#125 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth has the replacements

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Recorded: 2011-08-03 22:40:21

Runtime: 00:38:02 (2282.58 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Kerry Shawcross, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo


Transcript (in progress):

vagina pain when using them and making them something to eat VIP acid hate this team is going to auction house he didn't leave it that was probably pretty funny Detroit a single word of that song that has the words to every song you've ever known in your life you weren't quite sure talking to the lyrics but they were ridiculous lyrics Guitar Hero World Tour and you sing that song lyrics sure but I think he was on drugs that is what I hear there's a bathroom on the right there's a bad moon on the rise that was enough by looking at people no one knows the true lyrics to Bang on the table I'm Kerry hello I'm Jack alolome location Coolio tattoo on his neck he probably never come back on I said I don't I don't have the time to go get a haircut yes they said hey you working at work I have always talked about what level of mistakes wild only itinerary MacDonald had a great a great story about cross on last one I got it it out I don't care no I don't care how you get here Joel bad accidentally have an internship application email follow his example that was a long time ago now and then while I did find was Regional monkey initially and I give myself a promotion to director of Moon based operations nice and now I think we're all corporate now with him director of Technology big mine had something to do with partying corner office upstairs anything like this beautiful window the biggest living the dream Keith turn that thing into a cave blocked off the Windows shut the doors and dark in there there's like them there's a bad computer he will be in the way though windows you're acting like last night I think at 1 a.m. it was still 91 degrees it's ridiculous it's ridiculous yeah and the last two days in a row the City of Austin hit a record for amount of energy used in the house last time this kind of stuff happens this past winter we had some some brown okay remember but we didn't lose power here at the office first move to Los Angeles it was like time in 3 and wrong and all that stuff it was like really weird sensation crazy in La makes sense doesn't make sense they're out of control Sunday night I was playing Battlefield with Joel and Ellie and the plaintiff what about midnight or so many times too many times because I think about this the old office this summer because it would be unbearable big crank over the complaint was the worst last summer my AC went out on my car side a 20 minute drive to the office with me and then we will be broken and then was outside open the door Portland Police going to be like here is no gas up with more cookies on the plate how many days can we come up egg easy lasagna how to cook a brisket you cook it like that 254 like a true 8 hours Big Bang Theory Japanese grill that looks like if you seen that man and piano the thing looks like an atomic bomb looks like the Escape pod from Star Wars look like Breaking Bad it was phenomenal it was amazingly good when are the egg and in what some have constructed using the Griffin built because of the incredible I mean when you put porcelain 3 times now and every single times better than the last Russia flashlight your honor I do that make it happen or where can I where can I buy nuclear material kitchen and the reason why he got caught because he called the cops to find out of his illegal and they took it from them kitchen like a tournament or something but trying to make Power and I would never want to get me or anything I mean I don't know you seen enough movies where people are like make mistakes near uranium hit you don't want to me I never thought it was too dangerous I thought it was pretty extensive only the opposite way I feel like we have to like have nuclear earthquake in a tsunami it was a thousand thousand years nuclear actors like in space transfer power he even crossed our lines to by the time the power you lose that you guys like crazy and the resistance causes you to lose power to be transmitted no not typically in times when people don't need a lot of power left over it will happen like that but things are starting to get cooler and if I understand correctly for wind power transmitted difficulties in California before there's a farm right there that actually shot a music video Arrangement like a stop light is way bigger than what you think it is you're just used to seeing it up and so you don't you have this idea of how big is a play against someone way bigger than you little turbines on every stop light big Randy cook a brisket come full circle full circle hit my tweet gold on fire gold on fire when you get drunk DMV Las Vegas 3 ever going to Vegas soon because I'm not bring up a big a flight credit like slowly but surely I'm transferring all my money and spend it on myself me and I got to get that before they take it away for next Sunday so I'm going to be out there for a few days this weekend they're going somewhere this weekend I'm going to Vegas yeah it's funny when when that happens horrible horrible who won the Stanley Cup 2002 yeah it was ugly to him or whatever and it was just drop away he was only like a 70 foot drop may be the first one was the first he tried to catch the ball and fell over the railing and it was even if even the people there you know it wasn't like you wouldn't think that someone was going to die or something like that like last year on a day apart crazy the world the next week exact same thing forensic audit as he was falling over like there's a photo of them like holding on to this guy is like hanging off may pull them back up hate the chain link fences God let me down you look pale Joel and behind his back that's looks glorious a little bit everywhere Breaking Bad I read a may be moving to another Network probably the best show ever on TV on cable TV in everything Los Breaking Bad DVD series in Netflix season on Blu-ray and then we got busy auction on Netflix when I was in LA and he was just like they were just getting started it was like you can work on the production of the first a girl after all cheaper and not good quality stuff or whatever a different time after was considered video game video probably don't care about the internet and everything on it he reviewed it as promotion for the Cowboys versus Aliens like everyone to join the writers Union I want to be when I grow up I want to be there I think I would have been out of your fucking machine GTA money trying to ruin people's life at this point there is not real gold star Diablo currency there's a way yeah that's what I mean it's whatever I'm not sure where you're going with that but it's sort of like you think that's open more revenue for them and shit like that you know this is like a new helmet to use in the game and then blizzard a blizzard every transaction tropical me you're like oh that's okay I'm not sure I'm a fan of this remember Magic the Gathering back in the day and we just finished our game that all my girlfriends but I don't know exactly the premise of Magic the Gathering is from what I could tell it wasn't the most God damn fucking on the decks and got all the great Powers basically beat the crap out of a trading card game that's really committed to this money is going to win its baseball what's the difference I mean I really do yeah right now he's backing up Michael Vick Michael Vick and Vince Young in Miami retirement Trucking a bird on scab that was the greatest six weeks of football ever played because it every snap you would have no idea what's going to happen tonight he hate me built like a linebacker or something like that I've never he returned kicks in the NFL if they had two players line up side by side and whoever got the football got they want to do green season in Florida worst thing in the world ever tell Marv Albert you know it would be the great greatest professional sport in the world looks like we take major league baseball or football or whatever it is and everything is the same except for the teams have to they have like a random number generator picks one of the seats in the crowd and then a random person you must play the random person I must be on the team rent Randy Johnson MLB throws lightning in a bird flew in front of the batter in the ball hit it Square in the bird like the weather is like watching a cartoon like that I mean it was like Fabio hit the bird with the face on the roller coaster I can't get past that I think of every time I see Fabio he lost the Old Spice competition me what's the me cost them nothing right and they pumped out so much video I mean nothing is compared like you no more commercial stuff like that product ID out and purchase based on their food Master whatever would like to put that address in intro long-time he was great with people people this is really dumb a working number to show VIP and it was a show where getting in line to get someone's autograph or something like that and feel like I go to make up and they put me a makeup in a cookies and there's Bruce Campbell looking at me I'll keep my ears a reverend like that that was really weird plastic gun because in the past it would be funny if I use the plastic yeah I don't know alright VIP on DVD by at lunch I think I'm crazy I don't know how long airport fire IMDb Pages missing out a lot of stuff Joel crap okay it was still missing a lot of stuff horror movie weird people updated or put stuff on the picture of me that I can do that are you related a neckerchief right yeah I think so embarrassing may catch up with the best thing ever gold on fire hot gold on fire gold on fire what's going to happen in terms of in terms of the $10,000 right now what would I put it in to make the most amount of money in 6 months what is that double gold you know what does the ratio different 1% I was looking for big game then you're going to have a meeting like in Jackson Hole the Redskins August 27th so that should be the time when they get together in real life through the economy is going into recession which obviously it's been going recession like I've been saying for a long time but it's like they're going to be like oh we need government and introduce more quantitative easing than we were in a recession we came out of the recession actually the reality is it understands and no one can understand when I say this again in 2008 what happened in government stimulus DGP or whatever it is thanks for listening more than they do sometimes Alvin Chipmunks go to song now everything wrong Jon Hamm song