always mess it up and then it relocated to them still not in the mood to call your Recreation yet but there's a lot of questions in my journal and I may be posting with a separate audio commentary like you and answer session for that but we just have to the first actual episode of recreation come out on Monday time release thing but it wouldn't surprise me I was nervous about getting ourselves a 9 p.m. deadline and meeting at and we fucking not going to park there or get over the problem is also the prom I was hoping if we don't meet the 9 p.m. deadline then more and more people just jam up and bottleneck on the website jewelry record that kind of scares me what the problem is you finished what remains is editing and what we called the tweeting and you know we came in on Monday you know this return to make it but we don't have them in Red vs Blue if you think that one of the great things about mission of you can set up and it doesn't look like and you don't get that in Red vs Blue is the one that we kind of came up with a plan around cutting in the video where Simmons is no charge right Bluth hard Thundarr the eruption that was The Geoff Sergeant up some and then we just had the exact same footage in the exact same audio again to finish it there was another funny thing from the first episode that we haven't put out where you put together some of cabooses audio it sound like he was singing a song that was fucked up the still and we can all read it as commissioner still not telling you still not telling you that it's like this weird Loop that when I kept playing it back it sounded like a Beat from somewhere eurotrash electronic it was stuck in my head all weekend I was like I was like walking around still Cliff the new Hong Kong you couldn't hear it was weird he didn't know hell yeah I was thinking it's fucking awesome so far and I wish I had some free review stuff and prehistory review your previous comment I had to take my daughter to the river to go swimming for the weekend at a park and I stepped on a big chunk of glass and slice the entire bottom with what I want to say I warned you not to go but you don't go outside nothing well I didn't see any bears but you go outside now so that's about it talk to me about Geoff to buy ginseng in Geoff as well because when we uploaded the public version for the 9 p.m. release thoughts of her she went out just fine but as soon as possible she started to go with a reenactment of the poem exotic you guys watching and as soon as you walk out the door didn't upload failed and then the encode failed and then we upload it again upload failed the and code failed again Jesus Christ and so Matt said Geoff is not allowed to say the episode Done ever again be sure not to do it again and so it's karma for your cut foot you get a free every episode fuck up anyway the previews for Ghostbusters I read that game so far and I was wondering how well it would be picked up at Best Buy last night and I got the last copy of that I said that people had been like it was a steady stream of people coming in buying it all day and he was amazed they had any left if he felt like every 10 minutes somebody is there multiplayer in the winter Christmas but I mean it's like if you came out with a game that day summer started you just you dominate yeah pretty much that's what that's alright at all times they should be 52 kids movies a year for every week you have the option to go see if you Winton Ware and Wilson partly cloudy that short still awesome up is like you really start to wonder like it's holy the whole story I'm putting everything terrible so I had to register that of being pissed off I'm supposed to my iPhone 3GS I think I think I supposed to get it tomorrow software update I can cut and paste what else you'd like which teams up with push notifications email I came in still flickering in the background that's great you know you like to go have fun with the movies I'd like to build a silencer for 2 hours and not hard time with it with the damn switch because I was forget to take it off and I come out of the movie every single time and the other day I like you it's Bill to play songs with good idea I think both of those features are coming this afternoon are they probably are where you can like if your phone gets stolen you can locate it on the GPS located in the world you should call that featured the get beat up by a bomb feature because you'd be a lot Forsett to play like a special tone really to the website yet if it's like a 4G phone to play that noise you can find it as long as charged but you can't remotely charge it from the website I'm sorry I'm coming over 4.0 you think it doesn't here it does read about the bully who got up or the kid who confronted the bully you know that terrible he was a guy who what's what happened was he afraid of the bully in the bully got mad and told him he's going to stop in tomorrow and the next day and then I'm going to be walking home he took out the knife and stabbed in the chest he stabbed him in the chest and punctured his lung the kids and ran away and I and Friends parents took him to the hospital did the bully gets suspended I think we can't see what's going to happen to him because of somebody I mean adult thing to do you charge an adult they were both twelve years old bully not attempted murder I only bully applies in a more mature that level I think the reason like somebody brought the cats over there at Old years of age terrible telling up at 2:34 but it only proved that he was a really good 19 what that's like that alone is a serial killer conversation right there you know that's fucked up that's a fucked-up kid dude I mean I don't know him smirk on his face yeah any kids weirdness about him at all aside from the head at least at least 19 cats 19 years old kills dad if he was going to stand up for me like house cats mountain lions are there with their health cats that he was like skinning them alive and throwing them 38 you tell me that was fucking awesome well it's all Cajun kid hella Hoes Don Bluth eyes lasered be someone here said that you couldn't tell the difference or the average person couldn't tell the difference between a Pixar movie and a DreamWorks movie and I said they probably would be able to get people to the difference between Disney Animation Don Bluth animation they knew they weren't the same yet Don Bluth I think he's a longtime the American Tail then I will know when I want to play Dragon's Lair going up I had to go to the Pizza Hut that was the place that you can pretty much name games too what is a kid you like had like a map in your head like your mom's like having to go get my nails open Crazy cleaner at Pizza Hut because he was Dragon Quest then right behind it was 1942 like I can entertain myself all day with between those two what do you consider to be the rare game that you play that nobody else ever talks about I played I mean it's not really original Tecmo Bowl arcade version it was a big one yeah it was really it was really fun John Elway's quarterback was like a really rare game game that I played them besides up like Satan's Hollow which is weird to see him like a pizza place was Cloak and Dagger remember anyone ever planned yeah you'd likely level for here comes too and I still lost on all the time there's a line at the gas station in front of my grandparents house in the arcade play that quite a bit the arcade also its name and I can remember that stuff you don't really know that my 6th grade graduation at the Gold Mine arcade now is that the street that had the pressure-sensitive buttons or was that just a straight-up Street not normal for Street Fighter too did you ever see the original Street Fighter was the fierce versus whatever vs. whatever job and yeah they had that Walmart by my house I feel so ripped off and everybody else at school is playing Street Fighter too and I head straight for it I have to go the only place I ever saw Street Fighter was at the Shakey's in San Angelo Texas a pizza place or a convenience store that's what video games were where they were tweeting convenience stores and it we had one or two and get all excited actually just game probably the rarest game that I play that almost nobody played was a LaserDisc game called Cliff Hanger and it was based on Lupin the castle of cagliostro right what and yeah it's really weird and I never knew it wasn't no enemy was but they had a LaserDisc game based on it if I that is fucking weird stuff and it was one of games that I can play his game I can play all the way through it's the only one I ever spent the time and money to play the entire way through crazy speed of old arcade games you guys arcade Classics the thing like last week felt like 6 games like Shinobi and Altered Beast and I would if I could you know be alternate will my favorite games the kid out of the Masters heavy shooting 134th Ave not know what he has in her mind you want to put your title on Xbox Live you can download a game called intellivision lives which is all ever made which is kind of cool but even cooler is that they have documents there and they have a story on each one and they talk about how much it cost to make it they tell you how many units sold so you get a feeling for like how successful games were back in it was a good and on the units to sell and then crazy stuff like because back in the day we know when they were making games are going to be Don cartridges to manufacture a cartridge the left in the burning discs right so they would finish two games before the finish the manuals and all that other stuff and they had to finish it like I mean like 10 weeks before they actually had the release date and they talk about the guy who made B-17 bomber he was literally cutting it right before they got out the door like adding stuff in and back then they could really tested there's no testing involved and so then they test it after 1 up the manufacturer and they would write bugs in to the manual as being good things that happened like if you get far enough the screen with her entirely purple and you is awesome is awesome about 10 people in the division and Mattel Mattel women said hey you got you make a video game system so that everybody in the company who had any kind of computer experience and just made intellivision that's fucking it was awesome it was pretty cool and it's a lot of fun to read that stuff I thought you were going to bring up when you said that when I thought you were going to bring up that Wolfenstein 3D just came out because I just got my first Community Hard video and it looks like so much fun first game ever that I played that I couldn't play for very long so I played it on my old unit 46 like I would get credible headaches from left from staring at a big problem for the and stuff like that for 15 minutes that shaped the most other games like that generation of gaming that came after it 3D absolutely no doubt did you the to do a overhead things outside Truman was from Beyond Castle Wolfenstein with gold you could disguise yourself as a garden with stabs people and you stab them you would alert the other guard with a shot of me to order the other guards the only German up there for return Castle you been the screen my life is that I don't know bad and there's there's a guy to ever play Rise of the Triad the game it was I'm not mid nineties and build you think we should ice it would literally fall to their knees and hold their hands up and beg for their life and then you can choose to shoot or not shoot him I'm just walking past them and of course everybody shots swimmer still love video pranks you guys ever play swimmer and I can have a Cuban woman cooler cousin of swimmer You Like Crazy Climber game for the Wii when I get that but it's a good imported from Japan can you do that you just buy the game and it works I don't know if the weed is region locked or not possibly put it in my original coded Japanese we go for it that they were going to next year when the tall launches launch an Xbox that has metal inside of it but I don't know what that means because if you can use metal on Old Xboxes it seems like it's just a personal you plug into it you don't have a bundle or buy an Xbox One in the box also you know so you don't have to have the peripheral finally the idea I like heavy the camera outside of it I don't want to have to have my camera on my Xbox visible all the time I got I got mad because I tried I gave somebody a grateful I'm heading there now but I figure when I was up in Seattle and he mentioned that somebody wanted to trade him the grifball figure that he had now for a black cat pad and I said we need a black chatpad where would you get a blank check I guess they were made as test but they never told them I was like God damn it you gotta be kidding me if anybody a Maybach is listening there's also a black memory card working for the Moon when it's sponsored by like to shoot in the middle of Metro triggered an explosion on the surface of the Moon to look for moon eyes what America has less gravity right there's a hole there's a whole site dedicated to bad physics on the internet not the internet on the internet there is a website dedicated to bad physics is called heavy boots which is you base it on when you ask how come the astronauts can Bounce Around up there it's because there's no gravity well then why did they Flash the moon they had heavy boots story properly it's out his insides and I don't and I was going to set up a 6-mile hike explosion on the moon I wouldn't come up with the reason why I'm doing it I'll be like North Korea be like fuck it we hate the moon we're going to blowing up and if you don't want to blow up the moon and you better pay this money of a bad science fiction movie kind of night was going to work great dagger not going to orbit that's what's going to happen 6 miles 4890 the gravitation and nothing's going to hit that look like cartoon the Moon hydros that on there like you like still the tides changing cause an apocalypse pretty much was like all kinds of not something I think those are up to accuracy Donatos from flash 2000 saying I should let everyone in the office know that the iPhone 3.0 OS just went online so you can all break your phones now that sounds awesome flash is better than he's like knowing an RSS reader you know 5 too the same updates but I got them did you see the latest online petition that's taking the Internet by storm and it'll be petition to have been removed from television pictures of a 14 year old daughter and he says he was making a joke with 8 year old daughter who got a very funny joke and he so he apologized and then people that wasn't enough so he came and apologized a second time Palin accepted his apology but that's not enough for some Senator and a bunch of wacky people on the internet so now they're petitioning to have CVS have him taken off the air permanently and they are boycotting all of CBS News Advertiser 30% that's almost one-third 1/3 of .1% of a .2 inch the same to be also the telling me that iPhone OS 3.0 without a parent privateers to download what's it like to have them keeping you from their phone until 8 it's only 30,000 people on a petition so far telling how long the fishing been around I don't know I saw their petitions and the iPhone 3GS you know people who had the current iPhone 3G and still had more than a year on the contract couldn't upgrade or they have to pay the full iPhone 3GS price welcome to cell phones exactly so some of the petition on Twitter you call it a tradition try to get people to sign it to get AT&T to sell people under contract the cheaper iPhone 3GS what they didn't realize was that every time someone signed the petition it sent a reply to him on his Twitter page so he got like in the span of two days he had 18,000 reply Twitter's on his page of his Twitter account became useless he started asking people to stop signing the petition he said I regret ever making this I'm not even mad about this issue anymore I want to be able use my Twitter account again useless box Twitter that's funny she is very very funny very funny there that's more interesting to me that making these ridiculous post there's really no you know all the controversy of the Iranian election was very big on Twitter like people people are kind of talking about it I mean it's one of the trending topics but I started following people who are in there and on the ground and are tweeting about the election of the protest and it is such a disturbing disparity between all the people I normally follow and the Iranian people who are going through this basically Revolution works like gunfire someone it's over shot they think there's video of guys in police uniforms beating up the protester we don't know the real not really sure the police are you think of this and then like here comes hey I just got new pics from Iron Man too you know telling you I to stand in line for this caramel macchiato it's a little it's a little disturbing it's like it's you know what are you do alright well we're getting caught alright well thank you everyone