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Recorded: 2011-06-29 12:56:04

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

Brewster the rooster techno theme song was supposed to do it on the guitar by himself crying yeah we'll see more of the different genres of music 490 + just in case the cops can't find a ride and here we lost them like there's no way it was so packed people and sit for hours and never came back here and went straight to go to the bathroom and got lost Peter Funt a friend got lost in the gay crowd at a party just techno music techno scary looking German dancing with glow sticks with no shirt on was walking on Parade the bathroom to the love parade Hotel hours like it was ours have you been to Mardi Gras before Nirvana Mardi Gras New Orleans dirty and I can't imagine what it's like when there's a crowd of people there for that you ever remember how kind of parent would I was about having 500 zombies outside the immersion shoots I did I was very concerned about putting you guys inside that red house and having a choke point for not having a under people try to get through a door and an even the thing about instead of having them try to touch you I wanted them to have a goal that you had to defend what they had to touch the head of the brain and not you guy that I've been Mardi Gras and I don't know if there's one feels that way and he's two years old the horse dependent like a cop or the next thing I know I got bump on the back of the head and I looked up and a couple I can get away from The Horde Wendy's or something weird like that Nazi guy who came to New Orleans where became popularized but there is a in the morning I will give you that Mardi Gras way to Mardi Gras in New Orleans any Alabama have a white Mardi Gras in a black Mardi Gras in Alabama watch on Netflix about it it's terrible it's horrible but Viking this time for Mardi Gras in Alabama William Penn is there somewhere cancer-causing one year which was 50 of people I mean it's just it's shoulder-to-shoulder Non-Stop and you can get I've heard about people passing out just from either heat exhaustion or from lack of oxygen everyone breathing around them organized overwhelmed by the crowd across the street from me imagine a scenario where you get packed in and I still a cross for me I still might break out which the natural reaction of everyone in the crowd was to get away from the fight the man to back away in like two circle with white in the middle and around the edges and it fell on top of each other almost like today what happened to like every KISS concert in the seventies rock concert in the winter when they had their rows of folding chairs on the floor of the Erwin Center which is our a college team that we have here but they're all connected and it was people put in the folder remind me about something I heard last night trapped in ventilation duct taped wrapped in the air. Jack and his girlfriend two trying to get into the restaurant side door of the restaurant that was close tried the back door that was closed so she went to the park and recreation duct to try to get into the in the restaurant Shirley actually Bell with my life you could be you know start a hydration kind of wondering if it was like some of the equipment and she got in there under and that she got into it to try to get down into the restaurant between the first and second floor she was too short to get back up under there under under ground in the parking garage around around the event that someone tried to look in there what is a vertical duct kind of and then and then I was like down below that she couldn't pass for she got wedged in either way if she was in there. right Canary of the scene play out over and over again throughout her entire childhood and I don't like like there's an episode techno sitcom locked in here William a guy who really knows but you want to go and really drunk drunk at a restaurant at the W Hotel they had panels of glass fall off the side of the building yesterday from 200 feet in the air 4 people had to be taken to the hotel close by cat retention two so that glass something fell on it for the first time I've got to work on our gate and it opens or closes the lack of oversight not open 100 no I just left for lunch hour what are you looking and try try try Under Armour sun-protective techno Viking guy to listen to Joel talk about the idea that freaked me out and I'll never go to a public pool with his brother it's not because earlier interactions like from his mistake don't trust the snakes get rights to my mother showed up my king size mattress he is just a puppet no I can't imagine Florida I have encountered a lot of poisonous snakes in my life of water moccasins pretty legitimate to be afraid of Gus drink with each other last week a look at the guy I guess there's something about Dallas so he contacted some dude to like her alligator Hunters southeast of Dallas is illegal in Florida for the first time a 900 pound alligator gentleman guy fucking ridiculous a shot legally time in the river car the bed of his pickup 880 pounds a lot of and I would be investigating if there's any like a power plant near that weight 880 pound alligator on a daily Arlington Texas a giant cow eating alligator a mercy there's more formation by his diet the interview I guess before they shut it down astrology this guy has a new trophy has in The Shining Peter and under it just seems like really old and really dead at them dumbass went out and shot it with a gun you know that means you want to really big thing in this record-setting rod and reel Landing they did with some massive great white shark and the thing that came from 30 years the Rings Return of the tale you can smell cartilage they also don't have any muscle to push water to the gills so they can't ever stop swimming duct me out I think it could be could potentially live forever if it wasn't for these right to always be part of the other part Japanese cubicle job of human of a horse of a dog of a cat of an alcoholic no guesses as to what the average is 25 meters that's what I said why is there a rule that if you go over your guess that doesn't count the Price Is Right Florida score two balloon when it is taken over by the wind yes but the final showcase showdown then you don't two people get Bits of Paper that over there nobody was anything there call Drew Carey looking online for some of these had that happen then we should go to look that up right a video where they both over bait in the show ended with her or we could go back in time to 1982 and get and we can The Price is Right somebody will have to do the research kind of information the internet alligator anybody who gets at 8:32 a hundred years don't be delicious woman turtles have in a day so much for being sedentary turtles live a Galapagos turtle live two hundred and ninety-three years on average the book Pizza Villa Pittsburgh 1B of the turtle in Finding Nemo last night at one point I looked over you and you were laying on the bed just staring at the ceiling and I was like what you up to me like nothing I'm just laying here how do you want to watch TV or hang out or something you were like no I'm just laying here relaxing and you did an hour and you had the biggest smile on your face time to talk to me or touch me contact we are laying out the work day and how we're going to handle the end of the in the podcast he was going to take care of it I am typically okay I could go for more could you text me like I feel better if I get about 6 hours 7 hours sleep what time is it with Cole do whatever you're doing at the ceiling you like okay you probably want to know Bell has been buying a van in October of last year how long does it take me to buy a new car seriously how long was I looking for a new car how many conversations that I have to have with you about your new car in the a under the junkyard of and he's going to buy that I took her to a Vans store and I said buy anything on the lottery with of an auto store that the curtains and her clan land in Los Angeles and drive it home from Anime Expo did the kind of looking for a man of character you want you want a 1966 Ford Econoline van is that you think you have to try to get the only guy that can fix it it still in California Griffon two things that she likes guy guy you have your restoration guy and it's the perfect size and shape for the two a table Wyoming to killer furnaces Max pretty much your first guy one of the guy I want Vans with your wife all day Geoff woman every time love you and now we have a 6 year old looking for a grandmother I don't know what you want it by Monday 537 average time spent a considerable amount of time Craigslist again at the light in any situation could have value it quick sorry for an hour so fuck it I'm going to go out and buy a Mustang instead like what you and I did this thing was like 10 years ago now Geoff two the day he made almost packed lunch w Houston and I myself something but whatever it is kind of drink how did you find out about the van though let's talk about that project for and I had a drink and I didn't the matter it was absent or that you don't a picture and I said this is what geoffs drink and Twitter probably 33120 and I don't want you screwing it up for me so please stop being the in for me because I'm a good friend dream and wanted to tell you exactly what you're doing wrong cat at the militant like I should be a platform like any kind of like the next like new government movement first try to make everybody in and then that's like tell everyone in the world how to live their life for the better oh yeah protein the killer but I just wish that why is that the one thing why is it the one lifestyle change that you can make that you are most likely to like push on the other one hey how you doing drinking are you still taking me drink my drink last night actually thank you for asking drink hi Alex what will you tell them drug and alcohol also want to tell you all their super awesome drug and drunk stories is the greatest in the world and if you talk about it listen to Kanye West Dome what is it I'll try to write my wrongs but those same wrongs help me write this song Burnie was actually no longer cool Burnie Griffon by how often did you get busy and we're just supposed to accept that Mac 30% of 100 Peter 4:10 what a store bought one for like woman you know what you can afford it's a mom thing for sure you do this to yourself you got a person for everything snow next week to try to drive up and back from California for at least 4-5 Anime Expo this weekend will be at Anime Expo this weekend when is drink to have fun the last time I went they were still down in Anaheim and then after Anaheim to Long Beach and I went there a few years ago and now they're in La break into that place that was terrible they would not let me in without a badge but the pickup was inside you get your time to show what I would not give a shit about any convention employee ever except for the old people that they have rain San Diego Comic-Con did anybody that works at PAX East those teams are scared that I found ourselves trying to I think the reason why I don't know Prime is already sold out and having them over for the 10th anniversary of Halo and under we're doing not sure if I can just come by balloon sometimes it'll be a very very funny at Pax in Seattle if you don't have tickets are open exhibitor badge just try to catch Burnie at in the last hour of an event you want backstage access to Halo Fest yourself out I would not get any of that stuff but I would not get in an air duct about it until last night Viking hold tight sleep in a bed that has the lid and things like that I like that a lot and it was like hourly hotels in Japan in the Box total laundry hamper for the same reason did you really afraid of that but it's trapped in elevator the elevator wouldn't freak me out as much as I do the water heater now I'm in training and then Water started coming in call and I was at the time like a fight with kids and I are meeting for and have one kid but when the water coming in and coming out of cracks in the walls and holes the street in my grandparents neighborhood and it was about like this big around internet connection through and you get halfway under the street and you lay there until the car went over so I would like to shake real bad and then you go back out Enchanted Rock Griffon is there a Hilton Resort temperature underground at the same time and then it was going for electronic part of that I turned and looked up at the ceiling as I was working Laverne and finally stable shoots just don't freak me out Jerome Jarre my hand Peter responsibly that horseshit that they're the most poisonous spider in the world snow board techno take him to the house and microwave them for different periods of time and then let them loose in order to take them and make different W Oliver the Peter from everybody in the world but you know a link about the Nazi join the Nazi party cause he hated the French dogs were as smart as humans kind of them they could learn how to talk and that they can communicate with the dogs and the German army Japanese terrible during World War II the US Army was trying to train dogs to be racist against Asian people so they could use an extended war against the Japanese sure couldn't do it they can American soldiers two things to the dogs the dogs to hate the Japanese island Japanese War Two stuff that was done there was a program where they were going to strap tiny incendiary devices to bats and it's over Japan to the back with and settle up in the eaves of the house at night and then they would ignite all the back and it went the entire Like You on fire and one night under kind of children temperature Atlanta and to have it exploded and I think it was balloon concrete bunkers and stuff do you think this is what this is part of the plan and that the Japanese have been waiting for these bombs that are going on 75 years later science and show you that jet pack from the 70s I think there's a personal flying jetpack that they built in the seventies that went into production they have videos of it on YouTube I don't know what it's called I have to run it for you and you can get up and he can fly in any direction you can go like two thousand feet in the air I go 60 miles an hour it was really high and you can find videos of people walking around and it's all over Wikipedia and then they try to sell to the military the military and total program u.s. military where they were going to paint boxes with glow in the dark paint on the Japanese island at night because they represented some kind of spirit and Japanese culture and it was trying to scare the Japanese into thinking the islands are inhabited by these glow in the dark boxes weird you have your work cut out for you that's really really do want people watching cars two that I mentioned earlier the terrible terrible savior and all really excited if you're into it but I have something to ask you film Pixar Pixar film of all time it's really bizarre and laughter directed at $1 alligator total a spoiler don't listen from here on vent all and all if you already have the market cornered on Big Oil invent all in all and then at the last second they found all those new oil reserves they just didn't talk about a convoluted plot for a kid we got it I was like no way Burnie cars ok okay what is accident in my car what does that entail like that Fest in the bay others like tale Lightning McQueen he has to die make him die until the tow truck Killer dead with murder cars in the people kind but that's not what the person was like cultural look like people plus and Geoff two cars anime on a ship who happens to be a car United States I don't know they must have heard enough we want to get more in your face and leaving me behind a little bit murdering bad guys pretty much and big oil is bad because they want an alternative fuel that they will shoot you with the desert Wally two or more likely to fall the merchandise left over from Jerome at the attribution of a quote my wife said the best thing about that movie we were watching the movie he comes up to me personally I think I might be done go to movies opening weekend in general 20 minutes we should have early normal in about 20 minutes early we had already purchased our tickets online we were all set to go we get there there's four or five people in my group and to be a million on and their kids came as well pretty close to each other and they got there like within 10 minutes together laugh together come to me when she comes over where I'm sitting two rows in front of me what's going on baby what's going on I'm watching it China guy and then they were spot and then a raygun on a tight wire never stop without moving and they said they would buy stuff that was it Justified Gods preview for The Division they will have it for the better duct supplies The House on Haunted Hill you know something like that guy was important though because he was becoming like a poor man's Alfred Hitchcock and that's why the movie The Haunting was made to be a beaker as a reaction to his Pediatrics and want to make a legitimately scary horror movie without any side effects and it was their answer to that House on Haunted Hill Halo Total Recall right now the Rock is in the rock comparison watch Fast Five the rock and sand on the beach like your series mower would it be remember it was the Two Sisters Hotel two sisters girl Deputy have any walk up to something it has like a hiding place under it like if you walk next to your bed like I was like I'm tired of The Exorcist think about the crab walk every second of that the scary new two articles yeah I remember who did the original nothing and his cat over to Gus house two feet and take a shower 3 people running in and a dog when I'm trying to take a shower and I'm happy with that I don't care. Making people on dogs movie moment directions and if there's a hotel in San Francisco I forget what it's called but there a few years ago one of the trips that looks just like from The Shining it was going to happen start of the book I'd like to go back and read it I got a $800 I still have like 300 and I could put it down looking for boats for sale scary part of it stop by to killer eating each other and also to dinner but I like the concept of that come with the Sims the movie and I had forgotten that that thing he does where he will introduce a story arc and then he'll introduce you to every single person in the town a chapter at a time and you're like to be twenty thousand people in this town I have to stop and it was good but I couldn't I couldn't give a shit about ancillary characters anymore guy kind of it was like down by the high school football player that killed his girlfriend guy destroys me crazy like having to commit to it like all the time like he was some character that talks in a weird way a parade with and I remember the trashcan man knows his name right he was like that we had a weird method of Talking to the Moon masturbating for let me get this right in writing how long to use my heart and I had a book that broke me out a moment when I stopped reading Stephen King every single Stephen King book open till 4 past midnight I got halfway through The Langoliers killer never picked up another book and gift store snow a short story about Salem's Lot but like a hundred years in the past about a dude you just move there and live in this house and it was like three vampires that was about how how the area was evil and that's why the vampire was attracted and sounds like they found in the woods and how it's really cool like stuff on the walls and then he starts like it starts going mad and then he goes off into the woods and he finds it's like fate and at church this is like in the 1800 and it should be super super fucking crazy under the game I read the first two chapters will my momentum Stephen King Cujo to me like I guess it a romantic weekend to get in some remote location and as part of like role play he handcuffed her to the bed it's only happens we're like how to take off the bed and she had to work duct guy dies but it was weird like he hears anything Griffon Stephen King duct stuff it's like it either Laverne are weirdly Tommyknockers interesting you bring that and the fact that that was what almost killed the Tommyknockers from it was a lot of weird stuff I think it was like a weird alien sex duct a little bit and it was just like I was 16 when I was horny and ready to go and even though something about finding Atomic chicken of the the digging in Mountain a woman who can exhaust problem Tia is that like walking in the woods behind our house and she trips over like a piece of metal and she starts to uncover it and it's like a crescent and immersion covers the more it is and if she's kind of freaked out that he's a writer and she goes home and she like to get that accomplished and she draws it and realizes that it's not like I don't know a hundred feet across but you start to excavate it has a place yet and she excavated like the memories of the aliens inside start to infiltrate her mind and then like this rain doesn't look like she's out and everything Vino Volo definitely guy love dogs great King novels Neil Gaiman anything by Neil Gaiman Italian HBO show I think Nazi guy that I know crash to be somebody's everything everything okay King of the Road specifically one of his buddies on the Mexico Pretty Horses cat him. I just recently went back and read The Crossing again and because I had that book out and we just recently hired it came out of the dogs going crazy for a long time and they couldn't stand it was horrible podcast what was the last book you read I just passed through a bunch of the Halo novels because I was writing for season 9 still I guess the last thing that I read a new book that I read it first for some reason I can I can I get to come back to make it at 4 bossypants really fast remember biography was why it was a new kind of science protocol which was the Halo. When I never even had that one so I still need a Runner books two different a new one every and every Gears of War novel in my momma on my phone and I just haven't got around to reading them for like 7 months kill your momentum for reading materials to make something like that and then and everything after in the kind of killer you're awesome 4 books to read like Ender's Game and then had to immediately read with whatever the next and I can remember the names of all of them and without a breakout a positive came out a few years ago and the HBO show is fantastic too I guess I don't fucking think about it something about the from the YouTube 1430 rocket woman memberships project little person the power to know the difference Metro Transit sorry brother we can't go too much longer we talked about the TV so I was doing some TV links in the Google the transexual transvestite when we were talking about it but the old movies like The Haunting and just feel like selling life insurance policies for people getting this Peter make for The Tingler and then the characters in the movie where he would take them over and the only way to rid your body of The Tingler was to scream constantly just start screaming at the top of your lungs and a Truck to have an electro shock device Terrell's back then I was a documentary on vertigo a long time ago to check it out they have vertigo premiere and move you get why is intellectual but it's not sending you seem like a Paranormal Activity you're not going to be scared but you know what they had of women running out of the theater like 30 minutes and screaming and crying and having to be consoled by their husbands and boyfriends and like people yelling at the camera about how like how something like something this disgusting should have never been made and it's not for people to watch and it's too terrifying and it's all shock value and I would love to go back in time and just show them Rock movie 1950 Sofia the First was before HH Holmes in Chicago girl Annihilator the bottom first and Castle Boston Guy Penrod and you're drunk guy in the bar holding two copper rods attached to a battery with a circle cranks up because he I need a new phone. get your own money back you didn't pay it love story