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Recorded: 2011-06-08 20:46:04

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to the audio only portion of a drunk tank video podcast to get the full experience watch a video podcast music rooster teeth.com slash podcast paralegal recording this Monday morning right before the the of every E3 press conference and white developer conference so this will officially be the most outdated podcast ever recorded is some breaking news xbox.com Halo 4 and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary edition Halo 4 I can't wait really Halo anniversary we should have watch the way we were running it would have been did you want something and that I think you've told a story about this earlier yeah I talked to him last night I'm not going to make you but if you want to they're available they are of cherries have been soaked in moonshine I think it's called Midnight Moon user from the website gave it to us at RTX so his name was danjitsu meeting if you already there different looking down at me La Caille wedding night what do you think burning yet no hurry the right here Edition doll of yourself and your face I think every year 04 Moon down over time as far as like that Tower Edition flight feel like helping you start is because you're chasing that you're tasting that before you come or you that's way too far and where your case was down here saying jalapenos are like heroin and it's true it's true Hadley down everything with Griffon last week's audio podcast for the wing place open up in your house that sells ghost chili wingzup the legal eagle now I'm sure what it was but it wasn't like painful to even try that Nicki Minaj like what you got 2 cuz it's like the best return ever you just like you just name right La Renaissance Faire the United back yeah I was supposed to go to Vegas again make it again second trip in a row so angry I'm shooting how much fun I'm not that much money probably like register drive a car through it and closed it so it was like it was open but it was it was just too narrow for him to fit through there watching not working waiting for Jack to get there all morning you're just weird in park and then open 4 times you can you can something about the gate it's awesome right now he knows our secret Jack has a lot of buttons I have that on video small way to like make myself feel better every morning have to work 9 hours a day together but he's always described as the most laid-back person ever ball gets thrown his way no matter what it is like taking off his desk or whatever and then you can watch the Kelvin scale house on the hill how to tweet that he barely made his his flight 2 E300 really I think his flight was at 7:50 in the morning on Sunday and he woke up at 7 a.m. and then how to tell if you have bad days I think PSN finally came back up and I logged into it over the weekend and was able to get there and they have like a welcome back program where you can get like two free games from a list and some other stuff the game Wipeout HD and his deposit your money here that's probably why you're on your own are you my credit card on file at the time was expired do business with Bank of America the infamous I'm going to do something I'm going to enter the Uncharted Territory next week just one PlayStation reference after another with a headache I mean tomorrow actually I'm going to disconnect my Xbox tomorrow and plug in a PS3 and play Infamous 2 all week because it comes out and it's got a lot of really good trophies and so I'm a little nervous what's up with Russia over it Xbox updates every time I plug in my phone or whatever it is isn't it yeah I'm not a fan of that it's too many updates a long time I have been asking me to have a talk with you about cleanliness your laptop was like did you tell her paint on me an extra sauce yeah it's one thing to put on a laptop it's not for MacBook Air is less of a MacBook Air now and more like a category fibers Caleb had a bottle opener attached to his short one of those living in Puerto Rico opening my swim trunks juniors we can't call that you got a call from Dudley Twitter legitimate 4 it's bigger than a lot of running where you considered Frisbee for it and you have a bottle of air in your shorts that you bring with you everywhere the around I don't know music it's also to the number to give me podcast really passed we passed Car Talk for the first time ever started pulling the government funding podcast Home Companion washed-up celebrities on it liquor before his current news trivia yeah but like a socially-conscious Hollywood take this conversation but I'm not going to it's truly enjoyable to tell your girlfriend plethora of that's a whole plethora of sometimes I'm very excited to see it Apple Steve Jobs Apple is the last is that beer thing you know you just said the word plethora what reminded me of this dude I knew in the Army in Germany who was friends with my friend at the time who sent the letter and no amount of convincing could convince him that it's whether or not we didn't have the easy internet with you or anything that could be used as a dictionary then it's not wrong La missed everyone you know all of the people if a tree falls in the forest and his word wrong midnight right Free Conference iCloud iCloud Buy Gold near me I'm sorry I ruined iCloud are you saying about iCloud what is iCloud free music rap free missed anyone of your Apple devices apparently I'm not sure beyond that I don't know the dictionary we can look it up if we had a dictionary we can look it up I'm getting my breaking is from you have no idea how much do they pay for and it's going to be like Cloud saving and yet Clapton right no I know that when you you have another thing that happens to connect back to my computer screen sharing is it to say stuff like I don't have to work directly fucking Sherry or the fact that wasn't it the last thing or another one do you know what you mean Joel able to pressure you but you were just easily peer pressured to know you very well one time when I was the how to say I went to the San Antonio Zoo animals do they have at the petting zoo and I was just like go to the farm animals especially when you go up to like a little vending machine you put a quarter in you get like a little it was angry at the world his little legs everywhere charge them but people in the ass High School thing that happened to you experience to happen anyway but I like to think that was because he knew I would be the one person in the podcast to forget to turn my phone off to ask if he wanted if he wanted him to call us and more because at the Microsoft keynote and he can call in updates if we want that first came to pick him up closest barbecue place in Kirkland call Dickey's Barbecue and they have a special hot sauce to become an owner with the man that can ruin your entire day and then there's the dude in the pan or in the photos and they look exactly the same okay so speaking of rape LA Noire is a great it's really well you can certainly get a different experience because the game reacts differently to how well you play it but so I guess I think you suck the first time then you play it again the second time to get the good experience a good cut scenes and stuff but I don't see much we play multiplayer in the Free World isn't the same as Grand Theft Auto just drive around and kill people yesterday and I got to do is run around and they are kind of like a lot of excessive traffic laws I could have dreams weren't necessarily didn't always have the right away back and it will have to be in crosswalk there has to be a designated time to walk but I read somewhere we'll see if you kill them what about the person driving the car I mean if it's there for them to the person in the car will probably be but if they were totally at fault no the bad that seems like bad memories but my ex-wife used to work for DPS and her job was to code traffic incidents and so she would take these like this hand written driving in some shit up the digitizer and put on the computer and she said that like 90% of all incidents where a pedestrian is hit by car where the fault solely of The Pedestrian and that they can get the ticket and the broken legs weird yeah I'm thinking none of this would apply to make whatever I'm over drunk while you hit them is it like within 50 system even numbers yes she did she investigated how do I go to do it that was trying to kiss you said I applied for a job there and I never did know unless you're lying to this day is Gary but it would be hard for anyone really to any ex-girlfriend ex-wife to look up anything about a person anyway so nevermind nevermind you know what the woman walk around in a dark of welcome for the car is 2834 Madison Avenue what year does it take place 1947 47 47000 Progressive States in 1943 you don't want to see these questions because you don't play the game for you Google again there's no Geoff I've ever seen takes a long time to load Edition and she would keep coming out and really that's not where you want to walk in especially want to play the game in one room not allowed to come out I don't know how many how many hours is 5:21 on Friday Eden right throughout the campaign back and you want to do that desk now I want to do this one lawyer on that case but I feel like I just want to the store what's what things go to on demand and you can buy Digital hard drive it'll be fine iCloud and gameplay was really smooth like compared to the stuff right but it's is even then it's really done really well like watching me play with you playing right now of the Cubs game right now different character yes I am the official animation crazy in that game did you have any trouble reading old man Kennesaw State office right there a couple it was one day she told me I was going to fuck up and then sure enough I did Golden Butterfly yeah I know anyone who's completed successfully on the first try it was terrible okay that's good just really hard it's hard not like that has the most advanced we think we will do you think so far we've had a lot of games come out already you got it what are you looking for name of the Portal 2 so far more than one between as well I like to play with someone else and try to figure out the puzzle to in single player together is probably half the time I put into LA Noire where to put about 10 or 15 quality hours but if you can get 25 quality hours are just as what is going on in 7 hours for me know but some people I'm sure 4 achievements at the same time level 3 play PS2 games more your style condition because I read a lot of like that you're not really open world games in my dream we were here The Great Gate way too much to do I could have totally the opposite same here I like you like how many questions favorite game of all time I'm going to help you out a little bit we talked about it in the last place you remember we were talking about but then after the podcast I sent you that video just like I remember that game you said it's like smelling back yeah yeah I totally forgot about 2 years now my love is crazy so you don't know what you're 4 game of all time I'm going to go with them Halo Hunger Fable drunk series on Halo certainly got to be in there I just say hello Philippine like a horse or anything else name no I'm I'm really of invested now I'm going to get good at it the best the best thing in the world by the way is watching a drunk Griffon spent 30 minutes trying to line up 2 blocks together so if you get sober you know it was a lot worse than the previous version of Halo where they didn't pay yes not yeah you can if you want everything perfectly that can drive you insane because it's like how are you doing where are you I really wish I was going to take them along with 421 right now like I'm just trying to get some app that can actually be sold Nana his rules in the bedroom so I guess I'll let you know Halo is pretty cool Fable 2 Viva Pinata or Halo Reach probably Halo Reach because there's more replayability of the other two fantastic just fantastic I tried to play I remember when you were going through I just I couldn't even get that far I just the bitch is a bitch in the 34204 The Legend have no idea I tried but I just can't get into it LA Fitness I would have to say either reach Mass Effect 2 or Fallout 3 and I know that there's a contradiction based on my I hate open World Games is something about that game it was fun I was an Xbox on Xbox what was the Wild West right now no I'm not playing well I'm off again I'll be back on soon I'm sure dungeons in the court at 1 past 11 around 2 and I feel a little put off by that like I feel like now playing at that time and now it's been so long I don't want to be like a new person who doesn't know what's going on we were in the middle of boss fight and I moved and pulled trash in of the boss fight and cause the party of light can I start yelling at you what you just said I don't know the trash way if I'm not sure what the trash right kill look likely that was like interserver I transfer and change my name 11 Woody games before because it's been like oh I'm not as sharp as I'm going to be in and I just don't think it's worse and worse and worse it's like I can never pick them up again everything is accountability the point everything straight airplane like Indian stuff it's like looking at your second spell rotation is like oh you should be doing the of the XYZ rotation instead for an extra 1000 EPS give you all the time like damn she looks the best when I'm healing and the Damage classes are telling me how to heal it but I do that yeah that's a good lesson drives me fucking crazy roller skating for the first time yesterday getting wrong smiling the whole time she didn't cry once the end of the day she was like a few times and he was like all that it was like you were trying really hard out there today if you don't do is get on the carpet and start practicing on the curb and I'm like you can find on the big the whole day like you better when you come to the carpet I don't know I was really proud of her and I saw him up at the end she should be feeling good and try to get her to be more like he tried to remedial eyes hurt from not being never having roller skates on her feet to being able to roller skate by herself by the end of the day trying to get all this advice and I just got super annoyed is that he gets like telling us like what we should do to make her more cough and I'm like she's confident she's calling all the time she's been laughing the whole time she wasn't doing it she does have a confidence issue don't come here and of carpet people just come up and I think they can advise you like who the fuck are you to come up and tell me how to do something missed roller skates for another drunk Animated Adventures it would be really bad if you broke your nose Fable of nice things right here yes I don't know where she got that from I mean did you see the video of a 380 hitting that little plane that reinforces our rant about air travel exactly sitting in a plane right at the camera and your browsing through your photos of fucking dogs and almost returned because you ate that fucking camera or if it's a baby in the baby because you wanted to show your friend cute pictures of fucking dog I'm not talking about your hands Joel is the greatest label ever domain register the charge with 90% of work there like authentic do you have to have his the jar and 2 shots of those cherries jubilee 100 Proof 6% alcohol by volume danjitsu from the website give it to Marty I had to damage internally earlier yeah I don't know about that monster skateboard not allowed to go back to that was shooting you don't often hear me when I was looking for work yeah in between conversation la welcome to the podcast tagline baby can you start your 2 planning time you said that now I can't wait after we eat we got the spikes in the attendees and we're going to figure out what to do with them we had to find a hotel that could accommodate so we're looking calling all the different hotels in Austin and like we got downtown I left out of there like Oh you mean this year 2012 you make in a month flight popular in the 60 right now but that was like a major selling point they were available we weren't really sure about it it was actually really cute I like the decor did you get up to the higher floors at all like a fucking pallets over there yeah we were we were down in like the lower floors will is like water damage in is what I was trying to break into the hotel the hotel you want to go the long way from the garage and then of the doors were locked so I just kept going up and down to find a way in the rich 4 staring at me like you know it all what would you do flight in an easy way Myself and I alarm will sound which I ran in the same scenario in Toronto and I was sort of like that I'm just going to go to the God damn door and door and closed the door and an alarm sounded and it ran through the building and there's another door don't his door alarm will sound that one went to you know the first one well that point it was sort of like just doing how are you doing one back and another bad thing so 2 negative or positive right I had an incident with the Austin kind of similar to that where of my mom is in town I was looking up stuff to do and I read in the paper on like a Thursday that they were going to reopen the UT Tower which was closed in the sixties after the shooting after the shooting and it hadn't been opening for 2 years and I thought well just go to that and I guess Thursday and Saturday when they decided not to reopen the tower so I took my mom and then the building was open and there was some stuff in the construction we went by some construction tape long story short we ended up kind of in the tower traps and we couldn't get out and going up and down floor Stanley Joel trying to find ways in and out and finally we were stuck on like a basement floor and we had to stay in there until construction worker let us out how long were you there for probably an hour and I actually got to the floor with the tower was on but I couldn't get past the security I've been there the guy I got in the tower and shot a bunch of people but they're watching Tower lately with this is likely just opening up the tower like to the think of the open the tower just a room with a gun is going to come because normal people just like private citizens to their down to the Tower and was shooting at the guy and they're just blowing the shit of the tower totally support every every Texas stereotype out there military guns in the classrooms now I don't know I think I like down there there was a proposal right for abortion patient he got past that now and she has to look at a sonogram which is of the look wired to get a sonogram and then she can refuse to be shown to sign an affidavit saying how much more eddings interesting it's like if we're having problems with money why you know we test our previous conversation next conversation podcasting together can I go to that is good what's look it real at all times he did it for you he is mine that person anymore what I do what I do what time does that become exciting as like you're losing losing losing losing what point is it like pictures of incredibly fascinating and I'll be ready add that was sent was built like little computers that sat in their shoes then wirelessly transmit and they would use it what are the divisibility right actually all Asian in the story that I wanted to be with is 21 what was the movie if they were all white the biggest would have been more suspicious that they were Counting Cars travelers from from Asia who would come in and maybe you know just spend money that's how they kind of slipped under the radar with a predominately I'm thinking maybe something Jack we're going to do when you got cold feet now now I don't need anyone I don't need anyone do just fine what's the most I've ever lost I lost about I should get into this I lost about $5,000 and a half an hour I'm going to get it back but you can go in on that particular trip I did not but that was Sunday afternoon because everyone I don't talk about I mean that's almost everyone at one time wingzup UT tax fraud technically I've never won any money Griffon tax evasion I just want to see if I don't know if your gambling if you can lose 5000 and a half an hour. What is the appeal how much can you win $5,001 do you know I can have that app on my phone when way to play and then count Joel what's up with your desktop background on your computer upstairs Joel vs XU XU last if you got left back 4 more back then is different but traditionally how many days is about how many decks do they normally serve and usually sticks to eat now have an opening at 8 so plan on house 1018 which kind of caught me by surprise but the rules are almost the same for me guess it's better for the house trying to work I'm here wingzup bringing life drawing it what are you doing 9 a.m. on a Monday I'm sorry I think I'll be there is something that we shared on this podcast and you don't even tell me tell me what the fucking money the relentless restaurants Wiccan xbox.com Halo for her that's pretty that's a pretty big deal do you think by the time it comes out what the truth is I don't know in 45 minutes what's down there what else you into the everything about you three is is supposed to connect on Rails career shooter coming which sounds I don't know I don't like that stuff either but they begin to seek or four games being integrated into connect Kinect to move but one thing moon has over connect is it has a button for trigger pull for precise time I don't know how you would do that so I don't understand it's an actual physical button the word 11342 Griffon happiness in Fable for the right there was a fable the Journey somebody I have found a domain registration for them wasn't able to but I think that I just didn't go far enough with Fable to you I enjoy the game much more if I need it and with all the stuff after the game that I liked and Fable 3 I got to that point I was about to jump into that falling falling it doesn't mean that I can provide it hackers overly simplified but they were property manager there's no way to talk like an auto repair Ann Arbor but the map also ruined like traveling an open-world while then Apple is a name that first of all you couldn't look at a map and figure out where you were in the corps delayed in at any point it was useless the complicate the hell complicated social that stuff was so is more challenging it was more interesting and it's a streamlined it to the point where there's no point in doing that stuff for the best Fable 2 was watching your wife scared to go anywhere and watching Township Edition replay like within the first 10 minutes she had murdered somebody in the party and was raping her hello I don't know how much I know more about her character is going to do her about her life she was serious so I just like to know because then I wouldn't it quiet neighborhood I wish I would I love you I love hanging out with her but if I turn on the news one night and you were dead and they were like one of your neighbors it was also one of my neighbors was like he had never suspected the new Austin the Austin Noire I think I can look like a woman who killed 47 nerds great another pet peeve of mine because my nails is that the people that are in this isn't your wife I love your wife and she's actually really funky I don't know if I can is really fun and me and all the great like you guys work really well together I think for that reason but people that are assume that they're nice because they're quiet if I can hang out with people like this is a nice person open their mouth Fresno Craigslist