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Recorded: 2011-09-21 21:42:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Michael Jones, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey


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drunk tank drunk tank paralegal Jimi Hendrix back from the dead Whispering into a stand-up playing a guitar for podcast intro this week we got to drunk tank Jimi Hendrix playing guitar sounds like he did it perspective of a world without 2 the right perspective of a world without Jimi Hendrix play the Star a Jimi Hendrix never seen it really is it possible to move it to be too old for you to YouTube beer but I'll give you know like 20 years or something in 20 years back from now when you were born 1985 what year was 87 actually that's way too much I wouldn't move anywhere near that old Star Wars 7777 Star Wars is like the only movie I can watch movies that you missed Burnie Michael in Godfather Talking Ben talking to Michael would you watch television from other than that would you watch the Twilight Zone not really interested in watching cartoons alright so Michael would not watch any movies before 1977 that's what you stop somewhere around there I can't really State what is Georgia's contribution to Modern American Cinema more specifically modern American Cinema marketing I know I don't know numbers never used to Blockbuster movie releases a summers Quinn movie studios would release movies that they didn't think would do very well and just did so well that now all the block was released in summer jobs with the disaster it was like a friend would understand that you remember Waterworld is that on your radar a bloated budget our money back up to 10 million dollar budget director Steven Spielberg who had this movie I was going out of control but it seems like lamenting the fact that his budget was out of control he just kept saying when your friend is going to be awesome and they tried to bury it by putting in the summer and it did so phenomenally well that it changed the way movies are released and now the biggest movies are released in the summer as opposed to the holidays you also don't see very much of the shark in that movie because they had a mechanical shark that didn't work remember the difficulties which made him more like Alfred Hitchcock and looks like Roger Corman because if he had the shark in the entire time that made him do whatever you want back in the seventies that was like 1800 getting run over by the original Black Stallion movie Switch Michael Black Stallion another horse movie here but I was 30th the horse dies in the movie right I think it happened I don't know yes being will probably die but the animal dies the girl has to like break down and cry about it and a Christ I told her that on the 26th 1709 and 8th codes of Ethics about not doing that over it motivational right now your mom is dead misdirection is terrible they would do that that's really terrible and there's a couple months ago now when they meet at Twilight Zone movie in the 80s there's awful helicopter crash on YouTube JCPenney chart for now but that's what it's like breastfeeding you do that too there's like no there's one 3 year old daughter four-year-old daughter something it's like it was like this bitch is crazy I've seen actually she's actually ate holy shit yeah whatever that's on YouTube and the guy getting his head cut off or whatever it is actually just turns over and archaeologists finding the temple in the future that's what YouTube Eastlake Dead Space Style like when looking back in the future there's Temple Deliverance Creek is one building so I do have one loan Temple and what the fuck the fuck up culture in a thousand years if you try to the Sun scorches the Earth you find your building what we have what looks like God's in our lobby we have a big phone and he looks like iconic props and steps think there was some kind of religious Fanatics contact for the internet so stupid internet videos I mean well class is successful the internet videos I was looking at our rrr podcast downloads gets crazy about that I feel like we can do better in Germany though is that more like conversations going Michael Jordan outfits when will Germans are boring but you're presented a sausage and his Germany uniform I can just feel it in Germany right now that's crazy that in the middle of September 2 like the first day of Oktoberfest would you learn German calendar apparently Alexander the Great spread the culture all over the globe is he conquered the globe that the Greeks were the ones who had a 7 Day calendar and that most of the world have a 10 day calendar 10 day week calendar is what I mean to send a week and that we do not have a 7-Day week because of Alexander the Great talking about weekend what events of the weekend. how many days you want to work at +36-137-320-1973 14 days of work you're getting six weekend days so now every 15 days we do six weekend days so is 5 times 3 yes but you lose a day of work in there but every 14 days to gets 6 to 6 weekends I think you misunderstood the deciding factor this table right here because we're going 13 Burbank gold mines traveling to Boston to fall into a coma but your whole life video game anger management what is your educational background educational did you graduate high school you didn't like the serious look on his face I'm not one of them I really so you and then it's okay we talked about your previous employment at all like you're an actual skilled labor well you are your party one of those jerseys right now isn't it in New Jersey and not be part of the Union the same guys that work for me so you're a monster that's what I heard you talking around the edges you work at what you did electricians are you a licensed like your no I'm not so you trains and on the job training and it with no motivation whatsoever to get a license so would you call that an apprenticeship is supposed to Michael Zone and questions about like saying you're like a light in the ceiling to hang I mean in electrocuted the worst time was probably intentional it just as it was when I turned 18 so it is like a retard though so just bring it back and forth and stuff but when they started working full-time and then he's like I'll just go home then come back because that's what I didn't look like a bunch and then set alarm started liking you teach me the ropes do and how to do stuff but when I started like actually you know working on lights and this and that and all the insulation on wires and blue green red blue and black and white is every color transformer voltage Transformer hundred twenty volt that was not fun but you like now you know what is a heart defect no failure would you get hit with a lot of volts look like when you have static electricity if you can between you and the car $200,020 top 10 countries with listeners from I don't remember seeing Mexico on there but I'll double-check is number 1 navigate to is just like it say that no the union Jersey comes out with our quarterly statistics and we found out that we had 2.4 million unique listeners in the second quarter of this year which ended in June which still going on for the next nine or ten we can add to our already impressive total of 2.41 units sponsor yet we don't know 9 I got to cut out of here in a little bit cuz we're getting ready to record the commentary for season 9 DVD Mexico is not in the top 10 countries is the u.s. and Canada number 2 USA Mexico and Canada you should tell you K okay for next week oh okay then what's up the next Australia look at me next is how many gets a little off the beaten path to go with either like the Netherlands or Finland like one of both good guesses but no what is it Ireland ticket alternative internet Country Companies moved out there I guess I don't know whatever tell the people I live with a what the fuck are you talking Germany or when I'm going well sweetie I'm going to count to and then the next one I'm going to say it because Michael Michael and then Island Norway Germany New Zealand going to be internationally everyone of you another one that might be close to yours I mean I was just reading about it so I hope executive producer in the process of helping executive produce a documentary by 2 player Productions which is the production company did the first season of the penny arcade reality show and they were doing a documentary now about Mojang which is the studio that makes Minecraft love people no not the name not just the guy who created Minecraft the Mojang so they're doing a documentary about it and as part of that deal I had a chance to go over to Stockholm Sweden and visit with Mojang and the whole reason I got involved with it so I like Minecraft but my son is like the world's biggest Minecraft Hebrew not nauseous right and it's like I'm going to the place you know we're working on stuff or whatever and sometimes we'll be here for like what about an hour I'll be honest with you your conscious the fact that you guys are busy doing stuff this is a business we should get out of their hair and everytime I try to leave that's what I don't know let's go to lunch I'd like to be walking down the street with my kid to go to lunch in probably 4 hours or 5 hours before he got married he was busy with a lot of stuff in a really cool guy Mojang mean anything but part of the 1.8 update for Minecraft new Mobs called Enderman which really is not Enderman attack black and have glowing eyes is they don't do anything they just completely ignore you until you put your cursor on them and you look at them then they turn and look at you but they don't do anything they stare at you while you're staring at them and in the moment you look away they come running after you and I still don't look at them watching not try to run away from the truth of Enderman and water he got into computers because he was a kid who didn't have many interests but back in the day when Bill Gates was a kid he had access to a computer and nobody else did and he would just buy him time on the computer Twilight and he just got an interest in computers because he was always a smart guy and this was something level the playing field for me in other words he was a kid but you could do something adult to do and I had the same rules the adult did and that's how he fostered his interest in computers and technology and we're looking about that it was just like you know you just want to give your kids as much opportunity as you can to put him in a place where they get the faster the things they like so it was a lot of fun so that's why your computer put it together yeah well I also bought another child with me on the trip over in Europe so I thought they're part of the EU but they're not on the the Swedish krona is what that with that you can see it so we had we had not turned off completely so we had to calculate every time we purchase something we had to calculate how much it costs I had to calculate how much Gus to get the paper anyway the way we stepped off the plane in Stockholm which by the way it looks like an Ikea the airport everything is yellow yellow and party decorations the first and sandwich 6969 for the entire economy beer is a sandwich and a half of 35 the night at the hotel everything was calculation of exchange rate is now so there's like a hundred eighty Corona pay for everything or nothing or he would reach you and when I can get down with an economy that's around $10.33 everything everything around for lunch 08011 price just a basic currency I'm going to London again next month the London MCM Expo London Expo October on the 28th to 30th we are also going to be at New York Comic Con the week before that writes why I bring it up I will be in your comic on yeah 2 weeks before that October 14th Michael are you going to New York on is the exchange rate work in New York she backed out of the trip you going out with me and he's like the only information great Child complaining constantly about everything for punishment because we put him on the schedule for convention who are we going to get to replace Joel for not going on the ship I used to be more like that because I would like to have Productions Michael is doing well Joel Joel more coming up in the fourth quarter he is going to go and his commitment to Australia and he's going to have a great trip but he's going to be miserable so I will be appearing with Joel Heyman the voice of caboose at Melbourne Armageddon and that is October birth prefer that's not a date October 17th October 19th I think it's right there I don't want to participate in that to myself if you live in Australia or New Zealand which Michael are two totally different countries and you should know that obviously the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd is Melbourne and then leave the 28th to the 30th is Auckland is not to insult the people who live there it's actually pronounced melbin 4 RT on which is the RT Australia Fan event that is being thrown at the exact same time and if you want to find out about you going to be in the and if you haven't and still be likeable on the podcast right now and that is run by some very dedicated people who have a lot of cool stuff going on for that so if you live in Melbourne or if you leave your number or actually is right now connectable yes that is correct I don't actually don't know if there's any way to get from Perth to is really I think the rest have her I think you have to go to like Asia to get to the rest of Australia from Peru continent is the country the east side of Australia is Sydney in and wrapping on the bottom where Melbourne Melvin is and it's all the coastal Joel like this movie part the rounded part of the bus the bus the middle part of the western tip is and that's pretty much it's crazy Michael it together make it easier once you know they have like with Diane and I like this is the one city trying to get the movement going nobody caught on and everyone loved it no one would tell you because they said I was too tall and skinny. They're like we're doing that so we can update you as soon as possible like soda people get beer bellies not normally from the beer itself from all the snacking you do as you drink all the beer you can drink if your drinking again is fucking Brandon has no calories and nutritional value crunch is going on right now for season 9 of Red vs Blue on a 2.4 million listeners but we thought we'd just come off of crunch from and so I thought okay we're going to need to shower in here and we have a washer and dryer here at the office so that people can do laundry at the office if they happened because I don't want people to I don't have an atmosphere where would you like to hang out here because we have that was alright office building occupied 2 years and so there are things we just covered in rain storm hit leaving out actually rains in Austin sometimes and this window right here in particular Michael this window leak and it was trying to a window the water heater down this wall and all over the floor and she had to fix the drywall after we got the window repaired but we were kind of just really hard and there's water leaking into Brandon jumps up and I'll go get some towels we just moved in here with all these bands on it on the floor he comes back with a brand new red towels to like put on the floor on the carpet floor on the carpet but Brandon like the color red in the red blood all over the fucking Place Brandon tell if you get to pick one color that you wanted for the Cowboys do not believe you would definitely not take red out of the worst possible choice and we just don't know static over all over everything else Joel and Brandon can I get my commentary you want to go out with somebody else the last time we met you last time last time I was I was just wanting the podcast then we had a guest appearance by Geoff at the end of it so I'm not we're not going for an hour and a half podcast down to a 40-minute on cast now oh well I wanted to talk to my site so I can someone send a little drunk tank model drunk tank Jaco 46984 on the website to put a picture of it gold wonder when people find rtoz a second iTunes or randomly who are the people who don't know about the drunk tank find it who are looking for drunk podcast yeah I had a few people who are only and download it and then the more I look at it countries in the Netherlands where where's the where's Pirate Bay that's sweet isn't it yeah yeah I read that the pirate party I don't understand how the politics works but hey look we're talking Germany now that the pirate party got enough votes to get representation in the Germany federal government Germany and they have a black one representative like they got like .8% or something give me a picture 2 3 beer in the headlights in the front in like a turtle actually retracting around 2 volts to Brandon and this window right here was leaking who call to get it fixed you called the other day you alter a note to buy towels for us to mop up the water the problem 2 telepods why were here for drunk is all the big stack of red towels I thought of you finally I thought how far you come I didn't put on there around is always going to be dirty Gus it was a problem I have it right now the truth I tell you I have a shitload of discussion with him one time when we were in college it a red coat shirt and she knows the code chart a course thread cotton is cotton in your Joel you in a bit getting here so we're talking about how you tried to back give me something give me something whatever karmically the last week last week we talked about you and Jack going to Vegas and you were for sure going to cancel your trip to go to Vegas but you somehow manage to go and you went to Vegas do you want to replace that yesterday was just saying you guys don't realize you're in the Bank of America and I got a money order and they're like how much would you like the money order for her and I handed them $12,000 Baldwin and they were like would you like to open an account and I was like well I can't over the couch because you guys are insolvent and going out of business and then they look at me funny and 30000 tank work going under in the Buffett bottle is bad for about 2 days and he's doing more Buffett he works very hard filtered and unfiltered I don't want to 2.4 million people who listen to podcast Joel a pop filter for my YouTube site of a massive distraction and deflection you ever tell mr. Las Vegas and it somehow you got in the fucking Bank of America insolvency how the hell did you make $12,000 in Vegas you can do it was contact me contact me Friday night because it's Friday night you're out of money completely if you need some like money I wish I was like yeah for more money together right that we were all the best around fun investment let me paint this picture for you since Friday night at about 10 p.m. is there another 2 hours right you know by 8 p.m. their time they are there already but didn't complete them money and he blames some guy named Jerome I guess all I got was a cryptic text you I thought you're only the dealer could you bring the dealer when he had the dice rolling and he did not do a very good job what a scumbag the Blackjack Blackjack is Joel game it was bad big Buddha positive news there for hours and hours and hours and come positive if you just sit there and it's awful but Joel Osteen something very specific there but didn't win money Australia trip Friday night at 10 p.m. I get a call or just text saying we might need money so I have to get hold of money and figure out a way on Saturday wire money to them in Vegas with the loan 2 remaining and going doing what how accountant Manchester Tennessee bad influence I've ever been in my life where can I buy stock in your position as an alternate wire money to Vegas parent a kid let you get away with running the game on now or whatever but that but that in the future we should have a cell phone new widgets to take the cell phone away from me when would you be able to have a cell phone fuckin jackasses who talk at five times their normal speaking about his mother on a cell phone or they don't understand the first in front of you takes precedence over the person on the phone right now so that's another thing that's close down the service I agree with that I agree with that but don't we all I guess we don't understand Victor Estrada the project to account for the don't touch the people and animals back to people everybody talking in the elevator on your phone on we need to make it to drunk people in it shut up and stand there and just wait for your door open and you get the fuck out remember that you behave yourself you're young you don't give up can you get old you give a fuck about her you know what I got on I gotta follow right they're building bridges when you just don't show up for work one day don't you never know successful trip to Vegas unsuccessful trip to Vancouver trip to Vegas was fun hanging out mr. mr. Armageddon Financial Armageddon you came back with $12,000 of money you come up with these winnings from Vegas in cash US Dollars which we know you hate your job why would you then get a money order cuz you're sitting at your bank so you have one of these like in a bank what your bank is USAA okay I really haven't done anything with the money I hope they haven't I hope you have not bought Countrywide Financial or anything like that why would you not take your cash and just by literally go by gold there places in Austin Gold by gold ATM not to the point where I feel like I need gold or not Dorinda give you like a Visa card that plays off of that gold so every time you bend it they usually have a personal gold standard I don't have it never stop over here to get done you remind me of something I went to Target last night to buy some blank household items no just wondering if you wanna know you want to get to know you every time you go to Target you can check out every time I don't want to sign up for credit card beer store credit at Target but they have the best credit card processing system ever so fast you can't and you're done it's probably because I don't really know everything sing like 401K investment mortgages I mean unless you want to like not have money but you want to have if you want to I'm like that was Cars made no sense but I want to call me I'm getting a return on that but if you like you're not going to turn on it turn on it adult human being my house alright? Joel can I borrow $12,000 Street driving around fucking truck dude it's like every time if I could point turn to do anything like at a stoplight I have to stop and go back up I mean that thing is that truck is impossible. Looking for something that you did the reason 20 feet off the ground at Giant if I bought a truck a year ago and I turn my truck over to the company's 2 beer Productions you're so funny thank you for letting you use the truck while you're taking their conversion what is one and you'll tell me you're faster my truck what's the VIN number of your truck Booker's they were like out of the office now take the sticker in the windshield because we need to stick her back when they can't waste the $0.10 on the sticker but it was like they would let me stick the sticker on the windshield there's a place and placing it was it fell out in the course the one time I live in a small apartment complex or something and the apartment changed and we had to find parking and get the list from the old owners 2 Justified I mean I never popatop and I feel like I hate I need to park in my spot on my tongue Ruby Falls The Parking Spot no option to choose me stats on the face look like to someone I expect that wasn't right in the face did you enjoy it like I enjoy if I remain of my tire do for a living I would buy a big tow truck and have a tow truck so it's great to get your car back whatever reason I can think of it this way and I have the worst hours to get your car out I mean I could take your car and everything do you have a $12,000 money order Israeli currency $1,000 back in the account from Vegas and I know personally as you know I was the Burnie I know I know Burnie was he was so happy nice having a drink at the bar at the Bellagio video poker station and I was standing there waiting for my drink and the dude next to me you don't and flash his wife there's a rule about that table if you sit down at the table for the first time you will clean up that the first time was at the poker table just do it normally well especially if the girls that were found in his wife static is playing at their house she got a royal flush a royal flush getting out of the first time you really navigate to and I'll just like complaining about Cardinal try make you sleep with them first time player 2 we had a guy who worked at a local video store that somebody came and played with us and we're playing poker right the game last from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. can I still were playing poker that's good it's about 10:30 and the guy had had like six good hands because well I'm up some cash out and go verses life will be Zone Fresno drunk man text me nevermind did you know White House Black Market boat launch to me 2 point and run can be the same thing to the Moon RT 1 Cinema we needed something up there nice the sun was getting him with Glory looking after Joel okay I'm about to go because I also have to do my commentary for season 9 of river is blue but can you just give you guys a few more minutes. Well good luck with your commentary first you call him and he meets you whatever and you can look at apartments and you think he's just wasting your time like he has this piece of shit car that stinks like and you like getting high from if you don't know what's going on he's like asking personal questions and then after an hour driving around the city like always talking to you interview about his partner he comes to pick me up because I remember you got your phone yet that was your daughter's your truck and I remember we looked at this place without looking and then RT move your I referred this guy offered money to that guy and he said so either you get really sick of it or even credible he's really hours for you if you ever gets it the cast is different standard homeless person sign that they give out this guy was like making zone sign mean I think I just don't like how you went out last weekend Michael and Chris went out and they actually live pretty close to each other take a cab back right and Kristoff Kristoff and have him take Michael home Michael probably about 5 minutes away and what would happen exactly as I was extremely intoxicated and it was like 2:30 in the morning and I don't know we were on the street to turn off to get to Jack's house and there's construction is coming up and the guy doesn't find it goes back and forth up and down the street like go there about $5 a bottle right turn into $30 to $32 and like how long have you been living there over in like look at his phone and it's like you didn't GPS he just have like maps on his phone so he couldn't find it and then after that didn't work he fucking takes out like a physical map which I didn't know existed anymore he takes it out and I was telling somebody about that you like it like a man like a paper and I go from fucking trees that's what he pulled out to find the fucking place and it was $32 when we got back because I'm going to go for the sheltered life but I'm just going with him first because I wouldn't be surprised first a pretty pretty professionally with him he's like mechanical pencil the long you know let and put it back in and get my refill it and how to sharpen it but that's the future thanks I hope your lunch well I'm going to watch him William Scott found myself a good tasting liquor Scotland if you're listening I apologize they just don't know what I want to do and I'm hungry and I'm going to be in London and Burnie and Joel will be at Armageddon Expo Melbourne and awkwardly walked over there with them okay I'm not such a weird like long trip but normally I leave it to the people making the trip because it's such an inconvenience like there's no way I can make it easy on you so is it really okay I thought that was my way of finding out that my check has been cancelled no no no you should probably buy those tickets