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Rooster Teeth talks Gamescom

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Recorded: 2011-08-17 21:54:30

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Michael Jones, Jack Pattillo, Kathleen Zuelch




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Transcript (in progress):

that was definitely not anything that was probably one of the most appropriately named users to submit a theme song ever it was it heavy steel what does a Japanese dragon fighting game Steel Battalion the other day probably I don't know they're not you so much that we Gamescom right now it's it's out of control either I'm pretty sure that and you Steel Battalion game for the for the 360 that's going to use a combination of Kinect and your controller for people who don't remember Steel Battalion was old original Xbox game and I believe cost either 2 or $300 on the Giants game with my controller about this and if you died in the game you die in real life and you go did you die in your sleep you got to Ray Street pictures of your Cuts its combination of a normal Xbox controller and connected said your going to start your engine using Kinect and I don't know specifically what are some unusual people here thank you I am Jack Jack Michael Michael Michael I think he's probably right now there was a lollipop cheerleader who will the chainsaw to kill them just trailer border looks it reminds me of those other Japanese games onechanbara series we are not very popular I don't think of you at but it's all like girls in bikinis fighting zombies movies that are in Japan Time Warner Cable the popular lollipop yeah chainsaw having a hard on it and it's made by the same people that made Shadows of the Damned episode 51 and it was like it was a great game but I was like it was like 90% dick jokes boner boner boner boner Republic video time thing where they only had like 10 minutes to show so they intentionally looking so and I would hope you would like to work with you before screaming Battlefield 1 multiplayer an invite for Friday and I know I got the invite on Friday I set up my computer at work to actually have Windows on it was a PC only thing and I'll come back on Monday instead of actually expired on Monday how to get and how much did you cry on your pillow your 3 attacks I feel like a whole thing so there's also a photo to a Pax 6 so I know they're having that tournament at Gamescom today I wouldn't be shocked if it leaves the games come into the Pax is there it's really close to each other right over here next week for Battlefield 3 the game Carly the gas tank has to have like 10% or less fuel your Supercenter lift capacity when I price it out 3 or 4 years ago when that truck looks like we couldn't build our booth could wait a week for a truck parked behind us I think it was until I had like it was making me 2 coming out Arby's in the way so we couldn't get to it and it wouldn't let air out of all the time so that what was the first one I went to so that was the other more than four years ago I said Robert to the other day tweeted that this will be the tenth Pax ever LOL and you're one of the few temper tantrum so yes I think it's amazing what $10 probably out of shape so I grabbed a branch and like I put myself on it and then I come like white DIY Myspace and my God damn it guys like riding bikes like Noah's dove tenth the water there was like you raid QuickBooks when I get ready to stop and you guys carrying the giant 2 with a cooler at a stereo on a Carry On lyrics Lynyrd Skynyrd it was pretty much like the definition of America cry like a Bud Light or Corona I walk in on the story of the girl who has an extra shirt you like my shirt I love that shirt it was $10 not $10 best the best part of the day was we come up with this there's like a lot of people that have kind of stopped right before the the Rapids I guess you called Rapids and so there hey we're going to shop Cara she freaking takes her tooth and bite the bottom of the cat away like to welcome carries parents to the hot tub professional college student absolutely precious. All day if you want to and then she was already vampire I went out to dinner with Mike we went to the bar cuz she the Wood Road and all I have to say is if Jet and Michael ever go eat somewhere together they will have to like that the place to be condemned to talk the entire time barely barely barely barely barely I noticed Stella and Saturday Saturday I got his appointment and I'm on my and McCord in the wrong fucking HD and your life on off button broken the Kardashian your computer device grab one out of my bag at the end and then like immediately I could smell in my God damn it and I didn't one of the AC adapter is for one of my external hard drive and there 12 volts in the sense 5 old and it's like no you should be able to do that all the same which isn't the case fucking hard drives aren't labeled Cinema which I had to Google it for like 20 minutes I wish you could look at and what kind of power to expect Michael is blind as a bat right on the monitor Michael and cry Glee jet I forgot God damn word Brony one more time are you sure it will rain code for something Ray magic Gus let's not get this confused word that start over very excited my son came up to me and said Mom I don't we want you to get help I know I'm Brony the series comic that leads right into the other day I have A.I have a like a personal picture that somebody drew like a fan just do like a unique Brony and made like their own will because they don't you can see that determines their job do you like and so did you know that you can research it really does and so does Kayla Kayla Michael anyone I care about Las comic and before that with that with money he had a little pony on this death stuff FYI you might want it the last fed before this is that is upside down yes I'm still around cool enough to know about it and keep comic so I was like way behind in the internet call Frank at all seems to make sense kittywood video ever local director I think we talked about on the recap it was about who's coming kittywood and their the fictional company who makes all the cat videos from the internet and and what was my favorite cat videos I said curly is Frankenstein cat or Igor Cat original one was weird underground your favorite cat video cat video Big Bill hell's book and Custer County I had to look up on Wikipedia bio friendship is Magic was name of the show but that's just what is in the show I know but that doesn't make it better changing the subject so old now and it's from an arrow before you can really share video on the internet it's obviously like a VHS copy that people used to pass around and share and that someone like digitized and put on the internet and I can't I can only think of a very small handful of Vegas I think and I think it's Christmas your studio and you for the Christmas gift for all Universal Studios events at you to get off famous and I want to go into the hundredth episode party and so I go up to one of the guys and I'm introduce myself and you know I'm looking at and I'm saying you know what do you like look me in the eyes you like so fucking drunk right now and I'm a little tipsy and I'm like telling my friends Toronto police over like can you have this girl because she's really awesome it was about the TV show the work Uncle time warped you put a pilot out for it but I never hit it was a musical television show where they go around to different periods of like a different reason time the first one the Bible is about Moses and his brother and if you can find it it's damn near impossible time but it's amazing one of the internet time warped I'm work I think it was a movie about a boat it would be like one of those like Are You Afraid of the Dark kind of scary movies for teenagers but I guess they made it super scary you really here twins that got separated and one of them died and they the parents buried him in the backyard and the other one went and dug him up and it turned out that he was an evil spirit and then you possess the one that was still alive within like haunted everyone in this town any worse than my description I think that's what it was and then I can decide Kathleen time warped right there to watch it with the iPad to do the UFO stores in Manhattan I think yeah yeah glass panes like they're making a glass panes bigger so there's less obstructions in it and I saw this morning that they're going to redo the Apple Store in Santa Monica so that it was kind of Border Apple Store in Grand Central Station forever been hiring a lot of people for reproduction and Gus has been spending lots and lots my critics about the bank lost my credit card because I spent so much money and I called them and they're very much you have to wait too much money you be careful I messed up you want to know more than anything lately don't have you will right you said a big glass cube that somewhere downtown or Midtown and rescue what are you be careful of when they wouldn't you be there's an architecture would compensate for the sun did you hear about like a playground equipment you know like triangles panels on the panel but couldn't find the cat made of Portage Pax dehydration Las Vegas the right hotel in curved Hotel buildings that are mirrored glass and when the sun gets to a certain point in the sky that certain time you hear it hit the 2 billion it makes like a laser beam that cut across the death ray we going to win the Arthur 2 comic Vegas have completed can magnify and reflect the sun's rays and temperatures hot enough to stand here and melt plastic cups to do with the way the building is built and the reflective surface in the window and I think they had already thought about it and even used the windows percent of the sun's Rays only 10% of the light that hit it and it was still powerful enough to do that hey you started with a do as they darken and then they will pop out and huge huge big sheets of glass or just like falling out and you know luckily nobody got hurt but it was here in Austin W Hotel and all the balconies had and glass railing or not really but I'm glad to keep people in the balcony and I guess we have to come to the pool wake up on the bathroom and walk out and when does God close the streets around hotels in the pool and in the street and we got that we couldn't we open the door but the joking around with pops it open we walk in the room and literally I look at the sliding glass door somebody had robbed us they had shattered the sliding glass door it was completely broken and they have come in and they locked crazy delay tactic it's getting worried about it that you like doing stuff by myself inside the room Jack open the door for our special guest today having a visitor but I want to say that we're going to be a Pax next week then we can talk about it next week so we will be back next week Friday at 1 p.m. in the Main Theatre which is across the street it's not actually have anymore I don't know what will be the last time Michael and I are going to be there probably help when I was a little bit you'll be helping and Kathleen will be paying taxes 6019 and Advantix for and I think it's something and we're doing a screening as well and Expo on Monday it's not actually part of Fan Expo it's at a theater I don't remember some stuff your uncle will your Uncle Willie Uncle to try Monty store time your welcome to be having a panel Pax and that's going to be a lot of fun I'm sure I'll be showing I think 11 new bills the week for sure we might I don't know if I'm getting ready to put on time you thinking in the next race with probably next week and it's probably not Michael Toronto underground Cinema the 29th I believe it in the evening I'm not sure exactly what time I will keep it up 112 you my phone's back on now sitting at the board so you have to watch on the Pax is good I don't know what's going on I don't know what the hell's going on when I go to where the season is going I heard you like Snippets and bits and I've read some stuff but for the most part of Texas okay the only reason I know about it left hand it doesn't matter if you guys are lefties I thought maybe it's like a small number of people normally have a high percentage of left handed employees people people people people Carson Nature Center I'm trying to think you know 2 Borderlands 2 PS3 price drop I think it's $350 or $249 at 321 3 5300 PS3 Uncharted 3 coming out later this year that I don't know what I'm really excited about this year 3 anniversary just see if I can do it I've got to say thanks for you but that's where things were like before that is where the change to easy on the the puzzle on the sidewalk show up that's when I want to tear my hair out how do you how do you play like I know the game to use the d-pad to use the d-pad I kind of switch back and forth the deep and I just go with the flow I feel like my movements are better with the stick I can get across to trigger them and not getting paid your family jet is everything well with the weirdest thing to me is that they've taken the game and then diluted it down to an even simpler form like in the bar you can play a game called Rapunzel like an Argentine but if it were like a old arcade game from the eighties you move the block but you only have a limited number of moves you can make that's even harder Rapunzel and 64 I think I got like Rapunzel Rapunzel let down 2 hardest and most of the blocks are different 1945 and it's like some dudes just like on the wall of locks and you like to do blocks where to get me and I push it all the time he won't even pull it 7 million - 4 the cat but I wish you could have more drastically affect the outcome of that game the whole time I was playing I was trying to get the dude to leave his girlfriend border the blood Catherine but he doesn't do that like no matter how bad I was still want to get back together with his girlfriend you love her because interesting I'm glad to see a new type of game is just not the same old thing we have yet to work. The kids went on too long when you start the game I think Gus you know I think I said are you alright well we need to cut the shark is like to have any visitors today so we're going to and on that note so they will be there next week Toronto