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Recorded: 2011-04-27 20:59:40

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

Gus go with the theme song again stealing my fuckin intro man that music sounded really familiar Man of Steel theme song I was told that that was an original composition for us maybe they just floating out there any afoxwell on the website is that original sound bite which is Gus yeah that might be the most used one and all our songs you know the original idea that I had my first run of the podcast was that someone on the podcast would make up and sing a theme song every week but how many would be up to at this point Gus of terrible 111 terrible I have been had we continued that pretty quickly just like different things different will have lowest my name on Geoff Ramsey I'm going to Geoff Ramsey all the aforementioned and this is Gus sorola spirulina Four Rivers Matt reference will help to send the send button on your iPod at this point so PSN still down of you guys right now they talk like 50 million don't think is PSN free so anybody who has a PS3 or what are the other two bye PSP or any of that shit is automatically PSN user I think that's crazy it's been so long even if you recorded I feel totally confident people here are saying it will still be down they use the word indefinitely man I feel bad for PlayStation Isle of it this morning was trying it wasn't a big deal get to that level of brand loyalty for the people who pay for your service to pay for your thing then and even when it does poorly as opposed to if you're out in the real world and you buy something just works like this if she don't give me my money back right then stop it I can't play Portal 2 online and it just came out and it's bedtime for them what do you play multiplayer Portal 2 Co-op new player single player or do co-op on the same screen can you give a smart guy and you have a computer and can you give us the rundown on what exactly has happened to the PSN technology what kind of lead you to believe that someone may be hacked PSN but as some other people who are guys that are into the PlayStation modding scene said that the staff came out for the for the PS3 that allows you to connect to basically like they're parallel developer PSN and then put in fake credit card info and done with whatever you wanted from PSN essentially for free but it didn't work he was trusted so they didn't actually do credit card verification authorization so it didn't matter what you put into business school but everything that is bad for the business you cannot make up for that at least they don't have it I bet you we have 100% of the hacker demographics a lot of fake credit card numbers did they ever fix that exploit that allowed people to just unlock trophies at will I forgot about that that was a huge that they had somebody put it and you can just unlock all the trophies PSN Network Theory I get them to do that then only imagine there's no web browser on the Xbox and they're using some for the URL exploit right now but I mean that's just that's just something put on Twitter it's a website you go to and it just basically loads a black screen and it doesn't matter what you it's pretty funny when the keyboard for a few short single command is it ever turn into Matrix code at any point I didn't get that far wall were talking about the video game for Xbox 360 Gus did you see that Nintendo announced the yearly earnings yesterday I heard about the 70% probably 3 Wright will they announce when they're going to be playable supposed to come out in 2012 the revolution revolution with the GameCube with Dolphin I think in the other wheel is Revolution is it called project console hard to believe that from that now we're 2 point where everyone recognizes that we all have we even know anything about it new console and I realized how not excited I am about it I really hate it but I can't remember the last time I think it was for Paper Mario game that came out that was like a year-and-a-half ago yeah that was last weekend I thought Jack and I play dead space extraction that was pretty fun we is on all the time at our house but I think for most people it seems like it was a novelty item that a lot of older people that core gaming demographic and stop playing the broken all the windows in your house windows and picture frames new camera and the controller at least you can see something like that or is it something cool I did also I thought I read last week that Sony announced they're canceling the PSP Go is all right Gus to me I don't know how you can convince retailers to sell a product that doesn't use me do they sell rat PSP Go and you buy other games to PSN and download them we're not selling PSP Go games that have the code to unlock a portion of the retail part of the games in the whole games ? we both like games on Demand right and I had something come up that I've never thought of before if I download a games on demand game is it tied to my gamertag it is I don't want to buy these games on the man I love that a lot but it's when you bye it in your in your house can use it and games on demand I think I buy a digital product and I'm talking about the 360 account and I can transfer and license once a year I might not be that bad using my account my Xbox Live account but I know my wife plays it without me being signed in on Xbox on that console on the console I just recently bought a game where I felt like that was not working in that way or maybe I thought it was console I bought in discovering this as a problem I know I'm a unique case for I'm 1% of 1% of people who have multiple accounts in their house and we don't have like a room that just has one tree 60 inch from everybody else we go on like with iPhone that drives me crazy so I can if you like Geoff and you solve this problem at your house right put in the same account on a different account for all of our computers iPhone which is will be a lot easier to swallow the prices were lower you know I mean like you know whatever you don't care that much but when you look at the $500 music library suddenly that's a big deal music my computer doesn't have the problem angry calling your wife who's like why I can't do the thing that I was going to Dubai is in this work is all broken come fix it yes I just had a lab that password so I did the dangerous thing is when the kids are in the password then you watch them with the iPhone in the cloud to iTunes man about to announce first 6 months or something that they're going to go all Cloud that's how they keep rumor it seems like you can't even go to on your computer and didn't find that you want to come over to your son's computer drive on your computer 50 drive around 2 a.m. Radio Detroit Star Trek device that sits on your dashboard just shut the fuk up so I recognize that your guys didn't track is on a title now I'm more relieved than anything else I just have to clear all this digital stuff out the deal with it anymore and hopefully come up with a more streamlined anything available to everyone but the PS3 Network down the option on the PS3 Diamond people install other operating systems remember we talked about that a few months ago he's real install Linux on your PS3 and they remove that the firmware also because of things like this and I believe is around the computer for the first time this computer so we emailed you a code you need to enter in so I had to switch back to the Mac sign get the code man go back to the computer I think that's it and I've never given anyone I don't know exactly how that works I'm just playing it the other digital account playing at the same time for so long platelets Isle of Portal 2 done did you see I guess that Portal 2 3 valve last game of an isolated single player experience I guess you also say that we're not going to give any spoilers so if you don't too now real quick just give a disclaimer 843 is possible and Gus will blank out anything that's player traffic right now I'll just go in with single player experience life years Theory of Everything when they remove the number 3 mean I don't think this is a spoiler my God I was reading the portal Wiki last night so I'm probably at the portal universe and a half of the universe of the same universe and that down the road that Chell the main character from Portal will play a significant role in the half life in and out and Other Stories in their universe and that in for that she would be apart like you have will play some part in Half Life 2 which was an amazing experience of playing a game and getting an unbelievable story without any cut-scenes that was unbelievably revolutionary to me when they did that but it's iPhone that has life franchise I recognize that there's fiction layer done to valve games like Left 4 Dead and portal but it always seemed intentionally strip it is to me that I never look any deeper than that it was I thought it was the perfect story to justify what you were doing without bogging down with story all that stuff about Portal 2 1842 with all by the scientist named dr. rat looks like the one living scientist left in the actual abs and he was hiding from Gladys and selected Chell to be the test subject the bitter and is all kinds of stuff it's really like he also was watching and getting close to Chell throughout portal and that's what the hell I don't know medication that Chell is it Chell name is right there in the whole deal between 1 and 2 if you don't know her 212 I don't know if it was important I remember that my sound like I don't care or that's irrelevant I think that's completely in the story of Portal 2 was probably one of the best that I've seen in any video game ever totally agree and they also made a point of talking about how she never speaks at all during the campaign right now because she can't because she's so annoyed with Gladys she never wants to give Gladys the satisfaction of knowing that she's gotten to her really too conscious effort not to speak at all really good kind of weed the whole time I can tell you all about that too but I don't know if we want to my head and pull too much but of the whole time you were talking new 7 emails so are we then to infer from this that Gordon Freeman is annoyed by everything he runs into it at some point once or twice I can't recall any mention that someone is an asshole Barney valve done so well you don't realize they're being constructed and you react to things in the game based you realize later I made a reaction to what I did based on something I learned in the game without even knowing that I would learn by now podcast only 10 minutes long 51 Long Island from under their belt you know if you if you can't will talk to you and it says all kinds of really crazy stuff like and then she I just want to look at it with me and we can take it there was like Portal 2 how do you say as well I did the same thing and I don't know how my job is to find achievements and I saw something about that game I was so shocked and so instantly I never thought to hit pause and go look at it see that list to make sure I was doing everything properly and I got lucky and I only missed one single player achievements through I got to go back and record for a hundred but you can go in different directions to different parts of the room I can't fucking portal go and walk over Burnie too many tools does feeling good in a way the Notre Dame has word simultaneously makes you feel like the smartest and dumbest person in the world like you watching may get stuck in a point yesterday I was probably 20 minutes so frustrated as soon as you walk away I figured out with a brick play portal after you finish today will seem like the dumbest person on the planet watching a monkey with a rock and a stick trying to figure out and make fire Everton somehow into a video game that's a mechanic that took part of where's Waldo I'm just like you I'm looking at it I'm going to see if I look at this eventually how to solve this problem and there's not really any other day looking for something like in the solution it makes perfect sense to very fun experience and I would say it's probably I don't understand that game was too short people are a lot smarter than I am apparently even play the second time even knowing how to beat the puzzle to 5 & a half hours to be that games that they showed completed level so they showed that we were not included all tunnel levels that were just those two things together and from what I read attributed to some of the valve saying they cut those because they didn't have too much timing thing they wanted me more about figuring out how to solve it as opposed to just got the jump at the right time or I was running it the right time to this thing cuz I hate that for her games puzzle game Portal 2 is a definite recommend from everybody here people would do business again Matt is the whole games fall done for me but pretty much new Wii that's coming out this week for sure though that's basically what I heard some of the iPhone 5 Rumor how are they conflicting with different designs different look to the phone was going to die iPhone 60 then how did you know did you read the art 2 iPhone 5c vs. of the uniform look older iphone 5 iphone 5 nano-sim iphone 5s why did you say that when he comes out and turns out it was true that I did read that that one of the rumor 5 and an iPhone 5 Mini sofa from the temperature now it's a pay station that doesn't doesn't look like it hurt your TV the big hook on this console is that all the controllers have the TV screen on controllers and you all think I did something similar with the GameCube with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GameCube Animal Crossing on the GameCube it also have I think that you could travel to your Game Boy from the games scanner is how I know about it I just got had it for 3 days now right for you can like to look at cars with an alternate reality or augmented reality I don't display does nothing for me but I really don't like hers all over the Box the cat that they love those things and I just came out in all the junk that was coming out of the junk drawer and we're in profits to throw it away and my younger kid Texas laser pointer up in Chinese what the hell is a shocking Revelation holding a handheld video game and telling kids not to play it that's like having a cookie jar that you filled with poison or something I mean I have to play with it anyway yeah do you know will Nintendogs and Cats that are a pilot wings for it and I don't think I can leave anything beyond that that lost with it and then you have all the Pokemon that evolve by level up 2 different versions of speculation which one is it go is there multiplayer in each other's company man Matt original Geoff achievement all right Mama ranting about things I want to go back to an earlier and dear Lord do I wish that Griffin was on the podcast they just for this discussion but guess who got busted on an airplane for not turning off your cell phone that's fucking bullshit by the way did you get busted no I'm on my phone I'm playing Angry Birds they go we're going to turn off your things I know when I start to turn mine off and I'm like holding the button down to turn it off and guys excuse me sir and I just looked him up right now I just want you to put your window down for takeoff does rumor that you can no longer tell people you call those poor ladies with their dog tunnel you know when you point one finger at somebody else 3 fingers are pointing back at you let me know how things are turning out their cell phone apparently the second they announced it it was time for them all and he was looking at pictures that sounds like time for an update every day hand signal I was following the rules going on right now so negative just like it's moving billboard that Tower over there everybody seems very big brother you know it is to text and drive 2 something about the way they're presenting it seems really impressive to me and then I nearly ran off the road texting while driving is so bad and it's such an epidemic then why are traffic fatalities at the lowest rate they've been for the past 50 years is that true yes speaking of traffic did you guys read that they're trying to raise the speed limit in Texas 285 and 85 exactly portal all right I'm sure there's that they're allowed to operate within that someone is okay let's bump it up to 8:05 see where a bunch of people down the road from there oh you got run over here on that street that world so 100 yards from fire house so we clocked into the in two and a half minutes to get to the scene of the accident in a couple of fatal accident by the center section of the last time it was on a motorcycle and I think I've been two or three others besides that when I was a kid we have a big yard in the corner of the yard we had a bus stop and for some reason it was it was like a magnet for a drunk people in the middle of night to hit and art are Street kind of like with the street where you can cut through the neighborhood and go around it and we probably had when I was like 3 or 4 different hard hit that bus top rack and we would wake up in the morning and it be like car parts strewn all over the yard and the bus stop would be destroyed it was like the old kind of rebar middle mr. men show end once and of the motorcycle thing remind me to get up in the morning and there's a half of a motorcycle that is like a destroyed motorcycle I thought how are you able to ride a motorcycle but you can't stay away from a bus stop in somebody's yard also with the other half of the questions bitter traffic fatalities I was in Los Angeles and I was texting with my wife to Geoff and Matt and I took a trip to La last week where we flew to LA in the morning we had a meeting and we determined that we could make our flight coming back we can look into earlier once you back by the end of the day we would like is for climbing with my wife when we were trying to go to the airport 1711 Dr with Matt my wife is scared to death of the way that Matt Drive will may have an advantage in elections traffic in Austin works right 10 o'clock at night on a Wednesday and I am go Gus Isle traffic jam and you can go anywhere I thought not yet I'm just out of that traffic jam but I am worried or wear it in 2 put on your phone driving away from everybody in La is at least you know it 9 o'clock yet Isle traffic can you know if we went on a holiday weekend on a Friday go out of LAX at 9 o'clock a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 2 hours too it wasn't so good final billing traffic can be like a really bad accident so bad this morning yes Matt man I ever met is awesome I will get it to Matt drives differently in La which probably would my white Jordan has been in your car you have much more aggressively in LA and yes it was you know there's a guy behind me in the middle of the street at the airport and I heard him talking to somebody else then yeah I just came from Melrose and you know go and I like the area where we came from and it's like it took me two and a half hours to get down here it was crazy and Matt says will you ever talk to him to about a lady always has the same thing as exclamation of Life LA traffic is better you just said surface streets to everybody everyone you always try to show me single person what are the streets near Hollywood and is on Ed Hardy sneakers at Harley store on the side of the road they have a store on the whole store just for that shit that's weird it was working 2 lab Matt Hardy store 2 blocks later another Ed Hardy store on the same side now we're not kidding it was like Starbucks out there almost an hour and a half at Starbucks 4 Starbucks all around the building and only one of them was open for literally all across the street from each other at an intersection that's because you know why that is borders with borders is now in the process of closing down all over the country that was even posted a picture of the borders sign and it said we don't have any public bathrooms I think the kids will put us out of a job yet use the restroom in Anaheim bitter though they're closing on fire man who can in millions of acres in new members at Austin Austin all the way from down there and remember flying between Austin and Ally that you can see the smoke in the air at 30000 feet crazy is a natural thing that happens I'm not fire I never thought that's where we were everything burned down and it never recovered recovered from fire recovered pretty quickly so natural organic live in the man you have no insurance the other day I'm going to I'm not going to get a country to run here but I showed this channel of water between I believe of Sweden and Denmark and I guess there was a route that connected the too and it was like a bridge above water Hathaway and then it dipped down and became a tunnel halfway through the tunnel I have way to the channel when I finish tunnel diving down into the water 300 feet up in the air and we started to play sorry about that I wasn't able to look at the windows too close to the ground at least if the plane goes down we're still pretty close to the ground we don't fall down yeah but being able to see the ground. That's mortifying like 800 feet up a thousand feet of theory distance put 35000 feet in perspective for anything video posted these guys who were simply the top of a flagpole on top of the tallest building in Dubai Dubai I was watching the video 2500 what is the distance of the Empire State Building up is that I remember the height of tower at that point man he was higher than 20 feet higher than where you in Geoff on the plane we just made that comment would probably the birds Dubai his room is 2700 feet off the ground half a mile from Lantana on top people jumping out of the equation a point when you guys die where am I in your lip like you do I get your kids miss you I really do Gus of life is going to raise our kids if we die you're pretty high up on the list who could take over this Monumental task of raising children only no reason I don't understand that I do want to remind awful Matt is so quiet over there so I just think your wife would not want to have our kids couldn't you have for boys Kobe Bryant basketball team no you just have a fight that you break up and she takes care of herself queens of the rumor people have these discussions all the time all the time and you don't know the horrible things that are said about you as a person you're disgusted Justin so you guys you guys made a list and then Gus 2 demon girl thank you thank you for loving me from the dead just doesn't have any kids so we would have to worry about the issue if he didn't live with him and they would have been truly be secondary kids you know right it would be an additional burden to realize I had some Advantage like that if something happened it showed up and you had to take care of my kids would you do that it was between you and somebody else was in it I'm going to my above Matt the top of the list so if your family dies ideally so I have some work for you well maybe one no no no I'm kidding now because then you also have to start using your friends as a joke like hahaha one thing that Matt and Anna have going for them aside from the neighborhood which is I really like is that Matt has adopted brother and so he was a good kid at that point I would think that having the experience of being raised with another kid would make that transition process tell me a little bit of a downer feels like you guys have an extra bedroom yes we do would you know if you heard that there were other people don't have in front of you with that this morning I don't feel personally I wouldn't have my feelings hurt if I wasn't even on the list and your wife have the same link up on that anyway you don't think I know where this constant equilibrium between Geoff your life I think I'm the most different from my wife in good with one of the biggest things about who would raise May mean they would be stable environment obviously and I think with some buddies kids because I'm with my daughter but I didn't really new and kind of people who have stories from those people and that would be important Michael Keaton and my life from the videos too thanks Burnie console parenting is a good topic of discussion for categorizing parenting advice to analyze your friends no just that it's a weird we're discussing depressing actually did that become a duty of being a godparent godparents with being where kids go if the actual parents died that was the whole point I think the purpose of a godparents additionally is that they become the spiritual influence in that child's life but your doesn't need it I want this person to help them develop spiritually I don't remember them and I don't think so but haven't even made your decision right now I'm trying I'm trying to find a definition here or like the way it's changed a lot of Marlon Brando and I guess it started will definitely religious overtones explicitly but it's the modern view of godparents to be an individual choice and other parents are taking interest in the child's upbringing and personal development godparents in the education with caring for the child did you see that the CEO of Tesla Motors said that he's going to put humans on Mars in the next 20 years guys tax write an essay is doing a bunch of layoffs and apparently all people going to space and some of the other like space Corporation is Richard Branson's once and most of those companies are headquartered on the Isle of Man really yeah something to do with the way our tax system is structured or they know something we don't know something we don't know what's going on form or whatever pregnant rumor that's okay I found the guys tweeting too hard top Lincoln tweeting too hard and then I realized that he was only a block from my office downtown right now but it was all him and he said something like on Twitter you can submit them to the site and then it shows all of them probably top all-time tweeting tweeting too hard.com is OMG I was saying how I couldn't afford the gas to fly Daddy's jet to the Revere this summer and this Barista totally rolled her eyes at me but this guy's number he's not dropped a number 5 on the fan belt light came on in the 911 so now I'm driving the Cayenne Turbo S The Backup backup card I'm trying not to think about my Tesla self my credit score discredited my credit score is 740-740-3742 it's easy to get credit when you don't need it Comic Con in Dallas Geoff is this years ago the first comment on this player even though she didn't ask as my own little contribution to fighting is also going to know that was like this really sucks black of Dvorak support Richmond Hills my dreams of having the iPad with Bluetooth keyboard replace my laptop man alive I hate the internet and everything you're somewhere having a conversation open the door on Wednesday also per capita New Jersey Drive some kind of sports car in La it's pretty crazy it's true sports car traffic 2 miles into a book while he was driving it was on his life all right you have to shut up shut up shut up voice recording for Rivers blue season I'm excited people works cited in the trailer I can I don't know how we can indicate any more than that character my people turning out then the show The Office you know how that goes Portal 2 videos right now doing the all the Easter eggs today morning calculated how many frames per day we need to render to get this everything ready and it scared the shit out of it so that's what I did