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Recorded: 2011-02-16 18:54:40

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Transcript (in progress):

in college we used to fuck with you fucking paranoid about my people your people and the people around I hope somebody put them together do cats really the only reason I decide to use an interesting theme song I totally forgot about that but even that was get to 8323 it was the mayonnaise council's achievement placement different today we got home what's up everybody no presents from up stairs liked the second time and I'm feeling if I'm going to see team was really cruel things out but you never show up for the podcast I make you nervous because you forgot to press record just three seasons of RT Shorts and the other times we've appeared on the in person but I didn't know what you look like liked and now I do and I wish I still did Burnie going to interview hello everyone glasses of beer in a hoodie he's liked it in the ATL connect me to the Unabomber to do some more of those in the future they will replace the audio podcast old it every now and then my favorite part about the video podcast is that Gus made one video podcast and he doesn't plan to do them regularly he still made it to get a new computer ready you guys I said I don't do this very often but you money Hardware you buy it anywhere just pick up the mixer I think we could use a few more microphones just ordered would you like to know where there is old people don't use Mac I should say yes but only because it's time to Sheen Pro Final Cut compressor it will work over there next to photoshop look up the temperate 27th 2010 World of Warcraft December 6th 2010 in December of this year compared with and had to bring some stuff home from work last night to work on at home and at some stuff for some shorts and so I drove back up here today and it didn't fit in my car very well so I think I'm going to need to get a company car so if you want me to look at the if you have a company truck to move stuff around enough to know that company truck over to the company because my insurance was cancelled because Griffin up to my truck your truck and they cancel your insurance exactly what happened I have insurance and I pay them every month God damn month I pay them for insurance what happens but my car get into an accident part of my coverage is that I can have uninsured drivers in other words people that I know personally who might borrow a truck it happens all the time you do and somebody Geoff after you've been on a call at just before if your house is robbed I guess what get it started we're going to cover you if you like you're not in with a bad crowd for made excluded driver you are not going to lie I can't be for the Griffin Atwater Drive Your Truck anymore and I just sign it and send it back The Scarlet Letter now and find out if you lose your health insurance is 6 degrees I refuse to drive more than pay for that accident over the course that I've been with this company absolutely with a smart person the get cancelled it actually they're going to refuse to renew my policy so much nicer ass holes death of the iPod of the insurance World a gateway drug where my auto insurance goes guess what everything else going over there to every other thing here that's warmers how to put her it was her loss Farmers Insurance you would have never liked Griffin and to have you fill out this person is a dangerous person they might fall into your stove in island kitchen just like this chuck if you want enema to be awesome 30 Via the news today I guess that go over verbinksi water events he was talking about the the now on Ice Bioshock movie The Studio wanted him to make a PG-13 movie but I couldn't imagine making that movie for anything other than are so that we can get past it on the movies just kind of Dad they also weren't happy with the $169 budget money Madison budget for a videogame movies in the money so you could it mean if your favorite what do you think is a better game movies probably 1 made the most money out of the videogame movies maybe but movies for liked 4045 just one for the to the original Resident Evil I would have them liked around the corner just like Resident Evil and Resident Evil have a new frame The Wave Bar in the zombie 20 minutes of a door slowly opening a year in the face of change you can have and go to the door and have what is a teeth just of truth even the last one to movies you may like they didn't finish the script basically I need to copy and paste from earlier points in the script lines of dialogue in a movie the movie made 28 million dollars 60 can you look up highest grossing video game movie of all time the Rockets I can't control and what is its replacement the highest grossing videogame medication is Lara Croft Tomb Raider how much is 131 million dollars and the second is Prince of Persia sands of time number 3 Pokemon the first movie Pittsburgh it was going to be Disney's new Harry Potter in a franchise liked was going to break all records I really don't like somebody going out on a limb with that movie came out with to be the best thing ever the movie 1944 probably begin Persian Craigslist I don't think there's anybody in this room in this room seen that movie 10 West New York up with you at the time was it was Jake dreamy Dad too much how up that Brandon was already has a Persian person if you was that Jake Gyllenhaal was cast as the Prince of Persia no Persians are Iranian Center movies no I don't think so the Persian Empire is now it ran right down to the great now everything from China I believe so I believe yes I must say you do look it up I think Genghis Khan one that conflict I don't see a lot of Alexander the Great restaurants and a ton of Genghis Khan Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ just very good point so I mean that's a legacy right there that's what you want I don't think it done early it was 300 BC Genghis Khan was liked 182 800 and 1,200 to 1500 difference free a certain percentage of the global Lineage 2 Genghis Khan really what episode of per se I get to come at me in the comments where he said NYSE the question sir now what are you doing the day you're talking about .5% of the male population in the world or roughly 16 million descendants living today weird we are descended from Genghis Khan yes it's pretty good it's pretty good Mongolian BBQ restaurants on William Cannon you think 200 or 500 get away liked .5% of the population of the new Genghis Khan you have to have requirements 10 to the fact that he does crack do Charlie Sheen it came out the whole the last of the Duke lacrosse guys Charlie Sheen's mother 15 minutes at like a 40% chance I'm going to get prostitutes Queen now for checking my wife wow is it Builders - it was just the easiest way to to get it refilled Chase with liked a lovely assistant here apparently is that the whole story about the drug Bender he with the 3-day drug Bender he was on with the pornstars if not then the whole thing it came out that he doesn't he's lost all his teeth to drugs has old golden teeth and the go to the grossest thing I've ever seen and I guess for the show they put caps on them to make them look normal really Hawaiian troll gold and he looks like a lake out of no liked Flavor Flav or liked Paul Wall or whatever what was the of Oz 785 million dollars by Red River dad crack and hookers with reporter motivate you to be a pretty big at least back in the day at all that money came from the television show per episode on their show it seems like in Hollywood you make all your money from just whatever your most recent project if it's like somebody made in the eighties and every time she liked and episode 4 Charlie Sheen makes them I was reading an article with the low not too long ago where are you talking about liked his recent his recent Expendables the loan and that he was talking about how liked almost broke up how hard it was for him to make his power almost impossible for him to get movies made but how does movies made more for him than the probably a liked all the stuff he didn't eighties just go you know you can get better deals you fucking star and he was making that at nothing to destroy his body in the you know there's I don't know what is 55 to the has to make money I looked up his Charlie Sheen think if you just talk about it and I guess he got a new contract last May and he was making $150,000 an episode with a new contract but I'm up to 1.82 and 1.9 million episode now I got like 40 million years highest anyone ever been paid for no idea space making more money state state on TV right now has been pretty much Rules of Engagement Steelers making more money just because people remember them to reproduce is everyone up you got the movie coming out and her boobs all over the place that's all I know about that oh yeah he also made a boatload of money on water he made a boatload of money on that Paul Blart movies to just keep the ball in I don't know if he I mean he didn't hitler-like surround yourself with SNL cast if he liked came up with and remember movie team a kind of bond that is the Dilemma that you may get the name James oh that's right yeah how my brain works we've been talking about him and Larry to talk about Kevin James I'm not completely except for Jessica Biel in underwear Brooklyn Decker Dad good luck no it was a it was Chuck and Larry Chuck and Larry many million does she live in Austin or is it true because she's married to Andy Roddick speaking of celebrities in and around Austin did you see that Janine lindemulder got arrested in Hays County just recently that was like 2 weeks ago she was coming here to Jesse James now because he bought a house when he was with Sandra Bullock that we have here all the time Janine lindemulder the porn star photo of the nurse and she came to harass and stalk him and got picked up in Hays County and arrested him like 300 something yeah did you just with the years if you have time it's Khan of just kicking back watching it the same thing as liked with them it was like when the when the if the height of the Mel Gibson drama when he was in of knocking teeth out and threatening to have people raped they didn't think I heard with a with on the street and they ask people on the street who is more Apple Howard Stern Mel Gibson and it was like 9 out of 10 people that Howard even though I know Gibson was liked wouldn't be getting worse press and people people of actors that is fucking awesome it is the Jodie Foster movie make a movie and you're in post-production and then your actor goes out and suddenly changes the tone of your movies you just never know Charlie old age now that's too much stuff there is you Dad haircut question when you see an older person now she's a little she has great hair now when you see an older person with lots of tattoos that's of the just deserts to the shit out of you liked the problem with tattoos is that as you get older liked 50 and 60 a little like a box of melted crayons I guess you don't have to go through that much pain for something that permanent I'm inviting him leaving the state and taking out his past and putting in the gold and that seems like a big Charlie with the regular cheese and he'll leave it alone he won't have the enthusiasm Get on Up Catholic holy places chuck if I think back over your arm will heal to me that you know there's a lot of I don't care about them but that's what the kids all about being dumb when you were trying to figure out what to get and use them to remove the Atari from the bottom which was a good move and then I got it really didn't exist as a company and then infogrames bought the name and the brand and they kind of exist again now I guess that's a weird thing that happened when I was a kid I was at the mall and I was probably 10 and I saw another kid with an Atari shirt on and I thought that's the coolest thing I've ever seen so I said I want to get it how do I do that and she goes well I think you have to write a letter to the company and then I said oh okay so I wrote a letter to I found a Charlie address in I wrote a letter asking how to get in at RT shirt and two months later I got a shirt in the mail it was a Wimbledon shirt at RT send me a Wimbledon shirt what yeah it was the weirdest thing they have a game at Wimbledon game I don't think so it was just like a 1984 Wimbledon shirt right maybe I don't know if his parent company $0.01 but yeah I got a small at all like a small Wimbledon shirt it was my mom and I was like what I have no idea why I never understood her and her children police you had them turn out to be wrong something you thought was from us kids at your best by evolution no man I don't know that's a good question I'm sure it wasn't like that I didn't understand the difference between Washington State and Washington DC for the longest time I was way too old for that some reason my head there on the west coast Seahawks it legal to makes them close to each other exactly what's a good question I would like an ice pack in Austin call the Austin ice bats it never made any sense whatsoever the gun that right there something else now yeah the Stars oh yeah they got the moves like they were removed up to liked a higher level of City hockey league so they changed names of the Austin Market the winter they lost hockey at the non NHL level is the lower that you go in professional status the more likely you are to see a Matt is fine I went I saw Houston Aeros game years ago and I still live in Houston and then was like they're there hockey money they're playing San Antonio or something but you're not there team fights and liked some people running out there like you did I'll just punch him everywhere watching the boxing game and hungry for success or something satisfaction boxers that makes me wonder if Griffin and I are descended from Genghis Khan that we wouldn't be adverse to let people know going back to our old podcast discussion questions I don't know the barbecue is just stupid Matt sign for UPS package I was burned the whole stack of Amazon up there I'll be right back if there's something you think I don't know you know the last year Toyota get a lot of shit for currently having supposedly having electrical problems in their cars and watch it do the fucking fuck accelerator serum it basically looking for try to run them out of business huge amounts of money just the analysis of their systems just finally done and no Falls Court found in any of the cars are there in the system after that incident with the guy in California he totally faked his Prius accelerating through stories just a really bad Khan job like he was trying to set up to sue them or something it was crazy because that doesn't make sense the Prius brake and the gas at the same time it will engine and of course that all fell apart but I mean I don't know do they get their money back from the government has nothing was wrong with their cars and let me it doesn't make any sense to me that they would pay money for something that wasn't even really a problem you know I never believe it anyway because I have accidentally pressed my seller I drive through my garage wall or anything like that but you feel like a dumbass when you do it and if I can't believe in the car company it done probably 20 or $30,000 of damage to the side of my house you know how many people are going to do that we always somebody else's fault Toyota wants to reclaim their money do they go to the government what are the actually go 91145 if I knew what to do with no Falls with the electrical systems in Toyota cars but they're still made me promises for Matt getting stuck on the accelerator sticking accelerators right on the head the opposite problem that it would not stay up at speed liked it on the highway driving 30 miles an hour and just tell her it would just lose speed liked you just the drivetrain just stop working and start working again that's really strange it was talks that up Penske was going to buy them but I think that's why I fell apart and we still have a Saturn and when we go to liked have service done on it now liked just regular maintenance whatever it's really weird it's not like you're like a second-class citizen and you go to the dealership to have liked song just like so where do you go for service dealership just a general GM dealership up on Now 23 Matt was always the guy who ordered this word Burnie going to talk about how I'm very brand loyal he said he was part of the cult brand liked if there was ever and it wasn't about how good the car was but just like some other level that they were Larry on top of the liked if you're smarter or brighter than everybody else that you have this brand is Saturn was one of those people that are loyal it is also Matt was in in the 90s I thought wow this guy is using makes all the time and driving a Saturn will just come as you to be out of business and that was half right you know another business but everybody I know you know of any company. how much your company's worth based on the number of stocks if stock price times number of stock tire company the total valuation of the company that talks about profitability by employee and how valve the guy that was worth 4 billion and that made it that means with the amount of employees that have the liked each employee is worth like a million dollars are generated over $80 and apple was something like six million per employee I think Google was it I remember what it was but there's a company that makes the most per capita per employee does that make sense per employee it mean to say that right behind valve really really I mean we have to empty our pockets Skyjack and hold them upside down or if you're there alright. Now that I like is that there's a private company filling out a public company liked to think about we talk about the market cap of Apple it still based on the price of the stock which at the end of the day yes a little bit but it is crazy now because the actual market cap for apple with swing based on how people react to their numbers and we had our most profitable quarter ever and someone if you don't say well well well we knew you would have the most profitable quarter ever but it wasn't as profitable as we hoped it wouldn't with extra profitability the market cap of the company drop the iPhone 5 over and everyone because they say he's behind us even though they're doing great now previews for liked to the grocery going through right now it's okay what are you got 6 months right now I'm just imagining Joe listen to this podcast later and go get it liked to spend more time here than anybody else looking at the stock market in if anymore movies movies in Montana I had that conversation with him to after per session and juggling listen historically it's all going to be okay just keep pumping money into the stock market is going to be fun I'm telling you you're going to miss going to you going to work out well for you start every conversation if you want makes me not trust the stock market is such a weird thing it almost seems like a shell game and so many ways the New York Stock Exchange right now these stocks are traded that we're talking about not talking about a publicly traded company what would happen if the just got stuck with the stock market go away and then all the other stocks are on the stock exchange in Germany qualifies as games and averaged a speaker go on the internet to August lyrics per week what are the least amount of NPR now I hope you're going to fucking cut 24 NPR is Right Matt I mean your social I am at work how to get your get to money only get a very small portion from the government actually do those drives arrested it comes from listeners liked you and The Listener supported radio station the dude with the sign I believe they were in the clear my throat I don't know what's going on with my head go back has you can be out of touch for a while but he's busy with other stuff for you to be out for a while yeah I got a lot of stuff coming up I'll probably miss four or five out of the next 6 or 7 podcast which is a reason to stop listening everybody you can still listen to Gus and Burnie of those guys they're all so interesting if I look forward to that I love just sitting in now it will be classified as a financial to go I'll try to sneak in here and there but I definitely won't be able to attend next week's podcast anything that you would like to take now searching for the next week because you just read through a list of predictions and if any of them come out iPod Nano will get her the iPhone and it will be announced and it'll be $200 no contract phone how about Oscar predictions speaks wins Festival I haven't even seen it last night I did and I thought it was just from shooting Red vs Blue 9 years ago 9 years is that we have eight characters that all look the exact same just different colors and some of them are really only slightly different color and it's moving it in a way that you can tell who they are and who they're talking to based on the competition what is the deal with the King's speech and the composition of shots in that I mean they have room of the shot and everyone's on the left side of the brain space intentionally to make the characters seem like they were having a hard time communicating with visually to me yeah but then they applied and then when they go to the end and some things are progressing in the stories they become Warframe to put off by the frame and they're usually towards the end and how is it on DVD Southpark Meadows right across street from RT I did so many movies nominated for best picture it's like really just an effort to see all of them just like she with daycare I just can't go see all those movies 10 movies to date with your wife on Valentine's Day after we walk into a movie theater hey this is pretty awesome job my wife says hey this very often I'm like yes she was we can put her I wouldn't empty movie theater mean to put her feet up when I was in high school at 5 what does night school I saw fire walk with me at the dollar theater sway 26 movie and I was the only person in the theater in about 15 minutes and some guy came in at 3 liked three seats next to me and watching the movie and there was like a nude scene at one point in The One-Eyed Jack's Bar and I looked over and it was just jacking off like crazy right now I was like 16 scared the shit out of me he was going to town we formally Met 10 years later a grey Blazer red bow tie I was in the whole thing about the Pee Wee Herman was caught in a adult theater in a compromising position and he swears to this day that it was a complete misunderstanding but those cops just really fucked him over yeah I heard them talking about that recently and about how would you say that yeah it would I would like the reporter who got checked out for a stroke I was like under suspicion that she had a stroke and then went home that night they don't let you walk to help if she's okay she had a seizure or something though she may have died from embarrassment or wait for the autopsy extreme it because there's a thing that can happen if you guys have ever dealt with it before where if you're losing yourself in a monitor on your p's and you get out of sync with that if that thing is of like you know half a second delay door second delay in your hearing your own Echo it can really kill your ability to talk which is something that truly confused it can happen but I just reporter they were talking it was reporting on the Grammys and she just within a half an and loses her ability to speak if you have a stroke in your brain you can't make any sense whatsoever that she couldn't I couldn't make words just making noise as you may be communicating in a language has been dead to us for thousands of years in Esperanto you was talkin all that it was it was like something out of a horror movie demon possessed what she said what did she made funny sounds with her mouth yes she did that was inappropriate with it okay to make fun of somebody for just fucking up and basically just being stupid and being dumb person their whole life liked up crippled for life cuz I'm dumb but that's okay to makes fun of what it is like a momentary physical now I have with me right now then that's when you can now move on to something else I can find an instance where that it happened before a really it was under the reporter Geoff election results in in Pennsylvania and Ohio and she gets the word Ohio and then she can't talk anymore liked it a history of seizures where get blood just a little Tremor in her brain is actually in the just killed her ability to speak for rent 47th to me on the day I'm going to cut the link dad of damage to get the funniest news reporter clip you've ever seen the old dude what is doing the on the spot interview I like the Russian lady who who is it passes out in the middle of her purse feel enema set falls on her long time ago to watch some hardcore TV forums I found a video or eBaumsWorld the only time machine on the internet videos the woman stomping the grapes you know that reporter newscaster seizure and I'm going to find this woman from the Grammys find this one woman her name is liked speaks Tara Clarkston Wisconsin is there a way you can play that are you over this Geoff I find a used one word or two words Spanish news caster water heater so what are you working on this is Matt this is my coffee intake no tune liked now Janine the brain is a crazy crazy I got pretty hard if I thought it was just a very pretty woman it seems super nervous maybe the lady watching The Grapes again when Jack I Rob the second time I pray quietly when I you been robbed twice to me hey Jack first no I can't say I've taken steps to ensure I got a note on the front door types of fishing line I don't know how to work me lots of overtime of the time College we live together it was a really big house and I was in a fraternity and what are the guys in the fraternity was a Jewish guy and he just you know each other in college I went in and I went down to Longhorn copies on the drag and I got there basically they're empty waste from the industrial hole puncher so I got about 3 trash bags full of white hole punches the little. Okay and I put those Mounds all over his room and I went to the house I got everyone's and everyone's just no room for the air conditioner and I put all the little mounds of industrial hole punches everywhere and I String of Christmas lights all over and then I had a record player and a record player plugged in as well little mini Christmas tree on it all plug in power strip and then I had the power turned on but unplug and I splice a switch into an extension cord plugs it at and connected that restore and it wasn't all that at a player which way is on play to up to Santa Claus come to town get to the moment is you know you better not pout you better not cry and therefore all these liked came on all this white ship blows out of his room on to him and it came on if you the knife and cut all cut all the power chords to everybody saying that somebody was not the only one of the greatest pranks of all time highest if you liked that I used to do this thing to my room in the Army you know those little boxes you could get you passed up on him that have like a loop on it and you pull it out and it's like a little pain and then at makes the loudest noise ever it's for liked women who and get the go right and then liked of the planet to save you I used to take those and to the top of their door and I put the pin on a hook and open the door and put the pin in the room where I can meet you in the morning and the noise is deafening you can't be in the room with it and the batteries will last for ever and so you had liked my roommate there rolling around on the ground with their hands covering their ears liked trying to find the button or anything that I can put in it three times a week oh my god I've never had that I put those things in your house every 5 minutes my wife cannot hear one of those trips go through a few different kinds of has one of them that she cannot hear liked it's super annoying to me like what is it on the way Forever Kids hang out teenagers hang out getting getting back to the breaking stuff I really feel bad for the person tries to break into my house now so in about a year for my dog is fully grown he is going to destroy somebody special. I got a Neapolitan Mastiff war dog and they don't if they send somebody breaking in a sneak up on you yeah it's bred into them use them in battle and they won't they won't make any noise at all they're very quiet and I'll come up and I'll take you from behind and the dog is all heads hundred sixty pounds I'm just a name comes from the pole it was like chocolate wow that's pretty fucking grossing record you saying all this so when you say to me at some point the future how come you're not coming over to our house for per pound I had I had to say I would like another state Bernard but I was afraid that liked no other shame for her to live up to my previous dog Jupiter and I would just be comparing them to do that all the time wouldn't be fair to the dog you really are no one was married liked rooms it comes out dog butt Gus with transitioning from Angry single Gus to angry married Gus what was that moment for you guys very clear moment in my head I can't wait I can't wait to hear this get your life and I don't know if you're going to be Gus if a tiny liked symbol Tupperware side and he opens it up and he's eating gummy bears out of it and liked what the fuck is that oh my wife I need liked shows me he's got a few of them my wife wants to make sure I snacks at work so she packed me teeth if our friendship state I need your Khan of trying to eat healthy but then at one point and I went to Whole Foods and I bought liked and $18 little container that was a big container of Trail Mix because I thought I can be healthy and I bought it I had like a handful stuck it in my desk went home for the day came back to work the next day and went in to get some and the container was gone and then I'll start looking around the office for and then I found it empty on Burnie State liked 14 pounds of Trail Mix in one evening Justin it was a very long trail it looked like 6000 calories a I don't know how you did it Burnie so we can get the NFL channel if they were all booked up for some reason it was me Troll and Burnie had to sleep in the same room and it was like we get back to hotel and everything the same time of course and then restart the money where can I get a huge bag of Gummy Bears per liked $60.00 fine for the better 4 hours blink trickling Creek Lake Oregon I you do it's always sunny when you have a fever I care less if Devin was here didn't you test that you would have to pick up your message fell asleep somewhere and you fall asleep liked and recorded closet at the office but he didn't believe me we were working on the river it 1 o'clock I think on a Tuesday and he said go to sleep right now but I'll work on the things go to sleep right now I was asleep within four and a half it seems like we should test it was like time-lapse photography you don't even need Janine my wife has trouble falling asleep and I've never I've never had that issue having trouble Falls you understand the process get your head in the pillow and close your eyes your sleep and 45 seconds that's the way works pretty easily trouble falling asleep but I love it it's the best thing in the world you can just turn my brain off I might have a team that I was a person with his own people with things I had trouble early on because you didn't want to go to sleep you won't be anything like any of the first like 20 people are liked you like a huge bunk room or something right now how many people are in there 6060 God damn to sleep the next day they wake up with a Polaroid picture of somebody's dick in their mouth the next time please dad to happen so often if you like what do we do now the pronounce put on your Facebook page waking up in the morning liked to put your socks on whatever now you're just somebody if I'm due to be released and I was looking at pictures if you have a Khan stories anything like that I never dealt with any case the Army Raynham anti-semitic pranks where to go from the theater group in high school to use in a fraternity hazing in that group was way worse sway with a degree in society and when the pledges would come in I mean they were brutal I'm going to freshman in high school and was able to just because maybe you can get some other guys in there Frank absolutely I need to find somebody and then blame it on somebody else and then there's the pledge of the parties and clean of the parties but as a guy I can see that this is a good value because I'll set up a party it was a blast I got to know everybody and then I never had to set up for clean up for another party for a three and a half years after that or six years after that party let me it was hazing where the pledges had to do all the work way to clean the house and we had to set up and break down the parties but that's like an investment that was no big deal but the pledges were cleaning up and I was talking with the pledges and drinking mother shoveling sand from the beach party and I said let me see what your shovels rooms up with and what the fuck to do it guys car with and it was endless battle if he was still fit and I almost stayed out of it Almost Got Away scot-free but it finally came out that I was the guy who killed his father with the cruelest thing I've ever done in terms of pranking with and probably what got me it is still making actually was in high school there was this kid that we hung out with that had a stuffed animal that he still slept with and he was kind of like he wasn't even really defensive about it get a stuffed animal and I it was really cold and we took it one time I got a video camera liked your body videogame from somebody and went around town just doing horrible obscene things to this liked when at truck stop and liked it in the toilet which of the to McDonald's and had it liked fried on the hamburger fryer I mean like I was before lifting liked return the stuffed animal in afterlife on to get to the dryer or whatever or something and just left it for him and I don't think we have ever supposed to assume I did something but I really at once in the Army who acts like and hate it with a passion and so he was getting to be stationed and he was moving on and so the night before he left he have to set up your duffle bags and stuff and then he was like 4 in the morning to catch a plane so I went to sleep and I very quietly unpacked half of his duffel bag and then it and then I realized that I never talk to him again his name is Dave he was such a little talks liked a guy no I just I just given up on some stuff I used to be much more the just cut out that we have in their conscious enough to scare people that Matt was talking to me when you get up every 20 minutes tell me an interview I got to show you no I was at MTV News to see how it should with him on your toes that dude was like I'm really sorry sway it usually was just an hour sway got in with the coffee shop worker down below oh my God sway with his liked black guy with liked in liked dreadlocks big head big head to headache old liked the looks like we're in small-town Beauty you know and this white lady behind the counter of the coffee shop was trying to make conversation on his level and he's like he's going to liked to do to your just like it was not happening and she just like your people have been nice to do that just got worse and worse everything and then when you're a minority with a white person trying to show you how they're not racist outside I told another story no it was it was like to have this horrible conversation with this woman who was trying to show him how and she was really just an apartment it was over some retail shops and it was three other apartments there that looks just like ours so he just walked in and it hurt it hurt her just remember that reporter you said he was a funny guy the thing that was interesting about him we were talking to him he was about to leave and to me this is the last gig he was doing what we were asking him why he was going to leave because he turned twenty-five that's right I forgot he was like and he was like dude on the planet what is allegedly I definitely heard from him I just got a Logan's Run feeling for them TV you know you're jamming your palm turns clear and get them thanks for coming we're going to up and do a blood test for Kurt loder to drink well before we go too long we should do we should start thinking about wrapping things up I know we can never have to get up when I say that we should not but one thing I do want to mention for rap up if we wanted to talk about something we're doing to me oh yeah absolutely absolutely we've done a lot of community events liked it to in Key West for the past few years at Carolina I was and we thought it was time for us to start one so this may put more Memorial Day weekend May 27th 28th and 29th we're going to have a community event here in Austin almost you episodes of season 8 and that would really coming down from all over just give me and I so we thought it was good to you this year let's do something a little bigger so we're doing a full weekend at the end of May Gus how can people get tickets to this cuz we're going to have very very limited very limited we're probably just going to tell them to our store okay and we're going to open it up to the sponsors first or no work all that out and hopefully will have I will have those in the store not today but soon it's going to be a pretty limited engagement tonight like we're going to keep it and it will be about 200 people 200 possibility that some part of it too lightly bigger audience but then we have a whole weekend of events planned for the offer on the table right now the group and then the big thing that we want to do is we're going to take the 250 people and we're going to Hunter people to figure out a way to include them as part of a rooster teeth Productions most likely short so we'll put him in that and that'll be fun so that'll be more the days will be you'll actually be on the set of a reproduction and Johnny I still should be a good time to schedule but I wanted to let everyone know give him the heads-up because you know a little over three months away but I guess your website will have updates on it and you'll be hearing more about in the coming months I want to go to this what should be my next steps to start pricing out if you're out of town this weekend can you give me a ballpark of how much a ticket cost to the thing the on the cost of travel to try to keep it looking we are probably going to if you want travel or going to have a shuttle service it was to work it out if you pay an extra 5 bucks or something for the weekend to and from okay to the baker Tilly get lost in there may be some extra additional options that I can execute are we going to people on you get your own car you move around I will work on getting a good rate at a hotel I have to try to keep everyone in one place Central I have a community thing for people to hang out with each other I'm only asking this because I know other people that want to ask that question that we will definitely do that or we will be talking about it on our website so people have a clear understanding what I mean to use the language of the current Society online follow seems to be that word I don't like that either I never physical to me something you do the following Community the other things like the podcast show hey at achievement to know exactly what you think send a picture of your family to spend lots of the ocean cover call okay up here yeah I guess that's what you do that you have working to be down in Sydney Australia Armageddon Expo in Sydney February 26th 2016 27th I believe it's one that events and a half from now you will be at Emerald City ComiCon for one day on March 5th at the 343 Industries booth and PAX East in Boston March 11th and 12th I think it is 10 to 11:12 you say right now we have a lot of stuff to show up at 11:13 will be there I will be showing some stuff apple is on Saturday I believe at 2:30 Amazon to get propane at 10:30 in the morning on Friday at PAX East and we also have an event at Megacon in Orlando March 25th and that's all of our events through March locate lost upcoming 2000 if I think about the pain for Southwest International program there but everybody have to look that up and put on the events page for $7 yeah and they sell out every fucking you yeah they do I'm glad you're going to be weird not downtown during South by Southwest this year you could kind of sucked in of The Walking Dead free beer anymore but have a great afternoon the crowd is a big plus just having three bands the best was a joke gold Rolex for just like everyone in the band played on the guy with the accordion no the pirate go okay well it's going to sell my phone well I think you look now