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Rooster Teeth announces 2011 awards

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Recorded: 2011-12-14 23:25:03

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

it was absolutely awesome so compelled to plug guys band absolutely Pizza Pie Cafe Violet fuse what was the guy's name that I didn't portal and a half right there right now what you're buying the Red vs. blue and of cinnamon no shirt and a rage quit t-shirt fatal Dave how are you Brian bees or not graphic designer showed me a new t-shirt in a way I guess but I have my ID I set it up so it doesn't save my check so you don't have to turn it back on so I can like she had no privacy for personal a person like you on that one I learned that pretty quick if you have to have your own laptop that you can close down and lock a way that no one else of the company should be able to see it a bad idea to have your son that is my personal exact the company information flows through it why did you on Burnie Burns there we go now we can continue bees in your office what about that yesterday I flying around downstairs outside in the parking lot yeah I don't know they migrate broken to be no that would be your window when the first bees showed up I asked around nobody is in there I have my EpiPen no no louder in front of you I should smoke it still beekeepers hey what is the place where the key Elizabeth the name of the Spirit Casino Hotel Harry that's right what is on at the motel also knows be myself why do they use smoke to play get to bees what is about smoke yeah it's weird right liquid portion of the bidding and she left my gas thing outside of what happened like 2 or something and like it was like it was like those little tiny gnats and explode into inside like I said I'm just glad things are everywhere smoke to my high school we would do experiments in genetic was a lesson to learn about Darwinism and everybody was so apparently smoke masks the alarm pheromone that bees put off so it's disrupting their communication with their smoke alarm techno connecting to hit on a girl no help for hope you really like people what do to be wanted Joel Joel moved into my old office so they don't do this 3 times now Michael second base shortstop never been there I have no idea what was your meeting about 3 times Congress moved from the old office Joel if you like I don't this morning it's gone through all for the upstairs offices the office but I'll take these with me everywhere when you take over Matt's office just make sure you're smoking so they can War information member of African tailor who's the girl who stand with you jack says you did nothing more than this you can safely mention no truly doesn't work out to make map of heroin Gordon getting mad face Louis CK the comedy show about it ghost image put online for 5 bucks no DRM rather just buy it and you buy to PayPal for 5 bucks that didn't download it I'm sick of new business model that we've been doing for the last 8 years 9 years but he'll begin to show he has a bit where he talks about them that there's no bad looking musicians they can't detect it like everybody who has musical Talent is also really good looking what are you talking about everything sexualized was traveling Mr Steven Tyler you know he's good-looking Violet fuse the job site you were trying to tell a story and I do realize that was a dog at the animal was moving into something else Alliance people that I can get rid of them terrible wow that's be alive yeah that's pretty good morning shows are great because it's like wow but the things going for me I can just look at this guy breathalyzer be picked up from Walmart which one am I allowed to use your personal laptop Joel We just have to come here Rollin and how disappointed I was that I didn't have anything my laptop that would come back to haunt me it's like he says I have a boring life but I'm not worried about anything get it out there that I mean I don't really either Locke natural rights Mr Ghetto Walmart in Austin New Orleans grounded by mr. ghetto Louis Mission at to meet for the first time but good God man Chi City at sounds familiar how does one video where Mr Chi city is the spirit scripture God that was killed what do you mean get a YouTube channel forgot about it on Monday when did like a premier 9 didn't invite anybody not a single person that Marshall and Marshall in prison Zach been friends for years okay we don't know if it's banks in Pro what do you mean list of a real man when you can in the contest he was had tons of them they're pouring in the house everywhere but anyway the polls close Zach was clearly in the lead and then they released the final tally and Zach felt like 70s Rachel ever young lady on 2nd I want to watch Jack and Rosso how do I do it now you know it's like I'm locked out from doing it because I don't have the Sun network was like everything sports bar that's crazy but everything I thought was going to be a professional television yes I do the first two episodes Premiere this Monday to do 2 episodes a week for the next two more weeks and Zach continues the trend of if you want to be very successful entertainment War Russia from about five and a half minutes longer remember that in my last week Jack was in the background of one of our students through the floor but 2 days later he exploded like with everything and we were television Rollin Tennessee Oprah Winfrey funny 9 7 Central in Pacific or Eastern 2 and actually there was a possibility he would come on today on the podcast but because of all the stuff we have going on we couldn't work it out so hopefully will be on sometime in the future we're hoping to work it out so maybe next week but keep your fingers crossed for me right now Old Republic from today funny animals at work and I'm not in it yet but Adam is and is he coming in today you know we're having some real trouble right now so anyway I'm sitting there waiting for something check my email now no you don't you know that you never got a pre-order maybe I'm scared because if I get stuck in and I don't know if I'm so anyway you think that might be a good time to start talking about the game immediately 9 cat of there okay so I wrote down all over 34 favorite or is it just pick one it's a free-for-all rumble works well I think so because then we can then we can give the argument true star was moving ahead and knock off Rango so we can watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes bridesmaid Super 8 Durango and to be supporting the forms for 50-50 so I wrote that movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt trailer with which it just like the main characters look like the whole time just turns and becomes fucking evil and if I could I hate this guy and I like to build up the whole movie you trying to like you know and you just all the sudden it turns was like I don't know he's an asshole and everything the whole movie but anyway let's move on so I think we should strike Harry Potter now Harry Potter which of Bridesmaids recognizing aicn Potter is a bigger franchise in Lord of the Rings movies you're all I think about everyone who's dead I have a copy of Lord of the Rings or I have a copy of Harry Potter fatal they will take Harry Potter out of your hair Twilight Twilight Sparkle tailor the Rings JK Rowling has said that she like there is like a thing it might not be completely dead but as of now and Harry Potter trap The Hobbit coming out bridesmaids was good but it was it was 20 minutes too long for me I'm just trying to fight your Harry Potter pic you know him being born into it I thought it was. It's very British was like the Royal Inn oh he's nothing but a the Bank of America was formed in response to Beacon anti Royal to tell me this the the marriage of with Duncan watching this I don't know I have to watch those dancing hamsters from the Kia commercial hamsters so awful Ghost part 2 makes it the winner alright grey poppers I don't get that a person is in his office so we go grab some right now you're a winner Harry Potter Harry Potter's got away okay I wish you move to do TV Rosso weather Modern Family Walking Dead Adventure Time and community and below-the-line there you know we left off or maybe things we should consider as well we're Dexter and Louie Dexter has been fantastic this season that's one of the show's I don't like putting a show on there that people have access to which Dexter's HBO Showtime and you know like because it was born into was born in blood anyway actually started talking about the show Hallows season but I'm really I'm really enjoying it that list so I would have to pick Beacon bad enough to go with him it was one of most incredible seasons on TV I mean every character on that show is amazing like that everyone is like fleshed out those characters so well and everyone got these great storylines I can't understand other show that right now for me and I'm not and I love Dexter I love Community but Breaking Bad 2011 but I cannot imagine the same boat Burnie price Modern Family the time so I don't know to tell you they're both really awesome it sounds like it's going to be alright alright so Gus on Breaking Bad as our winner for the Wii I'd like to buy a the podcast doors but the next one I don't know they're going to get kind of hard to hear internet videos like ddlg ddlg Portal 2 peer review Mass Effect 2 arrival Dead Space 2 severed Crimson Alliance Orcs Must Die and the Halo Reach anniversary map pack and at least on be back in the Forum people not be overlooked Bastian game is a lot of weird thing we did last week and took him like 3 Awards looking up in a game like it was anything to it super super game War and everything was I think like 4 guys made that game to which it is kind of cool to see caliber made by such a question or not can I buy history of the game at the same time grateful how to play the numbers say that I liked it and was a good game but I don't think it was the agency of the year MLB on of the 7 things we have out there I've only played three of them 3 of them so I'm going to be kind of tough I thought be a little easier than it really is I love Dead Space 2 severed and I think I might be the only person in here to play that but as far as a narrative like additional narrative goes that was great I agree with that Crimson Alliance fantastic that was the most fun I've had playing in arcade game in a long time ghost the Regent a kind of to put up there because it was DLC for reach but was also part of a retail release and with the retail release was still like a multiplayer component of Halo anniversary was still here I mean whatever reason actually the releasing Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD which is Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and to be done in like with HD graphics and everything like that and I'm sure that was the last one to know anything beyond that I think it was 3 for American Wasteland and then like two or three others I think Project 8 was last night and they released you to ride with him for that Burnie they should on have in my dorm room is actually heading there shortly okay so that's I guess what I cut to the chase here which one would you think you would pick Jack God it's whatever it and comes Alliance for me I am leaning towards I think for me I'm kind of torn between Portal 2 and other what you really like was the score between Portal 2 and Crimson Alliance myself we have been here Burnie what about you. What do you feel what are you doing for the LG City with your 2 I'm going to reach anniversary map pack and Crimson Alliance so we have almost alright was God was I cited everything from the line just said but everything comes Alliance Joel 2 severed and four times. I'm on the island there the next several dead or dying from the line Joel album so that's 2 for you bring it on Arthur Andersen Miller how can your 10829 okay then I guess we have a way with your lunch where can I buy Elizabeth Frontier alright dry race marker this is permanent as official As It Gets Cat vs hairdryer to Look At Me Now cover by Carmen at work at but I think inside cat brush with death by corridordigital Friday by Rebecca Black drunk guy falling down the steps and in the thread and on the form on the website people were suggesting Kinectimals Nyan Cat of the canals be there July 9th at Chuck Testa portal No Escape and of course we just talked about the Wally World rap 101 and Joel Natalie the last podcast has everything it has one thing you got complex has a cat remember the ocean that is evolution who is the satisfied your man I don't know man trust was great but he went to the internet to prove that like you like you like you like Friday that's why I would leave as much as I hate Rebecca it was it was so polarizing 2 people in office that are like that I mean it was that close it Kohls I know you talked about her Friday night her response video theater name though the most awkward dancing girl ever something like Joel no I can't remember if you wanted to see Rebecca but I would lean towards Friday I don't know that I mean the drunk guy falling down was great but I mean we already had a drunk guy falling down on your head while drunk is because of one drunken cat it's like that even if with music that's to make it to be in like with all of the winning votes I don't think I game I don't think I will be but I mean again I feel like and if I'm forced to pick 2 then I'm forced to pick at first with hair dryer and Friday so nobody of yourself you know but I just love it so much probably the Karmin cover Look At Me Now when I watch multiple times he's getting too drunk guy falls down so looks like Friday is going to win with 3 Friday when and regulations Rebecca Black because I'm sure you don't have enough money as it is one of the biggest videos Friday is Young Arizona with Chuck Testa with videos you have to appreciate what it means you know okay so we're left with Game of the Year and we had to contain the right what Assassins Creed Revelations up there be right and that we hadn't considered it eliminated so that leaves us with Skyrim portal to Minecraft Uncharted 3 at Old Republic and I want to say something about that last time people were a little upset that we nominated a republican HD we didn't nominate Minecraft last year it wasn't out so to clarify orders come out early release basically release December 20th I think there was some confusion about that Michael of my three favorite games knocked out to last week's it was only one I have left up there that I'm leaving at about 4 or so what are you to my other to work the Old Republic in a portal 2 would be my own Portal 2 single player story where you don't interact with any other being here's the thing is amazing the thing is is that Portal 2 is awesome in so many ways like it is clearly evident to anyone who plays Portal 2 how awesome of a game it is but all those games are really Grey the replayability I mean I guess you could argue that you can the Dead return 2 releasing tools how to make your own portal map at like they're coming on TLC keep in mind it's not in the game in the the story forward to it so good I mean JK Simmons and Diggy Simmons would win if we had a best voice actor this year right public is 1 ok to was right I mean you know and I know confirm that was my one of my War bees kind of thinking out loud I just a little too and Republicans have to vote we have to Ghost Rider 3 trailer was awesome I have played the game world in Minecraft and I haven't took my teeth and game I mean I played a lot of the Bay third of one class one of the eight classes Andover public and I've spent six months we're not even think about the amount of time you spent with that content I mean it was like we had we had the baby for a long time now and I've honestly put in months and months of game play already and everything got erased and I'm excited to get back into it immediately start playing again even though everything's going again so that's something we're going to have a little bit of a problem because you are a republican Uncharted 3 all right so it's between Portal 2 and my brain list of the Old Republic 2 on to hear you're looking for I think you and I are going to go over home Rollin Burnie was going to go Portal 2 now I'm Joel alright with it with the truck I mean that was not nearly as painful though Harry Morgan on pain management all right Burnie do you say for the final two I assume you're probably taking over Old Republic really doesn't matter 2011 game of the year the first the first game we might be one of the first ones they're going to get right after the game comes out 2011 Harry Potter be was Crimson Alliance internet video bad Friday and older awesome cool how about I'm not upset by any of those girls all the choices I think I'll really really try some shit about Harry Potter but I was trying to start some shit wise words spoken by Joel I'm going to cook a question on Twitter that's my favorite things to do is whatever Joel says something stupid it's code on Twitter it's just hard to text while I'm doing awesome Jack that's to me whenever I say something awesome Tinker the way it War Chi Minh Joel I'm sure about it you think about it when we do anything no the new one I'll know you're Puerto Rican you got to show for it is bidding Tony just need to calm down show me the stupid things are country part 4 across the law it is illegal to like the FED can come in and say oh please I know it's illegal but running a fever right now so I guess again it's the ultimate ruler who has the better lawyer at the end of the day how much money do you need for the Potter do I think it in this country you think so maybe in like 20 years now I don't I don't know classify marijuana is a different trade of drugs like right now it's it's like classified as like of like Part Lake harmful or some like that like it's some special classification what they're trying to degrade it down to World be in the same sort of like category as like medicinal essential be like you like certain forms of morphine and Valium and a few things like that what exactly is on the way out here but I know that's like that challenging the FDA to say why is this so bad and then the at the age to have to either make up something or you know look at the actual facts and down legally classified as a schedule 1 narcotic in the same group as heroin LSD MDMA and methaqualone and they're trying to knock it out a great 2 or schedule to be lower than that I would think schedule to still like cocaine and morphine sworn I heard something about that I can and super special cases I don't know I'm probably on the schedule things like and feta means Valium Xanax prescription stuff the schedule for Star numbers remember and she crawled through the ventilation duct and died when she was on she was on some kind of drug was of you heard of something that how you do it or something it's kind of like splash splash probably a few to get yourself Royal ghetto jump to the pool with a guy nipple nipple provolone provolone ever know something bath salt sold in headshops will find a way list of who's on drugs a waste of bath salts and then she got trapped in some duct work in a restaurant in downtown Austin was trying to get in to try to get into the restaurant you can make it through it and I think I used to work at that restaurant so I got to the building or you like some kind of crazy fell in and it was a draw and it's like she became trapped War would like to narrow to go forward but she couldn't get back up and was to speak to you that you never see that I would like to think if I got trapped in something like that I would be able to like contort my body in some way to be able to prop myself up and out you know like everything like she was like 3 days how quickly she sobered up while she was still in there or whatever but you know wake up and I guess she was missing for about a month before the country body in their Rosso that sucks I did something fun this weekend I want to but numbers on with 4 Harry Knowles is now 40th birthday Harry Knowles was four years old that's crazy Walker like he started keeping a Blog back before anybody else that I'd ever go back in the mid-nineties and he would do movie reviews and things like that and I guess he just raised enough notoriety to where he got to the point where she noticed him inside for 24 hours you watch movies watch 14 movies in 24 hours and we got some free content in which was a great was already out the combination of of classic vintage movies that are somatic yes stuff you like yeah for sure and one of the one of the movies we saw the movie starring Liam Neeson if it's by the guy who made Smokin Aces and something else that's the Joe Carnahan yeah he made the humidity code the grey which other right now if you're hearing this you're going to look it up. Watch the trailer for the movie watch the trailer trying to figure out why I'm telling you not to watch the movie Liam Neeson Oil Company in the arctic Northern Alaska arctic tundra and a safe and very long story short he ends up in a situation where he's at the mercy of the wolf but knows them really well and stuff like that it is a to make dinner for the walls and stuff and like you there extensive wolf ever attacking a person a chance know that was played on Amazon what are some Ghost Rider thing awesome things about which we should have I did and it was brutal and I deleted it. You beat me you have cinematically destroy me and I'm not coming back and he didn't go back for 2 years and thankfully very hard thing to get into thankfully he was nice enough to let me go back when I played this year to go again and this year not a single bad movie the directors will was incredible because you're like they're shooting you don't Ghost Riders on them the directors being dragged with the camera by another motorcycle that goes faster the Ghost Rider's motorcycle and then he lets go Harry Motors and pulls away and he goes past Ghost Rider pretty freaking crazy we are at a stage I want to know that Mr cage behind of visual effects a city at one time when he was a little and this is like 10 years ago and I said wow you know he look like a belt a person like me Tom Cruise Tom Cruise he was looking a little rough Scotty from Star Trek at Wyoming pickle of side effects character in Mission Impossible 3 and season 4 so fucking awesome Yes awesome that's great to hear the black storm Comin it's a low angle looking at the sky this wall of sand behind him as he's running it's probably one of the best shows I've ever seen in a movie ever that's so grey it was Tom Cruise's Rider the gate to hell I've really been excited about this movie I'm glad to hear that lived up to expectations 33312 Mr people like this guy could win you know do like the album was trying to take over the whole public he knew and he was like no was happening in was working with but he was fighting them yeah yeah that happens sometimes what do you usually do most of the grey when it comes out and I'm probably overselling it but then I just loved it to me on Twitter the other day what my favorite book is and I have a weird qualification my favorite book is the first hundred and twenty-five pages of the crossing by Cormac McCarthy doesn't part 2 book and part 1 is great and just not realize it wow I will send it to you I'm going to hear some I just really wish I will not retract my statement that I can beat any animal could I could not fucking take one of these walls I know I couldn't give it a good shot looks like you can take it looks like it comes out January 2nd no stuff yeah I totally forgettable Philip lot after we watched it I was like okay now I understand television that's bizarre and confusing on the level of crime more than I wanted to like in the back and watch everything Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy did not handle spy movie Sherlock Holmes be talked about so I'm looking for Rosso Pig flying a plane into making stencils for the old Violet and identify the name of the pilot or not be able to identify If I Didn't Have You was really Brian with their art T-shirt designer Emily was there and Miles with their home I was going and then we got them in to my dead friend back out or something so he got any ice cream does the show screening on the last one so awesome O'Connor you gotta to war over that yes there is also a copy of Doom signed by John Romero and Tim Cook which is awesome and then the guy who donated it was like Hey if you went to cook them well they are not sure something of his last name and he's like hey if you win then give it back to me and I can never marriage personalized for you and I was like okay sure I guess and it turns out this guy he's been going to him for quite a bit of money no Eddy Herrera Jack hands me the guy's business card and literally on the back it says and quotes I use your side on this handy site for converting currencies what do I want John Romero to write on there for me so I spent like all day yesterday rocking rocking my head I think I still with that good luck in Hell or something like that my bitch do look for daikatana spoon was bidding on that one from Half-Life which went for $20,000 I'm like 21 the with the word couple things that were like they went for like 6000 like 3 people are going for in the lake how about you I'll pay whatever you all pay the same amount and then all three of you can come out of the tour of valve I think went for 6500 and they have 3 of them in 1959 but his name is really working on right now copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master collection was the time anyway but it was it was it was a good deal concept art piece that was there all right Joel walking was like you know we leave behind her and had all the names and Ernie dictionary was like on the far right of the was over was on display at the outer edges funny I kinda like to go to that to actually buy stuff bidding to its I think about it on Monday also give away a tour of Bungie that I believe came with a voice role in an upcoming unannounced project that's pretty cool that's quite a bit of money as well and then you guys went to the cinema tonight from Seattle to Los Angeles to the IGA inside gaming Awards war of Burnie presented for best animation and I presented for holding the bar up was Batman Arkham City Tobuscus four other major a chance the traffic on YouTube theater for a while a really really cool dude super nice very nice dude but a bunch people out there it's always good to me like the internet people in with him probably Joel with them what it was like when it is his Literal trailer commercial for heat was like him singing and so I guess we cut it for him and it and it and it said it was talking about that's cool. It's one of those things work together John her I didn't like it I just feel like it I thought it's a hundred and fifty bucks is 20 bucks more than like the Nissan Sentra what are they doing about the Dodge Challenger let me know where can you rent a car with power and a long time ago no no okay sorry we're not list we think about car with the engine is too high feel like Hilton you know it's a good Michael a pro Rider Mustang for a long time the same sort of yours is like a big engine of in front of you so you can have to drive the car and nothing no part of this is the truck I can't imagine driving that truck around that ass Gage domestic Ghost Rider look like television part came out okay and my mom came to visit me in hey are you staying at the Driskill downtown and still to this was like a really cool Downtown hotel downtown on 6th Street and we're in the lobby and I'm with Janet we're going to go get me elevator and do that thing where the elevator doors opened up on his people over here I'm a dumbass I should let him out and he's like nose to nose with me earlier until I did the one thing you can never do I told the guy who is an and I got it the Nicholas that I screwed up licking dick I have with my Most Wanted oh God damn it still like the name of and you 163 and I were looking down in real life bidding Frazier and we had business cards and all pretty sure we should go down there and Tony how to get rid of razor the same thing happen like I thought no one was looking right now that's the greatest thing he's going to know if you have Case Keenum the car then turn around and walk away 800 the card you turned around and looked at the car that smile drop Ashley Tenacious D in biodome well watch out to meet Steve for the Mr show I think you something else I was thinking who's the rapper doing right now code Rider and I think it's a 380 Pages dedicated to Red vs Blue and I mean that's more than we have episodes a lot oh yeah anytime you're the producer on at one time and they're like is what they needed like the guy or whatever to like know stuff and so like the first that down for like 3 days solid and watch episode after episode after episode after episode and I didn't have enough money in there Young yeah but we just moved here from Canada she said she got her bees and is working here in the office now it's always weird to me to see Barbara outside of the context of snow around her and she's like no no no absolutely Cinemark for years and years was one of the top members of our community site in fact the date of the tires she took over the number one spot on the community side and now she's not a list anymore right now 2 cast and crew removed from that list first right of on the mic ok make love to it make love to me so what do you need to be managing people 125 Rider St.com or repairable well you're still young of community and Barbara's Lake various social media platforms you will be helping us organize part Twitter's and or whatever saw your Tweet you should go to be the person responding on Reddit with proper grammar this time is supposed to cover the moron was who's been drugs Beacon okay cool are you from Canada to Texas that's that's a significant change in Mr snow do we actually what is one thing we know we had we had problems noticed in your one day that's probably true that it was your favorite thing in Texas 04 breakfast tacos what have you had to hear what you think of it I love it was like mind changing no really what does that mean I didn't eat the text that was on the way to work Garcia Marquez or something have that you no longer a now you're starting right now on my way back towards your pro picture every week on his email her this past week we were one point off from a spot on prediction how cool was that really the only thing we we portal we are one point away from having a spot on prediction with spread eagle or a was not was and you said it it anyway thank you very much Barbara welcome aboard thank you great things from you bring it on level grey Barbara in the future to talk about stuff congratulations