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Recorded: 2011-07-06 22:15:17

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Ben King, Griffon Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

Rolls Royce Justin Ben said we'll take you on an adventure today redstone okay okay I think it's only right for me I know I wasn't a boring moment right now I suggest after that that we get a theme song the reasons why I never any theme song that I don't personally have the best things I've ever heard hey what's up I'm good how are you I've been alright you gotta throw away fanime is the last weekend and Kathleen Caleb Wright in Los Angeles at like midnight and I think Saturday night I mean I and my wife ghost work I have to tell you something that you can't tell anyone in the world Geoff you can tell anybody in the world about this or I mean I just I don't know how not to talk about this don't turn into Joy Ben is not going to did benefit from this in any way but I don't know that might benefit from a conversation shit I thought we could be honest with each other text me and she goes out I think have a problem what's going on I did the same and different I don't think it's sexual but I'm not sure 21 animal of a funeral line hasn't helped it's just me why do they do it I don't know what is conversation no but I didn't write the story it's not I just wanted to finish variety a lot of people and of like foxes and wolves I didn't see a thing but I think you like I do Friday I'm just observed that a lot of people there until like foxes and wolves I didn't see a lot of people like people you know you're stupid Hitler Hitler has begun the back of it so I can answer about the podcast tonight the Crafting Dead roleplay Sprite Bat Masterson I'm so not into Friday Justin in truth I was it was fascinating to watch it was as I was witnessing something unusual and I told you that I will never tell you anything again if it's any consolation and I've been fanime and forward to and maybe I didn't pay attention before I don't know if it was just for a year but there are two things in a lot of furries are they haven't seen as much before I mean I didn't notice and you a lot of hot girls that work there like in 10 days trouble protocol who was Adam Richman video games and I'm into that she's comparing you're not going to Adipex and no one is touching I'm not so you took a picture with two Jedi Knights sabotage costumes for people with an anatomically correct version of everything I don't like for dinner and a movie I don't think so so your time with him and that you were in court last week on the internet who is life beyond PHP happen in 1810 and I thought it would just be a show and then they said okay but I might we can interview you so there's no script so I was like shit so they just asked me what it was I have no idea but you can't say I don't know kudos to Bernie for keeping a straight face but I don't think I wouldn't have been able to do it with a 20-minute interview I showed it to Griffon and the first thing she sad to Happy Jack's Asheville are you embarrassed I know I was having fun even if I just and everything Friday which would never have happened anyway anything right now Nick Clegg and David Cameron Baby Kaely don't you in your own car if we work was done you know what king and what were they came in right over it like it and we wouldn't know anything was the royal wedding recently got married Williams sisters name Selena Gomez what was it cause I know actually I say this company for a few minutes with my dad I think you should have really anyway are you big Selena Gomez fan remove something I was that world who do you think is the hottest celebrity right now and it would be like Mr Ed nobody's going to get that reference you guys kicked out of country that I don't know anything about me what was the game with great Bass navigation Friday it's just like an accessory your nipples are sore bass whatever figure celebrity yes I know I don't really pay attention to anything at all Justin love fills my life plastic the one of you guys got to see fireworks this year what did you do instead but you got too drunk and barbecue do you watch the Teen Wolf on MTV ayto MTV new show did you know is based on the movie navigate to Lost the one thing I really love about the drink thing is that now people want to go to anybody I got to see if he will come up and tell me the local ghost stories Justin we can have the time and told me about a hotel in the area it was haunted but I didn't get a chance to just made it up there yet because Liberties but you know because I didn't tell you this I don't want your first night in the house because I heard my parents are in town over the weekend while you were suspicious 8 out of 10 and then my mom had 3 and counters are you serious that's why I went to the bathroom once and the door was open to transfer to the bathroom in the light and the shower curtain rod the bunch like that and I mean the ways to freak her out and then she saw old man in Billy's room that was my dad's trying to talk to him is gone and my dad was a living room and then I tried to recreate it yeah I love you so you have more space you have less ghost per square foot when she was the ghost invite people to move in with them question cuz it wasn't there but in order for me to ghost isn't allowed the first floor at the ghost room in the ghost house let me know I'll come up there and in Japan they have those experiences have the little things that experience like the invites. I just build a little Bungalow for the ghost how was Anime Expo telephone. It was fun and I don't have the time like it so it could have ever and that's something like after going to a lot of them you know like the enemy concert definitely way more costumey and like yeah there's like a lot more people a lot more involved in that sense like PacSun Orlando Justin of the costumes I found the pictures and ask about materials and stuff on the west coast anime cons are by far the most attended by cosplay and people are really into a lake San Jose is gone but we didn't talk about it but there was portal portal cosplay fanime the twin girls dressed up like the main character from portal two portals on stage and walk in and walk out of the other leprechaun are they just didn't know and probably do what is hard Vicodin feel huge and then I heard it did the treated as if it were a bomb threat and then so I cleared out like the entrance how they left everyone and electric fan too far Ben teen dresses one person because it suggests that the room and she was about to go to Comic-Con shit I don't know if it's really going to mess with the con and it like Island Olivia controllers that you bought at Gap Kids are like custom whatever and like I really is yeah it's probably been 3 or 4 months just making the costume if you dress up like Storm Troopers and stuff what time you would be if you were doing wood carving or making a custom built PC the largest like people dressed up as characters that were being paid for that I've ever seen what is the reason why I don't want to we never talk to people on the street that's just crazy portal lot of people in there have a good weekend. Star Tours Los Angeles in California General has this huge population increase there like it's constantly growing at a record Pace that it's finally stopped and they're trying to get attrition the kids it's only grown like it I the last 10 years at a 20% drop in people moving in the right in California no no Dan diamond when you freeze them together made no sense to me vs of the car thanks and remember where or what exactly things that but that desert cities in the United States of the fastest-growing so like Phoenix and La for a while and then they go see a witch going to Bountiful play cheap land for in buying Prime Forest Lane in Phoenix but I didn't expect I could be so good for rheumatoid arthritis so we're going to ComiCon in 2 weeks at our next of and you're going to that again aren't you what kind of panel I will a boost so we have a blues World Blues 1437 at Comic-Con we do not have a panel yet we make it 1 at the last year we got one at the last minute like a week before the event that was an awesome time so maybe we'll get one we still do not have one we get some people said that they would like us to talk about the cons more in advance because I didn't know you're going to be there straight for that before that I don't know what our next event is going to Canada next weekend this weekend is going to be there representing to be there shut up yeah cuz Kathleen just did this one and then she's going to that and she's going to be at Comic-Con to you so she's not going to. So actually you guys are coming to England to see you but America YouTube Halloween candy I like it and it's like they don't really celebrate Halloween and what kind of fun like specifically because it only God can deliver biscuits cooked in a Biscuit anyway I have to be to be leaving at 7 I can't wait to replace you with a couch Rite Aid open till today you are my heart you on my couch Geoff Island inanimate object how much how much value I bring to your computer can about 17 people a day to come sit on it what temperature do is going to turn around call home in a fight to the death yeah that's what we want them to think that we had solution for some of the drink in a while Griffon yeah but only for the day heading Ben on so Marietta Daily Journal called me this morning because he was at the airport and he didn't know what airline he was flying back to Austin on gone over it and make arrangements with him I printed out the confirmation giving you a paper copy and portal in an e-mail when the logo on it and one would assume that he would be taking the same airline back that he can go it was a weird trailer wanted ad for them I must add that I got to the office early today thanks honey thanks honey Friday but somebody forgot his name but I must look through my purse and see if he messaged me gives us a bottle of gin and so it's being shipped here and it's like some kind of what you need to and it types it did taste differently that's made in a totally different way and it's supposed to be where it's supposed to ship it at the liquor store if you can't I guess of California so I had to go and get a box there and everything and it's like it's not super trailer Tommy in on it and try it do you like it do you know where people sending you stuff on this deal Ben why did Griffon why do you have to take a sexual everything sexual of you I'm just sitting doing nothing at all the story okay let me know 2 weeks ago when we do the headline Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces because he told him I don't know if you keep referring to that shit Burger is from sewage mud white wine understand that yes it would make probably better for the world I wouldn't know but why hunger Crisis coming Ray Scott already seems like super inefficient and creates a lot of greenhouse gases of all the shit out of me even though you know you could do that but look up York strip meaning behind it would you ever scientists Ed some like Mr but it's not important 9% mental and 2% corn chips 18% of greenhouse gas emissions because of the release of methane from ad eating meat makes this dude let's just stop you'll be like can you see from McDonald's what they have to tell you what's the burger get mad cow disease I don't know shit I would think Griffon daughter he have to try I'm going to try it you know I wouldn't try human flesh before he would try to shit what can you eat when stressed we can do it does grass-fed beef taste different what chemicals are exposed to them constantly yes the board went up I didn't buy anything vintage Pontiac video games run and exercise Fallout 3 in 2 weeks on the 19th but DLC next week return and living out there you're like well that's because you're rebuilding the world and yes teen dares what plan everything we have in this month is the 3-year anniversary of a 200 yeah we're terrible threes to accommodate that we're doing a ton of like community events but we're doing a month-long achievement right up to 50,000 points so I'm playing every like football games in the last 6 years I just played and beaten Megamind the night fantastic game with you and that right now playing for 3 very hard and your payments on time and on ventilator for two weeks like that in the whole month of that well that that race was a lot of preparation ahead of time which I guess you're talking about the in the 3 days because I don't know I'm not going to this I just want to place well it started July 1st sure I'll come up with something new I want to win for Star Wars Old Republic wake me the new Star Wars game if I guess if I had suffered through that game for how long was Ben 8 9 years 8 years I think you had invested that much time into that broken world I would I would like the help he was my team leader back at the old company and his wife America and I definitely like your really and you got all of this all the time and everything you've star gone and you never stay over and crushing realization that it doesn't mean anything yeah yesterday I mean old well collectively have it but I don't understand what you're writing did you have fun that's right if you have something in the other hand it's just as tangible as well as watching a Gordon Ramsay cooking show the other photo I don't know he wouldn't bug you they put time into it in that in that sense they meet but like but you still can look back at them now I mean like I need to make a website you can look at it like anyway how much is the shutting down social website Justin Timberlake buy Myspace or something like he's a part of Myspace now turn it into a reality show and I was like honey okay I'll contact you sometime I think they're there their angle was that there isn't a place online for look at community site online that's focused on using it for myself and Myspace that the closest you have I mean I think I know why people give up on MySpace because it was just been sending you a friend request all the time is MySpace is Ben entertainment it's not really any more tension for entertainment consumption current pop culture the central conflict in this country I just need I said I didn't have to care about politics why do we need love there old Ben 10 did she like I used to hide book in the history books you know wolf and I started to hear it like more personal story based and local history and stuff that I can see all that change doesn't change this and become way more interesting to me and I think that in school it's different because you're only hearing about like world leaders and wars and think major events like that and it's not you don't see history on a personal level and I think that makes a difference I think as you get older you learn to appreciate it more because it informs about the world you're living in but they may feel differently about it star nuclear Wolf star going to put I like after nuclear War of the Worlds get it honestly is not social issues it's some kind of focused on those major things that aren't interesting everybody you know what is terrorists tried to kill Justin Bieber the is it not that it would change my life what is what is the Hershey Chocolate Factory got taken over by communist leader who and and taking over and you were no longer able to get Old Town Pizza at Domino's they got an ass the end of my life I would bet that would be history Ninja Storm in the on the new generation of shit of a headache the cenozoic how did we get so unfortunate to be sandwiched in between the Baby Boomers on one side and V on the other side we might be neighbors and we might be in the most in the unluckiest place in history as a generation or so said so during this year 343 is going to have the old original Xbox controllers put something the production was that thing called that you guys I'm not sure I think Jeff and I will be there in Boerne on people be in Canada that weekend and Matt are going to change the current plan could change never never The Weeknd mini and I have been in years like I went on the first one when I was pregnant but it's so busy and of the bigger ones like that are just so busy that the time flies a lot faster it's a whole different world owns a lot of work though also extended the hours significantly since those days open whatever we didn't know that was and they will open it the matter is no! When I was that in 2008 about going to die soon as I got all the reports Ben had to carry a box he almost died and we need to help me now I think our hotel this year yeah yeah my leg up but luckily the weather is so I saw the other day totally weird subject the other day that Burger King is having this promotion I think I'm DirecTV or something I don't know and it's one of the satellite TV channels where they have a TV you turn to a specific Channel and all they do on that channel is show a Whopper and the Burger King logo if you want it for 5 minutes then like an arrow appears on the screen and you can you get a walker for another 15 minutes Burger King over there Ad Agency is for a quite a while now they've been the most experimental like major pain with trying different forms of advertising Crispin Porter + bogusky okay I mean they wouldn't make those video games for the 360 that was a cool idea they were the first to do that in those and Toyota Highlander 2000 Ben kind of a screen shot there but it looks like it just like the Burger on a pedestal the Burger King logo look like how the Camino popular Sprite was connected with lost that would be like the weird Sprite ads like the lemon and you don't even like it was dr. pepper did a bunch of DLC from from ball caps I think it was there in the logo in your eyes when you close your eyes you would see that Brittany Taylor the advertising to in of the show or whatever their exhibition you know I think an idea like that it was a big salad everyone can be watching it what in the Katy Perry video Orange is the New Black you just can't say that would be about her nail polish and kill Ben come out just a couple of boyfriends and we had like fireworks and stuff after the conic and relaxed and I thought it was talking about how she still so I feed my dogs toenails last night is very challenging to do when your excited to see you and I think he's a boy the Benny Hill is a on stage Griffon yeah that would suck if you died and he didn't have to Craigslist if you always like everything is a joke then you know people with Geoff think that he's just because he likes to joke around with him and everything's a joke to him but he does not accept responsibility for anything Pizza Bagels off of 8 Mile it is working very well for me thank you did you guys see Transformers 3 did you like it it was just bad movies with some amazing in fact I'm way better than woman that's funny I like that but that is hilarious you know those explosions in the background and then she's like is there anything on your describing a fantastic Sunday movie 2.08 on the island and it was Transformers Mr I think 32 women alive and I'm going to come out doesn't matter because Ben wasn't alive at the end of the movies I have not seen Transformers 3 then I don't think I will too because shit Griffon I couldn't get through Transformers 1 what the trailer was awesome I got it but have you seen the new Mission Impossible trailer protocol wolf watch a preview in the month because anytime camera I can't stand him and Scientology and that whole thing and it just seems like that kind of a gross person and then you see him in the trailer or in a movie and suddenly and you're like this is the coolest dude ever of all time and I told her to take it over the French the island made 35 million dollars domestically shit when you are right that's a hundred $2,759 x 222 that really help with something contracted restroom story in the park just after it happened you guys were like we were like two seconds away from being obnoxious maybe the only people in the world the shit you go to find someone Mr of shit I never have a date with Brandon I have other plans willyrex