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Rooster Teeth fights animals

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Recorded: 2011-05-11 20:19:58

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to the audio only portion of a drunk tank video podcast to get the full experience I watch a video podcast music roosterteeth.com / podcast presidential welcome to the podcast Welcome to the Kroger the first time that the python had everyone actually intro correctly 113 x 100 go and get a new theme song the person that you want her first choice and I was pulling the strings like people think that Billy the Puppet Republic Master animated go to be right there are you are you guys going to seduce me or my just going to chill here for an hour I'm really 45 seconds the best 45 seconds of hunt out there we have Brandon farmahini wearing Apparently one of Jack pattillo shirts what's up with that from I think that's what Gus is listed as an official measurements are you an extra gram really what's up Geoff I know but I was just looking to have your own clothes I was when I was actually wearing my freshman High School shirt today are you going to wear that outfit next time Brandon Ivy costume with and we're going to need it I got my I had my own freshman shirt from high school that I got in the year 2001 and I forgot to the podcast and so do we still own the domain presidential sluts.com at all the presents and that was from one that we mentioned like 3 or 4 URL on the PS3 and then we had to go and register and hold those domains forever just because we mention them in the video we always talked about doing something but nobody ever mentioned a short-order vs Blue we generally have a policy that if we mention a domain name register there's nothing else still have Captain incredible., think we do variations of dynamic I don't kill so what you do this weekend I can stop by your house or something back from breakfast that starseeds and the cops closed the road down on us like what would you like to go to zoom by me turned around he closed that side of the road and then on 32nd Street and then we walked a little more than double that in closed around like walk around and then the pretty pretty expertly standing in the street with like 5 cop cars blocking off otherwise I'll probably sleep for at least six and no I don't know but they didn't seem terribly worried you know they didn't say like hey take your five year old daughter and hide behind a tree cuz is about to shoot out or anything so who knows I think there's like a gas leak or something last time we had all the kids over your house and we were all in the front yard and the fire truck came blazing down the street and I are going to do on the road a little ways away from the truck or anything like that they were there to remove 10000 bees I have a mental image of fireman with a hose shooting gasoline through or not I'm just lame and smoke coming out of it not once not once did I even like look up the neighborhood and completely blew out her Tire on the freeway and I'm having a problem what up and I completely change your tire before he even got there she was like your boyfriend's and breakfast it was pretty cool traffic police and crime police but I'm here here they are helping me out we have a situation here and Austin to do a group that takes care of car problems on the interstate now the phone number on billboards and I seen that truck like yeah and I guess if you had car problems out and help you whatever you pressurize canning with a pressure gauge on it and it's built retire back up and filled it back up on the inside with some kind of stuff hey how are you you want to replace me attack attack Ramsey tank Geoff Geoff then he tells me that he's mad at me because he woke up mad at me because he had a dream about me and when she was mad in the dream at me and now he's mad at me during the day Dead Rising 2 Geoff side cheat on you or something like that I mean some of the other things I understand Dallas mad at you because somebody didn't do that now I know where the real Griffon kind of feel guilty Yeah because sometimes like or I'll have a dream about somebody and then I can't act normal around them for like a couple days and I can't make eye contact I can feel the nervous laugh how did you turn this around then because you're saying she had a dream about somebody if she had cheated on them do you is what you have to go through the levels in the Border not only do you like get mad at dream in your dream but then your dream if you cheat on them that you feel guilty like you guess who's having sex that's what I'm confused about what they were talking about it is the dream of a griffon Griffon even had the dream like we haven't been able to time it so I'm actually having a sex dream at the same time that he's going to bring it on do you have a sex dream on the same day that Geoff had the cheating dream that could be like the perfect excuse because at the end of day Friday I came into the studio and it was like being hit in the face with a chemical Thor felt like you doing all the painting and I don't like that in there the whole building yeah and the next day when I came in and we did like 10 hours at spray painting a small plastic piece that we had Mass with those paper masks really Silver Lake eye looks like it's over here spray silver up overhead door I need to cover with fiberglass insulation to people all around it like that Homer Simpson effect all around their nose and mouth is just silver or gold Northern metalic truth I guess that's a big with is always silver or gold that's exact that is the best thing about that is that guy talking gold spray paint and he's wearing a Golden State Warriors shirt side with the opposite that he has this right here that's what you want to avoid if your same person you want to avoid that getting in your respiratory system Joel at me when I was driving home cause I'm covered in spray paint and pulled over by cop no turn signal the car smoking at home from the store and I'm covered in blood and it seems to be a recurring theme in one of the bathroom covered in blood block incoming out of downtown that she'd like the last time we did have a lot of blood and you have blood all over your hands are covered and like nobody heard about it nobody weird about it you could do wake up ahead make it to work okay man you are a complex do and whatever comes and you've acted for a long time your whole career you back today whenever I have no one can ever tell like when I when other people see me again Griffon excellent Sargent show wasn't unscrewed unscrewed on the Shelf in the makeup artist said to Gus she literally went like this you guys take your brush or sponge and she goes I can't do anything how to force you into finally putting on makeup for me because you because you had that experience like yours is different White Collar and a dirty dirty pillow the masculine term for makeup Joel Quenneville when was Aristocrat directions in Lake probably been probably more makeup more longer than they didn't I don't know where I'm going to sleep but I'm sure that's true the human evolution Wikipedia podcast adventure and I will that was one of the first he didn't like the headlight fluid container is it is is it today makeup on man by now to the Wikipedia page has been clarified so that whatever you by the way journal the problem we were shooting the cop shorts I have a weird problem where is Cherry Mike's can we talk to Carrie Perry runs all over audio and for all the short and we had a problem for months and months where he having a change out my lavalier is like from here to unravel the mystery we could have him forever and ever Rocky Mount instead of just doing a clean shave you might encounter that a part of your body don't you want to be better to be clean Griffon my wife told me he told me everyone who asked her to ask that made it look like a six pack that I can support them put fertilizer open grill tryptamine is one chapter that he just grew you still have it you know what it is but for some reason the part of the building and I'm in every guy in the office comes over there to change like they all just come over and take the clothes off it's all over the clothes off and put on something FaceTime Kenneth burlesque music we have to come out there Chick-fil-A wonderful specimen digestible that when you put it like a little symbols like that we just go out or something like that we know what you mean let's go you were a little upset about hiring a new female receptionist phone number tank for short out a lot I've realized why bother with the uniform is very important that you're appropriately costume for the first 30 seconds. what is the guys why you why do you put him in the short-term but naked I don't know it's just kind of like to go to Kenneth what's the weather you can do take your clothes off people complain about it but they like it if you were complaining about that one there is really not that bad I think it was probably worse for my father-in-law that one the other day I'm gay and my wife into sharing marriage now really the cut out really would like it back into it your father-in-law is very traditional Korean from zero Asian country is a very different culture from Korea to America is a country where you don't speak the language different cultural backgrounds Korea Korea and then not answer me I thought about moving to New Zealand but I feel like that's an easy move to the country because I don't know reversible East first started a big Gus started taking Japanese and then went to know I wouldn't have had before Thor Japanese lessons we did wrong there what side of the stomach and back yeah where the heck quality Mazda Gus you this doesn't go to Chico like to meet you for the first time my name is Gus look upon me favorably mad at you I don't know I don't know it involved Burnie and I love you all the time when I wake up and she's like are you talking about who you talk to you like I had a dream or just the same but this morning I woke up this morning and I remember having a bad dream where you and I were arguing about something that really pissed me off in the dream and you know if you don't like it I'll just forget the dream the dream but then my anger lingers he just I don't know I realize it's irrational protest Joel is going through can I have a lunch date now double Daves where they have the world's greatest Coke machine ever at supposedly hot chick it's a pizza place Hot Chicken on the counter to really touch you collect whatever you want like you can spray machine marketing is open today I miss you very quickly to resort to what you know coca out of machines what do you get everything in Cherry Coke Zero orange Vanilla Coke Zero that's awesome did you get Joel grape and vanilla and sharing all that stupid East River ferry involved in that process another different kind of sugar I just really tender with red eyes Patrick arpeggio Joel even get over it you know what you think it's funny I went into the movie with zero expectations and you can make a trailer that everyone recognized that commercial for terrible Avengers whatever is a small part of a greater story maybe going to go in there and everybody knows that Thor dude do you know I don't know anything about 500 Martin the director nose like 10 years ago Philip DeFranco for all that you do how much my wife's birthday was this weekend you know we ordered food in Grill Airport all the time I can't orders food in let me ask you this did you leave your house at all this weekend with the liver I have to go drive and get it I have to tell you that I have a new favorite place in Austin what I've eaten there twice now the second East Side King which is a totally different than the first one yeah it's a grackle and a tremendous side and a picture of my Asian spare rib this weekend it's unbelievable East if I ever leave my house I'll be sure to put that on you in the bar because it's outside the bar I want to see if I can get another restaurant near House East 38th east of airport is Cola Contigo it just open this past weekend anchor Lane between airport and Manor okay it's like over there okay is it a restaurant what difference it always seems like every restaurant not able to their original and she was like oh that's how that works totally in Texas and now they didn't know Dallas is open this week wow that's freakin trip though you know we ate it. In N Out about 2 weeks ago we were in La it wasn't a bad man is that him rifle side rail how do you are you receptive to counseling couples counseling like I just feel like complaining about the other person to someone else in the room you know that mean it's like I don't know what people get out of that it's also at least in my experience you find out that one person in the asshole is a complete and one person the relationship and the council figures that out immediately and latches on to that and then you're like we really need counseling the counseling and other personal issues we're never doing that again we're going to counseling so we thought it might be a good idea if we did it just like just like just like a you know a checkup. Yeah that was kind of expecting one the second one it said exactly in 2007 I don't remember that Michael Caine and Jude Law The Magic Flute Joel your experience been with with going to therapy was I'm good thanks. Very is affirmation for me we needed therapy that's really and we had therapy in the family wasn't there anymore because the therapist was church most likely you're the one saying that the therapist is a jerk it is it is bad when the therapist to professional the room size with one person that's not something you want winning an argument is Iceland not in your benefit and there are long-term effects 24th 18 19 20 21 22 yesterday everything before it was I'm going to prove her wrong as much as your current relationship you definitely change your email on the winning an argument as well British argument go away ya know it take it figured out a way to invent a time machine not to say whatever it was you know right that's the best thing you can do and what you have to go through a certain level of pain you know you don't want to win you don't want to belittle the issue and honestly don't want to lose you really lose at the same time what is the paint of a much more enjoyable topic we got to talk about what happened to us double Daves retarded people on the planet the ladies like we heard about this thing called a stromboli is that something that you guys sell and was like yeah we have some strong beliefs and she's like that she's trying to understand calzone what's a calzone is she's going to text me and I just don't get it I don't know is a good can we do it like I walk them over to the buffet bottled liquor world upside down and we welcome to the machine the machine the touch screen stopped at that soda machine I saw you walking out the door she's going to occupy me for the next 6 hours coca Martin forget about it welcome back diet for those looking down and yawning at the same time I guess grill right the actual question by the way there's no way to know ahead of time that you're running out of gas is there tanks that have a meter on them in the level the one I have you can from the gas station because I found out what I was Grill on Sunday in the middle of my grill in when I ran Outta gas I had to run to the grocery store if you look inside it might have a thing on which you hang the gas tank and it indicates the level like a zit my house my grill outside runs off of my natural gas in my house so I never have to talk with that forever does it have a connection know this because you know we're going through the process and we're at that stage where it's going to cost money I will be in this process for a minimum of six months a maximum of a year in the design phase right now maximum of a year will have a what out they said it takes 3 to 6 months Austin housewarming is n 6 years ago I've never been there before 1 party at his old house house until we film at immersion at 4 in the morning at his place I literally had never been in his place Austin by the great place to work Orlando Benjamin Linus fucking shit but he didn't get along with his dog so we gave them to my sister and you all you guys get your dogs like I can is like a dog sharing program Psychobilly go through the Korean joke in there somewhere what is 75 pounds 5 month old out of the house train your dog it's okay it's better it yesterday but it to the door but she won't tell you she won't be quiet about it and if you don't notice for them there's some sort of program yes I'm sure I could probably get something like that with more side effects you bring your dog here you could build a little holding a out back in the studio did at work no she got hot French the door in her office she did that one time she came over here she growled at me the first time she met me and Geoff made a joke she doesn't like carrots and now probably 4 times VanDevere animal out of a lot of good luck on in N newspapers in the States but overseas the bunch of course I was going to say you made a journal about the Photoshop you made a journal about how big your dog's going to get you know that picture you posted Thor my dad would be like today give me the famous photo of the dog that looks like a whippet but if it's got some genetic disorder where it doesn't ever stop growing muscle yeah it's a good dog that looks like the Hulk crazy special out of the Cowboys filmed Yakima your Austin pictures in your image gallery lately I don't understand interesting thing in his journal or something post your personal comments which was a documentary about what is at the edge of the World Trade Center was about like the world WTO the World Trade Organization where they do this protest for these anti Global at which I can't get enough people but now I kind of get it and anyway one of the dudes out there and getting hit with rubber bullets and teargas know that he's a dude in the Caboose hoodie Detroit cops did we get a Macaulay Culkin Cameo with one of her shirt are Caboose Thor Caboose is zip up hoodies or have a 4 rating is double Bullets Over Broadway I wonder if it was intentional choice to wear that means Caboose at the anti-globalization he's making some kind of statement there's a lot of people go in this direction I'm going to go that way to rock Kenneth C really help like anytime I watch a video on break.com I would like to go help somebody going to be wearing a caboose shorts are sure they're going to hit their face against everything year old girl at Home Depot I don't know from the first day of in wearing second day so that's one place where I used to get even more than other places but you don't go to the attack when you go then so you just plan on buying clothes for each day like what the Brandon stuff for anything example my wife came out to her car at the mall she been shopping for like her like 3 hours probably three kid camped out on her bumper with light coca and sandwiches and they were just in case she had a red vs blue one of our vinyl stickers that we never sold or did anything with those ones she has a rear window and they really want to hang out and meet whoever was the other Red vs Blue fan that's funny as hell to load up our packages and all those other women like that when you and I went skiing on that mountain in Australia and we were on the ski lift and the guys behind us were talking about Red vs Blue and they didn't know they're like your rubbers and blues I was like really Gus is now sitting right in front of them dangling for like 15 minutes you will never be a skier no matter how much training you do you're never going to be able to go but that doesn't work teacher certain things that you can learn Russia talking about going to Mexico for Christmas we were thinking about spending Christmas like a Lodge Colorado Vail or Aspen or one of those places right great idea I don't know where I don't know where that cool places anyway the podcast can recommend an awesome place for sister Christmas King that we spent a lot of money with that he tries is very limited real estate and is very limited window of time in the year yeah yeah so you can this would be torture snowboards is to be a one-time thing Little Caesar's or you stay at home but you never take just for us vacation at Christmas and everything around here but it's not animated you got like it was getting like at 7 and another try to get in and animated they caught it because I kind of had to make room and then just like went down and you don't like them grinding up for draft King winners on the open for her when I get out of Google animal I can be there in like I don't even like a shark in the water stuff because I mean environment lion tiger out Manpower tiger Martin tiger you want to Tiger image on the face to face one of the worst talk about a picture of the lion in The Lion walks up behind him New York at the great from the era is that one of the dude that releasing the cheetah back in a while Quantum is going to push it out it was actually shooting a tiger and one of them ran up and attack from the guys and I really do feel sorry for the guy tell me about this don't you in this room we take all the furniture out of this room it's just you and a tiger the Tigers right there show that you have the class size at 1 the house cut on your arm and said he was like 6 inches long razors on your under stomach will the Tigers have by Ashanti around. Are you still dog like one dog Rd D1 dog can kill you one dog and wanted to kill you it's over does Germany at 1:16 cat crawling up the guy will tell you this I will say that she does not want to go look at from The Polar it doesn't work your kids are German Shepherds they're trained to kill like a normal dog maybe not the dog maybe but there's certain breeds are trained to kill to murder killer in N even if you charge it and you just knock it out initially you could probably be okay but if it if it gets that you want and it starts and I need you Port of attacks the mouth so you can deflect them out of the way from the cat is different because I can attack you with their paws animal with their bullshit turn their neck and just get at you everything going to have dog straddling my life for 5 years ago and they got this German train dog and they had videos of it before they got it and it's going to kill you if it's going to zombie shot have to do with him getting a kill dog psychological headshot so we're going to the doctor how did the dog shoot back but if somebody came at him did Dog with drunk in from somewhere outside a restaurant in there he worked the killer dog I wouldn't mind getting that dog it didn't make you feel better no I'm not going to last another fucking private Army out of place I don't have any aspersions of the killer animal and put it in there the big tank for the killer whale in their biggest shark to be shot it's one of those things that if we don't ask about when shot in the liver life isn't like Beverly Hills Cop you don't just come back from a bully when you're out for like a year Joel Anthony what you're saying life is is like 148 hours you should sit in the tub and I come back okay who is the cousin of experience managing like oh my god what the fuck was that like did it hurt in the hospital can you make it that's the only person I know who's been shot I need to know what that's like the Herbert in family getting stabbed I want to know without finding on my way to get a first-hand account is it wasn't like he just got attack he had a gun and he told his friend he dropped his gun and they started shooting at them until like he actually settle down the journal and rested that he realized headshot double overtime will you let me know that truck really don't even know who you're talking about I had my jaw surgery but I've never like I've never fallen and broken something in the way I mean you can't break it to you but you broke you like a dumbass no I had a girlfriend like my last two weeks in high school you will see what you in the end of high school and she went to a party in the room she didn't we just started dating David Gilmour one of those things are just different values I'm not into this like cat pee I was out the door pretty quickly at the boat was probably wrap this show up okay but I feel like we just had I'm watching a beer and hang out time.