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Rooster Teeth is now afraid of fish

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Recorded: 2011-12-21 22:18:52

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Jack room really fast Resistance 2 how to tell if you of legal drinking age in operating a motor vehicle the rooster teeth welcome to the podcast information from littledogs13 on the website you're not confusing with big dogs 1304 things will happen no the next one and I'm being a lot more selective writers the next one in line dubstep beat with the kids to me how many of you have submitted since the name change on I couldn't even tell you I don't know your name really really of 2010 currently October traffic out of the way I see it I've been watching lately that cracked me up my new favorite thing on YouTube so we went down to Australia and New Zealand to promote the release of the Season 9 DVD down there for Red vs Blue right now available in five retailers around the US for the first time ever we were part of the distribution we were sharing a booth in New Zealand with an X Felicia Day arguably probably the most popular web the show web series Xbox live now they had a job down there and Sandy who are two guys from the start their two stars from The Guild and so I thought the first time we can so I should brush up on my shift and Sandy current work right the assholes like what about the guild and then watch the tennis and stuff which is Legend of Neil and then head to 5 minute Comedy Hour which is also a person nominations I'm not an ass by far one of the coolest things was I saw an interview that Cindy had done with these two girls and a cold live prude girls it's probably with a great name by live prude girls fucking hilarious thing really funny I want to tell you why you should just go watch it right now interview with the interview let's talk about something more interesting the interviews and interview people like you and I think alike Jackson died what you think of the name of that Comedy Hour film no no Greg somebody else it's a good neighbor I'm pretty sure that's what they're called Good Neighbor is the name of their comedy troupe not to be confused with State Farm not to be live prude girls fucking funny stuff on the web did you make something that was really good really funny it would go and people would find it but no matter how many hours of video uploaded to YouTube Every second less than 36 hours every minute if you want to watch a neighbor if you want to watch every single video on YouTube ever use that time to do that you would call it a day and a half behind every minute who had a bunch of windows open so many cats and so we just girls getting crushed I thought you cat video this morning I was fantastic we are before we go too much further I guess I should mention that we have Matt here with us it was really good I forgot to mention that the girls are very good looking about it afternoon not here so um story so I've been playing a lot of the Old Republic Legend window and the game doesn't officially launch doesn't want to the 20th we're still wrapping up so early so you can be in for quite a while are you at the concert the Q in an MMO but that is what you mean when you go to log on to the game you get a list of all the servers and we all play I'm behind of the Cat video this is just didn't know when you go to play you log into the server we have to be on a server where there's a 30 minute wait five hundred people waiting to play the game on your lunch today man in America do they call a line no other guild and Republicans are also on our servers we have all these big deals Batman that's like always have like A2 hour wait I have no idea what the funny thing to me about anything that happens online that recreate something you wouldn't want to do in the real world is that people just accept it they do with the real world what do you want to wait in a line in the real world you go into the virtual world and others online have to wait in line the second roller coaster that's my point migraine that character easily yet it was not like you know you can jump from place to place do we even name one our server is Netherlands Eurovision cat Neti about the window the long is the wait for it video that's what I was leading up to that makes you go to jump from a balcony to another balcony and slips and Falls what could be 10 Story troll cat jumps to catch a butterfly this is my favorite like Shu words jumping out of window the out window that knocking out window window which is defenestration so I guess I better than defenestration cat throwing up when we did you ever take the AC T Test I took at 173 government program fucking great of a no but there's the a on a scale of 1 to 30 Jack to Burnie when you get PSAT 2016 2424 Hunter Point what what are the changes of an essay there's an essay portion to the city now good luck on your grave graduate level College I mean you have a 1/2 and fifty that you scored much better on the other first-year 180 on the writing or English whatever you one of the other one was better did you take the PSAT verbal and Mathematics but I was 10 points higher in mathematics comfortable with Today Show 2014 the deviation you and I was 7692 language 1400 Materia tank like ammonia no Davenport Iowa City bandolier zabaleta check his rifle at the door and then to take the SATs Pasadena 7:10 very well I prayed and I got to get to you so whatever defenestration find cat videos for everyday real world results writers never touch never actually used that I actually get to use my phone to do a film jobs Burnie and I have a Bachelor of Science in Burnie has a Bachelor of Arts in computer science Peter signs fucking stupid I get a class ring when it was a new guy on the printing press coming off last inside window the paperwork and got inside and put it in everything and I like I like you know what what are you have a no I don't like so bad it's right on the side of his face story too far away from talking high drive out to one of the other so the highest score you can get on a C230 66 no text now what's the time in Texas do you take oil did you take that test Stefon of person that I would just the basic skills yes to replace the one I was taking my Iowa Test in 8th grade when 9/11 happened that's how I remember it soundtrack to explode I was sick from school today and I minute no about that so I want but that's not what you know the International Space Station and shut it Duke tumatoe Christmas Burnie okay what are you doing the Challenger explosion then I was like yeah no I was actually Mazda used to be at 2:35 and then leave me to the 3635 but anyway when I was a junior and I want to get a Notre Dame and I got high and I get what I need to do it didn't get a high enough score to get into Notre Dame when is to take the test cuz you said the pay a hundred bucks I thought I'll take the test see what it takes what I need to study to do it I patched it with Mike if you need it 700 to get Microsoft certified I literally got a 700 good for if you work for a business qualification to have certain types of meditation to get different kinds of okay away from my original story live prude girls the ACC when I took it it was it was quite like that but it was definitely comprehension section of it which normally I can just blazed through in just sitting there and double check my answers like there was just one package probably 3 quarters in which ways Cat when they jump out of high buildings that they have a greater chance of dying at lower floors than they do at higher floors light up to 7 Story still died but above 7 storeys there's some kind of weird 3 full mechanism in the brain that kicks in and leave without laughter no like flying squirrels they should be spread out and then they hit on the rib cage and live so of a cat falls from 40 stories that she got a decent chance of surviving falling under five stories or whatever better chance of surviving cat to the Twitter no quiet testing center I like you shut up shut up shut up and then the other cat photography cat David to rearrange the letters in cat Castro that's true I think 2932 really family 3635 of the time I mean nothing to write home I wasn't going to rise did you put the right yeah I got paid to go to school it was awesome because every semester everyone would be able the registrar to write checks for the tuition I looked I didn't live with them it would be all upset right now or text me I'm here just give me a check 1500 I thought to myself I'm going to get on the internet I'm going to get rich so I quit school and work. Okay that was a company in California and the more tech companies in Austin and Houston tech support phone the phone for dial of my money smallest planet Gus at the tech company and Gus anything in a nutshell he basically says I need to work for the shittiest company ever which went to go work for a company that you know all the students that he will give you the head their branding on it or anything even though you never said you get what you work for the company that makes all of that chalky stuff like that one of them was way over there venereal what the fucking Wizard of Oz you like it worst and Burnie speaking of town I would whether or not to lock or unlock the front door for the key of money so I have to try to get left in the middle of the table and they would let me do whatever I wanted to I couldn't respect them anymore so I have to but had to quit it was terrible I was showing up to work drunk at 10 in the morning like like bald out if I shouldn't even gotten in my car and just because you think you're going letting them do whatever they want in their respective that's good advice remember next time like the Aztec calendar rolls over or whatever the simultaneous lunar and Lake Cypress good Doom Romero to CarMax rocket failures last year but I don't remember hearing anything since then about those guys tell them masters of Doom biography or something it's actually for a while article about us adding on to it and revising it already Market it'll only cost you another 1995 the digital copy do you get the patched short pay for the other for free podcast on iTunes you can download music come out when you about it because we do not know we can approach me well so far Christmas week has anything Christmas no no what is going on this of all the household hiding and trying to get rats out of my wall you ain't hiding from everyone family friends for everyone how many cards have how many Christmas costume if your dog doesn't have any Christmas costumes no nobody's dog has costume people have costumes for the documentary we do not own any Christmas costumes for my dog but we all know we have to Halloween costumes for kids every time we have minute Gus has me tripping at your house no pressure just think it was more for the old dog Guild out on it she also likes likes shift photography is well wondering where she takes normal photograph and then in post like in Photoshop tutorial soundtrack for penis hurt the Russian shirt yeah it was pretty much a gram Instagram no time the fault like that which version I didn't know that so you take the picture and the effects are applied to it than that I would say if you do not have an unaltered picture yeah that that sucks cuz you don't the original SNL cat people take so many pictures no it is I mean they're overloaded with pictures crazy pictures about fire getting started in 2008 the fire Pendleton what are you doing to my sister and I'm going to uncle died and it's spelled strangely though so why did he do that why telling your kid blazed why not just give him the real spelling I don't know American Gladiator blade blade you should be so blasé ways to make fun of your uncle by the way is awesome I think we're meeting up at my parents house open mic North Austin inside having dinner there we're doing dinner on Saturday night does Blaze have a middle name died skydiving out with my brother pra UK my sister did the same thing when she had her kids like she gave them not name names with weird spellings of like don't don't don't do that if you didn't receive them legend or Kelly or some like that always inside it seems like a child really got it tractor nominees Facebook live in the now Matt what did you end up going to UT from Georgia all my family is in Texas and I just want to get out of Georgia really I just got shift to scad and I kind of wish I had gone to scad in Savannah College of Art and directions I met some cool people from scad over the years working out scad the way to get away from home base to get out of Texas I couldn't afford to send me to college for $21,000 a year does my dad never went to college he barely got out of high school and my mom went to Southwest Texas which is not very proud of me when I graduated from your mom she went to college didn't want to go back to mothers every day there was one in the podcast now Buster Star Wars the Old Republic came out yesterday are you excited to play that Hawaii temperature we want to know what you want from your old republic and my mom went to Nazareth College and she went to the University of Toledo in Spain spend time over there because you know this is a little out there so my dad you should be a Catholic priest and my mother thinks only like your father my mother was a Catholic nun and I don't know I don't know it was a pretty interesting is a pretty good deal and they always claimed for years that they happened after they left but they call the community I don't know if they were naturally neighbor it supposedly there's no such that all we can do is take away your pain No Doubt you were like what are you talking about Matt Damon behind the until they get off the premises Party Doctors new in La who was study Tuesday the Sky live with that he was not very bright and he's always doing things to scare the hell out of me and one of them was he was going to be a paramedic and he was just so dumb I was like afraid for anyone who ended up in his car and he went to study and he came back telling me about the five signs of death cat short live he told me like what the five signs of death body was all burned up black metal black guy in all black and white guitar no probably not blood and helping like it wasn't like he's bleeding heavily and I cannot remember the last hour lump in hospitals around the us if people being screen doctors and nurses but how do I identify irreversible death number one doesn't Castro direct negative decapitation burned recognition all burned up postmortem lividity when the blood stops flowing and Lantern Livermore or blue death blue settles and lower parts of the body that his post-mortem rigidity and the 5th one is of course your mommy no ma'am of blood outside the body but you watch Dexter Legend the first two episodes of the season finale for the season for two more years I don't know about that that's a big one how to make an American no shirt about him in the same way now Entourage thank you for picking it up Mark Wahlberg you're feeling sorry for me you don't want her over live bait out that's too much Guild they are making an Entourage movie is not much man short with me the Batman one was pretty great TV show me what is a Gordon compare and order room inspection information to look at the camera for 90 minutes character the whole time did Horatio see him come out of the return should come up at least once I get everything like there's a college dorm room no Christmas decoration Christmas card Christmas card in a Norman Rockwell painting Stefon live music video that live writers made it 4:30 in the morning I think it was like yeah yeah thunder on the toilet Prince on the room I know we joke of the day jobs the Burnie business writers women's of Austin with making ridiculous demands about the number of toilets that we needed to talk for a while we just make some day was the first no Duke the front of the chair right there come up but yeah Trevor gravity window the other day we got the ball to no good drive up Nikki I don't know why we never really considered when we built this building the barber started last week and over the weekend she was here in the office and she decided to use a blow-dryer on her hair and she pulled into the dryer start switch on your hair and tripped a breaker that took like a lot of our Central networking equipment down our servers are video the office because we never thought anyone would try to use it for his closet with servers in it is on the same circuit circuit breaker at the outlet and a GFI plugs in them and also those lights and the fans all the ones that don't have women yeah we know before we even came in like card making yes good money to tear down of every turn on it's raining out it's pretty crazy little no I printed out like notes on them see how many actually draw how many watts do you want me to totally change subject here totally I would love to be terrified Health advisory of the day so you guys know what a Neti Pot is it go to the spots where you run the water and take an awesome to clean out your nasal passages are linked to those brain-eating amoebas the water straight up your nose warm water like that when you know people are getting the Neti Pot do you want to the pot with the South American Lake water quit elevator anywhere like blowing up your nose in your brain in your brain brings into your urethra like your feet to be honest in your dick hole you are correct term good that makes me question God cyst on the planet I would be if people didn't go swimming this is it when I'm Google you get a prince live fish picture of no I don't want to no I got a fish in the Amazon least more species are known for an alleged Tennessee fishing out of a terrible mourning too long of a text on human versus Pacman versus Pakistan died Wikipedia shirt there should be a section called dick move Wikipedia smittys of candiru inside the human urinary system which took place in Brazil in 1997 so it doesn't happen too often 23 year old dude who claimed the fish jump from the water into his room High Desert wild died in the river to hour Urological surgery to remove the fish from the body Cat from Victorious In 1855 relate an allegation by local Aerospace Fisherman's died it is dangerous to urinate in the river at the fish fries out of the water and into the urethra by sending the length of the liquid column for ridiculous digital people wouldn't put in the water they were drinking out of the same thing to you Legend I get out what is wrong with the water in Pinson so different what's the story of Jonah what he left his brother there with you in the link up when he told that story did you put up links to images of snake poop horrifying horrifying really just made me think of the pool which of these was lucky enough to be nominated for 3 different iawtv award or something for International Academy of web television which I am a part of which is the worst thing ever I don't know why you would name what we do on the web television television anyway so we got nominees for best animated series 4 Red vs Blue vs nominees best host for inversion and then I need to be for Best Host for immersion no we're going to be heading to the iawtv awards in Las Vegas January 12th January 12th happen during this Target on it and I thought about bringing this up when they Dairy Queen Austin there's another award show that takes place during any the AVN porn Awards which take place at the same time so as opposed to the AVN humanitarian Awards 2011 we're still on the same night I think as the AVN Awards no I'm looking it up the men wear what they do xxi apparently it's sexy as hell sexy as hell hosted by Bree Olson in Sunnyvale of the Charlie Sheen girls staying another night there the same time frame as the AVN Awards in the same town so I'm not to say when people are Awards we should not yell take your top off we should not yell died the doesn't really qualify to be naughty because it's not a website give me the 3 commercial that they released last week and also good idea nothing is awesome Twitter Twitter like it sometimes I don't like Twitter mainly for lack of a better term I will write them like about yourself I was watching football yesterday Twitter weird speculative investment firms it strange strange strange Kim Jong Il died he did that's crazy I love the North Korean Presque Isle of them as you read the how he died died from overwork and dedicating his life too much to the people I was certainly hoping that we're going to see movies out to the movies now show him all of Kim Jong il's work and whatnot. Put the link and I'll send you the North Korean and go to the Statue of Kim il-sung and like put flowers down and be respectful to the movies because he video game what do I have to do to get my objective mourning the loss of people having an effect Portuguese with the rest of the world is live somewhere like during the World Cup this recent World Cup live broadcast games alive they would only show games they won and then like edited to make it look like it is destroyed the other team so they weren't actually watch him because they're going crazy what happens within the next month I don't think much will happen nothing will be the same I mean David for a while now I think of anything now is the time to military no no 8800 Hennessey Venom rage the rapper we need to wrap this thing up cuz we have a lunch you need to go hit up we're going to barbecue for our holiday lunch slash dinner today so I had a feeling as Executives because we did not inform the company very well and we were having a holiday dinner Mourning you know how I feel about having holiday dinner at 3 p.m. that is the only people no good it's awesome for our holiday dinner when we had like 14 people that was kind of cool we have 28 people that's like a new building building building with food I carry forward died at whatever they need to do it to Twitter Twitter is not answering what's up with people who talk about Occupy Wall Street too much or that congressional act or people no other one the military can u.s. citizens talk about that too much Twitter will suspend your account deleting people but you can't see deleted two or three additional people like that but he wasn't just one person that they had gotten rid of it was a couple I'm trying to find the story here but I can handle right now Cinnamon Lake no mourning someone in the middle of the company through the defense authorization Act was restored and receive the support hello Twitter remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk unfortunate looks like your account got caught up in one of these groups by mistake account number normal not exactly what I told everything if we got caught but sorry I didn't Indie British yeah right and he wasn't stuck primer to fill eukaryotic are stupid Legend card locked on my fault for getting your stuff back I never got my big computer bag which had all my life video files I didn't working on for years and years I did get a laptop back from 96 Tractor Supply Christmas everyone happy holidays but I'll go with me lately I've been