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Recorded: 2011-04-20 21:19:24

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey




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your listening to the audio only portion of a drunk tank video podcast to get the full experience to watch a video podcast music rooster teeth.com slash podcast your listening to drunk all I have to do is take my clothes off International punch shut up I wasn't talking to you at all Kentucky hey everyone welcome to the first day drunk tank video podcast on Gus sorola sit in the corner filling in for Brandon farmahini today I guess I'm doing the intros how's everyone doing what you guys introduce yourselves well we got over here we got a regular stable characters on Burnie Burns tell you I already I already was sitting over here we didn't have Brandon and I do this a lot over here and I thought I'll fill in for him because it's a lot to explain to someone and instantly I'm over here now for this week started how many pounds are 1/3 video podcast this your last video podcast for the first one will you wear that shirt for days out of the week so it's going to happen four of them what they think is true and every day book character cartoon character I would wear the same outfit every single day if I could but like a uniform my wife won't let me do that I find myself wearing a different shirt my closet where my clothes and put them on the right and I don't think anyone that's watching I would notice that because I go to movies with my wife and she noticed it every single day on the same day navigate to the in and out in every Nelson always that one guy beginning we got a call that he always has that stupid hey, in general in that you'll have what's up with a fair amount of comments on YouTube for his problem with the video and we had like some cut that didn't match or something like that a problem decision people commenting on the video and in the middle of all that all of you have one guy who says oh I never said that Gus appears in the background and then the rest of the throw out that work if somebody sees it that the first person is always going to seem like I just don't understand your reasoning how it went to HighSchool I really liked any time they were so what's the answer in like it squared every day did you know I never happened the more you do it you think the funnier it gets to me yeah you definitely make yourself laugh kind of funny the whole it important to have contingency plans to be together for ever knows what's going to happen I don't know you could go crazy tomorrow I just bought a gold membership to the strip club and that was awesome we went for a week and then I met you in the store anything less than that I had to gym memberships you can trip is by myself your money to indicate that you're a guy who's going to spend even more money animals in the wild membership and what do you get for a membership to a strip club in the VIP area well that sounds exciting and different than the other people but a lot of money through to other people the grossest thing in the world you get like a toilet like a toilet with an entrance fee part of the eats like I had to go in there and use the bathroom in fake I'm going to spend I can ask how much you spent on the membership was a long time ago I don't be back to visit his parents can we talk about this here for a minute you got like the nineties way of thinking it's really weird I love that technology Half-Life 2 arm pits for it on Friday the exercise equipment out there but you were using it understand that laptop to my Army the marks the way to the right when they don't need a run for 6 miles of the time so they're modifying it so it prints it on the video game on is what they do is they do in basketball where you start at the goal line your running yards pick up and bring it back when you run out spring 2013 basketball like an elementary school over the line you have to run in grab the race arm and back shuttle Run Devil Run Fitness guys in the military right when I was doing it was probably using do people die yeah I would be pretty hard to do I like most the time you're under barbed wire that will be hard to get up about the barbed wire without to extreme pain to yourself someone didn't we have they have the Army National Training Center in Fort Irwin California is kind of out there and do people die every single time and you like already nervous because you're in the world they always die in Dumb Ways to like to have this road I got the call-up it was a long road you have to drive at night using night vision goggles cuz you have to practice like this place is always trucks running into each other they're driving a problem I don't know how many thousands of people there tragic death big group things you know like spring break or whatever you know young people just everyone in high school and I think about all that I didn't live there I didn't die but I probably should have known I would never do that Tulsa hitting story only had one very experienced I was taking down from Portland to Eugene it was like a 45-minute drive and I did it all the time I got a guy he was in California for a little vacation and smoking a joint in the car no problem with that I didn't accept the offer. I was at my head together and then like right I told him that I need to exit in Eugene and he gets it and he started asking me to California with him and I was like no I don't to California City California but I'm getting like you know like but I don't know if you meant to miss the exit or not but it really freaked me out the first time anything like that to happen to me like a very straight forward it to that point eventually he dropped me like to drop me off at some eggs I had to walk like 10 miles back to my house alright and he he was just obviously very lonely like charger is here for you what person Houston naked what mile marker and he remembered every nude incident by the mile markers only one guy at all the time you get fake ever ask to see anything actually and I wasn't freaked out because I feel like it would happen more often more often hey did you up to pick up the check is good I think your drugs and they find out you don't have any and then drop you off early so that way I got more and then I did some it turned down because it looks like a scary situation like the truck full of like 6 guys and there's nowhere for me to stand here and pick me up and I'm not getting into it right now but I wouldn't condone doing that German money I get you and then I can't use it until January Jack is for the I need to go I need a feeling that I'm in there like the Cowboys won so I'm deciding for 2001 just finish out the year it let me know if you guys try to match the person in the photo is doing like in winter in the snow and I don't think there's like an appropriate one like right now it's really fun like it's hard to find something to Market to women like it's all guys here to train firefighters and cowboys is the major thing here he said the guy asked you to flash him did you let him know I didn't and I got from table right like that was in it was it's a good thing that the policy when you're hitchhiking not too flashy just come up 34/72 day labor it was he was so nice to you and I realized I should have left him I feel bad is it why did Flash you probably didn't drive me anywhere so I just don't think animated Venture and I will be right back I don't you I was with a guy when he got struck by lightning my friends and I were driving from Alabama to New Orleans and it started raining lightning actually struck near my car and we really liked what I lost until my car and I drove into a ditch and all my friends and I get out I can hitchhike to a gas station and I go out then I go hey I just wrecked my car I need to get a tow from this guy and he goes I don't go out in the rain and bad times and I was like I don't know what that means but she really helped me and I hate her so much okay and that shut me up and then we're driving down on a car in the water to get down and now all you can see them on my car is a little bit of the roof and the antenna that like a Jack In The Box pull the car over the huge dick then he goes to like move the cable it fucking lightning strikes right there and all the sun I hear the guys on the ground holding his arm with his right shoulder it didn't hit him but it hits so close I guess it's charged all the all the fucking metal round it looked at me like that in my car and I look at the mega how much do I owe you sir how much were they just looked at me and I pulled my wallet at me hey we can do it we just watched the one where I don't remember cuz I haven't figured it out yet nike.com / jayordan to know why you called and I think he wanted to pick one of those user names but he couldn't figure it out so I can book it for next week we have an OK great if you want to send to ass kissing here drive on the conflict that weekend I think so your just like losing at anything did you lose again Superstar I love you we appear and your Leslie back then what you have to be Leslie love you he going to play in the steering wheel to the right how to see where I am at home I only play Xbox anymore when I'm on my treadmill and do I put a treadmill in front of a wall mounted TV and I play it that way and I found that there's certain games that I can play on the treadmill there any issues with this right now I think I have the number to almost 3 Marathon the controller playing that game earlier this afternoon I know we have wood floor it looks like someone is really terrible I need a tire from skating like 7 years ago you made it what it is today argue that he doesn't have tons of kids on them do you really know the Rams do you have any concept of what sport is mad at me because I play the game I'm angry that you can't assume that I wouldn't fall I know enough positions to tell you what you said coach first but we try to throw me coaching with you come up but he was the coach of the Raiders drunk tank podcast it was a great day but I guess you were talking last week about technology and desk you know if you want a cool that you can always take one of the geekdesk that we bought from Monte arm at that they have both been too lazy to put up so we have an extra one because after we talked about the heart attack risk from sitting down all day I thought maybe I should get a deep geekdesk so I can just stand up you said that somebody got home and said they could help build you something someone custom Cabinetry offer to make a desk it's precisely arm I suspect whatever I wanted but I feel bad I feel like that's a lot of work for someone to donate so it was just me you just need a table top that has that kind of stuff in it which may not be that difficult to judge if you pay for materials entire conference table that has in it that they got I think those gaming tables but it's cool I have a test that actually you can raise up and down so I can fit it in then when I want to I just stand up and I kind of toying with the idea put the treadmill underneath that like taking off the top reading and then just put the treadmill underneath it but I didn't you guys come over your office I think you guys would go nuts if I did that I think you would fall to the floor Runner to miles an hour to keep your core busy all day there like that you're keeping your core like we didn't like working your core it I don't know Fitness coach short your core muscles like a bullshit term that they came up with about 5 years ago your lives are but everything to Elaine I'm assuming that that's true because of the muscles you work when you're working your core when I was older I didn't expect regret not flashing the trucker that's weird but it's the same thing I'm driving home and Leslie are like the famous homeless guy in Austin Ally songs and leopard print shirts and crazy like that because you know that story I don't know what smoking quiet dude I've met him once and like I was kind of a Legends in Austin he ran for mayor he um he's homeless right we always wear is like song underwear and like bikinis and probably some crazy getup usually mostly naked it out like coffee shop smoke cigarettes and drinks or whatever it looks like somebody doesn't want him but unlike on your fridge I didn't know where that wasn't German and I didn't I didn't drink and I was like this YouTube buy me a drink I'm going to be late I need to be stuck there for like 3 hours and it Leslie come and go just like you can't move and he's not going to just have conversations with them he lived in a house for a year at a mansion that had mold infestation and it was being worked on and so on I want an American peace activist crossdresser Street person and local celebrity in Austin Texas he's a Critic of police treatment of the home button but I have a problem with that I like to talk to homeless people and it drives the rest of you crazy around I do cuz every time I walk by a certain homeless person to say where's your boss he has $20 for me and I don't know you're not going to work he would come to the day would come to our front door though your body all the time tomorrow so I hope the next day Daryl but even that was the thing where what I guess my favorite the crazy black lady I would come out and look at people and I'm alone which was fascinating to me for like a couple times a week she would go into the restaurant tomorrow about this ask them for a free cup of water and a really cute and really going to pick up water it should go outside and scream at them and throw the water and then just walk away they never caught me they were always like this in Congress who sang Afternoon Delight public parking guys at 4th and Congress singing guys at 6 new song from the car always smiling I got the biggest smile ever seen in my life whatever that guy was talking about he was happy I had to get away from my daughter school yesterday pleural pain medicine really and I don't know amulet the possible your daughter is like you guys don't hold back on a lot of free stuff it nowadays we just don't tell your kids you know I was wondering about that we took me to this thing and really she hasn't sold makeup kits it I'm going to give her for Christmas it made your mom give it to her and she put on like tons of blue eyeshadow in the car it was like from here to like here it looks like your face in Blade Runner so she went to the school thing and all the parents like make up already huh it's like give it some lips it was really good and it's usually pretty laid-back but I was surprised I was like is that I don't really know if she does it herself and it's not like and it's very dressed up like is that getting her if he was surprised I didn't think it was I'm actually getting on RV Lego Star Wars invent any more like Disney fun house that's fucking fucking talk about how you wanted to start doing some more family-friendly GameStop for Humanity family friendly gaming videos is that we are through your family was not on the podcast last week that you guys talked about the new Wonder Woman it home Friday night and that's apparently where they test the new Wonder Woman from the show and my wife was commenting about how hot that woman is I want to see the real life and how you know she's a really beautiful girl can I see what the problem is you have to you have to update it for modern taste you have to make her get the pants on her now she can't wear the hot pants Ben-Hur Lake Road photo classes Atlanta in truth tell the truth but something else Chris Robertson when she is blonde it is the last of Truth by the way what's the weapon wielded by DC Comics superhero in Wonder Woman Princess Diana of themyscira what's the weather the odds that anybody 30 is we have stupid fucking names attached to 4042 hey dude what is that television show hey are you going to be coming out sci-fi or anything kind of your episode mini-series Everyone likes it you have to wait a year and a half it without the first season of it and I can't believe that that's pretty crazy I thought we had a short hair delicate features like with short hair if they come out a lot more I guess NeverWet hot did you see the latest bucking great such a great show the receptionist from 30 Rock in the hottest woman on the planet or something in USA make sure that she looks good but I think you're going to be in if you're going to do that you shouldn't make sure you look up that's why we should buy some plants for the office but yeah we should all expect everyone somebody in the office and I couldn't even name admitted to me the other day that he didn't wash his face between make-up sessions like they have been for over 24 hours and he hadn't washed his face doesn't mean forever that's what I like how was great alright please enjoy it it will be back in a moment new series from Pax 2 to come by yesterday but we couldn't kind of a situation this situation and the situation my friend had a seizure yesterday and that was our situation anyway we think he's going to be okay just turn around and walk away let me broke so I went and we park my car horse dick every fucking panel on the crib you know what the fuck RT Dennis to come out in my dreams alright well welcome back. Geoff person I want to talk to you about from last week it was here for is well so did you ever get your massage that Griffon but for you massage that lady on red it was bullshit for massages you know he needed there's no happy ending though you know you're in the territory it was actually kind of awkward because they gave him as a friend and I didn't think that would be weird at first cuz it's kind of like somebody touching you holding you really put a lot of work Michigan of in there was in there and when maybe you just to pick up on as much as I was getting ready to head is what's up Geoff doesn't pick up on it when girls like him like you don't usually pick up and checking you out hitting on girls guys hitting on her he was doing that for What from 14 to whatever agent when a girl comes in your party you go hit on it as fast as possible so they want to stick around the party does that make sense like haven't dated women in the past like they definitely need to it I will do it to every girl needs attention almost it all to him so they don't get upset let me go out there let's say you and one of your friends goes to a party hey and some creepy dude what's up your friend goes hey baby how you doing you wanna come out with me to go and get a drink she said no leave me alone who is the girl who got hit on recently I was like the next of the blonde and it just didn't work for me but your boyfriend Texas it was that while ago drunk Geoff achievement and we went to the bar and it was like the ugly friend but at the time I was really pretty cool but still like the next one and you got it like a dude are you not going to get noticed she dyed her hair blonde is going tanning well that night I thought I think I should come in like I would much rather pay for my own drinks and have to talk to somebody about me to drink like this guy was obnoxious but it looks like it's not free if you talk to him yeah I'm not having fun because I'm having free drinks you would prefer to be the girls not getting hit on 4 free drinks this way she would to Home Depot on Saturday to buy some cleaning stuff and that she came home and the first thing she walked in it was Central to the door I just totally got checked out by 12 year old firelake Thanksgiving or whatever just like I did hey guys when I buy a drink for a girl I'm not looking for 20 minutes what to do if it's not trying to be rude but I think I've always been pretty sympathetic to guys I don't want them to waste your time and if I'd known that but I'm not going to leave something on for free drinks in a can you know can I buy you a drink or a guy offers your drink this is better than talk to my friends now thank you I really appreciate it and leave that's better than Electric Geoff when you're out that night did you make it to Albany announcing that I'm married or anything but I'm also not going to leave something on for free drinks I'm sure there's a lot of guys would disagree with that big lead on if a guy asks you if you want to do I pretty much raised to the bar when answer anyway so I thought so Elizabeth I'm usually have a habit of attracting really are you know what's funny to watch is funny to watch but at a bar you ever go to the bar because I have in the house when did this happen when did you know that you're struggling but I'm going to throw at you and you're waiting to get a drink Gus hate that fucking process of flagging down the bartender to work and getting the bartender to notice you Gus is like cooking classes I'm pretty sure if it's the bartender was passing by to fuck Tumblr people I've seen people here that you like 10 minutes get me a drink not go ahead with some hipster party to take you like 40 minutes to get a drink it was boring burlesque show to be done with it what do you think how many salons to remove from stripping it looks like a bunch of rockabilly chicks that wear pasties and don't know how to dance going like that for sucking the girl on 30 minutes at the bar to get a shitty watered-down gin and tonic for $9 and that's why I don't leave the house and you were definitely right that night you know I saw something that you know their website and you can pay half now and user stories and you can order print something for some reason that's why Griffon make a point of getting babysitter to go and do something like a friend of mine was performing that night she was like in the band that was like supporting some burlesque burlesque things that she was like playing a place like that would it cost for a friend who had never spoken to because she so sexually intimidating I can't make eye contact with her and I can't be around Gallery Place like that what you call it autoharp core gets locked out of the house just as she's about to go on and Geoff RT drunk so I have to go home your talking now gallery to the babysitter so is your friend and she could you left in the 900 I didn't catch your show and since then she hasn't talked to you know whatever if somebody's going to be that weird about it then fuck him but it just kind of annoying because everything that I love it was I think if I were you I'd be encouraged by the fact that you're into women just like her as we get older and she's like guys that are like Robert Pattinson who's the dude in the werewolf know Sherry Russell Diane Lane Taylor Hodson Christopher Michael salon Belvedere the Twilight kid and that and that's why I like women that like Jonah Hill test hey good job here I come Lakefield want to play football Taylor Allderdice but are you okay we always to see you two later and would like you to enjoy all of my lesbian friends were there and then all of the like Alice and boys were there and I checked out so many phobias are there hot lesbians and I felt immediately incredibly guilty about it like oh my God she's so hot nude to me honestly why One Direction it looks like a dude I don't hear that Autoharp so much as I can between is Gavin hey I gotta have noticed that I don't think we lost went to his head and ridiculous thing different over there weather in pensby photo Zone my life young guys standing photo Tulsa massage is Adventure invent like it was supposed to be like really and Griffon to Millie and went shopping so it was all it was unless you have to front I didn't have it I knew that there was money being spent and I didn't know how bad was going to be and so I was worried about that and then also the dog was in the crate and the dog weigh for an hour so that was to have that I would not want a massage I know this girl very beautiful very she's been cashed and stuff because she so pretty like the part is beautiful girl is the part that you play and I would not want a massage from a really beautiful lady that sings I could be its own level of stress to me please don't get a boner because I don't like you really I think you should be more like watching like a hawk what are there was no fucking ice cream shop your people who serve ice cream German Champion League arm wrestler benefit you when I found them out there's a dude talking about in Germany he looks like it looks like a Photoshop bodybuilders arm on his right arm or leg he put his arm like in a bee hive and got stung 400 times the normal dude The Simpsons Army Gus the internet down today I can't find my best to bad for you when your arm wrestler how many times did the bar you have to tolerate the jack off Champion the world yeah I think that's the other way you know I just wanted Mastiff arm for the charger charger was actually about the charger before they put it in the game and they essentially did this but if you actually look at it he described the charger perfectly and even or something like that it was really close ocean big big big meal at dinner we had a kid who at the start of season three emailed us the plot of season 3 like in detail it was really bizarre and the arm wrestling champion Taylor to make you sad or something I try to figure out what was happening in the storyline I'm positive it's going to end differently than what I did but people figured out what it was about and you just can't with the internet now you can't do to is that extend over multiple episodes multiple somebody's going to get it but video a lot like the video that we put out what the hell how could you possible moment I'm talking about an idea for a video and then we looked on the internet and there or something just put it out the day we talked and I had an idea for a drunk it or not I was telling you last week and I was like that's a great idea impossible to get away from that you know like everything is so accessible to everyone of all time so I have an idea happens Gus the world it's there original thinker is not this one in particular stands out because it was made sorry it was made well before Left 4 Dead 2 came out and it's just part of the charger like a small arm vs The Big Arm that are very specific so this is one where the guy crying about it your people are crying about it and all the stuff there for the pictures that he took the guys and gave them probably the photos all over our website between is that which was the Red vs Blue Characters with their helmets off and they're holding them and the guy he would not have gone through that little piece of character design from all different lines in season 1 of All Stars was versus Chris how fat grip was and he does everything turns out it was okay that made up but I was going all over the state trying to find who made these pictures and I found somebody is user image gallery that had all the photos and so I said man I really love these drawings I think they're tremendous and he just said thanks thanks a lot I want to post them on the front page of the site but I wanted your permission before I do that he's totally fine go for it and then he just make sure you give me credit for them and I said okay I said it to me for finding them fucking jackass no compunction about life I would be on the front page is going to be there and his job for the entire weekend is our cards and he's going to be doing drunk people all weekend long good luck if I do and I'm wondering if it's just it was just me because no one else has the problem the only problem there is that it doesn't wake from sleep thanks for watching her now video podcast I guess you return the audio for the wild Gus will speed it up now I got the Thunderbolt and I had a lovely time today I think I learned a lot about truck driving in a little bit about Jack In Disguise is Griffon it is something I've long suspected Leslie it's all good when to eat and anger everybody