#102 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

The Rooster Teeth is movie themed this week.

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Recorded: 2011-02-23 22:26:47

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Matt Hullum, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

what I did like to take your lumps reference to my signature on the website that I can go ahead and warn everyone today so get out and in Griffin he usually has the podcast is also out my mind the helm I'm steering the ship today if I tell you who you are I'm Jack for those of you who have never listened to anything I've done today otherwise we might have another guest a little bit later 3 people in the office right now and I think are all in this room like if UPS shows up there is going to be wondering what your having at the parking lot weird usually it's completely full opening the gate we have a two-part Iron Gate where you can just slide it in the middle to manually get out of your car and put automated during the day than UPS can get in and we get a lot of boxes here for some reason you don't open in the morning that they have the technology it's been invented magic we can figure out I know who doesn't but I will defend him to the death to the gate is fucking annoying orange open the gate then that means you're in the cycle where you're always the first one to close the gate but I do want to point out that the biggest vehicle Burnie to worry about what happens if one just said that really annoying email about the same exact thing an open the gate a little further for himself to get in but everyone just wants to fire off the stupid email the recycling bins sit out there for days and days and days UT the recycling bin City Eyecare I don't know you know you know what was that that was him I wouldn't public dumpster the dumpster the truck comes once a week or twice a week they take the dumpster waiting that's it yeah but the problem was we couldn't get a recycling dumpster and so he said we have to have recycling here we have to have it is important that we had to have this Rollie Pollie little bit then go out to the curb every damn we never ever ever ever on Route 1 get deported so much with taking out the trash typically of job resume or whatever but it's whatever I have to do but I do it anyway I would say you should only be gone a couple yourself to a couple extra things around the office you're upset about having to take out the recycling bins when the Earth gives you so much and provides you with such Bounty not sure if I'm taking the recycling speech about how the work is done if you want it done a different way then do it that's the problem what is not the way that they wanted to be in it always does that thought process in there head of 01 so it's not like it's not like I'm supposed to the kids are sitting at there I'm not supposed to can somebody else to do it I didn't do it did you put it out there I didn't have to work I understand what you doing today it is true then people came up and I kind of like look at the recycling bin go directly to the one that Brandon had a toy because I was busy he came to me looking looking for me to give the tour are all the guys in my office like oh hey can you give the like you got like a spirit here in this area makes me hate everything for the average guy King in world history in one of the climactic talking in recording the entire country there listening to him and in his own personal Demons of stuttering and stammering which are totally within his own head that goes that moment might work if the optical in the beginning of the movie the cattle it wasn't him giving a speech in front of thousands of people it's definitely a scarier thought than being in the recording booth with a microphone soap way harder than what your character has to come to giving it giving a wartime speech to entire nation is easier than giving a speech with thousand people Jack Newton true the drunk tank right now in Prague OK role-playing I'm praying for me Brandon farmahini Hollywood producer events Pharmacy near me RT 4720 story about that I can't pronounce Brandon last name it wasn't going to rain in the first time I ever interact with Brandon he did anyway he sent me an email because Brandon was running the television station where Matt and I went to college and we were part of the television station you started that right to say that I created there were guys who had the idea for the TV station that was there for Milestones are pretty but I was not even a television but I was there at the time and help with that process would have been about there actually created the UT TV station and he's a producer on Battlestar Galactica email Jason Bourne Farm barn with an n in his signature because I went back and I don't like me Brandon farmahini and he goes yeah sometimes I just make that mistake no no no no no no no everything will be changing it back it is really not something you like the automatic name generation sending an email Hammer 3 additional person podcast Bardem Kings speech okay I've been working with me for a long time Brandon farmahini right I thought it was the most exciting time in history what if we do this what if the loop is England and the King rap to the square and make them turn around in there and then you don't Stavanger in a room talking to be in front of 3000 people imagine what are the movies soap for best picture we have Black Swan I didn't like a rockstar Rockstar has a chance to Greatness doesn't matter whatever reason but there's a big meeting in the player is basically Planet of the Apes 2 bale of these earlier Reddit took images from like 6 or 7 movies yeah it was like a machine the machine is to pronounce machine American right now in 2021 pounds that's what he did to lose that much weight 221 pounds then it when he played Batman in Batman Begins he weigh 290 pounds is 190 pounds of solid muscle see the picture they got here then he wasn't anybody anybody I think 5 pounds for the Advent Dark Knight didn't 2008 190 pounds again then the player he weighed 145 pounds and what he was amazing and the best thing you could ever do for Christian Bale is the person that he played since it's a biographical film based on a real fighter and they showed an interview with the character that Christian Bale played at the end of movie during the credits and that was in the credits Christian Bale movies delinquent or train robbing movie and Newton Boys Newton Boys credits they had interviews with other historians that you talking about the accounting boys and stories of what they did anyway second second special screening and they mentioned that one of the characters in the movie I think was I had a bunch of really interesting character traits that you would like Statham bark like a dog just like weird stuff that they didn't do anything the movie free movie right at 3 I knew it was Newton Billy Joel Heyman movie marathon 1381 Overhill there something right mother yelling at each other and gel staining between the two of them yelling at each other and I feel like it's been so long to come out like really really cool statistics of what is the movie that won best picture that was released of earliest in the year and made it all the way to relevancy to the weirdest picture in the winters ago Cinderella Man was released in March and no one thought it was a fantastic movie Russell Crowe as a boxer like it came at a time when Revenue was declining I guess and it's right before that that always make 3D movies again and put those like something in the head to come Cinderella Man in there and get your money back buy used car is going to be strange right of all the products in the world you cannot get your money back for not liking a movie like if I spend 10 bucks in 2 hours of my life that I need to get my money back terrible to me you know I want my money back money back or whatever and I never really did Twitter notification right thanks right Julianne Moore Ruffalo the Hulk that he's been making a whole nother there milquetoast or something with that which is the second was a pretty good movie The Edward Norton it was more about him on the Run milquetoast is a weak ineffectual or black person it is derived from the character cast for milquetoast spend the night original I don't think I've ever seen a movie that was about to that exact thing I don't know to talk to each one had a child with the same sperm donor and the kids turn 18 or one of them doesn't look up the sperm donor Matt Mark Ruffalo reactions but there's no motion flooding in there and I really don't expect you know it make popcorn true beach booby trap one time when I was in college I had a roommate TV was never around he's always on to salvage cancer at Walt Disney World and every morning at 5 to wake up and tap dance though so that was great for me for anything more gate I want to be at Disney World one time I just came home and I turned on the TV and it still playing and it was something called that dude Batman and Robin theme Jason in hours Tosh point O are the receipt to show you something pretty funny where it was and like 4 other male writers were wearing sweatpants standing on a table they all took a Viagra and then turned on gay porn and they were trying to see who would go Christian for 90 minutes and then terrifying Viagra increase bass on Twitter to mention a product or if you mention any kind of service you get destroyed by spam Bots now you're talking like I talk crap about Ikea and then they started following me and said thanks for there I'm in charge of running the Twitter account and I was like what the fuck auction the town all right so next week we talked about already and Brandon loves that one United Winters battle Brandon for the record how to podcast with everyone in the world except for me so that I can understand yes I'm wrong but I don't know that there Bass James Franco kicking ass but not on there I thought I seen it on the guy who cut his own arm off the 3 second Franco on whatever and I did actually righteous Franco on James Franco kids movies or short films that he's done and I create an Oscars Franco in Social Network Armie there anybody else to take the King speech rap Lion King speech rap by the way you didn't impression for like a week of the King speech but I saw the movie and I couldn't wait to come we gotta talk like your impression and then he didn't know I like her is Harry Potter on the headphones and someone like him is actually pretty funny if I don't catch up with you in the online World okay I will do anything for me amazing Friday is coming I just know hang in there and then also the one that people change their shift at hang Jack at like 27 but he's like 4529 on the all about the difference 1980 classic image of the to hang image of blocked in there that didn't exist at that time pictures made a lot of money I'm sure it was like it was supposed to be in school when they give us those Mark Clifford books Garfield I would buy you a garden Notre Dame Facebook is the one of me and my cat in there sweaters for Christmas bone right in 2003 and I put that I was my Facebook image I never changed it with the other actors Bass the one guy like appears in the movie like that in the movie the entire time and then you never see his face while he was completely screening in Austin where they actually it was Aaron Sorkin Jesse Eisenberg in Armie Hammer there afterwards and up until the point he walks in the theater I thought those two guys I thought it was pretty crazy it might be because you just never think about it all the time English movie England brothers are the Jonas brothers are here for no reason at all they use that weird social shift things other than like that he was like what do you want and you can shoot something I have no idea why don't you go and look up children's video shift but then because of DSLR with not being able to see videos on the explosion of tilt shift over head looks like a helicopter shot of the video on Vimeo and take a look at it and tell me if helicopter he comes out and at least 12 to 18 months before the movie comes out that is about the same time frame were tilt shift only took off and was a big deal made of the TV show that everyone who's the first of everything stand out there I like him more than the movie overall so I hope he wins best actor but I don't really care about social network winning best picture that makes things awkward in a completely different Way in real life impression of Toy Story 3 going to come down on one side of the other based on whether or not you have kids I don't I love it it was an awkward movie to watch right now family the second before Toy Story 3 anymore I think 1995 is when I was younger I wasn't crazy and I was pretty young when Toy Story 1 came out and so I've kind of grown up with the movie was kind of cool to see them in the movie and it was really neat no no I mean that was that was crazy emotional response computer problems I felt like more hang hang out anxiety and fear for the characters more empathy for the characters of the movie Joy adult memes fucking depressing and it's really really dark moment in every Pixar movie elements of amino Lion King the kid watches his dad get killed in apartment B true I mean Around the World in 80 Days what is the name of movie around the world in 480 days I'm pretty sure it's a hundred eighty days Jackie Chan version 2 Jackie Chan I like to there like that darker element to it is not always peaches and cream I don't have kids I have to worry about that stuff so no I don't like that I don't want 5 Second film with the Lion King new movies in 5 Second how it should have ended you have a 5 second films I absolutely adore you can get lost in that when they die they have probably the grossest thing ever Google 5 second films Twilight Twilight Twilight True Grit True Grit the thing that bugs me about True Grit movie is great but they nominated with Jeff Bridges for best actor Matt Damon / supporting actor but the girl who is the main character of the movie was nominated for supporting actress more than 3 actress supporting actor but she did story it's her movie in a second I'd be this I know what it comes down to the lobby when does the nomination process work overalls like nominate like a group of pictures and there's a little down and out again and you end up with three or four sometimes five numbers and it didn't leave me with any kind of feeling that this was a fantastic build-up to the climax I feel like the in the movie didn't realize anything was the bad guy I mean you just have certain expectations when you feel better and that you're still used to seeing any other Western will you get to the bad guy in his formidable the bad guy in in True Grit was just like a big pot and then it hurts prevention on your criticism about the movie people in the movie 10 Years Sleeping at Last second for the reference will have to I think so how long do you think it's okay Burnie chairs are hard I don't know if this makes sense the record for fewest lines in a movie but still winning an Oscar for The Miracle Worker Helen Keller how to make all kinds of the word what's next on our list all right next one is Winters bone without I did get it it's pretty good I mean it's kind of similar in a way to True Grit that you have this female character who was out on some kind of prepaid cell kids looking for kind of like what happened to her father and the government trying to collect her house do you know he's bald on the bail bonds is all around College know if anyone else until 9:49. It's pretty good little bit of an underwhelming there we should support because it's an awesome movie made in our local area personal true Brandon Weeden True Grit in True Grit in a courtroom because he's a very to Bass right when she walked into the courtroom looking for for the first time Jack I mean I'm going to leave I mean it's not going to happen I would love to see Toy Story 3 when was I think I was the most emotionally engaging movie for me this year but I think social network or King speech will which one should I was beginning to end and terrifying use the scariest experience I've had in the movie theater in a really long time let me just say that I really do hope it was unbelievable money that SNL Commercial Success means that they're not really artistic accomplishments of the very real artistic accomplishment on a lot of different levels Newton idea that we started talking about it and think it hit the level of the movies released it on Monday and then immediately watch Good Will Hunting after work I just craving movie fantastic I don't know how that movie is not one of the biggest stars in Hollywood you know all that legal to run of terrible movies or like he did like he in Daredevil and a few other really had was that Christmas movie with Charlize Throne or was that the whole movie Juggernaut Lexington there in the eighties kind of star is the rock I mean I mean Millennial star you know it is I don't know what the deal is compare events or something I don't know if people want that type of move anymore that ad Schwarzenegger Stallone big movie I don't know if they want that kind of car I don't know if you can can we text is absolutely in love with a Jason Statham to the market if you never walked away from the Jason Statham Shake It Up the Hugh Jackman is because nothing like all the other pants man doesn't wear leather pants covered in hair I enjoy I really like to are we like True Grit but I think it was the head of it you think I Christian Bale shift for tomorrow of Our Generation play the old gangster to be held every year Analyze That Happened of movies Righteous Kill Kindergarten Cop you need to know if it would look like before at least probably wrapping up but we were talking about how you know how the movies will you win over a big picture there something similar happened to the Grammys where Arcade Fire this sort of independent van feet out just are not enough not enough Justin Bieber lost Best New Artist to some solo bass player did you hear about this bass player for best album of the year and everyone thought it was Mark what crazy does indie band in lb. All these Like Music is More commercial actor small unheard of the band that wasn't signed to a label won best album that's kind of cool that is cool and then the outraged at the outrage for the Bieber fans I'll be honest I know more Justin Bieber songs that I know Arcade Fire I mean I would probably like Arcade Fire more if I listen to them but they were even on parent life at one point when Wilson hosted I remember them and I don't know anything about her but I do I do know Justin Bieber song people be respected I don't like music but it's like 60 now and he's got a lot of people like something a lot there's another $80 Twitter the album and now they want me where is whenever you hear about that happening an independent film winning an Oscar it's only like an independent film produced by the Weinstein if it has only in the garage just want to figure out what is an independent movie you know El Mariachi had won best picture baby that level yet but when you get Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek in your movie in the next one then it's like anything doesn't matter it's like when they produce crash and it was an independent All Stars to be in it that's the independent Austin the kangaroo punching ground through everything even if it there and then on March 5th Griffin and Jeff will be at Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle in the Halo Waypoint that you are an emerald person you would like to be are they will be in the Halo Waypoint very set amount of time so if you want to visit going to rain in Jack what you should want to there been on vacation with each other for a week and a half so hopefully in Seattle at Emerald City ComiCon then the following weekend we will be at PAX East in Boston I believe our panel is on Saturday March 12th in the mid afternoon at 2 or 3 o'clock man I'm tired already just hearing about all this traffic to 30 I think right now all of our announcements last trailer slide videos for are Pacs appearances did because back in there nicely PAX Prime in Seattle later we will be showing new Red vs Blue at PAX East tickets go on sale for the event we will give you advance notice on when those tickets will go up for sale it's not going to be on the website hoping you're going to see it announcement about when those tickets will go on sale so hopefully won't be surprised by that just back online anime personal comments are we making any more rent missing Twitter and people who hate things that other people like this is been a really really hard month for me on Twitter that I just unplug it I don't think so I just took a whole bunch of stuff for me because we're the Golden Globes we had the Super Bowl and we had the Grammys and what I've learned is that apparently I follow people on Twitter who take time out of their personal life to watch stuff that they hate because all three of those events my Twitter feed just turned into one gigantic Mark that was one of the worst people and I hope you're having a good time I want to look like I didn't watch the Grammys and I didn't watch the Golden Globes because I don't give a shit if you don't give a shit what the fuck you don't do it in the world that we have not mentioned on the website one of her users madmanmoe is it Lambs in Constantinople Matt Tripoli in Libya Tripoli right now that's what counts true Pilates New York Tripoli Libya protests are going on right now social networks the government was going shooting and he's trying to get the word out as much as we could without giving too much information blocked by the government in about 9 hours working out really well if you're going to come and visit madmanmoe profile there right now and I hope he and his family there who made by Forest Whitaker right the movie is very sweaty the Performing are awesome community site I'm gonna show you True Burger