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Rooster Teeth buys a vowel

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Recorded: 2011-09-07 23:19:19

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Jack Pattillo, Eric AKA E from XBOX




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Transcript (in progress):

yatta hey guys welcome to the podcast for get started Gus here we have to let you know we have special guests with from Microsoft Works for Xbox Live joining us and forgot to hit the record button seem it's about the first 30 seconds of this podcast but we just started by telling e Burnie felt he could fight and win against any wild animal so here we go how did this start how did you decide that you can take any animal stories of like you know somebody doesn't story punched a bear in the face to save a dog in the bear is the most ferocious dog super with the dog you like taking that one for the team with a dog runner stocking yourself to me Pete the Dog the Bounty Hunter Labrador actually just got his DNA results back a couple of days ago he is the father so he is mostly Labrador with a big chunk of Rottweiler and a tiny bit of Schnauzer and I'm not sure how the Schnauzer got in there cuz I can't really picture of Schnauzer mating with a Rottweiler so I guess it was the labrador really doesn't around the house so he's got to go a couple miles a day whenever I cannot take him to the river I got one of those tickets so I take the tennis ball and fling it as far as I possibly can and he goes gotta bring it back again that he lets go and I'll do that for like an hour it's ridiculous well I had an American pointer that dog ate through a couch Joe Joe did over the couch remember this I remember I remember the couch and look down at the tunak as you see the floor through the house the dog might have been 15-20 pounds so he is waiting couch Pete 4 couch would be no problem Joe you never go back winter weather no drive-throughs any dog I've ever owned and I like to think you can new on its back Paws putting your trying to jump up in your face right when you come in the door and it jumped up in my in your stomach and everything else we're still working on that was cthulu he will do that and he's big enough to put you right on your ass I believe it would with three legs bill will get you about the two important ones like pressure to punch on you but if you're ever Shelton just come to my front door and the dog will save you we either had to use the Heimlich or you seen someone use I'm like no I mean it I've never had to use it myself at a restaurant and you couldn't really tell what was going on it was the table or two away and something's wrong what's happening all the sudden someone gets up walks over that table and start using the Heimlich on this for so long I don't remember force yourself to do it but you do this on a date myself here alone at the next ones you don't like hori probably good idea yes but I can just imagine you you're passed out unable to help yourself because it didn't work I won't leave Joe Kenda can you over a puddle Michael from Rage Quit as recording an episode of Rage Quit in the next office over which of the achievement hunter office and I can hear him yelling and screaming like a crazy guy to leave the room in the last few days to a runner 5K week with the flu well I was over to talk about that very much new Fast and horse Renaissance sticker I know pressure points solo cartoon yatta while playing there that was the weirdest cross India ever but I wanted to catch up before I came down and I have subtitles on so I knew what was going on in the game but I couldn't focus on both and I'm in the middle of a mission and I'm like trying to sneak up on someone and kill him and all the sudden My Little Pony comes into their phones I might have just because find 100 Hawaii and our young couple and we're riding on the beach and we gotta put the horses away and everything's fine what would you like until they get here and I need to give the horses to do it in the morning Jordan is having such a great time putting the horses and all this she keeps her hands down there and the horses like bushes on your hands more empty hands and she says she thinks it's funny I walked around with my horse do something with it like a blanket or something and I walked up to her horse so I go up and put it in the middle digit of her finger was like 50% smaller than the rest of her finger it was like crunch she was punched are there any other large animals they want to talk about now I'm a hundred percent Pete animals at one point you know when darkest of days that would have been an achievement horse 125 gamerscore darkest of days horse horse Eric horns does the Bears Omaha to these bears and then shortly thereafter what did the Undead Nightmare DLC would actually have unicorns in the game now and so we're thinking there's a rainbow because of course because of you and your directions to Red vs. blue season 10 Jack Seibert horses I am very clear on the fact that many wild animals could kill me a honey badger mentioned in the last podcast a fucking hilarious yeah I find this really hard to believe Jack never know weather is really going to get it in your head we're talking about like old school internet videos like tunak from everything to the tune of the song with the guys are dancing is like the same guy 4 times dancing to Indian music video The Fantasticks with horse set up over the past and we had about 400 people take a shot at it and of those four hundred I think 75 or so actually completed it so they're pretty good numbers and then we actually meet a horse video I guess this would have been last week the video horse 9 people from the office try to be nice because I made it probably the most confusing episode of horse ever with multiple videos and my son my son actually finished the first that was for charity write 3 bucks in the receipt and he brought it over to us and those $3 would go to Play-Doh with raising just over $1,000 player troubleshoot in front of 30,000 square feet it was like the warthog from the warthog was actually talking about warthog picture that was kind of climb on the vehicle if you cannot get inside without actually walking out you be okay that's how I text to interpret it as we were going over there from 3:40 and everyone was wanting to do something with it Ford aluminum back up a little bit later but the next person take over I know at least one person who did get to drive and I'm not going out to Mom's to cut a little jealous because you want to be if you don't use combustible you don't want to have stuff pouring out the back so of course I will be the new warthog in probably wondering and then cut to the warthog is in is in the Autumn is the mode in the next Forza game and awesome and all the warthog sound effects are in they're done by Jen Taylor Cortana yes so it sounds exactly like it showed it was a video that came out with Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear actually talking about the warthog to be pretty funny cuz he clearly didn't like doesn't know what it is with reading office cribbing is like yeah whatever that means but the tires are not Burnie military that actually exist it's possible you know we found out on the Strip as well we found out that the voice actor who plays Captain Keyes from Halo this is also the guy who does the Real American Hero No 1 major thing Real Men of Ben a changed it it was something else something like is it go 342 old GI Joe PSA and the overdubbed all the medicine classic internet here what's up the element Hasbro would have made them take them down at some point but they didn't when you was really like no one really thought to go now it's going to blow up classic in on taking down you likewise has repeated it and when it's up there with millions of views it's kind of hard but the content is not as bad but will be back Thanksgiving Day Parade something on the news right now contractions don't work right because one tenth of the people who read the error with them read the retraction the following day or following week you know what the newest internet moment stocking stocking if you take a stock photography image and try to replicate it so instead of using the original stocking that you make your own stocking is that matches that one that's like the new in thing actually it started here in Austin by something like design company relieved that everything just trying to save money for everything stocking which I completely don't get last night at dinner my son was showing me pictures of planking heck you doing it really was not bad this is like garbage cans at playgrounds and things I don't understand why something like that how you could do 20 year old man sings to his death after quote planking on a 7th story balcony in Brisbane Australia to Brisbane times reported that's made up for not dead a short time later you know there's another word for that stupidity Evolution young man who didn't probably can every kid and hope not perfectly flat on something that was alcohol involved 4:30 in the morning planking on the 7th or E balcony alcohol is involved fall off balcony solo like something like you were leaning up against a second-floor balcony off maybe there's someone New Roads of people taking a photo of guys got up to in Justice episode of the table collapse I was wondering if we should like mine on Facebook or something people new with that I'm absolutely the amazing things that you find like the great one this happened 2 or 3 weeks ago someone that Major Nelson with the college which had a video of him dressed up as a clown on a replica David Letterman 4 Less so he was in the communications crack it at Syracuse a very prestigious broadcast and he was like Oh and it was like A3 minute video as a senior project so everyone was in each other's video and this one guy has seen your video was doing a David Letterman rip off and one of his guests was very in a clown suit and it hit you to have fun I like someone had it on VHS got it off the VHS put it up and sending the link oh by the way you might want to know this is on YouTube public scariest thing ever man is like doing stuff when you were kids and I coming back to haunt you know I don't think of the stupid shit I did when I was young and I'm like I know that exists somewhere on this planet right in someone's going to find it like someone going through VHS as someday or maybe like a minute isn't that it would be a very erase you from the internet I think you'll find all your Facebook profile photos use facial recognition and just delete you from the internet that sounds like a really bad movie coming soon because there will be somewhere in the movie a delete button if I push this button you will vanish from the internet and never want to be like you what movies are is only worth Philip k.dick yeah I don't want them to do make them stop why didn't you turn away from it Blade Runner as such a classic just know I have a new idea I've already bought all the different versions of released on DVD me to the HD DVD collectors edition how many versions of Evil Dead 2 have been released on DVD you might have 300 at this point I don't know anyways please I don't want the Star Wars Blu-rays to be changed again Burnie on it and it seemed that original prints would like nothing less with still seeing the Grain in your skin the frame still messed up things things like that it was amazing that you forget how amazing that ever happens again let me know I'll fly down but not everything is bad not every did they replace the pump in yatta with CGI Yoda in episode 1 correct it looks better doesn't it walks blinknow no no Jedi with Anakin Skywalker replacing the old Planet Obi-Wan have to live in the world as the old one I was going to go buy the Blu-rays but not now they're just gone too far they jump the shark new fridge whatever the new one is what would it be Willapa gills by the Bay which are you really not going to buy them are not about you what I have enough versions already it was like a from my all-time favorite movies ok but that they have not gone too far for me though what if they released the Blu-ray set like the like $250 Blu-ray set but also on the disc is an untouched with original transfer would you buy it then yes me too I'm almost the exact same boat as I'd originally I wanted it I would take it but I don't think I'll be coming six months later they were released it was a limited edition I'm using quotes here Runner book on altered original movies that come out on DVD on the same time I know because I bought him the way to watch it now I will say that I'm not going by the kids to visit each of the Rings Blu-ray the Blu-ray of the original waiting for the extended 2001 Vista Ridge the way I thought and that's my thing is like going back and changing the movie that you saw additional changes but I want the original experience Surfer with terabytes and terabytes of disk space and stuff on it really will rooting a little too much as a teenager excellent Gus as a big fan of not having to get up to change this kind of like that Ben heck even wanted one of those controller as you so badly one of the guys who won one sold it she wanted him for what he did to people who don't know 343 gave Ben heck some never used Dukes Xbox controllers as the giant controller Xbox One controllers and then he basically got to them and put the guts from a 360 wireless controller inside them or they were Wireless Dukes 360 controller thumbsticks in the shell and buttons of a Duke and one of the guys who won one turned around and sold it for $200 or $201 I wouldn't it not only these are amazing I wouldn't hold one for any Planet that's what you get when you with your money 216 amazing pop out let me know I wanted one really badly and I asked 343 as hey can I pay to get one made for myself right and when I heard how much Ben was charging I decided not to but now I regret that now I wish I'd done it because they're so cool picture of a raven had like a little button during the event but they a little but he added for the Jewel on the back for us thinking it Maxima 2001 with 2000 or 2001 it was right after he did either the Atari 2600 portable or the PlayStation Portable and we're going for the old website that I'm drunk Which Wich controller for disabled veterans twister everything I movie was awesome I would throw it a couple Bill Pullman movies death all her children and as far as game on as he becomes more pain yeah it really is a lot of work so there are certain games I try really hard to play a couple of days before they come out because I know I won't have time to play them after they come out and I don't have the story spoiled for me yeah yeah but yeah this holiday is just ridiculous I mean September we've got a Dead Island Amazon 4 that came out yesterday we got 3 big gears good co-op shooter we've got Battlefield 3 we've got Call of Duty we've got Halo anniversary finally the chance to play Halo legendary 4 player and get achievements for Skyrim there are some phenomenal games coming out on Arcade radiant silvergun Saturn hundred dollars on eBay you coming out on arcade in September that's great there's just there's tons of stuff I don't know what I'm going to play all that we were going to was the predecessor to e Hookah available on Xbox Live arcade I have a big hori fighting stick just to play games like that and you can't play it without a good joystick and lots of really you know good quality but because you kill your controller runner in the exact same page hori are you doing yatta there's a lot of people I work with I would like the answer to that question I do a couple of things I kind of have two jobs that I split time between on the one hand I'm working on Xbox live in the operations team and focused around really the gaming features and making sure the scale so matchmaking leaderboards things like that and making sure that when all these games come out that they're going to keep working with the load of tens of millions of people all the sudden starting to play this game in one day and then the rest of my job is actually working with those game developers so that we understand before they shipped the game exactly what they're doing how it interacts with Xbox Live maybe there's something we can do on our side to help them or maybe I can give them some advice that it works better if you do it this way if that's cool and it's awesome because I get to work with some incredibly creative people it's actually really hard to avoid spoilers so I got this job because I'm a gamer and I want to play all these games and there's nothing I hate more than forward to you know Halo 4 and accidentally finding out something about story planking planet was the worst thing you found out about it I don't know what you right when you wrote me that you and Evan working on one aspect to it was working on something and someone else in his life party this year we went to that was held a bunch of new studio which by the way is ridiculous it's movie theater the pilot eventually anyway so I went to go there's a lot about that we were going to check up on the list kind of thing before the party started I run into e a girlfriend now fiance congratulations thank you on your engagement that's okay we're sitting up there we producing ourselves and someone in the audience in the back stands up and goes place kind of went nuts it was pretty awesome and R2D2 that was the best thing ever we were in we were backstage were getting ready to set up and we're explaining it you're going to come on you're going to do this will say this and R2D2's just sitting there and I like I got down and I was getting close to me but I wasn't touching him and his Handler I guess it's okay you can hug him it was just really okay you can that's why Life Aquatic AKA 360 and I tried to hold on and I'll just come with you the entire weekend and it's a blowout party that bungee through for the launch of reach and it was awesome and I realized I could be there like an hour I had and they had cordoned off all the stations because I had to clean new development area so I just ended up back in that part of the second floor at some point and I finally found a in the middle as entire party is bigger than theirs back in this corner with a bunch of other developers and staring intently at the Network Grafton Rd Grafton OH a billion people decide to answer everyone's part of the record-breaking that was a yes we did some records that my girlfriend was having a great time at the party so she was hanging out with them but I've got a long history of great parties I haven't been at nearby 0 hour love zero Hour I was back home making sure everything work I didn't even get a hoodie zipper hoodies are so I forgot to bring me one I still get them Mikuni brand new Atlantis on the moon light has a we're in the Buddy Club with big achievement junkie and so there was a zero hour achievement back in the days when they were going to use a cheap mints for like the live event to as well it was what it was I have it transferred at the event you don't have anything right now I never showed up for some reason she never showed up for 3 Days Every time I didn't get the hoodie but I got the achievement digital which is pretty amazing for a hoodie it looks brand-new only two or three hoodies that say we're forever right as you can rotate through I know I've got controller on and I think that's really the only time that I've had forever a black hoodie in the times I watch it doesn't say I don't get it some kind of magic white on the inside and because of the color scheme of the Xbox somebody had the Bright Idea LED light the entire thing and only green light picture 6 hours for the launch event because it started early in the night and everybody can buy an Xbox there on the night I walked out of there W hour and that wasn't green after I walked out of that bill look like what was that what it was or was it that green was burned out of your eyes like the red and blue were working fine but green just like that every time it's undescribable Prima to the end of the event lunch death ray from the Las Vegas hotel and consequences of architecture and design but you come on over like nothing anymore after you leave those ladies are showing off a game 8 hours a day for a week and then they do that like two weekends a month sometimes for an hour maybe two I wanted to die and she sounds like some of the Kinect developers Kinect adventures and Dance Central and some of them were like 30 pounds during the development of this game because we were hours every day but the opposite of what happens 4 developer normally the first couple of versions of Xbox Live I gained like 10 pounds every version and eventually I was like okay I gotta do something about this bad thank you to 5190 n Fitbit which I learned I love it I love it too yeah it's very power you and I need to get on each other's leaderboard because for me that's the power of the Fitbit is the leaderboard with the fact that there are a couple people on my leaderboard who are in the industry and do trade shows and stuff right into every time one of us is that we are past the sudden we go from you know 10000 steps a day that 20000 and it becomes a thing and you get back to your hotel and its 3 a.m. and you're looking at one more lap around the block I just think I got it honey what I would do too so I got the thing and it started walking for people who are achievement motivated this totally hit that thing right there whatever it is how about I put up against the wall where I have a TV and I play my 360 at 2 miles an hour what kind of game I'm playing I don't do that but I watch Netflix on the train and the things that has really helped me know honestly is having a big active young dog I've got to take him out for a couple miles when I get home and doing that you don't come home I'm stressed I'm tired I'm cranky I take him out for you know 45 minutes or whatever and I'm relaxed and I feel better and I'm sociable and amazing and I had completely gotten away from anything that cuz I come home exhausted eat and go to bed but how many of those have you lost your mind who survived the new like efficient washers that don't use much water or I have I have an old school washing machine that is death on Fitbit they're like little Lemmings trying to get inside the washing machine tonight so how many of you lost I haven't lost any of wash do you think so far ahead and bring me one for Christmas as like it was a Christmas gift and I think I lost it I lost it in the Austin Airport I took it off to go through security and then I think I had it and I said it down somewhere and walked away the thing I have learned is I wear it on the little the little plastic clip and I wear it inside out so it's actually inside the pocket as opposed to being on the outside like you expected and I haven't lost one yet so that's good at least 4 and it has a thing where it'll sink to a base within 15 feet of water on my laptop to World War II thinking I'm like okay with it and I've done that too I lost one it had I put it down instead of where I always put it I put it next to the TV in my bedroom and then unbeknownst to me the cat had jumped up there and knocked it behind the TV and I did the exact same triangulation thing walking around with the laptop waiting to see if it was saying I couldn't find it for like a week and finally I got behind the TV to plug in in like a in a vacuum or something in there it was there it was like a week and you're trying with your life The Walking Dead getting to the dog park and realizing I don't have my Fitbit here I am we're going to walk for a couple of hours now and then I have to walk again your with your dog and see how many steps in with him people have suggested that a bunch and I've actually had a bunch of people accuse me of just doing that and put it on the dog show you why you don't want to be 4 total 150 Bill looked at my single day totally that's 40 double X knives like 21000 it was Sunday and I think 21008 I think it was a 2010 Acura show me curious if it as well in here and that he had twenty-five thousand round lunchtime attacks this year on Saturday how much was a pack in the booth Paxton said come back in a heavy weight lifter via the tallest get a good perspective is 19 miles in one day okay I'm going to have to start doing this now because I know I can play Dead Space Borderlands that's about the most FPS close to Napa and in Vegas Fallout New Vegas third-person with walking games that helps I did try to player I have like 3 miles player reached because no matter how slow you go on the treadmill you're my life my brain can't compensate and when I turn left my visit I can walk left and I stepped off the treadmill it looks like a video game break.com the triangle Costa Mesa funny cuz I just I throw on series on Netflix right now I'm working my way through Star Trek the Next Generation on the treadmill and I slept awesome idea did you hear about the Star Wars did you ever consider buying the Next Generation box set no just because of how expensive it was and I don't like season two three maybe five or six but I didn't like the first season I didn't like the last couple so I don't use anymore I used to specifically so I can watch him while I was working out there is so much good TV on Netflix there's just no point anymore you have to do this for me the Next Generation box set in stone though maybe I won't do that starting September I think probably because the other two and a half years competition was like 2 years think about how much of your Netflix subscription went towards paying for you not returning that disc and how much cheaper it would be just about to do that right now I'm so happy temperature in as to the have to watch it how it was Brittany Port Authority movie theater fraternity members list something like that return it without watching them watch movie on Shield movie did you Captain Planet on Funny or Die the other day I think everyone read it but I don't watch other people from community repository handed pretty much I was going to buy company over tonight I'm pretty sure that allowed senders list or something I mean it would be really interesting to set up a webcam and stream it on you know some streaming site just so people could see but that's just got to be hori my in-laws are very challenging and I have to go down to their business and receive emails and take them down to them we bought them one of those HP printers that connect directly to a Wi-Fi access point and you can just email documents directly to the printer and its printing it doesn't work out driving around trying to find them getting through a mac program with back to my Mac in his a nice time when you can see it first then my dad at one point for the Mac what you can use all that much but he was tired so I come to find out that every time he went to use an office product key in office 40 x on a computer for an hour every time you go to work and he was like this what I want to use the program I got to put the disc in I mean probably incredible you're using 90% remember I'm doing this more often Rim Shop near me as important can we do yes we often so I think I'm just tired of going up stairs and people have been in crunch time that's true we do not want you guys are learned personally enjoy it you go on vacation stop reading emails get as far away as you can because your next Crisis coming right now that's what I go through shut up again this week already we have with Madden come out this weekend punch in the crotch pressure points in the groin metal drop pretty much any human I don't know how much longer you guys want to go but I was thinking about wrapping this thing up you're thinking about it and the greatest barbecue I have ever had I don't know some people BBQ brisket sandwiches are my favorite but I really like it my power is back I will not know the time goes back up with represent best thing for helping me this is great