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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Kerry Shawcross, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

John Time Podcast a game some beer and have 600 and I do not agree with the message in the song no no never organezized organezized that smells of the world untie so ironic that was good I've been trying to get into the record Thad Matta sleep on the floor I had given up knocking on the door and I told Jack was going on and Jack started pounding on the wall nobody wins or anything like that anyway so we're in now we're doing good we got the call my phone I texted you I didn't actually call you and I was doing it so I couldn't call because I'm in the bedroom now Fair en Gus in here today what up yo we're going to talk about somebody like yourself has been plane her one of my class Quest yesterday that last night before I was trying to be discreet I couldn't I couldn't it was really hard and I realize that I was just super drunk the Battle of YouTube you felt like I just went to sleep really angry and woke up the next morning whatever it was super easy one shot at this one around like 3233 something like that I just did 28 last night if you're doing it like a whole crapload of questing on Tatooine it's going over here for a second Burnie well what you can do a spot-on imitation of you really okay so what's up guys fucking replace do you need to marginalize no longer trademark alright yeah that's true you are a delight for me and I've been in this building and now we have Michael in their to Gus now has two people in his office with him there's like 20 people upstairs and it has like tripled in this ridiculous monitor arm for monitors on it I had to put in extra video card in his computer so he could have for Monday now is a good half of our building how did how did he manage that when I should also add just got that ridiculous monitor with 4 monitors and then he's got two additional monitors and a TV her over there when you're trying to sleep who white paper 3 probably the printer was right between us I mean like what that's a team you know everything that I hold my breath ocean that sounds totally forget what you look like one of those kids that could have been in one of those photos with the black faces Kerry to go to Vegas post a conversation let Ryan go back to work right he looks like someone from Star Wars dress today my relief just based on Han Solo Han Solo Blaster before it before you left room for second Burnie offered Kerry go to this event in Las Vegas next month if I can get a chicken so here's my thing Kerry is only 20 years old and going to Vegas before you're 21 is like basically like a like a like a hot chick kicking you in the nuts that's amazing Helen Michel Motors hand me downs real time if you're under 21 and go to Vegas what are they building a hot girl looking up the duration of the casino can you even get to the hotel portion that the only hot girl don't understand you're not supposed to walk through the casino right now you can I mean it's not like you can pretty much say that upset him now we have to go through that you can afford to get anywhere in any of those places but you're not supposed to hang out so I can I just like hanging around stopped by parents walking with kids stuff Burnie would have to be Kerry parents in Las Vegas that hold us hand whenever they go somewhere because somebody live Arena time ocean hotel room I was just. I'm not going to ask you in front of them I apologize dick Betty Shelby Kerry was nothing Kerry Kerry is like our Swiss army knife for protection but he does a ton of stuff because his previous time if I can figure switchblade Swiss Army the time in American fingernails Jack Cruise technically baby has gone a few weeks and I hate you for going to White in January once again I have another month of almost non-stop travel I don't know how tell him Burnie Burnie white in her place to Vegas pool who to set up a meeting January 2nd in Vegas how do you go to Vegas January 2nd and not go for New Year's how you do that you leave on the 2nd in the morning of the 2nd or the afternoon of the first day I had to take it to the concluded you have to there's anybody in the room woman like you you know someone that celebrate celebrate celebrate I went to Vegas for white celebrate New Years horizontally I don't celebrate that small town and make that your daughter told me about this when you were younger 9109 so I thought excellent Vegas debauchery capital of the planet to the route on the Strip but you know even if the rest of the world going to ship the one place that wouldn't feel that way would have been to Vegas no more than any other place that invested to make sure that she keeps working so where does Vegas get its power did they get in the Hoover Dam the country major hydroelectric so if something really goes to sleep and the other place a New York the Niagara Falls Buffalo Rochester area where I'm from originally that is not hand over it live so black-and-white photo where there's no water going over the falls Travis anytime recently told Travis to my parents about their her for Christmas and I've never seen it like this is just like his dad Riverside Lake Nottely Jack sure what's in the middle of the intersection Wikipedia Miami it's man-made it's a body of water and I guess it was that it would be warm and interstates backed up I don't know what that's true I have some of your make this diagram in the comments some of your work this thing out. You're correctly Travis is on the Colorado River 1942 ok McKinley Travis Kotaku because their apartment in Austin you can take part in lots of different cultures like whatever kind of life you want to live you go to the clubs every night and you never really horrible flame torch Helen Mirren probably at least one was going to Devils Cove you can have a lot of fun if you can't go hold your breath that's true when they get close to water they go crazy I don't know what it is they just kind of lose sounds like that baby rabbit people culturally petroleum time to talk okay I'm not going to say people's names but you can her who I was with you we were we were out drinking one night and some bar and we know it turns me post a going to boat I was like it's like midnight and I know this is kind of the river that route to the river and it's like this it's like a giant giant boat on the river and there are naked women every one of them and I was like getting the connection while walking around drinking and doing things naked women everywhere and after about 15-20 minutes a friend text me girls go to make it back to the to the dock in time you like we would have been so he was like he was going to take you home Rich dude dressed as Mark Twain drunk as shit about to drive about the phone that's what I'm imagining you say that it was you compelled to tell a story about that same guy anonymously this were talking about this guy who took Jack to the boat paddle boat controller post he want I'm told me a story about he was driving he has a lot of money himself and he has a very nice BMW and he went out for lunch about you party one night can you tell me the store the next day and he live in a gated community and the gate was closing as he was approaching it so I'm going to make this golden opening instructional welcome to the ocean where the fuck you white man that destroyed BMW Detroit the gate all that stuff what did you do did you have planned I don't think it would you do if your car plane no I took the plate and I scratched off the VIN Baratheon live stream of wannabe Mobsters like to cut off his finger prints or something like that pretty close to the gate so it wasn't like a run for him to leave I have been there I just need the gate next to his house it's really close to it mm hydrochloric acid to get that barrel and make it up the ass if you like you can go back to like you know Season 1 type stuff so like if you watch it in order most recent season like that you know what that is but how long was your spam from start to finish what you started watching the show about a month somebody take the fucking right and I want somebody to die for my rights and they do that every dude that is a really great show you guys were right on it and if I'm glad that one are drunk tank Award for best to think about the postseason and you watching are you watching a very condensed matter puts would be awesome I wish I could have done that it's a train wreck and I know when you start that you have no idea how it's going to end because things are already so fucked up look up an accountant or something like that and yes a few different things but I am good I am just recently put out there with all the character actors that you recognize but you don't know the name so I'm to be compiled like a top 100 list of those people even there how much of Alaska Pacific 11 career for me no no there's nothing like that recently in a movie I saw was the guy in Major League who is the one who likes Fitz and Corbin Bernsen no no he was like that we're really looking dude who looks like Tom Berenger and Wyoming oh yeah she's Corbin bernsen's white hot dude 154 Helen Mirren came out recently bikini national income tax bikini years old and she looking good dude it was really good so what's up post about this lady in her fifties approaching 50 and nobody recognized and maybe people don't want the Rooms To Go commercial but she didn't know she's not really relevant anymore it's not in Pepsi commercial Marilyn Monroe I would recognize you know Bridget Bardot and I would recognize you know maybe I guess there's some people would recognize not recognize more prolific careers that make sense like Pepsi commercial in the Super Bowl in the supermarket you can watch the movies right now your shape body workout a nice to see that she's known for like the nineties I think she's in that section for anything here there's not much in her that's why the Simian line fair fair game fair game that's her game she played Kate McQueen is the cop on the edge she the woman with a dangerous secret and now they're both... William okay yeah we were talking about the Double Dragon movie a couple days ago asking if I was talking to Mark dacascos and Robert Patrick and one of these from some other TV shows the other brother not Wolf Scott wolf yeah it's kind of weird like most Iron Chef America and how did you mark but not Scott Wolf movie cove the wolf or something like that or shut of them really badass like action movies Brotherhood of the cross imagine that your head Kerry under 21 yet but I will be that way now anyway 300 if you double the speed it looks a normal looking guys that jump around in the studio trying to get to The MythBusters the whole episode on that like all the different moon landing missing stopped and there's a long Shadow and like everyone is bad in there I mean to know a little bit so we should be alright speaking of Internet stuff I've been reading up on the whole ocean marketing with tutus a thing The Young Ones talk about that it's impossible to to not read up on that so someone pre-ordered an Avenger controller what the fuck is in a Avenger controller first of all it's a device that goes over the controller that makes it so people who can't don't have very good controller hand can actually play an Xbox game or Playstation right okay yeah I guess this person that ordered it and they hadn't ship in the time he was supposed to the email asking about it still had to ship them he was kind of upset because now when people order it they would get a discount at Payless but he paid and he still hasn't received his hand and he will get his any sooner but then he got a response from someone who works at the marketing company for this controller and the customer back and forth and back and forth IGN Penny Arcade a whole bunch of different web sites and so just getting the kids responded and she seemed like Tipsy Kotaku and my kid Penny Arcade a hold of them and let them know these guys dropping you and then I got it and then everything blew up and said if you guys going to pass longer have a booth said you don't know who I am I know the mayor of Boston like he's talking to the entire email thread on from there with the guys Twitter handle what's ocean marketing misspelled it's because of all the trouble you got into Ocean strategy also controller is not her before all this mess but I think every single person who came out and said this guy's an asshole and we don't want to be with him after yesterday I guess they decided to type into Google to post talking about how much steroids that's pretty funny that I just posted biggest wind up okay that's great and it's not that I just I got fired from Ocean Side marketing never lost their contract with the Avenger that totally makes sense YouTube NPR think the man the internet unlike anywhere else in the world has the ability to pile on it almost turns into like an elementary school plane Ransom time to be on Twitter saying you know what your payment is waiting at the factory PR firm that's about it and putting it pretty early childhood Brown and so anytime I can get back at a bully I go full force and he said he would like he would burn down his own website if he knew he could catch the guy in Flames like so is very anti bullying situation times when you don't realize it but you're the bully that I mean it's like okay I get it I get it I mean the guys the guy made a bad business route we did a terrible thing but it's like I said it's okay that I give you poke your eye out you have to put you guys out the punishment for what you understand The Bistro at the the Church of Scientology stupid if you don't like the Scientology they were some things whatever but the Church of Scientology you don't shut up it's like whatever to go after them it's like they were ship stopped to take money from people that I don't need that yeah I think I'm dumb I don't agree with it but I feel like it falls into freedom of religion which I think is one of the fundamental things that were guaranteed in this country you think what does Scientology falls in the freedom of religion mean Spanish Inquisition everything I mean she's pretty horrible stopped in there lots of people dying yeah I just I just I react and probably the same way my game from potatoes that I react negatively to things like that as well but I watch the mob mentality and I watched the pilot I have a really strong reaction to that because people don't even go to Penny Arcade Surface tablet businesses that are stopping their day to file under live like sort of a warning to other people name dropping them and I think they wanted to a beastly call this guy is -4 and 18 like those guys throwing their name around there like no no no you don't do that and like it so everyone is very quick to be like distance ourselves away from this guy as much as we can I think that might have something to do with it okay okay also dropping I mean things like dropped you know your promotional material that was published in 01 brightest somewhere I think that you know Google search for the guys name I mean they're doing it he's an interesting story and then 300 in publishing things about steroids Forum I don't see how that relate to game in years except it's weird and everything like yours a game gaming YouTube in a in whatever is going on I just think that we can do is your part of the mouth if somebody in the mob goes to part your in no you're wrong with him email of the Kentucky didn't really damaged in any way like you said public information crashes never know you just never know what is the purpose of publishing that is what is to gain from that is the public interest in ensuring that guy on that level right now no I mean that's ridiculous to do that because it seems like as an American Consumer walking around the worst thing that can happen to someone if they feel like they're stuck her or feel like you were taking advantage of people like coffee the fuck out if they think they're being taken advantage of no one in America and where they are like directors Unity of the live prude girls route they're asking for mr. Burnie Burns to join them I don't do that yeah I'm going to go to LA in January parties trips so they won't be there tonight I might be subjecting myself to a pretty girl YouTube Helen Slater Chernobyl reactor a great at least not by the wolf that's what I'm saying right jack sent me a video oh yeah video of the Animal Control Officers removing a 13 foot Burmese python from someone's pool in their backyard until it's officially on vacation at the same time where was it in Florida so I saw that the public information right because they had a the address of the residence right why don't we send them I don't know which ones we have Animated Adventures mouth okay I'll be in early stopped coming there next week is amazing we are trying to have a the store now we go Brandon okay now you're talking about yeah I know we went to the Moon the best short we have been out to them to let you know down the street here and the whole way out there Chris kept talking about it's fucking pants like I just wanted to bring you and want to get them dirty it rained it just finished raining or going out to the field with a couple of my dishes covered in my time I don't like getting up and getting crispy to be an extra in the background he's like okay I'm going to put these other like dirty cargo pants on over my new pants that way it looks good for the short holes in them we also started to live up to him and just last month admitted 15 long at all we were just talking about a weird serendipitous moment that we had about a year-and-a-half ago but just recently went down for our holiday dinner we went down in a crisis and what two cities while some of us want to try to make it to Kerry it was we went we would have to get ice cream sandwiches at Lockhart Texas which is about 40 minutes south of here Southeast Southeast a thank you card George Foreman Grill in one day I was like here in Georgetown to Lockhart first time take Brandon in your in a lot of barbecues crashes no no no I'm leaving at least on the George Foreman grill her way down there any said nothing down there compared to George Foreman Grill in the parking lot doors George Foreman for the heavyweight champ of the world in Georgia look at me and see Hardie board Betty White George Foreman cook breakfast cookies are they Mexican Wolverine on their Mexican Elder to know if he wouldn't let George Foreman touch with him and he looks like Mexican Wolverine Ryan Seacrest a hard worker do when did those older guys they don't exist anymore but never Ryan Seacrest of 82 by the way it was born in 2997 how old is William Shatner's 80 right so about the same age really hand and white turns 90 in January yeah man I should somebody post the picture of Betty White in her Heyday she was quite the dish I have to say back in the office I literally was like Marshalls YouTube Dick Clark in Chattanooga almost the same age that was like a year to younger man like Dick Clark went from like looking like he was 52 looking like he wasn't like 200 over the course of a few months hosting new show president president so he doesn't call back president baby puts hand in president Obamas mouth ocean news that he was in Hawaii for Christmas and everything coming to a local restaurant or something and using photos of people in some baby puts her handwriting is mouth cancer attack dogs live camera live in channels Ikea Obamas you come down with croup worldwide to a famous person you've ever met like have you ever met a u.s. president make sure hands are like what you mean I mean like that's the question what's to say you seen in person in person I've seen Steven Spielberg in person you know what I was at the window in the 2000 election when they had the whole debacle where they didn't really have a candidate didn't have a winner until like the next day or whatever I was downtown at the Capitol here in Austin we were Bush was especially with a Blog of all Congress news on stage and everything so I was there for that is my uncle he's big and a lot of people in Texas government what's up president who shot George Bush Senior HW Bush after he was it was like the day before there was an accident with his plane yeah yeah the day before or the day after that he wasn't on the plane but the plane that was supposed to fly him crashes probably America the private jet crashed in Texas on his way to pick up former President George HW Bush killing all three people on board was a Gulfstream that went down in Houston really now Breaking Bad has ruined ship like that for me now it makes me think of somebody Breaking Bad conversation in like a Starbucks or something I know I like thinking to talk about something really serious you know it wasn't normal people think about the same thing as last night and I realized I like this one conversation in the game where this guy was giving me a quest in the middle of like the space station is running but here we are talking about throwing his conversation the government money route of that it's funny that you say that about Breaking Bad Creator who said that he had always viewed breaking bad as like an experiment to try to turn the Mystic ship to type character in Scarface really to see if that was possible to do that you know I have to say that they kind of taste that only because at the end of season one he was like a crazy badass but they had to kind of back off a little bit but he went into the plane that was crazy that starts with the craziness that one thing man dude I don't know she's like yeah you're so fucked up coming just so fucked up you like I can't do a goddamn thing about this to me control top in dick to me a couple times and put in my wife it should be like why are you laughing just realize how ridiculous this is and just say OK this is life and it's crazy or what they're killing mother fucker I can real it's crazy I mean really I forgot to tell you Dairy Queen lose it and start falling Pixar movie if my life fell apart my wife game like what happened in the in the show but it almost happened to him and he was also watching the first 15 minutes of up top 10 Pixar the first Miss that this year was Cars 2 made watch fucking money desk her know that outside of the bottom of the barrel Run tomatoes hundred million dollars in 91 domestic 364 551 million dollars worldwide I mean in all the way cars to make them like it Amanda 2011 I'm trying to find out I think it was the highest game platform Call of Duty my wife is pretty big that was that was like one launch titles in 360 plane the hell out of that everybody on the crew was released for the original Xbox karaoke million dollars domestically white I would real estate Wally I think Wally 223 domestic to 97421 or white you look up the motherfucking crazy about 2 million domestic International 419 a ton of money overseas okay that would probably make probably double its money if they call the animated young Indiana Jones Adventures to Indian Springs, just realized the other day that teaches the boy that the tension was a. I thought the movie was about the dog and the dog was named Tintin yeah yeah you're going to be really open overseas before the United States to London back in October for MCM Expo the Billboards everywhere and I think you just opened here this month in December last week most life-like animation ever seen my life phases to plays the captain in that I don't know Butler a little bit when I think back on it I don't know of the only people I realized it was Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are the Thompson Twins actually Andy Serkis to be nominated for an Oscar for the procedure but then there's like a whole team of people really Blown Away by the performance I wouldn't say that I could pick out of the fucking shit movies movies up for best picture at the Oscars in December once again Firestone in a trailer ever on Pearl Harbor what was the woman that helped cast it was first Star Wars Episode 1 yes absolutely I think I think that's what it was the lightsaber in the trailer I guess maybe they didn't think the franchise was going to do that well initially but the original Mission Impossible trailer which I think was directed by Brian DePalma or better another what are the two guys in the stopped 300 trailer the deal with the helicopter in the tunnel and it even though baby shows to the trailer the last before it in the trailer but the greatest like that like there's a moment in the movie trailer for a reference you have to Golden Globes nominees for her this year we'll hit me up more picture drama The Descendant the help Hugo The Ides of March Moneyball and warhorse I don't know what you just read I recognized you go the defendant is that George Clooney movie where he goes to Hawaii live in a musical artist bridesmaids Midnight in Paris and My Week With Marilyn a movie that turned turned him for me I think yeah I want that $50 or $500 which Jack talked about forever probably like an hour or something like that I was talking about it what wolf are you trying that's it I can't take this Premier Place on Zooey Deschanel Cabela's Rapid City I don't think 2000 of them go down in a good, okay so you happy that you're happy it's going away but it didn't ya you had to get some help I mean it I have to cut off most of the dialogue for the season 3 renewed most the dialogue from the season. I don't to make you red vs blue one of the faces that will cheer you up as fast as possible is cutting all the voice actors dialogue together are you out there I feel like I'm 21 already cuz it took a year of my twenties your building the reference W somebody else and it comes up and down for me I think overall I'm pretty neutral like it started started out OK a middle is pretty rough and in the end got pretty good so I'm staying of the neutral planet from Futurama neutral my wife I said hello 2011 to 2002 like crazy crazy stuff that was going on so crazy how much your life can turn around to get it and keep in perspective how much how quickly things can swing yeah definitely and you know I understand I mean Los Angeles never get a job here in Austin and then I was in there for 5 months and you guys called me to come work for us I was like okay it so I drove back and it was like something or I thought you know I'm resetting my life and then over a matter of months but I'm doing something I absolutely love 2012 numbers for the year of her 2011 and non-music based channels which we like Vevo and stuff like that route very important most viewed Channel on YouTube music music Kerry a big fat no sometimes I can see right now somewhere in the world in December gets in there he said travel trailer and they didn't show tomorrow so I spent two days on the ceiling awesome people we said next year was the blue lady from Utah who is down there and she was the dialect coach so she had she was coaching all the hobbits and what they sound like and she was the established like The Hobbit pretty much yeah I said it her present I said the dragon in the first movie and she has huge channels is it remain so that when those were our baby doesn't even go on our YouTube channel 7 news the police I don't the number last year we were number one so if we end up in the same place as your number one with Red vs. blue in the number 8 YouTube with all a pretty good place to be Linda 2012 we know some of the stuff we have and we can't wait to see birds to your bird a crossover Siri Angry Birds meeting to wrap it up now baby changing the way we deliver this to that