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Rooster Teeth is jet lagged

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Recorded: 2011-03-09 19:12:08

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey


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Date Line hey I'm really glad you came today it would be like 45 minutes of that it was like the first time oh trust me I'm tired of it don't worry about that you think he's at home like practicing but I know you don't really need it Target for 1199 welcome back to Austin asshole tired Jesus in a long-term in the office about 4 days in the past 2 months so yeah yeah I'm about to head out to being in our company being out of the office automatically signals not working or having a vacation literally that's not the case but we can have been very full but I remember one time looking at it gets upset over that stuff and conventions here, come it hasn't been very kind to us which is why we should have common which is really more of a multimedia events like 5000 something crazy it was really fun at the Microsoft / 343 Industries Booth they were showing off the defiant map pack and lots of kids were playing I heard a lot of yelling behind me honking and hollering to plan some stuff and it was it was it was a blast and not have to like put all the t-shirts out and like yeah because usually when you would events Tarts like you don't know what is Friday the 2nd the doors open and people come in and really hey what's up sorry been working for like 6 hours and let you know I love you and the lovely people at Microsoft at work and we were just able to go in and sign autographs and then I'm going to go out on Thursday so that we can open Friday morning and Sunday night the for about an hour. I the Sunday at the end of an event the most important thing on the planet is two pallets and finding those two are stealing those two not finding Cyrus as she goes to San Diego Comic-Con it's really something else to try to track down that we were running and nobody ever they're not supposed to work from the back to the front and the back and get it yourself to see how different countries handle events I unloaded Manhattan got there yet so I had to do the setup for the new Jordans that up myself so I had to turn on the teleporter self and then you know like it, or whatever you just take a couple boxes and somebody comes in and there's no way for people would come and bring it over as far away from as possible the other trash cans and so I did because there was nobody to talk to I just took the pallets next to a trash can and then I was supposed in some T-shirts and I'd like to have it over and they looked at the trash can and put their hands on their hips and the other for a while and then they walked away and came back with another I and the other guy was like put his hands up like I get smaller and then eventually after like 5 or 6 Straight minutes of discussion like where these pallets magically appeared they just like shrug your shoulders and take them up and just took him outside so weird I don't know what I did something wrong there and I feel bad to those three guys but I don't know what the right thing to do it's kind of put all your trash people come by and I also couldn't figure out where the hell is usually when you get to the vet they have your tables and chairs in your boot and that was not the case I had to requisition tables and chairs in Australia and probably the most devious and the Deathly Mentor I have yet so far I was very proud of myself and I apologize to the other boots that didn't have to ask text message I did I was like dude you're the only person that will appreciate what just happened back there again so we had a bit of a run of events and we have practice this weekend and make a call later in the month then we have a bit of a we haven't talked about what we have coming up we are in the final stages hopefully would I will be out of this weekend but yeah I will be in London at some point this year I actually I didn't but I a podcast with the jingle jam that's me to come on and someone asked me when we were coming to Europe and I was like I have no idea I think we're planning something you're working on it so we can like it's listening it's not like we might be showing up so hopefully he was in the UK Central Europe is different right then that versus the UK UK part of Europe most people say there's something different I need it from like England to Italy in like 2 hours right there any way to reach him at 343 or Luke was there always a pleasure to see him great gifts I can make gets banned up there that the gifts and continue the streak that my daughter thinks it's normal to receive a gift a week I feel sorry for her husband is going to be in four days into the week I'm not sure I was watching your chicken and I'm actually okay with you as well today because they've been cooped up for YouTube styling like 4 feet high and there's a black lab that lives behind us and it's like getting interested in the chickens and we told him we had a terrible event where they like to roost on the fence real even get up there thinking about anything and if I don't put them away early enough by like 9 p.m. they settled in on the fence and I want to go to sleep and there's like 6 of them in a row to take him up to the time and one that I was doing that and one of them was like fuck you and just took off but he ended up or she ended up going in the neighbor's yard and their lab was out and the laptop to chasing it and I was like leaning over the fence trying to grab the chicken and I couldn't get it and eventually the chicken ended up in the labs mouth and I gave up on life and I had to pull my chicken's head out of the dog's mouth and then turn around put that chicken in the yard and I had to go through the same process again for about 15 to 20 seconds before it lays down the dog and the dog was ready to kill it wasn't being evil or anything but it's exciting date they going to the lumber store that's like the time we can like pick him up a new medication or anything like that Jack and I did not want to get picked up when they hit yeah it is in the morning a good time to a dog when their Little Darlings the treasures of men try to escape they just got confused but that's the only time I shouldn't house I feel like going out but I've been suffering from a cold for like a week now so I've been I've been Miley still has like super long cold last for Justin have the energy to do it try to remember thank you so much I can't remember I do have one in the can waiting if you do talk with us again about revenge and the things that I've been going over the tenure of our friendship in your neighborhood or Neighbourhood Time Capsule beer so what did we miss while we were gone over the last month Duke Nukem Forever got a release date when is it I didn't say that May 3rd I'll be checking that out if that's the gearbox only took 15 years I saw the car gearbox put out there that if you ever worked at Duke Nukem at any point please let us know so we can include you in the credit it was pretty cool although those credits are going to be like a phone book release Rob I would have been 99 or sometime next week will also be playable at PAX East in a new Mortal Kombat comes on next week next week next week next week next week next week look for you at lunch time the company whose job it was to play video games and when they come out of it through 83 where they had that parking lot you can park in for free across from the convention center and it look a little like North Koreans and in the head like barbed wire everything yeah that was trouble baby in a dumpster or something it was like a little bit from the game where you put a baby in a dumpster in trouble release the bunch of helium filled balloons in animal friendly house with real balloons in a real house 300 giant helium balloon lift it off the ground for a little bit actually had a person inside of it and another country I bought a bunch of DVDs after that nice yes something regular number one box office movie would take me out tonight Kristen Stewart movies like the movie Hot Tub Time Machine very similar to take me out tonight I haven't seen it but I don't know I think movies and stuff trailer for Fast Five yesterday oh my God that looks so terribly awesome so excited. It looks like there's already don't go to the Pacific Northwest in February who is it she was so cold that her ballet moves were terrible that was stupid I feel it every time Kelly permanent gel life you keep traveling you eventually that just like goes around the world and comes back to you so you don't get caught up he said to keep traveling from gets to travel through it right and then you should know that your time zones and liked it see how much you want back for it said also you know we have an events a long time coming and I remember every single traveler at an airport is an asshole they're all they're all slow and they're all confused it's like there's ten thousand people at the a one-time 9940 of them have never flown everything is new and exciting and like oh my God you can't stop in the middle of the unbelievable costantino the last week and at the Seattle Airport I almost got a body the full body scan I didn't do it to everyone I would like to leave people picking people from the line of the pic the dude in front of me in the dude behind me but not me and I was like I didn't judge you never experienced the pat-down or the full body scan a release like business as usual kind of I can get nothing else part of it down and left it was like like you had a credible threat or something I think that's a good idea because nobody wants to have hacker I really don't care it's the climb so what's the point trailer charge $5,200 per bag to check bags now they're going to be pretty upset when they check my anus and find out that that's what my wallet to put an article this past week that now as a result airlines are charging for checked baggage more people carry on obviously and I guess that the Transportation Security Administration to say that putting more of a strain on their resources so they want to increase the fees associated with airplane tickets to accommodate them having the X-ray and go through more carry on something like $659 a year is a huge deal like they basically said American begged you to check bags for free at the time of the bill I will put under the plane for free please we should there's no room on the plane please please please actually watch them do it on the way out to Seattle where they were just like we're going to check your bag more frustrating than seeing that person getting on the plane would like a carry on bag and also a backpack and a purse and it's like you're going to put it all up in the over that aren't you I know you're I know you're going to do to become on release keys and guitar biathlon shooting for Jack it up there too it's like people need Texas Hold'em you know up there and I'll put one on my team because I was supposed to House of who put the couch up there immediately real Gus considered a carry on would you people like me don't like a purse as well as a giving strict about it like I carry over the intercom still like well if you have a person go to put it in your carry on if you want to consider it man I'm going to be with for the rest of his I cannot get gets hard getting out of my head the whole freestyle it's I hope to God you have your electric version lightning bolt that you the power to wirelessly pick up something on guitars I just starting to seem like Scott Pilgrim The King's Speech but we thought of the play that they kept interrupting it like every totally worth it issues at the the headsets are hedge funds we had to share sweet usually have one here in a minute stopping at the Academy screeners watch movies oh my God what a widescreen movie who is 243 down south people complaining so they had to start the whole thing over again of course I think it's time to make things work so we were like it took him like 30 minutes to get a gangster than 30 minutes before it was over I just turned off and they had to life and I think I was going to cut into their television programming like to start with Two and a Half Men or whatever and so they had to go to the whole nother 20 minutes The Last Airbender what do the Academy of World War 2 movies Picture award at the Academy Awards in the in the final Montage of all the movies and it was all with The King's Speech as during the Montage of all the movies I need to watch a movie on United up to Seattle there was you could change the in Flight audio and one of the channels you can hear the cockpit Communications real all the other planes communicating with air traffic control really cool who's almost like you know you know you know other players are around you and where they are and how far away they are and you don't run away it was fast the whole time they had that Qantas flight to in from Australia and you can navigate to a channel that just shows you on the bus the light above the plain view of your plane as it's flying really yeah I was obsessed with that I was convinced I was going to watch her for 45 minutes waiting for something creepy that he was so I'm I feel like we've been at the travel has dominated the podcast I haven't had time that's all we can talk about it in the same office together very much lately will have a chance to talk about after this weekend hopefully you can decide about Thunderbolt the show me the Thunderbolt Port is 22 screensavers Justin under like on that's all I called my laptop Thunderbolt I have so much right now this morning I have the most recent revision before the crash and he was telling me the benchmarks put his computer three times faster than the flash Miley so I had any suggestions and criticisms baseless criticisms I would have got my laptop back is he keeping you company fuse panel a presentation and was like hey are you taking your laptop need something up Revenge my personal laptop I don't look at the price of the desktop I bought for you should rent laptop laptop time too many I totally just over a year ago my on my parents house was robbed and then a week after that it was Rob that I remember secret laughing there was going on behind your back through that process it was the inventory right right yeah I was the first time I've ever been Gus set up something where basically anytime a bad password would hit my foot hit with the mail server would track the IP address of where that came from and initially we gotta log back full of like my phone and a couple other items out of his checking and I was getting wrong password legitimate device with update number that was a little bit weird and so at least this number of the police were investigating my case after about three months they finally said we have a subpoena to explain to them what an IP address is Austin cybercrime division is I finally got this person's house and found a bunch of my stuff and a bunch of other stuff too and it turns out the guy was actually already in jail on a probation violation for a misdemeanor probation and so basically they charged him with a bunch of amino Rob and other stuff and so then over the next few months it was a bunch of dealing with his kid and not wear it like actually I got his name I won't share it on the podcast but we found his MySpace account and try to figure out as much because you're not here as parents do you know very rich and as as the kid being up to no jack off asshole terrible taste in music the house bored Gina Fusion review I don't know I don't think so anyway we didn't find my Xbox as what we found laptop laptop was asking for my serial number of the laptop currently using my laptop and we can give it to a police officer and the other guys doing the same so lame I'm still pissed you didn't answer it so anyways I got my laptop back but I'm still missing my Mac Pro was the one that had like 8 years of photos on in stuff like that that's the one thing I'm still missing my camera is missing this is gone you know complaining about the cops in this whole a long and arduous process it you got like everything back the one I can't get the cops to return my call about our break and I did all the work for these things like we do pretty much everything for them like going to the guy's house and there's somewhere you know I can't do that legally everything you need to know to get them to do and yes you can put your lackadaisical security ended up saving you I don't as you didn't have a password on your laptop which allows you to catch this guy I like and she rents to good security practices talk to me because I had a password nobody can ever get to that point for a video the other day might have been a confrontation with some guy some guy gave I don't fuk with a hacker laptop presentation or someone stole his laptop but he had like screen sharing and was like snooping all the traffic and pulling as they the back off of it and I got this guy's like online dating profiles and I can take a pictures of this dude and like all the stuff again like a long presentation showing how we did it and make a plea to the world if you're not a professional don't take naked photos of yourself at this point I could get nobody wants to see me I got to get out of going somewhere Nick kid he went and sold a bunch of stuff at pawn shops all around Austin Life 3 for pawn shops including stuff like a microphone that exactly matches the description of the one I gave but I did have a serial number so I can't say that is mine and stuff like that like a camera that I know he stole the camera that is obviously money but I need a serial number for it and it's like even though he's like now it's all been done he's actually been convicted he was at the point of these on their probation now as he's not in jail he's on probation if anything happens he's paying my family money to cover all these costs and stuff but even though he was convicted all the stuff he still has a pawn shop if you are convicted of anything at a pawn shop should be right down there don't come in and put them in my cloud storage I can access it from anywhere and look as soon as I buy something with as I write it down inside there so that's also password protect all your computers Justin Case make sure no one else gets to your data yes let me know so that maybe not everyone can track what IP address is accessing their stuff I wish I wish my in my big computer with no password protected hard drives worth of stuff on their moral of the story is to Buddy up with a gus as soon as I can and if he does anything stupid like that again he'll go to jail for like 10 years everyone on probation again events I can I love you know that have you guys ever taken any photos yourself cuz I know Geoff that you have you have scary Thief I don't think I don't think I do remember like webcam sessions back in like college and stuff with girlfriends so maybe I can you call her the girlfriend experience so you the medicine I can take screenshots of you somewhere I think maybe that everyone has got some naked photos camera I think it's difficult not to have any photos of you and your carry like the camera on your laptop may just be walking around your house I was looking at me looks at you like giving that makes you Texas Jack lost its owner who made the hamburger bed forever ago that she made two more for MTV now what is the MTV Spring Break house is at the Rio in Vegas this year haha and when Burger King hired her to make two new hamburger bed for like they're located a lot of money just give me the house right now actually but hamburger bed with someone that's really cool image search the other day and it popped up give me the record I'm redecorating Bernie's office Sephora something coming up but it had nothing to do with anything but for whatever reason hamburger buns the last time we did an event at the Alamo we were artistic would have tried to go up to the projection room different up there a real good burger free Burgers along with her I'm sure there was thinking pizza for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when they show that you think you think he'll wake up everyday and curses Keenan going to snow this week Miley Cyrus is terrible terrible funny moment where she played Justin Bieber on the the Miley Cyrus show and it was funny and she broke the fourth wall because they asked her about Salvia should I can't believe you and I look directly into the camera as like life is ruined by the way speaking of this weekend when I was in Seattle and also Oregon on Hotel internet and my phone life I discovered for the first time in the tenure of your relationship with a company I actually wanted to kill you I really wanted to murder you this weekend I wanted to name you many times but I wanted to fly back to Austin just way to kill you because you did this thing but I wasn't aware of where on Earth would you ask people to send in videos of themselves saying I'm going to kill you hours on their crappy free Wi-Fi to get my mail when I got to do what's the line I couldn't do shit for the entire weekend real life I'm stuck as it was like iPhone video after iPhone video after iPhone video of people saying come up with something for 69 pie in the sky as Mann's Chinese Theatre the Taj Mahal Great Wall of China I would like that you know like if I'm going to get a month at 1 so try to do something original I did say what Jack saying is we're not going to pick any of your cities admissions gets better only the first one and I've probably got like 15 submissions 454 summer can go through and pick the best one so you'll know whether or not you're on it obviously are never going down what time we were here we did the podcast I just feel like this like it now with the jet lag not like I was going to tell Peter is an internet speed of the plane up your phone so I don't feel nearly as connected I can just check things like immediately how fast is it in Australia baby go backwards the other way to check the trailer Dallas The Windsor Inn hotel it was okay I guess always like 60% of what you wanted to be noticed our internet was pretty good at the hotel I remember the hotel we would stay at would go up to Bungie kind of laundry that's fucking awesome internet Stayin Alive 83 we didn't have three number is uploaded so fast I hadn't finished putting in details yet of the of the actual episode it was already done uploading of shit I got a bed to make it private for when life is awesome I will should we wrap this shit up then go get something to Hamburger as we probably can get some hamburgers and reiterated that if you were in your spot but if you're in the Boston area you should totally come to our panel Saturday at 4:34 30pm at PAX East totally sold out however if you already have a bag please come to our panel Saturday and come to our booth and buy the stuff we promise you won't be disappointed if you are disappointed Jack will personally give you $2 we having the finishing touches on that beans are there back to the office Geoff