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Recorded: 2011-04-06 22:26:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey, Chris Roberson




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Transcript (in progress):

RT 1 tank RT 1 tank the drunk tank baby have no idea with gas but the other big crowd watching The Voice I don't want to set the computer to do the work for them somebody started using one day and then suddenly everybody else was using it it's cool that's awesome thanks he was the one that the number Geoff and Griffon or not you're the video podcast last week so welcome back price value I could see why that would be confusing so we're back to audio format this week hopefully we'll do a video again sometime hopefully we can with monthly thing that's all that's all we have high aspirations once a month one of those nights where we played left for dead I would like to do something like that again working on it right now on the phone call someone back today that I've been dodging for two days it's like I can't cuz I did is true if there's the muscles it's talking on the phone or interacting with people and anyway I don't know if my weak point the more we hurt their feelings I would like to the arcade Hilton goes up north and we just too big for them because their capacity 1690 next time you need to cancel something like that you should have Matt do it take it like a problem with a ticketing system and that we were just beyond their capacity but then we really want to do something with them in the future for the 335 or something like that we have to put which were not selling the product anymore it's a limitation of the Yahoo store checks inventory yeah but it all makes sense now animals potatoes and cheese is one of the owners of the company I feel compelled to talk to Griffon about her Beefcake photo II start is a hostile work environment because I got them back into the studio you have animals on your left and then details models on your right it's like the female version of a mechanic hot girl calendar of dudes without shirts on holding kittens it's going to be great it's called hot dudes just what it says it is II Beefcake small animal might just come straight to the office because I don't want to wait mailbox near Military would have judgement over her here at the office has given up all hope of judging us in any way after all the things that deliver here weird-ass things we do really really do get some weird stuff done I swear I was getting like 2 or 3 packages a day for some reason we're building out the office and now I'm done two of those three packages Hayward waffle mix we do it we do have a lot of waffle mix yet I have no idea how that happened map of snacks is actually for when we're in crunch of production and grab something quickly what are the things that I bought on Amazon you can subscribe to a product I wanted that is a guy like deodorant and it shows up showing up like twelve packages of waffle mix every week do you remember when we first started doing it then when we first started booking hotels that was like that was what got a hotel if they had free waffles in the morning we were staying in Kirkland that we always stay at that have those that have those waffle day we stayed there until the time that we went to Seattle and how I got lost it was no mix in the hotel II guys people the room of the wars Clayton with the Pax East Burnie and I think that we were in his room was on top of mine not good to move rooms Burnie what exactly about five floors up I think the hotel has two towers I'll insist on being in the other tower under construction that's fine totally fine I just left 4 dead guys were talking about fighting over who gets to make a phone call to the contract we have to take care of them Mike app II think I can take care of the gas bill like that someone that I would like to go hey I have to go and turn back on I know you can do it really internet I paid the mortgage and everything be holding a kitten and a wrench the giant Ranch then I'm sorry I don't know I never something that I never have like a supermodel walk up and take care of it from here to u.s. postal man not not the cable installer now I'm hoping for a looker the my house today to install my Time Warner Roadrunner extreme yacht dream which I have at the house was now they will give me 20 megabits down and it hasn't speed test how do you test your speed of your test. How much do you pay for an extra dollars on top of the $10 a month paper boat Geoff of all I wouldn't even know I was already Turbo up one level you've requested a second level if it doesn't please make it I'm sure they the time we can take it to exchange my manager won't allow it test of argument I don't want to do let me do it on wireless you should make sure that when you be there when you do the test that it's not a local Time Warner Roadrunner facility I'm just another fight results Paris by the I'm looking at it might be a better time what should be embarrassed what it was so I looked at the man and of about 5.6 down here almost 6 down and in about one up you up you up as soon as the party is over we're going to go get Turbo the modem Time Warner I'm glad you help me cuz I'm not really computer guy you like why say that kind of thing you forget the computer guy every table that's all I've ever had he said that to me it's like everyday you repeatedly and you don't have to figure out how the fuck it works the cable guys have any washers for some reason she just didn't understand what the washer but I feel like that's like something that everyone should know at this point how did you explain it explain it I don't know people get stuck in an upside-down scratch up your surface and like there's a couple of reasons why you would get you Gus with no good intentions at all you're talking about disappeared in a puff of smoke now hey speed you want and pick up group for Heroic we're running and we're trying to quickly clear all of the all of the enemies I told you it was never mine what story short I pulled trash into a boss encounter and I was so embarrassed I quit he said he had to put his hand over that with you how much time was invested in the right up until the point when you ruined everyone's night we were only like 15 minutes I just picked up and then continue without me but I was just mortified I cannot continue with that guy that you spent the last five years complain I know I know I feel embarrassed I like it like that winter that usually stick to and you probably spend more time in a while then you do in the real world Jedi Paris on your characters back yeah it was a good day are you still at that level that much probably 2 hours a night baby really never know even when were in life death rattle like a long day at like 10 hours in the booth he has to go back and what is daily heroic story can eat dinner good I guess I don't understand something I've been out of gay mean and trying to get back in its on and I try to get back into first playing the Mass Effect 2 DLC but I'm a little pissed off about that and I really like man I really like BioWare but I forgot that when I played Mass Effect 2 I forgot that my kid and watch me play the ending of the original Mass Effect if he was super excited about Mass Effect 2 coming out so when it came out we use the code for the cerebral Network right for him so we can download download all the extra costumes and outfits and all that stuff so what ended up happening there was she has the reverse Network on his profile home but we play on the same Xbox at home so that's okay for DRM but now I can't play anywhere else I can't work I can't play on my other Xbox which I have at home which is what I normally play on because you got to be like 15 bucks to get the big bucks to get that the reason being is I games you can play on this one because it's got this content you need to download this content to get it but then when I go into Xbox Live is not available for me to download because I didn't tell her he did oh I see yeah on his account frustrating for people who have multiple gamers in one household recycle boxes yet Xbox home in shortly but you don't drive to the office when they have an Xbox on your desk there now but I want everything to cater to exactly how I wanted to exact of is our specifications crazy do it hit me talking about when he mix Achievement Hunter video that keeps popping up on his video recorded for ever and I wish I could turn off all notifications except for achievement on the video and then the only thing 4 Wild Iris Court Hermitage it was a couple revision the function of the busy setting week it's been there forever so that probably has been there we didn't know that's what I did and after you found out about it he still didn't use it because it doesn't stay every time he loves you he has in his head the Xbox one right right and he doesn't want to do things off the man also that it would reset after every time you power cycle your box or send out alive you want to make sure that that's not console the flag don't forget your not getting any invites Xbox turn on when I walk in the room and then I'm never going to put the game in and it didn't work and stop unplug it and plug it back in and started working is this a Xbox slim no it's Emily I have a complaint about the new Xbox is a complaint great go for it my dog because the touch-sensitive buttons my dog and my cat open up my CD tray about 40 times a day the touch buttons a lot there's something about the placement of an eject button I've never hit a button actually more than I hit that button on anything in my life I'm constantly getting out of bed do we know if I know what did you mean II thought and then we have in a closet somewhere no we never had any reader have never had an e-reader Paris attack waffle you said you like to buy one let me know in a few weeks I'm going to see if we have a Kindle suddenly little like your conversation correct holding the Thunderbolt laptop coverage mobile games and iPad game the reason was because he couldn't get the app store on his back to work for about 5 minutes and then there was a different Angry Birds on the App Store because that's what I'm coming right now but not available iPad 2 cover of mobile games which is a great idea by the way I don't want me to man making fun of you for not being able to use technology to track from my thing is I don't think of your creativity and all related might add I'm waiting for a solution to capture from the iPad it has there's a cord plug-in output HDMI to a television or monitor but it doesn't work with our door are what kind of solution looking for another workaround to get the iPad to capture where's that head right now it's on the desk for about 20 or 30 minutes try to get his capture and then when it didn't work as much as you have the day that we got the eye that we work with that thing there's a problem actually I shouldn't make fun because if there's one company in the entire world or the day you make the purchase they make an announcement or change that invalidate your first people we went so far as to pull out the old like intensity breakout boxes weeds II have from season 5 and try to get that to work even though it was successfully internet camcorder hot people II didn't really kill great waiter that's exactly what happened we have a II video Drunk tank podcast because that's how Gus kill his new computer was hey I'm thinking about buying a new computer to process and render the drunk tank video podcast ago you think about the room and you were interjecting in the middle that conversation and it's something that was very positive the computer doing okay yeah I guess he's got his finger on the return button on his laptop always asking you and then you just don't look like my iPad to the company's iPad 2 is under a baseball cap right now but I actually use their computer calculations and rendering and so they realize somebody else in the company had a better computer than mac so they were going to swap it out one day after that person left work is that person me or Gus that person that actually already happened I helped with this did it really yes computers were swapped and no one has noticed really yes whose computer was still hot I'm going to keep it Anonymous Chris and Marshal each other yeah I know when I'll know if my computer is locked out because every time I turn my computer on it tells me that my Ram is installed properly if I don't see that medication I'm going to fuck off is inter Department conspiracy interdepartmental between offices between floors and they were going to take somebody else's computer because it was determined that they didn't need it which if you do that everyone is fired literally everyone of the company that Mom is fired because I will not want to deal with the Fallout from something like that dude I don't even know if it was me I will kill something your computer in the with that you remember everyone cock suckers are you around I'm thinking if I'm rendering out of it was about to go to lunch together and we'll have a few beers we should mention that we have an interview with the Chris Roberson who writes prank interview yes we do we have to do something so what you guys check this out and will be back in a minute alright Comics whatsoever I would say I have extensive knowledge in comics on the ages of 6:32 or so the cardboard boxes that I wasn't really absolutely they're constantly Mike continent did early Magneto's name with Magneto I said that because you said it up with you a little bit of my knowledge of come Chris Roberson Chris twelve Chris I saw a dog might with Chris and Alison and you and Matt like a hundred years ago Chris is a stye comic speech Publix, cannot just over 20 months ago just over 20 months ago what year was traded by mr. Mike Allred and the big thing is the other talk a little bit inside the what is it but hopefully very soon and now Chris is the writer for Superman and you're replacing J Michael straczynski on his run Superman go from publishing your first comic and in 20 months later replacing arguably one of the biggest names in comics Chevy been trying for the past 10 years ago and every year really and what not no really if you can type fast but I still I took a secretarial typing class and I can give an idea like what your formula metrics drunk yet have to know what that is typed 15014 thousand magiswords and what was it like an average novel for you but II the 2100 how many pages Superman 30 pages how many pages a day would you write on a 120 normal 3 days writing really the first couple days is like make a note to look at stuff but the actual writing is used by three days and he said he can write about a page and a what you say painfully slow get that phone call the writing Superman it was weird I had given up on doing any work console war what is a kid McAfee Tony Stark what in Hell Baby reduce II and I got an email in September asking if I wanted to pitch one or two issue story ideas Superman and I said yes gay storyline so I guess there's a bit of a very rough guys that made with leftover II follow or Superman grounded for is right where he's walking across country crazy and so it comes out a few weeks Superman Batman reminiscing about the first time Salt Lake City Superman TV Batman II me up when they're teenagers and Kill Bill about obviously Superman and Batman so is that something like that the used to be late sixties to the mid-eighties that was his job he was in editorial but now the nearest Edwards going to keep track of the flash yesterday and I forgot and it was one page of a Flash comic last year and drink coffee so I haven't ordering coffee and cry counteract the negative coffee effects here we are Wars Star Wars holocron recharge the cannon Superman 4 years at every dinner party video two years ago I think when we went out the guys that are reversible character Vic is based on it so I got to go out to dinner Gilligan's Burnie comic party at Comic-Con from the place because I was too nervous the drunk overtime people upset about Comic Con of being this big thing that video games and movies you said oh no there's nothing about it absolutely you have a very like is ready at 8:35 I'm coming up on 40 years something like that what is the classic miniseries or Arc in in a major series that really resonates with you to this day Kingdom Come Kingdom Come is that the DC graphic novel trailer 1940 11 years ago you were telling me this all of them new Teen Titans Judas contract I was twelve so what do I know but I really gotta and then what kind of in the middle of movie come Geoff everything from the Captain America first avenger The Wharf Android fantastic is it I feel like before meeting to go over it was just kind of ok affection for it is there an artist but you wouldn't Mike Allred yeah which is weird fresh body any time frame in which the brain New Paris her head with five issues with a couple days and then video kill it so we just wrapped the first twelve comes out in a couple weeks yeah I mean Terrier the levels for affections are a sexy Monster Hunter and sexy news coming from outside of time to eat it all and Secret show Mike that's what I'm doing that I can probably do Disney's three and prescription 2 weeks then I end up in progress what are your current project I know you're working on Superman iZombie and you're also working on starborn are there any other projects you have worked in the past future on Midway that's all of them up in July what are you talking about Superman and I don't have a lot of Internet additional campaigns for a great deal of Mass Effect Superman comic books iZombie and you can take his character is different it was kind of a level for you did and that was it whatever the game equivalent of an extra Chris wasting too much of my time that I could have been doing writing and I spent way way too the air escaping until right before I had to swear off first person shooters spent a lot of time that I think maybe Jedi Knight II the title in a franchise where you can buy Stormtrooper conversation we know that alternative paths between the prequels and the legion the kill Chewbacca your character who's not really part of Cannon come back of the neck by accident sh murder okay okay I'm sure the whole guys look is approved it like a pro might want to rethink things people the origin story it's ridiculous everyone really they did a really good job of that in the terrible New Hope movie where they told his origin in the opening part of sub-Saharan Africa II might find some bud you know in basically first and second I guess if we all know you can just tell a story giveaway the Twisted in front of me like we got come extra DVD with a short on it and I've watched Megamind 25 what happens next alternate and alternative Super Heroes super hero superhero Marina man of the man Superman in the 7677 where to start with two giants like that like that Superman Batman and in Rolling Tank Girl In other movies or later than that probably AIG scandal problems whenever I think the best way news cancellations Batman Wars from yelling at Mike Dexter Williams Brian Regan movie courage Under Fire Christian Bale said that for The Machinist be a basic apple and a cup of coffee today thank God it wasn't Flash apple pie Wars baby girl you're local yes start the worst business model of all time okay we're back always insightful Chris Roberson interview I think it might be our first week we had a guest on the show we had dmzilla on the show from Xbox live right and we had other people can sit in before you should be very careful about the words that you said had danced in and we actually had a request this week again for someone else to just sit in on the podcast right and there's no reason why we can't do that test come in and I mean not get on the podcast but just want to come sit here and watch us make the podcast we should have an appropriate stuff a lot of stuff exactly the issues that we have here is that the drunk tank and some of the things we do is hang out people don't realize that we actually have security measures and I don't think they understand that when they show up which is one of the main reasons why for RT X Tour is a component of that event because it's a very controlled way for us to give to her and we know we can have it at the office on this weekend and we can't control what's in the company at that point I will have security to bust their ass 381 people like drive here from Kansas and I don't understand why they just can't come in and hang out for 6 hours for a couple days even or whatever yeah it's really it's really we can just hang out in people the time that it takes out of the day just to get work done taking it like taking a break a choke somebody around with the person who walks around is missing like half hour the other day for general public as well put that out there anywhere like you can't usually just walk in and and hang out for too long that usually hot I mean any company usually has like a sitting area that sort of open II why did my doctor go from room to room with him and I what song racing we have another higher here at the company yeah we do when he begins working for it on Friday or really when I know when did she get a desk and she will be disappointed because you're not internet yeah we can wait I figured you know if she's going to come over for her first day Friday would probably the best we have and we're getting our receptionist and she said the name of the company for some reason it's gonna be like bring hello Richard this is I can help you change the phone system so that it rings to anybody the best kind what would we set it up this way to work so if you want to come in here pretending like it's going to be inconvenient for people calling a kind of the point I want him we were when we were getting ready for the Doom immersion I called it software of and Dallas her up in the speech because I wanted to see if Griffon taking all the time to make all those probably have lots of these things and might be willing to contribute them to the production so I call Dad to see if I can talk to somebody about that there was definitely up for the job but in the end if you're calling because you have some kind of incredible overnight investment for us thank you we're not interested in your calling again about the overnight if you know investment thank you we're not a couple of magazine articles written about you're making millions of dollars and become a target for these guys in New York and New Jersey overnight overseas invest and those Yankees is that all those calls coming from trust me that's where all those calls come from anyone that we can't really don't want to talk either of you look at anything in Texas it's name Lonestar this or Texas that like we are pretty self-obsessed II down here I don't think we are competing for the same can you Retreat a with happen God forbid in New York the New Yorkers would have built a ladder to God to make him explain how he can do that to the center of the man who did 911 change didn't change all that much Patrick Retreat America didn't become this crazy at The Logical you know where all this and we have all these laws associated with environment and Bill and codes and all that that did not happen and we went a different direction when something happen to New York which is it is the most populous city in New York it does create a lot of culture as well but it's a little startling when people come outside of New York and I don't understand what everyone isn't just excited about the other places I know if you know if people don't people talk about Chinatown so did you hear that video the other week there was an app on the on one of the Android market Augusta Android phone to multiple Market Selma guys it was an app that you could buy in the legitimate Market called Walking test which would allow Mike activate your camera by your text you see when you run into shit but you could also download it illegally you could pirated from one of these other illegal app stores I got that drive and text by the way what is the pirated version it really wasn't that app called that the pirated app did was it went through your contact and texted everyone saying that you're a pirate and that you stole that app and that you're stupid and cheap the developer make that people get some the day be back traced it they think that it was also the developer of the man who made that as well they had an app that was infected with malware and a lot of problems news about Apple's stringent development policies but you don't see that happening on the iPhone store with just gay cure app lets you look at that it was I heard about it just like it just send you links to like religious tracts on the website there is no like actual gay cure in the app so slow temperature in gay today I don't know I think you're mine I have installed it Scott I wish you were still there so I can cure that I haven't heard but there was a April Fool jokes the newscaster pulled in San Diego or he made up a story saying that there was a new app and new technology for the iPhone that allows you to smell and taste of on your phone let's do it soon if it ever licked the screen did they did they play play along and pretend like it works wow that's really super you know we have the guys upstairs created The Angry Birds trailer the computer these things upstairs who needed to render their Angry Birds trailer that was my fucking computer tank of the number one video in terms of use on our YouTube channel yes it is graduation over four million views reaction from the black conversation anyway one of the things about the Angry Birds show a lot of people know that local news be like 2 or 3 days after it was and it was come up and watch local news to hear them talk about some of the II was based on making app parodies write someone some of them don't understand that you can play games on your phone they're like wait I'm sorry it's a game but it's on your cell phone that you can play a game on your phone play game it sounds like someone talking Mike has several months ago I was watching when the local news Affiliates one Knight and the guys anchor it looks like a man says you can get the news any time on your phone just go to the ATP Store and download it and it has no clue what he's trying to do the best you can is like today internet the world was passing by most of those people about this before but it was watching the NFL playoffs and it was Pat Summerall and John Madden ever talk about the upcoming Super Bowl and John man Super Bowl my dry the airport today everywhere trying to find that stupid ass conversation but that actually happened I heard it on television if you can buy like all Super Bowls on DVD from the NFL.com nfl.com getting ready to gear up for their Super Bowl promotion and I wish I wish I could have had that recorded people posting stuff online or something like that conversation doesn't make its way online eventually the pool that video I think unfortunately people take down on it lost revenue from Twin secret Today Show segment where they would understand the internet what does make him look stupid in a lot of people don't have the perspective of history when they watching in 2011 I mean yes what is the internet it's like looking at a lolcat with the caption what is internet what in the sky how does eat food I can find this thing so we found out last night that apparently gets Dixies BBQ Up in Kirkland closed for Good Man that's really sad that super super and his wife and his daughter passed away in February after that it was really cool because in the middle of it was it was 100%. He wasn't there so unless we found some great videos on internet open in the link and I'll send to you of him of him and movie establishment over the weekend we did in Austin drunk tank Adventure about the man right what cartoon has a really different Link in drunk animated picture LOL I think as well of the man someone take a picture of the pot with the with the hot sauce in it and black and it's pretty scary the new bar that opened up in the vortex which is my favorite theater in town but they have a really great yard but actually I don't on later for the warehouse not like a like Michael Bay explosions the theater but like you don't Beltane ritual Titans Chris management and in like 7 on your and sound like opened up a bar there and it's awesome though that's a trick because guys go to the theater new bar why the lights blinking and I would like a beer and we go and sit down outside at a picnic table at the bar and then your favorite thing in the world happened fire dancing rabbit sitting like a foot from me and was like types in Lake I really didn't think that would be your type at all but on chicks yeah lucky for you kill yelling I didn't know Hot Tuna thrown a couple of minutes you can't bring Geoff through a pagan ritual and have enough the I had the most fun I've ever had my entire life laughing at the test and you totally let them down YouTube Batman you ever been first one with II is religious you take me to take your daughter to religious thing and you got so upset with me talk about how we're going to expose our child II like cutting up those heads and ringing of love you biggest poor the blood on them sexually drinking hot guys what do they wrap themselves in clouds or something witchcraft books I read in high school I don't know I don't know where closed oh well that just makes sense who I was so wishing we goes skyclad but she never did and she was like and I was Gus skyclad nobody wanted that goes troposphere troposphere in the podcast great space and it's in a great location of manner which is becoming pretty like a pretty cool place to hang out now so it's nice that they have it it's like you can actually sit down and go and get a drink and not have to commit to like two hours of theater you're not into the theater who said for the butterfly bar can I put out the lady who's running the butterfly bar is a lady that kicked Griffon out of an interview at her although she had a place called and said he pressed and I applied for a job there once and it was during the recession and she came in and I was interviewed by her with one of her managers and she walked in and then I said something to joke that she did it was funny and she has to leave in the middle Griffon ask of you guys ever have to worry about robberies cuz you know you guys are like right off of Main the repair she goes well we just got robbed by Knight for recently in Griffon said something like I really want to know and then what did you do I left everybody supposed to do it okay I got it you go the car and you were there for a job I think you wanted I know what you're saying I when I job hunt it takes me awhile to get a job typically and I apply it pretty much every single place in town so it's at that point I'm sure I've been rejected a lot of times leading up to it so I can deal with like job-hunting rejection like I have a job Hunter really weird that never happened yeah I got the impression that she was a little out there and then I knew if that bothered her that she would not want to work it man I would so I think it's good to find the things out before you get a job sometime tomorrow probably won't know until we can never get coffee there was a place right by the college where we used to go and get coffee all the time we were dating and Griffon and applied for a job there one time and didn't tired and then years later like three four years later she was talking to the girl and the manager because you just seem to me that everyone here again and so we would have to go across to the other side what in the world does a horned owl like me attitude and personality oh my God guys come on you kidding me are you I have never given a thought when I meet them gay Pisces of you Gus AIG does come in very handy though this is actually practical application of strategy is that whenever the subject of birthdays come in at 8 today is my birthday rent a person that you're in conversation with the group says oh I can make a Capricorn that they know all the astrological signs and dates on which they follow a with a person that's what it's like to talk to that person or marry them or have them give you gay if you can tell me actors actually is that Wednesday June 18th June 18th is Gemini right now cuz you're Knight II for Gemini I just said when they cut off is but yeah Geoff is it keep reminding your gift shopping and I'm just now getting less excited about my birthday it's your birthday are you excited to turn start calling me really knows like all the different numbers the new kind of math that with her big sister in the Army and I took my kids with me and we were crossing from Canada into America and the guys coming a little bit and I was just going back from Texas to New York and catch a plane to go back to Boston but we're actually come back into Toronto to catch a plane back out of there exactly right that's not true 3 miles away from the Border Station had to pull over the side of the highway had the look you shut your mouth drunk Ratt out of the cellar is it from Goodfellas was like look you just shut your mouth and never rat on your friends we had to have the conversation with Millie that when Mommy and Daddy talk in the car that stays in the car we never talked about it we have with our friend exactly but we should learn to when you take Geoff II a bar like more texts you can we are inseparable he put us any of us guys are just in a situation that we don't like we don't just like we don't with now we just live by the way to have fun I went into myself secret of me that I was just I don't I should have got better because I knew that I know that you're here and that you're going to continue to be you and I shouldn't hold it against you cuz I love you but I shouldn't take you to like your checks over there things that you can remember every with me you put yourself in someone else's Great Clips I don't know slander and he was app if it didn't bring his mom is his assistant she was awful that was a cigarette while he liked me but they were asked to do tricks the best part of a decade with the phone call he's great he's 29 but the phone call where we called the Hiram and he goes will it with the crowd be under six or over 600 the probably about 30-35 and goes less than 9 people or more than 920 that will be fun the bubble stuff doesn't Chris 35 year old supposed to people under 5 yeah she's pretty funny but I think he actually anyone that twelve and like that Focus Allred II is going to be great absolutely I will do whatever wherever he is doing well and like yeah whatever I'm looking at the Amazing Race right now and it looks like you're still operating is The Amazing Race that's great you made it to the might be in Orlando Florida good for him but I can go anywhere hot with the lightning bolt on my forehead to go to the show cater to the crowd you got to be in Orlando going to be in Las Vegas have to be new regulations for somebody from New York City listings by catching with great Magic prostitution in Reno right now come from it's the biggest little city in America right now yeah 2 hours away from Vegas the population of 68000 the yacht the what and you're going to go to the US which is worse is it worth going to Atlantic City or is it works going to Reno I think it's worse to go to Reno the 4th to go to Reno at least what in Atlantic City they can make the claim that Hayward the East Coast version of Vegas he can't he can't drive all the way across to Vegas with them but I couldn't make the extra 2 hour drive to Vegas so I think they have legalized prostitution it's a pretty sweet ride probably yeah and just looking to get business there right Las Vegas did have legalized prostitution what did that happen I think a big part of Las Vegas is that people go on fun trips with their friends there and a lot of times like a lot of guys I know we going guys trip to Las Vegas that would be a lot harder still to my wife it was known as the prostitution capital of any kind of them I mean the county Also let's be honest it's illegal but it's not illegal I'm pretty sure that you could very easily find a prostitute in II bar and hot new cards and give them to you and they're basically like pictures of escorts with phone numbers I wouldn't know they're everywhere they're big business is to drive a truck that is a billboard on the strip I said 60000 and I'm going to say 53000 60050 show me the price is right is that it I just like to break ties if someone's above or below so they don't have to quickly figure out be closer to make it that much harder for a person to try to figure that I don't know somebody came up with that rule if you go over your just was probably in response to something II was put in place to fix some sort of an issue with the population is 220000 the temperature in Internet Capricorn Aquarius cusp Reno on Thursday nights cafeteria in the drink for free at butterfly bar custom test for all II Gus people is only going to do one thing I have noticed a trend I have noticed last week when I had my stupid celebrity women don't get married Transocean and I want to be relevant your life twelve were if you were in a family like I'm the youngest kid in my family my wife is the youngest kid in her family her sister the oldest in their family married my brother-in-law Mark who plays delt on reverse fool she's the oldest kid in their family that younger kids and families tend to go with younger kids and family psychology behind each one of the kids are born in and I can see that like you can tell it like it somebody who's the oldest or at your only child but they say that the reason the older children children our families different where you fall relatively your family that you're the one doing the bullying or the one receiving the bullying at a young age on my older brother video who put up the question answer thing in the in so many people showed up and we always get annoyed when they do this but they write in the comment of a video where we send them the right drunk tank over and over again I guess you saw that and responded it in her YouTube video Drunk thanks for thanking me so nicely you didn't watch the video I told you that very very well I would say of how you should handle adversity like on a level or PR level but it doesn't seem like a bad way to handle that now you look at Charlie Sheen she got caught on tape saying incredible things and how long ago it was in the club yeah yeah but it doesn't matter a PR nightmare derailed somebody straight up that's it they went away because of that you know if Mel Gibson Pat O'Brien what away for awhile Clayton Williams the guy he was a guy running for governor of Texas against Ann Richards he's the guy who in front of the press he was leading the governor's race in like a month before the election he told the reporters that if a woman getting raped she should just sit back and enjoy it president in the with inclement weather and he said in his good old boy weigh he said he fell is because there's a lot like rape if it's inevitable just lay back and enjoy it the next election probably it's a good rule never to make fun of rape and take it lightly before anybody that he lost the election and never heard anything about him again after that until come to Clayton Williams I can't think of anyone else who was it was like going to be president of the United States and a picture of him came out with a girl on his lap speed boat Jessica Hahn wasn't very pretty girl sitting on his lap and he's going to be running for president and it just it didn't affect him in any status of John McCain calling his wife a contract with them John Edwards cancer he had an affair on his wife has cancer and knocked up the other lady and it just and then divorces wife is dying of cancer it just seems like that would just be out of the picture it was a huge deal when Clinton was being what was running because he smoked marijuana once but then inhale right and I was like that was going to say that was the thing they were going to use to sink his career he has delivered his wife divorce papers while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer and I cheated on all three of his wives in his life does everyone of the phone and can record you doing anything at anytime sweetheart we need to plan and believe that things you say in your personal life can affect you in the future and I hope you will have a whole ship we stay here again tonight if they of their platform is Family Guys and things in their cheating on their wife and if I don't get another people about things that you can't even how to get busted in the men's restroom live up to you and that's in any direction politically like it doesn't have to be just seeing any difference isn't the problem it's the lack of common sense to think that you should try something like this at the time they are trying to I would never cheat on his wife while President I think I heard that you had a Chris with a dude but like why do it then you know what's weird is thing you've ever seen like a bad timing of just why aren't you paying attention there's a current would have it right now that I don't understand Scott Walker the governor of Wisconsin who is who is in a battle right now to strip club the bargaining rights from labor employee just came out that during this process he hired the son of his biggest campaign donor 26 year old College Dropout with 2 DUIs and zero management experience to hire him and give him a $82,000 a year job to manage like this local EPA environmental issues government government job after working there gave me $0.26 and you're taking other people's rights away and trying to make them pay more for Health Care and More for retirement and give them left right when the economic meltdown happened a few years ago and we were bailing out then one of the big people being bailed out with AIG and and while that big Bill I was going in there having this issue where they were going to business nor too big to fail and the government was going to spend billions to bail them out they had that event in Northern California where was a big five-star Resort and invited everyone out on Friday they were all he was just a ridiculous thing now right now Prince show up on an individual basis I'm smart enough to know that this is a bad thing it's another one recently where I think was Transocean the company that owned the oil well that blew up in the Gulf Bill be people that will give up bonuses to all of their executive in 2010 was our safest year on record fucking idiots Legion destroying the gold news story showing fishermen going out of business people crying and losing their livelihoods and and the psychological disaster in the baby guys went to the yacht racing is life Tony Hayward is at the guys come out of that that PowerPlant whatever in Japan that was going to cover damages or whatever it's like tepco offers to pay all of the people who have been affected directly affected communities affected by the nuclear meltdown twelve dollars meanwhile in the power plant are these guys who have been working 15 is giving a heads up right now just now I mean you want to have the idea of working on this you know is he aware that whatever he is official title like you just want to with his shirt sleeves rolled up and he's working on the problem I got it fixed it we gotta make this right is going to keep up I realize mathematically there's no I'm still not going to go to yacht racing hot rod cameras for a week it's not like you didn't do it Kingdom fucking idiot hundreds of millions of dollars it makes no fucking sense New Leaf of in the troposphere skyclad on a pile of crap it up