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Rooster Teeth Rage Quits

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Recorded: 2011-03-23 21:32:54

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Michael Jones, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Jack was that a real girl oh my God I don't want to say actually have a few done with our female listener if you don't have a girl here present in the room today during their box so we have a girl in the theme song we do have we do have a hung Gus I'm Burnie Jack Michael and Michael is our special day Rage Quit I'm loving it me2 poemonthewal or something I have no idea that's how is that occasionally when is Wayward start computer are there any other video podcast and then there did you guys read about Thunderbolt computers are about things you said to me laughing your head off the whole time reputable aggregation content sites that say that the new Macbook Pro is having load issues nice breeze if you open more than plastic covering for me has anyone really open more than five programs she got the applications in if my dad started helping him he was on my dad whenever he first got him and I was trying to help him and I was helping him with and I realize that every time he opened it he would get the discount in the office in about 45 times for Generations so you can get all different files has the dead Powers little brother so I can put some of it on him and I never had a problem if you but your phone okay go get your phone is going to go bad week ago let's show this person a good time and let's take them to all the cool awesome places for the places Jack likes for the places that Jack likes to eat more meat but we were and you told you told me about it I did I said Jack and I are fighting about where to take Michael to come to terms Jack threadgills I gave a fuck it let's go to threadgills I don't like the place but other people probably like it you told me why would you ever take him to threadgills terrible take him somewhere else in Jordan if you want to come two second conversation that we had you said I understand I said I'm not going to be the guy that they start recommending places after a place has been taken and then outside that was going to be the time difference and make sure you understand that I cannot take the first text I received from her for the day and I said she text me and you guys were talking on the am before this she says we should go someplace better than threadgills right aren't we trying to convince Michael to move here and have a good time and I wrote back I agree and then here's what you text to Jack are at so I wrote Burnie and Jordan are going to be joining were thinking threadgills easy to park a lot of space gamers I saw and in conversation referencing this stuff between Burnie and Griffin in addition to the taxes so this isn't a complete outsider Burnie said he didn't want to go to threadgills and that we should show Michael and cooler Austin Geoff razing Scott and Brenda goes why would you ever go to threadgills at the worst restaurant on the planet and Gus goes oh my God why would you go to threadgills everybody in the company with why would you do that to Michael how to Dog and Duck the population doesn't work without the microphone in this conversation where I said Dog and Duck the ultimate dog in had a lovely time yeah that's what we don't eat there every other day anyway for lunch thanks for lunch good God man so we I was thinking I was mama Fus Mama Fus is good I had to Sesame Chicken I pissed the guy off when we went there last week cuz I had tried to get him to give me extra extra spicy if he does not have it does that mean he just he just said he was actually music project actually we want to run out of pizza understand that we talked about this post office and one is still on his pizza so we can close the shop and go home early and watch them no is going to save the pizza the pizza ass hole next good died right as I was getting it who buys it exactly the at the the time right now of course we're buying stamps to ship a DVD and said we can't tell you all this because they will have to tell them that I'm somebody show me the dates for the greater good the guys from Bungie told me about being there today with the front of the line and they said I was only 7 people showed up from another awesome Pagliacci is or something or Tamagotchis I figure this out it's Pagliacci are awesome by the way they called cheese women like the first like 3 or 4 people in line with the blue shirt oh yes to lunch we went there Gavin embarrassed ourselves load the Geoff say something inappropriate I was in there Halo armor out of cardboard and that's real life cardboard outfit really age appropriate event for UT if you got hammered shrinking how many pills you know where to go Taylor is not going to have a capture the flag mode in load I think I just wow that's crazy it is that she was the hottest chick on the planet for a while there violet eyes is that right yeah yeah that's what her eyes were the crazy thing and also that she got married 8 times I like a 19 eighties and nineties with is getting very likely but a lot of times 8 times 272 male Richard Burton what if women had the sex drive of men and it was fucking hilarious it was just the I can explain it to you but if women are just like guys are over there I'm going to kick your ass hole sign me up for the newsletter you can unsubscribe from it Geoff interview male from Funny or Die cheap female I don't know which one of you assholes did it black female was ever going to run into Will Ferrell like at an event is Angela quit trying to work with you guys for years Chicopee Elizabeth wasn't me the most successful women to wear Trend the most successful women in almost every industry are not married like all guys think you can find out Michael Jordan's married had a wife you know what and Mel Gibson's been married forever to his sweetheart back from whatever but not Arena right week with is no longer married Kate Hudson's not married Madeleine Albright Reese Witherspoon Julia Roberts and in the height of her stuff 47 kids Sandra Bullock married Lady Gaga if she can't legally married she is not human Urban egg Ian has white to McGregor has a wife you know everyone's got a wife the most beautiful woman Jeremy renner's cousin and wife Jeremy Renner you know multiple Academy award-nominated actor from The Hurt Locker and Dino's that were married like they might not be married now but they haven't so I'm confused by your logic there right now I don't know where you're going are the the ratio of of them being not marry verses never be higher than I totally agree with that I was married Google find out Wikipedia Jerry Rice do you have on the soundboard Sara giacalone I can see my point right had a list I have a Condoleezza Rice begun that settles it wasn't for all China has instituted this new electronic censoring I don't the first time I've heard about it we're if you're in China and your on a cell phone or regular phone and you say the word protest in a phone call and catch you up in Chinese and English insane it was crazy like anytime anytime you should protest like that were dropped out of the call I'm sure there's a list of other words as well but that's what I've realized it so far if you like tweet the word protest is everyone automatically unfollow you I don't know they might have their own version of it which is probably censoring I wasn't here or whatever the Chinese equivalent of Twitter razing the population of Detroit has declined 25% in the last 10 years of crazy Detroit because it's fucking Detroit I mean talking about scaling back but expect things to start male industrialized countries you see that typically people start having less kids clothing the population doesn't sustain itself like your parents having a huge problem with that country to exist in the next hundred two hundred years because they're shrinking so rapidly that is having kids and a sustainability or greater rate or Hispanics died if they are just I just read that the on the dependant over is more than 50% of its growth through immigration is what I heard also that Detroit was asking people to move out of the suburbs back to the core of the city can no longer Support Services out there because they're still trying to consolidate the city Detroit could be the largest ghost town in history in 2000 on anything in my life and tell people I'm moving into a the first person that UT Austin I like to move the downtown you're about to not and we got running water Detroit the city for you it's pretty crazy man it's probably the biggest example in America early and then I'd like you to know but I guess everyone in that but there's in Pennsylvania the ground fire and you're right it was on for a long time if there and it releases noxious fumes up through the cracks and still the entire time but nowhere near the Detroit I see pictures of 30 structures in the town or something was is I was just there for the coal industry Centralia everything naked and get on the back of his truck and then everybody was driven away completely naked to the safe 411 I try to get people to get naked and jump into the truck we gotta get out of your clothes Clovis California right now that happens every is freaking out there was a radiation leak in the girls locker room here at UT week it was like volleyball or softball are in a room you can record everyone in the room Oregon state to state I believe I am going to watch the girls volleyball locker room is not grounds for recording probably not I'm just going to say that I'm creating that's going to be analyzed people like it even the kids the bully video where the kid gets robbed in the car but yeah I mean I was really happy for the kid who stood up to the bullies and I am too but then you find out more about it and then drop them in the car with 16 and the little kid with 12 punches big kid in the face if your friends you got your ankle broken or whatever happened to him and got dropped on your fucking head that's enough for that it doesn't need to be a global 40 the bullies friend so fuck if he got what he deserved it's amazing what put it out there for everybody but it was the UT women's track equipment manager who had hidden cameras in the locker room shower equipment I think in the press release which was issued by the state news agency pictures of it from the sixties Pinocchio's reporter that did that it was in Israel right Mama something he wasn't at the rack and it was Iraq if you'd like to on the same people over and over and over again when you hear something that it is like he had a hundred percent of the vote and a hundred percent of all the eligible voters voted for him to and if they release that information it's like really I mean really what that Kim Jong-il was shot in 19 at the State Golf Course is something he invented golf is well thank you so good he is awesome like just reading up about and watching documentaries on I left that place is so surreal it was a video I saw the video the other day so I guess he had like a Canon 5D Mark II and you practice taking video while it was around his neck like on the next trip so he walked around North Korea recording any disabled the the monitor is if you walked around and put together like a live in a cold minute long video of life in North Korea how was it do died you got to see me like that after you don't normally see a lot of Subway stuff but you really never seen the video before the pictures of really cool looking fire 19 there's one hole in one defecate that there was a double rainbow and a flock of doves went flying through is over across the rainbow Centralia go to Wikipedia you know what I thought was true if you could go there in golf on the family doesn't have an asshole oh my God in North Korea you heard about is obsession with am on one has an obsession with Whitney Houston ever heard that Michael if you can't get everybody something Laden to ask you if you know Whitney Houston if you're from America ratings how many people survived being interrogated by Osama Bin Laden 17 I think it's also before he became what he is now we have meetings with the guy was Mark Wahlberg is getting interrogated by Michael Jackson Angry Birds next week Mastermind is from The Daily Mail builds I will buy it make sure it's her mother some of the shortest Whitney Houston he thought about killing her husband Bobby Brown was playing last night who claimed he was going to play for four months and years ago in her autobiography Diary of loves you told me Whitney Houston was most beautiful woman he'd ever seen who cleans bender and held her prisoner in a Moroccan Hotel the second doctor says he does Obama kept coming back to Whitney Houston 2011 new if I knew her personally when I live in America I told him I didn't he said that he had a Paramount desire for Whitney Houston and although he claimed music was evil he spoke of spending that much money to go to America and try to arrange a meeting with the Superstar weird that was that for Whitney Houston sucks your not here I feel like such an idiot we had a really terrible I was one of I was stationed right next to the broadcast journalist and one of the astronauts was this girl I knew who was a really nice girl and was pretty but had a glandular problem and let me know what I mean like she went from 95 pounds maybe and 95 pounds to 190 pounds bin around is a lot and it had deployed somewhere and came back and kept talking and kept talking and eventually he got caught cuz he was sending her threatening phone calls and like the whole stalker thing and we keep here in front of her and he saw her for the first time large and he literally got this is what I'm going to jail for what the fuck happened it was a terrible I was there a terrible moment you can cut the podcast Gus face is just like it was incredible but I've learned of your body weight I'm not about podcast of you today whole thing out alright so we'll talk a little bit School Geoff interview in am inside oh yeah we're leaving something something something something something we're leading up to our anniversary we can be here Geoff Tate and over 8:30 Craigslist and swim in 8 Years buddy I Believe come a long way since that day you was stuck a microphone in Gus North my face just say that I just say this what is regiment we thought it would be very fun and funny to release our comedy series on April 1st which didn't mark the anniversary of her company even technically started in 2200 versus blue really probably August 5th or August 7th so we released it in April 1st and ever since then we have done announcements on April 1st and we're just not going to do anymore I think so but that we were going to announce was on April 1st and when I do it but we are not overly 64 yes of the First Responders and then for registered members of the same old school style old school and then on the 28th I will be up for the public for everyone to see and then we're going to be doing on Tuesday we're having a playdate UT playing Halo Reach probably the new map pack on of and maybe some grifball stuff from 7 to 9 p.m. Central Standard Time figure that out on your own GMT minus 6 there also could be used streaming I think that we still doing that thing with the stream live here the office playing so we'll be broadcasting live from the office and ask questions and do fun stuff maybe some things are probably in the middle of the day as well because we have something at 9 p.m. for our program on my journal I'm going up on the wall between the podcast Friday it's Sunday and it was Friday Friday Friday in our short for this week Tuesday probably can have some research to take him to work on the trailer to sell and then resell week Wednesday we're doing the video Podcast Thursday we are doing a couple of the director's commentary and everything so I can possibly put your transformation as well because we want to do some of the focus is on a mission to and will be a special sponsor version of immersion as well we can just and one episode three times fast I really can't handle if you attended that I don't get that one more sponsors as well and then on Friday we are going to be doing tickets go on sale for RTX we have to determine the time will have little will announce a specific yeah that's how many tickets are going on sale 200 Limited in their hundreds first 200 I got a first-come-first-serve no preferential treatment we might be taking it for a sponsor for sponsors and then for the register members you don't take real salt or take is to just monsters to be a downer Jack week hopefully we'll have those details post on the site today once we have that worked out well we going to box of Swag met your swag swag the Box I think I will we're all eagerly awaiting of fortuitous timing nice pi hard drive hard drive you're gorgeous nice double triple what is a sarcomere will you get shot Morris Mega Bloks mini late night dead spot in the podcast they open their presents shrinking sex with and we're hoping to post a detailed know where to sell too many tickets on Friday we'll hopefully you posted details today at what specific time and how you go about getting them yet again what are the dates for I want to say May 27th to 29th if that weekend in May though we sex at 7:29 Memorial Day weekend I can never remember those holiday Memorial Day and Labor Day I have no idea which and when they happen to be an intimate Gathering which which which which I know you'd like to take holidays to extend your summer has the week off call of a regular contents of a short next week Detroit as the Auto Store video tour of the office yet but it won't be like and we'll be kicking it that week of events off this Friday at Orlando Convention Center from MegaCon and I will be at Megacon all weekend and then we'll fly back Monday to everyone we're going to be okay with that? There was a mix-up I just straighten that out we signed up for an event in London in May the same we can start I just change that and we're going to the MCM Expo in October I don't think the dates for that are posted yet but I'll put October on the website or go to New York Newsies Hobbit New Zealand okay I know that was a big deal it was very big deal if they got into McKellen going to The Hobbit set and then you showed up and no one was there basically told Charlie Sheen McKellen went to the set for The Hobbit on it like whenever he was scheduled to go to New Zealand showed up and then Peter Jackson had that problem where he had like an ulcer or something so they post phone if I the month so it showed up a month I really would like to see on for months but actually started production in the entire time I told him he just somebody get the message that the gay rights parade we has a shirt on that says I'm Magneto and Gandalf deal with it then Photoshop why did London events October 28th to 30th on today if you and I are not going to be there now we're not going to be in I'm had an if you wanted me to go with you are you going to want to fuck you so excited 644 some stuff I need to rearrange and see who's going to win because they change the date died today I would think it wasn't too bad I didn't think I mean it's not great I mean for $500,000 for principal graffiti building and I love it it's a really good to cuddle in the movie and it's like 5 years in the future crashed in Mexico and they had to quarantine the country off because there's is weird monsters and hidden had a little different if they were they were embarrassed but and then he's like he's a journalist and this dude was in there and yes delete escort this girl out of the country we have to escape into Mexico Jack and the Giants relation to something so you can make the argument that all these moves only because you're feeling overly the field Mama Cloverfield Cloverfield Pagliacci movie everyone very cheaply and then they just put a ton of visual effects to do it did they marketed that movie so well the trailer they came out with no name and just kind of showed up it was it was attached to stomach Superman Transformer Transformer trailer like the head of the Statue of Liberty rolling on the street no title anything that comes out not like the people that like it didn't have that was something like that we love you why are Donnie Darko Donnie Darko Donnie Darko and I was like what the fuck I got to watch them like every loves this people are excited about that one trailer was like that for me and I felt like you were just completely excited about it cuz they're supposed to be kind of like a marketing on a massive scale that makes sense project is totally different than everybody and also FYI Futurama had just had record ratings for Comedy Central Comedy Central I just started watching Netflix Freebirds Jack Jack preps you for Freebirds what Michael was telling me to order a had to order the food that I was going to Freebirds in their Jack told you but I don't know he said look for the fattest guy on the line and the person that you order your food from going down the line and put it on there for you or whatever the tortilla next to me everything is like a plan to get more food because I didn't finish it good for you honey percent is 4/2 entire burrito 7550 on the scale of the rage quit video has done so far which is your favorite Verizon officially doesn't matter I don't know I don't watch it I don't know I don't know what's your least favorite game of all time vampire ratings of there like he's pretty fucking terrible UFO Xbox 360 of fantasy 2 for Nintendo I hate it don't sucks by the way General I think we all are Bender is Michael what is your favorite video game of all time I don't know if there's a lot of Fallout 3 New Vegas at 3:40 you'll likely be a little disappointed with New Vegas Mass Effect 2 is really good but really I don't like that system and I was like I'm not getting Mass Effect 2 came out it was like one of the first because I didn't like the first one and I never play like an asshole because I never got around to him but I'm not going to do it and then commercials aluminum plant in there for like an hour doing it really struck me as I read it all original download DLC DLC is like an hour or two so like I hate replaying the game like months later and like remembering how to play the game everything done in an hour or so I waited DLC to play more I just did that with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood DaVinci disappearance DLC and tackle and then get back into it now I'm done so I'm heading out and I didn't what you recommend I play one first and then going to I mean you probably should just go see him I think it would help but I couldn't get through if you don't like just to get to the next one I wouldn't do that week actually showed everything that happened in about five minutes, Mass Effect for the PS3 owners who are getting I didn't get one they released a couple of motion Comics that summarize and recap the first game for at school I showed Michael Sam well last night Gus Michael I don't do a lot turning people into sheep I was just showing me something people think something I don't know what I was doing but it's something I was doing something Jack try to meet with you 12 and then turn around and turn duck I knew it I said I want to a terrible documentary on Hulu last night about World of Warcraft am a gamer culture and I actually recognized someone from our website being interview to tell Riley that documentary what's the name of the documentary I think it was called Gamers I'll have to look it up and send you all of them interview if I can find it I thought we got no but there's a different video where some kid came up to us at PAX East and said hey I'm doing school and I'm in high school and doing a class project for about pi and I want you to explain to the camera is and how many digits you can say it will be really hard for me so I'll just start talking to the guy dude that's a funny video is terrible Jawa videos funny videos the cost of what it looks like adult version of a Jawa from Star Wars and it was perfect timing probably looking for more control dominicos homie like forever the 850 members now I'm trying to do with the guild died so I'm trying to say you can be the person that gets rejected from Jack Frost tell her we're doing in GameStop now we got like 5 or 6 the cata buses week had a raid bosses is pretty awesome so next week you must constantly Laden next week everyday stuff on our website celebrating our anniversary all kinds of fun stuff this weekend make sure you stop by Megacon and say hello to Geoff and Griffon early William Shatner will be there as well and I saw a flyer that you can get a photo taken with them and share a beverage like a soda maybe and then enter private room and get like 10 minutes of face time with dr. Shatner for only $495 left over after you spend it all at the field William Shatner has the best quit during career in the history of television quite possible there's a couple that I could say that like I don't see why if you put in Michael Landes had a really good long from here and yeah if he had like Touch by an Angel was like a massive thing for him after he did Little House on the Prairie Michael Landon Michael Landon is Harry Shearer done outside of The Simpsons dog rescue 9-1-1 Rescue 911 10 the cartoon shows on television crazy press at combine I will sell you any of her merchandise at cost