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Transcript (in progress):

vagina pics is accident there's not there's no vagina pictures penis blowback milk is a tune-up every Wednesday evening to get yelled at I think I was just Greatest Hits well then the only thing better than all those things I said is the guy that had to go through every podcast to grab them that's what up with dicks dicks dicks penis ball back I think it sounds awful so thanks to his name here hellshanks from the website for that wonderful podcast hellshanks the KFC 12 year old Griffon last week for the first time ever we broke into the top 25 most listened to podcasts on iTunes Hanks relations big deal I think we were already affecting p on the front door locksmith ever and like changing door handle for and he don't know I still have not cleared so he decided to change all of our door handle but he needed help drilling because nobody here child I woke up and Carrie are going for 2 hours when I walk out the door just call locksmith it would already be done at like 50 bucks and Brandon explained to me that you don't get lost from locksmith I don't think she's going to have the right look for the special I wouldn't have fucking key to the lock Industries in the locksmith and the guy driving a little truck 10 ways to open and install them and Brandon was explained to me that it was just a very easy process but he's got under control an hour later I see my wife in high heels on my coworker and high heels drilling the door because apparently that's still that Brandon doesn't have you might wear heels I don't know that you're okay so then he was telling me like this situation I think my point wasn't that Brandon couldn't eventually get it done if you throw enough RoosterTeeth Manpower and people at it and right now we got 3 people carry Brandon and Griffon all working to get this one lock installed wasn't there Wings Over The Edge locksmith the Brandon making fun of eventually once he brings and I mean I'm assuming that by 2 p.m. Marshall and Chris will be involved possibly Nathan and Joel and if we throw enough bodies that eventually it's going to get installed but the cost savings is gone at that point when you felt like 46 man hours of Tire Company were dedicated to what Geoff has a lot cheaper $50 was a hell of a lot cheaper you've already love mad at me but it's like we've got at least half at 9 Company hours inside this one locked and telling me that that's worth less than $50 at this company while you're sitting at the time complaining about an hour so whatever I have also been delaying the start of the podcast because there was drilling going on like to run the front door my front door so people listening you're listening to this podcast 20 minutes later than you would have gotten it today I'll think sometimes you can send your positive critiques to Brandon at roosterteeth.com or visit Brandon I'm a double check it right now okay don't you have of it so I could take a second to figure out 993000 the first million there are 7000 of you that can still get that Milestone if you want it you're going to be the first to know Geoff trip when you buy an account from another user which is illegal but there's this guy who claims to invent the song 4 about her money for it what year did this you're laughing actually copyrighted the song in 1981 and the San Diego Chargers used to pay him for use of the song but it's just funny that he's targeted every single Sports professional sports somebody's going to pay someone to kick your ass with MLB NFL NBA NHL NC double A and NASCAR replay drive faster others don't you think NASCAR charge through the Turn Only yeah but you're still charging it's going to have the motorcycle which is the only track in the world Grand Prix championship motorcycle Joe Gus we should go to the opening race whatever it is nothing like last night it's pretty expensive but it's supposed to the things that they're supposed to text driving to and from that track and they estimate currently the way things are laid out it would take 8 hours to get from that track back to Down town how are you 2012 - 2003 Stagg construction Lake hotel condo grocery store shopping area is opening in Spring of 2009 right by child support one time my dad took me like my brother and I to a race that was not too far from where we lived and if you'd like we had to look in the couch cushions together enough change to pay for all the time 2 handed backhand Gothic Furniture store scrape together enough money and we were like buying your tickets and handing is like one penny at a time you know it take is fucking forever to get in there Sway in the back and we said there for like 4 hours while I don't know it wasn't for hours I was a kid but sit there for a while watching these races was kind of boring eventually you're like all right let's get out of here so just as we leave we're pulling out we're at least I think it was playing on the radio or something we turned it on and we realize that the real race hadn't started work it was like the warm-up act whatever like the B team was like get the crowd ready in like there's nothing and having a hard time because they were they weren't really like that daring or whatever so and then crashes about you got the first right I mean can you help me get about my childhood that you may not know my stepfather was a drag racer and I went to the drag races every weekend for four year 5 years of my life I fucking hate it it was not I understand I'm going to sit in a lawn chair with earplugs in and try not to have a blast so exciting like he's going to get to the end of the trip I'm so I'm the asshole tomorrow it's all pointless doing anything outside of your house so I can point I will say I ate a hotdog like a drag race car down faster charge story reviews it's been found out that someone actually composed that song in 1955 for the USC that he didn't actually composed the guy who was following the lawsuit claims he's never heard that original version 1955 new every single for the different songs like I'm not I'll play it later put it we can link them Tommy Walker Tommy Walker still alive now tell me what could I but breaking news will be following the story late for that yeah I can imagine I read that some dude is going to see every major league team because he's secretly invented we will rock you like 2 years for queen bed new look for that was ridiculous did you see the video A380 4000 that reinforces our rent about air travel exactly that's why you're texting and pay attention imagine if some asshole imagine if you were one of your punch sitting in a plane right after you got your fucken camera out your digital camera that electronic on your browsing through your photos of your fucking dog or whatever it is and always Contra plane does a 90-degree turn you have any teeth left because you just ate that fucking camera where it goes if I thought your hand hit the baby in the is available I know baby you just blinded a baby because you want to show your friend cute pictures of your fucking shit 2 all of the rules that one assholes who just had to get out of the fucking talks so you staying up early even though they tell you not to in the next thing you know you have any legs anymore I don't know how he loses his life no I think it's fucked up fucked up it's just taxing than just accident and then I was going to get hit by a bigger plane and it goes like this okay just let us know what happened I just read the other day that had a birthday party and there were two kids in about castle and the wind came and took the bouncy castle out because it was improperly secured to the ground and it took off and it landed like on the interstate 2 kids get fucked up I don't know how but they were seriously injured thanks for bringing this to go on now Joe I mean first it was a fight song on the plane for his money this morning I don't know if it's true because I can't be bothered to do the research to determine its true but according to this Reddit post today Skynet self-aware or goes self aware on April 19th 2011 which is the day that Portal 2 comes out actually it's funny you bring that up I was doing research right now while y'all are talking about story apparently in the original Terminator storyline Skynet goes online August 4th 1997 and then gain self-awareness August 29th they realize that in Terminator Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles so that Skynet turned on April 19th and then go sell for April 21st 2011 2011 interesting 21st Joe 2 days to finish it before I asked her where she is and also milk that comes out next week this week Michael Jackson Michael Jackson experience and a game called Divinity 2 which I know you're all clamoring play the big thing that came out this week and it came out was totally just came out and then the Vietnam the magic came out I think if you don't know what it is like down Diablo like game where you do spell combinations in the Wizard World Chicago old people and then they just put them in and they're fighting very funny I don't know really silly unique idea it's something somebody pictures as a joke and drunk at on like Friday wear your Hawaiian shirt today and I'm at work today and drink out of the only get like a cake for the company this coming for people and then one day somebody going to get strung up and they do it interesting is almost like that would be something that an unlockable or like a hidden Easter egg in the game I know it's crazy it's really really busy and so was the whole day sorry about that I was running around like crazy I couldn't down to be in your shoes I understand completely the man RTX 2 we we have everything pretty much organized for the event then we sold more tickets and we want to do so that you said you had to redo everything the more little things pop up we think of so I feel like it I like a hydro down like that with Hydro but yesterday we went to walk in the Sun the portal and really not having a party and got stuff in a fire ant hill off of entire rest of the day did you get that no I did not get bad it's like they know that the moment you would know that like you aware of them then they all fight is is like I have some kind of weird I don't know if they have a ceremony what you do that happens what's your worst fire ant story don't think too long I'm not from Texas but I'm pretty new to them says that anymore I was playing in the woods and take a piss on a tree and I was peeing on a tree and I felt something sharp and I look down and my right leg was swarming with fire ants like I was standing right in the middle of a giant pile and I was still peeing so the only thing I could do is piss on the ants so I just need on my leg and my shoe when she was covered in dead ants like poking around in some tests and that's when they got pissed off and that's when I got mad yeah I got bit like a jackass and then I had to run home with my Jimmy sitting all over my day was terrible let me know it was a few years ago when Hurricane Rita was coming and hid Houston night in a lot of people evacuated from his right after Katrina and it was a risk of hurting and I took people hours it's not like to get from Houston to Austin I heard that people would spend like a day or two but you can go to 2 and 1/2 hour drive the problem is there was so much traffic and I heard stories of people who are stuck in their cars are not moving and they were just p in the shoes you don't like it out in the end of the street because they have no other way to go there or just get out your car and go piss on the side of the road unless you really just going P in Fresno CA he wasn't moving because it was so many people giving people staring at you pissing on the side of the road and in private I'm enjoying it out recipe for 24 what is a vendor selling Buckhead love and what kind of puppy reboot $5 I will dispose of the urine yeah what's the dad you happy portal extra for the waterless hand sanitizing stations and Soccer Star we have yeah no kidding we we paid extra for that we could play it's a classy affair I'm sure this was like why the fuck do we pay to go to the city poison ivy is rubbing your eyes every day or two and just for the record this isn't happening on May 27th about $146 we looked it up and that we can try to make sure it wasn't going to rain in temperature right now work so hope you found some party Wireless hand sanitizer party waterless hand sanitizer wonder the same thing what time will the chicken yesterday woman keeps to herself I know that was like a little Joe Cooper night and they all except for her they all like to sleep in the tree so they all flew up into the tree she was going to stay in the house and there's a whole pile of feathers like from the door like the possum went and got her and I guess didn't know to look for the chickens in the tree and it didn't even eat all of them off couple times now I'm going to kill it I know that because when I was watching your chickens I can but I told him that's the one that didn't leave the house semi-comatose state where they don't even is there a way I can pick him up moving around like they don't fight back so not a good time to leave your door open so I had to fucking barrier last night I was really sad for me not from there I was like wow she's really dead well approximated and she's like so it's your fault I'm like yeah and then the Griffon come song cuz she was at the grocery store whatever and she's like Mommy gets what the chicken because daddy wasn't paying attention thank you going to respond I want of that some of that chicken left the other ticket so it's it's really sad but I'm glad that it wasn't one of my favorites I am going to kill you when you eat pasta isn't there like a champion East whatever Street the dislike for the USA Google image of my wife David Miller was like are you really going to kill a possum Austin and she's like why are you do that I was like well it's retribution this is bad I don't want to kill any other of our chickens and I don't know how to keep it away she said how are you going to kill it and I was like I'm going to bad it's chet on the bad possum brains in with a baseball bat and she's like cool because I'm a little worried if you want to help star therapy now I feel like that's right yeah things are better in the past right with everyone always says it sucks that you lost your check yeah I'm pretty sad 44725 how much are there really upset about it and they are acting different and it was like I had to put them up last night and it was like 20 minutes they were terrified it was really set me off and pick me up for everything later vegetables that the animals they take like one bite and I like it I'm not into it and leave it wandered off and didn't eat it and like lawsuit 30 seconds of the sitting yet the squirrels like squash ripe watermelon is it take for a squash fright squash harvest in like 2 days over this and then I'll come in and take a bite out of them that's terrible terrible milk Farm Story Harvest Church I just saw on Halo Waypoint apparently the angel said that I guess they're going to be doing something at PAX Prime this year weird 867-2142 go to them already go anyway Moonlighting Jimmy milk Moonlighting was a very popular television show with Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis even though they're not going to stand here and they had this great chemistry and they were always about to start dating Kelly Jim and Pam on the office but they never quite did and then just when you thought they were going to Mark Harmon who was famous for Henry portrait of a killer came in and stole her away and there was never any kind of closure Austin bike and the guy who played Booger in Revenge of the Nerds he works for them as well and they had they had a woman actually did but wasn't really or am I thinking of the characters look like is she was like their version of Annie Potts in Northbrook Gus and her twin cinema Ghostbusters Janine allyce Beasley was Agnes dipesto okay what's good Quebec the current time last night and today I sent you this video it was the most disturbing things I've ever seen it was a video that talks about I just the dangers of high pressure and under love your diving underwater and it talks about like the perfect the pressure differentials between bodies of water and how they can crush and kill people without them knowing what's going on and it has like 3D Recreations of the commercial diving accidents where people get killed off and it was awful it was like that repairing the bottom of a swimming pool in scuba gear and that he got stuck to a drain and got stuck and it wasn't in the pressure to kill him but he couldn't move and he ran out of here and I the bottom pool Scouts bad it's like sitting there waiting internet down in happy podcast this has been you can I think that I think you're setting me up for the test or you're trying to get me to like everything is a test is it is either a test I don't know how they're going to go to see the test or you're giving me like the best present ever I'm not sure because we read on Reddit like a couple weeks ago or somewhere to go somewhere that said that 30% of all back rubs Swedish massages end in Happy Endings and then you were like you're never getting another massage again as long as I live there's no way you're not going to because I know you're definitely getting a massage massage therapist is a friend of ours so I'm even more confusing to me because I know that I think that she's not going to mess with you but I know you and I know like you're closing Maneuvers over there hopefully that article on Reddit a few you know what and if it's ok with Griffon will be okay with you sitting up we got to go for it charge from now on you get out of my sight of you Geoff Carter minds want to know save that money massage is in an Happy Endings and there's no way that that's true I'm not sure no massage therapist hand ever again new Cedar Point from from the beginning perspective my paper though like not being out on the street I had a weird place is the average tip for a hand job after massage is $50 that's on top of like a hundred massage the average 1500 about this let me search sitting quietly milk every night after Griffon with the sleeve I whispered in her ear about 2 weeks I'm kidding no I'm nervous though I don't know what to do real life super hot 2 is looking at naked Gus drinking on our chair and playing with the Xbox controller the car because that's where we just put in the bedroom flip sorry I did I did if you look closely I'm sitting on a napkin folding update is a barrier from my tattoo God never had so I really wanted to do something again to your house we have you watch your chickens and you gave me the keys and the alarm code but I just didn't have the energy that we could do it Tom Morgan and she came in like Sheen to the office one day it was a Friday it was pretty relaxed if we're doing a barbecue and I was I mentioned I was like okay whatever Gus and she was like to have all the pictures of himself all around the naked pictures of himself and in her mind when she was coming here come to the office cuz they're always like whatever stop the conversation you're having and I'm like I'm not even talking about I guess we talked about things a lot and we have like tons of naked pictures of each other around or it must it must be a surreal experience so I had my first and we have reception started last Friday my first experience having a reception here though I guess cuz she's so new I'm still not used to having her around and the other day I had to take my clothes off for sure which isn't out yet big surprise and I had to close the door to my office and I felt uncomfortable about it the first time I've ever had to do that Delta p in with your aunt I get naked Gus Reddit I'm totally fine right now I don't know how to connect and cross that bridge so that I can I can I don't close my door anymore why don't you just take off your clothes I have to walk outside and say hey I just want to get this out of the way sites that love always big titties everywhere and then she said she sits right outside my door so we're going to have to come to terms with that I think that's so much I'm not going off of lawsuit listen to Howard Stern changes we have several that three bathrooms and we have different light and I don't change is like out my workbench but they just come over and they decided to take the pants off her an extra bench because you have all those pictures of people around here you're sending mixed signals stimulate equipment in Oregon we working out sitting there by itself lonely in the corner just wondering I was going but I think the only workout that has happened on or around that machine was the 2 hours it took Barney and track to put it together they were they were definitely grunting and sweating by the end and they got their work out there in six months most of the date increases your chance of heart attack like 54% down where does massage going to happen right on the road till like 10 tonight at your house going to someone's house or going to someone's house probably in their bedroom extra room to see if it's for like is a dark room there's no happy ending though and there wasn't any answers either is ok and then where will our standards are very low you'll feel fine so do you have a flip camera I did yeah I have a Flip HD about yesterday I guess just go to learn desk flip and that they're discontinuing the flip camera 2 million dollars because I read a year ago I read that flip had 40% of the market I want to say also that it was a product that had 40% of the market like even today like you were trying to Gus has the last person with Nathan if you miss the last people to do anything so as far as like decorated I don't think it's is is in here and in other factors like he hasn't wanted to fill that space yet desk with those other things like I want to desk in the future the way it works right now desk is something you put technology on reboot technology under is technology I want to desk that has like a USB port to connect to my computer or the has like a screen touch screen built into it or like an iPhone dock like right on it or built into it what speakers inside of it on the time right now if you start a cold I will join your culture like what you're saying that it should be integrated to everything like the desk is essentially the same for 300 years it's a piece of wood or metal with some fucking water metal legs that's it why is there no advancing technology disappointed in on fright an item as I am right now I am curious about that your computer and then just before 2 right here on your desk for you to say one I think was called a milk desk out of the milk desk and I was like 5,000 also in Denmark I think I don't know if you can make it please Steve Jobs is listening to this I want to know make it but I feel like Brandon Turley with the door handle sitting in elderly 15 of us can put the fucken lock on a car door in less than 6 hours I don't think we're going to make anything Brandon on that project and I really liked it until I saw the price you could put a fish tank into the crazy remember we discovered the milk desk downtown okay so how you feeling I'm just going to end up with standard sheet desk I'm sorry to hear but that's okay that's awesome maybe you could get a bunch of iPads and later than happy for them that's odd names of things sitting around intelligently means techno desk in Denmark and then Market the market what would you look like but I will do some research and try to find somebody has an awesome technological desk please send us an email to Brandon at least it's good to hear that after you sign up for site and try to get in before the million and get your a million miles telephone fax machine that's a great idea the guys are you guys are awesome I think after today to be out for a few days I really like a sanitation hope is always here to give him new sitting here all the time Brandon the new Bernie it's always at the office okay I'm asking on Brandon a couple weeks ago we did the video podcast the most recent one that you guys went and I talked about making the app where you can take people's pictures and it tells you if you're single or Google now just based on what they heard from you I started it the Google face and it wasn't because faces of is going to wait 15-20 years lawsuit save it for me that would be awesome for me tomorrow the Moonlighting reboot coming this fall on NBC I'd there there's a remake of right now with the makes no sense to me they're remaking Fright Night remember the 99 movie when it came out to is clamoring for the Fright Night remake another fucking the Wonder Woman TV series Charlie some of those like vintage superheroes you can't fuck with a costume too much but the crying Capital Captain America it's like there's only so far you can you can't break entirely away I should be back up and running so it was pretty good except that pointed this out the scene where he busted through the door with a pistol and it looks like a water gun in his hand and a few doesn't fit with the Captain America Persona 3 watch it he doesn't like it get the injections you your clit gets bigger I do not know about did you get better no I don't I don't know I just feel like if you go from female to male it doesn't ever work you don't get like erections cause I'm sure there's no blood flow in there might be of them I don't know but some research does it take the labia and make it into the balls by tomorrow and we find some pictures and see what's up there was there was going to come but Reddit podcast that there was a threat on Reddit for urologist did one of those ask me anything threads and if you were asking about gender reassignment and he said you know maybe ask that was easy going from man to woman or woman to man and he said if you could dig a hole and build a pool urologist compensated in doing that for me on the weekend or something we definitely run the gamut here I wish we could reassign our podcast weekly on iTunes into whatever category as long as you're listening to it it moves around to different categories yeah we were talking about games I don't think portal, like I have stimulating conversations like Griffon telling me I don't have any crystals and I need a good place to find crystals can you help me healing crystals because I wanted the opposite of a crystal do cats play 2 watch the Pittsburgh Wood anymore huh how long has magic the shop around massage Howard is not typical how much does a massage cost Maryland massage is very is bad I think I like 7584 an hour depending and I and she's a friend but she usually gets to do whatever he is a normal price usually I never know what kind of massage Swedish deep-tissue or something Swedish with maybe some acupressure in the okay I don't care what religion you really want a cure for AIDS Hooters on 8th metal videos I can do that for you charge I don't mean that you're right that was a little light on pop culture Sheen movies no blacks what would you think of it it was really good it was really great interview there's like hey how's it going I'm just so awful it like constantly asking him to do that he said something funny insult him, you and I have had to do a couple of interviews and only get two specific where we kind of went that route and that's like that is so terrible it really is really funny right now or the interview interview Griffon you say I'm lazy is Bernie is the script really it's okay of love you were disappointed in the Charlie Sheen live show with an actress not a writer you know I don't know what you expect from a hundred bucks or whatever what time do they close at is terrible thought of missing a tooth the one probably just read the woman New York porcelain veneers over whenever happy Republic someone writes a Delta what to do when they called torpedo of Truth 2 or something like that great can't forget when they're enjoying some kind of entertainment just how many people are involved in making something good the actor in the directors get all the credit you know because they're the ones that are the most visible to be like a Charlie Sheen and Chris the funniest people are like Tom Hanks on his Charlie Sheen make a living being funny on film or on television Charlie Sheen is in the number one comedy on television you have to wake up everyday at 12 million people laugh at me or laugh with me Tom Hanks The Burbs and all of these great fucking funny guy and I'm like you when I saw that was on when I saw Tom Hanks on Joe P it was fucking Tara Lee talks normally pretty funny and off-the-cuff I thought enjoy himself more than anyone ever was really actually kind of do leading at that point because yes but it's like once again it's like are actors really comedic actors really funny what they do they just delivered well that's what I mean I don't know I think it's probably pretty funny cuz he hear the most of the stuff that I have lived he was also hopefully wake up Charlie Sheen to go up in front of people and entertain them without a hundred people behind him writing and producing and yelling cut and making sure that he looks good disappointed to hear about that Tom Hanks are going Jimmy Kimmel I remember he was on the last episode The Tonight Show with Austin the person with Conan O'Brien he was fucking funny how much is a descriptive cause you know they do p interviews and it's all handled ahead of time it's like if you're Tom Hanks you have to go on The Tonight Show you probably have to do a pre-interview I know that there are some celebrities who are about it if you Tom Hanks on Jimmy Kimmel you're probably like I'm not going to bother you so early for you to be I'm sorry Jimmy but you sure got a good night I'm just going to go off the cuff as me assuming but yeah just like a really flat and he seemed kind of arrogance any part of Comedy is just being aggressive and if you reach a certain level of success however so can you be I will say he followed up the interview with a bit of pre-recorded bit where he was he had like head was enrolling his daughter and like like a Little Miss Sunshine about beauty contest that was very funny but the second he stopped being alive and they will do something pre-recorded where he was acting he was it was great I'll check it out and Hanks the Chet Haze Northwestern and he's got such great people anyway I'm sure we can find a YouTube video of a website or something I need to go from there from like probably going out in Beverly Hills the richest white kid ever 2 from the streets rapper that's a tough transition to make a break away from Jimmy the more research I doubt it but I can pick the friend zone trailer made for television movie where she had an invisible child and what you don't know it's really funny trailer YouTube she's got a kid and she doesn't like pushing swing and like talking to the kids there's nobody there and all of her friends Invisible Child Dramarama Bring It Lifetime movie going to be a weird thing if you run up like a celebrity couple where like your husband's career or your wife's career but never goes into the stratosphere and then you are really doesn't and your left making movies like Invisible Child could you still want to work if you still want to be relevant but that's like all all you don't want to like I don't know just take the jobs that your husband or wife gives you PLS and families like that or like Julia Roberts brother who is that property a lot of movies that he doesn't he's not you wouldn't remember him but you could be love werewolf everything and also usually successful interesting thing if you ever think you hear Martin Sheen doing a voice-over is his brother they sound identical in his brother just get a buttload of Voice work because it sounds like Mark Sheen almost every time you hear Martin Sheen and you don't see him it's probably his brother who was the guy in Mass Effect 2 I think that was more Sheen love it I don't know if it was his brother 200 movies mixto from that right but you can't be in 200 movies and not be rich the movie was kind of success you know like you're famous actors you probably have a really nice car the awesome people scrutinizing your every movement aspires to be that level of actor I'm sure I mean that's just like the made-for-tv movies and that look like giant shark vs octopus or even slightly more movies like I don't know like there's a I was thinking the other day that was Pompatus of Love It had a drunk driver that I was one of the reason I was thinking about that movie and I was like what they got it corrected that is doing now because I like when it happened it was Wonder things would like is going to be huge director and she had directed made the last thing he'd done was a made-for-tv movie with Vanessa Williams where she played it was like a made-for-tv in modern times Cinderella for the week networker for Lifetime LOL I think I know how that feels yeah it was had Jason Alexander how to get Brandon thinking it might make more sense or the one that is told you know who produced and directed well nobody really knows that he did a lot of rumors that were involved in Indiana Jones and had to leave to come over and supposedly took over directing and secretly directed the movie and there are all these stories of these fights between them on stage he was like crocodile and another 3D one but like you know and don't like fucking Poltergeist fright The Texas Chainsaw Massacre than like 7 remix that movie it's a horror icon film and now I'm just fucking direct-to-dvd directing shows that pass or just like Wonder the phone stops ringing you need to stay with you I factored in the head if you can tell it to do so new look it up when we going to meet make a career goes that route is that it is more like is he happy with you know if people avoid this happening to them I guess it went well I think people really were there a lot of Christians really happy that we were able to do that and I hope people don't think it sets a precedent we're going to have other famous people on the podcast interview because he's the only one we know maybe next week to talk about some lunch