#141 - RT Podcast

RT discusses food poisoning

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Recorded: 2011-11-23 23:07:24

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Michael Jones, Joel Heyman, Emily Hagins




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Transcript (in progress):

Rooster Teeth podcast ever real which is way better than any celebrity game show Anthony Bourdain cat family 335 cast of really really really as being so ugly I can do it Dan by whose name Dan the podcast intro we should we could talk and I hate it when is really old they asked me to do the old time all night last night for the intro to the Past cast that were doing with the internet dog pictures of a really weird strange weird Young new Emily Hagins Mexican guy stop I think you got me confused what you wanted Mexican over there you go Emily you have never you are honesty is the girl that took $100 for me in the first poker tournament that we had been sushi at least that is how we you sure it was completely Bear Creek School I don't want to name names name one second player to internet names are name or identity known on the internet now I think thanks to Facebook anymore and I like this better a little bit like preserving in an interview with accountability and it comes back up people can people can go through channels to find out who you are and you can pay consequences for your actions you get honest opinion new Miken read through that you know what that means right read all the time you kind of get they are jealous Everything is Awesome people comments in the last through Teeth Animated Adventures people said that we stop that compare to repeat your face which I thought was good criticism very well if you look at the catcher right on Parker Road probably don't like pepperoni you have no the really difficult and then Joel would eat the pizza cannibal I had a bit of a problem with them this week we know we have like 20 computers in the office and I wanted to upgrade them all to this is my technical read for cast of read it as it's done now but to do this you could buy it from their online store from the App Store so I had to make a user account for every computer to them by lying and download it well I made about three accounts than Apple lost my believer make you a cast as it was suspicious activity at the contact iTunes support and go to like them to be able to make a cast buy their computers business transaction why can't you buy more than one copy what's the logic I don't know maybe they thought it was stolen credit card and was making a bunch of fake accounts and it would be more difficult than the locket in the future he came up with a pretty good right away but you know what Dan iTunes download music as you but you know who hasn't you've already done this but again it's like you can do it with the latest iTunes update and what they were like iTunes Match where they may have just come I think you can do it now MMA I'm a come back full circle International Emily I have a season pass to The Walking Dead the new season of The Walking Dead was correct and it automatically download from iTunes when new episodes available HD and SD version Bolt watching season 1 of them ironically with the same show really stop downloads automatically starting up stop stop stop polish basically forever you can't delete it I don't want to date of not knowing where I'm at I don't like the idea of iTunes devices where what's happening with the downloads like I update my iPhone and like a plug to use a Bluetooth in my car on the iPhone and now it won't play it's like you got now you got to turn your iPhone off for the Bluetooth is going to work by that now so that's a big pain in the butt I don't like it when the rules change every time I download DRM stop helping with that but it's also causing a problem downloading it and you don't want that they don't have unlimited internet you gotta jump through in Every Witch Way and you would get right and you can download it if you hit that 500 then it was through for the day and it's a 2400 baud modem speed from a Novotel to a Novotel in the rules change between the two different Novotel the one that gave me what you just described in the hotel from one hotel to another or both owned by the same yeah and it was like I don't know I'm just trying to help Jason work I still like you can just kind of do it to do whatever but I just go past the last days no prob trouble dollar least at least you could pay for her to keep going when it's throttled me yeah you're not that's what this is like it's like the credit crunch like all the sudden you're not doing Gus when you when you're at home how many how many devices do you have they're connected to iTunes that's right two different accounts one for me one for my account has through an episode of walking dead the 12 days of being transferred sync with an iPhone does it use oh yeah I normally I love you I want to stream it to my Apple TV okay but I guess now you can stream stop an Apple TV already purchased them it would be doing that anymore makes sense that you by the way Mexican Alamo Drafthouse because they show The Walking Dead there and then you get all the animals poon the whole Alamo experience including jokes that doesn't work I mean is there are there just broadcasting TV Joel can't charge you to get in so you baby just have to commit to so much as to which by the way that's exactly how it works at a poker tournament at the mall yeah it's like it night or something like that so they delay the by the way that is blowing metaphor for the shambling undead movie show yeah but she can come in the NFL 876 Holderman Jason I never watched watched the first two episodes of The Walking Dead and it's okay but it was just kind of plodding along with the first season was really good I'm watching still no problem with it but if you guys have seen every episode I tried those things and that was just like mine Jack went to the Pacquiao fight the other day and he was 12 rounds and it's what the patient said that's a fucking nightmare that is a nightmare 12 rounds of boxing I don't get it like coming out how to broadcast the UFC fight which is a big deal and I through the hell out of it and it's on broadcast TV and the fight only lasted 45 seconds then what is the dash on my that's all I know the guy got caught with a Haymaker it was not picture of mad at as mad punch each other in the face in Telugu MMA Buy price match or a boxing match at a bar and a bunch of guys are watching it like to be active like watching the fight Beach there's always cops stationed at the bar restaurant so maybe that helped me catch a bunch of people did you see the video couple weeks ago these two dudes from Oregon who were in Long Beach for labor MMA tournament then they were staying at this Hotel in Long Beach and they come down the elevator the elevator doors open and there's a dude right in front of them robbing the hotel at gunpoint cinnamon pretzel at the security camera footage the buy with the gun and lost like an arm bar or something like that on somebody said that if you break the guys elbow right that's what happened you don't like Alchemy figure four weapon read in Comic Con next past weekend but the one before and the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase was there that's all people of the Ugandan Giant the Boss video this weekend he did unbelievable impression of Andre the Giant border 37 Alive stuff I love all of Kristen wiig's character sideways I'm sorry I know I really like her but I have trouble with Lost characters yeah but you no longer have a problem with her border doesn't equate to make me wanna laugh tell him I mean great wearing a cut-off and holding a puppy good for her it works for me Novotel Brighton MI Dyson Reddit the question we would not find attractive I'm not your typical type but you like them because they're talented either you know musically or funny or something like that yeah I'm going to Dorothy's I like other Dorothy people that are talented and have other interests and just like his owner she is but we met you young 16 and you really came to work with us when you're 18 and you've directed three feature film that's correct in your first one you directed when you were 12 which is unbelievable Mexican comforter your last one my sucky teen romance debuted at South by Southwest crash the Paramount Theater in Austin the March 2011 off the races to get them done for 2012 short film in past in January when they hold it floating always 14 days of principal photography through long is the flight didn't break any child labor laws eaten yet all these young guys who are coming by I need to get the ice cream it was dark in the kitchen of a fourth of a teaspoon ice cream RT 1 as you stick around there were seven pretty through important parts in the film the three main characters of vampires going to come and go in different people change and become more important so I guess that's a good thing read to me how the kids that feel like 30 year olds online that's really important to me I like how can you in an awkward as classically beautiful you know I just for real kids in the movie still a lot of time high school every 1:35 Dawson's Creek or something like that was the first they were kind of was like going younger but that was all read looking in Hollywood people just blinded by like attractiveness attractive so they just kind of hard to work with kids you know if I get to wait to get to see if you know they have but I think it's the same thing with like animals you know but if this is going to be more challenging and so you can take him either way you know depends on what kind of project you working on a given all that it's pretty pricey chat feature in 14 days some days are longer than others we've made lots of messages with flag streamers and you know trying to stay at this convention and the hotel that we were filming it anywhere man Party City threw up all over Italy Mighty Machines working on a chalkboard they come back the next day and the day came when he is wiped away we have yet and one day I walked in and my keyboard and only using the cable was gone and I to look around I found it all of the trash I get to clean Weed Head Gone in and seen it and decided it was trash but it wasn't put away and still get all the way down there first one cleaning lady at my does trying to be discreet no pressure it was really hard we all turn off iPhone player ice cream as I can new to be creative and give you ice cream tell me about it I want ice cream now you guys read the read it to me to give a shout out to some really knows named Molly he said hey my friend Molly like to get done and been following you since the beginning would you guys just give her a shot at it would make your day happy Birthday Christian read head Russian what they want to make sure that he didn't make the checking account maybe we're not doing it on the internet never going to make sure that everything else is private information private information available earlier conversation Frank Chinese poon flower on top or sprinkle sprinkle flour on it edible flower sugar healthy for you read dollar Drunk On A Dan person I don't know it's not really but I don't know if you to try if you like hey hey hey hey it's annoying texting is my preferred method of communication I no longer feel that way really man I'm done I'm done can you respond with a question if I can it's with you and not emailed you don't believe by two paragraph I think I have to write so much in an email to justify sending an email now but text me when you get back there and that's all the information we got no no text message Google speak and text of a normally wouldn't say in person but I'm not texting I'm saying and people have a real conversation with somebody talk to people on the phone WW2 from people man either texting emailing or talking to the person work for me like any form of commission it's just like in communication all the time detective called me last night I have to call them they understand listen to never have my phone make noise is always on silent so long to turn off your buy Levi's 510 call like an Xbox 360 controller it was probably stronger control you have to watch TV shows are fact border line I had to hold that thing like it's like picking up a baby yeah I should that's what kind of money I don't ever use my controller for my Netflix or Hulu anything about the 360 controller is engineered or whatever you put it on and then when it hit the ground it says you need for a button to get pushed somehow you're absolutely right it's the most awkward like it's going to fall over and then a button Kinect hears people talking in the movie and will let Paul or rewind or fast-forward sometimes tell me your first time and I'm man fucking possible whatever we like the ball I just couldn't couldn't figure it out you were too close maybe if we connect maybe it was just a game I was playing on the read bad that my ass here's the thing game as well and I put so if you don't think it's terrible do you need a tape recorder Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure new as you do when you're reading too border 50 or 60 miles in was that was that was like I know how long I was in Dallas Texas I was in high school we will go to Mexico we just got in the car and we drove to Mexican we drove all the way to Del Rio Texas to Del Rio Texas right on the border we got read then we will get it changed and that was a party with the cult in the masquerade let me guess I went the year after some dude got killed in eaten by cannibalistic cult in Mexico yeah what time in Beach frenulum Lake Chapala inches into your Mexico and he kept wanting me come down there and bring the kids and I just can't convince my wife to have any problems with that was Brandon I think that may be different now I don't know what's going on but my wife let me bring the kids down there for years watching it was like catcher was kidnapped it's like major league catcher with kidnapped as well and there was like stabbed included in the Netherlands like I don't have Emily was somewhere in Europe and I want to see was in the Netherlands what was the Muslim student killed mean you have another baseball player was in Maryland stabbed we don't know any more than that all I read was the headline Caribbean crazy 26% of people aged 25 to 34 are unemployed 2435 is a major post-college years 26% of those people are unemployed and then I read and I can't find it but the ridiculous that it might be like 7 million young people that are neither studying nor they working there just like I said I'm tired population of roving roving packs of mystery and eventually it's going to be a bigger and bigger problem because of minorities young the unemployment rate it's really a lot worse than that because it's just measuring people were on unemployment but eventually they ate a lot of them go through that process of looking for work people Joel and his name is also sorry for you Joel Michael buy gold as years go on put as much putting many states between you and mexicos can you see that's a big thing you think you can even get to be a bigger and bigger problem with drugs anything else Joel The Border the Bantu Knots poon the United States nearly as much as people claim levels are pretty steady or dropping an American fine in Mexico and the USA would probably be more likely to Mexico if we took a plane from one city to another city but I don't think I would drive through nevermind they're almost like I'm actually more scared of the water than anything else because I like you chicken whatever past women the Forgotten read your message on here on the podcast have him would you ask the decade did cavemen get I never got fucking in the rain It's Only Rock um you need to give you Joels salmonella typhi temperature in Julius as usual Emily wanted to come the next day and then you'll just eaten yet I never get sick read about like dating me too that's what cooking it if you cook it you kill all that shit in fact the break is like 5 days past the date on the pavement dead deer in 30 years it should be fine and if you go I don't know I never anything good new the restaurant whatever it was she complaining about like when you touch it jackasses go to continue biggest read where to get a Pax or we go to San Diego if you're in a place where there's potentially in San Diego hundred thousand people that 120 140000 most expensive restaurant then you can really go in and sit down cuz nobody goes to the most expensive restaurant what is adobo World restaurant head the money when they walk out RT 4 NJ Joel age Mad Dogs Austin Buy Cedar River McDonald's read youth in her the Moon 8 nuggets and a cherry pie and old nuggets for breakfast the player who plays from chicken nuggets real as food deserts man I got food poisoning from chicken nuggets the worst thing I mean it was like to hear every day I went out and bought the Nugget world people didn't like you get the as like big giant snow Banks like I'm going here and so we were going to go to the school parking lot of the giant pile head for the Toyota commercial cannibal buy for through the giant Puffy Fluffy snow and everywhere that truck out we started driving and parking that mother fucker was rocking hard and we went through it we would up the thing and it jumped in the air with the word seat belt and I remember being the sunroof was open I remember being out of sunroof looking down in their chicken nuggets everywhere I ate the chicken nuggets in as halfway ejected you're working from a cause and effect mentality you have a concussion and you throw up when having a panic attack as she blamed it on the chicken nuggets okay everybody out in the world who have gotten food poisoning knows that it was through voice what happened to some people like to get food poisoning twice or three times your husband I've ever had food poisoning and rage quit never head pulsing like what have you been up to The Pie Salt Lake vomited so violently agitated barbecue sauce gag reflex Michael would you would you have eaten MMA read head to travel but I the only one as well gunshot problem what are you doing in their lives like mr. concussion chicken nuggets over here Russian I guess you I thought the Moon Yeah I had like Julius Mad Dog 20/20 was awesome and I got so sick it was like looking orange Mad Dog they cannot touch Orange Julius Meinl 22 Orange Julius return 72124 USA $3 now I can go to when I was growing up in Houston saw a wine cooler in the grocery store the last time I need a wine cooler was the last time I was around probably a Frank dog Michael you just drink like Lonestar and CPR training in Corona bear that's been left open and out for a few days now picture of the read through that was really fun Stevenson young mr. Lincoln Police and I got a lot of trouble for not sending for not posting the link and picture of a swing hat for only quarter drunk beers are like laying around thinking about the next day after a party that black bears smell that's still okay that is the worst smell in the world get rid of the smell of beer head never bother me fear that when you like your name that's what it smells like new by Network we went to Australia we had to catch up at 6 a.m. flight to New Zealand I come home and was able to travel I think I'm way cooler than I am what is international 2 hours early at 4 a.m. you know what you sent me that fight information and I was like I looked and could not find anything like it was not 6 a.m. player what the story is there in Melbourne the hotel and I had to be up at 3 for an hour and I'm pretty sure that they wake up and you're still drunk but I woke up and I was still I don't know that we went to when we stayed at the hotel early in the morning fell asleep involuntarily look at the airport later commercial believe based on Emily Rose kittywood controversy oh yeah I know what's going on with Michael Lewis Joel cleaners storage for a local director in Joel Nicolosi thanks Michael and it was called to do that makes all the cat videos for the internet Mark Zuckerberg character just last week some Canadian energy put out catvertising which was advertising agency that makes all the cat videos the internet and essentially the same video on copycat read between the John player post on Twitter and something like that I don't like to call that kind of stuff out cuz you never know you make someone up here too I'm sure somebody can find something we make it similar to some other video in all of us to be careful of that but it seems to wear people will someone call you want something like you know it advertising agencies Macon chat video exact same thing but for me it's almost the same thing like nobody cares nobody cares I made last time about that sometimes you have to make a video and they look it up online and somebody made that video last in line he said that where can we get a similar idea we spend our time making that video and make another one just like it even though we do it and you know probably just fine nobody would give a shit that's why we stop doing that person who I love it I love it I love you Gus a post on the page that chat and I haven't Brandon when he got drunk and over and over read to me at 12:30 p.m. to text to text you and then I went out to meet some friends in Australia and so he stayed there and don't let you go I know you want me in Brenner replied I'm just a read it verbatim yeah I don't know it yeah looking for cab back they read new texts it Me So Many Drinks need to get back on this to RS new text just let her know that you're staying as in brakes as well your guy and you need to send a text message to a girl that's what you sent to me I'm at the bar at the bar where he says I'm just trying to get to the hotel Brandon is more susceptible to experimentation and torture what youth Plymouth the human body's tolerance for electricity I was also talking stop on the trip because you don't know what I was like he was so excited he never traveled internationally and nationally be sure to put it away you still have to hit the 10 please don't do that I know I can accept it but that's just what they do or try to get a flight attendant they will throw you off the fucking plane leaders that mean that. who is the preview a drink if you ask for it. They're just angry angry. I just agree there's less angry and they hide it better okay I'll be nice I guess they're happy on that one you know you know you know how the system works an American friend and probably want to date him we know he hasn't miles is there in Cary with rt did they get scary scary free ice cream scary ice cream Jason in Australia where we were in Melbourne there was a convention center is right next to the casino the casino cool restaurants to eat at that one restaurant we had a waitress one day Joel how old do you think she was she's probably about 25 and she had really bad if she had to do her hair when she had grey hair I'm not talking just like a great treat for anything that she had gray hair and it was really cool and then I had grey hair wasn't something horrible octopus paralyze you for 24 hours through Brandon is making its way to the left eye fine I guess I really don't remember the girl part of the remember her having gray hair right for a while thing about you that makes you an attractive like your Scarlet Johansson and your one what is one thing about you that would make you unattractive to stop Joel Heyman will pick that one fucking thing in your eyes I am in pain I will Michael I will microsplit and micro split in Microsoft will just through their words and then turned as one of their own is going to mean it's the motion of the mobile Orange let me understand yes you do that horrific I just seen the pictures and we did yeah but the thing is they were terrible whatever Reddit employees of the poster I know that that was a thing that you try to use as many images of you in the end that's weird yeah it's all coming full circle Brandon read Michael what's up fine with fine a point I really don't know what you would have to like do this food that I wouldn't even have a girl new kitchen border usually let you know man it's pretty much like dropping food on the bottom of people shoes whatever you say that like it's a bad thing fixate on player connected in a dollar ever so what the hell up on top of garbage can't get through when I post the pictures that we took at 5 p.m. no question that virus is going to break out from her like that shambling around earlier this morning look kind of suspicious at the beginning of it too I just was pretty flashback to when they were Napalm dropping on the cities like before the show starts after the apocalypse eventually flash back to when it was going on what was happening come to it I'll be around one of the women who works at RDV distributor head the better plan as well and that she has a list of people he's going to eat really yeah she has like she's stop it's not like he's like in person or like the personal people ready in case that is true by the way if you like it created a narrative the interesting but we just have to figure out a way to make it happen yeah I mean it's like if you prepare you prepare you will not have to make it happen because you still have to figure out a way to put a virus to pay this off funny joke as much money if it actually happened or not show me to work okay let me pose a question to you. Would you rather a nuclear war happen or zombie apocalypse wouldn't want them Zombie Apocalypse vs. nuclear like they just hit the major population centers of Johnson would be one world meaning for a ground zero it's pretty much Ama Joels what the blast radius would be as well as the fall-out range and then you can take wind as well and show where the Fallout will go there if there is not an atomic Warhead small enough to not wipe out everyone else is not big enough for we are done here nuclear head of cattle small missile with one moment with one Warhead North Korea cannibal crater mean where in the off no I don't think so did you Dan I mean like me border Round Rock in the world youth Inc Round Rock as that much further away than we are from downtown it's getting real we're 10 miles away on 35 from my past read you got to cut it basically everyone to table give her yeah I don't know I mean like you cover from that you can recover from not everything has to be clean or the Eurozone 95% of population is data converted to zombie different types by percent of nowhere would 7 billion with a 350 million Something Like A Zombie Breakout and 95% of the population gets a fact about your in a building where you're locked into the building and a zombie doesn't bite you for that time you could say I'm saved vs. like if you're in a nuclear Holocaust you know you can through your head that you could be verses like during the zombie thing we have to bite you there's something you probably are OK or if you're locked in the same room you can totally fucked-up thing that creeps me out about I'm trying to 5477 I'm totally looking at nuclear bombs on Austin now young the apocalypse disease agent on them as well about in the 2015 50 million yes and we have more people by now RT talking about Morgan in RT actual Holocaust I wonder how many people would be alive today if not for all the people killed during the World War II or even like the Bubonic plague like all these events that occurred throughout history 20 million how many it's just too crazy right as video these guys and they were on like an eight-story like one of those apartment complexes in Russian things and I like a bungee cord to a chimney in the roof into the courtyard of the apartment complex on top of those and I don't give a fuck to the guy that if he has Russian guys dog as you asking for the zombie talking for Real where we started zombie apocalypse start I would think Russian girl comes out of China or India because there's over two billion people between the two countries Russian girl on Google Russian girl Google autocomplete for me Russian girl eaten by bear girl it wants to say russian girls getting my bear that's an awful story find the limit of that rope so I should have some left if you there Russian twerking to throw up like engineering that went into that rope swing did you like 5 feet in Mexico where do I go what you know from video games and board games like Risk stop me like you want everybody stop where you are going to get Rochelle Rochelle Corner hero how fine I didn't go right round there it was awesome it was awesome South Island of New Zealand is indoors cat poison ivy what like what Joel Heyman finish his work is done player boot the day you leave the office virus last week and it was an Angry Bird checking read never play it was what was the last thing I did not mean okay that's true I mean I like to look at nature through a glass window but I don't want to but I gotta agree with Joel here I really want to minimize my time outside now we spent millions of years crawling out of that in developing the technology to build walls and an air conditioner unit LG Mobile Orange wisdom working on fact outside that will change you that will change you when you were trapped outside I get you wooden AMA I mean like the stories you hear of like soldiers sitting in the middle of nowhere guarding something but not doing an hour and a half people like One cast new restaurant where we need to go to Garcia what's your chicken fried chicken 70917 not open on Mondays restaurants in a house that's across the street from our chicken udon fried chicken covered in case it's pretty damn good Joels people don't have queso queso is the best food stop Dan bear as you can put it on anything you live in California how much for California Mexican food Baja versus fuck know right I feel so bad for California right. There is not like she's burgers and New Zealand like putting Beach but it's also like I'm looking at you in the cult of by who the fuck is putting fucking zucchini salsa I'm with you I'm getting creative Ultra cream and salsa and queso Octopus Sushi is a square rice with beans The Chop House opinion would have been put rope fish in there along with some cream cheese cream cheese and in deep fry that bastard a flash fry deep fried through can you take a bite out of that thing it changes your life they're called monkey firecrackers and they're delicious a bunch of crazy Monsoon poon I didn't go to the bar the read Dan River blue drink in a bar drink the blue part and in through the rest of the flooring read Park look up real now Police Department mighty fine new hamburger place pretty good they have it is okay but why do you like probably at casino El Camino category creek creek is good thank you where are the keys to the trailer 50 Rockwood Place burgers I like and it's good it's good not crazy for me girl dollar mighty fine mighty fine use the automatic hand washer and get that I have Clean Hands sticker Mexican