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Recorded: 2011-10-12 12:35:53

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Michael Jones, Joel Heyman, Matt Hullum, Jack Pattillo, Adam Baird




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Transcript (in progress):

hey everyone it's a podcast headlight fluid container podcast RoosterTeeth podcast greatest hits in the theme song What instrument is B what is that right now we are not the people to be talking about this how many points as I can okay he said South Pole is in Canada that direction right she said in Canada to live with that rationale for why that's where the magnetic South Pole is if you look at a magnet let's say a bar magnet for instance it has a North End and it has a south in Compass essentially the needle is one of those smaller version of one of those made it right and Michael which end of the magnets are attracted to each other they remember your seventh-grade science of what the track is correct attract Compass when you look at it it always points North the North End of the magnet would be attracted to the South magnetic pole would that mean it's up in Canada so that's where the compass points 250 free contextualized directions on the globe because of the the the letters on a magnet today that's dumb that's really the magnet in the absolute center of the universe Killington young minds which I refer to the internet and delete them of our previous podcast in the internet is on our side internet says Brenda strong the geographic North Pole and the Magnetic North Pole and they're off from one another they're not the same thing the magnetic pole drift as the Earth magnetic field changes work it's just that direction related B candy attract attention here I read a story I don't know if this is true I should have looked it up before I get my ass down to Andrew if you're wondering people that said that a long time ago and slightly differently and that these people in Europe or in Asia at the top of the Matt okay and that that's why people refer to Asia as a Orient because that's how they would Orient their Maps it would grab them and move it so that it was at the top Joel America would be downright like an interest from Europe's perspective yes from your home that would be interesting so the magnetic pole in Canada right right so look it up if you look in the link down for you listen to the podcast and click on the podcast right now and I'll have a definitive answer to find a version of a some apps that have survived for a very long period of Time find a version of a map that has the writing written portrait mode as opposed to landscape mode you would pick up and you just pick it up to read the letters on it that's the way you hold a Matt interesting 400-500 years ago I blame the fact that we're not in the future now on the middle age if we hadn't had and it's like a fear of the unknown and let people recessed right if that hadn't happened we'd be in the future that we would have lost a hundred years would be 100 years further along Gus we could have been a hundred years further along along some other packs like we might have to focus on technology we might have focused on like biology or something like that these are some of the more Technology College 520 minutes after our podcast ended last time right in typical thanks for one last one thank you very much you want to say impact in your life I think he was very impressed whether or not you agree with the philosophy book about Computing I think he was impacted every aspect of T knowledge as far as I'm concerned it seems like all we do is worship reality stars and sports stars and miscreants who is the guy that the whole world adored for me an innovator and inventor and for pushing technology for its credit the onion but they had a great headline about it on the phone Tinder like the last man in America who knows what the fuck he was doing his died that was really series people of speculate about this kind of thing right when someone dies people say Mark Zuckerberg comic which I disagree with I disagree as well maybe Larry Page from Google search Sergey Sergey something and then go on they might be scared at the moment Google Google where is I think that mobile devices and mobile searching is changing and recontextualizing search may be faster than Google is able to keep up and I forget who it was it might have been Larry Page one of the guys from Google was testifying in Washington the other day about a week or two ago people searching on the computer researching on mobile it's two different things you're looking for when you're sitting at a computer you have time and patience and you want to see as much information as possible so Google works in that sense but I'm mobile your typical you just want the answer you're not recreationally serving you something you want to know Google is still the best for that but things like Siri and other search engines that can find the answer you're looking for more quickly and correctly more accurately have the chance to get on Google in the moon on the mobile market which is very quickly becoming the dominant market devices and then I mean that's a lot of people use most of the internet did you buy did you buy an iPhone 4S I preorder the orders you're showing up I don't know I didn't get my lunch I think mine said one to two weeks are you getting one this week Monday Jack pattillo when to order one good so he stayed up till 2 in the morning or later it was later I was up as well I didn't do that Michael almost three really yeah I've been there a lot of upset people lots of refreshing typing away on the iPhone 4 is probably an iPhone 3GS but I got it Jack story Friday until there's nothing you can do you can't for whatever reason you can't change your shipping address and still nothing signature required nothing you can do wait till tomorrow I'm going to the store I'll get it delivered to the store now I'll just pick it up by the way well I don't know about that first like I ordered my iPhone online of first thinking OK I just have it shipped to the office no big deal went to work the next day in his life complete your order it and I can email it so I can see if you order it won't let me change the shipping address at the time it was like an email address she did anyways poems I tried to order through their initials like you can't change your shipping address was like well I'm going to go out of town on Friday when he comes out so that's no good so I was talking with Gus and he's like oh you just go to the AT&T store and just order it and ship it to the store you can pick it up or whatever like okay that's great no problem at all and done already so I cancel my order then I went and I was so upset when it comes out whatever problems and everything like that you're making it how to stop right there launch hardware and have bought the iPhone 1 a waiting line for the just original iPhone with some friends and then you know three months later they dropped the price to enter but it was fun for the first and then they will drop the price like 2 or 3 months later to 400 but then everyone who bought the initial one got $100 gift card to Apple I gotta say I'm a little sad that Apple can give you all the gift card that's the price of buying stuff early and if you choose to have it first let me ask you this do you consider you just bought an iPhone 4S do you consider that to be a first-generation product you just like I do internal has changed so much to do and I I know better than that it should not take them in order as you say you're buying lunch Hardware the bus today anyway I want conditions spontaneously explode I mean really how many times you've been burned by launch Hardware Thunderbolt external you've got it and was a problem with it there was no problem with York Thunderbolt some people report that I didn't have that problem laptop which was like a fourth-generation piece of Hardware had a problem where you like the illumination behind a screen like your band's up brightness not working correctly across my screen and Eric want any way to get my iPhone that comes out on Friday what was made first world problems I did offer to give Jack my phone I'll give him my phone when it comes in he's going from a 3Gs to iPhone 4S that's a bigger than I'm making going from 04 to 2005 that right there that is bad person-to-person call connect me the number for Con day new who worked with him for a long time and he grew up in Bee Cave Texas Jack and I actually just ran to the company that you and I worked at before real call center call Center for tech support we ran into a sales team from the company at the airport in Dallas Jack Bauer playing in Austin I have enough time to just basically get my stuff together walk out to the car give them my receipt go get them back at the end of the airport that was an hour extra time this guy used to work for that he was from Cave Texas and no one can understand of Austin Austin Hancock Center was the mall and it came from that was in the jack old school Texas analog of your first generation austinites not even texting with us tonight that we been around for a long time between 1850 and 1830 my great-great-grandfather on my dad's mom died I moved to the Austin area before Texas was a state but I will Texas Tech get the war over Mexico celebrating the loss of your fucking land and Heritage which One Bank of the river the other Bank of the river once opened I like your family a lot largest Ranch in Texas that reduce down to like the 20-acre parcel from the Texas and Texas Tech the great-grandfather Texas why did you move down here from the Northeast that was like Massachusetts area with taking it down from there I don't know what the reason was exactly what it was like three brothers together and in the end they're married like three sisters in Texas and I don't know the exact but I didn't like so you been in the Army for a long time actually we have a family Cemetery out and I was like I don't like him because my my relatives my distant relatives owned most of what is now Westlake was a really really rich part of Austin are now it is what the problem was back then it was all him and you couldn't Farm on hill so they sold it all but we literally have a family cemetery and I have a Texas Ranger relatives and not the baseball player but in actual Texas and kind and everyone what your first day of school is on the captain's his would give his phone number in the future and believe that with his actual phone number for Kimberly phone numbers changed quickly to where people forgot or didn't believe it could be a phone number what happens if you forget you live in I know it's crazy I think about that sometimes push up earpiece to answer it right the one more brick like it's a little bigger what kind of Curves on the back all I know I always my Razr to my in my first iPhone actually don't have a razor to your first I thought I was a jump for me it's pretty. Anthony works in the Telecom industry and old telephone all over the place he had eyes like 2005 he had a break because you seem like Michael Douglas a joke my name is a cowboy he go out to rodeos the middle nowhere nothing works everywhere and he would call up and he was saying what did you have for $0.10 a minute that you have a thing as Antiquated as I don't touch my plan good plan exchanges playing with the phone that's what network how that goes have a good feeling when is first but I think hers is it whenever you come into the LG York Racquet & Shout podcast image of what you just did never had never work but then he has people doing the podcast is Real by the windows and doors shut the door for me so happy right now I don't think I've ever seen you this happy in years I've known him and the Rangers are kicking ass right now so Joel and I was so excited to go to a hundred bucks traveling Australia yet I don't like traveling traveling we want to move over here in the hotel room at one point after the night of ending snoring a lot going to take a shower and take a shower and I hear before I know and then Burnie like taking a poop true New Height problem I was going to be perfectly fine travel expenditures it's okay for the mix-up with the truth about the reason why I crashed your room that night at 3 and I got invited at the last minute to go look at something that we were going to use for a project we were looking at trying to book a hotel in LA or whatever it was the last minute you know everybody in dollars b class ticket to go to La hotels within range old floor knowing that I was going to fall asleep so I can fall asleep in about four and a half seconds if I want to fall asleep haven't had any one time until I can fall asleep anywhere anytime with in like 4 or 5 minutes to go to sleep right now it's awesome it's awesome and I lost it for a while and it freaked out a little bit and I got it back so I can sleep yeah but I've been like some fucking 9 and 6 year old I know that you like wide awake because the kids are happy to be alive Jack is before get out of here one time I drove to work out I was like I don't think I washed my hair this morning like I had just like I was just asleep Tower directions Pippin how you can get up in the morning and not brush your teeth and not take a shower I asked you over and I was like so we can have some organization the trip because you know I like we're going to leave there soon as I can we book hotel room right on the nose I think you're right on target that's a great idea but still if we can avoid any future that our situation it wasn't one area that I Joel 2004 crash into Tilton two minutes and it's doing who's of bed early enough college board and it scarred me for life but now it's like a little bit I don't know anymore I don't know what's with all the way I really don't know the last time a couple weeks and I didn't notice it I mean I was was extremely intoxicated every night but kick my ass but somehow I just like somehow I just lost a lot more I guess when we thought we had we had Fitness contest here's the day I've been asking because we didn't have it we have a just happy as can be right because Joel nothing as happy about it as good as Joel has his stomach and he would take care of her for a long time and you had here's why we don't have the fitness contest Brandon in the middle of summer was sick and then we went to rehab it again 95 days later or whatever he was sick again with the same cost so that we really got concerned about Brandon that we postpone something and it had to postpone again because of horse we had a crush on Joel floor and he had to race me back to the room to fall asleep before me remember in St George in the bathroom Eric Owens quote on quote Facebook to bring you a number one or number to come on call vans in the shop now B Riley Treasure Coast does the truth serum in the bathroom in another man's in their urine I did never sharing is caring ugh later when you came in Australia okay okay okay you got it you got it but the reason why all this stuff came out it was because Joel came in and had this horrible insurance but he was asking about it because Michael the other day decided to eat a boot Jolokia when you have her set up make sure Burnie is around Adam lochia is the hottest pepper on Earth let me see some titties Matt took that pepper is a pepper and yellow pepper definition of Pippin no I didn't just say I'm going to eat it Burnie came in with it and he said forget it if I put something in your hands right now will you eat it without asking any yes I can't I can't believe you're still on this Earth for me tonight in the ghost chili the ghost pepper will turn you into a ghost I don't know much medium or hot sauce and I really don't know now having gone through with you would you eat again it depends situation I'm hungry actually I wouldn't say you gave it a good try to in apple I like taking things away for you and feeling moments of your life I'm not taking this away from you all weekend yes no I was sick like that morning that's why I like I started getting a cold or the Pippin give you 7 to have Adam here today show me the scariest thing about this ever again on the back of the box for the temporary says do not give to children do not touch children Jack Maya my brother-in-law now this is more my family is so my brother-in-law is a cook and he was cooking for my sister at some point making her dinner and she stopped it away in the kitchen and after a couple minutes my sister here and she thinks oh my God my boyfriend fiance at the time just cut off his fingers or something was shopping and she runs in there and he hightailed it out of the kitchen and runs to the bathroom and he's like taking off his pants and grabs the shower head is like spraying himself you know he had been chopping hot peppers got in the oil in the hot sun and then scratched himself earned it you know where I was but then I thought that was for junk first time here Adam Adam takes care of the website I love her taking that job from me Burnie Google Burnie Adam actually grows Jolokia Adam stop growing Google Burnie to grow them and apparently it's a process to get these evil things to grow actually pretty difficult they are the most temperamental thing that I've ever gone on a on a semi-regular basis the blue Jolokia least to make them really hot they require a lot of heat Ironically in in the setup that you're that you're growing them in so they give me the temperature going to be 30 minute but dealing with them on any level on your hands and that you just don't know can washing your hands actually I used to have that kind of good stuff and eventually you know my lizard's died and I didn't know my particular that I actually have you know of this plan and under the soil I actually have a heat rock for lizards in Terraria into the wall or something down there at the time I was just like I'm going to use this very difficult actually actually start 10 degrees and you gotta watch it like every day if you water too much they die if you are not enough they die it it it's just it's a setup that I think it's almost a science experiment things to grow God God does not want you to know God is trying to kill these things and for some reason attract is like the fires of hell go into Power Texas been proven that the hotter you have the soil the hotter the peppers are really when when they're fully grown yet feel like when you have a broken wire Matt you'll get like crappy Peppers that aren't as hot and then you can get some people who like they were really really good and have a really good set up and they're like the hottest things in the world to do you told us about another paper as well that I can't remember the name but it was Trinidad Scorpion pepper and you'll have to look it up scorpion the record for the hottest pepper in the world 50% hotter than the moon Jolokia its 1.5 million Scoville scale for reference I think mace or pepper spray is 700000 school pretty sure standard peppers like if you were to go to the store and buy like your own pepper spray kit cuz you're afraid of it like that would be in the in the ballpark of 700 but like US military grade pepper spray is like that but you can bet they've been recorded to be all the way up till like 8000 I think even like genetically engineered or made a pact with the devil to make the scorpion pepper kill Ur tongue stabber whatever the name of that show me illegal to use the ghost chili in most countries I'm not sure as to which countries anything like that but I know a lot of people have actually like there's been stories on the internet like having like you know douchebag people there and they'll be like oh I want some hot sauce and now go get like you know some Ultra death or or you know this is my first let me know the top tier of the hot sauces and be like oh yeah eating this and there's been several people press charges of people who went to jail for assault because of nearby we went to Dixie's BBQ of us to go we try to get June for dinner put them of the man all over the all over the barbecue he's like no I don't do that because I don't want you giving this to someone the restaurant is closed that's what I thought to someone you know what status the restaurant it's okay what's up presence in Seattle let us know what's going on with that Adam and I was like are like you know my favorite place to go when we went up there and it was like we were always gets excited to eat you out there to try to make process to get your food talking about of 1.2 repeat you stand there with your food LG flat-screen TV Dora what we have now we have New York Comic Con this weekend week Thursday through Sunday will be at 1720 when you'll be there I'll be there so will Michael be Eric will be there Chris Chris Chris Chris from this short because I'm pretty sure it's right in the Google Plus versus Facebook that his breakout role Target Attract it anytime we need a stand-in for Joel Chris Christie looks enough like Joel that we can always use it was the bartender in noted to death yeah who look like tree turns around you and it's Chris and Barbara K12 the first time RoosterTeeth is exhibiting at New York Comic Con and I'm told it's going to be kind of big looking for Jacob Javits Center which I realized the other day if we're they had macworld 99 where they unveiled Halo 4 the first no way really that's cool who's at the Javits Center how many times last week that I remember watching it sad moments in life steal something yeah it's crazy to think that that's how Halo was reviewed and they help people talk to the first time I remember back then like watching the trailer over and over I'm so excited about that game back in 99 and 2014 macworld what I'm talking about opengl and how you can develop games for the Matt and sold as part of that they brought the show Halo and the name of that game that was like 10 or something like that something like that and I was wondering if it was part of the whole starting gaming on a Mac platform for the apple b know prior to Mac platform and now the iPhone or iPad is pretty much it's one of the dominant gaming platforms is really weird it was almost like that for a long time listen to before they finally started embracing games and having commercials of the games and pushing it as a feature just looked at the number of gaming app in the app store instead there's something going on here you really have to do anything to people have a lot of free time sitting on the toilet something creepy about that for me still when extra something from Jeff and I'm like I would get up and I want to talk to you about Mike text sounds coming from the toilet yesterday I saw that video you made years ago Columbia Middle School the first time ever because of that videos before we start RoosterTeeth that we made that video or whatever and it dries with Jeff and I could do high school kids like all we just saw your video you don't bring it on CDs we passed around our computer Club that was when we made the video that you saw it you burn it on a CD and you hate to see somebody was the last time anybody and it was fun to watch something like it was in college that events Middle School you know the internet took off like people hate each other VHS tapes of funny stuff to do like the Reverend tootin Tilton remember that I remember that was like everybody was hanging around each other like stopping everything else past that I've had on DVD email one of my neighbors on the one I never B tips of Pippin. I was like record anything like that they have like the sun Day movies on the WB or whatever we were into the sun day old movies with Simpsons and it was like 430 tootin $57 Way Beyond that biggest renewed season 25 and at it yet and at the end of season 25 will B episode 559 citronella candles recycled pressure can you put in watching this episode with the clip show and they had like your trailer was hosting at the time will the Sun ever get your VCR and record everybody was like that's crazy because all the actors were it was a last-minute Deal New Year's I'm 23 2 review in December of 89 wow that's crazy I remember I grew up in a really small town all the time and was so small that we didn't have Fox we didn't get back till like season 4 of The Simpsons does it mean that counteract The Omen years know that he was three years 69 and 89 when they got their own show hopefully should be ready by then alright well let's set it up cuz in Melbourne and Auckland and then go see me in London MCM day this month with special guests are going to be there possibly you might be there I have an international trip for some reason it doesn't work right I forgot about that other day