#138 - RT Podcast

Rooster Teeth talks about London

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-138

Recorded: 2011-11-02 22:08:14

Runtime: 00:51:53 (3113.82 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Matt Hullum, Kara Eberle


Transcript (in progress):

will it the drunk tank Kara mister drunk day NFL Network it's not new but technically it's the Rooster Teeth podcast I don't hold it against them in time ago Rooster Teeth podcast guy has a band Dusty Baker appropriate that is a perfect is it leading a double life recording a podcast cliché don't you think I'm making up hey guys Kara and they're doing week of all time for me to say that because no one has been here and I've been doing his job the entire week and now I'm going to take a break Brandon is gone just been out Jacks I don't know what Jack says he's around sometimes you know it's gone and been gone You've Been Gone Forever all time we work for the airline and we're going to be there forever in whose MCM Expo in London really it's like a hour and a half cab ride from there it was like to air Warehouse industrial air converted to be like in Lynchburg Virginia but I mean it was great it was fun I got to meet a lot of people but I never showed up so I didn't have anything to do all day sitting in the booth could they not find him so we can NatWest Billy walk up and I tell him I'm sorry I stopped to clear customs custom you know like all the stuff that comes there everyday do they get like TVs and t-shirts and go get it. t-shirt yeah so we spent a long long hours and it's not doing anything it was good it was really hug the address is got any other pictures under hood how to modify to wait until actually got Matt I had to model Houlihan's like a one hand what do you mean he's behind you doing massage coming by your house right now that's a keeper and you know everybody has to come in together to run photos got it okay and then also just having the one hand it's okay the first time but over the course of the day and gets life in prison in the old phone the weight modifying we didn't have anymore Starburst convention did you notice things about the conditions in the state like a doll's in DVDs and shit like that people like stealing their own comics and stuff but a large video games like Batman Arkham City for the third Hitman game 12 inches in New Orleans for the first time Which Wich what is a man standing in Lancaster 4 foot long purple dildo exact way to get out of the fast man NBA behind the wall behind us and like the all the celebrities and quotes World Air charging 15 pounds for autograph 14 pounds for some crazy were there other the Teen Wolf TV show and he was very excited about that but I hang out with Ben and Gavin like to go from London so I didn't really know what was going on I'd like to get to the Citadel from where we were it was like a 40-minute ride on the tube on the TV but the tube didn't even go all the way out to where we were I think they had a special second railroad that went in just to this area what is it called when that other second railroad car Link light rail the subway the airport oh yeah it was weird like that I really have like a little London 2012 pop up shop in there it was like the weirdest normal convention and whatever your event it was like it was going on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model event crossover interaction a lot like when the people go to some of their costumes got to the last convention in Sydney there was anything going on or like there's a portion of the event can you not good enough and I hurt right before then that it was putting in a quarter I'm so funny I mention all the other white collar PowerPoint presentation prove it was really weird thing that passed I always do a double-take like everybody in costume Never Say Never all the corporate people and one of those giant hotel that's right next the convention center and it was a couple that was walking around looking Kara I need a way to vent Pentagon thing we could be happening at the same time the same place and they must have thought that an alien planet baseball group and they look like it shirt and throwing up there you go. that's an awesome name I wonder if the NFL turn to try to Market it overseas or pick him up with that term on the road good to hear that your mother would like a management change the information so did you watch did you watch any sports in Australian cricket or anything like that I just I tried watching Australian rugby it was different different people understand the rules for rugby drunk and shirt actually a restaurant down the street from where you're staying and we would get there kind of late for lunch time and I was watching a game on TV another scene to play one game like 4 days or 4 days just still continuing in the same game they had from before you know how I am or what's going on the day before or after having a giant parade and we didn't know he All Blacks All Blacks which is the Matt got really uncomfortable the whole thing the dreadlock Matt I don't know World nowhere near there it was dumb down by the race track close to it it wouldn't really convention I think it's 80% 4 I got $200 New Zealand $450 American $150 I turned that into like $380 um I took money and I made more money next day and I was like yeah I was doing okay I'll put it all Cut the Rope WinStar WinStar blacks video poker it didn't seem like that's something you should go to a casino to play slot machines air pressure I think there there's no physical card I think it's all talk when does it like this I don't care you can win now on air if you have a deck of cards and you going through them has to be like 97% right so much money Clark County down for the first time I got to day you get it like you get why people just sit there cuz like I don't get it your brain is weird pleasure to losing money I've never I've never been a big gambler I can't wait to get an update from him so I'm surprised Brandon yesterday but um we had a long layover and I believe there was a mechanical problem with the plane always I had a good amount of time on the way to Dallas how much are you literally like walking from the back and it looks like it's a Darth Vader father that he's erupting from before he talks to the Empire are there following you around 14 hours but it was like a lot we went to LA and it was only like a couple hour layover so it was literally about 26 hours of traveling how long does it take probably about an hour hour-and-a-half you know the last time I came back from from Australia I was on the Sydney to La flight in that I couldn't be there in somewhere somewhere and I finally got there and my kid had a little spending time with you :-) Landing Warsaw landing at the airport the position depending on the type of scene you ever remember them showing how to do the position on any the American Airline the official Qantas how many American Airline like you would freak people out like 2 years ago where it was like doing the video and it looks like not at all WinStar West Valley got contacted at some point by a pornstar asking us to do some got a promotion remember that that was I want to be like 2004/2005 hey just it was like I'm just putting out a feeler maybe that's what it was remember that was Nissan I don't know the last time I went to Zealand immigration on the internet the terrible misstep right off the bat because we were going to watch those that can't West some friends and I was like oh man now I'm really boring of course how do you print from the internet and he's like really ever met them before immigration at Heathrow this time was really long it took a long time and when we were in or waiting through it I noticed there was like two different lines right there's a line for people who are UK citizens and there's a line for everyone else so where's everyone else but UK line is kind of next to it between the two of us like this and it's like that the room and then after a while I could play for everybody and I could be there and others to immigration officers translating and this man is asking the questions and the man asking the questions in their face Frozen clipboard on iPhone closed-door area the translation of grab the clipboard in a minute after I left as well the transparent good but it seemed like the kind of airport body scanning machines around for everybody to in Austin immigration security before you go sometimes you know did I have to walk it why did I have to work at 25th Place couldn't you just take it you didn't get it look at it they want you there for accountability purposes as well laughing at me I got troubles you asked me why I was there and I know that you know conventional what kind of convention was a comic book convention that looks like an explanation of what we do for a living which is never to tell anybody who doesn't know that at the airport the last time I went through Zealand my lines not moving and I feel like attention is starting to turn towards other officers like what's going on what's taking so long over there so I got them and you at that event Billy West was going to be there you know who's behind me can a plot for the got something special on your form the most in the New Zealand airport weed we just arrived at the place where you're getting your bags again Safari in Canada Trust New Zealand baseball the dogs 3 door or anything else immigration thing if you can't bring a different plan you have dogs not legal to carry a large amount of money you have to carry more than that amount of money it's normally suspicious why do you have over $10,000 in cash to take the dog out in the world who is dressed like Grease I got the picture we just put it in the store. Evaluation followed by a cycle of unemployment people people rant about the financial system and I'm glad that we have the animated adventures now to get that out to a wider audience that came out last week Kara hilarious and that happens that's real life kids I want you to know I scream the tour and coming back with one of those gas station from day 3rd I think I came in I told you and you are busy getting the podcast for some things you like to do in front of the security longest part of Lake Road and then I felt bad I don't like it I'm sorry I don't want to be stop asking for you he wanted you to know got it covered New York in Times Square that my meeting at Lincoln NE the other daughter let my family ruin better world so next year which is good I'm glad you mentioned Comic-Con Hotel so far in advance normally November's Hotel so I need to go to that kind of crazy now I guess I'll have to take her to that ice cream ice cream in the booth you in the mood for really well and that you went to didn't even really good time thank you I think we we fucking power through it that you mention it no more we still turned a profit Brandon new the album frigerator ham and cheese looks like some kind of cream spread on it cream cheese or something but one thing about it it's really weird but fucking beats on their hamburgers Kiser Lake atripla different times and I was the first time we went to the New Zealand we sat down to eat breakfast at the hotel breakfast breakfast meat lovers Caribbean Place oddly enough across the street more hotel is the only restaurant I was amazing but it was actually kind of spicy and I was seasoned really well it was juicy with Caribbean scene interesting Mexican food Chinese food Orem the hamburger get some kind of typical Chinese food like an egg roll and it'll have deep inside we have dinner at one of the Border all I can change it directly the first day we were there I eat a kangaroo open I couldn't eat in America and I ate a kangaroo my only complaint is that I couldn't take out the the kangaroo that I ate like I wanted to be able to go till I can reserve and pay down one I want to eat that kangaroo that's what I wanted to box a kangaroo but Brandon is way more brutal than me a koala stay away from a koala and you know a lot of kangaroos so it's not like there's water in it to protect the Australian environment I just want to clarify in no way was that my motivation I just wanted to eat a kangaroo I say thank you