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Rooster Teeth Recaps PAX East

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Recorded: 2011-03-16 20:33:06

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey


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what the fuck is headlight fluid filled with anger Geoff Griffon Big 3 the triple Triple J that was Bernie he told us to wait for the podcast made me wait 2 hours and said he was going to be in it so Hey listen BBQ is more important to him next week when Bernie is in the podcast and he comes out swinging I want to swing in to YouTube so I'm not saying anything I'm not part of this last time so I'm ready for round 2 Greenback that's all that matters car okay I will so that's it right I guess we should wrap this so we just came back from PAX East which show which went really well I thought about you guys a Pax East what I mean well how many Pax have been there Gus fuck if I know you plan all our events and you you and I have both been to every single panel forget dude fire-and-forget 1112 North 12th is no way 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 East 10 prime 10 East 11 East RT out grown panel does not your right there's no way that doesn't in years old okay I'm an idiot apparently the seven Pax Prime's into PAX East Pax is fucking ridiculous that 69000 Fishel 10 and 69500 which makes it officially larger than last year's PAX Prime which was the largest Pax ever at like 68000 cause an accident down to the spit of people do the space was awesome is really awesome it was like he was like 3 for a second time the great thing about that is I didn't realize that the first day I was there and I walked a little more than a third of the space and feel if they wanted to and I like I never went upstairs to go to our panel and management worked out well on the first floor all the way to the back 1337 people pre-registered for the first Pax 1337 really 13374 3300 people attended that event has been pretty crazy when we pulled up because I can and I know we pulled up in a cab and there was a line of people that was going outside waiting to get in I remember thinking that the biggest one so it was definitely the best we've ever had time does the last plastic at last PAX East I thought was our best panel ever made a V8 and then an immersion actually and then this panel we gave you a special video that I don't know that we'll ever released anywhere and then the trailer for season there's a special immersion special special special I should wear helmet it was a camera and I guess that I didn't know was being filmed news panel audience seemed to really like it and they were awesome really really really well I was a little nervous as we always get before showing off something like that and people seem to really like it and really respond to it which is cool Social Service what the what happens if you take your shirt off for something from Pax we had some awesome encounters with people should we East 1st Street but this is a lot of people come up to the booth and he will try to talk to everyone and take pictures on Saturday morning if you want to take a picture of him and the guy was really confused person behind them so we can all be together triangle confusion and the guy I think it hit them all at once he just grab the camera and runs I couldn't second try to figure out what went where did broken down awesome and then the next day was even funnier if something comes up to Gus to do to come up to Gus and they can open it yesterday but we couldn't handle this situation and the situation my friend had a seizure yesterday and it was our situations our situation anyway we think we think he's going to be ok lock it up like a grape attendance mega64 declared humor war on college players over there and of those guys that they were planning on kicking it was the second one was definitely needed him perfectly then start yelling at them to someone else Billy Joel I love you just keep going like this really really fucking funny and the guy gets jealous seriously and then I saw him pulling and Rockets So in all things while I ran over all the guys can you take a picture forever we take some photos and I look back and the kind like argues with them for the longest time and eventually he just gets upset and he wasn't worth it he started walking away and the best thing you could ever turn the camera off at the guy walks away and you just talking to the camera and really good ones however it was really really fun and actually work whenever Dramatics is ultimately I know I do what they're doing but I guess it's like some underground movement were people still Vogue but they have like overly dramatic like posturing and dance moves. He's very rich fundamentals 222 Vogue Dramatics was like you had your your your Runway work and work duck walking Vogue in and at the last one and like you mix together to get your dad's and I'll put a link in the link dump and then they have to go on to see it but it's really weird in a group of Hit the music that all I going to be required to dance and it'll be like a big dance party and everyone every time I couldn't I just couldn't work I had to sit there and watch them like every other or every time they would have a dance-off to do a duck walk on the table underground Dramatics for like an hour and they're pretty intense because I'm getting tired like they're always doing something or whatever and it's like an asshole red duck walks like a duck waddle guitar New Zealand whenever they're always going to be by I look for to be next to them at PAX Prime I think one more event coming up in the near future if not this weekend its next weekend next weekend we have mega con Orlando like 5 times just in an e-mail the moment we started normalize will be off to Florida was you were you were probably close then you went on to the Eastern Time Zone and then the our change it 3 in the morning and had to have had to get up I had to get up at 7 but that didn't happen the most exclusive difficult RT to get into the America fuck-boy current hired there like did they were the venues like bounce our guys that had nothing to do with the actual fried our group but they had like restrictions on like what you could wear it like he has to wear the right shoes is of course yes and I don't think that the right people are going to turn people on the guest list are getting turned away and you almost didn't make it in along with Caleb he was with us tonight at the door faithless red dots with outside smoking when we showed up or we would have just left but she argues Gus RT forever and we gotta we walked in there all so I was completely arbitrary like who they're deciding yeah it was try to come back to like a nightclub turned into the Jersey Shore it was once the regular crowd showed up image feel like I didn't expect that crowd to be there for that event I didn't get to go I stayed in a hotel and slept because I was very tired and I was being the responsible parent in the family and that but you went and I heard the next morning everybody that came up to me I was like oh yeah that's right how was it in there dude your wife tried to fight every bouncer at that place I had you I had to stay with us but I thought I was going to get pulled into a fight your life scare the hell out of me that's what everybody said whatever that's why Caleb told me at one point you approach the bouncers like after Gus in a look as well and you went up to him and started writing about the tennis shoes thing and that the bouncer said listen ma'am we're just doing our job and Caleb said you look at that matters and you're doing a city job you our city and terrible job your job between sneakers and sneakers which may cause on what you want in life that's what he said you said I did car drunk Griffon out but if I get off in like I don't know where everyone else so I know if hanging out with pork fried on the stage and at some point I just had to leave because it was just so full of you maybe that's why I could not see straight in that club because the base was so strong but I want to get a beer and I felt like I couldn't look at the bottle because my vision was blurry it was weird having those blinking lights in a cup you're drinking out of every time you go to take a drink you're just getting Blinded By the Light reflected from your face depressed and down today Griffon to 107 attacks guys didn't really get to see your house I mean you know how our experience is very limited at conventions like that we get to see our booth in that's about it yeah I saw that there was an LA to our booth and I thought that there was a portal to a booth in the Battlefield 3 boot and they all look like they were a lot of fun and cool and really get that experience and I would go and look at the guys stand in line for the our public a couple times they had A6 hour wait to play them so people would run in first thing in the morning get a line and they'd have to cut the line off because the line will get to be five or six hours long and we have people waiting in line to have no chance to see you again I am crazy but they had like it up so you can watch the guys while they're playing and so one time Gus and I went over there to see what the 45-minute demonstration was and it was literally a party of like Twilight and Stormtroopers dancing like / dancing / like would you wait in line 5 hours so that you could image license I think they were they were resetting the scenario that one group I just finished another group was coming did they give you a time when it was insanely long usually I think it's our time so I think it's an in the now and I think you're trying to give people like I mean you know what it's like to sit down and eat if you type in your username or password when you look up it's an hour later we were giving a brief demonstration and a tutorial and then they let the people go through to try to kill the boss in a level like they would have to get through and look for dress and that was their time limit to get through yeah repeatedly though yeah I guess I may be approaching it differently now the same thing here the world lot of different ways to approach that encounter encounter brother and large of the way to take the bus down and that could be done very quickly if you knew if you knew you could figure it out or could take up to 45 minutes so it depends on you I don't know gamer level of comfortability and those against yes you really is she has a pretty funny video Martha Tucker over a month and Caleb took her over to they have that they have that, it's a giant Mech and Its Reflection Red Faction Armageddon I think and you can go and you can stand inside this like a 15-foot robot and then like it's all shot in and in the Lake opens up dramatically and let you know and see you later than that guy at the end of Matrix 3 accept that that's really funny video of it opening up and all you can see is the top of my head and these blinking sunglasses does your dog think that maybe you all are like the Pepsi Center what does at the kennel that we have the spirits that somebody eventually like I donated to them that had been like like this family I guess. To be like our very slow to be like a hundred is going crazy and it was like 50 it's like this old couple that had for years like died and left at somebody in there well I guess if you have a parent you have to have a will made up for it if they live so long anyway so it was there last week and good morning I took a little video of infer it doesn't thing everyday work grows and makes a tent out of the papers on the ground and like what I went there yesterday look at it made a tent like a burrowing parrot which I think is pretty unusual and I never heard of it before next time it's fucking hilarious and then because we were getting on the plane getting on the plane and then walking down the runway please personal accounts now it's only like a quarter over I now hey this is nothing but I read something cool Pepsi has decided to go plastic 3 100 plastic 3 by 2012 or starting 2012 they're making like all the bottles are going to be made out of like a certain kind of grass is that plastic from Pepsi also they're going to make throwback permanent permanently available is cancer a few minutes if you leave it in like if it had a chance to microwave things in plastic water bottle in your car you're not supposed to drink out of it before I got to experience at the end of pax at any event you have to replace all your equipment and send it back our TVs and I shall deliver merchandise that we have left over and so it's kind of like a Mad Dash to find pallets because they'll bring them out to you eventually able to at least 2 hours so if you want to get out of there to catch a plane or just spent an hour sitting in an empty convention Booth with people and stuff that you can go and find or requisition package as it were and so guess what I always do that and so we went and scouted out I found a place where there were some polyps hanging out waiting for us to send them now I thought I was like let's go State our souls by his house so soon as they shut down we can grab them when out and while we're doing that the out of those Boston butts big Teamster State and while we're doing that like the back alley area of the convention hall filled up with like 500 of the scariest pictures I've ever seen in my entire life trying to find another way to leave there just was not happening wondering looking at you like are you really think you're going to have those do you think we're going to do that we're looking around going through doors and in the closets and server rooms and eventually we at we just stood there and to all those guys started to move on and then we get out of the house and go outside pretty much it was hiding behind the bleachers so that no one can pass those essentially except my pants I mean like fun. RT it was an experience plate cycle at some point we had the panel and then I forgot that I already know we decided not to tell at the backstage than what we did the panel and then I forgot about them cuz there's to be no like you to rush and is trying to find me and everything so then but at the time it took me to leave that room go down the escalator it remember that I forgot to lock it back up the escalator and go back in all of the chairs and I don't know how many people are in the like how many people how many people died 4000 chairs for all like stacked up like Poltergeist like I went out and came back and all the chairs are like that then he's like 3 like I was at reformations rid of her everywhere like they were pretty out there and other games but it wasn't people it was pretty crazy to look at but he took a pretty awesome panoramic photos you should bring them and if we do that the others that was definitely one of the best what will Pax is one of the best one of them of all time I think and then that pic looking at some of those guys had it down for sure one of the things that we're not to mention that the panel liked it so we should mention here is that we are going through the process of having official state of Texas Rooster Teeth license plates made out of that it's not final yet it's going through a committee right now they have to prove it and then put up for public comment but if all goes well if you live in the state of Texas starting August I'll be able to buy a ruse to keep license plate for your car I'm going to start investigating them text when all the proceeds will go to a child's play I can't believe we're going to get the driver at 3:32 vanity license plate I'm going to put them up on the in the link down are you going to do you like a random assortment of letters house or just like the best license plate ever the best license plate of all time ever seen that one now surprisingly it's very license plate for the State of Florida we got some kind of like probably eight nine years ago on the list of like funny license plates like right in the middle and then you got three letters on each side to this big horns you don't work because it's a state or whatever and somebody has a55 orange and then rgy Sunny it was really really fun is awesome that's awesome what is your is a video podcast Infinity bacon are you doing it by myself in a course not I didn't think I had to do anything like there's much I really need Battlefield come out like trailer very cool cool they were like acting it out they were they're acting it out Geoff okay our windows down can I play with iPad oh I would love it so much that I don't think of that Court he did hear that the order that adapter so I ordered yesterday so we will get it soon predictably the Battlefield 3 so far away in there already and releasing trailers and had a booth at Pax and everything yeah and I didn't even know was it just for me being a big game very well very well I don't think anything was a kid it was like artists from Marvel and DC Comics and that was one of them Mike Mike Mike is there with his dad yesterday and it's not quite yet I did really good so I guess we talked about the tragedy into panel if you want to search the person I thought it was funny it was some Demon from the USS Ronald Reagan who are doing rescue efforts off the coast of Japan found a house floating in the water a couple miles in the ocean is just like it was 2 days after the tsunami two days after the tsunami just literally the house is like perfectly intact and it's out there floating in the ocean at Sea it was a really bizarre thing to see really kind of sobering really the neighborhood it was just sort of being washed away like complete house is floating around but so was yesterday I guess someone was in the streets still need it like right is a tsunami coming up the street like very little at first and there's like a car driving down the street like trying to drive away from the water he just didn't make it are you can see a ghost past the Cameron out of the water but who knows what they were talking about that actually like the idea of suburbs being washed away like this place on the planet to me feels like your average summer you know within like a cul-de-sac with a bunch of house look alike in basketball goals and I can't imagine strong in you are you at are you insulting suburbs are you saying your neighborhood is better than yes I am really we live in the earth that okay I apologize to every single person who sings This podcast our lives in the suburbs and has now been personally insulted by Griffon I will I'm so sorry did I tell you we was broke up and Pax yeah I was supposed to be there in the morning but they is a Pax and I love it I feel bad cuz I don't know how the person that likes shows up at noon or whatever and I did that this weekend but that's the only time I've ever done that until later but everything is fine and then like the night before we left like at 9:20 in the morning on Sunday and said I'm going to grab a bite to eat I'll be right in the hall opens at 10 the holidays at 10 he texted me at 9:20 and said I just got a bite to eat I'm getting a bite to eat I'll be right in and she showed up after noon now literally it was actually it was like right at noon you would have show up to the window and I was only there 45 minutes for the holiday what is the 45 minutes before the hole opens and you don't know that I didn't know why you were thinking I was afraid the party's in your hair good good good connection of pax Corbett something going on in your life I just got married 5 years ago but my way like at 11 even if I work at conventions like I mean we don't have anything else we have no social life Collective disdain for the suburbs we tried to walk to the pizza place right house in the world but it's got its really nice outside and we walked over there to have dinner yesterday and of course there were billions house yeah pretty much I'll let you know now I don't East office downtown I'd walk over to do some stuff for some stuff but now that it's in the middle of it it's really inconvenient to get to and away from the traffic so I stay away now that I mean it's cool that Austin has that happening and I appreciate that Austin has that happening but if you want to live here just like it just means traffic and not have anywhere to park and of the only at the restaurant you like and then it's actually giving giving your house your of your city out for the week is good for the economy but it is like on our street is a gas station into a club watch strings out when you when things like that happen in your town like I was excited about having like a cool BBQ place in our neighborhood but we never were able to go there because they anything that's true like in general have a cool but your really cool place in your neighborhood you're not is that people assume you're from out of town yesterday we went to lunch in Southpark Meadows by the way way away from all that stuff and the lady was like you guys are do you think everyone should remember you know that I must be from out of town I must be here for the music for the band or something right we wrap this up I guess the only thing I got was the convention next week thanks yes what was going on with it um talk to different companies but we've had a Litany of problems with look for as you know as you know that in the process of putting it together Luke had that hard drive died we lost 54 Kombat all the commentaries are on the computer that I never told you guys I was right about on the site was that when we went to get it printed the printing company printed the wrong book and they sent us like a different book that says you're too and they're like oh sorry well so we got that remedied and we were supposed to it was supposed to come out in time for PAX East it was like that we going to be the launch of your book and so when I was putting the shipment together I checked just to make sure it was supposed to arrive any day and they're like his number will get back to you for the email. didn't hear from the next day so I emailed an application to guess what's going on I need the tracking number we need to get the stuff if you go to Boston for PAX East and they go for some reason we just never sent them to you and they're coming from Korea is like a Long Boat Ride from Korea to America 4691 ordered them in January time for PAX yeah and then she was like I never supposed to arrive March 1st and so I come on I'm talking to her and I'm like where the hell are they and she goes well they shipped out March 3rd so they mailed out to us two days after they were supposed to arrive and she was like I can't we don't we don't know what happened we don't have an answer for you just not there they're going to try and get them to try something sticking out of the water cannons though some pallets on 3 the hit sport then they can rush it we can bake and send a FedEx delivery from the house exploding in the middle of the ocean today in Los Angeles in Los Angeles Universe does not want your food to come out of urbanized like today you are the God of War 1 red Kratos Kratos is going to be in Mortal Kombat red that I heard that you're going to be a different character somebody