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Recorded: 2009-07-15 23:26:31

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

and go with the theme song and Gus hey everyone theme song song and we're Donald card Mario . Ironically I just need 2 seconds ago took your voice for my voice and that a reliever before the other person has ever resulted in some mistakes that was accidental or otherwise for us that might make a sex in the time Hotel hot for words on Hotel television it was really bizarre watching watching hot for words so you know on a HD TV instead of My Little Pony YouTube window I want to do work words park because he's probably still at work what type of reference what the fuck no I was talking about fucking a Russian chick and you bring up young Donald Pleasence hey it's okay I understand time did you see that did you see that those guys who do the Mario Marathon Mario game ever made in a row for child support even though the time you're done yet I think you'd like that the only Luigi time machine time travel game that came out in the 80s okay how awesome is that $20,000 renovation okay they played Super Mario Super Mario World Super Mario 64 Super Mario Sunshine Super Mario Sunshine Galaxy different different levels of a hundred percent Mario Paint Rick Roll Mario Paint record and some stuff I don't understand he who cares the for $28,000 and other news the hot for Words girl raised $20,000 yesterday in my pants this morning around 4 for the night Original Hot Chick because it's it's it's it's an undertaking my friend you're going for Life Time yeah I am Los Angeles business Killer Shrimp Marina Del Rey Killer Shrimp which is basically a bowl of awesome but a huge loaf of bread it turns off when I go to Los Angeles I do not understand the layout of La at all fucked up to have the hardest time with Bill in commercials out there and now I feel like I'm starting to get a grasp on it Santa Monica but that's what you need right now F1 driver and a bag of groceries California motorcycle opening my door traffic why do people get upset about this morning I don't know I don't get to do that but there's Orson traffic in the middle of 2 cars running lanes and when the time comes from sing traffic levels for everyone they doing us all a favor and it's legal and it's legal there's a reason why they want people to do it I got a motorcycle go down the middle of traffic makes sense to me hell yeah hell yeah traffic all you want until you see traffic in foreign country who is a little ridiculous videos where street lights are just kind of there but they're just going to Pretty Lights and I said yeah when I was in Kuwait stop signs and traffic lights are suggestions that require life what traffic in North Korea North Korea the point but that's another giant roads for very few cars and since they have a lot of trouble with electricity and power they don't have street lights they have women and like little police uniforms out in the middle of every intersection Life Point in telling card so they can go when they can't stop Geoff because they don't have power Fir Street lights as we do that employees and people get them out there I mean when there's no traffic can you just sit in your car idling and waiting for the green light to go ahead personal I wasn't messing with the radio I'm walking I'm going to hit him I don't know where I'm going so much between like your old house over on the funeral like awesome that and only computer I have no idea drive if I got near my house I would always end up at my house I don't know if I can driving a bigger problem with that on the 1st I driving like getting in those little Pathways you know I guess I'll just drive everywhere constantly do with godparents the phone call from your wife or your girlfriend life and she's like are you about to leave yes but I'm already in your neighborhood or whatever because God damn here comes the list right how do you get a Bed Bath & Beyond that's one and I mean being really just meet you right in the bedroom the bathroom and it's catching the kitchen to the star with Abby Bed Bath and Kitchen funny like really crazy shit like extra dimensional stuff and figure Christopher Walken someone selling you this but I want you to know that when we talk in the office factual accuracy not important to me Star Wars Skylab 1979 littering Star liquors NASA never people never people like the remaining pieces of on top of a bar Fergus like some DJ just found out about it and paid NASA 30 year old $400 littering fine I think he's there maybe you're not actually with everything in Australia is on the eastern coast Sydney and Melbourne there's really nothing in the middle of Australia internment camps yet what have original people of Australia drunk post it was a very heated political debate I don't know what was what was the people franken's politics he was born in New York and move to Minnesota and live there for a long. Of time so he did not just move there to get his senate seat as I was insinuating last week so we know you're sorry the books and everything I have I want to on what website I subscribe to flash top speed but if it certain website and I get Splashtop update I forgot how great that said it took people and they had a really cool Skylab did you know they're going to de-orbited in 2016 what the fuck probably to save money on the maintenance of the constant what's amazing is post up for some reason I didn't pick up I thought it would out there this page riddled with holes by this point for meteors tips to specific ones to very specific particles I heard that happened last week actually funeral Oregon State play no no not and shortly after we and by we I mean the fucking awesome Xbox Community unlocked of the Coral Sea map teach me how to fight I didn't really know that you're very well tell Fallout a beautiful evening last night it's very cool I was a little drunk last night 10 and then went off at 11 and went straight to 12 I think or something like that Burnie the cheapest thing by doing that you could have used that to level up Fallout this was a rare games that's a really for on the back of my mind but I'm playing it so much fun playing in that I'm thinking about him and I think I have enough saved games or anything like and what I have so far people out next month let's go back in Battlefield 1943 original drops August 3rd and can you show me and they were like Scrooge this public and like fighting aliens out of space incredible Page Kennedy life Star Wars yeah did you get the you know that I can go to the alien crash it and get another hundred rounds or whatever for it I just haven't been to travel I only have like 24 because it's all 243 for graduation unique weapon in Fallout 3 that's all it's exciting and then you speaking about somebody 43 awesome awesome you know I talked to him for the first couple days because I couldn't play in goddamn you like him so much fucking fun that was really weird you're trying to get into the game and it was clearly overloaded on the first day that they made it available for 3 days but I mean the first day it was like impossible but if you did get any game it was great it wasn't super leg hear anything I want you and you said you keep it every time for 7 hours and get your spot he said to make sure you were there to hit a and I get out okay after 60 seconds how many hours did you put in there about 24 hours a day I think 6 or 7 for a while like I grew up you know playing really for me it was an Atari and in coleco vision and stuff like that and then I played some Commodore Games 2 PC game Apple games and got out of it was nes Super Nintendo generation I got back in around the in 64 and started again started playing games again and that was about time Battlefield 1942 come out a few years after that and that was a huge oh yeah it was I mean there was a time when every night we would get together after work out or text out but we would play 1942 and the same demo of soldier Fortune over and over and over again all night in her Soldier Fortune the 2 game level over 1942 and 46 India the game the game tonight give me a hemorrhoid store manager couldn't come anyway apartment with concrete floors and my computer was on the floor cuz I'm too cheap to buy computer desk and sitting for hours on end on the concrete floor play name for 6 in a company when you when your employees comes in and stay at 8 having a female problem or Vietnamese got a hemorrhoid and that's great bucket list disgusting things Gus did you get the the best Squad achievement Battlefield big list Ed Sheeran on every map of this post and your squad other than that you can talk to each other can you assign locations where I can defend himself if you don't have a war Squad weird dude who had a lower score than me and I'm going to know everything from my personal experience and I have gotten top Squad dozens of times it felt like on all the maps and he will Jima was the one I was in top Scott the most and then one time I got to talk to him he would Jima and got it on that round and it was probably my time getting for it I'm going to rvbto this weekend this is my first trip to Toronto and then what should I expect everything and it's about the way they really put the date having never been there out there any places to eat or anything like that from morning to night so it's Big Lots of Tim Hortons on this Toronto because I'm not good with plans right now I'm just taking my lunch or something like that first there the first album without fever is important is that the way to say that and they have a big green egg in the studio outside and I just like really cook meat all day and record songs and have ribs Big Green Egg grill big green looking like you can Grill for those times I am a very thorough consumer we're going to be the best when you do that for airplane tickets and reservations and I told them I need them and then for the company Moon David Bowie Detroit Stephen devassy Bruno no no no same here good morning kill me I just act like I got so Overexposed the problem is I haven't seen and heard about it but I'm sure it's tough for some the same problem Borat did where they can only show you about 30 seconds of that movie on TV without getting in trouble and all the reviews are fantastic I just like every time a little upside for the last 4 months I feel like I'm staring at a Burnie down big for about a month-and-a-half he had almost Liberty gossip sites 2 yeah you read a lot all day long, Cadillac. Interesting that you're using celebrity fights and that is being worked on gossip sites 2 this goes back to what we like what we like getting drunk I would like to play video games that I can watch coleco reviews David Bowie Duncan Jones Duncan Jones Jones I'll look up his name right now on my the first movie directed Moon I don't know I just I didn't even know I just found this on the way to the office today Duncan Jones David and this is also known as WWII z names of domains for websites big and I always thought it was like a playoff of Snopes casino near for Words name we talked about possibly even changing the achievement hunter name and domain to something that's a little bit more palatable and can because you didn't you have to find an alternate name for a kind of what was it I'll try to get something funnier than the real the way you make me laugh I'm not the only how do you go to register for the 2-year one point about 7 years ago that every domain name that was for characters or less had already been registered every possible combination I just heard a weird statistic you know once we got here and then went away because nobody gave me shit come on I was thinking about how it was coming back right you know it's becoming a big problem right now in Australia because this is flu season in Australia they've noticed about this disease is that it kills fat people most at risk for this and I don't know why you're walking around with and I don't want to kill Americans it's a very interesting thought black helicopters in the world you're going to be very in Danville in the winter I'm so the everyone asks and all that I could fucking hand soap at the store when people scares me for the last time I'm sure Matt was working it what is a parallel something we've all read a science-fiction story where a disease kind of came around and everyone get all hyped about it at first and then it went away and then it came back Big World War Z World War Z zombies kind of everyone labeled African rabies and it was depressed and everyone just ignored it because of the background noise for the world until it reached a critical mass where it was everywhere all at once and the world was taken over by zombies great look great but I think we may have mentioned a few times the podcast the Bible you know I really hope we get a chance to play Left 4 Dead 2 of next week if we could so similar to 276 of special event is 2 releasing all that stuff basically they are publishing Left 4 Dead 2 on the 360 is that correct so I can play it we don't do anything in video games so he was like this kid secret a picture of this put it up on the this is going to be in the game star the bitterness Fix It Jesus you know we talked to them that engine won't start engine is great for Machinima and we had talked to them a couple different times about doing something in stores for Machinima they're not ignoring his kind of busy the big new of police died there and when we wandered into the time that was interesting that was where we wandered into the ballot boxes you know what kind of the height of Red vs Blue just say hello and meet them and gave you came out of his office and just wondered in the conference room we were there and it was really really cool because the whole thing was really cool really really cool in the waiting room like his massive the oil derrick valve Z prequel total do atomic on the touch on something that we were talking about earlier with the etymology of domain names that you told me you were telling me you started to tell me a story this morning that I want to continue about the etymology of certain video game companies names and I have no chance to fully research it and make sure it's it's legit but I was reading a story about the origin of the name coleco for the company that made the coleco vision video games way back when and apparently they used to sell shoe leather so coleco with short for Connecticut leather company and bullshit really that's what I what up this morning pretty weather company High School Connecticut Comm contact icon connect egg whether it's and it's one of the recommended searches on Google Green Berets Connecticut leather company Stephen for his version of Cabbage Patch dolls and his video game console coleco star and coleco vision I didn't realize they did Cabbage Patch dolls to learn Power House the eighties power out there closed its properties and Brandon have been sold and who owns the Amazon somebody asked me on this site in my personal comment saying you guys talk about Netflix a lot on the podcast is that a service that you would recommend absolutely right Netflix is my television cable have Netflix streaming and Hulu and Amazon video on demand if you have an Xbox there's no question that you should have some level of the Netflix service absolutely yes I think I use Netflix streaming on my Xbox every day every day I watch something don't get me wrong if you have to choose monthly budget between say of sponsorship for a dollar fifty a month for a Netflix account for a 1995 clearly want to stick with 2016 Sega Game Gear put that deal together we're going to revitalize the coleco brain and you Sega games for and with Game Gear games who has the Cabbage Patch franchise start and that's another thing that was on the list Sega it was a company called service games the company started in Hawaii selling pinball machines 2 military bases then move to Tokyo because after World War II it started in Hawaii 1940 move to Tokyo after World War II because of military presence there selling pinball machines and then rebranded and Social Service games and now they were Sega Sega started as American company for World War 2 and then after World War II move to Japan that's crazy you think about that we 3 I'm helping make Sega that's what I did Sonic the Hedgehog we talking about actual bday hundreds of thousands of troops that are pitted in battle on these beaches and 2 Generations later for playing video games how appropriate is that new Call of Duty is probably my grandfather was there and I don't like to talk about those days and having any kind of negative reaction to it like some kind of protest and secret weapons of World War II number incredibly boring fat quick what did you say that you don't want to shovel sword fighting thing yeah I know I saw that and I'll see you about 9 this morning and I read that Orson Scott Card wrote the insults for the in sword fighting really I will say this it's the voice acting is great and original game and it's very cleverly written it's just a much slower Pace than you're used to on an Xbox and different objects you know that are done well like to have a combat system to fund their well-written they're a much better version of those kinds of the time so it was a lot of the reason to the original lights all over the room from stay the nineties for earlier to end up on Xbox Live arcade may be a cult hit but would you want to see end up there popular popular that's pretty good interesting one original original sin city 1 fun memories of stuff that involve flying like a descent and Red Baron on of this world was in the mail with the ship yeah that game is 15 bucks and it really is a full retail game it's you definitely get $60 single player but who cares already seen people complain I'm just saying I would experience NASA Call of Duty 4 multiplayer it was pretty interesting they say that this Red Faction this is great for multiplayer I just haven't had any time to play it everybody super multi player actually like a real podcast never talk about what comes after coming to PS3 to talk about it how great it is that many times but I just went off on home to 100 XBox Live and it has a place in the Xbox which because it's kind of cool I guess there's a car coming you know if it still has potential 2 and 1 vs. 100 he saying is the first real place for the Avatar to be on the Xbox and I can see that Moon Kingdom for Keflings does an UNO does Kingdom for Keflings they're listed avatar games and then went back in at of the functionality some really old game like hardwood hearts and hardwood Spades but you know overall it's made my friends list harder to navigate now I end up now staying away from the dashboard and staying more in the pop up Julia spend all my time there too many - you know what I mean I find it much easier to navigate it was cool I like that for me last week but I like Xbox and stuff but I understand why they want to have a Xbox because I want to have a quick launch for Battlefield 1943 yeah for sure I can't say how much I love having a game that I can just like Battlefield 1943 that I can watch from the dashboard and it's an awesome game you know in my opinion a full retail game I don't think so but it's not 24 hours and that's more than you put in maps and what the fuck for me it's totally different the battlefield maps are like Left 4 Dead split up their band talk to me what's the matter I still think I should have at least Left 4 Dead 2 some kind of petition French and they gave it to us and I loved it I will say this game that they sent us for free we have to mention that but how many times Millions still a favorite blinx the time sweeper on Xbox Live original Xbox original thank you no download or sign up the original Red vs Blue post on halo.bungie.org and it was all drunk and they're making post and there's no mention of Machinima at all like that like as red vs. Blues what Machinima is before we even knew what mission was in which and if I like what was the first instance of the word Machinima being used on halo.bungie.org and I had to lights Real for a while to find it was actually Hugh Hancock I was going to say I was going to say you can say on HBO or anything like that yesterday I think post about the time in the world movies you look at origin of a note to say that I know how to say it it doesn't is wrong right machine and Cinema it should have a second on it should be Machinima like Machinima within the machine demo but Cinema and machine both have that in that place so the time anyway so those Halo videos before Red vs Blue Xbox Connect I found my interview with my wife for Soldier Fortune I'm going to for second people who might not remember what Xbox Connect was before Xbox life existed on the original Xbox if you wanted to play Halo over the internet you had to plug into a router and use like a third-party piece of software in a computer to find other people using the software in the computer to kind of do matchmaking for halo over the Internet on the people used it and it was and it was fun as hell yeah everybody was undefeated you know I'm in labor I'm really suffer if you could not use the sniper rifle if you were not the host in this game it was fun man it was a lot of fun I really enjoyed those games it was Upstream both ways which we talked about before is it people had to go through you know I mean everybody thinks of themselves like it look like an iPhone and your goddamn and her blog she know where everything cookies cutter for mentioning person on the internet you know any more if you go to the show on YouTube channel number 1 YouTube number one on the number one network and his website in 2005 different people now the other thing you know to me it's just the same thing with name get the basics down every single band has a MySpace page that's their official website nothing worse than one to find out about a band and having a navigate to their shooting my space back on and all that stuff on fined tour dates so you know how to get started or whatever it's why the Myspace Pages Orson people that page you're talking about everyone being and things like that fucking scary article about this laptop I guess there's this proof-of-concept hack out there where people can be like what you're doing on your computer through your electrical power outlet the keyboard connectors inside computers or unshielded so as your typing the resistance going through the electric for the electrical impulses through your keyboard generate tiny variances in fluctuations that affect your draw power from the wall so we'll see if someone else put into the same breaker as you they can plug in a special device and then plug it into the computer and have soft or interpolate filter the noise out and then get your key locks block that's awesome so I mean even just plug in your computer and if there's a hacker in the building on the same breaker as you can see everything you're doing I said this to my wife last night because my wife is very conservative and I think of myself as being middle of the road kind of leaning one way or the other issues but she's tough you don't and we're on that road we could head towards that anyway hopefully going to go shooting with my wife trying to get with her this whole thing is that everyone is focused on the political powers that be as being there to introduce socialism nobody's looking at what the internet is doing to the consumer mind you know for entertainment for cost of goods for you know just the way we spend all of our time and our value of what we put on a service that is the most socialist thing you could possibly imagine you have people taking stuff that in the real world has a price tag in and they're telling you it has no value right right beside it and in parallel there's a whole social thing that everything on the internet in the moment something becomes page or even put stuff people like it's like a few levels of participants and then a lot of viewers you know a lot of you know it's not like I can go up and down of socialism and welcome Star Trek nobody's complaining or socialize fire department shows up to put your house out 20 million baby such a bad I just thought it's not going to change it don't come the way we expect them to come down what do you want no we're never name no she hasn't she hasn't here in Russian you can totally see her boobs and her Wikipedia page 27 Paris she doesn't appear to be $27 27 year old she is she's awesome for hot and build I found and it says it's in there doing it perfect I love it post on the internet for 30 years absolutely hope she gets her own talk show where she just mentions words all day it's pretty fucking awesome Gus was a good idea and you could have mentioned it when you were saying Star Trek socialism guess we'll talk about your socialist leanings ocean contact extraterrestrial life ever get a radio signal I'm going to go to come in contact with another planet right at some point in that message will be very clearly very happy scientific message and start communicating with people and be this wonderful relationship right what if we contacted world that's like ours and we reach it that are divided into several competing radio signals from the same world Lake of extraterrestrials contacted us I could see that happening not providing you the message of life like during the Cold War for instance they have come across the world where their perspective on what happens the first world would be a divided message probably weekend of freedom for the penis these are our South Park Krazy this article Stephen Hawking wrote the other day about how intelligent is not necessarily the ultimate form of evolution like maybe intelligent she's just some weird by-product that's not very common as a result of evolution from a single cell organism to multi celled organism and then beyond Stephen get to the point where intelligent start for me takes 2.55 billion years of the time you have life isn't even intelligent yet being a small sliver of time when you look at like a cost perspective of world yeah but if Life Starts Now very much for that particular and like I started spotting as hell wasn't even in the top 100 physicist yeah Jones couldn't name a city of the other 99 PetSmart oh my God is awesome has also appeared in numerous phones that television advertisements a hot flash Wikipedia campaign we can fix it this week Wikipedia