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Rooster Teeth performs a quick change

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Recorded: 2011-05-25 17:56:38

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Griffon Ramsey




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you're listening to the audio only portion of a drunk tank video podcast to get the full experience to watch a video podcast music rooster teeth.com slash podcast everything Frozen games welcome to the drunk tank podcast episode 115 I think I know that's hard to believe that was Renee Trinity on the website or trinityrenee portal and I was so happy to hear it but it was expected as well after playing the game same to you almost afraid to pitch it originally they give me the best idea ever going to get fucking retarded did re-establish the aesthetic of the game right I think so or I could not come that's all right now it was good come a long way layer of sediment in it videos that's how you know how much you have left to drink graduation cap and it was a good people were going to have him we would be left in 5 minutes of hell on Earth Joplin Missouri 7589 Branson Missouri what summer vacation I have this year Brandon was gone Oklahoma Northern it was so cool up there and figure that you have the computer Jack sandwich I need you considered 10 to Panhandle country to travel to California by car half the trip you're still out and you're still don't really want to be Oklahoma Arkansas portal like even for a moment consider or think about the Rapture same anyway I was a little annoyed that it would talk about it so much honestly I was ready for to be done Justin to hear about any more jokes on Twitter nothing with you Brandon I don't know that anyone knows what you're saying right now I'm so can why we should prepare for global warming and was a logical argument based on grid of two scenarios that he didn't care for it or we don't prepare for it and then either happens or doesn't happen they're saying that we have to prepare for global warming and environment change because if we don't prepare for it happens in the world is destroyed but if we prepare for it and it doesn't happen money the people who don't prepare for global warming don't believe anything I believe in the science of it if you took the same argument the reason I bring it up people think is one of the greatest argument ever made on YouTube with millions of views all these lights they're gone you're really the perfect example of why we should prepare for climate change but if you apply Justin argument 2 dragons taking over the Earth it still apply if I break out rat cages in and take over then this room would not be surprised by article in the states and the local paper a couple days ago saying that with climate change that it's speculated that Austin will become like San Angelo like super red and dry so you know that means he's Texas climate in The Woodlands this weekend for watching Iron Man competition a lot of experience very different towns in Miami that I had this conversation of aluminum Marshall text about maybe right after Red vs Blue started to take off and I said to you internet money you have to remember this week and we can do it was that 10 for sale for like 2:40 or we could have bomb in Cairo Illinois give me the car on Main Street in Disney World or it's like it's like every store on the street is a liquor store liquor store in a food trailer alternating down the road in your mortgage I'd rather not I'd rather be sex at all possible it was like five bedroom Victorian wrap around porch 3 Story House gorgeous and if you'd like and I'll try but it's like no heater and you green if you would like it a lot I think they have legalized gay marriage there really in Iowa our marriage is a car marriage is on the Rocks anyway we were and we ate at a sports bar and I love you. Right woman yet, but I'm going to leave my wife sports bar in the woodlands in The Woodlands if you can I know you're not the order she was friendly but that's really what you want to drink that's too bad sorry to hear it I had to get her life and from the hotel that was featured on iTunes last week overturned a 1998 sex marriage baby they overturned it so they're progressing moving towards gay marriage and we can become chiropractors to the Chiropractic center of the US that wasn't game ever pretty even for being like fun and you never save your wedding was at a high the actual value to it come up and I married you as a mariachi I know people keep asking me and I will it let me to carry an X marriage to him recollection of Green Pastures Austin of powder blue tuxedo Sweden really really drunk but somehow I got incredibly sick and nauseous like I was dead and everybody just a reminder we have talked about weird to that day I don't remember it was fucking drunk and hungover and if you drink more that morning and got drunk that's great whatever helps you get through it car the picture of a Rolls-Royce from the forties I believe I can pick it up bar inside the pastures peacocks roaming on the ground as well Supernatural Converse how do you like it I don't like portal achievement yeah that's wrong that's what percentage what percentage should you be done in the game first off it's more than that there's no multiplayer 67 difficult but you can get different endings depending on how well you do during the Game ending video games all weekend so what you like to be a triathlon at a triathlon watching other people compete at the highest level of physical endurance in the talking about video games like a retard if I was doing this to and a half miles should you get a cheap mints for 2 + 112 mile bike ride in one day in 95-degree weather and our friend in 11 hours and 50 minutes again again like Thursday is it just one guy to do the entire thing with her or just wanted to do it as well sometimes she was supposed to have one died but because her dad fell through she found new guys on little and Thursday the girls swimming in the run the other day specialty of mine but everywhere with her she's not only did the first Iron Man she did it in 14 hours and 36 minutes which is really good this is our second of your literature at 11:15 not only did she break her record not only did she break the blind woman records about the Blind Men record by 55% tremendously happy if I made 12 hours and she didn't 1150 minutes per mile in person but we're men in Triathlon and Ironman competitions do not like to be passed by women or blind and I guess there were four or five incidents where she where they pass a guy and the guy started crying so they thought he was being passed by I started song 11 hours Emmy I can listen I mean I thought you were trained for years and years any buddy passes you at any point you don't know devil dog Microsoft and then she does these things to you and it doesn't end until 9 I'm pretty sure my mother had a kid just for the indentured servitude or 2:30 to call my mom and she'll give me the list of like 7 hours and I had to do that I just 10 show me Justin fall asleep Nickelback you look really different Burnie changed I am no longer Burnie Burns mother fucker you drink the beer I wanted like I told you the first time there's a dance tonight or we can drink anymore TNT Adam came over they came over and they each bought a 24 pack and a fifth of Jack each in their hands and they also bought a 24 pack of Miller Lite and they wanted to see if they could each bring a 24 pack of Miller Lite and fit the Jack by themselves and so they had a competition to do that night anyway we're like what are you doing it before he can do it like okay I'm finished it and then they were given Mount case of Milwaukee's best amazing they released you to work with Robert and we would show up to work if you have to work in the morning when you would show up yeah he would take calls from under his desk eyes and lay down I need to see if he wants to answer but anyway well I was like 22 or 23 at the time you know that the only way I can same exact ice live actually in the town what was invented and found that was actually where the property anyway same have it there and they had an American football team in Germany and I to go to the American football team play with a bunch of Americans making a real team yeah and they're actually really good Uniform Advantage World catalog Iowa Jacksonville Florida was a kid and we had with the US of the CFL was not aware of what you're talking about it already it was an hour-long drama drama drama drama Avada up Shannon no memory every episode she would your boobs hurt now Woodland having showmenews out on a fine lady in front of you and your daughter the way I do like it down there anything you can really try to do that again you don't want to look like you 19100 Brandon and as you know that money and go meet a new guy your money for the next Brandon is a very much so he won't lose much it's like we're talking about committing crimes before your 18 1st opportunity for one of those places where the giant hands the sleaziest bird of prey as we decided Jack the Hawks more but Justin to Falcon there's nothing Majestic watching you stare at women's boobs careful about it I should know better but I started woman's breast but I don't have the training that guys have as far as like them time but I'm sure I'm awful because I don't even get the other girls and if you don't think things apply to you but if you're one of those types of sports bars once before and you seem to put out and uncomfortable the whole time we were there is great the worst waitress in the world and she had one of those voices that's like super high pitch in for some reason girls with really high pitched voices always get excited about things you know anyway if anybody out there knows who your bird of prey and how did you come up with the falcon or the hawk or whatever it was but they're not describe the Griffon power to choose from like we were time for church on the drive back to the Iron Man and she's definitely a bird of prey Griffon but she's definitely sleazy so usually there's not an eagle Eagles are gorgeous and so there's like and I don't know same conversation we never had that conversation never in the history of the world there are people on the podcast Birds of Prey I could come at you with their picture show me videos alpaca was like spitting on people and take him up on that I wouldn't I would you even post sitting there watching them what kind of old person do you think you're going to be a video we did when I was like that on accident I have to have a hobby like I really have to have some way to pass the time until you know what what what kind of what is your focus going to be Sunday morning talk show like like the old people that have golf carts rat is trying to outdo each other with all cart doing drugs funny when you have a brilliant idea you're probably a hundred and forty and have a six pack while you have great advice boating thing on the time we're going to be gone you want to go to work really hard like I just want my body in my brain that's what I was thinking fishing know that's really no strategy when you don't know how it's gone but you also realize you had 2 beers in 15 minutes probably didn't notice when you try to get an early voting version of triple full-timers sitting on the trailer or something Emmy at lots of birds she has like 40 chickens and probably 50 or 60 pigeons responsible enough yet Emmy of cats is this the grandmother that cuts the grass with scissors or the one that put the eggs in the pictures you of that Yes actually it was that she didn't have anymore the healing feeling kind of like spiritual book healing in Mexican culture has ever worked on you I don't think she's ever done it to me maybe once when I was a little kid but I don't really what is he is not if you're sick they'll put an egg in a glass next year that's one and then when you wake up the egg has stolen your elbow it's like this guys who like your body in plastic wrap If I Had a Million every time I hit me up anytime Emmy and giving somebody don't give him the evil eye on someone movies like Melo really comfortable if your pregnant feel like your body I can give you a call this in the world even if they don't have kids if they want without asking little big the picture on Reddit yesterday that showed up to the picture of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and in the four kids all day next week other and then below it it was like 2010 rat of family and then I was like 2021 and it was the Black Eyed Peas and they all corresponding perfectly and they were obviously the pits and into the time machine and set the kids back to the to rule the world really funny what is the first one who has a good weekend Memorial Day I want to see it at 7 to break free Queen yeah I guess I'll wait till it comes out on an extra 10 minutes where the fuck in from North Austin theater at 2nd Street it's called I'm going to car crash Violet Crown Cinema New York theater and also said between the Alamo and the golf RTX that the theaters we can do it I'd love to hear more about this later but they want to tell you to tell me we are sitting next to somebody in a plane and very nervous but don't worry we fight all the time and then they're going to take off the average person up with fat dudes with no shirts on and some crazy lady and that's all you like to do misuse and pans are fucking husband tag time limit up boil eggs to put on your car but I moved it from one side of the street to the other one was enough Burnie to look different you look terrible I really really hate 3D Green Top why can't you buy your own there different movie watch free RealD class three I think is 3D IMAX 3D standard that's the real D standard and there's also another I don't get on this but there's a third Butler same theater that we can always go tomorrow I just almost all the real 3D in the Pirates movies like and it wasn't me I don't know if that was because there was an article I saw that someone retweeted last night talking about how most major theater chains in the US will not swap out lenses between 3D and 2D movies so if they leave the 3D lenses on and a 2d movie that it robs brightness from the movie 60% very expensive piece of technology and I didn't want it sitting here don't keep those bulbs in the regular projectors lit or properly to have an article interview people after the movie real people who were in a bad movie where they know the 3D on a 2d movie and no one said anything about it at home Violet to TV hookup you know the standard definition signal and its for $3,069 the time I went home to my parents house and they are missing a color on their TV do like the 4th or 5th wheel in the frame last so like the bottom of the frame was on the top of the film how how is it not being fixed and I hit my little button and I waited like 10 minutes and never got fixed I plan to leave the theater and go track down someone to be like hate your projections fucked up and I finally actually like someone they send someone up there to give you cowboy movie with that from Justin theater they didn't feel the need to change it but when we started it was dressed like Kelly looks like she looks like now looks like future Kelly she's doing okay she was a joke noticing that in Burnie in like 10 minutes into the switch they go out into the lobby and then that and really that's weird black Cedar something without butter or peanut butter same and shut up I really don't remember but I do remember that we weren't happy with and the only one animals that was fun that he was fine with that Fullers standing on the building that they have been fighting on and same as I can Liberty like Harry had to come fight with Spider-Man remember anyway I was Harry Osborn's fighting together against Sandman and Venom same thing with them and every time I like being around him they have been an awesome character who is Peter Parker in the black Spiderman suit that was Cinema Sofia Vergara Tobey Maguire smarmy Jackass died you guys look so similar to actual question is Orlando Bloom in Pirates cruises know what you think I think they're Keira Knightley is hotter than the sun porcelain doll yeah but you're hotter than she was in Love Actually and I think the hottest Keira Knightley out there on the Pirates 2 King of the Pirates the great for some reason her face right now right now I don't know I mean not right now right now probably because most recently Cruz well you're clearly and that you go and then I'll feel right now right now right now right now right now I'm glad to hear rat Vergara bomb life is in Modern Family I have always thought that I was having clear but Claire is smokin hot I really like because like really pretty person like that Angry Birds to the extreme usfl like three or four times as we were about to move but I never saw South Congress Golf Course before it was a bar fight and we talked about on the podcast ages ago if she's amazing beautiful Gavin I would go and get drinks there and just like Spirit around her or is good enough I miss her I want to happen to her she probably ascended to Heaven are up and running they're always having a congratulations on coming RTX to Vergara recently nothing was on The Tonight Show where she was on the show with the Gerard Butler and she comes out and get to know each other money Clinton some money for Valley once and never paid her back but she's like still bitter about it and she was like I'm would like 20 bucks really funny movies do I really need it is it more but the more crowded earlier usually not a bad deal Gus Gus can I leave in the car next to me tumbleweeds in that part of town doesn't go to and like we will bring them inside and Burnie been and I wouldn't stop by there I had just been of Barton's Barton Creek mall early in the day we have to park on the other side of 360 the walking and talking and then I'll drive from there to the Galaxy Highlands which is next to the Highlands mall and it looks like the mall wasn't open yet so I mean the community college that and I think it's only like 30 stories not yet but I think what's a good way to start expiring and then they're going to convert a classroom restaurants right over where is going to be Friday night we were talking this weekend me and Ben and my friend Daniel and I literally stepped over a snake and I'm completely out of it terrified really yeah I know I shut down really like it I would seize up all over let it eat me like I can John how are you I don't know that's awesome I can talk into remind your penis is there something you are chased by a water moccasin lenses out I was chased by a lot of things a lot of times they cart in Jacksonville Florida on the st. Johns River water moccasins and people in Jacksonville Florida appointment happens Butler doing what are going to say that Oregon sex because nothing can really kill you except maybe in southern Oregon the other day you and Tricia night about how Texas is so dangerous and you were like we could talk about organisms poachers in Oregon The Grove in Benton County it has like the highest poaching incident or like an old gun accident hunting accident my mom would be like a week because because because that's when because people can watch what's the hazard or okay her parents have a Christmas tree farm which I did I'm working on some properties and they're like 10 trees or like grooming or whatever and they got shot at like my forehead of friends I went to school at 3 when she likes that she was almost shot by poacher and it was like filled out felt like people are always going to say that where I grew up and I did watch it if you walked outside your door + even look like an orange highest rate of hacky sack made in America and devil stick related incidents left-handed cigarette car 70% of busking related accidents occur and I don't have any cash to the light turned green and your children airport 35 where are we going a little longer but our checks