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Recorded: 2011-05-18 22:14:22

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Ben King, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

you out of the drunk tank hotels biscuits Geoff Ramsey and Joel Heyman oh I'm Jack pattillo black pants Hunter shirt you're under arrest just buy the dress shirt pants and boots do Skechers make achievement booth for my thinking of Doc Martens something about 1994 lakai shoes that look nice on the bottom dress pants that look like Dickies but they had to buy them at Barney's for some reason so if you buy them at 10:20 oh man yeah I did actually which I lied I didn't intend to I wasn't going to drink it all yourself LOL head painful 1500 bus stop craps everytime rolling the same number again that's what I like about craps like you play the simple or you can play complex and so just Jack explain that right there I made $100 at work bored with number explain craps number and the object is to throw that number again before you throw at 7:07 you craps out in the dice do the numbers in a row or could you like +35-434-568-9410 okay that's what the number is controlling is your point what was the object is to hit that same Point again before you throw it out if you get 2 points for him so anyways actually pretty simple but you can get more and more advanced would make more money that way and it really really well can you count the dice 9 not sure like to have you ever that someone will roll 66070 roll doubles like those are how much higher at night you should head you could Shoot to Thrill the three sixes in the camera roll the dice press conference when they announced I connect everything Halo CE Anniversary I was coming back and I fly to Vegas before but we determine the flights from LA to Vegas for $29 total round trip for me from La back to LA and Airlines could you do 29 each way and I have an equal 78 what does get the cheap flight was so awesome but it was actually it was more expensive for me to go from downtown LA to the airport via taxi round trip that was to fly to Vegas from downtown LA and then from the airport in Vegas hotel included in the price of the flight it would have been cheaper than $300 put me off afterwards I get with out probably 6 hours or I play for about 6 hours 300 Coronas we went on a Tuesday in the middle of the week but Vegas is very clearly down right now not many people are going to Vegas for cab drivers told me that dealers told me that the tables where we were they were shut down okay Jack you're walking play I wouldn't be walking by OKC head been all red numbers what will the next number be if there are for your front yard of 5 Reds in a row I think if I saw that that no matter what would be the wrong answer blackjack table 40. x what happened when the of the five blacks run an extra $50 not rated how to be awesome steak at Kobe Steakhouse never had a Kobe steak house Burnie restaurants hotels in like a taxi in Olympia taxi GameStop manager conference where we ate a bunch of idiots having a party in the middle the night and text me when you out there but he wasn't there and so it was a big one when out of business people I don't like it at all yeah it seem like it's on the wall is that that fucking Cloak & Dagger movie was on there Air Force Base Air Force capital of the world your picture today and so he joined the Air Force because I move his family to America and have a steady job when he gets here need do is ask you if you are an American I was your other like you didn't you an American of a proud American thank you you're welcome thank you if you want to go get dual citizenship in Germany could you do that here but Americans do and I think it would have to be a situation like that you would have to marry a German citizen and then work it out I don't know how easy it is I know it took them a while to sort it all out which country do you get to the Cayman Islands beaten of the Caribbean like Turks and Caicos or something fun like that Caicos Turks and Caicos how much are pancakes we have a joke about you make fun of him Hotel movie called the hotel of this hotel view of downtown babe that's amazing of the strip on Vegas not downtown babe that was insane and there's no one there to party year old yeah it's really cool tell there's that bar which is actually kind of the waiting area for a restaurant they have there which is this awesome restaurant called I'm going to call the mix as well and makes is well like everything is like the walls are white the decorations are like the tables are white PlayStation white and red glasses like that's and water glasses red for the run down 14 hours in Vegas from wheels up to Wheeler wheels on wheels back up that was it was awesome Jack when you went there and they have to go back to you I went back to E3 is that was the worst about 7 a.m. my girlfriend is going to work because there's no chance in like 2 hours imipramine run from downtown or whatever the trip from the airport to your hotel to the airport current Tropicana and there's the airport how many people like is there taxi at the airport Leaving Vegas like up if you don't have any money left me it run for a couple weeks Batman and we walk around things you know Christopher Nolan I don't believe out of all Comics but I know that she was in Batman and Robin it was an ivy and mr. freeze and mr. Freeze movie brother something and they're all just flapping around like a little while everything she also was a big deal in that movie forgot about that anyway we were out in Los Angeles E3 which was fantastic like E3 I like to see the Halo 4 announcement Halo anniversary edition Battlefield 3 continues to look at other than leaving it was nothing surprising or new Mass Effect 3 Kinect voice recognition stuff School in the Ghost Recon the Gunsmithing lever like it was kind of a controller what up man I'd ever want that at a joint press conference we try to impress people like out of old eyes and Booth E3 but did you eat this morning that has pulled out of steam I would you if you were going to have online distribution why would you put a retail later in front of that we had a retail partner to do it NAB the ultimate series purchased by Jason Aldean dot-com this is what they eventually did with it is now delivery service for downloadable game Richard gets babe that's something that was really important and that right there out there that like the domain in the trademark the name origin is on the way back to Austin from LA from E3 is sitting next to a guy from retro and we were talking about game studios or someone else who is the president of another game we got to talking about how it's changed their and they're HQ headquarters here we go is definitely a secondary market for a lot of Industries heavy drinking for a long time withdrawn - BlizzCon do their announcements coming up pretty soon like next week call me tomorrow before you have your own event and you and not your own stuff there out of Darkness do in XCOM and out Bioshock and Bioshock looks insane like that they actually closed doors gameplay 64 is great if they had a thing of one of the teachers there was you could jump in with you it was something about a castle with a hot chick jump around with a hot chick in a professional booth with a list if you would like to drink on the couch but no one else until out of the door to get into the booth and it's like behind it but it's like you have an appointment at booth do I have to people sitting on one person I'm using the speak and then Gus and just came up on stage and just sat there reading newspapers the entire time that's awkward in public Uchi with our last video Microsoft press event which really was very connected like that the entire Microsoft Xbox president the only things that didn't mention connect four years of War 3 for your guys do the Halo anniversary edition and the Halo 4 announcement what is for tracking Brandon is well I like to work 4 to 3 you just wait to the other and yeah it looks very very similar first modern warfare the Modern Warfare 1 demo day did we start and a helicopter in the bottom of boat sinking up to jump off the boat like that like you start underwater and then you're honest of and then you're on a raft like they're moving you know it's kind of like different environments on the same level not come out of the water and what the hell Call of Duty games has the most games on the 360 Need for Speed the game for Speed the Run so weird that you can get out of the car New York City and they showed like and then all the sudden like for some reason it was it was the Run Beacon Plumbing cancel that Mitchell had something come up with something something it wasn't during the day or could have been like guy on the planet Earth in the sky smile and with financial crisis the meteor booth made of like a flaming speed currency 4 years ago Hunter members Financial of America need the website like every 2 weeks so to be like in of America 13th and of the end of America 2001 and the end of America and 19 are they running from there tracking thing babe like different URL converter head of America 13th positive feedback I was running some benchmarks like that load balancer might not be the source of a lot of problems that we had Webster First the website any one of these web service in front of them can direct you to a web server computer the traffic cheapest windows changed my heart Adam got it special in the first episode of the trailer that we put out was obviously very happy and so people the whole back of the G2 come out works but it's not it's one of those serendipitous did you add to the kind of confusion that the Blood Gulch world now we first went out to lunch last year you and I to make that commercial for with her but I could not for head say it was it was do how to react when the blues are up on the cliff Brandon so what are you doing remastered Seasons 125 is a question teen Outreach B that means absolute the product of the not right using bus from Halo what would you like to see Uchi run when I'm sale of China people coming I really of where I'm going I think I charged it through the night for party amazing man so much YouTube version of Hang Em High power plants that you want to Works Coldwater works but it was one that the B the trailer make sure that the operators remember that remember that we would always have the rocket 5 Prison prisoner just the most what's the most popular math of all time what happened to do more do more do it all like most players dwango5 that was always on all the time water when I used to play Roseberry Street and the museum level that's a good I am at that game what is the soldier Fortune way too much number the Rooftop not fucking roof of my sleep every night White House from her perspective in the text I said I'm going to talk about this the podcast show me the coffee maker at home because I don't want her spending $5 a day on Starbucks anymore I don't know I'm pretty much done with that single digit credit card charge what am I doing wrong with this coffee maker I put coffee in it supposed to go there now but after 15 minutes the pot is still sitting there with water in it Sylvester for watering Gus would you know and I and I think that helps healthy but unreal tournament and wives dick head Revelations Cliffy short buy the people that are following you on Twitter without and like other people that a lot of Twitter followers who calling you the Fashion Police I will definitely take a vacation or what couldn't could imagine something hat Creek Burgers head finally today Creek is one of the trailer restaurants in Austin where they start in the trailer they get super popular in the bathroom space when so many restaurants have been successful at it now the trailers are going back in there yes but was it they had something going on this weekend BBC the conversation back in that direction how are some more pictures what is for the link dump picture of the first 40 time yeah you got ready B comments of assholes Brandon how does the brain Geoff Butler opening the gate I'm I'm I'm very cautious about presentation Jack out right now you haven't even taken the truck in price tag out of your speed presentation company because the gate is the first driving tour company will still pull up the first things you Cliffy B coming to visit our company the first close date that's what the hell out of me that always can sit out there for two weeks and it's like no one bothers to respecting your company do you know the reason that the Gators have closed because it upsets you what they would like what is your company look like to be outside just a few weeks the Jack doesn't bring in the trash can that doesn't open the gate open the gate recording quotes about 15 minutes a day and that's how about 9:50 either Gus or Jack or carry or Brandon or somebody to come run away and we all stand by the door and watch you come in The Gallows like you 660 Brandon the trash every week Jodi home at home at home at home pivoting of a recycling option true and we find a place where we can also have recycle trash can first moon the whole get an actual trash can and then if you don't care about presentation the trash can in the ground next to the trash can that's also on the desk election drink containers around his desk works 2016 break room open Flashlight and who I guess is now a lifelong bachelor and orange beach of himself every night he's been here oh and brownies as the first time he came to visit it was awful it was really terrible Brandon what is wrong with is not working 30 like why were they here yesterday you think it's like a little mouse in there and look at it people shooting their circuit boards in Target can we just have them fix it Jack Jack your jack says he's all about presentation in the past Hitler's fiancee need to be open when you the gates are shut down it have to go through one side that's true you know what whatever it's no big deal presentation presentation more than company out there doors are closed no fucking reason at all how much are at the same thing to you is a front gate if people pay a hundred twenty bucks a head to come in here every day but out for the bus of the three short and Joel and I were out there this week we finished up at Sunday night at 6 p.m. in an event through going to run over there for like 2 hours to make up for it pajama the lake picture do not know if your fat and is usually need to be the bad guy people and foreigners are usually bad weightlessness in the top of the for something you drop in a little bit 11 I guess you haven't married graduate my wife and I convention Uchi of a good trip to Hawaii like right after we got engaged and I was on a plane and they made it go back to the gate so they could get off cuz they were too scared to fly I think I would think this person was not delivered Dollar Cinema Carousel candy is going back to get a cell phone ticket a cell phone he left the woman at the scene of the crime so when he realized he was on the plane that he forgot his cell phone so we called the hotel stopped the plane the cops found out that will take them tell them tell them pajama Yesterday Seafood holy Brandon like 1617 someone that I am 25 who went who went into this little is Creek Cary and myself and our insurance carrier insurance Tyler and myself for 7 p.m. pajama on a Tuesday and you can have breakfast for dinner Dan and Chris send me a flick do link everyday like you would have boogers 1420 printer toner Chinese Supercenter Chick-fil-A pajama the other people there in Pyjamas like a girl but it's really gets head people that came here delivered free Chick-fil-A because it rang 4 times that's one thing if you're lazy and they deliver the food to you but you went to them you didn't did you Finish Line Good Feeling out there because they're stupid Stop & Shop calendar the head up there and I can I can I can try to throw it away and it kept asking me not to and finally when they were all gone babe there's a coupon in the calendar that I wasn't aware of sale windmills on it so I threw it away and I told them like I have to buy them lunch for three weeks of activity calendar out there ever been up there how much is 920 minutes subtitle the Middle East now that should have a part of the show because if we have jokes we don't time for jokes cuz if you have a cause for laughter on the internet you just B not have a blank space and you need that because you have to pause for leftover the subtitles because what happens is people over like each other so why did you decide to change everything Jack sings all the presentation Jack is easily the best proof of anything that we have Geoff is Austin still going strong out of our company we were waiting in line or pajama is really the only ones in the hole people last night olicity I had to give you those things out of obligation but it was and it was I tried but I feel like and I said like I was getting and I just don't want to be closed off I guess I guess that's where I'm at