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RT does not like fish

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Recorded: 2011-11-30 22:53:03

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Kerry Shawcross, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Kara Eberle




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Transcript (in progress):

Harry Potter cast RT 44 Toyota Camry recording so I can still wear in the queen portion of our podcast entry is awesome Kerry Fat Bottomed Girls Girls I want to live my life too my queen yeah that was Queen Pacific anniversary for the 20th anniversary of his death just passed away 3 weeks ago it was awesome Burnie Burns really depressing when you put it that way three years probably No 9 for holiday weekend there if we didn't I never again never again feel like the past 3 years has been about a week long 4 days we've been here just over a year I mean I just came back in I can't even know if you go past the fish I found the fish but until they found we think that it was actually Kara who killed the fish yeah we had a goldfish here for some reason in a bowl on the table in the kitchen it was in last week's recap it last week and it was discovered dead last night and died because of the water from one of the water and do the other battle killing the things to survive in nature and change the of the temperature like right in degrees instantly right very under their other job I'm sure there are temperature fluctuations in nature along with other challenges like other fish in bucket pollution toxic waste alive life for a goldfish I don't know I don't know Kara goldfish actually in Japan there are these natural coloring glass bowl to Mount Fuji restaurant goldfish goldfish and surely not like a nice big they want to be eating those big Japanese Temple look at the way that their skin looks like I was different colors and it doesn't look appetizing to me I guess I store fish with fish in the fish and it comes like supermarket fish didn't count but you been a week we killed fish tank in the back of their mouths like you never hear about the cruise. fish eyes looking back at you now because we don't breathe oxygen like American we can't relate to that jealousy with the dolphins and whales are mammals breathe air like you don't care and you know it becomes pork butt chicken bike fish fish fish every kind of fish is there was one kind of like fish like of American cause like they renamed it tilapia now I remember it was five years earlier there was invented Crash Pad what is it I don't know I don't have no idea that was originally called dolphin mahi mahi fish Home Depot what's up hey what's up Kara no Kara everyone in here thinks you killed the fish did you kill the fish I change the water yesterday and I thought that would make him happier living in a clean environment but I guess that stressed him out and you like the aliens come to the point I am very sad it broke my heart when I went in I thought he almost cried this morning kitchen Club when I first saw it on the table I walked up to the bull Brian Evans tortured existence like dying three weeks that's right someone how much does a goldfish live RT is the life expectancy of a goldfish the question you don't is the changing of temperature I exactly and I purposely put warm water and thinking that way take water from the old bowl and you put it in a ziplock bag and then you put the fish in there alright and then put the whole ziplock bag in the water acclimate to the temperature and insulation right and then you jump in the water and with fish don't say hello it's wicked man will be by this weekend place to live Valley to Heaven if they never have to worry about seeing you again actually if you look at it fish in captivity can extend beyond I never liked the hamsters at SeaWorld had one almost a year but then the other one killed it and then it died shortly after pootie with them about their environment Nevada volt heater fish fighting fish in the middle the night with you like throwing down cash fish biting the to do for dogs when you get home I have to pee that's what it's going to look for something to me I don't look like a fucking fish it's Becky just patch it doesn't matter I did go to like a Chinese food I don't know if it was trying to tell her what it was that I ordered this weird place and basically they just take the fish and the last Riot and they put it on a plate and that's it that's it that's your dinner expression on the fish's face is like captured in that moment you like Han Solo of Canada when they cut the meat off the fish they put the fish back into the fish tank it's also take a picture of me don't kill it they just prepare it to eating off of to the fish while still having it whatever aliens are going to get Dad video fish race of aliens Bank Kara will make you feel better game eventually sell the mahi mahi or common dolphin fish is a Surface Joel in Raceland fish found in offshore temperate tropical and subtropical Waters worldwide interesting stuff and fish is Mahi-mahi in on it too long but the article said with the Tilapia used to be called it you haven't heard anything about that here products like those folding chairs if he will have her for holding Sharon hand everywhere you know the nice thing is like those those cups with the lid with a straw on them too it's like they just put manufacturers like crazy every couple years like some weird item that crops up and Manufacturing that's only for me to everybody in the car so I'm like everyone has gone when I was talking to people and I stopped in Greymouth which is in the west side of the south island of New Zealand to get whitebait on Wi-Fi what is that the local fish with these little bitty fish then put them in a bigger in there I am up and I tried to keep them and then if you want of me knows that I like him and I had what was a good thing you know what you're getting at least like fish always detect your people like all I don't like the texture of fish don't like it so much fish for salmon like sometimes it's really do you like this I don't know I don't know it's weird something about you makes me think about the texting me because I threw up and threw it through the point 3 hours terrible I read this sickness is the body's response because it thinks that it has been poisoned or if there's something bad in the body tomorrow I need for you to know is that happen a lot we get to get Skyrim to talk about Skyrim Hank Hill volt I'm going to say that I think I have a zit in my nose and it's making me really angry cause it hurts a lot you know that thing pops and pain shoots at on it liquor World games to not give up on them so the time with gyroscope I'm really going to play the main storyline through completion and I did that and I still don't understand the appeal however that being said I cannot stop playing the game I don't know I think the game has in general where as I play more the loading screens are taking longer and longer so it's like that's Kerry anytime I go to optimize my game play to go through doors as possible that's next to the blacksmith in to my house like my house the doors all the doors are travelling forget about it please let me go through it to get into a living space travel and Patch trouble and then you immediately go into it or did you go from loading screen take two steps to loading screen but I want to go talk to that King over there I'm going to patch trouble to his Palace to load to get to his Palace and afterload AA like I said I was like Skyrim but I'm still playing and be responsible you can't actually be SkyRim quests and blah blah blah you know what the fuck I'm talking about Star Trek the Next Generation of people who are in the Star Trek next Generation little too much 2000 Dodgers you get Dragonborn armor yeah I think it's $486 when you coming up I almost made all the daggers I ever and it's not like when crafting where as you progresses you can't make the early stuff anymore experience somebody who has more time than I do in a better way they could collect data for Digital Daggers and how much total collected time that was compared to other projects were built do you where they're using processors they're sitting in the background to work on like in a real problem you know if we could put that in the video games where you yeah that we could solve the energy crisis had like a crowdsourced Lake City things to sell some kind of City Planning issue or a traffic freeway actually work is the letter and let people work with timing traffic lights in that people would play with it all day until somebody gets one that you know it's like a couple Engineers working on that problem workout things for staying article that I found on Reddit it was words that don't have any translation into other languages but you can explain them you don't mean there's no single word in every language like shaving products which is the joy you get from watching somebody else fail and then very very very German write in a point about the culture to in there I can't remember a lot of the top my head because your words but they like the feeling being around family and things like that words that have in American culture that we would need we don't have words for but everyone we need a word for that feeling that somebody smarter than me is working on this and this is okay like you know like do you know spring in my neighborhood that's fine because somebody look into this and they wouldn't do it unless it was okay to do it everyday and it works basically well I guess some government agency to do something or if it was something wrong with it they wouldn't allow people to do it so the fact this person is doing it will know I'm not going to take this problem so I'm going to use the excuse that someone else more than me he hasn't asked me to come into the office and a goldfish in a bowl to flush it and do it somebody else did you hear that being investigated by the government or battery first car to ever have a recall based on Amazon for comedy timing because what happened to the car and got the correct me if I'm wrong and when the car gets into an accident and then you could call it a contract or whatever to wait quietly American cause a problem with the battery cooling system but it doesn't catch fire immediately dick car like I guess they were doing let me know whenever you leave the government trusting someone else parking lot in like 2 or 3 days later the parking lot with the car things like it's going to happen first in the play I get to be able to replicate it several times so there happens every time we're not ever going to talk to him next one of those everything I guess now you don't know who fish how many time in order now everything. when you get your you strike me as the kind of person anything very serious car I had someone to talk about it somewhere anyway to pay to people who want to start something but are both Lucky Damien Mama horror patch not today I'm going to say if you Mahi in the Indigenous language of Tierra del Fuego that was my second choice ok understands in a given award for haha I'm watching someone else fail and that's a good feeling we don't have a word for that in English and it got all screwed up and told you the same thing that's because you forgot in their name what do you do when your with the name of the person I remember liking someone to someone like I say I'm hanging out with Joel Rockaway Ferry AA cause I got the phone call on my cell phone I could leave now I don't to work to call someone's mobile phone and then hang up so they can call you back but I'm good does a second color to get to charge the current interesting I've never heard of meet a girl of personal whatever it's like it's easier just to call the phone put it in their recent call list and write down and have him call you back immediately ok torch store spinach torchless panic what's with language that I'm going to get somebody's attention if I don't even German in German as one Ages which is it watching the Louis CK the Louie show and that's like a very common topic of discussion for him you're aging and everything's going to shit and it's never going to be better to the doctor in your in your twenties and try to fix them and Wednesday evening is 4242 like they like him and he's like what do you think of this with me I did not know that Pootie Tang Louie CK everything yeah yeah the first word you brought up Tang on Friday so there is an English word for it it is epicaricacy khaki there is apparently I don't know where there always has been and there you go that's what I did when I said Meeting Evil Natalie Joy upon evil that's interesting epicaricacy it's like that longest word you can hurt the most obscure words straight talk like that you like girls publish a concept of communication when you talk like that you know that the person you're talking to is it going understand even though you may have that will be the Reserve at for someone else to do other than the right because there's more for later what you want pics of protectionism fat people want to be able to communicate effectively so they make sure to use like a base level communication that everyone can understand like things Mandarin Chinese which was pretty surprising and he said that he knows a thousand characters of the written language and as you know $2,000 you can read the papers actually like that there's so many characters keyboard Japanese keyboards in Korean keyboard look like RT boards but they also characters that are used to build the character not like you have thousands of buttons you just have the fundamental building blocks of those characters and you can find them to make characters amazing it seems like combining letters to make different approach Akebono Sudoku no this one dude right now yeah like a long time ago right the game over a long time ago like the seventies or something like you got a book or ever will be working on it what about how much to crossword people hate him can I get to use HTC only guy in his industry to go to these conventions for like people who make game a book and a cross with people like fucking guy like him coming in the crossword championship with that was a Donkey Kong Land on this part of the sky Louie Gould Mind Billy Mitchell the last of the last time I think in the Orlando area Bes somebody for some it gets better and better with that being king of Kong to write the Challenger Challenger arises let me see here look up no one has in turn that into like a comedy movie some reason we can't actually actors in the net never look at you in AC3 letter project in future open under Section that was going to put aside more attention with their mistake who stole when you get this corrected but now that I just got to work and I'm completely wrong thing to your deal but I mean you look at the trailer for like some Michael Chiklis movie on there when we get there fat Kara I don't think so just you just to bring it back okay did you guys did you see the update that they made the Skyrim know what a bit so they try to fix there's like a PS3 if you and I got fixed but now some dragons fly backwards LOL that's cool yeah I'm one of the best I've ever seen in any game and the exact wording but something like this you were a character would show up to the players waiting gif is awesome I wish I could but why would I fix that but now the dragons will fly backwards and it will also when they see you instead of coming to attack you know just like go to the house and I'm at home like giant rolling what is giant Club I need a giant Mexican eagle flying of the upper atmosphere don't things that don't think it's a couple of funny ones that are in Game and under starting a new series today things to do when under think I seen it yet things to do in different ways to play the game today Story 3 cast how to get rid of cops in Saints Row 3 additional charges yesterday I got pulled over for speeding and got out of it I think I was going and I got a warning fat of warning NFL things like your license and your insurance and he was like okay that's awesome awesome do do anything I didn't do that game we like turn around I feel like I've discovered something but I don't want to and I pulled into if it was going over the side of the road I really pulled into like a shopping center and parked in a parking spot you bottomed a nice gift so that the weight on the side of the road so I may have to do it I don't know then immediately pull up and immediately go to a paid parking spot of everything no he was driving from La out to the desert and I'm he had a cop and he was driving down the highway and a couple and he went and blessed I just stopped and waited like an hour or whatever ended and I never got volt season ticket for speeding ticket he was doing I mean a moment we are fat that's fucking Ball Z crown and the cops turn on the light and start doing you and then you go faster I mean besides that yeah yeah that's it I don't know I think reckless endangerment is like if you're going above the speed limit I think they can make that a felony and make them I mean running anyways then they're just going to write whatever they can write whatever they want everything in Japan with their cops is is if they catch you going over a certain speed under 120 they don't even try because they know their cars can't catch you so if it if they get you over should be there just won't even attempt by moving his pants again the cameras are ya cars in the US now I mean Thursday and under cars feel like Chevy Caprices that nothing special about nothing special I don't believe that nothing nothing special nothing special engine or chassis wise of course even Rich Kerry with like shatterproof glass in the back and make sure they have some cars that are fast like speed traps Cleveland Need for Speed Lamborghini Chargers in charge at the time your motorcycle over things so much faster in traffic I'll just take off and then you can give him water cycle 5% of me get away get away get away with it if you get caught you're acting like that I don't know the difference I don't know I can do it I can do I can do a lot of I can do a lot of crazy shit miles per hour hundred and forty across the from Arizona to Texas border I was going a hundred and forty and a cop was coming the other direction and I passed I mean the closing speed when you're going through so we turned around immediately slow down that is the one time in my car was all packed up after he does it's all there and you give me the morning and I just got the car and I know hit the gas pedal in they're not one coming aboard Crown Victoria totally different issue Crown Victoria the totally different car do the cops know I mean I talk drivetrain is different now Pretenders civilian Edition and I've always been told that was not the case but until then I guess Wikipedia proving it off to do the thing is it probably probably varies from County to County I think they're not I don't think they are maybe the other place that's like a reality show all the high speed chase in the freeway there yeah they're taking over you can get away with it costed out there they're pretty I want to take him at 10 I got to say that if I'm sitting in line at 2 Mile traffic jam and you finally get up to her that there was an accident on the freeway it wasn't one of two categories for me it's a bad accident and you see people on stretchers you know with neck braces on getting for the back of an ambulance to help you like terrible to them or people who understand Cornerstone and take a look at it in the white car on the side of the road and every stop because if I was a cop people who drive old cop cars RT really are Crown Victoria in traffic because everyone experience of others not the other Sportsman Edition of the Crown Victoria the driver side seat the driver seat I guess do the patches you to have it inside the seat and has a stab plate so you can't beat that was with the headlights American data protection girls have like the plastic around the taxi driver and we were like why is that it's like you can't punch him this is like what do you like clean around. Things like that so weird to drive a cab or taxi cab confessions hard is the job I don't know on the car or lease a car from them and you pay them downtown with the cab driver was staring at me in the rearview mirror thing about he was going to put the light in me that was fucking insane Blackpool football USA 06 like a clear plastic where that come from no but we have the same thing in Boston where I get so aggravated with our group whenever we are at a convention or to go somewhere to eat it takes like an hour and a half it's been forever I know I never could figure out why it takes for ever and it's like at the end of the day when I was like we're just going to wait and we end up spending two hours trying to find a place that's less than 40 minutes away and don't always like a meltdown because you're hungry you're hungry too long day I wait about 15 minutes and then I just I literally just walked away from the group and get it 1 of happening anyway I mean you're going to going to happen if you what will happen is 33 hours of $2 do you just want with the Hot Dog menu before we leave then we have to come down I'm not coming travel which is the biggest pain-in-the-ass for anyone ever put you through the process airline tickets I said hey American Airlines bankruptcy bankruptcy 03 all of your files Go to be totally buy the book here and remember as you may know files for reorganization under chapter 11 we took this action as part of our efforts to secure our long-term success and delivering the highest standard in air travel do they know I mean with blue and American before that's why you're receiving the letter so I was like okay Glass aadvantage miles that you earn we're out of business stuff things to keep them in the same on the Shelf for the whole time ever time I get to a point where I can cash in those miles I can in like I immediately I'm waiting which is a lot of miles and I haven't flown since I haven't had a chance to cash in those miles but it's like I knew that was coming like 2 weeks ago I was in the clearly people knew what was going on clearly insiders are selling you could speak I don't know how to go bankrupt anymore so be there but I do think I think the hard labor negotiations some layoffs and I don't know if I'll be around the same thing as always I'm thinking people notice in 2 years almost every bankruptcy post 9-11 happened you know we decided we're going to withhold do wish you could be on writing in in getting money from the government to get our minds as employees they definitely would be yours to keep give me a call back or we need to do is we need to Institute new programs and the company where we can sell people on the idea that if we go bankrupt every thought exactly like you can have it I don't want you to be just go right down the street we could still so I can sure ins on corporations or something and in that way they need us we can't go under it so it's in the best interests of the country to keep us afloat 40 million dollars positions in a business in order to make the internet a better place discover the internet There Are Places on the internet what are you can go and you can make a bet on for the events welcome to 1994 by the first on the internet yeah like do I give them some tokens right now baton to Malcolm's this morning about what they were but I was supposed to do with tokens and it went back and forth back and forth like I was down that's why I was like that's fine no problem I'm just going to double down on the number to be done I mean I can be then I'm going to the UCLA USC game happened that I double down on it and I was absolutely right absolutely right so I was like so I go to the payout part of the site I guess I want my payout and it gives me an error go figure talking right now and it goes up rollover requirements to Wayne and he said well I'm going to cut you a deal Joel precipitated with this we will absorb those costs and we will give you a on your total bill and I got all that but what he didn't tell me if it now to get paid out you have to add your closet along with the fees along with the 25% added together and then you have the X which is a 22000 token that's a lot of tokens as a joke I have to give them money 2000 Koken cause of action to get my money back you're boned mathematically speaking phone bill came back Michaels, so instead of getting out even if I can get out of hand but those guys paper doesn't listen to the podcast to tune in every weekend here Joel be right about everything that's coming this in the economic situation but you wonder how he's not Filthy Rich we going to trade it for tokens in come on King is a UNLV had better not lose by 40 points so you know Holiday Gas based in Vegas and good hotel management School Yahoo Texas Christian University season Vegas College people just have to not lose I-40 point but then everything will be perfect story of a really big like like like things to take Fahrenheit Kara no trouble Hawaii shaving points as much as well I don't know I don't know I do this podcast like there's a lot of controversy going on right now that's bad I don't even touch them learn about the Penn State things from the from the Penn State story where we were but I stopped I was like wow really the Emily was on the podcast last week so as you guys are we talking about the owl she wasn't here when we came in to record okay and the Alamosa very cool Mondo posters fun cool event and they have 3 days to show up in a do something like some of the things they've done the passing of his mother Alamo specifically they did it but they took the traveling Road show screen and they showed cause and to watch the movie had to be floating in inner tube in the river while you watch cause you know you're starting to sound like it's actually in a to with your butt in the water all your people swimming wish I was like don't use I cannot receive them we're going to have a screen for a cool Louie just show up and there's a lot of people Detroit Morgan have a screening what does that mean I just don't have it so what they did was they put people on buses and they went to a local mall which is Highland Mall and motion game quotes so the parking lot was empty this is it police barricades up there and the bus doesn't know what's going on until part of the experience and they had guys in the military out there with rifles with blanks and they were holding back zombie from a barricade and the zombies break through and the bus to try to pull through all this and it tells you the bus is just run get in the mall getting them all give them all and like it to run to do zombie horde while the military shooting at them and you go into the mall to then watch a screening of Dawn of the Dead which is horror store they're all out there pull up in the mall during the zombie apocalypse Freak the Freak Out King Joel Osteen RT game about zombies and zombies actually start like attacking a to remember Wayne Lake Zurich Illinois okay busy you know what's a name she was the girl that we may love killer do they cause more coming out that you turned a corner Anacostia Jack Link with a took of people that with him and Busters in in dramatic summer camp summer camp with a game like that and they spent the night in the woods in the summer camp in the Friday the movie who's in the film broken or try to fix it they got up and acted out the scene he had entertained at the most because there's not going to be this week good and well I thought it was great that was great that's cool I'm season 1 hit me like in Houston and remember unplugged and I remember seeing it flash on the screen like well I guess I'm just not going to get it and I just didn't call them and talk to them this matter they got me like diarrhea with new stuff and I have not filled out your bed put it all and then do it give me a constitutional obligation to do that I should do it I should do it don't believe that we should make like a mad money like heartthrob poster we can get to Joel I still love to watch I also watch American Horror Story I forgot about that but I watch it you're going to get stuck here you know what's funny I talk to you like I usually do only what you're watching on broadcast or does it count that you dvr'd or is it stuff that what you're watching on Netflix things open and it had like a bullet point instructions of Life do this Kara think I should bring anything for Emerson TV on the radio patch with you that's really weird does in cash I think maybe maybe if they don't know something in the end it is only getting $5 can I get 5 more dollars that I breathe the cable will you feel you have an absolutely I have cable but I'll do it Skyrim I watched the Boston show inside of Grand Theft Auto that's what I watch did you watch that I never really play GTA 4 infected by that I mean I did the single player campaign don't be negative then I give me a call of duty I mean would you think I mean it was okay but my problem with it but I feel like I'm rushing through this so many game I mean I know it was Christmas of the movie release date number that any game and got to that point but they came right after Battlefield 3 and I feel like I just wrapped up Battlefield 3 November is turning this big like with all the games in the fish story telling me the game is hard to things will listen to I wish Jack was in here can we talk about it all the time it's sort of like Call of Duty Westlake oh you get a helicopter and in life they kill you and you what the fuck man that took that and ran with it where everything. Every vehicle you get a new Call of Duty do hummingbirds like there's like a cargo plane with a car in the cargo plane and you crashed your car into another car in the plane crash Russian level 23 Modern Warfare 2 3 give me the problem is game to take the survey stuff you just did it again to skateboard like when you play Modern Warfare 3 for the first time things to do and I feel like I should have done what the heck you play it and there's like a family affected by something that happened to everyone SeaNanners on that was like what the fuck is kind of crazy and kind of what kind of crazy now they're trying to do like I don't know trying to replicate that emotional moment at work at the moment and have been removed or shut up with like it was like we didn't really have much emotional impact in the story kind of like I feel like in the first game that story I was engrossed in the story it was a little whatever there was a story but by this game story Wizard to change the character that you're playing Jack Jack is here you go the long on the level that I can play the hardest level to get the achievement nearest do the time where you spend your money on something turned on at season between the actions you're taking in the game play and story so I am I been summoned like when they kill off your character yeah it seems like now like this aa oh yeah it was fantastic the first one but anyway for a moment in the helicopter crash that had a Twist on every game ever played I don't know you're watching the new go of everything I was pretty badass but yeah I'm going to lunch now I'm going to wait for me looking for a job you need alive Taco on Butler Street and if you connect with the first story to it who lost to the person it's so much about Discovery like oh shit we showed up at work here's a pillow with the things that story and you're like the whole story that feeling is weird ask them what the hell is it alive later another one she got to keep that where they don't know the Dharma Initiative everything okay everything okay creating questions and exciting part is the create the creation of questions sure but it's like when you have to answer these questions that's when it gets to be the first for season do Richard Halpert she was like he didn't know Domino's to bed he has really been reports of Kara Trapper fat guy knows everything the process of Life action the work on the way up the ladder just got to get to the guy what you're just asking the wrong question really about friendship what do you think? what is hard it is hard when you have mysterious is how you start and people walking with mysterious you gotta you gotta go somewhere it's hard to go somewhere with me. You know if you can. like exactly one but you destroy the other we need to wrap up for going we had a late start today so we know where Jack is going to lunch where are you going to do when we realized we should just get one next to him I would never do that definitely for Relief Brandon wanted me to give a shout out to our new YouTube channel organic growth which is where past lives so you should go check it out and there be a leak right now and don't have podcasts and also don't forget University store as well so if you're trying to figure out what to buy someone for Christmas what better way to introduce in the receipt in the bag on the right going to be a Red vs. blue season 9 DVD for Christmas and I don't know anyone that would be awesome alright great idea where we can go for lunch why don't we now go to Garcia's and get the chicken fried chicken do we have it and we can bring you back some or we can never turn down not that far away never turns out I will always go that extra step