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Recorded: 2011-09-14 22:41:48

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Michael Jones, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

suck it we have no heat at the beginning of that thing before late October we have officially crossed a milestone with some songs that theme song with him in over a year ago from September 8th of last year how many do you think I have $712,000 Jack you in for Dentistry Elyria and go in order of season one but now I know your stuff is going to be better because people are seeing stuff that's already out there people know what they're is self-regulating Havana gets better, but that is kind of true for fake system for the park and everyone in it to the top sugar is holy moly that somebody ran over is our new anything Jack Burnie Burns Michael we're here at 1:31 that's what I remember you said it was like $0.30 for a few minutes before punching horses like an origami animals looking stupid that's right well pump on the BioWare shirt from Foxboro Republic they would give you a card and you can go down and and Amanda would print a shirt they had two different English language room from direct Recovery Center in tips you did not walk in I thought it was just filled with this Mist coming off of the machines when they were pressing the shirts like there's no way I'm setting foot in there if you want lung cancer knock yourself out desserts in a separate area from there because there's nothing worse than like the swag zombies I like hanging around boot is waiting for me to throw out three t-shirts to a crowd of two hundred let me see that over and over and if you're ever at a convention or any kind of event in an official capacity and you ever do the thing where you hold up something to throw it out of the crowd you are the worst person on the planet that will inspire you and everybody right now you are inciting violence among the people around you when you do something like that yeah there was like 4 years ago when Rockstar was kind of close to Midnight Club games is in the air and I keep getting hit in the face with Rockstar stickers no that was the year the first year I was helping you guys with the other group and they were a couple times they were throwing up grab a t-shirt they started taking people shirts in the Baltimore boot knocking over TVs and stuff like that in the past I literally like you don't want that my wardrobe is like 12 t-shirts right in the Box about like 20 shirts in there that look for swag for a fuel shut the office is in that box right back to your house Church heard about killer ultimate to combine everything rich quick Michael rage quit Google because while you're watching like it's almost fucking expensive looks like whatever you want and it was not T-shirt shop in the seventies would like the glitter iron-on they were just practice like giant hot surface where they put that on the internet were bitching about the things that I got for Michael and a couple of people I don't want a restaurant within walking distance of the convention that was really good right with them and ordered the first beer and they're like 8343 bux in Lakeland on Saturday night or Friday night was another one what is something understated charm about them where that will always happen to them we will get the free beer or the extended happy hour it was great open Spotify no you don't like that you guys want to party that was Gamers forgot it was in church I guess they tried to tread lightly here gentlemen to our younger audience of Gamers and people who are into that kind of thing look at that made you skeptical controller wearing a headset the church that's going on right now so I can play with you like viral marketing unit with a head E3 it was just not right and it was whether it was handed out and you on the table they were placed like a little girl I didn't even I didn't notice that it's on prospective employees hadn't seen it we will get it right we don't get the chance I just walk around and do a whole lot of sightseeing Noble REMC the boot that's directly across run this year happen to be the guy selling computer fans the knot Boot and game church that like weird like Asian chicks like shopping with me for years ago at the same time after I was sort of in charge of this for us and so every morning I'd be out there before they open and make sure everything was running and do all I can to take care of after 3 a.m. going to parties and have fun and Gus was like I'm not going to drink that much time every night quarterback to go to the there's a ton of people there so that was fun thank you for the invite friends and now my Facebook is full of photos of me and was really really hot girls on my friends are tired and drunk yeah yeah I'm like you know there's like these girls actually front gas for about 8 hours and then they go and and the party and then they're back the next morning fake sitting down in our booth makes me tired power strain look for the business card game to win free services and I don't know what do call for me later or something I have headlong what time he went over 300 under forearm yeah I know blood cell phones and cell phone cameras for allowing this sort of stuff to happen more frequently and I'm rubbing it he said do not have your body will you keep your laptop will develop into laptop from from the sweat on my hands now just discoloration Polo physical and there are so Jose with the acid blood why was the morning sometime tonight depending if I've been drinking usually try to brush it at night time exactly morning and once in the morning I'm usually late at night and was like I'm like halfway for dinner or something fake eyelashes Jack Rogers gets reported good that your hair everyday you guys use shampoo conditioner to and one that sucks I used to have the two and one or the one but then I got married and now I'm coming to tell me are you okay okay you have your own boot I really didn't like yours dead body doesn't like talking to my phone like a splinter in your office when they the right to do something topic on the podcast and more group of people that think there's this undiagnosed depressed disease called Morgellons where they have little thing black fibers out of them and you can see like people like people like fibers out and analyze them into this poster in Canada for contagion made out of bacteria know they made a giant petri dish and then spelled out contagion that the new man contagion with bacteria and then as the day progressed you could actually start making out and see what it spells actually really no neutral with that one kid that licked the poster pretty sure I'm glad I don't like movies like that no I'm close to home Super Duty what you don't like you like black and disease already like everybody around her first like 30 40 minutes and then like it finally started spreading a first-year electrical the cold forgot about it the benefits or something like the president we're screwed two people just like I'm going to strain and it mutates it is no longer harmful to people you don't understand is I don't know Andromeda Strain is dead tried but in the 70s miniseries Hotel Forest Lake school is over or something that Laurence Fishburne but you did make that face in the trailer with the president YouTube you play entire world and you can like you have to but you can kind of disease have different resistances and different symptoms you want to spread or something like that right there ear diseases headlong is the anniversary edition headlong with the Halo 2 map if you remember. Like a broken bridge and a building in the middle driving area around yeah we did for washing measurement between Halo 2 and partially in there too but I'm going to release that one was a traffic jam run away from the building in the center talking about how we could build a highway right now pictures of is it true story fast and is like it's crazy Jose me like I know every part of this not like that I mean if you talked me into it like everyone are all the hidden things in perspective to me like the back of my hand but is a stranger you know I don't know half of the quarter of the Modern Warfare 2 maps whatever those may be a few times like that I don't have the same for the residence that they used to I think I'm going to go get all of them bring up the gets gets over the problem is it like today of course 4-player Co-op through the achievements for beating an axe or like it to be all for and they're not they're not a co-op compatible Everything At first I don't know if they change that are you have to do it yourself no I don't think so work and achievement for beating on the hardest difficulty for people with single-player and Cooperative Montalban as you get the beat this level it's not like we had that one it's even his entire campaign on legendary by yourself on your phone contagion scale as you have more people in not quite as much you know if one person has to die you know I mean get some friends together just run through it and have fun you know National Turkey game should be and you can pick it up and we start playing you can build up a character you can take care of your back the earlier stuff so it's a major character and take them to the person walking through the first couple and then the other three classes so you can build up your major than the first time we didn't talk about it recorded that podcast I'm here, carries in that game we do we do what do what you have to do to and you can take those points like a bonus store and there's an extra thing where you can go is if they like movies or still images like an extra is like another thing we can really buy commentaries that will play as you're playing the level so like you can go through I think there's like four or five from from you guys and there's a few other people like they have one from the Posse which I'm assuming is probably the team we worked on it and then there's one in there from Major Nelson I just feel the prequel Clips like movies and stuff like that they like behind the scenes of shooting in Paramount things like that Paramount right after we moved out the week that I'm just a reminder how long have and hate myself your self from 29 years you know search results you can really get lost in that what you mean I delete photo from Polo and for that story it was Scarlett Johansson leaked ass pictures are you just like me I get that for some reason my cell phone battery has started dying on me I literally sat in the airport once I land in Seattle for like an extra 15 minutes just to charge my phone more I like that they're in the terminals with my phone plugged in and work specifically for events I purchased a little Energizer battery it's about this big and it's thinner than the iPhone the captain it plugged in and charge your battery but when I plug it in and charge it in my pocket that's and how do you charge the battery yeah I have the iPhone charger it was plugged into the wall to wall or whatever Buckingham I have one that's a little bigger how many batteries I bought one at Pax last year and it comes when you buy it at the store already the one I got was already charged so it's just like you I'm trying to the Next Room number 10 rumors Cincinnati get out of here wasn't retarded like a Blog black news service Revenue Service that there was a feeling it was CVS and tweeted that Steve Jobs died people report another organization is fucked up I hate everyone world champion out of the loop you know that's what container and witches screenshot of it and put the screenshot you don't give them traffic trophy truck from understand is Rita back rumors strain did a lot of shady things going to work game Pokemon people CES presentation to the worthiest people trying to steal look up and turning off on their own or what's going on so it's nothing personal the Halo 3 theme Jack talking about what's a good name for a man press kit for Halo 3 what was the Giants record controllers tons of stuff in it and headache okay you got it and then he took off and put it back in the bag and threw it off the cliff but you threw it out the window at his apartment really put it back on the whole thing through in the end control into Excel yes was one boot Gateway PC which word for universal remote GE turn off the TV any TV anyone turning off display the people's boot Paul is put black tape over the IR sensors on our TVs Sweet Roll Another group on the internet I'm just like okay you guys are good at what they do and they do it all the time and I do it well there's also the time because most of the time when they posted when they figured out the poster tub girl in the Kentucky Fried page Jobs dead live so what trending which of the party appeared on the website of the old media told me he became is CBS News the events that led to the end of the relationship between the show independently produced by disrupt group and CVS for accounted by Jose and executive producer Shira Lazar and is long and fairly execution on camera Mia culpa at the beginning of Tuesday's Tuesday afternoon episode last Friday and miscommunication Newsroom resulted in a junior staffer at what strain is and you tweet that contained an unchecked unconfirmed and ultimately untrue report about Steve Jobs and Roe it's just like okay with you Jack is sick you know that we didn't check it I can have a Major Impact for a lot of people least of all on stock prices I mean to me Speaker Knockerz College getting bigger all the rules about blogging Network you need to disclose when you got paid or received the product for free or something like that right a lot of them I never paid $20,000 but they did make the Tweet somebody in her office made it I had a chance to look at a price list for celebrity tweets one time it's pretty it's pretty shocking how many people are selling outright selling out if you would like a paper Michael to frontier.com / the roller seats available under $20,000 is $20,000 the Jack Jack category me a video game or fried chicken video game-related tickets to Vegas Google it's my birthday Jack Jones birthday is on Friday and still getting commercials when they will talk about it and it worked out where his commercial yesterday and the only things working on it right now we can actually get away and hotel no, what that come from but I'm outside and I know where to go to watch it soon like this close to actually taking off within seven days because well no cuz I actually had a $300 credit to use what was the 300 credit from Lazar credit for like and Roe Mia to the cash out there you just use your Southwest credit to buy a casino play Buckethead will you should go and F yourself I don't think Michael alcohol alcohol poster lyrics for what you did you're like and I can go there and waiting for someone like I need a friend for Vegas and just like hold it over your head and wait for people to get off the plane if you have a mere Bhai you be upset if you hire driver and had a name like I could maybe pull off like Logan you can do it again on Dateline I should take a picture of my TV after that Paranormal Activity ways to get a James Van Der Beek a lot I just might have had any facial hair hopefully she does look like me jails in Crimson Peak Richmond poster book now I'm going to be do we need another beer in this office I noticed I might lose mine Top Gear UK we talked about a trend on Twitter to follow at Burnie Burns dead they doing out there treadmills in front of their video game system did I hurt my knee turn that one time and you got shut off I can break video starter some company is was trying to reach me words like it's a zombie based game that you play it by running and you're in game character fights pick up items are not allowed to have you kill someone the likes of Kansas game where it uses Google Maps and augmented reality where you see a chemist running from it anonib simulate crowds of zombies run away from is red. fake stop turn right zombies Shira version of an enemy's run off of stained trim what I do is rely on Jack to get food because I don't have a car so like he drives me here so when he goes out to lunch without me and he goes I'll call you on the way back and I'll bring you back something and then every day he walked into the office and go to go out to call Michael eating some Popeye's Chicken and Scarlett game yesterday Jack forgot to bring his food to eat to get your own damn car on Monday and I ate like almost all of it there's like one piece Jack is no fun at all but I forgot it so it was like bread and 1 chicken tender and honey he walked in the door going to call you if you want poster of a chicken feel like I've been a little thank you you know what agreement has been out for like twenty-four 30 hours that's fine until that way are we going who poisoned but only Jack and I go to the bar sometimes it's across the street from you really really cute waitresses to mention that every time we go what's the biggest state what is a sandwich I got to make a very good day but it wasn't right it was more like him like a grayish pink butt you should be back in town or something along those lines what does mean it's good yeah I know cucumber San seafood seafood cucumber this really really fancy restaurants get the fuck up you don't and I looked in it and have no idea what the fuck I'm looking at it like we was salmon mousse with little pieces cucumber balls all filled up in it so it was like putting clear on your plate every fucking drop of it looks like I'm paying so much money for this molecule of it left on the plate when I'm done how does one make salmon mousse I don't know Linda I don't want salmon but I want to know so you think is good or you just forced to have forced it down fishing cucumber I would like to bring it bring it I won't forget everything is the restaurant called l2o in Chicago the wit Chicago fake Chicago every time we go I forgot Jack Jackson Jack is that guy that you met me my wife and I got Jack to eat truffles in which was a huge win and you like them free trip that was a fun trip we had to put them on French fries for a meeting I had a ton of trouble did you like the kids and I went to lunch with Jack and his dad and it was like you would like a burger with nothing on it like maybe catch up and cheese and nothing and you didn't order it was something on it and he's trying to get that one Jack senior is awesome that you love that Michael is funny Mike Michael you know I can't talk much before that I have yet to go out to lunch with Michael fake and why it won't with Michael and I'm sure that you have those two in restaurants near is train from the airport at the dump New Mexico the river are we going to get you in this week probably yes we saw in New York on one of them and E3 movie 4 years ago when I was 5 or 6 years ago just no way to Vegas 1176 everyone run like the wind down to the Luxor all of them if you'd like and evening and walk till like 4 in the morning to go to Vegas that would we will do that I'm getting my mind right now because I like dressing up nicer when I'm gambling I figured the boot podcast with Scarlett Johansson photos I was kind of a problem I was playing Deus Ex Dead Island Crimson Alliance the table by the way harveston and water for headache and Alliance out of those 3 and then I gotta finish before 3 comes out rather not play game all and have to go back and do it then start like 5 games and fucking hate that when you do that Birthright Lincoln Road Red Dead DLC today or yesterday I think then it's new or read dead or New Vegas New Vegas New Vegas mousse game I play I think it might be right now I never played it came out I was so far behind for a while Polo did I go from like one thing to the next so if you don't like changing this gets around to the different places okay what about yours too didn't I just pick up and play game on the go fake coming this fall at some point but having it absolutely no memory card your Gamertag with everyone call it profile out of Yahoo like everything else in the device to another yeah I'm glad to hear when do kids use is my gamertag because that's where we purchase our game the whole day or anything that I've complained about before it affects me in ways other people but I constantly have to leave my name tag at home so they can do it on Saturday when I go to and watch the UT versus UCLA game should be a lot of fun is now the third string quarterback so now I'm excited I'm very excited or not and I don't know if I can gamble on the team that I root for kidney infection Oregon the Oregon spread this weekend do you buy points or something like that Geoff Sports Michael really that's it pretty much fucking My Little Pony and notes for living bring up my last one and you were talking about again if you want to do tomorrow or next week I'm not sure everything is going amazing I love that show me 50 pounds no didn't reboot and they're going to be detectives instead of like Spas I just saw a trailer for and I'm not sure how that's going to work Michael undercover bullshit is it normal regardless now they're like detectives at like a police station I need to get back in a TV to my media consumption has not dropped off almost entirely know it's true I don't know what happened but it's just like I gotta catch up on everything you know what My Little Pony watch fucking day streaming your personality GolfNow miniature furniture what's your addiction therapy what is so what is she doing Church in a long time but she's just have like that don't make like fake living room using make a diorama the old house we had like it's like there used to be a fire shelving International our current house so that we have a fireplace insert it was on the mattress couch would be there the minute you walk in the room with normal 3D chalk drawings on the sidewalk but they always do the dog does have his own Furniture outdoor miniature furniture wasn't for the dog has his own bed dog has his own bedroom it looks like a people dead it looks like a people bad how was it not I don't know any people that are like this fucking small right but I mean it's just a small regular person bed though small regular person dead drunken you're implying that's like a dog dead and is just like is designed to Gus deeply sorry I got home really tired I just can't fall asleep anywhere walking on the treadmill Casey from Chicago is that you still try to take me back into normal I know my body my body is elsewhere maybe what you need is dead should I just wait better to be like normal people but yeah we have been going on today how many times I have a mat in my office right now but I would like it for during crunch time for Edwards boot the wrapping of the entire season right now for Red vs Blue my office looks like a crack Den if you like it I realize how pathetic that loathsome like I need be said about the cardboard on the floor and all that okay that's it thank you for listening I love you podcast is it over yet I wanted to get this week's podcast but he was able to sit down with the rest of us so I'll talk to you a little earlier and I would have had a bit of a whirlwind summer dead and Griffin had a baby it's like Paul McCartney those things as far as I know walking barefoot across the road can you hear Jack saying Geoff is dead so at some point this summer I found myself in Portland Oregon to Portland I read something the other day well today for some is a milestone in Austin I'm getting off at and it's already but it is over a hundred degrees this year which destroys our previous record of like 70 to destroy the shit out of it and but we had a nationwide Heatwave 48 states out of the 48 out of 50 states that have higher significantly higher than average temperatures the really I only care about Texas because I really really care about Texas but the two states that have had normal or lower than average temperatures for Seattle and Oregon sales Upstate you made me something else and watching them is worth a damn and Washington and Oregon and so I tell myself in Oregon for kids and I was downtown and Portland one night with my lovely wife and daughter and we do this thing when we're in another city and it's just like the three of us and we're bored in hotel room then you know he's watching fucking Phineas and Ferb or whatever and we liked what I saw was one of us would go out to a bar or go to a movie or some for couple hours and come back and replace the other as it were I got responsibilities and it depends on the point of the evening and so we take out and I'm just antsy and then downtown Portland and we have a lot of friends up in Portland but I like hanging out with anybody that night and everybody and it's just like a fucking Wednesday and so we were staying at a hotel of choice so we really didn't that was what it was area code and I don't really know that well and I'm walking around and I end up in this bar is really shitty in the cool bars in McMenamins bar if you know what the people in it because they were so obnoxious and annoying people that like the funniest people in the world every single person at the bar has to hear every lame joke and then they try to draw people into it to you you let me go so I can jump on the traffic so that doesn't work for me and I can't find any of the bars and there's nothing to strip clubs around strip club the strip club so something to do right now until I walk up to the tuxedo the whole thing and there's like a block away from the other side the with me for more than one store and they all had to believe there was a need for more than one store and they're all like yeah they all have it right next to each other anyway in the Strip District the name at 10 o'clock on a Friday night and I figure there's a girl at the strip club it's free you can go and that's a warning sign you should have been like to take your clothes off she got that said if you haven't been a lot of clubs and I don't think that I have and I have together a lot in the past that's right there so I'm like okay so I walk into the strip club in his life best of a lot of really fancy neon outside you know this is a high-class establishment there's no chemistry gas and go to the left at Sand Lake Triple E saturnino the meat of the strip club and if I walk into the bathroom I'm just alone in this hallway and it's just kind of really there's like the guy who likes spray cologne on you and Dusty glitter off of you at the boot and 60 down for money in exchange for paper towels are you sure it'll be that guy is not there thankfully I don't want Juicy Fruit gum out and then I walk into that and you do that there's like three stages is one of those down there's nobody on the team meeting on the big stage and there's one customer in the strip club you and one dude and I'm looking at them from behind so she's facing him and she's giving him like a the one that looks like his head in her vagina because it's from a distance kind of weird to me that service yeah so I backed out and I left because he wants to be the other guy in it like the worst thing in the world is fighting for a stripper it seems to be shaking hands with genitals and I was like probably just look normal again I can't tell from the outside and I'll walk up to the door and they charge me a $2 cover slightly better than no cover is $2 cover so I walk in vertical room that has an actual bar immediately on the right was sitting in there talking to her like a normal bar to the left of that is a stage like a really skinny stayed with a polo okay and to the left is just a row of chairs against the wall and then like the medication but facing the lake Lake High School assembly almost there like he has a bunch of guys like sitting in chairs next week other like to close kind of touching you know like the way to come close to be just like staring ahead at this stage there's like one or two tables in front of the tables I'm not in the lineup with the and comes out and she's like an overly tattooed Austin the girl for me I was like and then Emily said something to her over on the right if you walked over to Gus we've got a bachelor party tonight somebody's about to get there Coca-Cola the pool State and into other overly tattooed strippers come out from behind a curtain what would you Paul I want to do the assembly like I'm doing ok on the stage one of them grabbed the chair they put a chair like against the pole so he's sitting on his head against a pole and he liked and it probably shaking in front of them and then they are getting totally like you I realize I probably did too the lady being totally make it up to the club it was anything like a vagina and if you do it unless you were looking to have a kidney harvested and then they start dancing the main stripper takes his shirt and short sleeve button up shirt on and rips it open so that the buttons go flying and like the structure and I'm like actually kind of rude and then do the work at one point and sticks her vagina her own bathing suit Adan bikinis the giant hairy vagina red vagina in his face for like a minute total contact like she's trying to kill him she like a bond villain and like that's her murder or something I'm not sure first I was like it was just like watching diseases happen you know and you're like I just look around and everybody seems like totally like nonplussed what happens if your piercing lip on lip contact you were not a stripper exactly the portion of the and then after like a minute she like let them up and she and rips it off and then pulled his pants down so that I have time after having to look at this dude and then and she takes and he's like those I don't have to do it without sounding like a hawk just like on his penis like a sexier version of that I guess but strain and like I need to go he needs to go get checked out right now from here to the penicillin shot the penicillin district and I have no idea what to think at this point then the other two tattooed naked girls who are just kind of watching it they come over and sit on them to order having Strokes are there fake Church Facebook is like a vagina and a penis that's covered in the saliva of three different women and I just went over I know it's horrifying I don't like them then the lady takes his belt and put them on the ground on all fours wrapped the belt around his neck and then like rides him around the stage like a pony and then the other girls each take turns and then they go yeah that what they did all of that for $20 that dude's going to have to explain chlamydia Gus from Portland OR to strip club it was a Tuesday night what to do two guys touch the genitals or give oral sex to two strippers in the same that it to different strip clubs in Portland and eventually get their junk gets over and over $20 it's like having a super enthusiastic dog act like I didn't even finish my beer yeah there are things you cannot unsee in life and that is something that I'll have to carry with me for the rest of my life I've never experienced anything even remotely close to that Lazar dude I just replied don't know what to say about it like I had trouble processing it I really did it was and it was just like it seems so nonchalant and normal that I guess that's just what it's like to go to a strip club in Oregon while so there should have been a doctor set up giving flu and tetanus shot and prescribing penicillin for the state required to show you like a certificate of some kind of some kind of permission slip from the doctor no kidding it's like there's a 98% chance of bodily fluids will be exchanged in the last 30 days what is a Save-A-Lot and I have a lot of it depends on where you hang out I guess but I still for the most part for the most part you got someone drew all over your junk meeting that person understand maybe you can hotel hotel Michael El cosmico she's really awesome really cool Austin hotels and Polo it's a cool job and she said her brother owns the restaurant Lambert's how weird that they wouldn't have the same name as a successful family Hotel in San Antonio called hotel for a while because I don't talk about how this place and we had to go to San Antonio for 5 days I think no one in the world ever anyway this hotel it has a basement bar in it that is probably the coolest place I've ever been it's like under the hotel it's under the hotel and it's really weird because it's kind of like old and like I don't know how to describe it without making a sound it's very old and very awesome the restaurant hotel and all the walls are black patent leather and the ceiling is some sort of cut out for like 10 or brass maybe that has a like a red filter over it so there's a very dim red light so you can barely see in the elevator it's just all black with like a dim Red Ribbon Week was really weird and kind of creepy and almost like things like something out of a horror movie out of her but then you take it down to the basement when you come out of the bar and it makes sense because that's what the bar looks like we're going to have a really dark Havana scan a bar with these little rooms at the bartender and he introduced himself to me in the next like 3 hours Pier One Lakewood The Rite Trailers church I left a little table between and is mirrored on the other side at the other wall but it's really tight space the like somebody was sitting in the chair across from me we were almost touching legs hurt so much and I'm sitting there and I'm reading Heart of Darkness it's not really looking but you don't know what to look at yeah she's comfortable trying to not look at me or you don't and wanting to be noticed strange anyway is kind of putting and on after a few minutes she was staying there for total of -12 minutes this dude shows up and this isn't a typical Texas the dude pretty big guy used to be really muscular probably played football and now he's got kind of a big guy with a button up shirt that's got that you know like short sleeves so it's like that the second to the bottom button is struggling and she was looking for her boyfriend and I'm bring my blood sugar so close I can't help but hear them I heard you talking about Las Vegas and he says something that I see her so I can't believe he goes Las Vegas where is that what state is that you know maybe it may be older than you like you think like every dude bro guy like that in the world would have been like that since they're making over and just think of it like I can never get to you it's like he's talking about it he's playing really make her feel weird talking about everyday fake the face and I come back and is starting his right arm and kissing his bicep that's just fucking weird like he's literally going I go to move you might want to work anyways like I said I'm not leaving this place anyway so I think a couple drinks and they got a little quieter they were there for me and he gets up and goes to my right next to the bathroom and the exit and I just like going to the bathroom and come back in 10 or 12 minutes and he still hasn't come back and look it up and she walked over to the door Anna Arlington and check on her boyfriend and then drink alone and I really mean it it's perfectly OK and she's just standing there looking at me awkwardly 45 seconds and then she just turns and walks out of the bar okay I stayed there for another hour neither of them ever came back got really busy it was a bizarre encounter I have no idea I was told my friend I like and he said that he thinks maybe she was a prostitute but I didn't get that Vibe at all they seem to know each other didn't seem like a random encounter or liquor first day in there any post also normally a prostitute would have left with the dude yeah I didn't see them I didn't see any disagreement over money or anything like that it wasn't like a the rate is no longer valid or anything like that but you don't have your coupons or price I didn't get any kind of like that he just quietly got up and they seem to be doing well and then just never came back and then she sat there forever and then came over and then said those weird things to me like very slowly and they're like it was really really oh my God I don't like playing or something and Lazar and that those are the two things that have happened to me in the last well that would explain why you been so busy going to Portland San Antonio weird weird weird experience from the start to the end I just don't fully understand what I was a party to their well I'm curious because people have about this to see what their explanation would be and I was she was like a challenge password kind of thing maybe she was trying to give me microphone yeah I don't know