#133 - RT Podcast

Rooster Teeth dishes behind the scenes dirt

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Recorded: 2011-09-28 21:42:53

Runtime: 01:04:15 (3855.42 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Michael Jones, Marshall Rimmer




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Transcript (in progress):

recorded live from 636 studios in beautiful Austin Texas welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast for those of you keeping track at home the date is Wednesday September 28th 2011 this week as far as number 1 3 3 joining the podcast today is Brandon the idiot farmahini Marshall maybe Matt rimmer Michael Rage Quit Jones Gus Mixmaster sorola like the new intro I feel somewhat official after that throw my hat in the ring listening to everyone else but I kind of could have had a long wait to get on a very similar but it was a little different remember the dude Woodlake life comes at you fast or whatever you know I'm on top of the world and cut his hair 11 people who have to know everything in the lost it all so I want to see in the Castro this week we are officially renaming the podcast from the Rooster Teeth podcast Brandon that's the official story that out of the way a new t-shirt the following sugar Bernie raised off at 8:30 last night to go to the last place FedEx shipments go before the airport picture of RT at the office the party consisted everyone is going to sleep with anyone the last time I went to that Techni center location was a few years ago we were still in the apartment and beauty and we ordered some networking for storage devices x-ray FedEx tried to deliver it to us but we didn't receive it and we really need it for some reason I was like Napa Springville in your house dude I'm looking for a fox hold on to the 18 wheeler how much was it so I can have you meet her in the parking garage Michael Jackson Western India in The View Apartments crazy when we first started making videos I think it was out of mind yeah that was our first project water and I heard yesterday toilet flush and Irene clearly we do have what kind of health things a little bit sometimes we can just use the bathroom locked at all times or something like that we gotta catch up with Michael and then someone noticed pretty quickly that that was where we told every other shot ever should I carry generic video where root of Marshall shirts double shot there and looking back it's hard to tell in the dark stuff to come with me every outdoor Atari kid Brandon Cruz buying a truck and how do I love a guy who buys from the outside it is about the unknown factor you know when you're out shooting in a public place and its people walking around I was really concerned that the actress fell down screaming my purse my purse that someone was going to get beat up like some of those people I don't think it exists in Austin I was like I don't know man I would not be armed with a pair of pliers Define abandoned but we couldn't make it and I was like yeah is a company and I don't know why when Jesse was introduced to me like you know like characters beautiful thing like a little bit I don't know if it'll work as well if you had an actual knife but he's just like working on them I don't know what are you working with pliers car DVD players in the car I don't think so no I don't know you know the first few Cuts above that short I kept thinking I was getting pulled over stations a lot of uncomfortable shooting and I think it was just absolutely awesome and all of that so I think after that we were just using it as a resource to remember to turn off the air conditioner Wiki is it about both of them one for the actual evf and once for the LCD for those electronic never never I almost broke the red and I didn't tell anyone at the time I was carrying it and I'm very careful when I carry things like I can carry Giants teeth bands with you know the the king as attached to him and he was like yeah yeah and everything and I don't trust when it comes to carry stuff but one day I was in the red with the tripod and it was Tyler's a second day here at the office and something happened where one of the legs was extended longer than the other two or something like that so I didn't have a grasp on like where the tripod base actually was and it hit the ground at one point and the camera started shipping it was one of those things at first I was like okay I got this I was like oh I don't have it right there and basically got the 100 million dollar camera and I kind of tried to play it off like oh thanks man you know I would have got it anyway but then after that happen immediately turned around all the time I guess I was almost fired for much much more than I had imagined it would be there talking to me like you know what you can believe me I don't think I'd be living on an island somewhere I think it would happen I gave you a dirty look after sex water balloon fight someone threw a water balloon fight with a camera like a water balloon hit the HDX don't do that with Tronics or expensive just something electronic and he spill soda on it you're supposed to you're supposed to look it up you can't leave a can of Coke in a car in the middle of summer did not know this it exploded mechanical get a key made in Italy murdered a can of Coke press the button on my video throw it in for sure but I think if you have the ionized water you can pour that on electronics to clean it don't do this without looking it up look it up that might be true ah you remember I took my car to get cleaned and I parked in the front of the building and you know you're supposed to leave your windows open cuz everything still wet so I left my windows open and sunroof open and that was the first time in four months that it rain and I like ran downstairs and ran out into the RT download what the fuck is going on by the front door and I could see you just like it hadn't rained in forever and everyone was like in out of the rain you know because Texas and like I just remember everyone like stopping everything that they were doing and I turned on the Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan and it was pouring and then like two seconds later we look over and Brandon just like out of the bowl but I would like one wait for it wait for it runs but it wasn't how to get up by the way the road can you call what is really slippery when it does start raining today banana peanut butter the dip a banana in peanut butter and then pull it out without a break and I thought you can like like the end of it maybe you could have peanut butter banana bread peanut butter I'm saying you're fat you're a little salty but the overall story is in fact true soda with banana what if you get you get like to shot because if you have the first I invited and then what the banana you get the other one it's a dip in the hot sun eggs hands all over pretty well my hands are pretty clear you wash your hand that should be a problem I don't know about you okay Google set alarm whenever you can have whatever you know when the double dip and rip Seinfeld episode about the double dipping usually make hot wings or something and there's only like 12 times double dip entire whatever I'm eating in the car ah therein lies the problem ah I have some now just had some pizza we had yesterday a little different direction have an announcement to make on the cats this morning so tonight is my very last night of homelessness and I've been homeless for about 3 months now I've been sleeping of various places including Achievement Hunter truth and the sound booth we appreciate you letting us stay in the whole thing so I think I'm going to have to write a letter to my roommate and letting them know that you're moving out how many days before you go so I can do my own laundry like doing laundry is not difficult I don't understand the concept of not knowing how I did my laundry done I just kind of put in my suitcase and put it there and you don't have a closet drawers or anything and so cats all this bundle of clothes right next to the washer and dryer and then she did my my clean laundry for me but she knows we washed your clean laundry several times several times probably right now alright well I'll get you guys into this later and yell at me I happen to have a doorbell button on the underwear revealing the bottom of my desk upstairs and anytime someone goes up there and it's a little too chatty just happens to be someone at the door first it was carry someone else and not me he was jealous but I totally forgot about it like a week or two ago I hear the doorbell ring and Kara go to the door and there's nobody when you're close to having a family member out of this is like watching a video that was supposed to say like one thing it was about the commercial that made out with it with the laundry thing was it was like last week or something miles an hour sitting in the kitchen and I think he just goes out my refills refrigerators with all the snacks and sodas and what not and I said miles like it just got refilled or either just got refilled with MC in real life for another drink since you like doesn't care he goes to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and she's great and like how did you guys survive without her like how did you survive without her getting all the soda and chips and Marshall walked by writers are talking about this and what are you guys talking about di survive without care out you know and I just ran to the refrigerator which is like right in here the washer and dryer a marshall like I did my own laundry ah man I love cats so bad yesterday when she said she was under video that's on the DVD or haven't seen it or anything ah yeah he made one that was that was a bit worse than that everything in there was in the original draft but there was a lot more in it so this is all stuff that's going on the RvB mind DVD correct we've always wanted to ah when we moved into this office with this idea we still haven't implemented it but we'd like to find a way to Red were recording the podcast to broadcast it to the rest of the office where people can tune in during during the recording that we quit talking shit about them they have a chance to run down independent thinking that like a microphone willing to compromise Red Lobster we can come up with a way to broadcast on the phone if you want to listen and you just like pick up one of the lines and join in you just invited 20,000 people to email you know that you internally externally or not we actually had someone call in to one of the first podcast like podcast of the Congress must never happen again there's no phone in the room kitchen ideas from Michigan a long time ago 133 of podcasts in a long time wish you would come on maybe Lonely Island I don't know anyone who does this how many albums do you like song I was watching that bigger and Blacker clip from Billy Madison today where the kids like I can't wait till I go to high school in Easter shaking the fat kid's face the people who were nominated 2011 First comedy album codependent by Margaret Cho I told you I was freaky by Flight of the Conchords Kathy Griffin does the Bible Belt Kathy Griffin weapons of self-destruction by Robin Williams and Stark raving Black by Lewis Black Grammy nominated Oscar everyone rooster DVD works out okay if you work slowly ah sound effect by the way that was Marshall was very well done and keep trying to find a way to incorporate sound a little funny when you're the one doing them going to hit the button I had my cruise of four mother and website he made it sound board for when we do what you want under TV Soda Stream we do bi-weekly on the website and he made it and only gave it to like me and write and we just fucking the shit out of it so much fucking fun we had one of those anytime try to talk we just cut him off with the cyborg that comedy that is right there everyone would love it warrants for their exploration Michael you guys can do that there's a leak in this is like working in the office come down here and you disrupt us for trying to work Marshall sleeping on the couch Michael upstairs to try and learn you know it how do I do this now single they're proving the DVD right now and they have the volume cranked I can to the maximum level which is great because yesterday I was here as I intend to be here on the weekdays and Brandon give me the DVD to watch for RvB and I was like 45 minutes of it and Jack was leaving so it's like you want me to stay here and watch it ah blah blah blah and Brandon so we're going to watch the whole thing is just a couple minutes they're going to start it sounds like I'll stay and watch the whole thing up stairs like 10-20 minutes go by go up there and carry like when I'm talking about 7:30 in the DVD was it you told me a few minutes and a half this is not the beginning it was like 8 o'clock no reason at all I don't know what you're doing we were all watching the show I don't know how many what like this out in the open what is the last part of the process, thinking I can either watch everything and you push every button on the remote and it 3 days left here every day 3 months a little bit how much how much behind-the-scenes stuff we have a meeting sometime this year there's a lot of the normal stuff and then Marshall and I didn't ah 3 or 4 different video packages interviewed with that I can meet the Freelancers interview double 3 Lancers and then meet the original cast original cast interviews and then like a couple behind-the-scenes package so I'm probably a half hour or DVD with a movie or whatever didn't actually watch those discs in the packaging that red pacu out and put them in when we got back into Congress technology technology 20 years old yeah it was it was around then I got my first DVD player in 1997 or 98 bucking expensive standard appears on my roommate at the time because we couldn't afford to DVD player now you can get them like 40 bucks or 30 bucks DVD programming language how do you combine different how many people try to find them notes for that for the DVD before and that is great that she is if you put it into a DVD player in a computer you can do all the different titles of chapters and you can find out what this is Easter eggs for all your favorite video games the word contractually obligated a reason how long do you how long you been with two men are now Hangout getting old stuff off of the floor like I'm not even here rap on the 4th Monday who said you can't eat a three-day-old sub sandwich that's been sitting room temperature Michael get over it you know maybe and then you get together for my life Texas Taco Bell out overnight it's fine the overnight is fine I'll give you a pizza have you tried it and tried it yet but I don't I don't know I never tried it I don't like the looks of it you don't trust this cold pizza of a pizza company wanted to start a family but they should do they should start showing up with pizza acting like they're delivering it and then just pay them like yesterday got a job by just showing up to work Garnet Valley today out with the old company it was it was it was it was a call center and we did like tech support for like dial-up internet service providers orientation during the day and I'm kind of just going through a lot. And one day some guys should have came here for the training and the manager on duty I guess I didn't pay attention to the world around you she was hired even though he wasn't it was that showed up here we have locked doors can I help you I'm here to work I'm here to see Brandon out here like when I saw you at the I don't know how this is similar but it made me think of it when I saw you at Target I was just turn around and leave always does that locate came back fine if I have to be nominees your homeless friend I don't know what you said but we're going to start uploading the animated Adventure respond to our YouTube channel that the other one up today hopefully right around the same time is out again 2434 matville a creative decision by to your dad about this strange phenomenon has been staring at 3 in 69 when he retired life thing taller than they are wide TV now you don't like when I create a document in Photoshop American Eagle evil they are actually wider than the old taller but I think that's what she was so she ate with his fingers for 60 people for 3 minutes and 3 units and getting a little nauseous myself but it's too good to pass up catch up the other day they're going to cover these assholes power in the office afterwards and right after that I took a shower like 15 minutes shower and come out I'm upstairs talking to my out anything like what he's like spill all catch up on the inside of my ears in the upper part but he has a paper towel and he's like clean take a shower in the morning at Jack I take a shower I'm clean my ears with that I'll just catch up on the fucking out here chocolate understand now you can get it all week and I thought my hair was awesome 42 was that was back in March I think it came out and that was the first time I was here this is awesome of visiting so the first day I met most of the people that work here at like Gus and burning all that was Jeff is having a barbecue at his house so that brings me there and the short was like new from that week or something I hadn't seen it yet so I'll check it out on the laptop and I'm watching baby Gus on a laptop with Gus dehni right next to me meeting him for the first time I was just looking at the flood short we had visitors to the office and they came out into the studio while I was covered in mayo with no shirt the first time bar go with your thing you want is Blondie she thought it'd be funny to draw like he painted it it is funny on a dry erase board and then this woman came to visit with her son and she was such a good sport about it the original generic photos of penises di pinggir personality he told me that when she was here she's like well what was like I'm going to cover you and Dick and he said to them ah but it was and it was just like this weird face and I'm like what the fuck is that it was like it was like the smiling face and they had like a speech bubble that that's something I learned later that was a random old of dicks but like somebody like Came in Like Somebody professional was in the office so they erase like all of them they like the ball and penis part and just woke up doing that 1 years ago someone had drawn it sometimes that people draw on our table and had drawn penis and balls on our table and the double I was like right in front of us and it was coming with her young son to the booth he's like very quickly got the marker and changed it into a pair of sunglasses to wear like the balls with the length of the password water inside it ah here's an army paid off penis and balls part but in Jeff quickly like fixing something like 2 seconds and it being like incredibly lazy but amazing at the same time do you think they just had to pay 3:52 and went to Vegas with Joel so he liked everything and did it and on the website for the carousel it said 51 fucked it up and put 51 so somebody from upstairs and I came down and was like oh just so you know you don't feel good but it is 51 and a Carousel and he's like he didn't feel like taking it down and changing the font and like putting a picture up so he's like I'm going to fix this right now is like this is what I do around here or whatever applecroft out the 51 and white picture with the mouth done on my jacket out of my Ivory Tower and I talked to the people who said that they did that on purpose definition put it down and put like the proper one of which I think Jess was better it's going to be amazing 801 of the new Uncharted come out November I think November 11th or around it there's a lot of games coming out this holiday season everyone was already kind of behind on getting caught up but they're just hoping one of us 3 Battlefield 3 Modern Warfare 3 Uncharted 3 lesson 3 Arkham City Arkham City the new Oblivion or not a Believer Scrolls Michael Jackson Ratchet & Clank 1800 you smile a lot wrong with that I don't know red Creed Saints Row and Halo all come out on the same day so sure there's actually games coming out 3 week a couple months ago for nothing came out it was nothing came out Eagles music I want to play Gears of War Michael pretty good the war campaign a just War 3 campaign the other day I got to move on to the New Vegas DLC The Lonesome Road that's next on my list National quickly is there anywhere to plug it up songs in iTunes ah we discover right now I love these Starbucks doubleshot espresso and cream Brandon apparently it was like a bond and if you want something that we do Season 9 DVD actually on the visuals next package try to count the amount of times that you a dr. pepper product into the most of those really really bad about it cream soda cream soda Cara just got back from Walmart a couple months ago and I know she had tons of stuff comes a drink and then she goes and you just like you just got diet dr. pepper get regular 3 about about care are refilling the fridge whatever and you were like you like I always used to do that but that is not to do anymore and he's like around the office but I want you bad military a great job two thumbs up would do business again of the interns were playing around with makeup a makeup a little bit of makeup on one of the effects packages he didn't a job and they were doing like I'm like all these really fucking gross cars that looks like a burn but you know it it's not quite right yes but like I said in the back corner if you just standing in the door and it looks like you're something like a great day well that's the thing about look at her ah etiquette it's weird to like look around and see all the different I want to come to other props and things that we have in this office and it's a really weird place to work to do that costume and very probably going to get jelly beans for the evil box from yesterday stop what do you want anything or somebody called me I was like staring out of money nothing is the fetus walking down the stairs as they call Brandon call them or something like that and look at that for like 30 seconds he was just staring at it Slam by the market and hear what people think we do when they come to the first time we did a delivery guy Chinese food delivery guy come in and do that yes I just now got away Red Robin on yourself doesn't matter doesn't matter if they catch up things Things We Said taking out of context with sounds pretty disgusting you are pretty disgusting computer keyboard with number pad on it and someone will trade you my keyboard on my keyboard it was like so much crime and shit like on the teeth in between the teeth red dirty and it was still there and I was like to look at it was yeah I'm like you really like sucking bananas and peanut butter and the kids upstairs I never used to have for you started I think we have to offer while the practical jokes with people with catnip and hide it like under your keyboard for in your coat or like on something around your desk and it would go fucking crazy turn everything over to him if I don't always want to be around me then for whatever reason he's always in it and death and he also peed in our equipment back to memories of the only one time when I was growing up and they are on everything I owned it was just one time I went to school and then I was walking into the building on my shirts I don't think I'd like to talk to me after that did you get like like it an actual physical response and people that you know did you get that are no people just like they manage to like grab a shirts from gym class you know like dusting nasty like temperature and it was better but it's better than when I was in high school I worked at a lawyer's office and the receptionist at the lawyer's office was one of those crazy cat ladies who had like 40 cats in her house and she constantly smell like cat piss and you could see the stains on all of the clothes she would wear like crystallized like Kevin orange crystals like like a physical it was County human and I need to call her ah but lots of people do that anymore until somebody here started doing it will be a matter of time till my girlfriend like open the balcony door and it was just there looking outside I just try to encourage it Kenneth Branagh cats can survive terminal velocity Falls do we talked about this but I don't know him at all but there's a point in time with a certain like five stories I don't know how tall they have to be but there's a certain height where the fall and not get confused and disoriented in those ah but if there if they're super high like from like an airplane or whatever they'll be able to call Deacon survive the fall from the second-story cats but between the 2nd and the 5th or 7th story not high enough that they can like they like their arms out and I don't want to do it really really welli'm the talking cat murder accidental will the first-ever Rooster Teeth podcast store number 133 depending on how you're keeping track and I will talk to you later bye bye