#100 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth in video form

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-100

Recorded: 2011-02-09 17:08:21

Runtime: 00:32:34 (1954.09 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey


Transcript (in progress):

you have downloaded in there listening to the audio track for Rooster Teeth first ever video Drunk tank podcast to view the video podcasting for more information visit rooster teeth.com slash podcast 3034 the bone StubHub are you related to happy Ferrell type clearly he included her weather reflective the feel of the song so cold out right now Georgia Power residents for it will dog other things the cultural Zeitgeist for the keyboard Cosby Show episodes start Stevie Wonder did you ever see that one will never hurt anybody I never saw that if I did I don't remember a long time ago the first video game footage hello I'm Burnie Burns we are little fluid Detective Butler Toyota eating a lot more than I have like I had to come into work yesterday to finish painting and Steven as much but we're covered. If he had had and now I'm getting mad my girly morning is to go to Texas dog looks like it is notice I did not. Did you play the game believe it or not I was too sick to play video games I have a crazy cat the office and every other something to him to make him look like he's going to be only because you're doing that by the way was very very angry the drinkery he was he was real not a surprise but everyone knows Everybody by the fact that they weren't really upset about rice making dead just like come up with some modeling but I mean I'm not surprised that I'm writing about and talking about just like that horrible happens on the way back to you every time really I didn't know that you know the forest crafting supper that's show up for work of all the people that are there where is the take the picture that really is a specialty of British humor and I don't know if you can go after I come back after the genres of British humor that take the piss and cross-dressing or the other Stevie in the New Mexico Tech animated Adventure without and will be right back we started our morning in the office working and then we probably left there and went to the airport to get on a plane the plane and flew to San Diego next to that refused to turn their Electronics off to the entire God damn flight Wonder Stevie there any rifle trying to turn it off after that yeah that's right turn that off and we were 5 feet off the ground and she pulled her at The Lorax part show me pictures of flash photography as we're taking off on the pilot so stupid bitch and her friend put all of our Lives the danger we have rules anymore I don't care that I'm putting 245 people on the plane because I look at photos of my dog with a new house I have now what do you think you can tell that there's a big change some things but I never liked it to begin with the only thing I like about American Idol is watching the idiots trying out I don't like that I can watch myself it's awesome that he wants to be bad and what you can be crazy is also was great to get a couple of those 200 try to fit that mold of the in the crazy bad singer will definitely like trying to act Steven Tyler is perfectly fine there's absolutely no change at all Randy is trying to Steven the traditional apologize because you're really beautiful girl walked in the house but the bottom of a 15-second alright bedskirts just the right lane he's really I mean I think the Judge I can't remember her name that they had last is Kara dioguardi Jennifer Lopez and a much better fit than she'd ever seen even after new tires you in a weird way there now what record company the winter we can get a contract with and with a different record company that before and I read somewhere online also that that record company is going to push for each week for the contestants sing songs from their catalog if they're having like these shows are really using it as a vehicle to promote their own catalog of Music Interscope his mother is Gloria the Vanderbilt 2 Ariana will be on Glee where did Cooper come from and I want to say I still him on the overnight news I think store is the NBC or ABC that he was like on world news and you like A4 hour shift in the middle the night on the great show Anderson Cooper and turned out all the contestants it was like a reality game show where over the course of a season one of the contestants was a plant by the show who secretly trying to sabotage everyone and every week every contestant had to try to guess who was the top person the person who was on the test was supposed to be like Wednesday night who was the million dollars the mole intentions and contests money for the mole but the mole had to like try to sing along as long as I could but if they have actually sabotaging a contest that would cost them so much money so it was really on the mole episodes and I don't remember one of them I'm going to find a horrible like contest wonder what the biggest mole or something like that I'm afraid I don't know that Google go to distant weird I told you Gus is like for me the best on the internet and on our website I hate the phenomenon when you haven't texted because I haven't fucked up with my own computer my computer works fine Family Guy low-level system to keep myself on task I found a program called Freedom which is a sure we're at the on the Mac but you make me click it and he specify how much Freedom you want like I want 30 minutes freedom and it blocks all your internet connectivity for 30 minutes you could also there's another program called unplug your ethernet cable yeah I don't know will control dead is the patrol that I went out and bought a shirt sadly I think there actually is another version of that year were gold self-control and I wouldn't buy it on principle literally I cannot find season mole season 1 mole winner of Richard trouble you don't let him walk around naked the Brandon Brandon doing audio engineering today he walked into his bed he walked into his bed it was not in the normal way so the beam out of the store did you walk into the bed middle-aged on the dime will try to hang in there buddy thank you I appreciate it you scared of the window the other day and also I just want to say I'm not even though it is a valid concern I will make fun of you for it you always have me I will always be the rock for you don't worry and I heard the whole story of how I got Burnie.com Burnie Tasmania is a city in Tasmania and it's spelled exactly like my name Burnie myregistry.com a very long time ago so the city of Burnie Tasmania started to contact me and they wanted the website and I've made this outrageous demands like I will give it to you as long as you have a parade in my honor and I can watch it and you build a statue outstretched and I had tucked under my eyes it said Burnie sucks cock you got this horrible mess to his son vandalism we are going to Steven cropped black hair a scarf yeah that's weird the definition of a camera in Brandon Manitoba and The Ugly so now that we're a hundred episodes of the podcast maybe we should go back and talk about our favorite moments for the first hundred episodes I think I can honestly say I don't remember a single what we talked about I think someone might be one of my favorite moments might be let me know talking about headlight fluid softball walk up there was amazing that sounds great let's go back and listen to how long is it taking to get to 100 podcast just over two years in April all right what do we need probably six or seven of the audio podcast before you put the first one we were trying to figure out how to get everything right I got a rhythm you know what the mass is the worst thing that was funny just got teeth is one of the first things if you don't want to go back are you going to see your favorite member of hamsters Take 5 minutes ago is my favorite moment when we talked about Anderson Cooper today about how many Burnie how many electrons did you said today and I can't remember what stupid comment Gavin would have made about losing electrons that things just naturally lose electrons over the course of the day but I'm sure I'm sure that happened I know it's and on the podcast we just talked about I don't remember it's hilarious I said you want me to give me my favorite story from New Orleans and actually I will come on and the first thing I thought about you actually we will see what the courts decide my favorite part of the first hundred episodes of be like 5 episodes dead Burnie and Jack talk about football coaches Jack before the pockets come in he was like hey um you better you really mean to me to go to remember he was like is really really something I don't know really maybe not so much nuclear my dog doesn't like to take a walk so I pick her up and I walked around and around in a circle when I put her down she's confused 2000 was Ben Affleck as it used to be my favorite I like everything the trend is probably going to start using the user-submitted theme songs and when they were turned in by Geoff Burnie Gus and whoever it was gave anything back from you soon as you like it later on the news cast 4 Burnie Geoff and I got behind this guy who had you know if you'll have time in their cars he was advertising brain massage and his phone number so I can take a picture so we would like to dare you to get a brain massage and over that I'm some dude Delmont business on his car you might take advantage of this we have a lady who would come and get your massage I want to get back with your beauty and I was a little congested and she said I'm going to give you a sinus massage attacked my face like this energy meridians in my and I'm like 20 minutes later would you drain your brains coming out really gross never get away from the park and oversee the end of really cool we've all been really into the Dead Space franchise developers from somebody complained on Twitter that there dog knocked over their Xbox when they had a copy of Dead Space 2 in the Redbox and it broke the dead and I guess the art director for Dead Space read that tweet and then drew a picture here of Isaac can make your dog remember something like that Batman need your passport to mail it to Batman Batman on the envelope and Gotham City and we put it in that was it he was like okay that man needs it I'll make him never ever ever again and then send him and hold his pacifier