#11 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is extremely nerdy and afraid of conspiracies this week

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Recorded: 2009-06-25 00:13:52

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey


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Geoff Ramsey awesome bucketfeet.com hello everyone Steve Austin suck now Park wow everyone looking awesome trim we have lots of gifts of light 92 San Geoff I'm Joel Heyman I'm Diane Lane why you feel like that every week I don't understand what the favorite feature is on Twitter I just don't even know what does the star by stalk their uses that I think they always put it in I'll find out right now Sandra Nelson scene discovered yesterday that it is possible to save yourself I'm sure! Please discuss amongst yourselves Twitter if you put a green icon on Twitter Iranian anti-election movement underwear that's right, then we saw his supporters ago I saw the Press is now starting to call them opposition forces that so that's normally a negative term isn't it like when you play multiplayer shooter it's like you and the rebels in Star Wars we we talked about it a lot that's not real active and even worse there's like a moment in time when you have to undo that like you like okay, so when do this anymore let me not let me not have a great attitude it's like when you take the yellow ribbon off your car eventually yeah I'm going to fucking up my paint job but I don't want to know my fancy car show activism is always weird because there is that moment I mean the more important question is how can we turn the Iranian conflict into like a video game what it's like it's like a booth all day it's like all you want to make sure hey I think I'm famous do you think I'm going to be one of the top that's true most listened to it because it's like it's almost Ed I want it I want Twitter to recognize me as being famous like the just filters verified accounts check has one favorite on Twitter who's the favorite treat is from 71488 to tweet directly to check it's at the shack show the real Shack what's your take on Obama weak one so it's like there's this moment in history like what is Shaq's take on Obama's first week we never know because on favorites we go look it up but that's what it was so that's the favorite feature on Twitter amazing there's only have one favorite thing stop and think about how much time you spend talking about how much you don't like Twitter you just got rid of it I don't like Twitter if you don't like that you still partake in like I like tweeting too hard better than I like Twitter right I can partake in tweet too hard and not have Twitter just find that shoe Joel Bush just told me to that there's a tweet stalk or something or you can follow people without wanting to know that they follow you are but you hiding from them too much what's the point I mean really it's to the point where it's like I was watching like the College World Series last night that was just like every 20 minutes or talk about Twitter Twitter Twitter that you know they put the camera on instead of the people that tweet reminded me of something I saw this weekend I was watching the local news and you know I always it always just me off when he talks about Twitter or talks about following them on Facebook or whatever you don't strike me as a person to watch the local news you know what I think you are a person that would watch the local news anchor to come back from a story and he's looking at the camera and you can keep up with on your iPhone just go to the App Store and search for KXAN was totally out of touch technology and you have no no no Steve Jobs products Park Point saying that jobs get a liver on the liver donation list jobs that I don't have a problem with that I mean it's going to jobs I really know you don't believe it but I have probably said that if you have access to a team of doctors and a private plane where you can go anywhere within 6 hours he probably beat the other shareholders he got Ed McMahon to liver how crazy would that be yeah I was kinda drunk I don't know if you know what I love you drunk liver is better than cancer liver we wasted you would wake up in recovery and you'll be drunk right now MTG stopped and was looking at him like are you okay do we need to take a break here but you know if there is any justice if it is the universe has any sense of humor at all with Steve Jobs the situation that we like he would wake up in recovery and he would turn on the TV in there be a press conference where they say like next week for rolling out liver 2.0 God is good and he write like a petition online to let everyone have a blessed night too terrible reviews of racism troubling to me like you're telling me the exact same midi-chlorian counts you can look it up on Wikipedia what is the most powerful of all time and I thought it was and it was Luke start talking about it Megan counts in the sequel Katrina be any better if so why did they cancel the training all that crap right even deal with that Yoda movie it was just like can we get some food that they had the same midi-chlorian counts and that you know there was a powerful Jedi of all time the other people mentioned in this in any way physically embodiment of the force like it was concentrated for switch I can cut through anything of crystals lightsaber and use it right so why don't they even weirder is a kid yet why like if you like I think what I heard was that people can use it but they have trouble because it has no wait it's just all the weights in the Hills tickets expected to think there's a kid I thought that like when you pick it up it would be like picking up like a magnetized thing and I would like to actually push itself around he don't even like you have to like physically can't roll like that sounds like pole magnets together lately that feeling of like something is fighting you on this thing holding a gyroscope possible conversation you could have one and it was discussing whether or not a lightsaber cut through adamantium that is absolutely the conversation that we had a longer I have no clue they're both nipples do the longest at our tech support company. In Star Wars your in the hallway your hand solo Han Solo you're fighting stormtroopers you're firing down the hallway would you see the laser bolts would you see those red laser bolt going flying down the hallway and Miley said absolutely not you're not going to see a beam of light even three feet in length you're not going to see that thing it be moving so fast it would just be a pop and then the explosion would ever hit that you wouldn't be able to see if it's moving away from you like can't move fast enough to come back to you write doodoo blasters move at the speed of light that would be the question I wouldn't think they do I mean you can see a laser beam when it's projected that's the difference in Goldfinger that's a The Continuous is there anybody out there for some type of particulate in a room where they're using a lasers you can see the bullets guys you don't see that how are you going to see a laser bolt you're not going to see what I'm having biggest reform lasers hey wait a minute wait a minute and we have these things called Tracer rounds and you could see Tracer rounds every 711 in 16 like ever you like 10 to 15 people is that right around you can totally see that thing I did it on purpose so you can see them and they go they go fast leaving a Trail of Lights so I wouldn't know or is it a DOT the size of a bowl it's moving fast if it leaves behind a trail of chemicals that are on fire so why wouldn't they lasers let her do that on the way be there in a few minutes and then resulting in 24 hours Tracer paintball pellets in his heart and everything show fucking far away from having sex with girls right now that we'll be playing Magic the Gathering and fighting over larpers fighting over when you have every Tuesday can I drove over to my new house and I Joel Park and in the park in the cars parked outside and there's people playing tennis in the tennis court is pretty normal in the next two nights full of other people and it happens every Tuesday night the larpers come to the tennis court at Patterson Park Porsche what was driving by it looked like they look like real swords from a distance but I'm sure it was a man with respect headed toward painted silver cancel welcome to the neighborhood Gus if I remember I'll try to get down and it was going back now historically when they would fight with swords get hit with a sword it wouldn't like cutting off like it would just be a really bad you know 95% that would be glancing blows and taking a chunk out of your arm or something like that it was just a cough and arm off at your school or something like that like if you were on fire racist or just resign myself to a life of misery because no way in hell I'd ever go out the laser guns in Star Wars did not use Tracer bullets because the pistols don't have Tracer rounds in the pic you can see the lasers and pistols as well what is the distant past but this doesn't pass but you know what they were using what they had going on I mean it makes sense that location right here to say like they invented something so you can see it like they came up with him that's not the lasers you could see the in kid with Alicia but the question is would you see a lasers would you see a one and a half foot length of light moving at the speed of light in the hallway and the answer is no you wouldn't I don't know but I heard it's like laser tag you don't see the fucking lasers laser tag you don't you don't you don't all I'm saying is that I can and the technology they had on the fucking Death Star are vastly different we can't make planets either right now but they can so I think if they can make a fucking planet with a weapon it wouldn't be hard to make I'm selling a put half moving the speed of light we were all on the same page we're all last year we got away from me and these podcasts and now will see you probably the tag we like it like inside a 12 sided stop it stop it stop it I can't take it Star Wars now the highest grossing Star Trek new president because the dollar is worth about baby that played in somehow that's great the best starter I'm not sure what the best way would be the best one but I don't know what to make out of motion with each other remember that one that's me I thought was funny we're doing it hey I'm doing the physics Warriors vs Lake Enterprises that would be the worst if we got into okay my Twitter Transformers Summit started as a toy right Transformers Armada leaving first okay how can we sell the toy will make a TV show with Ninja Turtles comic book first was it was it was an adult comic the GI Joel and Transformers work to his first that. Like a man and all that stuff it was all selling toys that was like the best way to make a cartoon about it was me but I guess how much the budget was for one of those cartoons like $40 and they said it was a million dollars I don't know in the story College World Series what's the weather for just a moment let's go to the pallet Texas the movie with pets that will go to 9:11 throw like a 70 mile per hour change up I mean if you can do that from now on anything and stuff and stuff and you never hear from them again member remember that yeah I know right it's amazing how are you doing the quarterback in college is not necessarily a direct relationship great and if I don't care 14 Round Size Matters a lot more than baseball but he was too small for them to pass over the line he never even got a chance every guy there's a pitcher now in major leagues he's like 5 foot 6 and it's so like everyone's talking about what a miracle it is that this guy can be a major league pitcher underneath them basically quirky pictures did you tell you about the pitcher in the minor leagues I think up in New York right now who kid who's ambidextrous and you can pitch as a righty or a lefty we talk what switch pitcher and in the mound with him so we could decide to pitch from the other hand you just watch his glove out they had to Institute of it so when you go to the switch hitter it's a huge problem because that's what you do go out try to you know if there's a rule right switch hitter away to the pitcher to the rule for this guy saying that he can only switch hid behind his pitcher with twice per batter twice for better yet so Megan Fox had to apologize to the kid who tried to give her a rose it has apology well she kind of did the guy brought it up what you going to say fuck that buy paparazzi would you go to her and a Paparazzi guy or is like a bodyguard like Handler handling her and would have jobs and in my head and then this kid trying to scan a little slightly overweight kid looks really nice and try to handle Rose and she's like completely ignoring it and it'll look of longing on his face it's a great photo and it was one of the on her drunk it that she was doing for Transformers to some blog I brought it up yet use the word cyberspace it when he brought it up there so this is going around cyberspace I heard that from a time machine Geoff John Titor video we saw the other day where I guess some guy was his land was being leased by FEMA he was somewhere in the midwest to properly yeah this is a collection this is how the story went out to see what was being stored on this land and walked out it was like two or three football fields worth of boxes he couldn't figure out what it was until we got closer and looked at them and they were collapsible coffee plastic collapsible coordinating searches looking around the country and they found his story doesn't creep you out when you see the picture it's so creepy to me like a viral marketing campaign for movies can paint for plastic coffee or a virus that Rose of thousands of coffins that the federal government is starting a Burnie made the greatest show ever heard was like it was really scary to find out their social security number that you can cucumber soda FEMA had a friend who makes plastic often seems like the kickback plastic extruding factory best plastic coffins of collapse in the one I mean don't have plastic stuff that extruding process that can make anything dude I don't know if you can make anything what's make comments like that is that your choice or I was going to be with your fucking 300,000 person said you're going to make it there FEMA form of plastic wear that black smoke that I mean there's got to be some better there's got to be something what's the score of the Ed to be like I don't wanna go to Burnie I can't on fire like you can see the smoke that way when you see the giant but what happens if they put the black helicopters are the smokestacks okay this is all coming together someone making a lot of Internet speculation as though it's fact I mean you can see the photos of these roads of these boxes and they say casket liners like on the Manifest apparently you know if you believe what you read on the internet that aside from that we don't really know what therefore he can't but they can't because they got to be something else like like if something like that actually is happening that's awesome finally something we just hit the internet start iconic the podcast with Mark Katrina pandemic something happens at least we'll be ready right at 3 ready is not letting turning on each other whatever it is I can't remember what it was but they were not letting people across that that wasn't you and they wouldn't let them through there like fuck it people like crawling no pussy but you know you're not coming sorry for bridge we're in a really weird weird really we can do here but we had a discussion about Katrina the other day and we were talking about like this the federal government's very slow response to Katrina and in a meeting like somebody out there like this was going to happen and the government didn't do anything you like make the situation worse but kind of like it's a weird experiment to see what would happen like how thin is that line between civilization and just absolute Mayhem and what we learned pretty damn thin I mean you turn off electricity you turn off the you know the illusion of law and the in shooting each other in the street they were sniper it's crazy it was pretty crazy that it's amazing how quickly the situation Philip park there 3 million coffins might not like what happens when we turn off air conditioner could like take pictures of our office when the air conditioning is on and like literally go back a couple before back to win this office was clean you go outside the main office right now and take a picture it looks like a hurricane hit doesn't it seem like everything out there Illinois Strader it was going to do I couldn't live in I can live in the film we were just talking about how the plastic companies can basically make anything there's another industry that has something like it's some kind of moment some kind of singularity in their industry where they can just say we make anything they want to know and that's the candy industry when I was a kid we had a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup we had a Hershey bar with in a Hershey bar with almonds and in the Easter you got the peanut butter egg that you can buy now pretty much if they can think of a candy bar they can make the candy bar in the world changed a lot since the forties and regular salt lasers like fuck it we're doing everything so you're saying that that's a lot of shit out there though unfortunately Ed chocolate Skittles Joel is getting worse thing ever Inside Out Reese's Peanut Butter Cups so basically you're saying those coffins are made out of chocolate that's what I'm saying like a girl like would you like the KitKat with potato chips and fused in them or would you like me inside every day I don't think that I don't think it's a matter of that we can fabricate anything fake phone call and you can have it like you can have it call you or text you and they're like predetermined text you can choose from or like this around numbers like Grandma said you could record yourself so we called we play back your recording to you it would hurt your ringtone need to get out there play recorder Burnie time machine click tonight is Burnie parole liver cell phone somehow you might want to call him wait take this massive overblown first part of the line and then you can sleep we had that one line and if we increase the volume at 500% at the end of his line is very important mixer but try to keep up with the tracks I would like or you don't like them left are you canceling the text class with them looking at the line and trying to put the filter of the hell Riverwind Joel does not know where the middle of it I had like Joel Told Me 2 or 3 grade interpretation and motivation for Caboose is that Caboose is the only guy that new season of video game he said people on Xbox LIVE you can't understand what they're saying in the microphone so it's like to be that character you have very :-( that's how I look at everyone all the time why are you so troubled by it now has an elegant mixture of asleep and Maddie it's like I'm too mad to fall asleep but if I wasn't so tired I'd come over and slap you you had fun that's a great combination it's hard to tell the story and see that I was that Ed sour is just my face and tell me stories you mentioned earlier that you moved into the neighborhood you live about 3 blocks show me now I can actually walk to your house every time it's a 6-minute walk in her house 6 o'clock and the other day you called me and said hey I'm outside watering the grass if you want to come hang out with me because you know that's what we do hang out and you turned your head explode and it was hilarious washer Rings inside and you didn't know looks like you guys are coming up with excuses to have secret sex hugs from you Lincoln School I know she has like a hundred of them that's actually why I can't buy one you have to buy a pack of like 50 lovely that actually $0.45 but anybody on the site needs those little washers let me know I do have a contest on the site to see who can come up with the greatest conspiracy theory flowchart so he would beat them all like he has and you told me how are podcast conspiracy theory I guess if you have an issue for that email Joel it was 5th I come FEMA Ambush Joel your check was there and it was like hey we should have a contest for robots and everything that's a great idea we should do that and he was like yeah we should do that and then the next thing I knew I was in charge of reading 400 emails every day and having to do all that before the guy who can barely read that was it was a tall order the other pictures I would like to make a request of the internet since we asked them last week to you no longer participate in online petitions we know they're of no value whatsoever is okay if on a regular basis if I ask the internet to either do or not do something this week I would like to ask that people will go back to Twitter here Geoff so please do Twitter and Facebook not on Facebook Southeast Twitter so much more robust John Titor people this weekend what do you make make a status update or you make it Twitter or somebody that it might be pretending it right and we did we actually get it in this podcast at one point and hopefully Gus I love that where you say like I'm going to do something blank that I can't talk about or working on a secret project can't tell you about it if you can't fucking tell us about it don't fucking tell us about it we're not interested okay we don't want to know about your dumb project we don't know about the thing that you have an NDA that you can't discuss it's not at all interesting everyone has fucking secrets fucking do shit and dumb and everybody doesn't need exact same way nobody fucking cares voter locations of this week the project involves coffins in FEMA but that's all I can say I'm a come back on the phone off for the day are you getting for the music at the beginning in treated like this and it just emailed an original composition and maybe forgetting if you're getting more than they can handle it we can put with the beginning and if one at the end flow charts by tomorrow. If you guys could submit weekly podcast was that would be awesome to just pick the best one right the dictionary and you can be forward together as you see fit contest you in 5 bucks Park congratulations to everyone