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Recorded: 2011-07-20 21:45:41

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

and go with the theme song so that people actually makes me kind of sad it just reminds me that the human beat box is dead has been for a long time there was really popular breaker beat box really well right we did we talked about her one person was dead and the other one big deal in 1987 San Diego Comic Con a presence out there this week yes we did 1437 operation and some presents that people can come and live with us we will present them to people and they can present us with money this is I believe the third podcast wondering, Condor the first time we're going to podcast from Austin during Comic-Con blues and this year we're going to have Griffon Bernie Mac Brendan Kathleen Kathleen you're married yet all at different times and then it will be helping on the Shelf so you me a picture from the website we talked about it too much I think Mac switches like 6 weeks away Geoff friends at the end of August I believe New York Comic Con is in October and then we have the MCM in London a bunch of Armageddon stuff in Austin is going to visit all the big cities good over there Finley Gordon Ramsay and she's like we know him grandfather and she was like they didn't say they say Chef Ramsay your Geoff Ramsey talking about you mashup Ramsay Google myself just to see if anything interesting and there is a BBQ place in Beaumont Texas call Jack patillo's BBQ and I pretty much have to go there now it's one teeth I was looking at the call center and his brother and one time we were driving down to Beaumont Texas where they were from everything the family were driving in separate cars and they're both just kind of fat no it was okay and his brother release him eventually Ray Caesar has been pulled over by a cop and then as you starting by in a way that his brother has been pulled over by the cops but the cop his brother wait here don't leave the car gets back in his car call Dad pulled me over and gave him a ticket to for what waiting for not being white and subject of your brother. On my way to my parents I stopped at Taco Bell and the girl behind the counter had an open sore on her face that was Dripping onto the table next to the food so I was wondering and like it just like it was the grossest thing I've ever experienced and I threw the food away and then I was like I can never eating fast food again after that we're all fast food restaurant me I also had a really bad day you don't want and if you're making minimum wage you're probably not in the best mood are you talking about you're coming everything about something or that after listening to last week's podcast someone a blues ravenadonis on the website sent us a couple of small bags of civet coffee coffee the actual name of that or something like that yesterday thank you so much for sending us the trouble of coffee and two cups of coffee and it was never ever ever live up to the hype that definitely so there was a coffee that tasted that much better than the rest of coffee it was like it was unbelievable it was like super Monkey or whatever remove you from the coffee but there was no 128 East and I didn't realize how much acidity ruins coffee until I had that had the complete absence of other coffee for you now only because I'm not a billionaire oil on it from the beans and the reason is you and I never in a million years would have expected it to look up to the hype but it did if you have an opportunity wherever you live to try a cup of coffee you should absolutely do it I believe he got the so you want to ruin all of the coffee for yourself and others spray pad a long long time a lot of good burger for me I like things a little more simple like I really like Hilbert summer can cheddar burger and it's like the super simple in the bacon in the a fantastic it's good but until I have like like the chemistry there are very a lot of good burgers and sometimes I feel like I think probably casino is the single best burger experience you can have in Austin but you didn't you also don't always want to eat a hamburger that's the size of a car reading nobody tells me that was terrible person spring and garlic mind and where I mean there's no a I know you can do it so we can start throwing peanut and really what's up with Blues electronic cigarette during the fire department Google of that hot out there now protecting your wire for emergency heart attack there's nothing I can do about it anyway and this is pretty mean when dudes try to hit on her she's a little of that and put it and if she did I hope your Cowboys aliens Michael next year because I was like right during the peak of the movie season and if we promote stuff like that comes out the next week or two weeks later like a couple years ago did Avatar come out Mission Impossible is coming up Summer sandals in Austin is Comic-Con movie so I don't know why they probably should Dark Knight Rises comes out next year the teaser barely enough for that last week by the Spiderman teaser just came out of the movie Avengers trailer and that already the critics the movie like they had and they remove that clip from the Press screening for fear that it would leak out and and a half answering your cell phone cameras got their names The Dark Knight Rises teaser but I waited for her to come out to see it like I did the same thing but I watch the crappy version with Spiderman I didn't realize I was watching what color do so good in Spiderman 3 was so bad Knight trailer dark knight Dark Knight Rises it's not enough for me to come back together now who's the coolest poster of everything in my life poster the composers mixed together in a one-on-one time begins dark knight Dark Knight Rises mix them into one poster because I get the same logo across the board but it looks pretty cool actually sending so does that mean Christopher Nolan is not attached to any more movies and neither is the Nolan and Bill are both going after this amazing I wonder if you change your mind so much money the record all record movies Mac and great to get how much you missed it the actual I Hot or Not how much you miss the school and then like the second shot of this movie is the school so it's like yeah I took it but I didn't I didn't I did a lot of reading online and a lot of like the parental like a group so there was no talk about what's appropriate for kids and everybody seemed to think that it was okay and there was only one scene in the movie that was a little rough I think I can in the white room with a little questionable but if she was movie Republic operation like that kid what you saying that that's the whole movie to her is just them being a hard worker and really dissatisfied with the first 20 minutes she's like don't show in Orlando right after the first one was the oldest person in the movie Batman the dog and Hermione are Harry Ron and me those guys are weird Geoff maybe she just likes to say the name she just started doing it like the date for yesterday mcgarnagle Halo games yesterday we didn't this is for Call of Juarez the cartel and proceeded to misquote and Miss like Anyway tweet old The Commodores basically we just a bunch of the wrong Pop Culture references for and we kept doing more ridiculous and in talking about how we were doing it in the video and pointing out that we're doing in the video and still a couple thousand people didn't get it it comes are pretty awesome. That's for Miss coding Bugs Bunny I think my favorite was and was like I can't believe you got all that was wrong you and me, I think LOL but yeah I know that's not right is it that you know all the pieces are generally about the same to me what is it like what is it about is it a western or is it like about drug trafficking more like trying to take down a drug cartel and you're like a special operations unit that was the government put together I guess there's no place near War 3 complete 3 characters in the game or like a dude with a duster jacket or some shit and then you shoot a bunch of people guns fun if you like shooting guns like a modern adaptation of their journey into Mexico but you should seriously do some reading good books for some reason the game developers a tale of two sons and their drugs in the back it looks like the game begins right the first thing you do in the games downloaded World Blues DLC for New Vegas and what's the plot of old Old World Blues only play for a couple hours but you essentially go to a research lab evil licker Sandia National Laboratories or something like that where it's like the think-tank that's been isolated from the rest of the world and that the scientists are fighting with each other and you need to help one group of scientists collect technology to defeat another scientist accept that they're not people they're like floating brains with monitors for eyes and mouths okay is it the is it assault when you first start it and your first dealing with the scientists we talked for a long fucking time I probably wasn't for her everything I'm doing I'm playing videos what time cutscenes Universe when I play Fallout 3 at home I went through or when I play Mass Effect at home I got through every every piece of that I can cuz I get immersed in the story but I don't have the luxury of that when I'm at the office because I'm racing the clock more football team videos and so I threw in that in 09 the same one that you might want to get that game and 550 total passing yards with the Tennessee Titans playing it I didn't the quarter so I didn't think I was going to be with like 30 seconds left on the clock anybody but what the hell and I'm still scratching my head for the longest time so I figured out what I was playing at the call somebody no idea what's going on here the blue and white Peyton Manning and what they look like so as we talked about earlier apparently there is a Halo Universe panel that Bernie will be sitting on in on Friday morning at Comic-Con a panel with Frank O'Connor and somebody can put the pixel on Thursday or Friday as well it's not like I left it at that but yeah it's Griffon Frank O'Connor the CEO Twisted pixel and then someone else and they're talking about looking like mixing like translate translating stories from video games to comics and back and forth I guess I'm going to go what you want to come with panel here in town opening Batman boys. We know some people who are making an improv scene here locally and there's been some more shorts before and a few weeks ago one of them came up to me he's like hey you know what comic book was like no not really I've never had to come up with my life too bad because I was looking for someone to sit in on this panel about comic book talking about they're always asking if things are not really a problem usually doesn't work out because we're busy working so are we really going to say yes to stuff like 6 months out usually so far away and I said yes and then it actually and I had to be a part of it was Sunday night and it was so ever or the greatest thing ever and then every month they date a different topic like next month is going to be I think the best John Hughes movie ever and last time it was like what's the best chick flick ever had to do that kind of thing a lot of Doctor Who like that stuff and then they using and so totally forgot about it about it at all because we just kind of wing it and proceeded to get drunk that day that Sunday BBQ 2028 and 2000 probably Spiderman and likely most likely Spiderman like okay I was expecting that level like I'm going to fix them and then they start taking the car going into the end of the universe and pulling people out you know and that's the problem then it starts it's like an hour and a half long events it starts we're like you have to come for them and for this crowd and there a lot of people there and give Blake a 2 minute speech on why you're stupid has the best superhero not prepared for that and for the first time and he gives this Spiderman you are but that's okay I felt a little by this point they didn't give me my free drink ticket so I would I would like 2 beers in my hand and just hammered and these people look at me like I'm an asshole I had to tell them when was the best so I just made up on and on about how he was like takes in all these young boys and make some superheroes like kind of like the pedophile version of The Big Brother isn't it old was Paul and dumb shit out of my ass about how like he's created this alter-ego that require some 2 bag of different supermodel every night and he's doing it for America and the fact all the sacrifices he made and I was like that was okay I thought and then we sit down and we have these panel discussions where they like to ask important questions and you have to like the center position and I said some dumb joke or some silly thing the first thing I said and the guy next to me launched into like some Batman history shit that I didn't know about it was going and going and going and I thought like I a this is a make-or-break moment for me if I can't pull myself out of this I am on the stage and I made a joke about how he was never really the one not going to go up on your head but if you ask on my web immediately but now it went okay and after that and I just got progressively drunker and more ridiculous and I want did you votes on who they thought made the best case for the best superhero and they give you a trophy that I want you wanted to date is like both for the best drunkest no no no Trump terrible Heroes and terrible villains in Batman is really Batman and his cast of villains a really the only redeemable characters in DC Universe for the most part and we've got a lot of it did not go well with the audience and in a lot of people come up and talk to me and explain to me that they voted for me because I made good points but they will say we had to have a discussion about like fucking Suicide Squad and Patrol and I was like I'm sorry some people off Geoff aliens 3 take my victory England retirement port forward again it was a typo it was in way over my head and I got very very lucky and fortunate not to get crucified and made to look like a complete and total asshole on stage I did but he probably probably YouTube Griffon tell me about it I was like what no trans woman I like hearing her significant and actually she said that this was a one-time thing but if I ever want to get laid again no more yeah exactly she is she would jump at the chance to debate Spock in Star Trek so more Doctor Who Doctor Who I was a kid but the new series of Doctor Who was really really good I just got into the latest season season 6 and watch Doctor Who on BBC America but I watched it on my mom wanted to watch the whole season of Breaking Bad start despicable people agree there's no one like once again it always starts like that starts like someone probably poor V Episode Jack okay that's not one Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef back to back because you watch all these people are fucking professional cooks that are line cooks and like sushi chefs in major restaurant don't know what the fuck you're doing and look like complete assholes and then you put on the show where a stay-at-home dad makes like the best meal Gordon and of everything in there like the people on Hell's Kitchen obviously actors on Hell's Kitchen this year is like some kind of like Meathead from New York she left if they go to the more access to all the dudes get mad and throws it around and didn't grow up with a black girl constantly more more more cursing more yelling War more skin each season and everybody else in October and I watch them all and it sucks having to wait week-to-week call me up so I bought the Blu-ray season 1 on Netflix and then I took a break because the next season on Netflix season 3 and season 4 and we're going to do that again but you guys are going through right now I will wait till after I can't do it again operation Watch The Wire the iCarly clip the old much to the wire so iCarly is like this Nickelodeon kid very Finley with Amanda Cosgrove and so apparently I didn't watch The Wire I don't want iCarly but apparently there was a scene where I get some girl likes V so I think it's a guy's forehead and they make a reference to a scene from The Wire if you're forced to watch kid shows like you can do a lot worse you could be stuck watching like Wizards of Waverly Place or like I was stuck in the hospital waiting room a few months ago for several hours and it was iCarly Marathon 814 hours more about I want to fucking space do to get so much worse it could in Zoey 101 and one of those are Hannah Montana iCarly iCarly and Drake and Josh really know what they're bringing those bag new Nickelodeon shows you never want to go there when you're a kid you have any American Gladiators has always wanted Monster Box there shortly got those big metal one I want to get the one text I want to make that clear plastic bouncy balls you can roll downhill mountain Jack square foot trampoline trampoline trampoline 3 I think I'm going to be the best dad on the fucking planet weekend and there's another opening another one at 1:35 pretty soon which is used to be a Target or something like it over at the Walmart used to be on the east side of 35 over by the theater so I think they're opening one up there okay beat Jumpoline a trampoline with a business model apparently it is Austin I never really really got it like it's all a lot of it is like cheating related so I got a hold of my girlfriend cell phone and I found sexy photos but you didn't send of the me should I is it wrong of me and I'll try to break in your email to find out what's going on I asked her about it and she wouldn't say anything and just told me none of my business I really appreciate all of you all of you said and it turns out is actually married to another guy has 7 kids and now that I know that we're going on around us and was married to a different soldiers and I guess they the same time fucking crazy hot everyone everyone welcome Brittany Burns Iowa the conversation didn't want to Jack who wants to jack your panel didn't know what time was I don't know if you know what time is like 7 o'clock at night I had to I had to find a way to make sure we work in the Blues is now officially part of the Halo Canon reaction poster panel is at 11:30 on Friday the panel that you know what the panel and videogames or something we're going to need your help when you're sad move around it's on believable the convention in Japan demand in China most likely a country song on the podcast at the shelter right now welcome to come whenever 1437 1437 and I will be there starting first thing Thursday for what everything is V cast comes off the trip The Cameo by Burnie Burns and I love you back to being depressed the other day Space Invaders movie set to remove something from Jurassic Park was in it the mid-nineties thank you never heard of the trouble and for good reason it was of the quality of Mac and Me Mac at McDonald's McDonald's franchise at the time I never think about movie Space Camp star with a family not a good time to be laid off Virgin Galactic start explode literally doing some stuff on the new Finley like it the water or the other thing that it does because like the wings go off and it still comes back and forth like they tested and it was successful so things are going well from what I understand I think it's like $100,000 or something to be like a little more affordable the Home Depot this Space Jam mind boggling and it happened right there and there's no way you can ever get that back space as an astronaut for 7 Seconds this for the trailer the trailer right I think it was longer than the trailer and it wasn't a game it was really bizarre I got so tired of the game we play what date in November is there so many comedians coming on something comes out the week after Battlefield 3 but feel like we're in a bit of all right now right right now this is when it starts picking up again like in October is just getting in September its August 30th again and we made it on the Wii and then they've gone through and they updated the graphics again and they're going to look like I never got to see her and Resident Evil 4 on Xbox games on demand like in a full account of the full week coming up this fall as well I was the last one that we got really excited about you coming up once again along with every other fucking video game in the world dark has to get pushed back to February 31st and Mass Effect has pushed them but you can we still have like fucking someone Old Republic coming out is because they release date Xbox summer of arcade good things about it I don't know why arcade games are you sure I think it comes out in August yeah maybe that passed the summer of arcade but I think it's I think it's like an August or September release date is also something I do not see a release date for the best Fruit Ninja Kinect Toy Soldiers Cold War call Minecraft I think it's like a big open World - wire people in there liquid in a world where you create so much in there that only you or information although only you can this area the last person on the planet who hasn't played Minecraft monotony online announced the other weekends PlanetSide 2 prequel actually I actually really enjoyed PlanetSide and I'm actually looking forward to seeing all the time 360 so nobody would put up their football helmets currently evil a man they're both developed in Tiburon this I also read that the studio is there to augment Camp Timber on so whatever they work on it tomorrow they only do it to them away in that in the right the other sports game building codes Tiger Woods PGA Tour and I understand why all the basketball and hockey and all that she has done some Vancouver and Burnaby not actually Vancouver so really when does Gears 3 come out this year is it this year has been really hard for me Google is retarded live scores right there for you find the surface old assault to make stickers and stuff like that I completely messed up last week and his birthday was next Wednesday next Thursday the 27th a week from tomorrow and I will be doing will you be playing the paradise Google Plus of that short like I did not have been written I didn't know that there was assault Kristen Wiig one day I didn't know it was about the delay there was a video on my website me something about this Christian martial law everybody doesn't work on every single thing CNN Evil damnation or the machine more anything like that I want to go back and I went to just and my mom every once in awhile so I have seen a lot of stuff just because I didn't actually make a point of trying not to watch the portion of the eye it's a full season so 9221 North V this point right panel or not there's a panel that his birthday was it when I was over there in San Diego Terrible Hotel