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Rooster Teeth is back at full strength with Gus and Joel

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Recorded: 2009-07-08 23:49:10

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey


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hey man I pick the theme songs my opinion means everything that was going to the same song Problem Olivia Munn I'm Geoff friends I would totally do Burnie this week yeah I would do myself you know Joel has a picture of Olivia Munn over his desk and I thought it was a girl he knew for a long time like 3 or 4 months and I finally recognizes that his number one reason to follow Kevin Pereira on Twitter cuz he takes a lot of time up there I would you know if you would even you know a couple weeks ago we were and I decided to look and see if with the podcast was and it was awesome podcast season or they unveil her her Playboy magazine cover that's the one that was barely beating you all have your priorities all wrong the same as satisfying all the Toria let you know it would visually I think video podcast I don't like your specting you to go to Maxim it's like yeah it's like Shannon Elizabeth career bigger than a Playboy like no I didn't because I did yeah I have that you're not interested yep the radar have one less one less one that replaced professional poker stealth mode does she really wow she's in all of us like celebrity poker tournaments and shit toothache time just like every other person that has a lot of money playing poker now who won any tournaments half your talent is basically look I know there's a lot of skill of all the poker but who the fuck are we kidding I mean really it's 50% skill 50% luck Burnie on that one talent to get to the point where you have the luck Bay all unless you shows of the to pass so which one of those is Paris Hilton going are you stupid ass 2K9 that everyone thought was so poor that was not a good thing I think it's been decided like you know the best thing going back and forth personally that's okay okay you can run for or you know just go just go there people know your name like this bring it lets go he's got swollen in those clothes if I had to guess where Al Franken lives or is from Minnesota will probably like 48 on the list behind Montana and South Dakota yeah I always assumed he was a New Yorker he was Canadian they really must move to Minnesota bullshit I don't know nobody right here selling that he's going to Minnesota Pride tattoo and you don't everything you ever did he flew out of the fucking Minneapolis land of thousand lakes Somewhere Out There Facebook invisible it's it's somewhere up and who cares a sphere portion of the u.s. state do you think it easy nope and I got up in the morning and you know meet at the rental car we're driving up to the office anyways did you hear it was in January but you hear it snowed in I like to fuck you talking about like 2 feet Bud Light that's why you're my favorite memory of when you work at a company where you had to travel around the country all the time that's when you had to go to Rhode Island so you stopped Elisabeth Hasselbeck that was awesome it was before the view was like Survivor what cover was like 10 years ago 7 years ago was born May 21st 1951 in New York New York what a fucking shot but I'm shy once you get a cold is New York in Minnesota when they were tired right it's the next Florida does desert the Wikipedia tell you he lives in minneap I hear Minneapolis is awesome I'm here Minneapolis is awesome as well I wonder when he made that move I wonder or one year ago or six months do you think is the minimum I would literally 5 minutes it's probably probably when you move there Geoff even true it probably wasn't born in Minnesota Ventura vs. Al Franken commercial Mexican Villa attached to it you know I actually heard Jesse Ventura on Alex Jones not too long ago yeah seriously talking about how he's actually talking about how the conspiracy and using his Green Beret knowledge to explain why the buildings were brought down by internal bump into somebody and somebody listen to them don't listen to Alex Jones and maybe not this trip and he was born July 15th 1951 in Minneapolis Minnesota so I take back everything I said about mr. Orville Jesse Ventura Frank and Jesse Ventura the same as your born in 51 the term limits was too much and it was in Predator I think you proved your point speaking of 654 of the political radar now as well appealing Who funny full show that she's more popular than ever it's Little Professor but very busy Michael Jackson's dad is missing his death I mean the memorial service is the biggest celebrity of all time you know I looked it up you know Thriller was the highest IQ selling album of all time still is I did you know it's more than doubled up on sale what temperature to I think is AC/DC Back in Black yeah I think I remember off top my head I think there's a hundred million copies 47 million Thriller but not necessarily money in AC/DC album 209 million copies close to that Transformers is about to anacin 600 minutes the movies before they hit the box office opens with the least talked-about Clerks II was profitable before I got the theater because they already sold the phone right I mean it's a cool kind of thing to say it made this much amount of money but the four Market I wouldn't have a way to carve out some of that right now more than just a flat fee or something to themselves and distributed globally themselves one which was a you know incredible head make 319 million you haven't seen either Transformers one in the theater and I was so angry when I tried to get there and I can't make does happy like I couldn't see it for some reason I can't like it when I listen to Transformers I can't see what happened when is visual effects going on I don't know what was your prom I can't focus on it like I look at the screen and it's like I can't see what's going on maybe you could benefit from the Sylvan Learning Center problems old people Verizon you can be so loud anymore that's probably 60 vs. just nosy she and I shot that so much of the movie is done frame by frame that you don't have any perspective for or you're making the movie stop frame of Optimus Prime transforming you would look at that one frame and go that looks awesome that looks perfect but then in motion it looks like get them transforming means nothing they should do all I don't understand it the sound effect exactly like simply transformation does a car hand over the right hand back is a robot we get it you know that being said that movies going to make $400 in America to meet me at all I mean to me maybe the story not being good is what bothers me like the visual effects of him transforming into whatever that's not acting how do we get to the next fusion you know it's like an Optimus Prime is going to save you know these guys from this battle and also have this cover or stockpiled oil barrels to go great. I'm coming Michael Bay awesome let me know all the Decepticons look exactly alike Megatron Starscream who can you tell the difference between them and then later in the movie there's like 14 Decepticons that just come down out of the sky as meteors basically and they all look the same to the all silver and I guess they're trying to make it easier for you to differentiate with these giant robots which ones are the bad guys in which one of the good guys but I guess it's like when they make the X-Men movie didn't want to make their their their outfits yellow and blue and you never dick ulous looking I guess that's the same reason they made all the Transformers like metallic colors instead of the cartoon where they were like red and blue and very loud primary colors and what they were when they were selling the sucks being the news it's just I don't know really just a lot of clear line what are the best things about Megan Fox saying that Transformers 2 is not an acting movie is that it has started a war of words between Michael Bay and Megan Fox and get a war of words with Michael Bay eventually he just we go over the top with it and he is now kind of threatening that he's got this audition tape of Megan Fox we're basically when he auditioned for Transformers all he did was have her come over to his house and washes Ferrari in a bikini while he filmed it what tape supposedly exist I've never heard this wow are there any video commercial of Michael Bay I love him like a Michael Bay knockout 60 you know I don't know you only Michael Bay I'm about 50-50 on the track but can you think of another eating like I did yeah I like to watch Martin Lawrence or Geoff or their children remember exactly how do you play Battlefield 1943 have the demo this morning I have a great I have great memories of the guys all playing together and I remember it being like this amazingly fun awesome Reverend time and online multiplayer and then put it this morning and the first thing I did was take 10 minutes to get a game going and then I like that immediately and I said all I remember this this is actually better than life and it was like yeah it took me about an hour before I was able to start playing that I have to be able to get into a game I also tried this morning I tried for about half an hour before we started recording his podcast this morning and I cannot get into a single fucking day you guys know your notice when you want to serve you this game you make sure it's disconnection problems but you're fucking get ready before the game launched the end of it right now and then like I showed you 25 feet and then Megan back 10:45 super spec a month and seemingly not ready the manufacturing process does take a few weeks so you finish the game and then they really go to work especially on the day zero patch that's gonna come out when everyone loves the game I want of the downloadable games if there's a shorter period of time there where you get it ready and you just turn it in and it's downloadable and maybe they're not as prepared as they could be I don't know it's an interesting interesting idea Microsoft standards process that these games go through and I know for arcade they have been many complaints that it takes much longer for arcade games than it does for retail games what is an arcade game so you would it would take longer than it does it's not available in the arcade and it's only available to Gold members yeah I couldn't find it in the arcade but he's right when I downloaded that I had to search it wasn't out yet and I had to search around until I found a new game on my dashboard so that's what I yeah you did that thing shows up in the category Battlefield 1943 lands all so you know when I finally did get into the game I thought Scout infantryman an anti infantryman Rifleman whatever the fuck it is no more made it was never there never was an engineer also that registered something you can fix things I don't know I didn't try I was able to play Miniature overpowered in that game because I tend to play more of the support characters in those FPS games that I just get aggravated playing the shooter guys we determine also there's something wrong with my Xbox Live account yeah we did we did side-by-side comparisons with two TVs and two Xboxes with Joel on or chicken with account and you on your account and you you're kind of left out my account is lower than other people's accounts and also some people have trouble hearing you get flash can never hear you when you're when you're playing at home I know he has a problem with you both you and I were playing here I get lag in the game and my big is that my dashboard is significantly lagged its like 30 seconds slower than the other dashboards we were testing it we got it we got here in the office a couple weeks ago about it you were complaining how slow the annexes and I was saying that it wasn't slow and we both thought the other was sure it was the other was an idiot but after seeing your dashboard I can totally see why you're upset now and we're in the same office using the same Xbox on the same connection and it doesn't mine is slower it's just slower the dashboard like princess when you go in the arcade and you go to buy a game I have purchased a lot of arcade games a lot of them up maybe purchase maybe a hundred 220 so maybe like my dram check file is that much bigger than everyone else is that it has to download but when I go to sleep and I'll load up and go when it determines whether it says you want to buy this game or download it again that process takes up to 30 seconds for me and I will just sit there and watch my dashboard what does blinking Xbox icon where is Geoff on the same connection right next me will hit the button and he'll get right into it maybe two seconds maybe you have too much gamerscore pack in the system has more games played than me more than me he probably has more treatment to me as well that I can possibly figure out how much stuff I have downloaded your Marketplace yeah I thought maybe 50 arcade games and I think you've got to be well above the what are the first hundred arcade games that came out I probably bought at least 85 of those and it was a year-and-a-half ago and I buy arcade games all the time half of my hundred percent of games arcade games and then I also download tons of content like I make a lot of purchases in Xbox Live marketplace because I download other people's things cuz I want to check it out versus hours Denver pics or videos I download tons of stuff to Marketplace your problem it's like you're being punished for being a consumer Westminster at least I'm okay with getting those things were moved in so I can have her time with them get them again I'm fine with that but it's on it's on and I was so you had a long day I guess you can as well write something about the way both of us please don't play games from nearly as long as I don't know it was what's your second one was like 30 days yes and my top 10 were probably all over 50 what's the number one Chinese Hilton or to Grand Theft Auto Halo Grand Theft Auto Left 4 Dead and the old crack on with my number to IRS yeah 360 boys.com Hampshire Fallout will be climbing for you of that list right now I'm just kind of wandering around trying to cover all that I feel like I missed a lot of it and I saw alien spaceship crashed just like a pick up the Alien Blaster in preparation for Mothership Zeta pistol or whatever it is it has a limit and looking only get a hundred shots right but I picked up alien power cells last night on the ground one of those for which picture the train station where the it's like the transition area where of where the family lives you know they're like they're in that little inside the transition on the outside like to go out the door and they're just a bunch of empty train carts I found like 15 alien power cells that look like batteries laying around over there like a light blue color right yeah that's what I'm at so you can get more that you can also get some steel in Broken Steel really I said Saint in that game so much but fuck those guys listen to piss me off I was playing Point Lookout and I fast travel to Burnie probably one here is by Point Lookout I fast travel to the shop out there then leave her she's finished anyway I fast travel to the shop and as I explained there they were Smugglers there and what should I try to look around and that's only there was dead so I looked around some more and it was over and I looked at her and she had her body and she had like pandas lock or key yet so I'll take this cover it with the key well don't understand your Michael Jackson yeah there are Megan Wasteland and you come across someone who was dead it doesn't make their stuff you haven't drank in a week cuz you're in Armageddon Wasteland that's stealing dude just on the karmic spectrum that she had a family Joel what if she will do that stuff to her kids but if it was going to take over the shop person in that town aside from the person who came on the boat with that you see no. That's okay well we have to get to the bar Hilton your thoughts about this topic to Geoff at rooster teeth.com Halo 3 left for dead as his longest played 452 days wow Guitar Hero World Tour which doesn't surprise me at all 25 days Guitar Hero 3 22 days and Rock Band 2 18 days I can write all of his music one and the one that's what he plays more than anything else it is a Joel has only something's wrong with my TV just when you started tracking your account Guitar Hero 2 YouTube play a lot of music games that you really do how do you play Viva Pinata for 2 days just to do what I just had a spreadsheet color coded color coded with numbers and animals and things in the setting is a spreadsheet the spreadsheet for you I could stand to gain a little demanding bastard creatures that stuff from you and just I couldn't come with you Joel I got suckered into buying it and not a fan of kids that's not calendar days that you video game morality the same as real life morality Like Fable you know fullness of the game if I don't play you got there like part of the game you don't want to experience the fullness of life in the same way hey just taking that lady stuff that the worst thing in the world but you also have it's like I'm starting an area they didn't have anything I wanted 20 stimpacks Kick-It all this even to let you play the evil character what do you do that's different I mean I could do that but I'm just playing your game I can't do it basically I just need to to get you to do offer an intangible reward exactly what do I apply 14 days of all three dude you got 1450 totally bogus or if one of them is relatively strong in the same way but I want something more than 180 days of Halo that seems likely that it will be a hundred and eighteen days out for year-and-a-half it seems like with me 39 days left for dead and of course 34 days of Lego Star Wars game you sit down at like 9 a.m. on a Saturday and you look like of midnight the game plan of those in the day player in like in 10 years will this thing have any value like the fact that you've finished games Francis Left 4 Dead Halo 3 will both be as important 10 years from now like if you had a heart the of the kids come up we don't even play games or suffered from that thing that everything else in video games suffers from anybody who's beneath you in gamerscore is no good of video game is everybody who's above everyone of you is a fucking loser which time you don't have any people never respect the people above him yeah the correct gamerscore to have a 61970 Michael verify that the only thing I care about is just hundred percent of games that's all I care about is funny that you think I would have this some sort of value for a light indicating a few hundred percent a game that should give you something PlayStation has that what Michael just just started that a horrible thing to which is kind of like that that'll be cool for Avatar it has a trophy that so you can compare your plan and trophies that is something I hope the 360 will take it you know what you would drive DLC because if you lost your platinum trophy or whatever your platinum achievement for this game because DLC can't you be more like 2 by the Hilton nearly a hundred but cheap mint for the retail game and then also for all the DLC you can get one as well that's it makes much more sense that would be awesome just from the standpoint that I always want to know how many games of hundred percent it and it's a pain in the ass to go through and count your games and it used to be now that's just the reason there's no structure that gamerscore system anymore Fallout three DLC okay that's the structure so then father has one more DLC after Mothership Zeta left in it if they want to attach that she wants to do some deals he doesn't have to have a fever that's for me to be a big deal structure for what percentage of points go for single player what percentage points go for multiplayer every game difference if it's mind-boggling and it's also very annoying when a developer is trying to milk the system by putting in these ridiculously long multiplayer achievements getting trying to force people to play their game we're just not going to work and kids and everything but yeah I mean what helps too but you get like 2,000 kills 4 campaign of yours to get the multiplayer matching gears gears gears Geoff Hilton you're doing awesome it's a totally different game a lot of it was watching other people play Just One Last Round or so not so much facing. If you can respond I really need to play multiplayer or you can talk about the time at that point where I was with movies a couple years ago I got so behind on movies that Netflix became exceptionally valuable to me because I was so far behind I was like I had new release movies on DVD all the time that's why I was getting funny now I'm still behind on games that damn flight can actually be used to play good games whereas if you're if you're up and all your gaming you might as well just cancel your GameFly account because everything is very long right now I'm to the point where one day you know no problems Fallout 3 got it no problems all 360 games however I'm going to have him I'm enjoying it and I got a bunch of other stuff we know at some point Gus is going to get the achievement but I don't know at what point is going to happen well has achievements has some achievements I wish I could incorporate a way to do this in the 360 has achievements you can get for being the server first to do stuff in the world first to do stuff so it's like you're the first person in the world to get to like level 80 you get a special achievement I don't like that that is or like on your server or whatever right I don't like them I don't like the idea that there's an achievement out there that not everyone can get it but I don't know what is the number one player in the world that's different gamerscore means nothing we don't absolutely like yesterday I got a treatment for getting some experience points on the 7th of the month in Halo 3 it was your gamerscore I don't care the fact that I don't have to look at 59 of 61 achievements that's that's to me that's what motivates me you know is that I've done a hundred percent of the developer says this is where games about this is what we want you to do in this game and so then granted that was a little bit self-serving with the 7th of the month thing but like to fill in the boxes that we recorded book of exploring and thats collecting points on the map looks awesome you had to click on which is nowhere near off their Mark for some reason but I haven't been there like have a line to the thing at a certain level you get you unlock all the places on the map and you can see nothing is like at level 20 or 22 but it's cool I like it cuz it looking wow the different colors you know with the landscape the environment very cool you know it's funny for me because diva would have that sort of man who would like you're really in the base bring the games out with the stadium of the actual stadiums look like Joel of NC double a football college stadiums character in the thing is to some extent it's like if you go all the way and you went everything like you go you win the Super bowl or whatever I still not quite sure and I guess it's been a year to someone like if you go to the World Series or whatever and you win what why do they put the extra bells and whistles into that environment just for that like to have a payoff at the end where there's different things with the stadium is dressed differently or and they don't seem to have that if I can it might be just like an issue where they shipped the game with a baseball free samples shipped the game before the World Series happen and they don't know how they're going to dress the stadium so they don't want to dress it incorrectly I might be something dumb like that maybe maybe that kind of thing will happen now they're like we just had with it was in March Madness that had the DLC you could download the March Madness DLC download Pack where you could play at the actual tournament or maybe with like maybe with MLB 2K9 win the World Series happen to release like a piano thousand Point download pack them I never saw any numbers on it but I'll hang out a lot about football game players or teams in general are weird because it's based on this Dynamic real-world thing and it really has an effect what was the great weather have no Xbox Live in the downloadables and all that stuff now because it's like a meal you can update the roster die after rice you like he paid I don't know if you pay for an app that like I know the latest NBA game had real world stats updating in the wake of the players hurt on the Rockets your players on the Rockets or which is a lot different if he goes on to get him ready for the plate you can't play this guy because he's out it's true and I agree with a lot too because mostly I play NC double a game selling college books in real life more than I like sports and that's it they can have the real me the names of the players currently Major Applewhite was on the quarterback of the Texans record Walmart sell comic or they have his number in there they don't have his name however it was very similar in looks like him and everything it looks like if it was and if you add his first and last name they will say it download I'll be up late enough of those games I'm kind of all kind of football that after the last like 4 years for me it's like one of those it's a cycle where it's like a play in 2005 in the Michael play again till like 2011 or whatever come back to it I'm actually kind of excited about this year it looks like you're supposed to be the instigator of this year actually looks like a lot of work and it looks really really good you really go to that process is that an actual game you know I would still like to throw this out there where we take a baseball game if there is a good one game for the 360 where we have another in office League we can do that but it's like that every one of them effing thing every time where it's like someone's go for the lead and then the computer all the sudden start bulking up the stacks of the guy is behind everything that's anything happens yeah I could see that happening fucking with the batting system in the fueling system it's real simple we want to hit a button to hit the ball that's it maybe a for a regular swing be for a power swing when you feel the ball right is first base and second base left is third base down at home that's it it's easy just don't don't add in the left trigger for a power throw would like to know what was the one baseball team the head when you pull the trigger and then let go to swing dumbass mechanic the idea was to pull back for your backswing you pull the trigger and then you release for the swing and showing his videos the other day all the 2K baseball oh my God it was very very cool to me the best part of their baseball game what am I going to the draft Praise on my fear of fantasy whatever fantasy baseball or fantasy football I can't fucking stand that stuff I hate it I hate it just as it is in sports today without its wanting one to catch the ball in the fourth quarter needing time to eat saying like some sort of I hate that all I know is now I've never bet on Sports but I can only imagine that that would be opening Pandora's Box fun for me that I mean it think whatever it was a definite directions of the stakes but at the same time and it ruins the experience and I can't go back can you honestly pack how do you put $100 down on what round a mother fucker gonna get knocked out in playing rice and the spread was like figured out it was like 14 points it was like I should go downstairs and that $5,000 on that I should be $5,000 like 77214 all I remember it was like if you did I wouldn't bet on that even if the spread was 0 just because it's a rival it's an old rival those once in 97 it was a close game option offense rice is like you always do you know I was watching the Texas Rice game was on TV and the announcers on ABC I think in the notes were talking about you know the rice quarterback or something Applied Mathematics who knows of Oz in color guy goes what do you think that is Building Bridges or something I don't know what a friction coefficient is just a post pattern throw it to me that's it that's all we would love it if you could get someone a mile from the football stadium they had a fantastic baseball team with cover years ago never will I don't know you know I mean futbol en of you have to be of a mutant I guess you don't even. Your mother and I Know It rice is anyone outside of Texas really know Rice University Heights of small University in Houston that's like I think it has when I went there was 2100 undergrads so it's like you know the size of an incoming class at UT then meet at 5:10 at their school or exactly they make a very big deal about being very prestigious engineering mathematics school in Texas the ivy league of the South or the North the game to be played by the way was Baseball 2K7 because I have 12 days login MLB 2K7 has zero I've been okay I went back and played MLB 2K7 I wonder if we still have a I think the council is still current generation was Microsoft I don't think that's true how to draw Stallone really I'm pretty sure what are you saying you think we should I would like to have the functionality of the website alright I'll do that if I can ask if you double a football I don't think it's the same experience at all I really have ever played football multiplayer so you can get a quick game on Xbox Live and not get them all very well those people who played who played Madden and NCAA football online all the time they're playing a different game that I'm playing intercepted every Nuance of Crazy Love of addiction to that like Jason's brother Nick who were all friends with he still every day I see him playing like Madden 08 was the last one on every single day it's been a year and he still plays 30-40 minutes for one game and online playing everyday I wish I had something like that in my life and it sounds like that let's be awesome but eventually I did get the play the fucking blast it was great it was just like I remember to pay if you be terrible and spend the day putting the podcast together and not play 9043 anybody like it soon we also have a new grifball gamer pics are you for some reason you can find them in the Red vs. blue season 3 folder on Marketplace I don't know why we're not sure also look for more new products come out in our online store next Monday hopefully those speaking of new product key online or we can have those that you pronounce like and I supposed to picture that too it's a good idea that we going to run a bunch or you come up there alright thank everybody everybody