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Rooster Teeth fights for an hour

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Recorded: 2011-03-02 19:35:27

Runtime: 01:08:32 (4112.76 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey


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I feel like we're not nearly cool enough for that insurance no kidding hey there I'd like to say that we need to set up some for the camera system to film the podcast setup because nothing on this podcast is going to be as entertaining as trying to watch Griffon with a pop filter on a mic for 5 minutes I can give up trying not to laugh acting like we were not sure if you want to help is there a Saturday morning at 11:43 with the alarm sound body heat interfere with it because it's just right up on you and is it really valuable to know what the temperature is where you are don't even know cuz you're there isn't temperature something you want to know about some place that you're going or what it's going to be once you're there what are you doing yes I am freezing today so welcome back from Australia YouTube video on Sunday by the way sometimes at events people viewers of our various products will stop by and bring his booze anyway people always bring those too that's right they got nothing on me Australian every single Australian bro this previously it was like we were swimming in bottles of booze was very nice and I appreciate them and I even brought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold what I look up online it's $170 bottle of that I would say hey look at this bottle of booze Geoff talks about the bottle of booze in the past where are all these bottles of booze I guess you could do that too at least it wouldn't hurt anyway enjoy your liquor one of the things that we got was the case with the 5 species of shark eating convention I'm just covered from fingertip to elbow in Sharpie ink you can't buy Sharpie them is really anywhere we go marker I Can Fly nothing is open on the weekends are banks open on the weekends I couldn't get change made and then there's one convenience store open in the whole town and they only have blue and red markers so we can get like it when do it then we're not a permanent workers and virtually had to borrow like what people would walk up here to borrow their shirts for a pretty bad he was going to make it somebody gave us these Australia survival kits that were pretty cool it looks like a bunch of different stuff like 10 times and some posters or something and then these tubes of Vegemite that looks like toothpaste tubes for Vegemite we just scored it out it was the grossest looking thing I've ever seen so I dared Griffon $20 to squirt Australian or American $20 Australian was nothing more than an American thank you very much I paid her $0.20 I paid her $20 to squirt it in her mouth and she did AVG doing the podcast later text me a much more interesting story Vegemite is what is extract is brass a at they say there is and I thought there was because I remembered having Vegemite when I was younger and I what are Marmite Marmite is like the British version of Vegemite Marmite and that shit that collects on your finger and you don't what are the girls that came by the booth was telling his on and she may even fucking with us but she was telling us that the they get the yeast from beer right up there with you I guess there's no doubt there's a cheese discharge for Summer come out Safelite health care and have to find that some follow the healthcare industry also most expensive city in the world but one thing I did we did find some good food good Indian food but there's some okay for their most expensive cities were awesome when the dollar was worth a lot more the dollar was awesome on the dollar was worth like $0.75 to Australian dollars under the cover or parody Griffon and I was pretty far away from the city so we were thinking about getting a cheap hotel but whatever anyway I gets quiet as I can because I did that very short amount of time I think maybe a year-and-a-half and then Gus took it over and you've done owl first six years so actually I did it after you did you travel company the trip was also a little difficult never been to anything a man that stayed a week late and then I can say it stayed in the city centre that he just like took the training for the event but I'm glad that we didn't stay in the city centre because at the end of the day like there's so many tourists like for the afternoon evening that it was kind of nice to go out to do we are staying Olympic Park which is a lot more like an office complex how to figure out a way to like make it work in the city so a lot of people go out there and leg workout then we went swimming at the Aquatic Center or whatever but it was it was it was actually fun to go with the same car and take serious and both of them will be passed to the Olympics are they always a hundred years and there's like all this crazy I can see them moving there because seems like a plan community on them like they're forming a community around all that stuff never recoup their investment at all from any kind of Olympics I read that actually that's true they celebrate when they get it they're so excited and then they build out all the stuff they can't manage it properly and they may always lose money at all the Canadian cities that have had a winter or summer olympics have lost all their money and I wouldn't be surprised every city every is lost all their money I think I lost a spectacular money on the Olympics to me so I had a really the worst as a matter of fact the company that was a Whistler is that where they were everywhere they went bankrupt during the Olympics like going to shut down like a month after the Olympics are over and it's really Bittersweet for them World expose whatever I don't care in the Chicago is ready for all of this reloading ammo Intermezzo they say that if your city hosts the Olympics you become a worldwide Hub and so you'd at least three or four hundred million on the Olympics but that the longer the long-term effects are beneficial in business International that was The Upside of Anger Iran is threatening to boycott the 2012 Olympics in London because the logo for the Olympics looks like it spells out the words I on why do the heat The Matrix 12 Olympics in London 2012 it looks like it looks like it looks like I know what to say if if if I was you know I would have been exactly how they are how many protests a lot of crazy protests Revolution / Civil War in the North Korea from some dude who got to go to North Korea on vacation we can do it and he had 300 protests North Korea Sky's to go in that was the BSR Vice performance Vick put on an a like the only people in our department like how many people do you think actually initially 2012 the same time like clockwork together and there's like 3 people watching it like it's just all for show it warm in case come down you'll Shut Up documentary on Netflix about two little girls who like trained for years to be able to participate in the math game and they just hoping that he shows up he never shows up to do I was talking with my wife about this building like you could spend all your free time on the internet if you wanted to just have an internet account and do that 24 hours of footage for every minute on YouTube but every minute 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube YouTube backseat and she's like you couldn't possibly process all this and it is now and it's like what is everybody do you know with the loss of manufacturing jobs and things like that in America but it's now we have to finance entertainment and restaurants all it's all at a time like everyone in the service industry like there's more people there just in service but they do you like to try to call a business you can't find a real person through their expectations for this way I don't know I don't know what the grocery store for bread it wasn't Geoff on the corner it's like I'm going to boycott this company for the rest of my life and I'm going to destroy the world or my iPhone which is amazing everyone should be better than this events which Gus not got an email discussion about we actually had a group of there there's a group email list that we all subscribe to hear all those email is probably go back and forth on it and just picked up a brand new computer to edit a video by the way how is my credit card bill comes in and everyone has to go through and pick out the person who always make fun of them and they're totally I was in the email a diesel engine was not running NFL is not your Let It Go new laptop after I just bought the computer and of course replied because I'd already been taking it very rare that the passive aggressive email that we all are guilty of every once in awhile it would take for the computer vocal anymore he came back at me actually the group list into private Wonder Woman Burnie realized I was buying a laptop out of his own pocket and out-of-pocket come on trips with a window website broken additional devices the Burnie you use that computer to break it Little Things what a terrible idea you're really hot I miss you guys I didn't forgot that I had to say an email that while we buy a first-generation hardware interface from Apple I mean I couldn't add any more qualifiers ended up telling her face said in the email I'm going to buy this laptop day one new Macbook Pro because I understand that there might be interface that allows for mobile capture at possibly some point in the future the laptop that whenever you know the license come out how did your first generation Hardware Michael a workout for you I bought a brand new left for the 6th generation of Michael for generation 2 of the MacBook Air twinkle man old the dog woke up a few to start is definitely a video podcast to watch to ask come at me bro it is been the increase in employee issues I don't know what it is it's been lately to get the ebony metallic pens and you anywhere you'd like it hurt when you think about that nothing of the kind of kid who broke his arm after doing fractions Whiplash from racing is headed to Kirkwood into the office because we didn't have a teacher a teacher too everyone in the class is going to fucking kill me for the kidnapping a broken bone read Lord of the Flies little kids in a group that are in charge of each other like I don't know if you would have done well Gus Griffon foreclosed glasses bro the resisters out there's a big hubbub about have you guys seen the footage of the soccer player South America where was a good day would you probably gets temperature for anything and one of the teams has an owl for a mascot and Gus you can look up owl and soccer and I'm sure you'll find tons of links on this so the owl somehow it's going around and land on the field and they were in the corner and I have a ball kicked the ball hit the owl owl gets done with people who do this are not going like you that was kind of looking around like this and the opposing team kicks the ever-living shit leaves frame like he was trying to see if it still has apologized he was trying to get up dessert like anybody get punished for that new stadium you're going to fucking do is break a long a probably good for him to be in jail for the entire country but probably after 11 Columbia we had a notion that we want to treat as well we want to treat each other well you put kids in a room is there 20 kids probably one of those kids are going to be killed by the other kids within the hour without supervision you know Baseline humans now and haven't had electricity layered on top of it you know that was Magic Ritual religion and its on what we did like a Satanist a section where the heart of a Satanism and who is the Satanic Bible be like in the sixties and seventies and on the way is that right or something like that I didn't the points like for Satanism that people don't start out good like that's not a natural that's not a natural inclination like if you just start with kids kids are going to be like you to keep them to share a teacher not to hit the People by Nature have these like desires and it like really didn't is essentially invented to make you feel guilty about them all the time so that was her I'm going with this religion or anything like that it's like we to get an amazingly just livid about something that happens to an animal and you only have like 4 more is going on the world right now a better job at something or there's always something worse but I mean this is like when people want to post personal information is bombing towns or cities in Libya right now and people complaining about an hour Play the album partly in anything you make something a mascot it's like is a representation of your team to get rid of sports may be you don't have it you can't because there's much control over Korea bombing people but you can exert control over this one thing that guy kicking them out maybe it's something people seems more attainable a significant effect but yes he is affecting the direction of the country I don't know I don't know I didn't is my vice city in America never heard an animal always pay your taxes on time but the smile that has to be the most important part about being in America are American is paying your taxes with Southeastern Virginia Arts Association so very prestigious thing as Eastern Virginia Association Art Association founded the association about a year ago like a long time why would they honor Michael Vick for epitomizing the word hero come here so I can figure Michael Vick went to Virginia Tech which might be somewhere in Southeastern Virginia sounds like they're honoring his resilience and overcoming obstacles and becoming a true example of Life success for all to emulate didn't pay his debt to society hero quote from the president of that organization people talk about Michael Vick is a convicted felon what was Jesus Christ he was able to do things above and beyond the new series to the point that we all recognize him today as Lord and savior I mean across the middle passage we can talk about it he's to be a lot better when it doesn't 10 they get older fast a workout good hits another thing I'd like to do on the internet an article that said that the average lifespan of an NFL player is 54 years or something like that I think I think you again for verification but I'm pretty sure that's what it was like a blacksmith in 1830 wonder how that compares to other sports like how they compare to boxing or like you have lifespan for baseball players probably like a hundred and fourteen a long life in horrible ways but they don't die from The Ring it doesn't seem to affect them or anyone that was himself knock down Sugar Ray Leonard in a fight and that was a huge claim to fame my me time the pride of this town they were all from and he was just as soon as you have that kind of at that moment you don't know this kind of thing and when they're actually out of white sugar a is commentating he'd try to stop him guide course remember them as I could in the movie looks great on the new season of Dancing With the Stars 6259 lower on the line new hero full wrestling match every is actually 45 seconds I could have ours I wonder what it's like for rugby players a lot of Aussie Rules Football because there's only two channels in Australia and it was either that or cricket and such a beating two men each other's heads and Iran with video of the other day I guess at least two soccer players and one of them you know they're kind of like jostling for position was receiving iPad and one of the soccer players grab the other guy's arm and hit himself in the face with it what is really the guy picked up the other guy's arm himself in the face the biggest problem in America is we can electrical stuff what I look like yet another part of the strategy events like it's nothing to be proud of but the most off-putting thing for people-watching America is that there's not enough scoring like you should be getting excited when there's the threat of scoring but the Americans want to be excited when there is scoring done that makes sense that's me where if you sell a game that was 3 to 2 that would be the equivalent of a 21 to 14 football game wouldn't feel like that when they're going to get somebody that's going to happen every single time to run out of bounds but you're either going to be a big hit every down or score one of those two things have to happen there's soccer there's a whole lot where you just kind of waiting for something is a lot of waiting in the middle passing passing period look like to rate Racing 3 Channel 2 racing is really fun and you like it's like gambling I guess there's bad there's a channel in Australia devoted to that I'm sure whatever name we have for too long with cancer in Australia they call it something different there are literally 15 channels and one of them was 24 hours ago one of them is 24 hours. One of them was classic Aussie Rules Football 24 hours a day one of them was cricket and Lily if you did and Cricket if you can't believe those codes I think you see God I'm pretty sure I've met people who live in Australia and still don't know the rules football drink beer I was told to Hero by the Southeastern Virginia what time is Oregon you're going to beat rate of production we had no the last room he was Inception guide we're working on that are videos that were to be showing at Pax in Boston we will be at Pax in Boston on March 12th is that right for at 11 we are planning on the 12th you will be there the 11th Thru the 13th or 13th but our panel is I understand at 2 o'clock on Saturday right and we should probably the one thing I've been saying the wrong time but what we say we will be showing some cool stuff and some other cool stuff I should have 3 Total videos to show that we might be able come for time on Q&A but if you are a fan of some of our Productions you might want to be there to see some of the videos that are going to be showing that school were missing and I will be doing an appearance at the Emerald City Comic-Con this weekend a go on Saturday the dates of that being March 5th this Saturday at the 34328 I think noon to 1 or 1 to 2 NFL I would stop by the booth will have people there all the time that are related the Hill University Geoff and Griffon only have an hour to an hour and that rotation but probably a lot more interesting important people most times when we go to them they're all day long as there's people there but it's always somebody from Russia but that will not be the case in this one but we will only be there for 1 hour text me Saturday at 4:30 to 5:30 or 3:30 to 5:31 tonight live audience iPad 4 and Monty has been commuting from Jersey hotels November okay good rate for Track's to the current Center Hotel we were at that hotel we were at last year sucked but we had the best of you rate the best hotel room ever have progressively gotten better at attending Comic-Con it's been the first time we stayed about 10 miles away we thought it wouldn't be a big deal it was like what the fuck was wrong with us oh my God you know how much to bring so you had a storage unit do we have to eat in my defense that was back when I was doing travel that first year we didn't know we were going to come back on until literally like 25 days before we got accepted to somebody dropped out so then I had to look up hotel rooms in San Diego 25 days out it would be very interesting to know who that person was a dropped out because I'm fairly certain that we started attending Comic-Con in the last year when there was any available and what happened it wasn't mr. T may be that someone dropped out is that year is the first year they expanded to take the whole Convention Center you know that last hole they didn't have that next exhibition held up until that year so they can entire other convention dropped out yes I think they just bumped up the whole Center and then we got lucky we have anymore or two ago and said that like 2 times the amount of vendor submissions and they can accommodate insane it's inside which is why we can never seem to move out and get a bigger bedroom we have a corner booth and we constantly have people offering to buy your space from us and we have to treat other space for that both right and we got lucky to even have that we used to be at the back then we could manage somehow to get moved over by Penny Arcade and we swapped out with PVP we have kind of like an internet connection there yet in your case if you have their own opinion new me so so this week is a good week is Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle and then next week is packed in Boston and then at the end of March we will be appearing at Megacon in Orlando Florida with William Shatner may go there for that and then try to go to Disney World trying to keep it from her that. To be right here also what is a podcast with Millie go to therapy in ten years or twenty years from now the therapist will say what he wants or what she was about that she can take out 20 episodes of podcast but I'm going to just listen to these terrible come back in 2 weeks she wanted to watch Wipeout last night and I told her that if she did some chores she can watch it with me and do your chores and she sat down to watch it on Hulu and the at is a Disney World at me to leave the room so that was over you want to the commercialization guide to put Mickey Mouse back in the brain trip coming up what is it what is a vacuum sweep and vacuum do you like a woman who had like a the rooster who could not tell time and where living at NoHo when I see that at one point when you first got the chicken it was very clear it's no problem we'll get chickens to use them for the eggs and then after they reach a certain point will just eat them and I said you will never ever made it like $15 is very clear that he was a silky you will not like the chicken trust me I had that conversation so is urban Farmers you're partially come it don't even eat the eggs for the City feel bad for that we give them away to people now it's just like we just turns out we don't cook at home or eat eggs that often you don't get home that being said I Bible this morning we told you I think so you did it I would think that came in this morning at all natural gas has no smell rate are using the extra Burnie I'm sorry I was going to help you and I yes we do need to cook more because we have been ordering a lot of pizzas and Chinese food breaking news the iPad 2 is official I would like to know that it has a camera and rear facing cameras never been I'm so if you want to do like some stuff you can take a picture of what you got in front of you and then on top of that bring it into that program and just draw what you want to do I mean it would make things easier if you want to text or talk because you don't have it probably no never if you throwing up and Technology we were making we had to make video phones we had to make video communication and now it's massively inconvenient and who wants to run with it and it's super easy but I still want to do it to someone doing the college thing going you can't you don't know exactly you're doing I'm worried about like because when come stay with us sometimes he is Skyping with people you grew up was in highschool when Skype came out if you grew up in a very naturally 24 news at all you just is weird but you were talking about recently how it went with texting and like a people say more and they're like they act a little bit more openly in some ways than they would normally if you were looking him directly in the face and I wonder if that interferes when you like doing video chatting or whatever like if you're a little bit more yeah I don't know player video conference come you can't be in a room with a bunch of the people of the Congo just checking I had a guy that works at one time he said no business would be a lot easier if you had a phone that would let you listen for the five seconds of melee following a phone call like that connection with me and then hang up summary come at the me parking terrible mood when we went to hit record I was in a bad mood right now I'm in a better mood why are you in a bad mood because I just mentioned earlier that you know employee issues that we have we can to have more now than we did in the past and you know it's really bro it's more people had the issues he probably listen to the podcast from the comfort of their home when I go to sleep and I'm watching something or is it just general content said whatever this is new trend with is a block of pictures that have headlines of them like your articles on these pictures and they don't take you to the article they take you to another site and I think mgid is one of the big ones ready to leave I think of the two big ones exactly nothing but the courtesy of taking you to a different site to show you what you want to see the rain coming in really reputable site put these mgid interfaces up on their stuff it makes no sense that's a lot that happens a lot with them when I'm doing inventory search for designed like the worst sometimes because I like a really cool concept but they rotate and then you can never find it the original thing on the side again for building Furniture to bring stuff in that was really cool it's like a little down and it look like Stone and you couldn't I had to I had to have just try to help me I found a thing on one of those design sites that was a like a flat wall liquor shelf Washoe County gets at Ikea it was shiny and white and it was speakers for your iPhone and have a talk and it was just it was really cool and very Sleek design and I thought I'd be perfect for my bedroom and you can't buy it you can't find anywhere that I would go to we gotten this week that we could have your how to get out of it if you want to go to the distributor and the distributor and it has a link to it and the link to the site and they're really all that and you could just is impossible it was impossible to buy this because one store in Norway that sells it doesn't on there's some cool like couches and I was like puzzle pieces and then you can like country girls anyway you want YouTube find a way to buy them and eventually I found a store like an actual like brick and mortar place in California that it would sell them and then so they told me to call the manufacturer and I called manufacturer and then they went to their site and then it's like well you need to like send an email if you want information which is always been death of me buying anything New Dimensions marmite and if I just give up on it at first but I'm sure it's way too expensive they don't list the price but I don't understand it anyway so if you want to sell it and you have a website just put the fucken price on there anyway to buy it like why do you have to like what does anyone have to call anyone anymore I feel like you want me like I want to eat something is it then so it's where we can customize and transparent because someone actually making it but not in the world yesterday where I buy a profile on my clothes online for convenience and I got this site jackthreads you know it's true and they wish they have like Groupon foreclosed weather be like today we're having a sale on I know but like this particular brand and we have $10 and there's 75% off that's why I bought a pair of pants so I look at the brand and I find the brand and then I'm going to bring it to you have a clothing company and not sell your product on the Internet they're like they're like you can't find anybody don't know where I'm going to buy a pair of pants you like these things so much the month of April at your switch uniforms and let's definitely said he wants to wear like a certain Michael like to wear dickies with white t-shirts and then he'll get that same outfit and like 6 versions or ever had like all different colors of Dickie pants and then if it's like my t-shirts and then you need to change things up and then 3 years later if you like have a new uniform which is like jeans and vans with like a button a couple of you were close for a while I'm kind of in a new uniforms coming up with a lot of like plaid button-up shirt American Apparel T-shirts because it's too much work to put on a long sleeve shirt women to the uniform thing to do they just do it once a week it's just about over and over again but I want to do that I would love to dress like a cartoon character and only wear the same thing every single day it was not anymore that sounds awesome try to put a little thought as possible into like what I'm wearing like I deliver magic whatever's next I don't want to think about it can I shop for my clothes and I don't pick out my clothes and all my wife does all that stuff player the lobster 45474 the last 4 years ago by the way I found a great system where I hate to go shopping for clothes because I hate going in that little closet and changing in and out of clothes the clothes for guide the clothes on its 4 pairs of jeans and I'll take them home and try them on and if they don't fit I'll take them back I tried and she can't wait to go to the store twice Lake Michael the store and I'm with my wife me to buy to buy pants or something and we go to Banana Republic website is that some business a place where foreclosed okay and I have a guy trying to pair of you know a 29 inch waist pants and iPad men try on the 29th you know let you know you need to try boscia book about two different pairs of slacks like that what about the other didn't even know the exact same size the player problem or design problem make their customers feel better so they change the size that you feel like it rate a smaller size in square a number that has no basis in reality consistency have to try things awful awful ever seriously it's right I'm trying to be part of the problem the problem you should have thought the same thing as well my wife buys all my clothes and this is what she does she goes to the mall she buys me a bunch of different stuff and then she comes home with it and then I try on at home in the comfort of my own home and then whatever I don't like or needs to be returned to the doesn't fit you then takes it back so it's like two trips to the mall for my wife very happy but we have a full shopping experience but no just have like 10 so if you ever find out what owl t-shirt and blue jeans interview today for an interview for me to figure out what we're doing in Paris but I would trust Brandon over Geoff is what a crazy day and I thought a thousands of people at the old text I almost texted you but I don't take Geoff in there with you when you get here a different position and I didn't and I go you're happy that you went in to interview the employer I know you can understand how he is now I have a stain on my right here I don't know what happened today out of nowhere came from a coffee or something 33 rate between leaving the car and coming into my office you got anything on there before you have I was just once a week I think you're turning into Charlie come over the pollen from the trees in our neighborhood and is it something so you must have been on your car and you must feel right now everyday of my life okay almost knocked my Michael at this man he really was until I got because he didn't have a sitter and there was actually an age limit on this one we can bring Millie did they put it because when I went to Scotland they didn't have an age limit and some of the stories in the Scottish every story was very explicit stuff and really I mean I'm not scared like I'm not working with her I'm just mostly worried about her hearing about how people were murdered in great detail seen him anyway and we first got there I met some kids and then he had his girlfriend there and she was saying that when she called to make the reservation they promised her that there be no costumes no people like jumping out at us and we got there at like immediately that he's got to keep the costume if you know where any gets all characters and I played a guy named James That was supposed to be hanged and then like everyone had like a character that is a way to come up and do role playing it was awful and so you had to walk around Australia at night with a noose around your neck other things in Sydney were pointing and laughing and making fun of other people feel like they're always there they're like $40 to get a head cold for 2 hours having two legs YouTube is an improvisation the work we did some pretty cool anyway so there's a hospital up there later like the property was used as the first jail in Sydney to it like I might be able to a regular during the day but we went in and like he was telling us a story about like people getting flogged and like their leg muscles like peeling off and then like getting gangrene and dying or whatever and it I'm sorry about that I've been hurting and I just walking and then I realized that I felt like somebody was sitting on my shoulders like I'm not really really heavy and then for like a half hour after that place then after I left I felt nauseous but it was weird and then later in the day he was talking about this place and New Orleans maybe I'll have good beers around your shoulder it was true friend to her and you get to see you like it in part as soon as you can gets be like the old town and I think they're really cool and it was like I was there like some cool places I don't know babe look at that I just have somewhere Olympics down there I don't know somewhere Olympics are winter summer bobsledding bobsledding to ask me for a drink Iran on Katy Perry husband appreciate about you like I never tired of running thank you we should go Wednesday after I'm thinking about Burnie Hero 6 song sleep now I am very happy that Griffon had an experience where she felt something and was it is you know what a fun experience for her and I'm doing everything in my power not to make fun of do I believe in ghosts let my dad know I'm not crazy yes idea because I don't understand everything about the universe but you know if I can go I do completely understand that that the place that affected me but your legs hurt right you do realize around the people right if they they just laid down in his basement whatever if they've drowned the People YouTube said and I felt like someone is pushing me down by the shoulders to drowned me and then nobody was grabbing my ankle that's what you would have said he had a feeling you were associating it with what they were telling you and I'm sorry I tried to take over you like this what happened at right now or maybe you knew you had feelings a white one is it the people who died from having your legs blog okay Google what's the me when they were caught stealing bike flower or something they would get like whips and hits drone the feeling that you had they gave you you were saying you had an experience your Duty ghosts transfer that is that would take him I don't know I was just because we have to go help but feel like the feeling of pressure of being actually put down and the feeling of nausea while they were very real and I was sick for like a half an hour remind is that the ghosts are trying to show you what I don't know I don't know if I believe anything but I do believe in energies and I definitely believe this can affect people like the space that they're in and it doesn't have to be good either I'm sure was fun and awesome and you should go there and the Platypus yeah I guess they're not turning right and they did what are some Quality Steel show section to be like walking all the way back up the hill so we can go hey look there's a kangaroo also military the military flying 5000 miles hits a pretty new tricks and fly around analysis plants kind of person like for Tiffany Torre plan so as I said they had to go in like I need a volunteer from the audience stand up and hold of a gold coin and is fertilized it comes back and she got really upset because she really wanted to volunteer and she got like started to cry I was like no no no that's not an audience member we could explain to her that there certain that there's a text that says it only happened like you don't like to volunteer from the audience to do those things with blue in them the ghost me is totally real I hope that you enjoy your decisions or you just die and nothing ever happens come home a noose around my neck is dangerous it wasn't even cool like that it was like I'm attached to you like I don't like what do you call the things you put whistles on like them in private messages owl should we wrap this thing up I guess don't forget it on Saturday at what come at 12 or 1 we should probably find that out but yeah it'll be all over the website and I'll put them make a journal impact Productions really cool