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Recorded: 2011-08-31 21:24:31

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Miles Luna, Matt Hullum, Marshall Rimmer


Transcript (in progress):

and welcome to the drunk tank podcast made by rooster teeth are totally awesome overlords of just like you should all be driving down to them and giving them lots of money and stuff for reals that dude Gus sorola be the man from Mexico but he's the one who makes this podcast Ron and Geoff Lazer Ramsey is totally awesome I said totally awesome 222 totally awesome yes there's also a church and he is the one who creates read season 2 and we used to have learned from that is that you are from a beverage called mexicola Mexico 128 the wrong line up to say you think so well just because we figured out last night that we have doppelgangers in the office so Marshall and I are doppelgangers playing at home really just opens up a car battery in there and she started crying Marshall Expo that Miles and Bernie just about any we got recognized Joel Matt Jack Bernie Mac die and then I said as soon as I get back to Austin I'm going on a diet and I'm shaving my beard Marshall's new miles Bernie Chris is obviously showtimes racist racist I was actually mistaken for Bernie yeah that was the first black person to Marshall and Miles Fest Seattle direct response that could have been people would have read it in there like that would have been put up to put a little cardboard signs all around all around the convention center to people because the good people over at some very good people thought it would be a wonderful idea to build a giant Uncharted 3 crash site in the middle of the convention floor and they thought it was great idea it just so happened that they erected a giant wall directly in front of our booth like a two-story to have stories high is 3 stories high and we were the only Booth set up in that little that little room there was like this dark alleyway like they were little you know British kids wearing hoodies like just regular people and the guy the guy that was sending things like oh gosh I'm so sorry we're going to be up against the wall so you know we had this giant backdrop we don't we apologize we give me some free games the original Crash Bandicoot sorry that whatever it's fine fine and then and then they start putting up this giant PlayStation logo on the back of their wall and I'm OK alright okay so you guys were planning to advertise against the wall I can make a note welfare Vampire Academy come in contact with better place no we didn't have a giant wall but we had we had an energy drink company right across from it and they were wearing really short skirts dresses and they had they had somebody over the hill and he was doing that stupid like radio voice like going to RvB have the hottest girls in the event for me on Monday Monday Monday. You should do it Marshall Lee just like flies in the air first guy that came up with that like guys we need to bring in some more than anyone that you came up with that first living on a cheap Matt what's up everybody I'm pretty convinced that marketing is the most despicable respectable occupation aren't you a marketing major in Communications or something is constantly change actually they don't have one the strippers get paid a whole lot more because bill is only $5 can a g-string would like that little change meeting Erin Everly just like to throw a changeup Fest the little uncalled for loonie Canada has different names for things like it's not like we're a continent away then we went to Phoenix 72 KR you know where the washroom the washroom and your knapsack oh yeah but like what I do and there wouldn't be considered Washington Washington I spent about 24 years of my life making fun of Canada just cuz you know we live in America that's what you're supposed to do it over there I was kind of looking around waiting for something to make fun of and and it's just in the sky English Australia honey cuz they complain about things like take the subway to the beach can you get to minutes biggest complaint about Canada was that we couldn't find a trash can cuz everything that was Recycling and it's like that cuz I make you feel bad I just want to throw in Minecraft throw your trash and recycling if anyone says anything just ring people Matt a community children first time in Canada Marshall was my first time in Canada is your first time anywhere International and how are you like to have do I need to be at the airport in the plane before we had anybody else helping a fellow man is like that one what three Summers of advanced portable someone on help for the first time it was it was that I first saw you expect to meet your expectations different because there's like 5 different categories the types of people there and the types of booths are not all the same like any other conventions after like half a day I'll be like okay I get it you know this is really cool you can walk around and there's all sorts of crazy everything everything anything it was a lot of copies of Paper Mario Mario and Princess Peach just cardboard cutout that was really funny and I think it was actually at the Just Dance miles do you care to elaborate about the gentleman there who showed off some dance moves for about 4 minutes straight by himself as all the all the ladies watched on enormous wall in front of us and before we had the brilliant idea just to put up cardboard signs we were sitting around thinking like a few people like that and like we've been listening to the same three songs over and over again at the Just Dance and I was like stage you thought you were going to be loonie dance create a dance and eventually but the rules are it's like you dance went over there and I have my RvB Converse on and thought it was going to be just for like a quarter dance for me in time for me to fly five dance moves in my Arsenal dances that would be considered appropriate for that song only one of them the Roger Rabbit running man the material and the rest of it I just had to make up on the spot and I've never been more scared to be judged by a room full of Blackhawks players and like it was like it was what it was it was a lot of fun and wizards one part where he's going to his dance around and jump up and down and talking it's like a horrible just looks like the girls that are dancing afternoon were extremely cute so they're dancing they're doing all their food and they come to the party song where they talk to her and they're doing a dance move that they're trying to get the house like trying to make it into like a dance strangers but I'm sure we'll put the video on the link for those of you who are curious to see it the first RTX and the reason that Miles Pokemon Manhattan read about it and apparently have a hashtag called Just Dance miles so if you guys heard I'm in Canada I think we didn't actually tell people what those guys do here is company can understand I'm looking for it's like when you meet someone you don't remember you send to your friends what you guys doing well I have been doing live action shorts and such for I'm almost coming up on a year now actually you know before you work in the lighting and kind of the Aesthetics of a bunch of that stuff work a little bit on the Reds in the Blues but not excessively pretty much and when we did video podcast you were also our cinematographer I was I was heading up the video I do a lot of the machinery and Brandon and Bernie and I do a lot of stuff like I'm taking the dialogue and on the occasional meeting and then anything that anybody wants to write and I don't I don't blame you for looking at Matt now you come up to pack just for a day for our table read that was this was the most exhausting trip for me you've been working on stuff we've been working around the clock and you know why everyone's been working around the clock and we had to be there on Sunday for a table read they were doing it Halo Fest we're reading the live stage reading of the new Red vs Blue Series points it's up there is like everything of the honey badger video and whatever I don't know we got to the hotel that was okay and then the next day was like just non-stop because we were happy we had our usual location in the past but then we also have table read and then we were like signing at Halo Fest and signing at our booth at the proper the same time so we had like two lines of people going on and people getting killed over there it was a lot of running around it was fun to be there 15 minutes almost there 22 the panel that you know those guys were uncomfortable situations like the fucking bread and butter so anything that you think their panel they were showing videos and they opened up for Dead 2 microphone setup and it wasn't One microphone and Eric was at another one and they were filming the people who are asking questions so that the microphone either just like you and of course I just sat there like locked into position not moving just like don't feel me don't kill me and then it kind of like dance like no one's watching wild the charge and it was really fun it was a bit then he got super awkward then it went on for so long you got fucking funny and the crowd I've made a mistake or if it's something else you want me to find him I thought guys like this are you laughing at me and if I need to come back and answer questions back on the receipt that you behind me but I said that he sat down and then Nova Dallas looking out of us need to connect somewhere no matter where you go and I went up to it we can I can tell if those kind of hungry so I could grab something to eat and I sat down and I'll sit with Michael and Kelly and was kind of like a long haired dance but a bunch of table to put up against sitting down there was a woman sitting next week but she was at a different table with her husband or whatever and um I left so we're eating and I hear that we start boarding now look over there I can see that they're letting the elite passengers on it soon as I let me know if you would have put it into my contractor sell that damn comfortable situation with first class seats using it right now but you know will let you know when we are going to stay awake you know see if we can upgrade to First Class if you have to sleep for back at work and done he's not here yet or whatever so I can get things like course I try to keep my eyes when I drift off I don't hear more the read house I look up and Bernie is the first in line U-verse Matt and I'm just I got stuck next to some guy who was on elbows when I get back here and I'm coming to work and bring Eli comes in he's like a stretching like perfume or at least given up on the receipt for that reason but there's a whirlwind trip for you on the flight there and back I'm waiting next to return the lead singer of The Spinners just like some old school Atlanta Call of Duty warming up really what I'm doing right now as I can be what I need to do in order to get an academy hope you listen experience cuz he's kind of a big deal I thought it wasn't that like you look like a pilot of one of the planes are coming to Austin and we just need to be like hey man I'm straight and even take as much Windows see if they have exhausted you had a window despite people they do great work they get us places too but I think I said next to a flight attendant who was you know I guess it's like flying over for whatever reason and she is texting and playing on your iPad the entire time I was like please turn off electronic devices I'm sitting there and I'm like trying to give her eyes but I don't want to like come up with that guy you know and it's just uncomfortable because it's like hey you're the one making the rules right my flight leaving Seattle but you were texting me and get ready to take off I heard the phone ring and I had like that class at the building what about the pilot 08 now and will look out the plane and like we could be like the way it looks very reassuring can we get a lot of turbulence coming into the Austin Airport just so hot during the summer and then I'll get like the hot air rising and creates a lot of them a lot of time to think things over Landing what time I was seated at the way nothing and I work at and Carolina coming back to Texas and we looked out the window before we took off and look like the wing had gas and electrical tape around it like around the whole thing holding him we've all been there and I know last week when I put the podcast on the front page I asked people if they prefer longer or shorter format as any kind of playing with doing something a little shorter and that I'm supposed to 1200 comments on it Jesus overwhelmingly longer form in a couple weeks we'll probably have a short window so we will probably have a short one next week but the week after that will most likely return to the long hour and a half for Matt releasing the length of time would make it more acceptable people would like that more it's kind of like 3 videos 5 minute videos are great two hour long videos are great and I would call him movies anywhere between the just like with the 40 minutes man I don't know how much of this you guys got it the first time but it's always a fun experience to see all these older stars through it has been but they're just like not in the Limelight so they have time to go to a lot of conventions are there time we were at Comic-Con we had an autograph signing table and the cast from Superman 2 was that the other guys and I was like wow that's really cool but they wouldn't leave Fashion Place Saturday at stuff to do and it's just where they were going I'm not here for you who played Lois Lane low income the first time it's kind of fun wristband Rides Away through the convention center Comic-Con the only have been more perfect on the giant cigar at the same time but I have one of the saddest things ever that same here I think I'm walking up to that finally passed by a booth that was meant by Virgil the old wrestler and he was like the million dollar man sidekick kind of standing there and I remember you famous going to be here how much for a signature and you like nothing and it's in there I just finished getting your signature it's a pen on a charging for my signature NE is that it it just shows like the niceness of Canadian people in Toronto because that's what I meant to ask you do I need to change my forgot to ask for change injury woman with a lot of time for people but sometimes people will bring up things that have already been signed by other people in other room so when I get it and I don't like that I don't remember IBC other things finally just want to get something signed today and pretty much miles just in a blonde wig okay with everyone