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Rooster Teeth suffers without Gus or Joel this week

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Recorded: 2009-07-02 01:56:01

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

theme song which top 10 Black Friday black time I'm guessing is the guitar portion of his rocker moshing in a minivan Culebra title hello and welcome to the drunk tank the Rooster Teeth podcast time Geoff Alicia Pratt never going to stop with that already I don't know Priscilla Burnie of this week we are without the witty insights of everyone's favorite of minority Gus sorola he is out of town and doing some sort of the commercial I think and this week but I just want to try really hard should I for the first time ever yeah what yeah I did watch it like 18 times Matt Damon said time for the podcast we have a conference call 25 minutes happened now every conference call I need words like this colon takes 10 minutes to call him even though you can imagine anybody in the phone instantaneously or message them or email them, it's going to take about 10 minutes to set up somebody's always late so then you do like usual wait for this person there late okay let's try doing just random banter of the worst are you guys from random bullshit like that and then the person who eventually show up and then something comes up on the conference call somebody bring something that derails to convert call you spend a lot of time talking about something that's irrelevant and then you all decide to and nothing gets done in the conference right and then you work it all out an email that's also every meeting ever in person no matter what they tell me things work pretty much what's going on in capturing for Alma Ghostbusters videos and then I can just really some of the next few days the game you know I can't anymore I don't think fun game great voice acting pretty well written apparently a lot better than year one the movie year One what is a Harold Ramis movies typical age where they can new movies like the most confusing you know it's interesting I was going to my Netflix queue on Netflix streaming the other night looking for new movies to add to it and there's a movie called Slackers and not Slackers really confusing for me cover these guys look like they found it was like standing over a bunch of vehicles your career you decide I'm just I'm totally comfortable doing the knock off and not even like a parody but I'm really just doing there something popular in the world I'm just going to do another version of it that I know it should be but I'm just going to try to confuse people into watching my thing absolutely I don't wonder if they're pulling in that directors career where he's like I don't even for transfers this week and said that this is people like Transformers I'm just doing something else in the world but transformation Beyonce now I don't know it's pretty lame movie scary movie which turned into the high school movie which turned into the Epic movie and that seems to be for those guys that seems like a different level to me things that are just like straight to video hits that are just trying latch on like a sucker fish more than that like I was there I think there's a lot with Tobe Hooper specifically all of the kids because he did he did he did Invaders from Mars was a great movie and I need to be and he was doing he's doing straight-to-video horror movies now I would like to go from a movie making movies like Poltergeist directors video like a piranha sequel or something do you want to know that I went to HighSchool with was the lead in the original piranha Alicia Grogan which is about freshwater piranhas and you know the lake here in Austin is about 80 feet deep to 120 feet deep here but pretty much all over the place like there's no and gradual it sold Cliffside and it's one part of it that Shore but then it's pretty much a straight drop in New York over 80 feet of water 80 feet of freshwater piranhas actually it was not like that really lived most of my life I can go out like half a mile and you're still over the shelf and you like maybe fifty feet deep did the old hundred feet in the air over like 200 water stomach ache sold illegal of the Cloverfield monster where they found these creepy like alien looking things I'm going to load that up and I will put in the link up so people can like you're loaded up as well and listen to Geoff react to how for the sewer pipe down a bit odd Bush kind of thing and you never know these days when you see stuff like this if it's a viral marketing piece or if it's legitimate weird thing has anything new in the world that it's got to be a product of capitalism in some way of Transformers over the weekend I did a hundred and one point five million dollars in the first five days depends on how you gauge success because monetarily you did very well but man do they get brutalized the reviews of the Transformers Transformers 4 being an asshole about some of the online reviews he was talking about pulling ads from websites and we all new make millions and millions and millions of dollars basically saying we're only going to put heads on things you know whether some died in the internet thought that Transformers 2 was like Citizen Kane and I kind of expected it to be this extremely and it's a fuck about robots fighting Big Time American directors Michael Bay is on my list absolutely I think probably the best like in the action Blockbuster James Cameron is actually has me blocked but you're moving along time now he's making those 3-D fish movie is about to come back with supposedly is going to be just as and change the movie always come out of the reviews and I feel like I just saw the movie The First Time come on in Cameron Village North Carolina is in America okay I have a play that I can figure out what you're saying is it does it just sit there and look creepy hey Matt don't like anything has ever happened responsibilities to talk about who's going to be in stuff into actually doing the delegating resigning but that wouldn't happen in a big in virtual room for the people for a look at Tom savini movie or something no clue what is the big is a for something like walk through a wall you're so perfect conference call with work for me everyone gets on the conference calls and somehow magically getting the conference call supposed to begin services for that email address lunch at me now and just do it you now have a name chat real quick and be done with it I find the now and she's like better because people would have to really think about what they're going to say and it would be something instead of like on a phone call when they started yapping about the weather and just like how are you and be cordial but now I'm sad people just do that anyway it's the rising of the world in 100 Now call in orders and you can say anything you know what the hell you say your name followed by the pound sold our conferences this now entering the call Burnie Burns pound sign you know I did that on her first-ever Comfort Gold Michael did you really finally figured for public speaking and I think that actually qualifies for a public speech what do Transition people on the microphone on my George Bush doesn't like black people Kanye West Katrina Myers Katrina Kanye West and George Bush and for whatever reason the people of New Orleans have been devastated by this tragic national natural disaster George Bush does not care about black people and white for a Canadian and it was horrible Geoff when we wanted to warn yah I went up and I said something and Matt I just said the joke so all people heard were black people where the bartender was black I don't get embarrassed so it was not a problem you don't get embarrassed too short looking it up right Matt and his microphone coming out Harry Potter where you guys going I don't know where my wife be here till 2 weeks after Harry Potter going to be 3D IMAX but they're not showing it they're not it's not launching on IMAX with the traditional theater because of Transformers rise of the Fallen Harry Potter never Geoff and Matt couldn't ask for a more perfect Harry Potter podcast I've seen all the preparation of a convert call words like hi this is this is this is you and we all want to work together and I will go with us I'll send you an e-mail summarizing call the middle the day where they want to get out of work to go to meetings we actually had on the board like schedules for this one Board Room for everybody's conference call during the day cuz there's so many conference calls they had to sign up for like I need the boardroom at this time today because I have a conference call every single day what movie was that you should be doing quite that many fucking Converse look through for other visual effects houses and every day there's some department and needed something to ask that whatever it could just be like we talked about thanks it would be like let's talk about how you send this to me people with computers have done this a hundred times before on this project it's crazy like you wouldn't think anything would need to be in person or physical how many times are we FedEx in hard drives with files on them or hate like we have to convert stuff from digital format download digital beta and send that out it's crazy it's kind of crazy question but I don't know what the hell is a digital tape I think the only difference between us is that you can separate the components does that mean new signals that's red green and blue summer colors when you have your Xbox 3 that he keeps that was like preserves those on the tape there early as opposed to a regular Bay died would just be like all the information together in a composite form and the Machine try to interpret your back out in those components why do we use RGB for TV in the DM like hey big speaker three primary colors of pigment are blue red and yellow and black and black black black $500 30 years old what is a huge home the just started my computer just keep them at your computer actually I just got a UPS UPS and it does it all the time I know I was watching the Drone website and you noticed a sponsor and we're trying to tweak the sponsor ads settings because they just want to go out and like they're trying to equalize that if you're saying because of the snow monster has adopted the user and yes I did imagine they have liked him out of the bar couch will not turn on Facebook we get it you can eat that sellers level 2 was going you like not us anymore like all the accounts when he was waiting and shooting up like all their accounts seem to be from Asia and just like you go to Japan now it's pretty cool when the primary social media site in that country there's a map to be made based on the majority of users and I think in your of Bebo is one of the very very Bay Facebook and I don't think they are tired shower later Burnie Pub Kennesaw and taking us with him we went through in Austin a week ago a horrendous Heatwave we're about to do it again the hottest June ever recorded and we broke a record for how are you going to go hand-in-hand so I just looked in like the next 5 days are over a hundred starting tomorrow the good news is that our AC broke during the last and responsible for things like we're going to have to replace for Lan different on this for 2 hours with a garden hose 30 traits of water in an AC cleaned out the muck and save the date Grand the first guys were like okay we got to test the structural Integrity of the roof and we gotta figure out where we're going to put a crane and you to come in after hours all week and you guys are downtown to do all the guys like some water the garden 9600 sink in the bathroom has always suffered from like a little Trickle and that's it and how to play by saying run it and run for a few seconds at high pressure and then like go to a trickle and return it to the store somehow and he goes you don't have hot water up here and I said I would return the now but it's like water genius scientists Thompson Tobe like Bill now so I don't know when you guys know that we have now someone who which is something we should have got in probably 3 years ago and we have a new hire who goes by the name with the number prank calls last night he is telling his friends to call the office nothing better than having to stop work to do with it you belong for the first 30 seconds of the next it's a bad idea we haven't gotten together in Orlando commercial right now anyway goes through that door locked imagine if you can an episode of The Odd Couple with no dialogue that's the level of oxygen blood died like knocking things over here on the dresser aside from apparently and equipment equipment but they have to do that for some reason I keep getting all these little messages from yesterday just like angry now because he's in there dealing with this stuff and I think you're probably not making it a very big part of the process where you run into things and not everyone band probably more than anybody else any more work but now come back yet I think lately what I've said the most is your match one moment and I went in then I'll just come back and expect anybody sold my problem or anything like that when dusk comes back I'm not talking about this internet thing give me a second Jones ml is Joe will come in and tell you what he's doing is extremely hard and then he'll finish as though he's asking you a question but he doesn't want any kind of response he doesn't want a solution of any kind and you just want you to sympathize I sympathize I have feelings let's read Twilight chapter do you think through the course of the four days those guys are in Orlando together they had more than 10 lines of conversation did you know both of them or some kind of hybrid what's up how long you been here in a conference call in 7 minutes Matt Michael best conference call ever now that was an awesome conference call is first Converse kills go that's a good sign everything I feel bad making fun of conference call new treat me so well killing me with kindness conference call okay that's great how long you been in this building this building for seven years actually closer to and a half hours how long before we had like 3 months exactly right it was critical which was up and running and it also but another office used to be the upstairs of a Wendy's many moons ago I thought you guys didn't even know that Wendy's had upstairs you know navigate 1068 9th 1990 style when he's upstairs sounds like one of the things on the list of dirty sex with him I gave her a Wendy's Up Stix Geoff Lynch interview listening to this to come up with what that and email it to Augusta but every time I think of that it's for hours or days at a time yet for that week and we have at every desk there's for ethernet ports or more would be enough you would absolutely and the biggest for the for some reason decided not to hook up all the ethernet ports and it's never explained why but when you want one you have to go to him and ask him can you please set up my ethernet ports at my desk will come over look at it I can do that and then he goes and sets it up in two seconds but now we have a dead for normal operation all of our computer computer computer network setup something else on that you know you've already been cut down so there's like really you know is really cheap or and then those are set up so you have like half of 140 and there's no Rhyme or Reason to it to like you when I try to hook it up to port number 3 under my desk yesterday doesn't work 1/2 and for active right one at 3143 something I think she's running somewhere else making money on the side some kind of Port redirect scheme he selling the internet to the coffee shop diculous 4th of the most amazing thing ever the king of pirate ships by Pirates The Pirate Bay this week didn't shut down now didn't go to jail they sold their company for $8000000 to another software gaming companies get of Swedish gaming Network site and now they just sold their company off even though they were just basically found guilty or be thrown in jail and fined 4 million dollars they didn't get the cell that company to somebody else for $8000000 what the hell that's insane that's insane you know what they did but everybody that illegal antivert we have never kept logs of the stuff we don't people all of your you know your confidentiality is always been very important to has and will continue to be so I'll take it and you guys supposed to be giving everything away for free in being the champions of and I could be right this stuff shouldn't cost money it should be free so we can give it to you for free until we sell it to a company that's going to start charging exactly right because they were doing is making and flying in the face of all that and then that's like you know them but the most affected by pirate I would think so I mean nobody cares about the photographer had been affected more than images for posting images I mean if you if you mention that image copyright people talking about somebody images for sale thank you died I still the images like these are all over Flickr and you can just download them for yourself or whatever like you know or the devil of services from the website it's like I don't have it anymore it's like that technology is like just passed that market segment by I did not a good living yeah that's moving on to the creepy way porn industry as a whole complain either like you here the movie industry the music industry they don't the movie to watch a movie to watch Transformers and there's a dude he's like the movies and I just lost my job because pirate the beginning of a forever can a handgun I suck dicks 11 months out of the year but I think the piracy now I can only suck in one High School now there are lot of people who make money that's coming out of nose give me an iPad and I have to cancel it neon movies like Gaffers & best boys and people really understand how much of a percentage of budget breakdown for people of the above-the-line people as they're called in the black people you know that I don't pirate commercials before the movie with the Carpenters saying I can't get a job because it's not her secondary is not going to move one penny if you never said whether or not the pirate and happens the studio might lose a few bucks here there any more money I'm sure they're trying to con him into thinking he's going to make more money but I can't anymore and this I'm starting to hear more more stuff in the royalties making their way down to people who work on the games you know but I was wrong like this guy in it that is being exploited now having to go out and say like you know he's affected me personally not personally upper management and for movies would there be any illusion that they would lower the price of either question I don't know that's always a lan game now the for games but I don't know what happened I think the PC gaming industry right at the heart of pirate the issue because you have to have the qualification you don't have to have internet connection to the internet and they are much higher probability games with in the next 2 or 3 years I really don't really come out you know that's it that's a really high and decent one the guys you make rice has said that 90% of the people playing on their all that multiplayer servers were playing on pirated copies and who knows you know people well if I didn't I would have purchased anyway if I hadn't pirate it I think that argument of the door the moment you play the game pretty soon right Hollywood has pushed you know Western storytelling out to the world and now the games are following it and music as well but you don't Michael Jackson just died American Artist globally this guy was she now and will be here about another country as well as other people China gather resources in MMOs and sell them online China in China South Korea as well as Internet connected and I think the most online game playing country like per capita at least they will have televised event people playing Starcraft against each other blizzard has removed Lan play some Starcraft 2 Lan play I don't know but if you're in the room with the person beautiful women are you're right they're probably making the right decision probably so and then we're doing the last podcast we saw that Bethesda bought it for bethesda's current coming zinemax Matt never heard of zinemax on your flat screen every time which I have noticed since I saw the press release I noticed has been IMAX that is not a brand of us for miliar with it anyway what are you now what's your favorite zinemax kills or something like that is a Total Tan Geoff but I want some from you the day you are my house for film and the devil boxing and my wife has a sold victrola hand-crank radio phonograph thing that she's got for a play she's deciding and that you told me that Motorola started as a knock-off brand of victrola the correct order for the fish store they started as a company that made mobile record player that is correct victrola was the Big Brand everybody was like one of those brand names that become synonymous with the probably a Band-Aid or Kleenex and then car AM radio with the time that in a car going to have any radio what are record received Potter if you know which way you need to specialize products the motor and a boat motor does it say in the the roller from victrola in their product it was people saying victrola as being this photograph here's a mobile version of now we think of Motorola's being this telephone mobile company that's where the name came from still fucking around somewhere like Herman victrola wakes up every day in cursive the Motorola Corporation his great-great-grandfather something buried in history RCA in RCA cords and something else Reginald victrola think your points are valid but he didn't go this morning Rochester New York the two major companies in Rochester New York the Rocks now IBM and companies that could possibly hurt by the digital Revolution and Kodak I mean I was born in Detroit it's just devastating right I mean like the whole town went back to Rochester I have been back to Rochester and what if you go there do for employment now and honestly what is anyone in America do now you know they were they were here first but yeah I mean if they work in the stores were about to go through another Revolution where retail stores are going to start closing by the dozens who could predict this so soon because that's what everyone the first internet how to make a web band fail now I can afford I can afford not to go to the grocery store I would find a way to afford not going to the grocery store and I hate going to the grocery store so my grocery store the coffin Club HEB has hot chicks all day and all night long I like my outfit Newton said I didn't peanut butter not really big butt medicine or something like that I look at it like this is some hot chick sees me fucking her diapers she does I got laid trying to make it so I can pay for my car Audible garbage food or buy about buying healthier food then it was like I'm trying too hard you know like you've got chicken breast and yogurt and cottage cheese like to fuck yesterday and the woman checking out my stuff she says she says like I said I've actually been on a diet I lost a bunch of weight she goes really how much I got when I started I was 500 pounds creepy head to the grocery store I was in the caveman like rain anything what else is there to talk about in the world celebrities who died in 2000 with Michael Jackson you know that here's Johnny and the Farrah Fawcett poster from forever and you know I can't imagine two million 20 million of their Fawcett posters Walmart I'm like super rich or anything I shouldn't seem like it's usually Comedy Central roast at the end of her life there but you made a poster money wasn't keeping up with them I wonder if we will now now the other on Saturday got sent me this we looked at the most sold albums on Amazon liquor top 25 list that's different a little different but Michael Jackson was the first 16 albums he was Wonder 16 and then he was like 4 more of the top 25 but totally believable that I'm done and he had one like it was back in middle school who's bad you don't learn that the Smooth Criminal Lean Forward Michael Jackson performed the shoes in the bag then they would hold it so we could do that lock them in place like a and the articles for the shoes because they couldn't replicate the wiring harnesses they had in the video video when they died Elvis or Michael Jackson will come back to her not too long before he died he was not in his prime certainly artery Alicia article the other day and it was about we all have to just recognize the fact that at some point whether it's 20 years from now or 30 years from now or a year from now now that Star Wars is going to be rebooted and they're going to remake Star Wars movies all have to die I'm wondering if Frank is going to do about for a long time he trusted Spielberg and their bond if they wanted it they could do it right and we were looking at the top grossing directors number of movies 06 movies new Amazon building Michael Bay was number 3 or number 4 and then I think I might have been behind movie so many movies that are in that middle to have and also like just barely hit Potter millionaire like 8224 in the pirate make a lot of money is a megasaurus is it more than once did you see they're making a sequel to Band of Brothers another mini-series on HBO now in the Pacific that's going to be incredible. Completely with what most well known for American Graffiti Willow what is the name of the skull face and all that it was basically Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings and Star Wars but very obviously Lord of the Rings influence what is in the time it was like seems like a knockoff of other things to remember to put Willow in Star Wars he was in the senate in episode 3 Lan people wear in Sri Lanka keys were in there Backstreet Boys duration of someone's life after they died Geoff Orson Scott Card books would you redirect Speaker for the Dead that's a really in concert Speaker for the Dead which is when someone dies someone stands up and tells the story of their life this is the part of your life of your failures your fault well I don't want you Michael Jackson cover and it's and then he's the greatest guy on the Michael Jackson wacko weirdo that's what and you know that he dies and everyone comes this guy if you love this guy that was a lie you know it's on that when you don't celebrate it dead you don't take the time to celebrate his life while he's still alive and all the positive things that people say about him all of his faults he had a hard life he was a child star in the dead now we speak so highly of them and although they're still alive David you're feeling I love you arguably the best rock band in history best pop rock band globally known that everyone the world has been touched by this Band Beatles dancer who is the least talented of The Beatles and who will be shooting is there because they deserve to be there I don't know but I don't know that John Lennon Ringo quote which is a reporter asked him of a rehearsal or something Ringo is the best drummer in the world and John reply was Ringo's not even the best drummer in the Beatles Regal is probably the guy who gets the least amount of credit for the Beatles out of all of them look at the least influence over the success of the band would you agree with that absolutely okay who's going to died last definitely definitely stressful life probably so then what's going to happen here if we look the way we treat people and celebrities when they died Ringo's going to die and then it's going to be the end of The Beatles like old people say is in French you know Ringo listen to me you know nobody's doing that stuff today play caveman at a midnight screening and it will be the end of the The Beatles era essentially Idle Hands for recreation coming out this Monday a new short coming out on Friday hopefully probably late on Friday short shorts schedule Matt is getting with getting crunch crunch harder and harder every week last week I did a 20 hour day on Friday and it was pretty brutal Matt took a script that I had with those two guys talking the office and then to pay off with the Box joke Matt took it we are already under tight time frame he added two locations and an actress and for Pages all of a sudden now 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. do they think it's like television like people going to miss it there's not a people wait to do it again the first hour of any internet video that's a really good stop this all right thank you for listening to the Rooster Teeth podcast join us next week when you guys return to defend himself but it's the one thing in this all this I never leave town