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Recorded: 2011-03-31 01:30:55

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Matt Hullum




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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to the audio only portion of a drunk tank video podcast to get the full experience watch video podcast music roosterteeth.com slash podcast of the girl in the Rebecca Black video 23 seconds in the car with you switch to sit in the front seat kick it in the backseat this like the Eternal wedding Play-Doh contemplated that at one point I am what I have and I have my five-year-old listen to it almost non-stop but isn't it almost indistinguishable from the Disney Channel father son Rebecca Black music video That's about $1,900 more than anything full end if it just had the melodic whatever an head over whether or not was parody just based on the was talking about Dishonored word adorable Awesome possum she became an animated gif Golf Course end search video where she answered questions about her appearance in the video better than anyone I've ever seen handle any what you just tried a couple different things and then try to move your arms and so I did that and I guess it looks stupid and people that was funny but you know do you know an illegal we are genuinely having fun that's what comes across because otherwise it just is kind of like I don't know it's too much going on to actually seem like that's great I think with the internet they use the Lord of the Rings in your life I'm not into that was terrible but now you have this and that the whole movie Rock Springs in the animated gif was originally going to tell his story but the technology wasn't up at the time column is actually I'm Burnie Burns on Gus sorola make a Rebecca backup plan 02 Matt on Matt hullum and I'm actually the secret author of Saturday night and thank God for that thank God for that I got today after they were recording this is the day that we put out the Red vs. blue season 9 trailer for the public over the weekend and then we had that Angry Birds video that hit this weekend trailer the street with no parody intended they never know these days there's a lot of you there must be part of it where at what point does something have to reach a level of success where we no longer feel like 3 weeks ago or two weeks ago or a million views is people taking screenshots of it I remember when well clearly was by the way 1 million Grendel Eagle amazing part is they actually show you the percentage of Life dislikes the Red Bar versus the green bar you can barely see the green bar there's like a hundred and thirty thousand light-years is a million dislikes 130000 YouTube most most most the browse section on YouTube and you view historically the most viewed video of getting in there like 20 million views early on in YouTube formula 90 million because I don't know Imma Try to find the highest rated videos look for the highest rated YouTube it's amazing that we can have like a tsunami and nuclear meltdown but Charlie Sheen is still in the news was an amazing amazing Little India and going back and I don't expect Rebecca Black video like it doesn't matter like what the new story is now you know like the couple years ago 250,000 would be like the biggest news story of all time I'm very self-conscious on this video podcast people said I had two creepy of a smile looking at every one last time so I'm trying to be neutral or Friday so I'm going to do this I could not let you hear from Angry Birds bug I didn't was because of the Angry Birds that we had a little bit with one of the scenes I was in the shop before Pax and I was already like I need to cut my hair but I didn't get to shoot my other stuff until after Pax so it isn't really gotten terrible thing I've gotten a haircut in about seven months and I would like the day after my pickup got to cut it you're here and then you haven't got a cut finger like that I just like things like black Scout now that we brought it up tank Slaughter black for being so hate it when people use and nobody wants to see this I don't know World on the internet came to her rescue and was defending her honor and made this diatribe directly into the webcam talking the porch and how he was in a technologically defeat them to report them to the Cyber police everyone Aaron Sanders think the daycare I don't know cuz I remember when I was in high school and all the fuss is over most about myself when I was an expectation of privacy with the internet and Facebook and tell people where you are what you're doing the people don't have as much privacy spying on people at this website I heard about several months ago that we keep want to pick up in the podcast for some reason I always forget was a joke or if it was real but these couple of guys in San Francisco made a website called where the ladies. And all it does is it activates like Foursquare to find the horse word on Facebook find the highest concentration of single female chicken near you so you know what I did with them how many women are checked into everything and nothing just works and smaller in San Fran with an app where you can take a picture of someone and they're available in a relationship curtains for 3 windows the Lord use you today but you know he's going to be there early that's all I'm saying Burnie found that a couple months ago and I downloaded in some was asking about it was either Marshall carrier Chris and they were using it and they're getting frustrated because he wasn't translating the numbers to Spanish they had it over just like numerical values 1 2 3 and 4 translate into Spanish you could change language numbers numbers numbers in English numbers work on Kinect for Microsoft he left Microsoft to go to go works for Google really YouTube videos Kinect launch Team so that we can show animated Adventure I got to see the world in a way I've never seen it before was sober because I was responsible I don't know if you're into town have to go to the store and come back and there's like 20 minutes as though she was in the bathroom I have to backtrack to the left somewhere around the 200 back I find Griffin kind of like floating behind them like not able to keep up just to get away from her my car to the hotel and she jumping in the media end so I thought we get to the hotel is really wobbly the porch crying in the bathroom make you want to like get involved in something that you shouldn't have awesome animated actually animated Adventure not been put on the internet before I know I've said in the past was like that but it's like I can't even get involved on the podcast what you said at least you understand what you had you had a moment of weakness I was running I was Joel beyond the podcast I'm listening to the meat Ricky for parent now Montgomery AL I need more money I didn't know what you're telling people watching a podcast need to listen your financial advice and just look it up on it right now I'm 10% back to you rate this pathetic losers in the stock market on Joel ever wanted your own personal private Caboose just wait to the day the stock market crashes can't stand outside her second-floor Windows like on the end of America end of America 100 Final Fantasy 44 rocky rocky end of America documentaries was ever a John ralphio make a making America Empire is over film and I just got a billion of us no longer is reserved currency II Zombies do you think that rappers like Jessi for example lost a lot of money when they converted all their bling from dollars to euros and then the Euro crash European Australian dollars or Canadian dollars or Point Chinese she actually was like the highest performing currency last year America board and then I'll the Middle East is revolting traditionally put your money in season father Lee I'm heavily leveraged into magic beans right now are you really The Manhattans over all this okay that should be in animated story playing bed bugs bed bug story to me why would I buy gold like I get it I get that in medieval times people had gold and they bought gold actual physical gold coins crazy people talk about how paper money has no value right that is just only want the gold standard that's correct tell me why is gold valuable you tell me the answer your question is as the dollar has been going lower lower lower gold has been going higher and higher and higher Sanders YouTube value because because as we talked about this bug as it's not raining it 1300 end it like a year ago it was like it was like 900 of course you don't because it's a piece of paper and it just signed by you to him when you buy gold on the stock market on top of that switch it does not have interview the question why why why will the free market head so that's why that's the answer but the pre-market over to look at the flea market you're saying no the free market is telling you to not Lee file if they're not going to do it that's how it is I mean I could go down there Lee not going to like it if I could be like the cool down the Jordan logo telling you what other was historically in the early to mid eighties didn't go like at 8 or $900 an ounce and then fucking correct back down to absolutely do the dollar right now it hasn't gone away I'm just looking for a nice female you're talking about the animated adventures I remembered something that brought up in a podcast one he said that one night you flipping through the channels for something East the Ricky Gervais show on HBO that is essentially 30 minutes of drunk tank Animated Adventures full Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant end more important role Pilkington Karl Pilkington and I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard at something as seen on TV is I have been a while watching that show Karl Pilkington talking about his movie Pitch idea was when he sat down with a couple of movies and just started throwing movie is one of the funniest things I think I've ever seen talking about how we wanted Klyde Warren is movie closer interview animated Adventure was talking about someone else animated was going to say we were putting out the Angry Birds trailer this weekend and we do YouTube Angry Birds trailer Angry Birds trailer what's a great name for Angry Birds trailer the brain and get it all set up you put it in there and I look at the entry and fight or flight is what he was like I like you don't understand how those two things sound alike fight or flight a flight at 5 a.m. they would it was 5 a.m. it was 5 a.m. 23 years in your life that I don't remember that I've never heard before College geology of rocks and that was it but I have no idea what is the mechanism by which store runs away exactly not like I drink your blood and I can't ever heard the phrase was in the twenties like another phrase that was so common a couple weeks ago hey you taking me people who are younger head word on the internet over Facebook Stream So this week I should mention that our tickets are going on sale Friday which is also an All-Star eight year anniversary I'm still pissed right now I can't even hear people but the RvB 9 trailer online we work with and she will remain nameless on a regular basis Gmail 9 trailer is coming up joke the dumbest thing that we ever did as a company to start a company an April first is every time you make any announcement end I think it the joke what do we do, what are we do you dissolve the company and start over we just tell her parody unless they really liked it and then a parody everyone thinks that April 1st is for jokes but we're making it worse by not putting out joke and being a leader we can be like oh we're going to have another big event on April 1st and we're only charging $300 a ticket and then we don't have to talk show black word doing tickets to a fake event now that we're selling the tickets on April 1st I did not think about that right now that's okay because we have tickets available and if we can really hang out Google announced Gmail on April 1st and everyone thought it was a joke because everyone an email the deal with the toilet with your gold in your toilet Taco Bell what is Google storage up to now Gmail was on the counter so you can see the Gmail homepage is a number that where are the clothes done because after our civilization dies an alien scum like the only record of our civilization's we like in boxes like Gmail was just like whatever because of increasing we are just way too backup of my email I don't remember how much I like you probably already I'm trying to see the story here where guy killed his Gmail account in 24 hours and it's was April 17th 2006 I was bored so I decided to fill my 2.7 gigabytes of storage in my Gmail account you can get it + 27500 5.774 everybody knows I don't like we talked about that earlier I hate when I find out that I accidentally logged into my Gmail account when I'm searching on Google was I just have I don't have any illusion that that's not my username on my was searching for last night drunk is you want you can be honest with me how was the lighting on me in this photo was it good before I switch Google over here going to cut real fast to our new drunk tank animated adventure and come back we'll have our checks details so it's like I said she was in the bathroom and just started throwing up everywhere go to the bathroom and she's on the ground face-first on the ground and there's vomit everywhere in her hair it's on the floor what are the noxious Lee red drinks made me laugh it was red. I cleaned up bright red oyster fight her to get her out of her clothes and getting in the shower just laying on the floor what the fuck I'm so I'm like okay so she's in the shower and then eventually she just comes into the bed laughing her ass off the first time ever that Adventure was posted on Facebook story first ever an event May 27th 2 29th and tickets go on sale this Friday was our first annual 1st Annual and first ever the grand thing that we also should I send for you I don't know about getting remarried once-a-year thing but like in general we are really bad about celebrating champagne right now it's only closed on the building this building it's one week old newspaper call really celebrating please buy tickets to our celebratory is acting weird all the way from Kansas City to Champaign put up a backsplash right 100 question all the details but it over now luckily we have a mixer dinner slash drinking Friday night to look like head we're going to have a screening for the draft an arcade I will not go the ark pinballz for a scene in Big Lebowski they didn't get to shoot panel sounds like something the long way game playing on the big screen meat screening to be announced we're going to have to of the student Angry Birds movie Studio Tour party and we're also going to let everyone take part in the Ricky production on Sunday Griffin to do for the kind of barbecue to her thing at our office that day I try to catch her in the parking lot to set up a real life Angry Birds that like emerging kind of for we can launch like bands like 100 leaving currency bowling balls on a caterpillar that's pretty awesome actually because we noticed that we know stuff comes over our side of the fence from our neighbors so maybe we should send something back and gave me this Sabino Angry Birds at the Archie Griffin quickly figured out there's so much stuff going on if you just say something no one else has time to check up and see if you're busy drunk every time stuff brakes is there another step in the company breaks text Lee I don't want to trip we were on the trip recently and like I noticed every 2 hours I have to go to my laptop you want talking about RvB season 9 yeah yeah okay so we have the trailer and it is the one that we showed at Pax and modifications probably go out and find on YouTube Somebody panel is available Waypoint head - the trailer trailer the whole thing I need to be sure we keep getting is are the guys from blood eagle the normal band and they are in is machinima shots in there so I pretty much say what I said it the battery or the Pax panel witches we've never had a presentation quite like this but it can be a mixture of in-game and CGI but not the same kind of make sure that we did last Santa Ana lot of time trying to figure out how to make this Matt the in-game stuff has went from shop to shop and then back to Reno in game after we should is he shot a lot of our time but there was a time when we can spend our time better now we're just going to spend that time making it looks super cool because we don't have quite the same burden that we had last season of like that the Matt shot two shot so precisely and so we can just do it we can do a couple extra things that you Cinema was that we know make the shots look really cool so we're excited about that so you better be really sad about it it's going to run this summer RvB season I don't end up looking at releasing it at the end of May in the first few episodes episodes at RTX in Austin in between bouts of not being able to celebrate properly the black to watch Red vs Blue stuff with an audience can really get to do that how many most of the fake of $30 tickets tickets anniversary year of Rooster Teeth maybe we should talk a little bit about the beginning of the company started we make up the film half of the company is actually two factors that came together the movie guys that came together and then the tech guys that came together and I kind of birds like between the two of them the other day about how we need to move your college Joel that's how I met you I wanted to make a movie I was a computer science student and I put up a flyer on the kiosk it's okay I'm a student I want to learn to make a move how to make movies but I don't attend the classes is there anything to help make a movie I didn't read very well still like 6 months into making the movie I was like dude when are you going to teach me computer program that's why I called you in the first place so that was Joel and I were roommates Burnie 9 works for people with him and some other thing end in Burnie 9 works at the student to be stationed together and then we also love story New York in Red vs. blue is back for the season and he was the other and he was Joel counterpart in the schedule the movie that was your brother for all these years over four decades the last was crazy about those times and how different The World Is Now versus back then is that we need the movie theater that's what it is about 3 months old because we were working day jobs at night and weekends for the camera it's like money they're just like you would get with gold daily is it Del Mar through process to come back the next morning but we didn't have the money to do it going to feel like that way too we had a bunch of them so we can get a discount on all that once and it wasn't even was for all the laughs on credit card then we built a nonlinear end you do when your first making a movie that you think you're going to make people talk about it like we movie about people over computer 90 of the time yeah remember the time it was like it was the shit computer it was amazing for a was an early complaint from the manufacturer who made those hard drive Hardware Hut micropolis who work at micropolis at a trade show and we like so we had to drive there are you guys are going to be cool never be mark my words the Matt after that it just falls apart you know the is the maximum amount of like in terms of minutes how much footage could you 5 seconds is 5 minutes to the movie was it was even like full broadcast quality show that showed it and how many people is my mom 5200 every time we showed it spent a year of our lives trying to get the thing in the festival's writing everywhere got some of the nicest rejections from America and England total of 200 people each that show that those three different festivals okay so now we're up to 800 people that movie can you put out of video and 800 people watched it I mean we would we would think we had a really wrong with it because drunk gaming equipment parody Matt bug we went online and it was like a postage stamp-sized movie was there no YouTube of the time and then you thought I was working and there was a guy there who never did his job and I always come back to work internet and I start talking about something I gotta just like my brain just going to melt it and I was like what are you looking at you know Gus how do you know Gus is like we talking about like you're looking right now is your name Gus on your computer switch Burnie people going to see it all the way across the country and just now a matter of hours before that show me what was tell me about the story about running out of minutes and I don't remember all the details I remember thinking it was probably right Gus was probably right but most was Del over there like Hollywood and Highland word that Del Taco it was like like 1001 or are leaving at The Rim there's a 2014 awesome one point of time but I remember it was before that and that was the same meat 3D Halo Halo we'd never heard of him or anything about it we were playing Halo in the booth and some of the very first press was about Halo was playing but that's why somebody would want to do Matt micropolis that stuff in a bottle with an apple switch long-running people another reason to come back The Story of Us July 2002 trailer for RvB went online and got fired everybody that was working for free essentially true free games America Hardware gaming chair reviews for them as well we never got anything to review it we found out yeah it's pretty crazy how was not really long time the for having personal different kind of meltdown that happened and then magazine computer gaming World switch on that appears on the magazine computer work we learned along the way to that we always going to be a big deal we made red vs blue has a trailer so that when people tell the switch at on that this day would come and see something new so that was the Catalyst for making it but at the end of the day nobody showed up because of that but we made it we made the show because that this was to be a cover of a magazine cover of a magazine was the most important thing in the world probably the best example of that was MTV News was going to do about it the demographic show premiere on MTV at the time the Jersey Shore and everything literally had no appreciable effect on traffic at all but a link on a blog or at least I like taco for Penny Arcade or story on flashlight is putting a disk in your computer or watching TV I'm going to go to that switch between being like anything like a magazine or whatever point being a TV versus someone covering you on the internet it's so much more valuable even more powerful and underappreciated powerful marketing tank was like having that link and if you really no problem so it's harder to make the same money for the same type of audience to make money on the internet Revenue in a fight or flight mode but I was over that people's attitude towards the performance of Internet advertising that that didn't then bleed into other forms of advertising okay now we have a way to measure the stuff doesn't actually work or not and it didn't affect television advertising for print was really weird the whole thing for every budget consumption over the last century the nearest let you know chicken of the egg I don't need help meat consumption show for KFC open America student typically eat a lot of chicken that's understating it completely is 15 pounds per year of chicken America and then this is as opposed to pounds of beef chicken lens for the first Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise opening 20 pounds Kmart in World War 1 the highest anybody ate was at 8 about 50 pounds of beef the years and that was it 10 pounds of chicken I'm going to make myself hungry KFC how many right currency and it was like was like 250 million Colonel Sanders the guy in the commercials and on the packaging is that the real guy Sergeant Sanders