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Rooster Teeth talks about New Zealand

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Recorded: 2011-11-09 22:06:19

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Joel Heyman


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Cameron Scarlett Johansson's but late at night and this is how superheroes are born welcome to the podcast was an interesting selection yes it was totally natural that's exactly how that conversation happened when a record is broken constantly constantly makes absolute cheapest pop filters I could and I absolutely regret it ever was like material nylon or whatever it is big head but I'm angry that we have we have a bunch of them we have like no Sennheiser tonight excuse me leave the Sennheiser bunch of them and Myles got back from past and he's like video game headphones like they're like completely different things marketing marketing marketing marketing when I went you know how was England England England to pick up Modern Warfare 3 this morning he came out and so much more to work at 3 Brandon shit like I went over to the Best Buy by the office and there's like your Modern Warfare 3 headphones MP3 sunglasses for sale like up there Movie 3 the greatest film ever sold I'm not doing that yet same concept in video games but it's like the last 15 minutes are pretty awesome fast forward to that are we in the wrong we should be making headphones and we don't have the market cornered critical mass Battlefront II have a nighttime level 3 witches been out for a couple weeks Modern Warfare 3 what came out today Skyrim which comes out later this week in Uncharted 3 which came out last week and you play any of those yes all of them coming I play Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 Uncharted 3 you'll have to play a game of the three probably one of the best weekends ever play really working through Resistance 3 right now another three and not enjoying it but I feel like I gotta finish it I got it I got to get it done the video game in the process changed my life forever I kind of doubt if I don't and you get so close I just can't I can't I started playing as much and now it's like I can't I'm upset about it I can't start anything until I finish that I was intentionally trying to delay I was trying to limit my amount of Uncharted 3 play times I didn't want the game to end it like I don't want to play house I can't wait did the black man get repetitive at all like jumping from ledge to ledge or up the ladder down the ledge I forgot a little a little much like your favorite important stuff and I get confused as to which direction the analog stick down to play on the d-pad put you in a completely different direction but I feel like shot Corner Drug angle which is most terrifying exactly put more tension in the air no I was going to run into when they came out and played Veronica on the Dreamcast at 5 but I never played for weather 31302 I don't know. yeah I don't know the movie scarred me for how was England was awful getting to do movie Megan I want to do that is obviously bad in the trailer let you know there's a first-person view you know what you're going to sleep so I want to make up your mind because you know it's bad it's not bad yet because you don't campy video game out of it delivered it's like if you go to Piranha 3D could you want to really stupid 3D horror movie like Hellraiser for Hellraiser in space probably yeah there's a station it's awesome and we're in Modern Warfare 3 classes for Modern Warfare 3 space hidden characters in the movie no I did not care for doing that even even though it was free I feel free every week but in the local paper the chronicle through it and I'll tell you like three passes for this movie Just Go how to watch every movie I could still do it and my friends went to see Harold & Kumar 3D last week so if you can do that if you live in a big city where we got those companies every week because it kind of early when we got it we were speaking of theaters we have a screening for season 9 at the Drafthouse on Thursday on Thursday sold out what time 7:38 p.m. but the whole cast will be arriving at 7:30 p.m. will be a little love red carpet really not a blue carpet Joel meditate when we show season 9 but the pre-roll the Alamo always she was a pretty cool four-year-old based on you know what kind of movie to watch and we're doing the funeral and it's going to be pretty pretty good it's all going to be stuff that we haven't shown before every single time where it's like hey we should really get something bigger maybe I mean it's like what I say so that I don't know the people standing in line for tickets and I didn't get them something that no one's ever done before and after midnight they're always called me I don't know why I go to the movies there one time I was watching stigmata put in the middle of the door like elevation Tropic Thunder there's an asshole behind us we just talk in the hall movie that he got on his cell phone and just talking love with you but obviously doing it to be a distraction and I just got fed up and I told him to shut the fuck up and then he like reached over and started to like tell me how is going to hurt me to kill me and I couldn't say anything I was just like whatever whatever whatever he sat there for a while and then left and then after I was leaving the theater all these like like overweight dudes came up to me and was like man I totally had your back dude 2 terrifying what time they came over the White House know like an alien make sure it was ahead of the curve it's winter States ever went out with my wife we went Bewitched drunk before we went to the theater and then like some bottles of Coke with Jack Daniels Jack and cokes and drinking and it was so terrible that people were laughing at it interesting at the time to go fuck are these people laughing at people laughing Baptist surgery story the aliens in the movie theater and you know there's no way I can see it in the theater and not yelled at the screen when is walking into that giant face with all the pods and just like no like turn around why are you getting close to 8 sold winning Lake Ever Wanted crown that makes sense you know but or or even every movie that that has to be the most yelled at moment ever yeah there was the first one that was pretty bad where the thing open to whatever that was the giant vaccine in Aliens I think Frazier Deeter reaching their ever movie of birds and just passed out the very happy so we can talk about how you guys went to Australia New Zealand Australia V New Zealand New Zealand Auckland New Zealand and a Brandon and Bernie winter pony cabin together with him the whole time when the cabin with us it's like a very romantic we have a fire it's like I don't want I don't want to go to Fry's and relax and go to bed at 8 p.m. down there as we were in Cambridge St Cambridge yeah I'm pretty sure there's a big news in the morning people have not liked to walk there and ruined it you write exactly like animals animals like animals mom having basically as a reserve the whole country that don't like literally a dog jump on a backpack security guys came in there the man who didn't like all the all the stand up they have are just guys like security guys holding Apple thing like don't bring any fruit Mustangs on the terminal at LAX and within 5 minutes of being back on us soil I got yelled at for standing in a no standing area there's a way to get through security it's like on the other side. I was like you meanwhile back in America we can get like a shot so I can you came by and saw it and we should give a shout out to coolcaiti who ran an amazing event in Australia Melbourne that was great yeah it was really good giant giant liquor for multiple Crown Casino it's like they have a bowling alley bowling store I was going to hear from laser tag and I played second which I feel is good cuz it's like you do well knowing you know when your pregnant there's no honor in finishing first in the laser tag Diamond team actually that we couldn't actually had to face off against one another the name I don't know all the characters are finally call you names or sign their old video game characters that's another reason why you don't want to finish first you don't want to be that guy that came out of laser tag near I'm obviously played on me I don't want the people to come out you know like tearing and I don't know Halo little girls X take my time and place I'm going to get Dominic to come in first I had a friend bring up fucking prism and a laser tag game one time and ruin everything for everybody I don't know Laser Technology was at early stages be manipulated in truth I try to play it cool but I was really really trying to win first I wasn't sure I was drunk enough to not know what I learned a valuable lesson when you get to it eventually tell people that they cannot buy your drink cuz I kept getting drink after drink after drink and I don't want to be rude and I got a Jack and Coke and I hate I hate whiskey you're going to get there shot you can do that legal I don't think you believe me but I mean it's not that I don't like because it's like it's got that tastes like licorice that tastes really taste anything after that serving liquor store subconsciously attracted to the number one disgusting what happened black licorice fucked up that joke was funny black licorice pubic shampoo that's okay I was waiting I didn't even know I didn't even want to get into the story because I felt that bad about Brandon and Bernie do it because they were flying economy on the way up there and I basically wasn't funny the terminal like we took the 5-Hour flight from whatever Austin - like a liar would have a long or 3 hours 3 hours 5 hours what ever it didn't matter was 17 hours late and it would like Ellis Island it was like we were flying out on that deal with it 3:18 but we would like more people than the terminal space it would people packed together shoulder-to-shoulder screaming kid it was just like are you coming into la like get all water out of Joel so I literally took like 20 bathroom I had to go to bathroom like 20 times it anyways when Ellen was shoulder-to-shoulder we're just you come back here I just looked in the RT News silent and said they like with their boarding business class or just go ahead and like alright I guess insurance plan 97 white lit hallway would like panels that are backlit it's like he's like going to heaven you have five feet it's like anyone else's wife walking down hallway no one's there and all right there's like this wine I think the plan is to do the outside the plant and a guy stays in the middle hi there it was the chair orthopod it was came out of like the intersection DMV not like I can't I just can't describe how much air and it was like it was it was it was the most surreal thing I've ever seen in there like where would you like to marry me it was like it was the greatest thing ever I mean that's because I know what ever ran out of gas oh yeah there was the out of gas in today so we had to land in Sydney and sure enough that's why I got the tattoo didn't let us leave the plane when we got there we were sitting on the tarmac the whole time it was genuinely trying to find out with this guy and I look back and I'm on Vicodin doubt at this point and like the whole hallway is movie is like is going down I guess you were doing fine you let me know why we had an omelet that was that was me pop out anyway. sold drugs and not know what was happening but I thought I did the right thing I mean it was it was great but it was funny because it happened to me I had that would be awesome and then we did not get any A380 therefore while I know right it was like I didn't get the plane yet do the store but it was like I was like I think we will the intern there and just like grab a plane it was really bad yeah I mean it because they wanted to walk out like Gus weird people get affected by that actually landed and it was horrible they were shouting at us immediately and then we have like an 8-hour layover out like that when I can do that was good in your life and get up earlier but we have an earlier flight but you have to fly to Dallas and then from Dallas to Austin and get there an hour earlier like we should do that and so I lost my status then whatever we move back there and we got on the tarmac for an hour because the plane was broken it was missing our connecting flight in Dallas like we missed it but they did tell him it wasn't broken and it was on the other side we landed and then we get there it was like oh you missed the flight but it's like there's another Joel Rubin report like that I was running to catch my flight connection and closing date normally hooking up to 12 people came up and shot and was shouting at him his bike you know if Southwest Airlines trains people that if they just bitched and moaned I'll get whatever they want and the Southwest doesn't fly internationally right it's a regional airport and us and for some reason they're at I can tell you already anyone who knew the travel I think it's true I don't think you gain anything by yelling at you do not have good news they will they will purposely screw being nice goes a long way but sometimes it's going to be a mortgage I wish we could just say Joel got it from some emails super secret high-class 9711 whatever was in the American journal for problems I don't know what is a bunch of people on their cell phones making cancelling contract like a computer with a TV wow that's crazy that house England great the great when we didn't get merchandise which sucks but I think I already talked about that that really that really sucks especially if you were like a fan you want to come out and maybe get I mean I don't know Pizza Hut is difficult to get Merchant reading Chris the cost of stuff so you know without a good way to get people stuff and of course if I can Customs greatest and you had to like probably tell the story about it many times about how we weren't able to get much are you willing to reveal the game you were playing in the booth or is that still a lot of vodka they look like when you go to the doctor and they put the needle into the Container for the shot and scorpions and alcohol MLB New York Comic-Con dates sold beer in the convention center you can go to juice bar in Boston where I'm going to rest and drinking a beer on stage United States is fucked up is a roller coaster in Oakland Optical Brandon inflatable obstacle course that was actually made by the the military they're actually recruit people like invade inflatable country where they had a burning man it was it was fun like it was definitely like a really cool experience and it's really really huge and incredibly hungover and I didn't even know what was happening at the time but held on the first day we really wanted to go to one of these events to barbecue and I plan to put alarms and woke up it was 3 a.m. I mean yeah I mean the whole day that way I'll force myself to sleep on the plane and then I didn't sleep on the plane but I didn't wait for you. It was about 26 hours of travel there's no way that's going to have crown ever opened listen William adding machine you could the Giants really doesn't matter I mean you're over that way I don't know that they gotta fix that so much over there and when I lost it all and I got back it was alright you know whatever and then I told her that was fine it was no I got with my girlfriend and it was the most expensive I can we go home and you can just break a bunch of them doing right now in my car no really FPA lock on my cell phone bill but with imessage know when I was 5 since I know so many people with other iPhone that you don't pay it's just a couple bites of a text message to Eric who works at our distributor in Australia New Zealand and I can't say enough good things about his phone didn't do that like we were texting him and we were too late the first day because you fucking asshole wasn't responding to any of my text messages even when I asked okay I heard you going out tonight let me know when you're going to hang out with him and get the iMessage even though my phone thought he would so I had to switch over to text messages and that was about a hundred bucks and I can text everyone else you know where we got to go in the area so you know what it's like the traffic we get out we get a taxi in the guys like we going to something else in there. Would you guys like stops and looks at me and goes you know that's really far away right now oh yeah that was really nice of you to take an hour and a half pounds 50 pounds and looks like a lot of money so there's like the night before we're going to leave back to the history I talked to the front desk at hotel and I'm like here in the morning go to the airport transportation desk so I turn around and I go into Transportation I need to get a taxi to the airport in the morning so what time is 8:30 ok to come down and I will have a car ready for you like okay so like at 8:15 Amazon traffic around how much is going to cost me you guys sounds like 20 pounds better deal I mean yeah I put the radio on Ever Wanted I just pulled into the water I mean it might be cabs are designed for short distances so their rates are based on what's profitable in order to drive people don't store sensitive when you actually driving far astronomically expensive if they were meant to drive that far it would probably be cheaper so you were calling somebody that was their purpose if he know realistically price the other side of the airport and it's like I don't mind I'll take a cab but the problems when your Vegas betting line at the Vegas airport for a cab and a bad thing as it is a blind and just like you wanted it there for ever we went to New York I did something kind of bad we landed in New York and I went to take a taxi from JFK to Manhattan to get to where our hotel wasn't even home I'm still bummed I had to miss that event I really want to go to the JFK we go outside and see if there's probably 300 people in the wrong side of the line people on the plane the sold Bewitched on The View they were 4050 people that was different we didn't get outside of it I've been a part of the reason I said for any of those text messages because I was like really messed up and I was walking home and I got out of the casino and there's just not tabs right there there's a cat Manda cold hard fucking true that some of these trips is his life away it's three in the morning I have no money I don't know where I am I do I need heat and water I'm dying I mean no idea where I happen to be the first time in bucket when it when I was leaving at the same time the drink that absence shot portable MLB I gotta get home I gotta get home and you understand what your rate of Decay is basically you know how far you're going to drop in 5 minutes and you're like I need to be home in 9 minutes or it's just not happening on the windup in the jail or on the street sold like trying to find a cab and I couldn't the only way I could get one if I wanted line across the hotel like go online and I'm waiting there and that's what I'm like basically texting burning because I was just like I'm going to fall over and that's why I'm going to be completely passed out and I get to the hotel or get to the cat finally at home where I'm going and he's taking me there and my head on the window and I'm just like Are We There are we close are we close and he knows what's up so he's just like sitting there and I just throw money at them it was even less than he needed but you told me to leave then throw up and open the door immediately thought of trash can and just follow me in America where you're drunk out of your mind in a cab and you're trying to vomit imagine like now you're on the other side of the road don't know where you are don't know what the that I'm not aware of it so we going to fuck me I mean what is that one you know I shouldn't say anything cuz I totally did what you did and Australia on the trip but where there's a bunch of them lined up people to go to the bathroom and I was super drunk and I was like well I'm not going to do this and then I did exactly what you did except for I went into the wind did Tennessee win the house they are either in the head the river is blue shot at the shot I was super drunk I just drink at the blue part of the shot and then the rest of it Crown the blue guy Panda clarinet like a rare commodity over there the internet would you like okay I guess I'll give you 50 bucks that's like an hour later it's like yeah you both violated the amount of data and how fast you can use it and now you owe us at least this much for breaking this Rule and you at least this much for breaking this rule is like what and then it cut the internet off I wasn't me trying to save face by saying we will charge you coming in or not but we're going to do we're going to throttle it down like we're going out we're going to make this like it's a 21 of 28 x 2 take a screen cap of that because it was like I was waiting for like the police about my door and dragged me off to jail or die one cable that runs down the bottom of the ocean that connects them to Australia for their internet I mean it's like that's awful but that's a deal-breaker entire country has a bottleneck all this bad stuff was amazing I don't think I've seen those nice and dedicated fans that any of the other cons I've gone through like every almost everything we saw in the car that waited in line some of which that waited for an hour hour-and-a-half we have some of the same events I felt really bad about that hopefully they went there to talk to you a little more Watertown because you're so concerned about the link the light if it's really a tough one across the table from us like League in an hour in line was there was no way we were getting everybody was like we just moved in so I know there's some people that moved from the line to buy stuff in Chino get stuff done and I felt like a dick just saying you know hey you have to go wait in that long line like we're not going to sign it for you but you know It's just tough you try to treat everybody is as good as you can you know but it's hard not to feel bad sometimes but overall it was awesome we had so many long lines all like 3 days over there that was great I'm glad it was like in French you can feel like they had like a face paint makeup that they wiped off and heading right at all the only thing you're missing with a cheer the best part my favorite part of those like the close up on the fans of the opposing team that are losing which camera to take a pic take to take a pic 9 so you're going to have someone making decision of what's the status King the crowd like what I movie the Orphan got a crying kid looks like man it's just I love it I don't know anything more about that was over there in the morning absolutely whatever I'm glad I got away which way which way from Indiana anyways I'm sad now it was rough we really know how to handle Joel Cincinnati it was like 9 in the morning please tell me about technology how certain organizations are really embraced it RT or Eric again awesome had the game on his iPhone and he had to do it I was just watching this game and across the world on a magical little I wasn't surprised because it was like then I was like in my hotel room getting screens organization technology and try to be at the Forefront instead of just like man I wish I could MLB TV 5 years in a row now that they've got you like they screwed up the blackout blacked out in Austin Texas Rangers play in Dallas which is 3 hours north of Austin Texas it doesn't matter anyway MLB sign those contracts but you can't get away with not doing that local market their whole way of doing things get it done just get up already and it didn't work and then I had to go through the laborious process of canceling it which is a pain in the ass process I mean it's like it's like the 4th or 5th year in a row that fallen for it every year something comes up or doesn't work I mean if I'm in Austin TV station I get it you know if I can get that in the contract that people can view it and they have to watch my station I'm a do it I mean but they are on the weekend sometime so I can watch it it was a bit better actually there's always a next next year like 2 years ago or something really close last year in the world articulation there I don't know how the kids of expectations to set your sights too low every Ranger fan we're all on the same page is just like every second it's like we're down or whatever would be quite as Crown Baseball cap that says we do it we know we're no good alright well if you actually have a super busy day I can never talk we just had about how much I've been able to talk about sports in the bullpen in the last month I mean everytime I try to talk to talk to 10 your time and other guys always make the joke I think they should score a touchdown like in baseball you know that you work with sometimes sometimes this weekend at the Microsoft store at the Galleria in Houston Monday night for the midnight launch Anniversary Edition but I live in Houston you should come outside I will be there should be a lot of fun and I think they're coming up or go on pre-sale are on sale and it's next week right yeah I think on the 14th people like the posters man that comes up to the table that we have to get it I can't remember net worth what's your favorite. We actually asked the whole cast what they are startup line is when they're in the booth that was just going to tell you get that character and what you're doing I don't know I should have talked about it for me hates my character not ever Oakland Ivy Queen season 2