#119 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth talks about snakes

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Recorded: 2011-06-22 17:49:18

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to the audio only portion of a drunk tank video podcast to get the full experience watch a video podcast music rooster teeth.com slash podcast the one of the Barenaked Ladies podcast today I don't know Jack Griffin are there in Chicago this weekend Jack Favor that he has everything all in one I mean you know what I did for my father's father's days I did not call him Michael would you want to keep it quiet rarely like every other month every other MO Jack what about you but about once a week at least really and they laid me off today live in Austin I call him like once a week and my dad like twice a year yeah me neither really I talk to my parents and maybe once a month maybe once every two months I don't wear your hair in North Carolina Tire time and I go hahahahaha if you wonder why I can't pay attention for more than like 4 minutes going to spend about half a day with me my brother you will not wonder why that is New Year's family get-together the other side of your siblings are engineered to drive you crazy you're an adult like those weird psychosis fully biological sister Methodist Captain adopted brother Step Brothers 2 Tumblr biological okay I think I'm Saturday morning to about 7 new Corolla on after gargoyles is freaking me out Burnie very large glass of water in your laptop the right next to it and see a laptop so I have liquid in my phone will he was because they probably could have been a battery which one the fire which what you want to keep a couple no I was there was a dr. pepper the and put the dr. pepper down just normal like 16 ounce bottle plastic bottle I leave the room I come back somehow the bottle is tipped over and in the spot is right in the center of keyboard is like pouring dr. pepper into my keyboard and I looked up like Park the sugary Water started like becoming more sticky and adhesive the thing in the laptop that it reaches and then when it what to get there that and it's just that other stuff out stratosphere practically the video Ant Smash very little effort he smashes the phone per about 2 years and I don't think this is one of the reasons why I don't drink coffee but I don't what radio station did you work at AMC 1530 is conservative more so than usual Christian on the show for about three months but there's a whole mess of that anyway there's a couple of offices that was incredible remove my studio and it was right before we have guests coming in black record the next show is live on the air broadcasting recorded broadcast the time and then we had a live show coming in like the next hour and so like I'm sitting there screaming from the from my studio over the speakers be home that day and I'm not coming and I'm never ever coming back a piece of equipment was the same just figured that out probably 20002 one the one that you know it's still very special to me like they bought it back in the day but a 20000 piece of equipment things like the rules or plastic figures and we heard about this kid just became urban legend that I'm tired of fucking nipples on his tribal classic missed and I didn't notice that I don't know how those days it was just like some kids out of school district I'd like to see somebody story that every kid in America new you had to blow on your intake Washington virus outbreak I want to see superimposed over a map and information spreading because even with a Nintendo console they all felt like all of them it was 100% if you had a Nintendo NES eventually that thing spelled it was a cartridge stuck in and then you push them I don't know anybody but I mean it works I mean what's going on yeah what did Nintendo the is like the cultural Touchstone of the guy blow on it whenever you what happened what causes the red ring is as the 360 original do some soldering in there that was had a melting point Mo that's right word for soldering but below the temperature of the inside of the box that would melt and I thought it would go on a plate so that people would wrap it in a towel to reheat the blocks back up we mailed it Saturday Desert View daughter all over it but it is surprising when you look at the number of entertainment console cabinet where you put all your stuff the prize and you will have fans in the circulate air through any type of the most of them and maybe a tiny hole in the back for your cable but the cord doesn't fit through the plug isn't big enough the plug right what's wrong the Bible says thank God for HDMI because that is ridiculous new stuff that made red the color per Jack New Jersey when I was at UT Time Warner came out and give us like 60 inch monitors for a public event we were doing and one of their text switched up the red audio and the red video component cable like a Time Warner attack employee tstv cannot know what you know Call of Duty the radio station we have a the video game show so we did a big event on the main mall Time Warner Cable because tstv was Texas student television which is UT student television station the only and then we have the internet and all that stuff and then I met Brandon is bringing was the station manager like many years later is later Brandon between station manager to call me about me to write checks to donate whatever new what you did with that was I hope you spent them on something that I share with it yeah yeah we did Burnie Burnie was kind enough to donate to the cause you just aren't any digital is a digital one what is pretty cool I the tooth and Claw for most of the cash we got most of the stuff we got was like $30 donations he was a little more generous I want to have their PR what are the four fucking you can't get enough for him to play in four games against the last original Nintendo game that came out probably even anything naturally face I missed that whole life Nintendo 64 era of Zelda games and really that was like the greatest gaming experience of all time but I've never played any of those games maybe now is the time now can't buy into somebody else's Nostalgia don't play that game he has left gaming Master know how he's going to do well it looks cool but I think on your phone 3D story it's like the PSP Go but good what did you think of the Wii consoles introducing a whole new level of handheld gaming to let you play on your Wii games with the Wii handle Joel the Giant game here basically use an iPad essentially when it comes out they're going to have gaming on the iPad that interacts with your Apple TV so you can fight like example of racing game you can pack the receipt from your iPad to your TV using iPad as a steering wheel and have like your tachometer and speedometer on the iPad but the actual view of the driving game on your TV that's pretty cool makes the iPad but you have to actually watch this what's going on with you before WiiU comes out your controller if you have one but if you don't remember controllers for of those controllers into it Renault Winery what I'm asking I don't want yeah I stole a presentation at South by Southwest for a game that was totally geared toward using the drum set that everyone has for Rock Band but it wasn't music game they had invented similar like putting adventure action game that use the drums that cuz it's like when people have these things and not using them yet I will try to capitalize on that idea for someone picking gaming crap that you're going to buy and look at per 6 months a year whatever and then it just what do you know that for a very short period of time in that short Jack was the number one rated drummer on rock band in one mode and one Mo in the world there's a there's a battle mode and I was actually I went undefeated for like 20 or 30 times Well actually it was probably the first time something like that and that's exactly what I did when I was number one for a while I've been number one on 3 different leaderboards on Xbox Live game that wasn't out yet so that I don't count that one but the other was for which was a fantastic game and I got number one in the world on one track actually be recording it so you can get a real quick you ever had anything real trick questions we come back playing on any Global leaderboard what the highest you ever gotten in what game Joel Osteen answer I think I what is 2.7 million three has never finished never it's so depressing to me I mean it's I think I was like number 50 for a while you guys playing again Urban dishwasher vampire smile cuz we got early copies online so that the only reason people are on the leaderboard Ultra but the height was I think I got all the bored in the time survived in Dead Rising Mo what religion is because I was like I'm not going to go another day in this mall trying to survive I'm just not going to do it for anything anymore and it was a great game but it's like this is a minor little thing but it's in all games or just like 1.7 seconds to go in or if I don't you noticed me the moment I'm going to expect a body so I can do that animation video clip but there's always been a tough and games lots of little ones like that getting in the car is probably another one of the second whatever I want to spend that half second if it's like waiting it's not like I don't want that I'm back it's a big waste of time fucking insane which is if you play it right so you know it's kind of like this really cool hybrid of an FPS and an MMO feel like it's a big deal and you pick up when did you hit to pick up a weapon or you hold and boy that is a small sliver of time between press and hold if you hold it then you pick up the weapon as your primary weapon if you walk up to the door to go to the doctor with the prospects getting the same message that phone again just like it's not put a button on opening a door like it's a part of the game and just go to the God damn door the doors you can go into like their gold knobs right you don't like Grand Theft Auto for real life which ones I can actually go into to save you time that someone has it someone put the gold ore or gold I will knock on the door because you know he was in one of the Lockers in to check on the lockers what is a light hanging over the lack of the Union is Texas makes everything worse I feel something like 3 or 4 times and it gives you the option to skip it right now my problem is it's like there's a spot of light hitting the spot but I'm like overly whatever it was like no no I got to walk and check every dark whatever corner of every fruit or new maybe that was because you guys crazy is a billion filing file cabinet that are left over the post-apocalyptic world and desk and dressers and cabinet and just exactly learned a lot about myself Ability Network everybody has a lot of things one of things you can find in those boxes is a pilot light for a stove and it's like making fun of you it offers me nothing the Honest Hearts DLC for New Vegas in Fallout New Vegas when you start that deal see import let you go and you meet the people who are going to go take you to the site new area to do it they're like oh there's a weight limit you can take yeah I know you like it Dashiell your ship your homeless crazy person would like a shopping cart baby I was playing New Vegas not until I found a stack of lottery tickets but I can carry this description Jack about to pull out the Star Wars Galaxies I did not play a lot of that Random Lake Jedi statue hiring going on now is the time I'm actually playing hardcore mode did you did you by any chance the pack if you pre-order Vegas weather 10 millimeter pistol and a Vault 13 canteen the canteen is a big deal because he was a big deal for hardcore mode hardcore mode don't worry about real life you don't have auto start the dead money deal dude on Hardcore Mode crazy because the entire time you're outside there's like this cloud of gas that's constantly taking your health down so any time you step outside you can go through it as quickly as possible and find cover otherwise your help to just slowly deteriorating will reduce the amount of damage you take from it but that's only for the concentrated Pockets the gradual creep on Hardcore Mode that a little worried about how old the game is New Vegas as the recording of his podcast right now you can buy the coat for people who kept the kids and didn't use them and they're going for like 15-20 bucks each so that's pretty good that's that hold value much better than the game itself that's really interesting $19 Buy It Now New Vegas tribal pack very rare hundred and $49 video game not just selling the pre-release are the pre-order DLC stuff like that wasn't a game where they had like telling the whole pack one quick shot unique things ever I'm stopping in like 3 weeks I think everybody had the baseball bat going from game to game the game where that is the case for you unlock World At War hack the M1 Garand you got a little earlier and then the other way you can just ride it out but I will say that Mortal Kombat they were one of the people actually did sell that stuff later go out and buy it but you don't mind that I don't mind as long as they eventually make it available retail persons in your room about your gaming why running a problem with it is that I'm behind again I'm intentionally lagged on games because I'm playing New Vegas I specifically didn't play New Vegas when it came out because I was going to report to help but it was you that the reason I waited till now to try to make sure that some of it was resolved it the walk through door tarantula classic Kia that was the hard part right tractor rental Fallout 4 maybe I'm just meeting him I had no problem going through door I realize that I'm in the minority Jack I don't think Gavin got a thousand points in tablet or a hundred percent of the achievements and bleeding which I think is a ridiculously high level accomplishment achievement world at least not yet but he does this thing where he found out about an exploit where you can get an item and then you can claim the item by dropping it in a certain way or something I don't know exactly what it is and he dropped like a bunch of these men or something and he just couldn't get rid of them and that he could never go near it because every time phone the screen is broken 1258 yeah we gotta get a hundred percent in it up to the point when she was playing it so I can ask him if you just wonderful I can talk to him in England for the internet Slow Mo Guys the latest we just put up was Gavin was firing a champagne cork has ended and face the phone and see if it's so dangerous but when you don't come away saying that was really dangerous really kind of per it looks a little awkward for me or anything so you mentioned Bitcoin crashing with going on their side headlight about it but I'm not sure what's going on online currency through like PayPal or whatever and the guy who created it I guess he's keeping his identity unknown that ticket English anything like that like this makes no sense to me whatsoever like every single dangerous thing in the world if this has Bitcoin has Bitcoin is a digital currency created ant Satoshi Nakamoto name refers to the open-source software he designed to make you the currency into the peer-to-peer networks formed by running my daughter Bitcoin issues Central authorities and issuers using a distributed database spread across nodes of a peer-to-peer Network to track transaction Bitcoin use a digital signatures and proof of work to provide that the Horseshoe story about basic functions such as ensuring the only ones per owner and only by the person who owns them currency you can leave I'll let you know in the real world trying to make per year I mean you could let me know hack an account and just like trick or treating went to Market the current that your first thought has got to be able what if they gets hacked them out and look at it and it's not I mean it's like everything is packed and it's like I can't I don't know I wouldn't trust it in any way whatsoever plus the guy who originated don't know who I mean is it like a WiiU promises not to make more currency phone is stupid and I guess they got into people who invested in it or who had Bitcoin route about your money now don't do that again getting that money this website and of America when you were here we talked about it briefly but you're crazy website people believe in it precious metals Market there's a lot of money to be made in cultivating a lack of confidence if you can destroy confidence you can do it faster than the fat 20 Cummins faster than government officials Haverhill story stop rattlesnakes can I face of America and they're like giant family what's going on Ticket to Read like George and I don't know if the southeastern United States that are dead to me never to show you the picture I don't know it seems like it's fucking giant dude in Alabama about it ant one is studies on weather in the rattlesnakes rattlesnakes around anymore man tasered I'm going to make it back down here cuz obviously Evolution takes much longer time but noticed them last longer and then they have kids and really big family generation rattlesnakes story bitten by a snake and we like 15 foot Burmese python actually like the nature channel one day and it's like in South America what ever it was like this on the phone it's really cool that giant python and WiiU show me the way jump in the pool the giant 15 foot you've never seen a snake take a dump that's about the grossest thing you can possibly imagine and then we go to the bathroom like once every 6 months I have a million story about his snake pictures when they now have a huge beer what is going in late we had to feed the same line for us all the time not nearly as horrible as watching it from the other end snake devour an animal or something and that's ok but you see the picture now Joel Justice safety and rattlesnakes is like that that's all can you put a rat on the floor the right would run around in circles and Antonio Brandon it was what is a crippled Iraq once again it was just like The Gather I was done I don't know 13 or something like that I mean you do when your 13 you can put it on the website onion wasn't aware that it was there was a lot of story when you think he would never hurt you in that way Texas typhoon got inside one another crime rate in a picture I'll give you the picture or at least that at least I mean it will bite you but basically your fingers and every every time you say new Google Tigers dogs that are known for killing people one the cable guy who told me what he said about a dog he said it he hears two things twice a week years don't worry my dog will never doesn't bite anybody is really nice dog and then about his first time no just put a chimpanzee IQ she got transplant there was a guy in California who was attacked by a bunch of chimpanzee one that you want to live wild animals that kill people and live with them do not the fucking cool right nobody does a damn thing to you one time about a guy who thinks you know it wasn't that big but it was like zombie ticket I really mean that entertaining know any little animal like I think maybe we could take it for anything Define a Gatling gun I can do that absolutely the preview of the new planet and you put yourself in a position where now there's going to be some something's going to happen if an is 360 did you fucking gorilla tell by the way I just want you to know because of your story now for the rest of my life in my history on my internet was going to be me looking up snake poop images and that's what it looks like and I will fill it animal park guys leave it leave it in the pool I mean I was out how to call in an expert 15 foot the middle of a Dallas Suburban neighborhood Yuba Community poop yes and it is iOS you just went to a pool to me local Reservoir the water supply drops makes tendonitis story that I gave you some wearing Oregon The Head video of the reservoir it was not good to drink water from the head video of a guy peeing in the reservoir it so they drained 8 million gallons of drinking water and refilled it and wish it on the ground like to live in a fantasy cuz you don't want to think about that I mean it's like there's a button Saturday night I was in my house and I walked into the dining room so I can get a beer soon as I turn on the light about to be out of the fridge at the light off and I looked on the wall over by where the dog food is it was it was a big roach on the wall I thought it looked kind of weird I got closer to is like my dog's dog food dog just ate roach dog food near Dover the one point in his encounter with the roast yourself I got to get this road and take it to a pool Hawk 2013 story animal to text you but you never got out the house that I lived in in college with a bunch of people there and we had announcements at our meeting I'd like a weekly house meeting announcements alright no that was that was the end of Paul's tarantula somewhere how much a picture of it you don't the best way to hide medicine that's bigger than the actual thing I think that's a model tarantula hawk trick that big I have them in my yard Philadelphia but the ones I've seen are smaller than between an inch and 2 and length of the picture I put up a couple weeks ago right nothing was like the size of my hand tarantula the tarantula hawk is relatively docile provocation to an animal dressed however this being particularly of pets is Formosa is among the most painful of any insect the the intense pain only lasts for about 3 minutes commenting on his own experience one researcher to one researcher described it the pain as immediate excruciating pain that simply shuts down one's ability to do anything except for Hesperia does not work tarantula because it kills and lays eggs and tarantula tarantulas exist without him Jensen one but all over my yard tarantula that lays their eggs eggs and tarantula probably tarantula is in the surrounding area like Brooke from the complete one assume that Gus has a manly dog is a Shih Tzu he wants it all image of where the man was like part of theirs like to animals and part of it lives in pigs and part of it lives in people does that make sense it's like that and it's only about like those parasite bio of the aliens from about was it like it's a parasite that takes over an ant bite and it controls the ant like a zombie and makes it act like an ant and then at night in makes the ant go up and crawl on pieces of grass hoping that a cow will eat it so that it can then be live in the couch should have ended the parasite takes control of the house what's the name of the parasite that was some really long day no real drawers and it looks super cute and what you're just like Super 8 what you're talking about food chain zombie virus maybe they're still hurts after the and catch up I'd like to try to get it up in the sunward drive out to and then it like sprouts for on the ant ant right I mean it is almost like a mechanism I mean it's not going on inside of an ant before I got a bunch of them all right we got the turkey story per day for watching everyone