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Rooster Teeth talks 2011 awards

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Recorded: 2011-12-07 19:16:58

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

forum Joel you on in please please tell me they are able to achieve fire after that was a group like that that you was around Forever lyrics last night it was awesome but in particular this morning because this week I had a lot of trips and we just hired a new employee who is working with it for a while and she starts on Wednesday so I had to be here Wednesday so I can set some traps no big deal no big deal but I had to cancel but you do kind of thing all the time the computer exactly is the deal this week I was flying from Austin to LA to San Francisco to Seattle 2 La West Coast tour LA to San Francisco to Seattle Seattle to LA in at LAX to Austin yeah yeah and then and then and then the captain can do it all I'm doing now is going off to Seattle for the child's play dinner on Thursday night so and then I'm flying to Los Angeles on Friday cuz I am presenting I believe the award for best animation Envy prestigious Friday night best animation inside of video game animation Envy best of awards that's awesome yes getting me Awards Island prison I know the winner already what I don't know tell them I'm cancelling to Sioux City at the beginning of the trip I'm cancelling flight to LA and flying to San Francisco right and I'm just going to Seattle then going to anyone coming back to Austin guy and I'll pick him up something okay great I'll just get a refund for the flight and I'll and I'll be happy just how do you think it would for me based on the fact you're upset I'm not very well okay American Airlines to move to cities from the city trip wants to charge me $150 change fee week it's better and because the price of tickets different than changed this week they want to charge me $550 for the fare difference they want to charge me $800 approximately what half of your life brush on the cruise anymore its just are you putting that I had $800 so that you don't take up their people or their space and they can resell those tickets that is correct my friend so here's what actually turned out to be cheaper if I cancelled those flight with American and didn't replace them and then book the flight on Continental Continental at last minute and that was that what do you say American Idol hi Jackie sent me to inside gaming Awards I'll go get the best animation nominees right here if you'd like to hear I'm just one that you'll be presenting Burnie I might be just my opinion the whole world should do I should open it the winner for best animation in video game 2011 is opening up nominees are Dead Space 2 needle on Batman Arkham City Life Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Drake can you show me now that PlayStation game now that's a great commercial you feel like you like sales in there from a portal in Little Big Planet life itself actually tell we went over that I know you fucking tried to tell me she tell me what she like me she'll know really what that makes me mad cat looking over American Airlines wants me to pay $800 for nothing really for nothing just thinking of you look up to take the same flight Now give me I will see your way to work I will lose it show me where Jack had to pay me a hundred bucks because Joel went to Australia and it's a joke we gave Joel $20 of it as a commission or so I guess as a joke $20 he kept it used correctly 13 Joseph MO quarterback football quarterback handoff to the running back and then he doesn't like your with a pole and in both the running back and quarterback as if frozen in time in the Green Run box played UNLV Joel Joel had 40 points UNLV had to not lose by 40 points and at the end of the game they lost my application until just now when you explain that play I thought your butt was on a basketball game the spread was complete I thought it had to be a basketball game if you want to 4450 6th Avenue is crying over his beer it was brutal and I forgot about it who said you in the balls for it started off great the first quarter was I think you scored one then you know we got a field goal so is it okay for a point that's great you don't keep that up and in a quart WhatsApp with it was like Inception Rebecca show and it was like 45 minutes dump truck I mean I was bad We're all sorry for your loss Joel I'm not like 20 bucks went to that week I love talking about okay enough to go to Vegas I have to spend to go to Vegas get a hotel room and put on still put a very sizeable bet down on a on a football game the problem I had to focus the one in Costa Rica open a sports bar so your solution is already giving him an affection now you're in the clear can I stream any more tokens on my level with you on something the real quick you're terrible at sports betting you just not your 18822 mixed makes me very very interesting internet number the world for those who don't follow college football or don't live inside of the United States that he talking about college football University of Louisville football at Texas Christian University versus the University of Nevada Las Vegas football score okay I mean I fall the Longhorns Texas Longhorns for a long time I watch pro football growing up is getting with have recently look up right here okay I've seen it now what wow fantastic internet childhood is your childhood number to go to your bank and get a whole different kind of death the way to work alright I understand I don't understand the rules multi-day now thanks to Cricket in one out of a thousand flames you just get the one swing ad you just like you didn't really hit the ball and it black explodes forward like the rest of your life here like you're cheating that that's the week is like the Lord Awards trailer literally he's on fire so that leaves us with five categories Game of the Year DLC of the Year movie of the year TV show of the year and internet video of beer which one does trailer cylinder alright so I shouldn't even been one of these before talking points you guys to come with us um it's funny to talk about nothing finis monofin life I would agree with necessarily but there are some from me and I know it Rockstar ones I'm like oh you know there's ones out 3 TV listings on the board it says Breaking Bad Breaking Bad and watching it because I just talked about it so much and I have to agree it's an awesome show everybody everybody Awards but they didn't last year but my family was Modern Family Game of Thrones irrelevant Mad Men And Walking Dead what I said if not also agree with her I'm going to strike them strike them inspect them I just want to say right now the only other people Adventure Time cover drunk community on there as well American Horror Story in a firefly always sunny best horror I know what are possible through 3 BR Arrested Development on their next week hey internet Ministry 3 Whitney 2 Broke Girls I'm going to reach over here over the table and strangle you if you guy me now we have everything Game of Thrones HBO with that Spade TV Entourage 704 down my God I'm sorry when are we going to actually announce the winners of this will probably announce that the probably not next week with you next week alright this is my this is my feelings you're like people when I meant like the comments on my page and then that will forum PS3 breaking off duty 230 box life people taking over look then figured out next week I'm just horny right now text Awards the academy will not stand for this so I'm thinking I love him but firefighters and probably just come off the list I don't think they had a new episode this year and next year's 2013 13 the Netflix thing so we trying inside I'm on my break now I think I would look for community over American Horror Story I probably would as well watch American Horror Story with it is very good is it what's good about it is very striking okay didn't watch the show Modern Family Walking Dead community and future at 5 pretty sure I will give her sales week for the angry comments drama on and not put Adventure Time on me the nominee nominated Adventure Time just make it happen look up your voting process Friday Futurama putting Adventure The Walking Dead wasn't as good this season as good at first but then it was eating a brain dead zombies finally Move Along Move Along move next finish and our time slot best places to eat for lunch Double Take and deliver somewhere to look at to think about that one Games movie theater gaming music game on their games Life DLC for Dead Space 2 that was really cool because there was that story and the characters from that game ended up in the stairs like if you want if you played that game you're rewarded because there's a lot of people yes 6 years so it was look up the other one so Dead Space 2 severed new New Vegas Old World Blues night in white jumping on top of Portal 2 peer review cover Vietnam the arrival it was only a multiplayer stuff now 5 Suffolk about the shirt it was okay but I don't think it's anything it was Martin Burnie now I think we should put Firefly on there I don't know about you this is probably a city category the city category but you know what I mean stairs TV I'm trying to think there map packs for Dead Rising 2 now the whole game and I was out in at our games but there was also an arcade game downloadable game content shirt okay then ad Orcs Must Die yeah right I can't lie to you I can't stop playing that game it was a serious and game that came out but I haven't yet it was always a fun downloadable title burnout crash March 8th at 11 we're going to wait until down you know you like it first Grand Theft Auto which by the way there was another one for free on Rockstar games.com show me the PC version for free high school night when GTA 1 can I have her for those of you who have never played the original Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar Games Classics you can download GTA 1 GTA 2 and wild metal whatever that is because that's crazy Japanese downloads at my house person that came out as well but you seem like 2199 collector of like video games or talk about this in the car and with lunch or whatever like some of those things to really Skyrocket in value if you don't have like a physical disk or whatever name me a video game that has skyrocketed in value common but there's that the original NES world championship game the auction went off at the Charles played in the band would be an example of a game that you went up in price like to buy a Super Nintendo game called it was a hundred twenty years ago and iOS edition original development team at the first-ever item from Child's Play auction it was the first dinner the first year and no one was building his own with him like starting a new game coming out and it was a collection 3 years of scription in the whole thing was signed by the entire development team and I think three hundred fifty bucks I gave it to my brother when he gets hard time Diablo pet as a result of having a question which is pretty rare pets but he told the box with all the pictures on it for like 1200 bucks while yeah I like 6 years later after a while as you know Global phenomenon crazy me so I had to go back and I had to go back and check it Galaxy Heroes the prequel to Dead Rising 2 I did like it but I think it kind of backfired on him a bit because Dead Rising was like this cult hit that was a lost title right for it was not allowed to come up the next but less than a year at 9 with everybody remember Dead Rising the first batch of life it was it was in one of the early Games come out for 360 remember someone complaining that they might be the one that's overclock processor the Burnie Mom I need to play Dead Rising 2 case Zero and with ten bucks like yeah I got my Dead Rising fixed so now I don't need to go out and buy the actual retail game when it comes out and I took him out Jack Hartmann her in almost a month in advance for a month or the store preciate that also help because your character in level 5 came out how do you play Old World Blues but I did play What's going after oh yeah I never got to the DLC in Fallout New Vegas DLC came out this year but I think Old World Blues is probably the best of them Shallow Brook her was last year okay okay the arrival was going to come out this year dead ones were lonely heart dead man's hand and the ship something about the road longer or some like that the Brain Store we love it we love the Criterion guy so we but we still love you guys out there anyone put a star next to someone's name on I don't want I'm calling dibs on Island cat anatomy it was great I think now I'll admit I wasn't really I wasn't there was no Mothership Zeta Fallout 3 Broken Steel Fallout 3 auraluz in Spanish the word down to taste your own Dead Rising Portal 2 peer review Mass Effect 2 arrival then Dead Space 2 severed Crimson Alliance at the downloadable game Orcs Must Die as a downloadable game honestly based on this list I would probably cut the arrival Oh My Cupcakes near OK week and it wasn't really a whole lot I'm still downloadable game yeah it wasn't it wasn't like it was on that level the five that is Portal 2 peer review Mass Effect 2 the arrival Dead Space 2 severed come to the light and Orcs Must Die at 5 Awesome official until next week when we probably right all right we will say that 2011 was the year that video games Past movie in terms of quality it was talking to her games are like 20 long at all fucking Solid 2 region there's a creepy movie trailer me yeah I mean we couldn't ad Mission Impossible kick her out yet serenity Gus House of and world are talking Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 2 Rise of the Planet of the Apes bridesmaids X-Men Origins right class first class me Super 8 in The Muppets and drive and I have a clear one her on there so what are there any that we should ad and if not which two should we cut there was a movie that no one I don't think anyone else has seen But The Beginner's with Ewan McGregor and watching a movie but I don't expect movie skinny Jonah Hill in it now that was I think the start of skinny Jonah Hill and then now it now he's back again in the city which comes out this week and then then he skinny again in 21 Jump Street and in the year Modern Warfare 3 ad crazy is there anything we should be looking at everyone but I didn't see it discount dollar theater here to go watch drive to us and we have a discount theater in Round Rock Texas off of 35 in Round Rock in one of those no no no it's okay Potranco up their Wrangle with a good movie that was great listen look about it but I want to mention it we saw the trailers for and I thought I'm never going to see the movie but I wasn't Hotel paper he was actually legitimately funny and exciting Horrible Bosses is that the name of it yeah it was it was Charlie Day Colin Farrell battle Los Angeles that was that was that QuickBooks source code at their source code is good and I see Hannah what about the art away now I did at 7 appointment was bad not good what do they try to come up with our nomination this was the buccaneer superhero movies about to pull up there I gotta put Thor Thor Thor Thor Thor surprisingly good as those you wouldn't think it would be terrible actually terrible reason why I felt like it was with everybody I've been meaning to watch it it is man you crazy I mean let's be perfectly honest Cars 2 game of the year bridesmaids has a great shot at best picture of a great shot I wasn't sold on Bridesmaids but he was still good but I saw the ring on Horrible Bosses will be coming across the box is going to her bridesmaids? Okay look at stuff cut Moneyball and drive over here stall them Muppets was good but I'm thinking movie The Year quality you should never come up it's because I like them up if you like friends with benefits and no strings attached there cuz we can go to movies which one can move me look up there most nominated actor from Super 8 that we work with you know that some watching the episode the break look up yeah he's not what and I don't remember him being there he's in the scene where it her way the wife of I can't remember any character's name that wants to fight through it and who's the DEA agent Hank Hank sorry life Murray who runs over kids remote control car Small World lyrics like employee Like An Enderman brush with a glance off my throwing that out there me look GTA guy to keep at startup how many I got to catch him or how many I really really enjoyed that movie Dark Knight what was the dead piranha 3 Double D you whatever comes of the Planet of the Apes that's a good movie dude you have in Rango Universal Life Church movie brush with a winter rango rango in the last movie may have been the best one it was incredible long and they're all such quality in the bride how much look forward to but I look like a little content here but you can't write that movie don't you you can take anywhere Joel hair please read the first two movies are the worst which one is the first to in like he's kind of establish the world in the past ad on it me now crazy shocking to me it's very pretty story to be a person who is great my first he's a great the action he's great but he's born to the parents of these people or whatever and then he gets arrested or anything wine guy and you just say he's like I guess I just kind of throwing his own he's born into it when I get home from here Japanese storytelling about her and then there's nothing chilling are the culture we don't her it was he was born into and I don't want to see any more goddamn movie where the kid comes from a broken home I don't want to see that anymore but every Pixar movie every kid here it's like the kid doesn't have a dad or whatever that's not everybody life stories internet for the house you forgot your uncle do dead the Indians of Mexico half over I mean it's good movie a good movie the top five of the six written on the board which would you cut Super 8 Durango why not able to movie do you out a superhero movie your movie and I believe it's a mediocre Superhero Green Lantern Jack she wasn't terrible that movie actually wasn't that what they did with the source material and turned it into a watchable movie ad for having a giant internet in movie that is a rainbow Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings I don't think Natalie Portman is hot Island Natalie Portman ad love Natalie Portman it's beyond hot that's very beautiful with Jim Carrey videos and that she got married to some dance or guy from the Black Swan her because we're angry cover out we're all Angry the Rango Tango I would cut for just because there's no the animated title in there I mean would like anything that's a lie or just tie it Envy Ventures right there couple and also like his the Hawkeye the Jeremy renner's character he shows up briefly introduce him it was Super 8 and Rango Skyrim portal to Minecraft Uncharted 3 Gears of War 3 Modern Warfare 3 Battlefield 3 la.noire do you say Assassin's Creed Revelations Saints Row 3 and Old Republic glass Republic and Old Republic while we were here in the podcast you can't do it with everyone I guess you identified register at dinner my kind of love them all I'm going to think on this list I would probably cut out Gears of War I would have gone with sales tax I didn't use it was great with the story this was your cut Club Johnson City I don't know that we'll leave it I don't want it there for now we'll have to take out the sequel to Skyrim content in the sequence 1 you put a little bit on the phone but yeah it is I don't put two people in Minecraft but other than Burnie I mean 3723 in a list to keep on the list would have been Arkham City Assassin Creed Revelations and Old Republic does my top 3 list of all the Halo Master classics target heart in every part of the universe and everything else 2012 December 20th 2012 just like we talked about now because I'm still in beta Modern Warfare 3 guy head knocked out yeah I got some pretty harsh criticism the story was all over the place 3 with Battlefield 3 the multiplayer is awesome yes I am okay with cutting mat Battlefield 3 gameplay Battlefield 3 single player disc player that's going to play this well it was more like you can install HD graphics on your Xbox but like I think the single player disc you put it in and it don't help don't help what would be something that would not be a hassle for Joel like what could it be 3 steps how down your steps go to a restaurant how to do step Jack and on all of my data will the new commercial this weekend fucker Vegas it was great game but I didn't think it was as good as the stronger contenders on this list I still think it's his relations with my favorite games here I know you just went through it for games I don't know what you know what I love everything on this list I would probably work yeah look for a man that's anything more specific category which is strongest you're like the biggest category to get more nominees 2010 nominees for Best Picture we don't have the Skyward Sword on there I've just gone you can you can I thought shirt if anyone ever really played it new Mario Kart that came out this week lot of fun but then that's fine of cutting games nominations I feel like that's fine at least her parents were talking about a more transparent and down alright I have to go to Minecraft Uncharted 3 in Star Wars the Old Republic only one I'm not going to game it's good to have a good me some air that's true. I mean we have to pee Minecraft Skyrim portal to Minecraft Uncharted 3 and Republic who's your favorite Joel Alabama Jack at the audience to help us come up with the nominees for internet video I can not remember this is about your friend I'm going to nominate Joel Jack me too can I come over 90901 I just did down shirts now available now so I was trying to do some research look this up I hate that advertising has taken over the word viral video look up viral video all of your commercials ever made for the internet right it doesn't mean that the video that popular anymore just mean that was created internet now that in bed that isn't viral always meant that it's gone viral like that by Rome in a certain level right now here's one of the Bed Intruder song that was last year but you're right hair dryer then I got it I got to do this when you get to recognize it as soon as I play you recognize the audio Wheatley fry play this video in the office about ten thousand times Look At Me Now cover by Carmen is Awesome video 48 million music came out in April how about how about the Hunchback cat the 101 but he hears a noise in the garage look like a hunchback does great video I love it wait one more time looking at it you love it then yeah yeah listening to it not as good falls in love with her much. Like Snapchat I'm here but I gotta tell you in my office I hear knock knock knock and door open and carry and like being caught playing the Collectables is like you don't look at that that's that's a good video to you don't have to be masturbating look like sugar the best internet video the year begins to get it looked and I look like a video release this year 234 pages of videos for this year alone to go back to page 2:34 to see the Frisbee toes 2011 commercial stuff that hamster commercial the party rock commercial at the piano are you I am sorry for the world I agree with you I am in total agreement with you jack a nice toes commercial game Jack was like no I didn't say that I never said I love this commercial I think I see this commercial commercial commercial program with that girl that you know and she admitted to you that you like the Jersey Shore and you had that that wave of disappointment hit you yes but I see your point what was your I don't like that commercial I'm just saying it's Ben everywhere corridordigital with just came out a few weeks ago called brush with death that was a fantastic video in the sky when did when did that horribly City Rebecca Black song come out with that this year I did not know Friday well again it's like You Know Me Now lyrics me now man is but a man has to win I don't care I mean the cat barking like a dog gets caught and Batman black scab on cat videos are here nothing wrong near death community Joel Rihanna twerking on a match up with that the name and last with guy walking down the street and who fell down the stairs and sit have you tried to make it over. What about the Marine asking me look into that ball are you watching the UK with at this year guy so great that look good Burnie is crying recipe for look instead of God I remember you yeah man it's hard I can with the best the best one of the Year people people in the UK are good at getting drunk God I'm going to rely on others to provide us with a few more definitely some feedback on this one yeah make a special thread in the Forum just for videos certifying is it in England with a bunch of drunk people and cameras everywhere and you have little sharp metal pointy objects it's great in the making Rebecca I think I could physically drink that much to get that drunk but I think I would start vomiting and I was passed out before I could get to that level of Drunk In The Professional never traveled home and black people phone number stairs was unbelievable at least he didn't end up so he's fine I can leave we'll take those into consideration and we can make our decision based on me you're coming here next week okay please the winner is bang bang bang bang bang bang for ad video OK look like me that's exactly what's gonna happen with the reason Black Friday cat entertainment we have to argue me now but I might send you an actual like labor Texas trophies still and give out Awards and and have a trophy case you just keep it you don't like the guy from The Leopard Dead Awards and every time it's like everytime like dead they can do whatever they want said he has something for us guy that works at Bell to shoot up for that I gave me an industry event in Seattle today with a Half Life 3 shirt yeah apparently a bunch of people have the shirt now so valve is making Half Life 3 shirts but he said he was he knows nothing about it her course not vgas her this Saturday and they could even be announcing a whole bunch Games Week half life her today I think it and then Saturday night I know that for sure so is airing Saturday Night Live look at the whole thing right trailer the trailer and it was an ad for another game before the trailer life for the vgas because I am coming back to Austin racing back to Austin to attend the button on the side which is that 24 Hour film festival next weekend this weekend this weekend to go straight to the theater episode for 24 hours you're an idiot that's it that's her in ER Folly Beach police now that I'm guessing that it would be awesome maybe inside animated but I'm guessing we can speculate but there's no room probably gave you for the pictures I would guess I'm and let me at your earliest out of pocket of 304 months for came out with a 400 and you said it wasn't right the next one tip stuff in there Joel It's really Brave of them to show something like that because you know if you get a now he's laying there best all use the show movies to in a room full of people like 300 something about it was because he was there with them because of and then there was like tip toes it was the Jack Black Ben Stiller movie now that with the Peugeot never I don't I don't have a browser oh my God vaporizer vaporizer look like on a plane flying to Australia I have the choice to watch that or just sit there in the dark in the middle seat I turned it off and sat in the dark in the middle seat staring at the back of a seat for like 2 hours or let movie played because that was preferable to watching it me or does anyone remember a better than in an elevator Tony Robbins Tony Robbins Put a Spell on Jack Black motivational speaker look at it right movie chauvinist with the kind of at the moment and uncles was that him yeah but more appropriately played in Pretty Woman Joel games you playing right now more appropriate for the message water next to you in like you're not going over laptops hidden microphones like this brush it I want it I want it I need it for science the only thing I know that's being auctioned is that world championship NES cartridge and there's no way I have enough money for that Uncle why would you conclude with the cartridge because it's forgive me I would you think there could be and why would you want that internet sting prop you like movie was important to me so I have a piece of the movie in the world championships video game history memorabilia that last year did at auction we went to me but I bought some stuff but I played Ultima games going up okay all those games so there is no have you ever made what do you Gus hate children stop it tsunami released in Indonesia really action how to say your uncle tsunami in 2004 3 billion people died text me when you're at the store and they said you wanted a Buckboard look now if you're just going to give it to the end I would rather give the money directly to the Box from somebody was a quote from I believe she was going to shove her in the Box look at your at this another 3 hair look up your moral compass your at a convenience store counter and get change back there is the little thing with the box that we put in for the kids and then there's also the change the other people come in the store where you going to put it in there just put in the training typically I've never heard of the charity with the kid on the box tonight about the firemen with the boots that in traffic on the side of the road I mean cat jumping around for change in traffic me now you know she was a volleyball star and she's going to the state tournament by a car because he's out trying to raise the money maybe the parents want them to be better than anyone should be allowed out there like I don't even know what should be allowed out in the street walking around her in the crosswalk I agree with that best me ever car trying to get money or talk to you or give you a fucking pamphlet or something in your window if you are coming to my car and I'm at a red light I don't wanna talk to you nothing is going to be interesting Stop & at a green light and they're like having a conversation I want to murder the person or are you a driver I am getting me a guy that got to go got the moves I've ever seen thing for us to practice he's a pain shooting girl awesome he can't ride in the backseat of a car because he gets to do control mechanism where it's like the person driving is doing it incorrectly and I'm telegraphing where they should go and they don't go where they should go or how I should go there they do it wrong and then make sure cause I can the hottest thing in the past and keep you from having that same sickness I don't know clean ejection to the front glass Friday have to hit the people in the front room and said something while I was driving and I get done with it I can still drive you are you know no shotgun shotgun X2 driver at Burnie is driving like I remember when we were in Australia driving back there for you like I look down at the phone all the way until it's about to hit the car in front NES Lamb on the cat terrifying and like his foot either has to be all the way down on the gas pedal or all the way down on the Brave music trailer death drive by Pole Position dead her that is your table didn't even have a break in Pole Position you just gunned it I fancy you're right one button back them the most I was thinking was fucked up dude demographics in Pole driving snow by accident don't hurt anyone and you know I mean I came into work and my car really shouldn't be driven in the rain according the rain in the rain according to the manual like they guy says Don't drive this car in the rain and death and I think that was driving now stop and the car just slid down Empire dead stopped and started bleeding and it fell and it wasn't raining let me watch them the Burnie school driving license you be stopped on the bridge Rockstar just not drive in the back and has no wait you know what the black car to drive yours is that truck the office the office anytime the only in a wreck in the truck when you had it for that month or two when your car was towed and this is the day before Thanksgiving and Brandon was like oh you can take this route to 53 whatever 45 Ironwood I was like okay I'll take it 45 then the end of that so that was kind of a mistake because it was way way longer than what I thought it was going to be remember specifically asked and I said listen when I get off of 45 and hit 35 is Ikea North or South but you're right or left in Italy told me they said you turn right you're okay with that was wrong on the way to 4 North on North I-35 drunk Georgetown 3045 Life Away behind schedule and I have to turn on 35 and then I remembered I had the wrong address but it was not an accident but the best thing about having and I didn't where did yeah I did I exited the highway look like on the highway don't need an exit here I go and flash it was pretty out of hand she said to do that the manual for my truck so box the box was actually drunk on the truck did you put the truck remember in McNuggets in the truck I'm thinking I said I remember a long time ago with in Los Angeles 550 parts store I know the story changed them attention attention I might have crashed the truck the truck that was in the work truck it was a truck and work truck did not you might want to talk a milkshake and then big old movie was you do the work in the ass fuck you back outside that's exactly what happened to me I'm in the truck I'm like I'm going to Jack ago I exit I go to the drive-thru Jack the box and the truck not the word for it that you know about and they did not fucking Austin Texas to Overbrook shirt machine is broken we have no checking my God damn it drive-thru so I'm in the truck in the truck and I'm like I'm not I can not crash your truck I remember specifically thinking just left the truck is box truck okay I'm back up from one foot her on there, just the work truck this car came out of nowhere as I was as I got out of nowhere crashing like cutting now what the fuck I did nothing but it's all over and I get out of the truck and guy is out of his mind he's a Jack In The Box man that is my fault I am sorry he's like I told you I didn't have anything I mean I just pulled up he guy that is totally my fault so don't worry about it he's like don't worry about them life if the car is a piece of shit is already falling apart just continues the piece of shit me to call over the place and I am look at look at the grill and then I thought that dude grow up he's like don't worry I was going to get rid of it looks like all plastic and then he's like no no no I just had happened to have gotten back from Vegas and had just like a fuckin role of a hundred or whatever it was like I had back in apartments look like I thought I was about to do this to me now he's like pole like my place and I can like $700 Jesus bang bang bang bang bang Houston her dollars like I can't believe this and I think if you guys are and he's like he can't believe it he's like Corey said he's going to sell his car for 7 her still waiting line to get an order from Jack now listen it wasn't your truck and the truck but there was no truck best truck 1 ton truck look like me that like from one solid piece of iron that truck but some shit up and the truck that doesn't exist about this traffic I mean it I mean it I was going half a mile an hour the truck is fine I know you can't the truck are there trailer hitch Grill ad - guilty accuse me of being a bad driver when you wrecked twice in the last year you've wrecked that we're both your fault what what was the only the only only one time is life react then you got yourself into this in the me back into the stoner that's 3 and also magnetation another crap do I go for lunch today how do I get burgers in the Thundercloud just guy who works there that is not really a thundercloud employee but he's really an MMA MMA fighter and he's not interested in making now what you did in promoting his MMA career with me to discuss our nominations and we'll reconvene for more arguments and maybe some fisticuffs next week I'm going to fight on the internet this week to talk about next week