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Recorded: 2011-05-04 23:07:19

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

camera hey what's up with the last me all day trying to think what that's from you know I don't know what the funk 5 billion times probably thanks to teddyj Brandon is really Brandon you play DJ Hero a minute it was hard though I get him doing all those things and stuff I gave up pretty quickly I'm not giving her opinion as I get into the server when they talk Burnie Brandon Griffon and Gus everybody today in fairness to me she kicked me in the chest about 30 times a couple hours before he was kind of capturing motion trying to delete recording the way this actress moved as a reference for animation and a part of that was her beating the shit out of me stomach which was awesome and we have the video of that and then later that night I accidentally someone had my face or head my hand hit her face accidentally accidentally like a martyr in kicked in the stomach and she went from my phone to my photo album that away from her and her head on, kiss the door yeah when you say it almost makes you sound more practiced like a head and Girls Club what happened at L&B will try to finish early so I apologize for 360 okay okay so wait what's on your mind that that's the important question obviously had to get the phone away from her one person to know was on the phone new a girl to see it but it might be okay to show someone that you work with he's not a girl so done with everybody how long did everybody go you're so concerned about what you have on your phone yet that you punched a girl in the face at the bar if she was she would just spend like you can have your phone back instead of stealing it from me none of this would have happened so your phone is password-protected then or delete password protected and she was showing her the picture and then feel like she took it from me and it wasn't like he let me see your phone it was high time that I've known you phone 901 for 5 days and then I lost my original of them are striking range why would you keep anything on the phone that you're worried about if you lose you lose that so frequently and the other one with in my apartment but still losing blood daily trust that only thing is you have this mobile device to your TV Rob very sensitive material not yet adult material Unity photo taking forever so I think I made the deletions from iPhone coming to pick you up in one of the people pervert because the other day I was hey I put a picture of your ass in your folder on the network if you want to check it out I was going to my car to clean now and the first picture I find a messing with some boxes in a lake with a bucket and in the next picture and take the picture I was just making it available to Gus stolen thyme in my defense I don't want any myself look at the photo it wasn't because my tramp stamp was not on that person I don't know man shot in raw format 4000 by 2200 mm Preserve your information for Optimum at the for kids that have been on Gus and the food immersion and if you remember that guy but you know what up with your pants down at your knees engraved in my brain which is why I would certainly Caviness team with this piece to do because he had at some point like he came out of the shower and he likes drops with how I've been where he's like moving it and they're completely the Flash's full frontal Gavin he's running the camera and then later he said it so he's trying to like put the sensor bubble or something over just dicks Super Shoes of horse mobile there's an ongoing thing that blows up is taking a while curious butt looks like I said but like I can't Brandon that was my butt it comes down to it was not a good I have no income so if you looking your best website someone rolled out a website where liquid state you get your digital camera stolen and you want it you want to get your your your your your camera back there's a website stolen camera finder.com you can upload a photo that you took with your camera before it was stolen and it find the serial number in the metadata and it goes to Flickr and photos on the internet and find other photos that were taken with that same serial number and you can find if there have been new pictures taken with that camera really see them terrifying any way possible that it's all so frightening like this you can get away with anything like there's anyone to find you find you like your location the first time your lunch camera iPhones ask you if you wanted location services and GPS coordinates on the house you are if you look at Google Maps why do that kind of thing for letting go he just told me what you wanted so I wouldn't bother the car because I figured I could talk to the sales guys and you know she would get railroaded but I learned that I was buying a car for my wife and that's when you say okay I want this car I'm going to buy prophets of rage on at 5 this point I have tried but it wasn't working before I go to the dealership and you're still in that back room drinking coffee for three hours while they do whatever they do something like that anyway you in any watching and watching and they get here and you can follow your car normally Fashion on how long the car stay parked somewhere in all this it's $750 but I think I just because I trust my wife me and I was like a weird conversation wasn't it was pretty much like information on the phone cell phone the serial number of the phone they work with the carrier and they just turn your phone on and it wasn't even if you phone the microphone to activate the microphone and Listen to Only the battery out of the phone or not have a phone there or not at all yeah with her in this situation camera sea bit I'm still with you that's very clearly bored and yeah babe I mean from what I understand they were watching it live and I don't feel watching it from like an overhead satellite view live or they might actually watching the live video feed from on the shoulders of the guy but I don't know if you know what I read they couldn't actually see like first person view like soap when people enter the compound but they didn't know what was going on there's a bit of Darkness anything in the head for some of the money you had Geronimo Geronimo really sea Bin Laden Ramsey Atlanta now, bin rain I think this is a fairly recent satellite photo of our office too because everyone the only person park in front of the building is man on the side of the firm at the time that we are four in a row and we can do it we have to do with yellow on the other seal I think it be better to keep it consistent where they wipe out by whatever whatever we have I know I have experience using piano play games together it was up and you start there's like this you start in one spot and if your goal is to get all the way around the square to do to go at the same spot a run and what you call it but like if you like the four square and then you're like running the show Four Square yeah you serve I think when you're in the fourth one rain your the cell and it hit the ground and another person then we'll have to sit back and it's back to the back to the line I like your $20 Four Square the application at the same time and gave up you gave up because I was wondering artist I've ever used any trendy application ever used it until all of my friends stopped stopped like they blocked me on Facebook they're sick of getting the alerts to run away was because of one player what was the mayor of the IMAX the same as mayor long time I was the mayor of the coffee shop next door hold up no problem I love you Ryan log into one place and it store something Jiffy Lube he likes being tracked and how they look and help you were still willing to track them cell for everyone they put it out there wants attention they want people to know exactly where the it feels like there's a big shift at some point talked about making people have a registered eliminate and the image that it was you aggravated all this information of people who were saying where they were that if they weren't home and I can just come in and kind of related to that last night I was reading the news and I saw that have you ever seen that store their computers and stuff like that apparently is Pittsburgh from Aaron's Rent to Own like using his laptop your pictures we have of you using the laptop and then it's by where on the laptop so I can activate the camera and take pictures of them without them knowing it and they were like we already bought this me proving it and now they're doing their computer to take pictures of image computer hardware 8 year old connected to the internet just like sitting there watching in the living room if you have a camera on your laptop I do not a cover on it and cover it software for my laptop that allows you talk about this on the website and activate it without them knowing then you can leave a message stolen laptop and the person can't shut it down to the coffee shop and they're calling for help help me that's my purse that's a funny thyme crime and I just started after our experiences with trying to get our crime issues taken care of I don't think people are like there's no one monitoring like it looks like some major crime thing like I don't think that any of that stuff gets used what is more like you would know where it is I mean every time I have pictures of using it the post Gus figured it out run the police department I want to know how much we're supposed to talk about future before we do all the time that you aren't that interesting you know for me I got the head Smash and grab and I like Brandon do with his phone punches girl in the face for one the live but I realized the laptop when it was going in my head I don't have on there again and I can't wait till I pull out the email and all that stuff so and I don't want I don't like getting rid of stuff after thyme on there I don't have anything dangerous or damaging on there and that's pretty fucking boring what is the what's the worst thing you ever done now I ask you first what's the worst thing of the rain I love you I don't know why I asked you first looking crazy or sales your of the podcast run Griffon Rex that's if I get to work on time best cooking pots and I like yours a bit like no no no I'm really upset about your thyme there's like 80 like 80 top traffic cops out today like all over us and it's like very motivated to pull over and get a ticket for paying me know I don't know that should be used for police officer Gus at right now we're going to like talking to run please officer but at the same time or like we were in the car with a cover that like sounding nervous and I work an impression are you giving the kids that if you're like everyone's kind of scared of the police are you trying to hide crimes of UK traffic stop can turn into something worse you know I mean a lot of times those dishes often start with just a simple traffic stop and then people freak out if they have something or there's a warrant out for them of what it is I'm doing that I'm just waiting for people who run from cops first person running from the cops going into a bus station killing someone all the time I'm not doing right now oh shit and I shouldn't be I'm about to get charged $300 because of my bad luck in the world you live in you know you're not live in a bad neighborhood you don't work in a bad neighborhood you don't feel like there's crime around you where you need a cop so when you're wondering about the cop most likely it's going to be giving him a ticket but I mean if you live in a bad neighborhood crime was rain they like you live in that world I think you your perception a call to be different but now it's just over here location you don't know my world is nothing on it laptop model from Tennessee pick up your phone mystery Ship Store my before pictures you don't work with anyone who has questions about what we know what photo was the concern I'm not answering anything the fruit flush I just 2 minutes me a criminal the water playground please give me the intrusion by the photos that you took your photos that you added to the phone the day you took them I'm not saying it would be more interesting if you told us hidden on the podcast I know you're fine with talking about hitting women that's right that's why I didn't leave them -8 your money and I didn't I have a picture to prove it don't look at it Harry baby so young how do you get your teenager to not commit a crime cell I didn't do it was very very good but I like that's the time to do things and get away the Management's Raw four crimes his friend he's got some cute friends in DragonVale Michael hugs to the kids when we left I was like Carrie Carrie I don't like the way your friend talks to you your home and property Brandon does not like people his age or slightly younger but not like them you know you don't you really talking about people about who man at work so hard and they helped you so much tell you watching TV I love you Crystal hey Brandon I'm picking up any one of the new interns what you think about that process the intern in this business you upset the balance everybody for their time what the hell are you talking about when you give $20 to a homeless person in the on in downtown we've seen what happened everybody list run with me but you were just part of the video podcast we talked about that right here everyone else in the office crazy roses roses roses and friends with him through the a thyme lunch and maybe like they're still pretty image he was backing up and to the right give me data about a bin available I'll buy you lunch. Today I said what you what you need and he got it and then that's what who is Pete Rooney's real name is like a little magical creature if you know his true name him to keep him interested who is true in all the time to talk to him but while we were down there I knew that guy he had open heart surgery which how the hell do people have no idea had a girlfriend broke up with her found a new girlfriend and got married he got married that's all I told the lady I told her that was her across the street what a guy's position is in life there's always a woman four on United mean like you can always find somebody Brandon last night we had a couple thing and he couldn't get it together I know we invited you if you had a date and on Twitter should I remember something other than you I am I am not looking for the 5% of our listeners for myself yes satellite to leave I got the lead the song on YouTube I guess that's what you a graphic channel has the show called taboo that investigates like weird things that people are into and they had the segment which is on YouTube in a week to about grown man with ink of 28 who only acts like a baby when he's at home he dresses up he sleeps in his crib that he made and he has this woman that live with him like a nurse who takes care of him and acts like his mother free ride no matter who you are you can find someone who did The Matrix Brothers with jet skis yeah one of them hire a dominatrix to dominate a woman that was the one before he did yeah that was him and his wife but she was his longtime partner who at the time for fetishes image Works me like coming up with like a weird sex fetish that I have to let the interest as well which is good things and then they feel like they're alone in the world that's what happens when people isolated and they feel like they're an outsider butt I hear about all the stuff I don't have I don't think I had any fetish at all like I don't think I have any of them like on any level and that's another thing I might completely understand that I don't have anything Man of Steel Marvel watching boobs look like when is it a fetish mystery disease Paul Revere in at like 80% of UT students a at the end of their stations like these kids have no idea what that was I will Point are you really the true definition man living about that yeah I think it's whether or not it leaves a Mark I think that's what the line is like the did you guys the other day some people in Japan invented a box that can stimulate kisses over the internet the computer the kids over the Internet really do everything the other person's mouth is doing I'm not sure the truth I don't know how man everything that you're doing but it's 2 so why would anyone build a crib in live in as a baby start making out with it anywhere else Capistrano Islam Ark Jimmy woodpecker head cover sex just now I don't know there was somebody who posted the conversations we were all sure it was with you is like a private conversation with me no no that in text or chat people stating they would never normally say in person or on the phone completely an open mind it but I like an occasion that you're not really staring at another person's eyes that you can see their facial expression you just looking at a computer screen it's because you're saying it and it still you and then there's a record of it but I don't know if you're right or maybe that's true but I mean it's just an issue you don't feel inhibited like you don't feel intimidated because you're staring at a computer yet when you have time 2 instead of trying to like doing something dirty talk or whatever like that doesn't come naturally to some people in general that is probably the most efficient form of communication I hate talking on the phone and email there's almost a sense of formality that you have to honor hello how are you whatever it's a lot more rapid and it's like back and forth and you can expect and respond me know when it's when somebody sent you something text I think is a lot more like you can wait a while before you respond like it's not his immediate so I kind of like texting more because there's a little bit less of an expectation to me no typing on the phone I don't think I'll just tell me what the fucking you today sometime when you have some camera sexy discussion 2 people are just more efficient they don't beat around the bush when they're texting stuff Leica horse your a fucking man yeah I can do that everyone can get out there and you never you never see it babes my solution to be proactive and put the naked pictures of yourself out there to begin with the iPhones right now that you said that they could tell it wasn't Android babes I like all the different things combined to the mobile babes now my life is like sending sexy photos of yourself is that you're now like you're required to be nice to them and not fuck up a relationship I'm always going to be around to be like he was some kind of weird colors black nightlife awesome yeah it was really nice around me actually somebody short-term a little more Ali your just putting that out there you're going to do that and so you're not taking more photos from anybody else the larger going to send you this but do you have texting or whatever like you're going to do that yeah where am I established in any way they're going to do it you just make sure you look good like you have to put something the for a love that a lot of people say I think Xbox controller Burnie you were staying out of concern that other girls wouldn't on other people when it's been you naked photos that's why you shouldn't do that Ryan baseball card hella more about yourself yeah video video YouTube video that has the ability to be red vs blue Revelation and it would be fantastic if you butt up his video thanks your time hope you guys keep up the great work and it's just a revelation they had nothing but your WR now that's a cool so I can keep you know posting your content and making money so it was just a really insane I can't believe that crazy joke dummy like make something like when we on YouTube the best of moments and make them think it's their own thing that they're doing something with that you know we don't have policies were right Me Know Remix store like music videos a lot of different compilations of people it's really creating something new but right now my property real hassle for you to have to rip the DVD videos and post them direct direct deposit okay man me Griffon hey did anybody the G4 announce their new show Hotel me more I'm in treat me awesome Jessica Chobot who you might remember nothing I don't know man Ryan Dunn the only guy from Jackass four and we're going to take video game concept and they're going to test them in real life but sounds a little familiar stuff from movies and things like that as well it sounds kind of Griffon sometime in June who knows it comes out last year when we did it just wanted to let you know they do say that they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I guess it wasn't piers on G4 in which case the luckiest and please lock the door asking for permission of Revenue sharing Jeep Griffon I mean why would they do that on G4 I can't wait for the weekend me why don't you come on over and watch it little you know what you think and nothing shows in Portal Arizona final G4 for reruns a lot probably not there four sales video that was in the past whenever we found for this website and it kind of derailed work for half a day I think it was like literally chilling I just like rolling down and down could you keep scrolling down on the website and more prettier because there's more of that product there's more like surgery this morning everything if you were more willing to see them I didn't never really tried that hard when I was younger but now that I've been doing makeup for mystery for my camera for everything you're working on putting up the worst of this is in the world I got all this flexican kiss but you won't let me touch your hair adult ice me tell me tell me like how much makeup to use the camera I don't know it do it I don't do it somebody from your team the silent silent signals that are not translated entry level that people over 30 excellence in cell if it'll make your skin look nicer which means less makeup and looks better on camera sound putting that out there a lot of work but that's what girls do yeah I know I work on making my bank account look good but my manager that I have it in my house right now a lot more lately we made it more of a commitment to do that and also 9 years but the manager would share that I have in my bedroom that I didn't whenever I'm done getting ready to go out and I have to wait for her to finish getting ready to go out we were 2 minutes late getting to the restaurant last night and what I think and that's good restaurants that rules because we couldn't do have an astronomical number of toilets at first they're always full here and like I said there's so many times for all 3 bathrooms are full it was so we're going to have some crazy thing is we have the renovation all laid out of different buildings over there what was Playboy Run Park can you give me the dinner and all that stuff and that one incident happened there the phone open up a tab get a drink and then I come back and everybody is leaving yeah and where we go after that what you meant since I've been down to the bars but they like triple the number of people that are there we should have in their room you didn't give me my car back and I was like I'm not going to go back there after I told this guy that I'll be back for more drinks and tell him I'm leaving if you don't close your tab because they're not too far they don't do that get the $20 on my way to let that slide right off man forget it Beyonce area how do you know if you there okay 714 a picture of a when I was in junior high pictures when you guys are on your younger you really Gus S&W disease that can leave everything as you were cell in a bunch of lady should have to be like like no girls that listen soe your reaction I did get with someone okay when when they're not like I met somebody friend of mine's father who had been married for a long time was like 14 15 years they got divorced and my friend was in his teens and he had this they've been married for years before I met him I met him later in life and I went over to their house and he had a picture on his desk of the new wife Ryan you but they've been married like something your point but the picture that he had of her was when she was like 20 25 in that range and he'd be there now like her mid-fifties and it's going and I was on her when she was 25 and it seemed like that was the picture he chose to be the Marquee picture for her was younger when he didn't know her when she looked her best work but he didn't know when we met but I wouldn't have pictures of her when she was like 18 on fenkell the one picture I have here on my desk of my wife is four hours before we met your mother she must have been like 21 or 22 LSU and 27 do you have a picture of your wife on your desk have a younger age than you ever knew her interesting I was talking about you so I'm glad you brought that up can we do that don't make sense so go ahead and go to the funeral we had everything at her and there was one I think was her graduation picture like I had never seen it when she was 18 and was a very pretty picture and at some point just noticed that somebody that seeing you like this the younger guy that they've been friends came up and looked around to make sure no one was looking and took a picture with this phone of my mom at that age and it really freaked me out like a really your just thought that he was like taking some picture from when she was younger like him that's why he didn't know he was doing it to show people that they need together I don't know but it's weird right 2 me white your white blood count ordinarily well sheared have pictures of people in their younger if you know them like they're people that yours that you care about so you need to put in my free time when I'm drinking I don't know I haven't me to make a journal about it yet but someone sent me pictures of Jeff and I at the first-ever convention Weaver went to for for Rooster Teeth back you must have been like in April or May of 2004 winter the first invention ever we don't know what to expect and we know we did a panel and you know I brought some merchandise in the suitcase and we sold it in the hallway of the hotel and you can see pictures of a silly stuff in the hallway of the hotel you see the suitcase and I look like I'm 15 watching terrible awful I actually came down after you sent the email I came down to tell you and that you guys look better now seven years later than you did that I said they look like if you ever see The Far Side cartoon where the team is going on a blind date butt showing today and he's like lost all of his woman has no bandages exactly what you guys look like Christian Bale in The Machinist walking skeleton Japanese like all ears it's something that you don't often notice about Jeff you guys are the same Barber bin Anthony barber shop off of Oltorf Congress Weather Network a sit-down Sony Online Entertainment got hacked this time really not PSN man is there targeted and was it wasn't as big of a deal but I guess like 24 million accounts were compromised with thyme please and 12000 credit cards and 10000 bank account number or take them that's crazy dude that was all going down and the weight of the Sony hacking attempt organelle intrusion that Xbox was beating of their security as well and they're making announcements about it today and it was just a normal Xbox 360 with anybody don't give anyone your birthday don't give anyone your password I don't know if it's related to the PSN outage butt I'm very happy that Hulu finally came out on the 360 last night I thought it was like it was Hulu on Teutonia watching Hulu Rex and for sea can't get it all together your for some stuff only on the computer devices and some mobile any combination of those three where can you go to the phone though he still watching your angry you are really I really am um I actually do research the podcast to have things to talk about one of the things I did for research is like making fun of My Wife and Kids Griffon as well for liking young guys with rubber pads and all that stuff so I'm on my treadmill I got to watch something so I watch the show Supernatural watch the show to watch these guys run around cutting Gus Giordano Interstate Hotel a show and I wanted to I want to watch it and hate it and when I'm committed I'm going to keep watching it and it's like halfway through season six and it seems to be getting a little bit better but you may not want to watch season 3 season 6 is happening that okay what's it like for you to watch every episode of that show of shows up yeah I wouldn't be able to be able to tune into a new episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia if my life depended on it but I want I've watched every episode of that Supernatural airs on the CW last week I just got renewed for seventh season 2011 2000 I hear for according to Twitter and people on Twitter it gets better but they also told me that season five came back and that never happened didn't see the point but I'm trying to find a poster of them at least because he is do you think things that aren't live I want to be torn down Sam was my favorite he was cuter but he got asked you okay conversation never on the podcast people are into it it's like X-Files mixing together but had two hot guys taking their clothes off the whole time and I've got every it's like a breaking hearts across the country the whole first episode they had like one of their girlfriends was like in short shorts the entire time and a half and a half changed in what way you have no me like a badge of honor but I was of JJ Abrams man and I can talk about them when they leave team I've four well member that but I don't remember that that's what because a person I was going to expand size XL the.com image have you taken a look at the interactive Super 8 trailer the king of Portal 2 I don't trailer watching it's walking around anywhere did you find out what you meant about something trailer trailers of movies that I'm interested in seeing because then I don't either too long and they can get everything from the trailer sometime the title of this is why I change my policy on trailer when I was 16 or something like I went on Exchange in France and so at some point my host family had a bunch of movies that really American movies butt baby format change yeah and they had they had a movie that was in and it was an American movie but it was at the bottom they have like French subtitles and I didn't notice on the title like I didn't even read that I love you just put it in and I was watching it I'm halfway through and like this is amazing I don't know what this is but it's amazing and I found out late like about halfway through it kicked some reason I didn't pick up on it earlier but was Shawshank Redemption and I just hadn't seen yet and after that I was like I love just watching something and then not having any opinions formed already for me because at that point I already heard it's a great movie it's so amazing and I would have had like my expectations said it at her level and I mean that movie but since then I don't I don't want to know about I don't people to tell me too much mystery bin spoiling stuff when they say I'm not going to wait until the last your expecting something you're looking for it I think about it what do you don't realize what an impact having a progress bar make on the way people view things because just knowing where you are in that mean you have a sensor that when you're sitting here just because stories tend to have a very very similar structure baby 2 a moment in there that you can have a 122 minute you know something that goes on when you're doing something with your playing with a little bit if you still have a minute left in your vehicle like what was your favorite author Ryan shock and it was it called the redwall series in her basically adventure books stolen but all the characters were animal but it was it was that was my favorite Animorphs animals were fucking awesome Ryan shock and Animorphs the Animorphs when I say hi you used to be a big reader you mean like until you so by the time that picture was taken that you posted that you're so proud of the elementary school what did you switch to what was anything photo baby raid on your younger I've always hated really just Brandon like Elementary and Junior High run butt brothers don't you want to talk about it your name is Griffon because because of you okay I want to not because of that you guys are at so let's just drop in when she was a teenager she had a pen pal relationship with Piers Anthony who is the guy that I read a ton as a teenager it was him or somebody working for him and it wasn't like it was a drawing Griffon butt him some character isn't one of them G4 at like that like all his books or just written ways to figure out how to incorporate all the fan it was just fan service like at the halfway through the book it was just like in the back of be like a whole like several pages and just think you should people who Rex and in suggestions whatever you like in Spanish I like fantasy sci-fi laden four nations of immortality I'm in here of Total Recall Piers ok photo books not to discourage mystery Anthony butt as you get older you look back on it in Lake Stevens Laden 2 schedule your may be influenced by the Incarnation summer thyme a perennial horse I would just love to at least in some ways for sure yeah whatever that when I was younger even thinking like that would not see anything where it is I don't think it's on the desk there's a guy on a Pale Horse book about a guy who is going to kill himself in the future where magic has been rediscovered as an actual science but yeah in this world and he has passed over the office of death and collectibles that are in Balance right like people who are close a really long time he collects old six or seven valence your close to me like they're not they're not you're not good enough to take care of yourself mystery and he would like encounter them or was it more covering another Incarnation like another being or person you don't like but there's a guy at the coronation of death like I don't know like what would you say like a figurehead like thyme is one and it's like the fates are fake like and then there's the at phone or whatever and then sleeping in like you can have some anti-gay comments in a couple of his books and I just had to stop reading stuff and then I was like and nothing ever nothing alright I can see they might be in a box somewhere and I don't think there's a thing that I kind of got away from Reading just because it's really whatever really long by Stephen King in 1800 this weird feeling of like like I don't know how to describe it I was doing it in a way like me so it's almost like this Melancholy feeling of like it's like you almost When I Was Your Man yeah are they 2 Chainz like in the movie adaptation The Little Prince I love butt every time I read it like I see something else that read it like 2 years apart and then I'll read it and be like I always have something else in the book will be highlighted to me you know Anthony doing because it's so short he can read in an hour yeah I remember that the book away and be okay with it then it does depend on the weight and you can miss characters if you know what you want to do 2 hours 2 I didn't have you ever cried like in a book like and something happens for me what a crying woman rental I read those two of those are fucking brutal brutal death of Billy at the Odyssey and the other one has come in yet or whatever the 33rd and it's good for like one section they have the 2 full monsters in the whole thing in there right after one another like one of everything before then everything after that is boring the Kraken charybdis cell phone a remember store charybdis I think I forget which one it was I think it's just when you said we have nothing to talk about right now Bin Laden was shot by Navy Seals they had an operation where they went in and took them out of the compound in Pakistan he was in the summer a million dollar mansion LSU you know if the book and of a very tragic event and it ended with female you know storming in and shooting somebody in the head but it seems like the crazy thing is gone wrong they could have killed your mom's present sea me find 2 Blackhawks into Pakistan what they got shut down all those guys died and there's a Jimmy Carter trying to rescue her again Cuba was an enemy in please give me Pakistani me and we're in there and we should it wasn't the weird thing about this Mansion is that's right in the middle of essentially the Pakistanian West Point is close to it yeah it's in the town and it's like half a mile away from cell at their Military Academy which is crazy because there now like giving the evil eye to Pakistan now being skeptical chemist a how could he be here in this compound with all the Pakistan military being trained all run in a military town and nobody noticed it and we found them including maybe even guarding him but I'm worried about it is Hawk helicopters into a nuclear power me Pakistan nuclear power on the UN Security Council I don't think they are I don't think so but there a nuclear power and there are many countries that are we just go in there with you Blackhawks at your notes I think as well breathe deep like 90 miles from the capital I think we've Ryan land shoot up the place stay there for 40 minutes Gathering Intel raw Brown helicopter which was damaged and other helicopters to replace the new helica the hell out of them that was exploded and demolished by the way four town the Pakistani military like if someone came in the copters Half Mile West Point the movie going fast how much your neighborhood me 24911 at house on the hill 2 helicopters and the power was out or not I mean he was a crazy person who speaks English and was really well as on Twitter and it's like half a mile away or a mile or two away from for all this is happening because we're at War the cops me the top Echelon of civilized worlds and other places in what country we don't know what kind of notice was given to Pakistan 30 minutes before or something I mean they didn't talk to the government about we think of in Laden is here the police department helicopters or anything but who knows if in 07 Battlestar Galactica image of the same one I've been soe the wings as they were coming in and they also did that in Independence Day when they have loaded the virus to the Mothership using it against them but then it crashed that's why it looks like a frat house almost living in a cave photo suit bike motor shop on Western close the Heat and in the west there was a way to demoralized he know a lot of papers in other countries run a photoshopped image of Osama bin Laden shot saying that that was a photo of him dead but it wasn't it was just kind of like a text on his face that look like you may be small but that exit we have in the front that would just be a normal Bullet Hole the second for the back of his head should I say yes I don't think they should release it either but it's one of those things where a lot of people have opinions and think what's the right thing to do you know how do you think they buried him at Sea like everything that got him off the ship I mean they just like throw the body over it was like on a for that they like having the procedure for it and I think that's how you do it if you get caught on the edge of the Scandal at Sea According to Islamic law you have to bury a body within 24 hours and so and if there's no lyrics rental clearance your saying that it was done to humiliate him that this is something that the only time that one of the scenarios was that the grave where the persons buried will be disturbed and they said that they thought it was some reason you cannot hear them where they died but I think the reason the government was going to the graveside and worshipping a place to visit Ryan State information because somebody's dead Paranoid by x201 crowd in Times Square in one run outside the White House it's literally probably four hundred people at the moment the two places that were attacked in Washington DC was attacked and it was attacked and there's a certain level of understanding that she go with it I mean I don't know anybody for the way they react to any one person like Hitler Hitler we killed him and we get to Hitler in the process have been captured or killed over the years but you don't celebrate that your friends really know how he was going to celebrate didn't doesn't bring his son back doesn't change any of that stuff is just like talking about his son he hears people talking about closure and we appreciate that because it's other people hoping that the passage of time will lessen his pain is that I can't 8 your time the loss of my son in any way horrible horrible things we were talking about the you know believe me I've seen those older than that basic tenets of warfare was that you return body like that you let people collect their dead and that I thought that I thought that was I thought it was a rules of warfare was me but I thought you don't have to return it to take the dead bodies away proving whatever maybe but then I mean you have camera as well but you did not like you said photo shop like I don't need more physical proving out because everything is so easily faked of religion in the world American Airlines contact for this thing to me but that's what I would normally associate with Lenny man in the moon for even putting the atom in the Manhattan Project at least that is a scientific Endeavor you know that is people working the other for something I can bring about a greater good it just a weird thing to put in contact with more positive for the greater good thing a bad thing but it's negative connotation to it Carson a message mystery going to text and he had to in the campaign it only cost a lot of money a lot of years and a lot a lot about these guys and their average age of the 1930 8 years old girl average 2 Decades of military seal for the weekend even be thought of for being selected for that for that team I can me it was because of the time they had three was the third Seal Team that created during the Cold War they want us to think they had a ton of them Seal Team 360 the mission kind of went sideways they ran out of ammo and they were going to lose this position they were supposed to hold and they were on the beach then do it blow up the radio tower at the store out of ammo the solution was going to storm out in the ocean for six hours so they just left they just ran out into the ocean swim in the ocean with six hours bin 2 plane spotted a minute about to come up that's why I can't imagine doing that in the ocean me the Open Sea and then behind you have enemy forces 30 minutes super swimming pool aut journalism grad where did that come from the leader of the Austin american-statesman reported that I did like the idea of this team elite forces to let me have the ocean in division 1 private store Hulu Reddit crazy stuff but they are does that mean those guys they went in there they had no no casualties on the American side they stormed in and not you know I would imagine they were prepared in some way for somebody at some point to be coming up in Laden and then hear the helicopters coming to crash one of them outside at the land the other one next to it four by Gus Operation Safety purposes and to get in there take him out no American action movie like I'm leaving I'm leaving everything I mean it's hard to Fathom what one of those guys live is like average daily life you know that rain constantly go home and it's like you like this is it going to me no one of the guys goes back home me know when he's leaving the real world and that's the thing that feels weird and what he doesn't get along with you know that's why I would think that if you had a profession that you wouldn't bother having a family because you want to be prepared to let go of your life at any point rain you never know people start a family already started it and then this came along talk about the book and then wanted me to kill him that is a book in for some people I hope that brings you know even though that father that guys had no closure hope it brings you a lot of people for everything that happened because I remember you know it's good to know that I will not have the ability to create the amount of beer in horse have a good day