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Recorded: 2011-08-10 21:26:36

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Joel Heyman, Kathleen Zuelch


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drunk as administrator ever there's no guarantee I guarantee you that totally original composition song and put it over the top was The Sopranos finale I feel like that song was already played out and then like that's playing during the very end of The Sopranos and then like ever since then I feel like you can't go more than 2 hours out here in that song Anymore in which I was driving home the other day and you have the Erwin Center here in Austin what you like I guess our biggest concert venue and I saw that there's going to be a car September 22nd to be a concert with Foreigner and Night Ranger opening for journey I used to walk by and I do my morning walk and the first time I and still has a little bit kind of wow so then the next day happen like after week after week and I got to the point we were ahead but like hey how you doing very great way to start a podcast Perry was the lead singer for Journey and he went on and did a couple this big one by the way everyone everyone Amorous at them when I just shut off the hip look at those eyes and I know we're going to talk about the derailment of the United States I don't know there's a lot of people who'd understand what I'm talking about selling like the more the more people seem to be confused so I don't even know you're like amazing how many people come out of the woodwork like glad you both like to stay up here but I'm curious to see if someone invested in double gold last week held up they would be by this point but it's just double up when gold goes down and I thought about it right I'm taking cash is going up a lot now I'm kicking myself because now it's $1,700 it's going to in the long run exploded higher and it's going up 10 days in a row at one point and then 2 days ago in one day at at ever gone biggest single-day gain ever and it just continues to go up and I mean anything that continues to grow up you're bound to have a little bit of a correction in it but it's like that's a blessed Thursday double gold was at 5775 and now it's at about 6433 okay so that's the reason if you know but we can talk about Joel in double gold first time with yesterday or last week will use it because of being normal person to be long normally like to do they make a hundred 50% I'd like to buy a brick of gold picture like a hell of a lot guy talk before a long time ago when I was training different asset classes I was like what to be funny just to get a giant bar of gold just to have it you know I just like I have a paperweight where do I go to get my gold bar this doesn't mean you don't go to Gold Line the standard gold bars about the gold Reserve is 400 troy ounces or 438.9 ounces of gold is trading at $1,700 an ounce + 439 ounces that gold bar would cost you $246,300 a week of work right there for you we will never have a gold bar paperweight bend and break up with me to have like a gold bar as a paperweight sitting in your house that's worth more than your house is worth more than money like you can't go to a pawn shop drunk to Gold buying Place 90034 video games right ninja fruit still really stiff weekend ninja was the big thing coming out this week this is not fun anymore I'm not going to finish his game Brandon did you get to the Midway through the second it for you were like on the desk is that was that like it was the murder that was exactly like the previous six murders alright that one was a little repetitive but I feel like I was going and I wasn't even apart like I had no idea I could have participated in the previous how can I just forget about this guy how do I transfer and do those other story that really do it there's a lot to be said for the ark that the main character goes through I think through a story and I think by the time you reach the end of it if it's really satisfying to get into it without ruining it story telling them that you may have you can manipulate them by the end of it you realize that maybe there were other people who were better or he was trying to live up to a standard set by another character or some other people what's really going on that somebody sent to the guys in Afghanistan in the guy is actually utilized it to go ahead of them in in the Humvee some that will kill you in a little car car that goes out right but you know I need that could be used to solve all our problems I saw documentary this past weekend and that's part of it they were talking about like we're Technologies or whatever okay but one of the things that we talked about was in the US Armed Forces when they are you deployed in a combat situation that lots of times enemies will Target the fuel tanks that are built on the back of their vehicle to hold it and then if you run out of in Oregon battle jacket fuel tank 7 shot people holes and maybe you dropped gold out there James bond-type technology from the private sector that we just don't know Insurgent think that missing a giant fuel tank refill gas station bullet goes through it 3 bulletproof Joel the only freak me out it was close that's good oh my God directly in your skeleton shot himself and so we got there and the guys on his bed there's a little bit of blood and there's a little bit of so they had to do to get him to the hospital and they're like you the hospital and they're doing their paperwork and they go into the doctors take the guy there was he did shoot himself in the head the bullet was the type that when it entered it fragmented and it was fragmented in his in his head and literally he died there was nothing they could do but it was a situation that it didn't kill him instantly and he was fine until then when it started to actually do everything in on his eyes or whatever what kind of the most amazing person things that I've ever battle Chicago cross the street then after you cross the street and her dad yelling he turned around and looked and saw a woman on a bike get run over by like at 10 to 10 ton utility truck in mind I went through a very Vivid description of what he saw what it was like when you're Bulova pictures of Michael Vick ever choose to be at work in an ambulance what ever it has a whole bunch of pictures of all the things ever why you keeping about your husband and he was going to be stuck all day in surgery they're going to have this family thing but he got out early and she was like you had to be here apparently the guy just died City Barbeque everybody personalized wrong that they're over how you just think your pastry yeah I don't want to get that I did that because I showed him a video and he looked at it and I've never seen that mad but you would like to being that I could probably watch glass that on the loop keep laughing Dragon but it's just funny what are you tween well that was horribly painful and wizdom vs Ultimate Guide I think I died here. I didn't I mean before the video started you already saw stars from some previous thing you did guy going to keep talking about this Spectrum Financial category we let him watch the mr. hands at work I know we talked about it a long time ago I think when you first start tonight change weekend showing each other really disgusting videos on the internet all the time like when you guys put the link on my profile I'm not going to I'm not going bad website for not a problem it can in bed chart the moon chart So speaking of video games I started playing fire playing Catherine yesterday if you guys heard of it or seen it and heard that I didn't fucking weird game Catherine horror Romance horror romance puzzle game and actually surprise for me so far that surprisingly difficult because there's nothing else to say what kind of game hasn't been made yet on weekend like a big triple 800 Christmas release like everything is around that Christmas really is and it's rude like that everything comes at once in this this happens every single year and we have to spell words like well I guess I'll go back and play this thing or whatever and then like all the sudden at 2 weeks pants pushed beyond the holidays and now you get big releases coming out in January and February as well I can't really talk a little more and then this weekend January is great because that's people get gift cards in car in November or December the gift cards and Christmas Christmas and other holidays are amazingly effective all about my sister would be okay Tyler which game is it this year as always Dallas. I think I would have been displeased with socks as a gift when I was younger but I can appreciate a good pair shop and buy anything I want Singapore like 10 do remember it was the worst part about that the worst part was when I woke up everything was fine but then I remember when I woke up and my throat was on fire so painful and it being disoriented and out of it I don't really have too many bad experiences I try to call a friend but I thought it was fine because of the drugs and blood was literally like gushing out of my mouth as I was trying to talk on the phone and I mean that's crazy I woke up after my last surgery and I demanded to see the head of the facility and tell them what a great competition and I was like I'm so comfortable I want I need to let him know this or her because they said that it had that it was it was it was a new disease that I was the 5th person in the world to have surgery did you put any music under it maybe I had the same and then tumor wrapped around my spinal cord and it was causing the right side of my body paralysis and so they went in they drilled and 5 vertebrae and cauterize the vein and pull the tumor and everything out and literally when I woke up the pressure in the pain was gone and then the next year I did the world championship Outrigger Canoe think so like I was guy got out and I was can I have the yeah but that was good that was a third surgery went we're going to let you know I remember being seven and I remember being like I had a birthmark on my leg I still this car forever cool needle in my leg and they hold it there for a minute and I'm like okay okay top in my leg and blood just started pouring out of my leg and it's like okay battle blood fruit passed out ever since grappling like I can't like giving blood young battle traumatized what was the doctor thinking I mean is it like probably just trying to get insurance money when I came I was coming out of it as I was coming out of the anesthesia I remember he said to me for the third time I'm married and I have I don't know what I said I'm so embarrassed I'm really sorry like if I said something inappropriate he said you don't have no idea I forgot to give you like select ever went in to give me the one injection and then like I come to and I'm like when I'm eating a pizza until I get in the waiting room or whatever and like they're like chemicals back on the doctor came and explained everything and like I just gave my wife like information about the procedure and then as soon as you left I would like to give me that during at it I wasn't reading she was like I'm done with it can I 10 seconds later I was like what is that Gus cleaning up everything to my wife and I said something and that's a whole other story when you get there countdown from $190 I was laying in bed and just like I remember saying to him coming up and going okay wake up now yeah they do they can't give you the doctor come out and see Andrew Rube on back small and so many Facebook likes what I wrote just like just under you know it's like Double JJ drunk and Healthcare like what couple drunk and then give them the tiny room Joel Melvin guy drunk that he tried to put it pants on like a shirt guy gravity at 10 we never talked about in the past it was one from the UK a couple months ago like some dude falls down a flight of stairs and likes double home and he left his wallet somewhere or lost it on the way out I'll put in the link I'll send it to you that was parked in front of their place and the guy had the sunroof up and he was rubbing it out and it's one of the funniest videos and so here's what happened like they're all that and I come out until finally one of the people from The Office walk down and goes in front of the car and it kind of waves at the guy and then he points up and the guy looks through the open sunroof all these people just laughing their asses at it like this but I laughed so hard I'll find it cuz it was ever Master P always gold in the Outfield and they were doing it on this couple and she was Mammoth Ninja summer camps for teenagers gold rocks from there trying to hit the football field and I wanted to do that was through it and like it was really in the air and some dude came walking out of the stadium walk on the field and really close to him and he'll back it is kind of you from a distance and then goes to his car puts his back up Jonah Hill at the street at UTEP but there was no one there and I saw his car it was like now if somebody brought a kid into their house and then they be arrested in your throat I want another woman with a McDonald's bag full speed this is the woman with the McDonald's robbed at on her head we are really bored a karate where people can walk through from the locker room right and we were just looking for people and as soon as we saw them we would drop bags full of McDonalds food and we hit this woman and it was awesome until she came up and yelled at at did not did not foresee that happening McDonald's bag head woman or listening right now yeah I've been into fight at school your parents love it when your in your first fight so you fight again and how much remember tour once that which I should have been puts all morning I'll be at my dads at daycare I'm going to you're going to get some fights at daycare naked for stranger second job when I was in high school I told her I probably could have been but no longer in business but would like to can you put them in a room full of pads whatever the crap out of whatever we had like some parties 20 of the employees there got really drunk and I might do that after our party dude some of the big dude we're like sort of you could see it coming all night long and then finally got to the point where they're facing off and I had an empty bottle of a Corona in my hand you know what I can do is if I could just this empty bottle of Corona at his helmet and it would break like in the movies and do not come out and then we would just really gets hit in head and took a swing at him but you know how those like condensation on Windows basically I totally Miss and beer bottle gold out of my hand and you can take me drunk and ready to go. And look at this beard Toppers bacon and then full grown I will do that don't ever do that you know I mean you know how they do things that are and everything you need break it break it like halfway have like that yeah jacket cleaning my house and then what happens is that it did break the glass one time so I just started my. So now I don't even like I don't break 5 p.m. walk at Wildlife not paying full price at the movies if you have stuff coming out new camera and he gave me a camera 101 which was very helpful burning Griffin getting a company car if you go to those events really working you know by the end of that you're tired and 10 to 12 hours standing in car hard time is it is it against fruit companies going to Mexico in two weeks and I'm going to Pax in 2 weeks Joel will be at Pax very briefly Brandon I'm sorry I don't think you're going to go you'll be here than at work but you just had your fun too, we have believed we can't think of the last time we have two of the same weekend I think it's been a few years I think we did I think we decided it was a horrible idea ocean ever do it again I got a plug can I like plug this shit out of something generally who plays the agent know if he's a part of a, did you hear in Austin mystery at home Master pancake theater the army guy in Angry Birds the army guy and they are going to Seattle this weekend Portland next weekend they're basically touring around the US very slowly and all they do is they you go to the movie theater and they had the movie popular movies to see Twilight I think they're doing breakfast club in Seattle this weekend for the next week going to seven years ever since the first clip from John Travolta movies John Travolta movies in a little bit have a good time spell like it sounds like a live action Gus will be sure to leave and delete them to shut up anybody else have any plugs I do not double gold leave a new shirt coming out pretty soon and I'm excited about it for selfish reasons which Brandon 2.0 shares that I cannot model yet because I have a lot of disgusting facial hair for a specific reason but there will be there will be some sexy pictures then thanks