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Rooster Teeth talks about New York

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Recorded: 2011-10-19 22:00:06

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Brandon Farmahini, Michael Jones, David the Engineer


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hello everyone this is 40 birthday I am Gus sorola you throw a tomahawk Chris Wright at a horse in the head between the thighs that the handle sticking out the tomahawk it looks like a unicorn horse sucking dick hey everyone it's the Rooster Teeth podcast theme song this week was made by mistersir from the website actually Chris Chris Chris Captain America because he says he's going to pole the amount of email and conversation this is actually generated I feel like people and York Comic Con and we will and you're coming at me talking about it and I've been getting constant emails and tweets about it then in am the episode and it's like split 50-50 down the middle and we will say Brandon is right he will say Brandon is wrong so this conversation that's going on for the longest amount of time I can ever in my life had someone someone contact me claiming that he was an expert but she couldn't Museum correctly yes it was but I was surprised we did a great job with your first event ever yeah Chris you're not expecting a surprise you know how busy it was it was everywhere we went to the expecting anything I thought this and I feel like I saw more dicks than normal it really lots of dudes wearing like super tight tights with no underwear and I saw Board of Realtors Friday or Saturday I was in the dogs in the restroom and some big fat dude Batman shirt and was dragged across the floor in the restroom I my favorite for the I never seen this before but I have a couple of guys came by our booth I think they were dressed up as the Yip Yips from Sesame Street has those costumes were really got into that before I saw a couple dressed as Han Solo and an ewok I didn't know they were a couple of them actually bought a couple of things that you can wrap around your head your hair completely so that the three of us and Barbara who is the blonde on the website for community members and people came up to the booth confusing her with every other woman that we work with Michael but she wasn't she was on the floor and I scream to the booth asking if she can because that's not me that was really funny one one guy came into the booth and he's like using some dude so much short fat dude he's probably in his fifties and he was like what the fuck was going to come up to the booth I think if you're going to have a pretty girl with the boots you wearing that much clothes or something like that right skin anatomy and right about these guys are Booth babes like still trying to joke around I like fucking retarded story about ice cream right I forget exactly what it was like start talking about the ice cream I was like before and after that I went what the fuck fuck off and he's like alright then just walks off and as soon as you turn around barbecues and both middle fingers good lord it's always amazing the people ran into those events and some other guy was what he thought Barbie was Kathleen but he did say Kathleen is so fucked up the name and then and he started to say is like he's like you know your ex what the fuck you talking about you talk to all the time and I was just like well then he left and then his friend came back over I was like I gotta apologize for my friend I know that you know awesome credit check on top of meeting everyone I'll be so interesting Fascinating People I also got to sit in and be part of the Halo Waypoint panel horse I think technically it was Halo anniversary discussion panel I have to wear sign around my neck like information about the panel and at what time it was trying to give me a hug I think it was a free hug sign some guy was talking to you he's looking right at you you have the sign on it was a pretty big so you going to be on the hit me like I look down at it okay where's that at I just picked up the new features for Halo anniversary edition I get the Kinect features that they're going to have for anniversary they showed a new map which was High Noon which is a remake of Hang Em High I think I forgot a couple of times it was also his only I don't know and they did not answer that people would always say that 100 the little fucking ten paces and shoot no but we get a chance so I went up to a certain Affinity I play that map with Jack a couple weeks ago and I think she knows you're putting up a few hundred making some walk through for those Maps license I have provided is coming out pretty soon before the game comes out which is like in 3 weeks to check your check your ticket or just not here he's in the middle of doing some horse stuff which I want to give away yet started last week and was released you better fucking women tired ornament heard about the herd with no mountain he doesn't cost that much at all and like 2 weeks ago he started saying he wish it was during the it was during the one of the five am and commentary with Jack and he said like shit or something like that and he's like cussing I cuss too much and it hurts more and more as I don't know anyone on this like 5 times a week every time you said it was a couple times and then I gotta stop working for me and then like the whole fucking bullshit fucking bullshit fucking piece of shit and like right after it and you're like not cursing campaign is really kind of like taking a dive anyway I've decided I'm only going to Chris and Achievement Hunter videos from now on you're the weirdo I didn't see a soul so Gus was last night the last night at New York went to dinner to dinner I went back to the hotel and then I went out to a sports bar had two beers and went back and went to sleep you missed out and Chris what happened Sunday night was a debacle we're done before you're done with the Chris I got the Chris Brady Bunch then we went out a couple of times you know I'm here, come have dinner I love the way you order drinks at the bar at the table I have a I'm thinking about her Martha White Russian you know we got breakfast that one day didn't we the last and got like whatever you guys like a text me or whatever and came with an orange juice I'll have the cash for the fridge usually get like a apple orange or Cranberry we just walked up to the counter and we all placed their orders and I get to Chris and he's like ready to order this everything's good because you can't have that's only that was funny. In the last night but we went out and we drank I was exhausted I don't know how we were upstairs in the bar and we were there till 12 right and these people are sitting at the bar I think like a conversation just or at the place we're all kind of involved in what you think of that he was just trying to be really impressive and then I don't know trying to talk down everyone he's like oh yeah I'm working and I'm working in that working for apple or used to work for Apple she was like trying to press for this job and then the more we talk the more the girls start getting annoyed and start talking and she's like I don't know hiding something I have an exam married at first I was like looks like mess with a girl and like trying to cock block myself and like we were kind of fucking with them were involved in the same conversation group conversation but like that the whole time until he started getting awkward and uncomfortable like to point I felt uncomfortable because I was coughing so bad trying to do it I can't wait for another drink but I got really bad to the point where I was like okay I feel bad for this guy I'm going to try and bring it back together so how long you been together and she's like well we're not together some of us can't stop sleeping with other girls translate Bring It Back Together expected at this point what are the what's your favorite thing to do together and the guys like sex really good sex together like we're just great in bed together and then the girls well some of us are good in bed looks like all Chris incident at this point I feel like we're setting the table and Barbers to my left and there's an open seat is right you just walked over and I can sit down at do the things that she was saying he's like but this time out he was like he was so depressed he sat down at our table looking at them what do you want 210 Ridgeview stray that's so I'm not sure how that ended today would you leave Chris was mildly intoxicated at this point the most money he spent the entire time which is buying them drinks just killed himself I get so drunk at this point they're like oh my god let's go back and Chris is like I will go back right after I get done puking in the bathroom she's like in the bathroom like throwing up on the floor and he's on the floor so you can get close to the pole so I was like let me the street literally walk so she's a guy so we walked back to the hotel go to room she goes to bed I'll check I'm going to go back and get Chris I come back I go back to the bar I walk in and it's like now turn around turn around like what the fuck and I just like shelves me out and I'm meeting somebody in here is like because I guess it was close to closing and they were not letting anybody else so I'm like standing there and they're standing right next to the bar and he's like that's like some drugs I finally made it Captain you gotta tell me though he's like he's like now pole vaulter am waiting for Chris the waiting room the stumble out because my phone died on Saturday and I don't have his number outside my phone so much I don't know what the fuck it is he's like somewhere New York I just like talking to pass the time and then he starts telling me about his adult DVD store across the street that we passed like every day of the convention and he's like, hook you up I'll hook you up you go across the street to tell them Kevin sent you we got a lot girls 1823 we got black white Puerto Rican anything you want to tell him Kevin said he will give you feel like that's a generous offer Captain but I'm waiting to meet someone out of the bar and it's like right on the corner where you can turn right and then cross the street and then you're at the hotel and Chris just goes and disappears around the corner I can come on I really got to go to so I was like I promise you the next time I come back to New York I'm going to go to and telling Kevin sent me and I promise I'll do that I could let me go a business card for the hotel business card and writes in marker his name and his phone number on it and give it to me on my God it was a pleasure meeting you so I leave turn the corner Chris wasn't there and I was like so I walked back to the hotel Michael fucking room better be in the room actually Stay Together up to the room open the door it's not in there so I understand you're looking for Chris so I turn back around go down the elevator walk out the door and Chris come stumbling from the opposite direction of the bar am I where the fuck were you around the block okay and I'm like no I'm good I'm good I'm just trying to find my hotel I don't know I don't know where I'm going I need to not look drunk so I don't get mugged I'm so and then I saw someone running towards me and I'm like are they chasing I don't know walking in the end that was something I in really drunk I got more drunk New York stories from this trip back from previous trips and I got more stories to tell about the day we left and how you guys barely got on the fucking plane we just had Brandon and David stepped into the room and you know we've been doing the podcast for a long time now and I'm getting emotional right now the most emails in the most we've ever had on the podcast and that is not the South Pole in Canada location of North versus South Pacific Leah I was a different I thought you meant Canada Captain text to problematic I could text you brought it up to someone magnetic within the respect of the standard when talking about the magnetism of pole so the link I put in the Lincoln 41st talk that's it magnetic South Pole on Wikipedia I said the magnetic South Pole Antarctica that's what's wrong blawndee I actually I can go grab them I like him documentation engineer Alex and Rocket scientists accept that he literally launches rocket I think we talked about when your project I want to look up the link and I'll put it again this week project open and I don't know why magnetic South Pole is geographically more but that doesn't make sense that's just semantics though magnetic South negative charge and negative and it some point that I don't like arbitrary therefore I am wrong if you can't then I thought right I'm wrong you can say is arbitrary we can't make a classification but you can't stay if a man takes an arbitrary but then say it is the North Pole but you are wrong about magnetic leave whatever is right I'm going to but I will not I refuse to accept it so I'm going on I look I look South magnetic pole am I am looking at whether or not it's magnetic South Pole or South magnetic pole South magnetic pole B the magnetic pull of the South magnetic South Pole all about the word Arrangement OK and Canadian pole whatever you want to call it is in the country it is actually moving to Russia I told Haley am coming now the movie about that the coordinates into bomb to the core in that movie like restarted you should put a picture of something if anyone wants to call Kevin in New York is 1 of 3/4 redneck to the South anyway magnetic South Pole and everything that's what I learned I hate to think of you as not being as much of it as I thought problem the people who are supporting you all invariably like I had a lot of emails and tweets of people were like oh you know that show and it started dialing extension and somehow he found one of ours then she's got to Joel and he started complaining and she was like no no no I got it okay okay Brandon just called I gotta go back to work have a good day and talk to me and he was kind of like I'm calling from the Oklahoma Museum geography words I just want to tell you that you're right and if you could bring me up in the podcast and let them know that you're wrong Norwood going to the city of music I say go for it to me cuz he thought it was the older woman calls from okay so now that we've somehow I know that we settled the discussion we realized it magnetic South Pole and South magnetic pole or two different things I want to tell a story this is I went to New York was like 6 or 7 years ago now I think I know everyone that was there and I was like out of the bar and the bar look up with this drunk guy burning his drug and not a tablet stop no cash no stopping him when Captain slows down and looks at the guy and we're going to get to South Street and she puts her arms out her arm out pulled over and she was taking the queen okay pole in the back putting we will put this guy in a limo and who knows hopefully the the limo rapist New York time we were in New York this past time the first night we were there we did we couldn't do much the first day that our entire shipment didn't show up and we were waiting on some things so we went out we went drinking and I got fucking arm wrestling Gus why don't we went out to dinner I think the first one was you and Bartonella with me the first week we were I don't know where the restaurant drunk at the restaurant I can talk to and stumbled upstairs it started arm wrestling we started drinking Trump loses first Michael then Michael restaurants near arm wrestling Barbara honestly I thought she might be having Chris and I like it was close you just like Crush but it sounds like I'm just tired that's all talking baby boy and here we get to the pub I walked across the street and literally the next when you woke up in a limo look up the building I woke up every morning like fuck I got my license and I have my credit card but that's all I cared about the work that's what to drink to forget it whatever and then I would like an hour but when you went when you went and the name of the panel which I think was Saturday the convention close at 7 we were told 8 o'clock people out of the normal conventions are really good about it but there they would not kick people out of the people the people that were talking to 7:15 Chris Brown in the booth Chesapeake Bay Michael Bay job and they were at the booth first in like he just bought some stuff and he's like my son is a huge fan he's such a big fan panda Reserve I was trying to scream and not like her to fuck fuck fuck like right now and then he's like I get the menu with in I don't fuk in French or Italian women something on the menu called life, steak frites but it wasn't, I can see how the fuck you pronounce it and I was like Safelite and the guys of course are in Barbara just put her fucking head down on the table when she was laughing hysterically and your wife are you entertained all the time oh my God it was awkward I thought they was going to fight Michael ordered a New York strip and the waiter gave him a really hard sell in a courthouse courthouse like 3 bucks more than $3 New York strip and and and Michael can you tell me why Michael York strip why not why is it on the news are you a hundred percent sure like a millionaire courthouse in front right Walker Funeral the porterhouse and you still won't give it to you Brandon you and Bernie and Joe looking up to Australia today yeah yeah I think I really like the day before you leaving tomorrow never comes in before he comes upstairs knock on the door now cause I can come down tomorrow you should come into work stay awake until eight hours before landing good luck should be early spring there I got half and half for coffee I was shopping last night to keep me warm when to and everything and videos and stuff and like me to work as an office kangaroo kangaroo America I already have Google emails from Gus like people related emails that it's crazy whenever you like 2 weeks I'm broke and I didn't even hear about this child sitting on the floor in the toilet paper I don't and I was like I could look up and see who did this but this is so much smaller now that we're not doing it like that animation is awesome I just I was afraid I was afraid it would be and how close they beat on me I want to know I'm good with someone before that I have not pulled yet no one can do anything black girl I was surprised what feels right baby I wanna make you feel good I had a lot of fun going on bugging in the booth Motor Company I think it was fucking perfect kill seven people just remove that 3-way jumping high-five you use Aveeno night I still I still have dreams about your I try to expand it I don't think you can and then she can I don't know I don't know I've never been to with his new contact information and probably sex for money orders are there as long as lubricant and McDonalds and I dated him and he slapped one of them and then he walked away to the side in the back and they jumped over the counter was following him and you're like oh man that guy's going to be ok and he comes out of the back the big metal rod and started feeding them and they fall to the ground and all you see is just like him going up and down like eating them and beating them and it's just like well I mean they kind of deserve it Burger King have it your way 230 in prison for 10 years there's time he was working America little I have it all to push my alarm Target demographics because some of their commercials something entirely in Spanish basketball people in their commercials are never the people you see out of McDonalds Mcdonalds commercial 1911 actor dressed up like Michael McDonald full makeup and costume go on the new show as McDonalds and he was talking about how she's exercising and watching the news watch supersize me what are you accomplishing your hair with lemon I really don't I guess what I'm going to try to find a link that has the archives video ever seen someone as you did when we were there the protest March from Wall Street to Times Square hotels I had some pretty long was the long walk if it is not it is pretty funny it was a Friday morning and and I had the room that night LOL and I sometime we start talking about something getting ready to walk to the convention I feel like instead of in a lot of different cities if they try to get everybody to come to 1:30 like you can make more of an impact in numbers what you can and just like every little city reporting in the local news all this is happening as opposed to people being like holy shit there's lots of people here that's hard I like what you're doing actually I like the distributed approach for people how many people really go to New York I mean if you can just go and do it measuring impact I mean like 5 days or so neutered I think it's I think Mike I think that's pretty impressive to me as coordinating and having protests across that makes it feel like when your more concentrated in higher numbers than a single plate it feels more like a threat and I feel like that's when the state response is when they're like this is legitimately a threat we need to address it as opposed to when it's more casual protesting or just like a few people it's more easy to ignore and stay at these people move on in their life in a month more people whatever happening in a bunch of different cities I also don't want to be perceived as a threat because they don't want that to be used as an excuse for their protests to be broken up we were going to try to spend them in New York to clean the park so they clean the park and it's like well this is a really big thing like this is a really huge problem and yet more people if you measure the impact that often people were driving by and honking horn it did it was just an events like a like a holy shit that's going on top coming Thrones stuff that's like a pro that changes the Gathering I turned off the cellular data 76 Democratic Convention Street and get the restaurant to the convention center somewhere that a homeless person would know to look then they can find it it was your call Marshall and ask him where you live what was the price of Health few homeless people have gotten very many we have to Center in the hotel anymore if you're not there I'll talk to someone dogs it was a dogs commute from the suburbs to the city to get food everyday then you go from the city back to the suburbs to work where he lived in the evening if possible GameStop and get off the same stuff skeptical absolutely impossible Story the guy told the I am the machine that I put the character Van Wilder is based on taking a Russian class and it's pretty fun and I'll be at MCM Expo not this weekend but next weekend in London so if you live in those places to buy