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Rooster Teeth is preparing for events

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Recorded: 2011-08-24 20:49:58

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Michael Jones, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Kara Eberle


Transcript (in progress):

so I got a little Jack to a King serenity Rodeo CT 610 Mayfield Road a podcast intro Everything is Awesome welcome everyone thank you I mean I'm going to take a nap after that but I guess we should do some entertainment introductions before the interview I am Jack pattillo I'm Kara Michael Michael this is the hectic podcast where we try to get through it because we have 2 events this weekend too technically 3 but to embrace and a Time explained Toronto and last week someone asked me when the showing Monday at the underground cinema at 7 p.m. ex Red vs. blue season 9 going to be showing,,,, it's probably most likely okay I make my laptop hook up to the play and then I'll just be driving you okay is it is I'm going to run upstairs bathroom some point out that we have a journal but there's also going to the bathroom to my business come back to come a good person I come back forget person Gus a bad person in the bathroom but there was a security camera pointed at the door of the bathroom security cameras walking in and out of the bathroom and recorded captured the video footage of a new house determined that it was and I just watched it in reverse liquid because Sofia the First who was La bare on my shit list get outta clearly all right so tell who someone fired new imagine we discussed about the laundry yesterday so I was wondering I bought the first one to like cuz I was the first one had to run to Walmart in an emergency because one didn't exist in the office and said I just don't care until you really need it was like everyone literally literally I guess in order to try to encourage good behavior Kara is now passing out stickers to everyone who does Good Deeds tell me what you want on it compensated with a stick top is a whole different bracket how have you been doing really is crazy how fast time flies when we sold this summer we will have said you go back to school like this week old school on Tuesday and Thursday how to say that weird experiences that kind of jaded You chords worksheet I'm growing up with guys my whole life so I've got nothing I was pretty surprised when I had to go through all the mail all the fan mail and stuff that we did there happened to be a envelope full of bumper stickers like stickers you put on the back your car and I opened it and it's just because it's a boner don't really know where has the Jack and he just had this look of embarrassment on his face like oh my God where did she find me if it was like we're not we're not really we're not like that I mean week we kind of are but you know we don't talk about sex all the time. bumper stickers they go to Jeff the the boner guy Seattle share program 26 months working out the dishes lately I'm not dish from the sink into the dishwasher they will get a sticker because for some reason but you can and we know you can review this is a friendly reminder paper plates washer jewelry or some shit in the kitchen and there was all the other disposable forks and like everyone's putting them all in there watching the things like what the fuck Usher Before I fix their plastic for dishwasher is not working and Kara most exciting part of your day Kara you never know what's going to happen hero walk around the office and read it out loud to ever on the 24th exciting right by the door so you deal with everyone Jack a part of them people walk in and you turn them away and they have the sad looks on their faces until I can go back to the car crying and like their kids don't want Kara I came back from lunch and there was someone walking away from the front door looking depressed and I'm like so can I give you a nice Kara told you we can schedule something normally we have a lot of things in the office that are covered by nondisclosure agreement and it's difficult to come in if you who should show up but I don't want to be you know if there's always a terrible time if you're even thinking about coming by the office don't do it cuz we're going to Jack's house super crunch mode so it's not it's not a good idea to try to come by the office and say hello right now we appreciate it it's raining so I'm doing it ex so what's it called human revolution revolution and then Revolution is revolution revolution and then we've got the rezurrection DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops came out yesterday that the one with the new Moon Zombie his conditions and Brown and his ark FPS guide in Oregon that all night so it was the two things came in on it are coming in coming out and then sweet fighter 3rd Strike years Mike that came out today one of them nights editions of Street Fighter 3 that came out on Xbox Live arcade as well as like two other games we know about came out today so what is a gus suck it bitch Deus Ex sucking bitch Human Revolution AKA suck it bitch nice night I like playing with on normal difficulty to play like super easy I don't know don't play difficult cover Catherine Catherine place is actually kind of normal times on the first day it was kind of on forget about Catherine Michael the window man that was awesome who played in the mother that was a real Xbox 360 by the way that was a real 360 trashed not anymore shake it is not unlike a box with Legos separated from the Xbox never saw that afterwards they will take your child away you know I can't look at it you frustrate me wonder if they're going to have any DLC for it like I don't know what they could do for this will be like more levels than Mike kick you in the nuts that would be it awful Kitty play any videogames at all I'm sick a couple weeks ago thank you too much pressure too much pressure I can do many things to do things to look at you don't know what to think what to do I mean story about becoming your trying to look at him for all the different directions and I'll come like a real life game Nightmare scary movie Beatles getting on 63 Mason place so I can't the last time I went down to 6th Street is going away next weekend Jack bulik Michael what you guys think we will go out to Childish Gambino emos that was a couple months ago I guess I was last time was anywhere near 632 I was there was last year still downtown so we can walk around but I really don't know I mean Austin artist hectic and crowded never running up behind you and put your money in my purse at home wild flailing at this point if you're not going to move here today today will be the 70th day over a hundred 1 and 5 days 20% of the year old brother the only like 8 months 842 the 40 days of Passover you know 69 days over a hundred was 19 like $25 more Michael hundred years ago we're at the same level and then every hundred years or so it was in the early thirties the earthquake hit DC yesterday rattle yesterday's well yeah yeah I think I'm friends with her sister or something or was that the same one of the Colorado wondering I don't know if it was at 3 and Colorado what ya know someone like this is this webcomic Kara masumi never seen XKCD right because God is a really good video game and nerdy stuff hero Rage Comic I guess last year about someone in the basically like there's this idea where the actual waves of an earthquake move slower than like the internet does so officially it will get to a point where someone will Twitter about like oh my God I'm in earthquake and someone will read it before the earthquake gets to them it's about 50 miles away I was getting your car who were the actually feel the earthquake because the waves move outward from a central point and so that actually happened yesterday where someone was checking your Twitter is a earthquake and then started feeling as though New York was following someone in DC and they said that they're pretty decent earthquake a few seconds later they came real life last year like we're in the Nokia center ER waiting for a concert to start a pair like it like a 3.0 hit La the light yellow light and we are also like surrounded by people who don't know anything but you know so but I would love to actually I don't want to see a tornado that was freaky as hell but earthquake the day after I left funny so sad I mean like every time I go to not sure but I'm going to Seattle for PAX never fault of theirs Michael Austin is not going to happen earthquake out in West Texas never remember that like a decade ago earthquake the last 4 texts and God knows how many years I think is also like a big fault line that runs through the United States New Madrid fault line in the Madrid fault line that runs like Heartland America a pretty big one that has any remote possibility you're sick of earthquake so terrified of them and work who do you want to be I don't know how earthquake not really no is Jersey Shore National IPA I got struck by lightning yesterday or was struck by lightning yesterday and the whole island fire is completely burned money Joel New York Jones so I was in my search over a car and smashed it into another car and then that way legally speaking computer my fault you like even though Jack did that completely how to make a movie would have on the island new car accident when your car is no longer drivable is it totaled is not totaled forget it they're going to fix it but still never get the same thinking to get a new car I've been fighting the urge for going to get I don't talk about it Lamborghini was it like in 2000 pain and loss of Range Rover Gus from dealer to get a car charger for the Jaguars and now it says hot Victor they're going to unveil what does dating the soccer player they're going to have her design Arrangement that's probably the end of the world right at the earthquake on did you know that stop is like almost entirely out of business at this point like to shut down their production lines and they have like they think they had to sell the land the factory was on and then they're real what happens in the Triwizard Swedish Volvo is the success story for having a minor natural drunk tank with Delia probably program in history the plan talked about DGP on the podcast someone sent me a Twitter that said that they put like a thousand bucks of the DGP and then by the next podcast before they have made two hundred bucks off that investment never going to pay for their 2012 RDX trip using pgp what is fart goes like look like quarter pipe take some profits in the short run because old quarterback looks like that's what the chart of gold looks like I'm a little rusty I understand and I'm tired of getting nothing New Bedford old time Joel on being talking about investing Stephen Hawking dog grooming in New Orleans cast as financially if we could be number one I don't think so because it is typically to my heart what you going to do we're pretty popular podcast on iTunes to be new or top 25 or 30 overall of all podcast and but we're only like number 2 in Games & Hobbies because NPR's wait Wait don't Tell Me podcast beating those chairs so you're listening to the number one video game podcast we can retain our customers that actually can forward them to check it out it's hard to say on organizing that I don't think about what's actually there typically I'll see what's directly across from our booth which means I'll be looking at the sweet kitty 4 guys would like walk back and forth is really good we make an island of Rooster Teeth mega64 it like we Dragons World split off from the rest of the expression alright yeah the main ex exhibition Hall which is where you been the past eight years is now mostly video game company with never 8 years old what is the 6th floor to the top of the convention center so we're going to be looking down hot ladies on there so excited I think I was 1743 so nasty next week either so I don't know anything about the Northeast we are taking the train is a 20-minute train ride to 20 minutes to go by myself we were there what is just been hanging out with so what next to the Moon Battlefield 3 for sure which I'm super super Jack is out I'm going to try to get my hands on that island which I've heard a lot of good things about and that's one of Jack write about but I'm sure it's pretty crazy trailer trailer video game trailer that idea from but you're going to do it soon sweet beer distributors I don't text you they had that crazy life for the Old Republic them if there's not a crazy line I might try to sneak over new Showtime the Indian constitution the radar one of the final raids and they wiped on the second phase the guys playing with that can't be good at everything everything I've heard about it 4 raids and that game going to make it accessible so everyone can see it will also make it challenging for experienced players all raids you can have three tiers of difficulty have an easy mode and normal mode and hard mode oryx on normal mode when you leave the boss everyone gets their own Loot drop you like everyone is a rage doesn't have to rely on one or two people here everyone get their own truck which makes it easier to gear up to later run heroic okay and I'm assuming stuff LOL it's not really is it affect artifacts that's what I've never used one myself I think I'm entitled a while I've seen it I've seen someone equipping a legendary item like 5 times no kitty that's the we had one drop on time old run like they were doing Old Warson Mike was actually wasn't old was the 1449 EX old stuff I think it doesn't exist anymore because 1025 North Point Drive South midnight will alcohol you know I'd like Jack what do you drink in new providing you with alcohol whatever really been drinking Lonestar with non-stop since I've been here but I really drink whatever you prefer hard liquor or beer if I'm just walking around all the time like one of the previous times I was here but like maybe 1 or 2 and I said it's pretty much like was like that's what I drink drink yeah it's pretty it's pretty much think we should arrange like a blind taste test where we set up Coors Light and Lonestar and hat and Jeff and I tried to go through enable all we did horrible we didn't talk I know you didn't I'm ashamed to admit it but I think we both said that was the best tasting without knowing what it was and I like we can't just barge the street where is in the drink 50 beers in a row and if I could I get a list of 50 beers do you like maybe 2 or 3 every time you go then so once you get on 58 like a t-shirt and your name on the wall then me know whatever you like happy hour prices for an extended time for someone like that and so I went from something like a blue moon to like a Coors Light and it was the most disgusting thing in the world ever like to jump down like that do you like to drink I don't like the American Deus far as Justin goes Bud Light Coors Light taste like I don't know water to Michael Coors Light Mountain Water District I'm going out for a long haul probably it up a little bit I'm trying to be like a champ she she cracked it open with her teeth she bit into it too a lot actually who never knew I had Joel invited me along and I went and spent all day drinking beers and I passed out and I still throwing on Deus color hillfest and screening at Toronto under panel 1 p.m. Friday at 1 p.m. for doing 3/8 the table refelting ugly real fast 3:15 will be doing it also promised to all people to come up to him at the game a hug and kiss on the face not your hand hot women