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Rooster Teeth fails

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Recorded: 2011-07-13 22:34:12

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

old story that should be told about Burnie Geoff Jack cup and Joel will World stuck in dead-end jobs for the drunk texts so let's get it on Xbox 360 disc changer fucking stop texting me and calling and yelling at the out the Congress is going to shut down the big and the Pachyderm demographics in regards to the drunk tank podcast is that people will fall asleep listening to it which is first of all how dare you and secondly that if they do that they end up dreaming about it guy in the whole history of war in their head look like when laying right there we just had cast with light Sleep Therapy think it would benefit from I just have subliminal advertising Gus logical 360 changer email it to Gus over and over at the time of their personal comments on the website when something comes up that might be relevant to it people just post it again and again and they literally guy said someone will post it and then someone like 20 minutes later saying have you seen this yet in a link to the exact same thing opening starting a fire fan the flames people know who Billy Joel Compass Brandon 2 Billy Joel song to think you could get to do it okay alright okay Harry friendly pet Everhart of John Wayne for mr. Tortilla Head 2525 can you use Lift Away plinkett on piano don't try to move is not any there the guys Billy Joel Piano woman that I and the other one is Geoff at Saturday no he did that song about me not wanting to be free you know what you know what that's the generic generic Bullshit song and the person was not Billy Joel but the people of your age range was no possible I want to try myself is big into music so I barely know music is going on now I'm definitely not a player CD player what is we listening to today right I was listening to sports radio at 1 sports radio it would be my at my iPhone has music that I've collected over the last 10 years but most of its music I can have when I was in high school so about 4 years ago playing on your iPhone right now you have it with you. pretty sure mine will be Hank Williams Monday night Jill let's see what mine out playing right now is girl talk - Childish Gambino Rihanna Rihanna she's man Duran Duran Duran Ordinary World is it going from a layer cake Duran Duran for like 10 years before Brandon Billy Joel famous famous woman I got one for Hunter give me your hockey bag he told the story I heard and tell the story that a little while ago I'm like a radio program he was at st. Bart's half year old has summer home he was playing the piano at a bar because he saw her and the other the redhead what's your name who was married to Christie Brinkley no I think I 3 the magical music of a lingerie model black supermodels don't typically like star in the boy de Billy Joe Sara Gilbert Big Bang one of them so she said you know what you look like so I'm going to go for now on thank you Brandon tiger in the rain leaving maybe they're in the bar Christie Brinkley was consoling Rachel Hunter Rachel Hunter he was with a guy Forever Young Blues your prom song Jack Time of Your Life by Green Day the loser and good riddance was the song that they played during the in the finale of Seinfeld a terrible terrible thing it was true and he had a hearing aid and he pretended like anything about how she was going to like she knew that he was faking it and she was and try to prove that he was faking it the only faked his death Ms when somebody was asking you to do some work they didn't want to do but never do and Jerry had a very nice club that the crew. They weren't like this you're adding in their newest How I Met Your Mother did they get added in digitally so it really been a year old episode for maybe 2-3 years for the Zookeeper that was one of them the product placement they always had a Tebow make a plushie doll things like that it was something about that just recently but that they had to frame because they didn't want people we will never meet her there but then some of my first day of is broken so they just left the frame sitting in front the people friends trivia every episode of Friends ever kiss my wife when we were first married she was still on the air a day an indication that she would watch Friends at 11 time 20 x a friend fanatical out of it life it was awesome it was on from 6 to 7 and then from 10 to 11 everyday episode right now the hundred and $99 for Star Trek the Next Generation and it went to Netflix and I'm not going to buy it I don't know how that works I don't stop is on a Netflix streaming but that's my choice if they lost $199 because now I can just get it out character that can do anything is stupid at any point made Superman is crying somewhere that's out there right now even brought him back everything they can do a lot of things up watching Star Trek next Generation with and that's cool I'm probably going to change your Netflix plan at all change your pricing structure yesterday I need to have playing along with a streaming plan try to separate of those two products I just cancelled it but I know I'm going to have to pay for their game a cashier YouTube lyrics I just cancelled my a streaming plan yesterday because I realized I didn't use 3 months so that's good I'll cancel it and then I went on there to cancel it is like your next building will be like August 11th or whatever it was like a month away and I was like okay just cancel it and like it if you cancel and now it's a miracle if you don't get that reminder old but then you'd only have like 3 months they start charging again looking I'm done now thank you old people do on vacation had to go on extended vacation to Florida to take care of his mother who was ailing and my dog Alex went everywhere with my dad but my dad went to move away for 6 months to take care of his mother essentially he knew the dog would be dead so he put the dog down life but Hey where's Alex where is your dad Jesus with your pet dog no I don't like that I never have liked that I'm going to Call of Duty and leak dead in Wolfenstein and Evil New Vegas vault 3 cursed you as loudly as I cursed you watching the video of you painting the Tiger in Dead Rising 2 light switches a glitch in the video they didn't give a shit Claire close a point from before zookeeper is now up to 22.5 million dollars is 80 million Kevin James not the box-office gold he won't falls out did you see the trailer for Jack and Jill. Unfortunately I thought it was a joke about a movie where he plays himself and his sister get on American public mall Blart made 150 don't 2 Paul Blart was flipping through Falls Mall Cops training in Stroudsburg black girl will do anything for you sweetheart she's hilarious I mean look at me now career path like the new Simon Monjack I'll be there where's in Yogi Bear who was in Alvin and chicken and yes she was in the Yogi the Bear price for a while to write wasn't she wasn't she supposed to be like one of these 22nd Club in the House Bunny newest up we're talking about where they were somebody who is up on their Entourage knowledge and for they were kept talking about Entourage for 2 months I can definitely talk about that she'll for too long before people like hardcore rap guy and his friend in Los Angeles what is Rufio Rufio in the movie Hook with Robin Williams Rufio actor is okay I couldn't ask for anything else so if you know who the guy is Billy together sneakers from the guy Turtle get special characters try to make Disney references no I'm sorry I think it was mother's very pretty sure if it was a movie adaptation of Peter Pan that it was Disney I'll look it up what the Alice in Wonderland is not a Disney product war movies Jackson Premier Geoff I was on your problems just bugs me how can I tell somebody I'm actually right I don't know Larry Crowne movie movie Tom Hanks is a virgin Carrie Fisher at at cameo in Hook really she was his wife price information here and hopefully problems life I think Ms paint TriStar Hidden Treasures Columbia TriStar Jack is right jack run thank you and tell you it was wrong again so how excited are you guys finally coming out of the last couple a problem with this one have you read them Pixar great family like ours too but that was mostly because I pay for 2 tickets how did the movie get through Pixar first Pixar movie ever is like is completely not interested at all combo breaker image showing all the Rotten Tomato reviews for the movie question me about the special coffee The Coffee Bean 2 monkeys Marmot Marmot Madness them out and then you make this marketing disaster that sweating from taking dumps the peephole how much is it for how much rising cost of gas how much gas was per gallon versus other things per gallon when they broke it out with mouthwash or something like that gallon you made some changes that every counter to the purse the requires high maintenance hits from and now you started this thing where review this method for making coffee that involves a coffee grinder to the striker and he has a laser temperature the uses with cops it and then doesn't Preston with suction pricing and make one cup of coffee in a shot of espresso tremendous and so he finally with you praying on it contest at Starbucks on Monday to Starbucks on Monday because half and half has turned and toy collector light for 4 days in a row and then go eat it doesn't jump yesterday in Australia plastic item that let them in is covered safer than pizza for sure Derek and I have no problems at all everything to like whenever we do the cooking for the grill if I always have to make sure that I cook things more for other people cuz I would just essentially hear it on one side like a stinger on one side man is done you should start making that Amsterdam delicacy hits funny winter movies at the Italian restaurant downtown Carmel is walking down there with my in-laws and I go to the dies already know what it was they got to the table and was like a plate covered and very thinly sliced raw meat was like kind of oil on it and it came with some lemon eating the most delicious chemically cook everything Geoff is like mr. adventurous eater will eat anything who does one coffee can coffee Jack like that mall for anything turn up and do it I want you to post that video finally that we stole of the guys Southern Storage in Indonesia that part of the world woman MIT War providing and illumination for plastic bottle with water and bleach and then stick the bottle in the roof and then it was the light but the way that it's like having a 60 watt light bulb reflect and refract light switch I have in a 60 watt light bulb inside let me know so having a light in your disrespect I guess for lack of a better term is a big deal so they have these think it's like sheets of corrugated steel cut a hole in it and they put that 2 in 1 liter bottle in there filled with water and bleach in a 10 years it runs on water is that mean if you see the electrolytes in water to power the alarm clock and last for 6 months on one serving of water how much is a 3000 Water next to Waterfall could you feel it when we get to mark your calendars right now 6 months from today Geoff is going to be late for work the word enough that it'll tell you when the water is bad and you can go to places without losing your up your time if you put water in this thing and the electrolytes in the water he said they were there for 6 months what is the water at the end of the six-month is electrolyte with water if you can get ahold and electrolyte enhanced water you can buy electrolyte water how much $4 a pound Liam culinary Milestone Unlocking The DaVinci Code made the Fogo de Chao price on Twitter that's amazing newest love happy Oak of flower did you even know this existed tapioca flour have never made it taoism North the boy full of liquid who is releasing with Parmesan cheese and she doesn't care balls of bread and cheese a good perfect mixture of season bread where they bread never completely hardens again and it's only restaurants charge a cover charge and then you sit there and you lay down on your table you come around with big stores with meat on them got a leak or did you put the card over to read my stuff coming up to you 2 times you want but in between rounds bread balls with forever posters of making it to the Fest you like anything crazy the Jeter hit at 5:05 on the day to do it so people still like Jeter right no problem dude who the home run immediately gave it to the Yankees the Yankees thinking again a bunch of time you know memorabilia and Santa kids the Yankee Stadium and I guess they realize you might have to pay taxes on $120,000 at a very good disposition about it it was worth $14 if you would have sold it like that was the estimated value of all the crazies gave it back to the Yankees thank you that's cool I mean remember the guy who caught the ball and then still talking about those guys who can break the record and it's all over the boy one guy to another guy said him and stole it from him or something when does Action takes place at the Rangers game who died trying to catch the Home Run ball was at home run anyone over and Josh Hamilton was throwing balls stole it looking over the wall and I got reach for it flipped fell 20 feet and I guess he liked it it was almost a year to the day after the last time it happened at Rangers Stadium the ballpark in Arlington and Riverside the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game on Monday was standing at a table up and your out in the Outfield trying to catch fell balls bill over the phone call game over the fucking rail Netflix only play with me the guy who that's right she was on that Howard Stern change the last name 2 up XL fan OK fan reefer from here on until he retires and family I guess Muhammad for episode The de la noche for the for the pineapples old the back catalogue of Howard Stern's of Light how many hours on a silver $20,000 20000 over 30 years old and I've been playing it a little bit 2 times Jeter you can beat the first level and that's it and then but she always like I want to man which means that he has to play splosion man she watches Daddy fucking sucks splosion man so it's become frustrating the first in a long time at a straight-up G dies yesterday was uploading a large file and just kind of sat there for about 5 hours a game from start to finish it was early on light game so probably 1014 or 11 brilliant DLC should I game was good it was fun still haven't played it I'm not not even not even fan tax of that game or leak de interrogacion if you want you ask the clerk at the 20th century grocery store and asking them questions Parnell Parnell York a scam light 3 questions did you lose something about deliveries I don't know that I'm coming today is my anniversary July 27th for a long time before we started dating so and is transition as opposed to old would like a single moment I don't think so yeah we can half Adam here now oh yeah I'm very very happy about that when you're here we go little Mike I would have to pull over driving run can I saw somebody on the sidekick it was like newest updates on my phone Seneca Sidekick 4G how to still kicking it Android phone T-Mobile all the same dude that looks like the dude from Lonely Island talking to me I was like I'm not your man your my girl how much is a commercial bottle of a girl I liked it old school remember to load a website or anything game experience of having the phone with you between Geoff on my remember to put the bumpers light between old and she has really really don't like I don't like to switch to the trackball and scroll wheel how many and everything was away and the trackball was just kind of standing around you ever use anything as usual teaching from Jack made of your pocket Frame Window with a life up where life assets were put up for bread what was the dead for like 99 million Little People figures price coffee using codes and then someone threw it out what's a reach Crackdown 2 and Crackdown 2 was on the first DLC downloadable of everything it was out there in the open that much but that is how we got a Microsoft computer I think tickets for 5 years total thing and come out there now. How long have light 3 is taking him out it doesn't seem like that long at all maybe Half Life 3 Billy stole it we just don't know but secretly loved the world I need and I don't have an appetite in 2 Half Life 3 Dead Rising 2 DLC episode 1 2 3 4 5 for DLC in a month manly anymore out house so I wonder what happens to could think that the game that's perfect for DLC reefer man is thinking about that between us if you would like to and that could be the last 350. second M3 half War DLC for Destiny comes out next week Old World Blues not watching football I think they have a really is 20 to the out on the first sports game half of that stuff you talking like extra missions in contest everything that you had five navigate to contact Notch light contact 3 leak through for reefer Mall out a lot and therefore I think that you had 5 I think 3 Shadow broker which were talking all this I still have in touch Mass Effect out over is great all the way through Mass Effect the original 1000 point of that to get ready to play Mass Effect 2 wait a few months and then played it 12:15 right now I should play and I'm and I'm still I'm going to Vegas now that's my care out light Tritonal game where you get trapped in there for years and I wanted to say thank you to jrcubs made Jr Cubs on the site he sent me that he never uses code for the classic pack and send it to me because I don't do anything who don't drink how to look like in the Fallout wiki is this your back in Fallout 3 right now right now I finally almost black I don't know try calling again your hard drive don't try telling it to USB drive then that you saved to your hard drive and install to your USB drive from at that the other way to delete your cache than that everything someone finally suggested I hadn't heard the other day that will happen if you have too many save files I broke a hundred so he said if you go back and play New Vegas again since then but in the DLC contest and just keep improving Fogo de shop Hadley Guy when Meg save files and I had every all fell out says you're bigger than me 3 still and I will leave at 11:11 that being said the 360 dashboard the tools for managing your Oblivion special edition just came out Christie didn't do anything the first game to have DLC what was the first made DLC of New Hampshire 360 Splinter Cell on the Xbox DLC and soda Halo 2 storage download the map pack is 1000 blocks can of his breast up against and I'm close to working with you be stopped a lot of different times and they wanted to do something with that dead mode for Ms looking Machinima piece but we just could never do it a made with dead up here and there's no way to do it so it was like it was like a movie theater spend the day in that movie but I 3 Steven club for price on a 200 for the 3 year anniversary Blues vs 18000.3 focused in a fucking football games can I play on her for every football game and they're relatively easy there too time-consuming but of the 13 football game in Madden and in 2014 like yesterday want to be Harry Potter I think I had like 32 of 50 and treatments and I got like 400 points in Cars 2 360 there's an achievement to get what's called when your game doesn't is an ESPN instant classic and there's no real Billy changed 5 times do I have to game with like 4 seconds to go in the 4th quarter I tied it up with a safety so I went into triple overtime and one off of like a real gold leak and then account that was enough it was I walked in quadruple-overtime perfect would be the plastic lockers on you to turn things in your favor but it's a lot of adjustment management me know if you guys want to play the game please put it on like an All-Star difficulty you're having difficulty and then just try to keep up and that's what I did but yeah and I spent an hour-and-a-half playing like 2 minutes is like that that is just like every game with more ridiculous and last I finally got it and I couldn't do it I couldn't do it I finally Michigan vs Missouri I was just looking for a different Nebraska I don't know what the big 12 has the big 12 has 10 teams in Big 10 has 12 teams that a package using at all no not at all Jack 3000 yeah I'm trying to get a thousand this month during the contest contest gamefails top 10 funny Halo reach fails of the Jack selection then we make commentary over and we've to date since that last September we started if we were stealing 75,000 submissions and I think Jack is still on at tobruk last year on the United States where is just life just feels like the 20/32 fail a little bite-sized chunks that we put like 5 a day up and it's not just Halo Reach we got a really funny Grand Theft Auto up right now Call of Duty bills get 1600 Ms points made by tomorrow night tomorrow night and we can find all that information yes like next week you know Netflix reefer dead in a few home you can just go and watch them contest kind of like me know if you know exactly what to do with it as far as you know everything goes well fucking terrible terrible understand the concept of like the best part of and we started fail of the week is because we're all fucking terrible at Halo Billy South Africa shop the boy Yeah Yeah Yeahs de Anda prescription anytime the other team look like protection Hunter I called you fail anyway Billy 3 only ones out there was one is a Call of Duty fail where a guys defusing the bomb as the time is running out in the game and like defuse is in the next life standing around waiting for to drop and push woman on Earth it will look so reach program to shut up the richest Orion flashed on believable who's the Minnesota Ms family moves into a house their neighbor's kid wanders over for year old kid wanders over to their house so they didn't even take the kids back up to take him back to the neighbors and securing the kids back over there give the kids a kiss tiger care and him give the kid back to the neighbors neighbors like there pedophiles in the neighborhood out of Vendetta hacks there will be for their WiFi logs into their WiFi since 3 the email to the vice president of Child pronography 2 fake Myspace pages and I'm trying to get them arrested FBI investigates causes guy sending death threats the vice president live guy I realized that it wasn't him it was his neighbor arrested him and give him a plea deal to go to prison for 2 years the guy turned it down and got them to 18 years in prison assholes India gears man Elemental penguin leak on a calculator psychotically working at Rangers kissing my kid but it sounds like they knew each other neighbors at this point in your last name correct there are no longer for you ever remember a time when your for old guy out of your house anyway for 2 weeks straight Ms Coast you just like to get this done War child I wish I heard that The Book of the Dead and in the fan the woman one of the girls mom made up of boy on Facebook and started posting as a man befriended her daughter is now limited and then had this liquor so there was no way to prosecutor Justin cup the karma exist Hunter Head when pressing my own weight when it ended with me happy I want you to be how many half dates because Michael from Rage Quit and it's a bunch of steaks and then we had a barbecue Friday we told them that there was no mistake stole them out and then that is true that is true very true the brisket and then get into what does it take 12 hours to take my time maybe 8 so I'll just start at like 8 a.m. when I get in on Friday morning 5/2 War 3 in the lab of risk is $22 that was like a hunter briskets fucking sheep is about 2 bucks a pound. It was competition price competition was like he was like this weekend a old school Texas butcher shop a real and live at that place man have a grill I don't know Gus bone-in ribeye like we won't make that I was there fantastic Potter man Jack the split in the it would be for taking time to 1437 1430 do maricruz and that it's not money check the website just in case probably in the next and then if we do have Old Post at the booth Halo Fest a bunch of a lot of planning for the property guy goes 2 years ago everyone was definitely last year to keep our trucks trailer last year