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store headlight fluid container somehow I made it Bros 1178 that was a good entry that was a good answer you can tell it's a little older Craig Bernardo can I bring and I were just at the midnight launch event in Houston with a couple of guys launch Lori going to start I was in the industry for volition Jack shift how to get started working for working in video games titles related at making them and thought I could swing it and eventually champagne had an opening so I went for it teach about games we had a picture the internet and find out what you could know how many people sail in the morning actually really sounds like Orlando Florida get your sale on from there but we were younger and not realizing that in the game that feeling when you are mine figure out your designer what does it mean what to do what do you Craig Mack whatever project you're working on and implementing all the game play and play testing it out low price seems like a big part of it once you release it to the masses as seeing how it flows and seeing like or bottlenecks are for those problem areas and trying to figure out how people are going to break it is like Xbox Live and the internet you can always come easy roaches get in there and play Halo but I'm going to say whatever whatever noon Beavercreek battle battle battle Canyon Arizona that's a great night my blood every every iteration of that man and I have a lot of fun and it comes up Cheyenne Mountain Jason for this company but I know that was an error my game be there full time starting at 9 to find out that you know t-shirts will be appreciated to Austin to work for certain Affinity yeah yeah I was looking at Ben in Austin just at school and your program what is it Amazon crazy game plays going on you know just balancing textures and physics and all the geometry all the crazy stuff you program for pc stuff as well or just just like consoles does a programmer do you like the idea that 316 like consoles at me personally I love that everyone has the exact same machines sitting in front of him at home like that people are different 360 bigger problems that will take its already established it works we don't really have to worry about what it was like when playing a PC game against some of the $20,000 PC versus MAC have an advantage over me every single time right now kind of leaning that way now on her for a few more games like that coming out soon so yeah I think it's just it's going to get that way because we're pushing these consoles to the Limit and you know let me know when you buy a game that comes up between that and the fact that I don't have to buy a video card that cost as much as my console is like the reason I switched to console gaming that I have a tiny house I don't have any place to put a computer anymore I have a 1 bedroom house a computer somewhere I don't know bushes should be like a kick drum controller kind of deal yeah that's probably good we didn't ask Lori if we should ask what do you do it's not noon the classic man thank you very much the FED has there and then at the a artist management make sure all the master to work a little bit together make sure everyone talked instead of headphones on and kind of making sure their individual math looked really good electric tornado and beautiful like how you guys like everything about it is beautiful it is beautiful people are staring at us battle Canyon there if you pull out and there's like anything like that you don't understand Rick reference to a couple you are thinking at 3 right Boston from here that's cool so how much of the story of Halo Lori did you guys get into like how much should you read into it I mean yes play all the previous games getting into this one that you play Halo 1 over and over again I had to play his for research that's cool so how many okay just like a general idea how many things like Easter eggs are hidden need to know there's a couple already but I mean like everyone is trying to find this give me to 200 or showing any store like Hidden Masters I will never know that you went out yesterday it was going out today but we got that one of the terminals most goals obviously are hidden throughout the campaign we got we got a video of Joel are doing videos for those right now and I don't know if you ever seen a video with Joel but man I got crazy so it's going to have him sitting in on the commentaries with me and then we got some more stuff come out there this is and Halo CE come out today and games out right now it's kind of like over 10 years where can I find an Xbox One E3 2001 I was I was Xbox came out it wasn't too bad and then try to play Halo and I went to the and got a chance to play multiplayer build and you can see there's a picture of me and Burnie play for the first time listen I know it's a long shot but any chance do you have an Xbox a copperhead look like and and the woman was working at looked at me she was first in the world Xbox pre-order have one right now so you can Xbox on launch day GameStop Xbox a couple of games to buy Joel for about an hour ago and the Project Gotham with the first name into the hat and over the week parties were drinking beer 3 standard the person I forgot to mention to play an Xbox actually my buddy Adam's house while doing UT right his dorm room on the campus I was playing Halo and I was like what is this the next time I'm in control the girls were really took over my life so yeah I'm sort of a late bloomer I suppose when it comes to the console that the Microsoft consoles so but Jason tactical knife and life so you can do a home computer into your network traffic over the internet and find out if you can the least always like their consoles over one person's house and you like we didn't have enough people to play Wii online and try to find other people to play online running is weird third-party applications trying to find out if you on the internet also playing games and consoles Hardee's right to do that that's the most fun ever get like 30 guys ran into the house and like all this washing the power like and unlike some of the beautiful life because I play games Duke for the first time Texas playing not talking to look it up Xbox launch titles I think the ones I bought were Halo Dead or Alive 3 and I think I thought on world Munch's Oddysee my own world but I had to be there at 3 that the one that was the one that a Master Chief in and I think you know which one that was at 1 5 games or 7 games and 3 extra controllers or something weird like that the minimum 3 games and 3 controllers controllers find an SRS control routes like they had the ones have been made and so you tried and one of the guys who got one which approached by some other random at any of it he'll give it to and your books but I can't roller the guy I sold a controller for two hundred bucks to another guy and I said I'll give you $201 for it 500 I think I read that there might be one of those auctioned off at Childs Play Charity Dinner next month in Seattle December 8th December 8th GoWireless and had like two double a batteries in it spread for the for the truth Halo experience that what you guys call yourselves like first person shooters now like a lot of hair time on anyone special right now we just yesterday we had like five Triple-A titles hit on the same day and it's pretty cool isn't it time we live in that whatever type of game you're into like you like racing games open-world shooter is like one day we had meter titles all of them come out very in right now movie where the heart is and I know what I saw Joel playing upstairs and what is the little round button rollers not a 360 you guys living between classic view and The New Normal The Order review how to change background in super Xbox so far in the multiplayer my favorite authors are the classic ones like the ones with no equipment and are very much more to the original Canyon Beavercreek oh Jennifer got about that like Spartan in your head again it was really like that one rocket sniper in and bleeding miyamotos are energy sword Driving School Battle Canyon for you probably damnation and I are bring it back to life for the first time in that Marine help you out playing firefight having a high F on a jump in a warthog and I today I just a Jumpin the gun and it was great so Gus how to stop and I think I actually took down eventually High Street Optical 21 Canyon Disney World exclusive GAO the game packs and stuff like that to see if stuff has been spotted like I was actively doing that now being like Oh is in what county is about it 23 year marketing I was like okay what's going on I don't like Easter eggs a mountain is kind of like you know like numbers or anything like that like small stuff is important to know what it is Holy Grail on Fallout 4 Daily Game plate figured out the shrink down the map so just write and then gets past us not good enough Dwight Yoakam I know like the equipment I mean like the jet packs on Halo 1 you know now it's like okay yeah I mean I like people trying to break your man remember like we didn't know how you see the commissioner of Griffin way back in the day and remember when people make grifball maps before they figure out the phasing in an orange were literally just like to know how it was supposed to be sad and like watching people break those masses and it's right there right there anything you want let me know journeyman a person take thinking about the first time that I plate Xbox at 8310 and a half years ago to now on my way to try to play this game for now I got to go to being in Halo 3 Easter egg a look at exactly so what's that mean like you're getting the hell out the door now I know what would come out there is something we don't know about it Jason you worked on it right now you can eat it like I mean yes it was kind of cool to see that game announcement Brandon to the launch party and have a few beers that was good yeah that was actually really good town at the time so I missed it I didn't like it take me and a couple of the team high mileage Crimson Alliance like you had quite a few games you First Strike map pack for reach a deal and then Crimson Alliance Nursery so let's for for projects we don't know when or how many Brooke about 69 directions to me it seems like I work at a company wants for his like he know we put out one or two games a year and we had like there was $200 there fairly well so you're listening to the podcast you can get a job certain Affinity in Austin Texas right now store multiple one at a time and get it done before we get out of a text working on one project we're just cranking away on it make sure its high quality and fun but a lot of put a lot of effort or multiplayer maps make sure they have good flow and just set up correctly all gameplay modes are fun we know with all our might like some stuff so severity of your brain starts getting too because you want to think you have a long do you typically have long periods of over left where it like I was one the lead to climb another one's Ram pickup a over while just to make sure that every that's how we transition into programming stay on that until now because anything can happen 5/3 is where you guys send the game to Microsoft is there like final approval process control Elysium in Israel Jason where are you going to be working on Halo CE Anniversary what did you find out last year meant I meant part of last year like plate summer for a man fun high quality content you had it when you were working on over here that's crazy from like anyone I don't bring it over there at the Microsoft press event so I guess you will be released in 6 months pretty much yeah between Studios - there's a I'm in trouble and Boston Community especially like it is growing Community people shift around like you know you have a whole like you wanna entertainment on the first date which one of those two camps and like it's almost like an NFL when the coaches that have like the coaches underneath them where they came from they all liked that I didn't like any one of those companies are from the community Vehicle Impound store and then you guys watch that is one of them when you talk formation for know if my super cool alright thanks for coming to this Miami tour 1995 promo code RT Podcast 30149 % off your RT Shorts or by the bundle 4:30 yeah it was we didn't do it get the fuck is a commercial between Red vs. blue season 9 DVD now it's yours Burnie RT Shorts like at this point it's all autopilot wouldn't even know what the podcast is like anymore you barely listen to it literally I'm not saying it's your fault I'm saying guys in real life at the at the a conversation and listen to it over again that's going to die Battle for Bikini store Jack the Killer a multitude of someone trying to talk and Joel did Joe Jonas did possibly the funniest commentary 4100 over a little bit later today is full of the skulls and terminals for level 7 in Halo CE Anniversary actual in the video Joseph funny fucking do in the video that you can unlock certain 15 it's hidden GAO Jack we got a lot of times we put up a video last month 4 months ago I need somebody who got the DVDs some content that hasn't been released yet 20th video of the year we actually wasn't 3030 video show me meeting people care about trademarks trademark infringement on a license baby I report it when I at the point where we figured out if they listened to the podcast on separate Channel than they have to have the right to request a question request granted Gus could you see the problem with her headphones American official Perrys picture. The last segment people hit their head when to work and try to figure it out someone had plugged a quarter inch grd ministerio Jack in the the quarter inch Report with no adapter so it just with tiny little Jack and the one thing he kind of criticizing you that's what he does in the history of our company 00 this year right the first time and was told that's where the DMV scheduling for the story shorts DVD the state of Texas figure we think it was because and I'm not trying to blame anyone here an awesome idea but we put in a request for a rooster teeth license plate initially it was half and half Rick Perry got involved and rational people the Rick Perry and Rush Limbaugh rational people irrational people and the people who promo a little adjustment making reference to it everybody's there alright let's talk Jack is there something that Joel Heyman would not go to Australia I was convinced that Joel I can make sure you get your cut first class to and from Australia did not Coach line for 40 hours TeeFLii a good chunk of that of my own Naruto I said there's no way I can sit on a plane for 24 inches why I was going to be you know and so I'm just going to draw a line in the past we like is it from business class and my blood was cold and the money for it so whether you know that 80 bucks in Burnie this guy you know he still had to pay however much on top of that church right now a time that was like a text message movie medication guitar now it looks like that latest like being on directions to start betting on sports there's nothing where you at and while we were out there is the first time you gamble you win when it happens everytime Premera gamble but anyway Florida State game so we put some more money on that and it was exciting and we won that one and then I divided 3 team parlay and one that was great it was funny but now Joel has taken taking it to the next level of a novice when it comes to bedding text will cover the spread and like USC will not beat the spread so you bet on all three of those three hits multiplier exponential it was like $50 3 team parlay 390 and it was just like I would have maybe like 200 something like that you know the basketball player I'm not saying you would cheat and make money off betting there's gotta be I mean there's gonna be people cheating talk Wall Street 5 Wall Street 16 miniature bail at $16 worth of miniature battle who were the big three who did the people watch commercials they don't read noon exactly and make it and it makes sense like it the fallback trucks 4x4 words because they want to buy some Chevy Chevy took bailout money even though you got pulled over and got a ticket because the cop thought your truck and he talked more about how great your truck was and ask you what you about they needed to take it was the first day I got the truck kind of sucks yeah I mean I mean I get it they need to go back into school but children store in the school zone and all this an ambulance passes by the way going way faster than they should be in school so I can look at it then we start to go again then a fire truck comes back again like Justin so then the fire truck and give it a safe distance ahead of us because a lot of people out there driving well we're still in the school zone after all that I forgot that if so the cop is at the end of the school zone he pulls over for us and he talks to me like Brandon said 15 minutes ask me how I like my truck and he's thinking I'm like an iceberg yeah yeah I just I just got another speeding ticket the other day I want to say something to stroll to store runs Waypoint 4343 and her main points of contact over there at 343 Industries lovely woman beautiful person fucking jinx pilot lyrics everytime you talk about my driving I get an alert if you got to take it Burnie is that what happened I did I got another ticket the other night when we were leaving the high ball from our event over did you know I did not have to, I was just car the car to go to the airport like a month after that so I got a car accident in Los Angeles did you really and a cop passed in front of her so she stopped I got a call from her yesterday she called and said my car is fine but it out cop cause more accidents and be running like a terrible cars like Debussy first time I went to Seattle we will be parked in the park he backed out I don't have fucking nailed the car didn't really want to deal with it either the other side of the street when you drive that drive on the left side and I said nothing so and she like looked at me full trip I mean there's no like they don't have roads like from the hotel to catch a plane that we knew was going to take off and yet somehow all 3 of us were you screaming at each other the entire way and like you had your now normal driving or going to drive like 200 kilometers for going from Auckland to a place called madame that was what it was like is exactly what it looks like because madame the way he goes take a left on Columbus then take a right on Miller then get on one and go south for 2 hours and then take a left on duckland OK put this one away a little ago you were supposed to turn back there and it's like you like right when I turned to come up to tell him 50 seconds away 49 seconds 48 seconds coming up on you . in our country it was over. Our country called the MapQuest the right where it was before Google Maps and it was just arriving technology and basically nothing on MapQuest correlated to the actual Planet what's the weather but they would tell you and give you instructions and you get it's like you're like a portrait Rick and they were turn left that's a requirement your life Retreat up here turn right there not four miles turn right it wasn't in Burnie was like why don't we take the highway that you take a soft on a road he took at traffic lights while we were trying to catch a plane as opposed to going down 35 like a freeway and he just said let's go through the middle of town and go the about his routes through the countryside and we took 40 turns every single person I talk to you and NE did you want to avoid Hamilton by a cop and take one B that was what they all said he's the worst nana nana nana mean on the wheel and I just take care of it that way Duke Drive you had a rental car that first time we went in Wellington we all try to parallel park from the outset that we all tried we probably were there for an hour to switch out and all of us try to parallel park can we just give up I tried a couple times this time and gave up two completely backwards in your head completely backwards but that's cool never seen him completely to the point where I wanted to take his passport and we know it Jeep jogging reasons an international truck navigate a real person a real Asian people in surgical masks a the fuck out of a really dude what a surprise what is phenomenal I can't remember seeing them but they didn't like with a mask like okay that's fine a singer black Russian people wearing surgical masks and you're doing your share it's like when you sneeze and look at it Bad Company Tran airline has their flight I want to see from Atlanta movie theaters near me you're stealing for Hunger Games we were coming out that's got to be celebrity combo names name 10 people if you put surgical mask that any of those people that are afraid of bugs and afraid of flying I'm Every Woman Jason Burnie tried to kill you in New Zealand Burnie tried to murder me in New Zealand the guys I'm Lori of Brandon and the electric fence no dude you and a lot of sheep and livestock in general but it's also very pretty and Rolling Green Hills are so gorgeous over and stop and it's the most beautiful thing I've seen in probably a year-and-a-half of your life and so we reach the point where there is a kind of like a rest stop and it was up on the top looking over the fence from and I look down at this time battle of borodino located to the right of Burnie it was nowhere near me and close to me I'm coming I had a picture of your fence they were looking at like 9 so I think how the fuck do I get break I said yeah so be careful cuz that wire is barbed wire at the top where I go I don't know headed to be held up by plastic posts on like that the electric wire that I go but you can give them time Stockholm babe are you just completely not true a Mayan expert on fences and my ex and I might at the for an expert at something it dangerous over there Jack I don't feel the barbs yeah so I'm trying to get the hold on a little longer I thought about grabbing him and then grabbing a soda a bucket of water on Instagram I was kidding they're not in trouble trying to the computer what would you say after that day for me on The Wire a little piece of the barbed wire but it could have been like if you leave your hand on it could have been very uncomfortable like that was very uncomfortable I'm not going to cross this wire he was very incredulous after I told him I try to do to heal what would you have done if I don't kill him what does National Health Care in Burnie explaining his expertise on electric fences 2000 Cadillac a little bit High because where we stayed with a pony for My Little Pony about that make you sending me text messages along with pictures and like we're a send me a picture of a picnic or whatever down here whatever so have you ever known over Burnie and the car against the guardrail on my side of the car that was the follow-up next to me I only have milk the end of Terminator the tanker did you go it was a gas line rupture interview and while we were there and okay while we're in New Zealand one of the first things that happened was that the corrupt acted like I don't know what it is that included me feel like for the first 5 Days movie on it have the hot water really work a natural gas line still there but then what they said was resident can have gas but commercial businesses cannot but commercial businesses include all the hotels so no one could take a shower with it strike any luck by the time we left it was like playing a game of super yeah you told me order for me to like chocolate cake with whipped cream on top of it as a collective thing whatever chocolate cake squares with whipped cream in the middle on my phone okay that's fine okay and 8th cream or whatever it was like this that's why I say I would like some ice cream in at like I guess they just want an ice cream Aquarium North Island New Zealand lunch today and I am making tortilla soup is holly poisonous berries in the north island that because they didn't have natural gas and they fell under the commercial banned forever Gus was like 20 million 20 million and pasteurized milk really losing their product for the day and because it was cheaper because they were throwing out the building with milk that's throwing over whatever it was yes but apparently they were doing that because it was cheaper than that a really strong bones chocolate cake or whatever just like everything's perfect and the chocolate the clouds look like a bushes Super Mario Battle of Culloden the bad guys in all the first person shooters like I'd love to invade some other world and just like try to take over and still natural resources you are an American like this plumber from are Hall Mushroom Kingdom King killing all the in imperialism miyamotos birthday was yesterday or today or tonight ternative Mario his girlfriend something capitalistic Imperial mushrooms and turtles how did you ever manage there haven't been you know those people who are being Mario was the one that they've done Jack they haven't liked you know taking anybody got yourself somebody Helen of Troy Helen of Troy really stupid is that a true story Trojan War an actual event or at the Lori die they have a tendency to do that she was really only have 7 out of 10 free sale at 1 that we were invited to visit the set of The Hobbit and that's really what we were Cottage in the middle of matamata New Zealand and we got to spend the day watching this film the new Hobbit movie in the Shire which was awesome and I would like to be able to post pictures from that but we weren't allowed to obviously the High Street environment and we weren't allowed to take pictures out of there but that we were there with a report or any cool news and we know his name is Eric about to be and he's been posting I've been here forever yeah you can stop and talk to anybody to have to fight them all of them people sucking lose it you lose it because we landed the day after the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup would you which was awesome so about using women's in party mode we should have nice which is pretty cool we're doing anyway it's not like an American team winning a championship Magic Mike that would be the greatest tragedy of all would be the greatest tragedy in the history of the greatest what do you owe me a gigantic shot the only ones I get a job that's what you want you want me workers comp I set that up your finger in a light socket that's all we want that wasn't such a disappointment in my life store the cat that the crew of The Hobbit movies that that works but I guess it isn't enough to make something that you have never met a more specialized group of people like you talk to everybody what they do and they are so so special I like for the lady who sat next to us while we were watching the monitor while we watch the same tone between a certain Wizard and a certain sort of person to put hair on that was her job so she had this like latex hobbit feet with leggings when all the way up to the knees and hair on it and let you take a handful hair and one handlebar device at a time that's what you do from the person who put hair on the wax statues and I'm here that's what's the worst ones and she done like Troy Polamalu Pittsburgh Steelers she didn't have much over the FED Ringo Starr Kim Kardashian but you know what you said the hardest one was of them all she did David Beckham's the hardest cuz he had a shaved head and you have to get all the follicles perfectly spaced and it looks like the person that would take can you prepare for a career in that and then she did that like she's the the hair person at Madame Tussaud's and so she ends up now over here first and it would wind up putting hair on hobbit feet while and it's awesome I mean those those those whoever made the latex feet and leggings and then you would get right up next to it and look at it and it looks like you're looking at a bit. They're going to have to be applied and each time they use them they can take them off and then you just Red vs Blue and about how we both will be a Halo movie at some point all I can think about it what do I need to talk about but I think it helped introduce Neill blomkamp's the world who was the original director was going over to the district Can Only Imagine the trailer for something he was doing I don't know maybe not let me know this is you know who just put out a teaser for a movie that he's working on The Hunger Games I want to get the first name right just put out a teaser full movie 2004 the death with your love to the trailers all Texas like text on color backgrounds a big huge words I believe it's called the topiary movie code Elysium 2013 with Matt Damon Jodie Foster and William fichtner yeah yeah yeah yeah he was in The Longest Yard the remake with Adam Sandler he was the security guard certain middle-aged super buff dude he was the blind guy in contact doesn't drive fast whatever the Nicolas Cage drive angry full full of those guys even look at all of the movie Stephen tobolowsky Joel 600 movie Angela's birthday party is like him telling stories about movie you're making knives for skinning are you doing today I love you