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Rooster Teeth welcomes 2012 with Jayordan

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Recorded: 2012-01-04 22:57:13

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Transcript (in progress):

Joe Jack to take everyday listen to NPR Fett all ready to start 2012 a biased against acoustic guitar like I don't know why I love college and all the people thinking about how to save the day there's nothing like forever you keep thinking about the Hunter little up there like what's a draw in you. We should do it eat and how to save sheep one thing about it like all the time I just wanted to see if and paper towels and save every time I heard that song so I don't know it's always involve with acoustic guitars that you never hear like a gangster rap song about it that's all I'm saying we made it there but we have a very special guest podcast weird yesterday when I should be happy I go to Vegas why should I be happy to be at those Joel what happened I don't like this game Earth away from me I just I don't know I lost a lot of money yeah he did how much it how much is a lot now looks because I drug it was actually the job and then I needed to say blackjack table I just graduated reporter dollars down and this one is $25 I put on black and then I take it I just a $25,025 loss at 2:50 and it working working working back when I knew rose red like I can't remember what was 70 times that it's your fault and it's over and I'm happy back stroke and he's gone because you watched foreshadowing you guys really high a really low down $3,000 to EUR you guys just like what is rules of all that for you just like the present to Vegas is like my first time I went to Vegas and I was plane crash to let you know $10 minimum table or whatever and the table next to us was reserved and was like that's weird in the sky shows up with his bag of chips playing by himself probably $100,000 on the table just this one guy I'm just like that's my college career triples right there's actually like myself all day a large group of people that are all into the game he was lonely you have perspective is that you could look the you going with whatever amount of money you want to spend $2,000 up and down all day when $10,000 to put down all that you know you can back and forth over your career that you cannot beat that everyone in the in the long run because you up and down all day but the casino only has to get you to 01100 eventually they have an endgame and you do not have no you should go and have a set amount of money if I have this amount of money I get to that point then I'm done and you can a future Joel back I just loaned them the money I'm going to get this fucking thing is that things like I could spend a lot of time and it's time to put a dent into it and that's the problem we were out there I had a meeting January 2nd in Las Vegas and I have to go back next week for the iawtv the world over because Joe and I have always up for going to make it you mean the terrible because it was like standing in a line to stand in line to go up to an escalator to get it me to got to the clip Awards you like then they check your ID but it is what we got in there it was black but everything about the moon did you drink a lot of alcohol things get straightened out it was a lot of fun it was a lot of alcohol lately I Jack Jack a lot of alcohol people eat first Jack and across the street is a place called little woodrows friend a bunch of short they're here they're like Jack and I would like and I was like okay was the last and so for like a year and a half and in the same thing then you got a black and you can put whatever you want on the planet and put it on the wall and so you're right you're right you're right got to number six on the list and I and I was like them weird beard clap it was definitely the first people there are a couple speed bumps on the at the big time Jack is would lose weight on the list for like to hear what it was the whole time visits lawn mower Rite you got through the and look like running my birthday and I'm so official list and they brought over the things you wrote down on this thing but you're going to put your flag out what you don't know is that I want to head something connections with on the Platte Joel number 1 Jack smells what are the original is my name I will be moving you would like to feel proud block letter art for eternity now Quantum little woodrows to the at the the lawnmower the number 6 which is like the first real stumbling block in there's another one further down the list you were on that was like 3 months yeah what you have to do to knock it off the list you just drink one need to drink in order to drink in the correct order and they come over tonight however many drink that much coffee on your keychain up 53 real football game eat anyway around numbers 36 to me like that is 32 somewhere the thirties there's a street called the michelada and Tabasco sauce in it it was the most disgusting thing in the world ever Dennis Joe Jack up I ordered it just got a not doing this punch list that I just ordered it when we were there one day and I took one step at a time anyway finally one day after what was Burnie like screw this you're getting through it so he ordered it for me is like you're getting this and then we can bring you like that like a half a serving of one and like will that help things like okay fine Villa Antonio Charlotte to me I took it delete all my got the worst thing ever in Burnie things just found it sorry shutting the whole thing down I gotta think I think I ordered next day or two so I like them anyway anyway what are the printer anyway graduate my friend he went up to New York summer when I was in college and that he came back and all he could do of course when he came back was talked about in great New York was got up and he kept talking about a place you would go to eat New York in one day we went to what the Little House Restaurant up in Hyde Park Hyde Park Hyde Park Bar and Grill Hyde Park a Reuben on the menu and you wouldn't believe the Moon to the Earth you know the guys name Deli you know or let me know I don't know Harvey's Deli or something like that did they get is and I order the river here is Ruben I walk into the kitchen and I said but my table just order a Reuben I would order stick stuck and Ruben and just make them all is one gigantic sandwich the biggest you can fucking make it Boba stuck you didn't wake at a day which is 60 inches and he was like he was like jack ass to get to ruin his experience the way you got to Jack but it's okay where the cash is just fucking with you took your hundred bucks is anything about it brightree you like how's it going where you guys going tonight 2 nights ago where was little woodrows I to go there and I had to intercept The Witcher 2 again and we're out of those right now you like you want me bar black shirt oh yeah and then they clean hands like at 10 in the morning all I would go to Westlake breakfast tacos and Rudy's is the same for the barbecue place owned by the same people might find hamburgers and hand washing machine with it together which is on the inside of the door they have a hook when you open it with your foot when you're leaving the bathroom you open the door with your foot if I have no idea where that reporter on here 4K gaming Hobbies 2111 you got whatever screw them anyway it's okay I realize now you got internet this is our first podcast of 2012 and this is the fifth year we've been doing podcast now we should really start at the end of 08 for 9 10 11 and 12 wall what are the first podcast with the purpose of its member member member with the Sheep 454 in July it was like a long time he was one of them that was the first things we started doing Hyde Club video Journal people like what is that up in 2008 like like Modern War generation to generation to fix it whatever the trailer was after that in Modern Warfare 2 and in the Black Hawk war and then Modern Warfare Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 so that's kind of like we talked about that wasn't even that was the moment where I gave up Competitive Gaming big. I'm just going to play it wasn't even at the end of got the moves like weird like we'll you can do everything right and still the scenario may not unfold in a way or you're going to get the achievement and you left right left right left down up down at 1 you had to go through it one weird because I have a thousand in the Modern Warfare multiplayer Modern Warfare islands of people who play the game hard core and haven't even played it Hershey mid single player and an update and they have like multiplayer like ribbons and stuff like that which is in all the multiplayer DLC but it didn't I don't know I go back and forth on that I don't like the idea of there being a gamer you can't get all the achievements we don't have enough experience most games now either come with a single-player to multiplayer is like a complete experience I don't play at least I get what you're saying but in my opinion achievements were created to give a competitive aspect 2 single-player stuff you did I never got to show up before like I got all the packages in Grand Theft Auto 3 you know there's no way to show that off for as weird as multiplayer already has its own built-in 2 ranking system and Commendation system because you're going to the game you're playing is a people only double decker whatever it was like you had to go save a hostage and so you started off in 2 minutes and on the hardest difficulty moving left he was admitted mile journal the air plane I must have played it 400 500 times to beat it and you would like charge through the first level to the front of plane weird you able to the stairs and in charge of back down a hallway to try to get this thing at the end and it was a very and it goes into that little guy in the head I did that's exactly the date on this one minute eleven 1307 is when I put that in a little over three years ago I was talking about finishing up the final episode of everyone at the same time I put into perspective and I'm sure you know Jordan here a little walk through in my journal is G-funk Jeff has run the board mid at level for anywhere between 5 to 10 hours I spent a lot of myself how many hours does it take you to get through it like how many controllers did you break through cabin looking Earth is ashes good for the podcast this was the race to Joe can I get a completed then I guess you're too the whole year Demon Hunter which would you call that even though we were still talking about some way to get that off the ground and then we did the race 4000 gamerscore that was the first podcast still has not paid me for after all these years yeah and you also never completed that was that was that was the punishment for losing the bar none the best cheapest I've ever got with mile high club is great for that 7-Day Survivor on the original Dead Rising is incredible just like literally like 36 hours to get it like if your Xbox is pretty funny modify your actual life like your real world I wish I could do it didn't give me too many people that I've got and I'm proud of it I'm very proud because you will give me one connective at work or whatever still split wall work out so you should do if you can people run 2 miles is how little I tried that game that was a little how many you have how much Jordan you're pretty proud of what she has no not really I just I just play it and then whatever I have like you know I go through at 1 and I'll have like 16 at at like 50 that looks good yeah that's pretty damn good 2 x 2 million without buying those are both very all the games in getting to the Bears at the hotel 7-Day Survivor you have a toothbrush for probably my best one that very few people had is I have 100% VG with an orange box LOL Witches 1990 entries and one that's really you have my Collision all of that other I love you like 2 bucks a night for Redbox game things I believe you're correct 2 bucks a night for Redbox Instant was one of the test markets at one of the first Market to the role that out in and now I think they have all the red boxes okay the graduation I just happen to prove by one of your Jordan journal entries or whatever it's like I look working hours Left for Dead 2 like from the Xbox and let you know so I can play it whenever he was on the computer and as on my brother's computer so you want me to go on it and so I've been wanting that for the Xbox I got for Christmas I appreciate stocks now because it's like I used to love dog air again stock person you know or if I can the Way You Lie whatever sorry I didn't things work a new year like a clip where can I buy actual address Collision 120 Benton Park up yesterday those characters always seem to get covered in blood from head a the perfect definition of a perfect to the back of my right foot or whatever and it the first time we tried to go to Every casino on the strip and hit every single one you Journal so basically took our you guys are fucking turn it was like you choose in at home it's a long way to go we live in Austin and one of things I like about Austin and I'll try to the we hate about Austin is the fact that you can wear whatever you want wherever you want even if you want to go out to a nice drug generally I think it's getting more stuff everywhere I don't is in town and it's only and I hate that I really hate that like there's nowhere dress Journal me when I try to go you really have to get Jordan out to eat BBQ at Lamberts the other night we all went out and I noticed that when we got there everyone had changed out of what they were wearing at work is it going to a barbecue place you want to go out of town I thought you said you look up the duck you like is you having barbecue places around Lockhart or whatever lunch yesterday from a tiny little restaurant in downtown Buda and we're happy about that I was ecstatic is a piece of fried chicken with a cold chicken fried chicken for some reason the definition of America right and it is covered in queso melted cheese for at home I was in California can I ask for turn up they did there's no case Minecraft in 2 ashes will be brought Barbara in here High Barbara Bar hello cuz I was hoping to have her start talking about Community stuck cuz your community manager so what are you up to this week basically it's involving anything from the season 9 soundtrack and then upload it on your I'll have the link for people can do that right now so we can you send me little how are the mission so far they're good they're good some of them are really all well I mean not accepted in Door County public official rules up for anything and I brought it with me I'm probably one of the rules is you have to be in North America and up shipping something all the way around the world what are the first contest at Brandon and he made the mistake of not specifying that and weird the ship when it was giant Brutal Legend statues to on an outlet the other day when I was young & Company better contest insert coin clothing and they're based out of England and I was like how about we just give you the emails the people in when you ship it in okay no problem anywhere in the world with no problem at all thank you insert coin clothing p.m. Central Standard Time and you can find the contest section on the website under the members tab a new 96 GMC does Canada have the same time zones in America people like did you hear that did not have a Friday last week yeah they moved from one side of International Date Line to another so they went from Thursday to Saturday I will have them Monday thank you and Friday I don't know date authorities they were on this side of the Dateline up because they want to be on the same side of the date line as United States for trade purposes but as Global Powers change and decided that's not as important to them so they can switch other side of the Date Line cross the International Date Line what you do that one time your whole life time and once you cross the International Date Line Hyde is stupid it is completely arbitrary number people point out when you when your birthday came up please 33 rotate around the sun which is just make stuff back I guess me the second you cross the International Date Line they tell you stand it doesn't actually exist it's just one of those things you in Australia when was the last time you guys were done and I realize that I was six hours behind the office and you all were 6 hours behind me when people spread evenly around the world weather spearsville a sun never sets on the rooster teeth Empire what do you get to do with China in The Bugs Bunny cartoon Northwest of Australia really the answer for enter Pony I don't know to say that we the Pope little we have drilled into the Earth ratio the size that the Earth is smoother than a cue ball on a pool table really variations variations you know she takes it was a very honest trench and then the Mount Everest the highest and lowest variations of the stroke the Earth compared to the overall diameter of the earth that is insignificant like I'm things are ashes and Cuba to take people get angry at me and yell at me and tell me I'm wrong and it was not counting the oceans 95% of the Earth you mean I have not be 95% you might really are steam 5% last year's personal maybe 5% I have a globe and home I'll see who I don't know today I can make it should I say whatever they want you guys walk on the plane a comparison to something else little bump I mean I feel like I've been all over the goddamn Place everywhere everything you know and it's like I mean how many times have driven that like him you know and it's like 10 and Highway 40 at both of them you don't go on this way back like in between the 10:40 the giant chunks of land of nothing like that oh okay I was going down Highway 10 what's up the line is like probably the line on the map of 2 bags represent is Knocking by humans at all cuz I mean someone has been there somebody RT means going out with a list of RT fires in me medical people who go into National Parks is like we figured that you never thought they saw everything perspective ever was I think I was going from New York to Seattle and I guess they just go straight but I think you over North Canada so we were just looking at you just to do that trip and it was like 200 over and over that and I was looking down so you know what you're 1001 you look at the Horizon you know how to say I dislike so long right and I guess maybe two or three thousand feet below it another 7:47 go in the opposite direction but I've never seen that before if we pass each other going to have directions mother fucker we were going if we're going this way that thing went by so got damn fast I thought it was a UFO at first I mean it's like you don't realize how fast you're moving up there yeah Hollywood things to eat so I doubled it I don't remember it was those two planes that collided mid air over Brazil we talked about 737 that hit a brand new Embraer I believe and they said that the reaction time was like less than a second but you see this back and then got your past things like yeah it's like you fly through Forest on the track in to beat again I didn't think about it before I have seen that clip an electromagnet like to make a lock it in place that is concept and applied it to like a Wipeout XL track they made a few little wipeout figured you didn't like that so they made this track Wipeout World Cup the guy who a nice thought I was a kid and I was looking forward to going from the Back to the Future 2 special mention but parents who just came off the market so we just got me tell to get some prototypes this could be nothing nothing is nothing to me like that in fact I believe that I would be going back to Vegas to attend the iawtv yeah yeah clap clap 2 jobs I'm a problem its on January 12th and at youtube.com slash iawtv RG3 Joe Standard Time 8 p.m. Central Standard Time 6 GMT next Friday or next Saturday day is the 12th of January time zones are a major problem in your speech you said time to different times of the podcast you're going to learn that it's time zones and phonetics phonetics we need to and then drop their own language the metric system yet yeah I mean is I agree drop the grill 100 boiling a fucking idiot that but just wanted to the matter is that why is that wall temperature outside to your body you don't give a shit what sits above 106 Celsius cuz your dad yeah right whatever to on humans stroke is based on water what are you are you are you the water human what is your what is your body temperature in celsius at 3636 okay let's say for tease like a really super super hot day all the time so what's between 40 degrees and 100 degrees Celsius anything it would be 70 degrees what does that mean mid do you have a range of temperatures and you only maybe that's something I don't know let me to Pennsylvania in Fahrenheit you know words like I remember when I the first 140 Maguire letters in the toy old typewriters would get jammed up if you type too fast right up and rearranged you know how to speak people change is it at KW no your not I remember you got mail all right and it was always the mid dog you did not have one but they are definitely exists that there is a Boba Fett action figure had a childhood got off of Boba Fett's back got in your mouth and choke you Joe Canal's and then now nobody can have them but without your real Barbara 758 Fahrenheit never going to use that one how to get to 3940 between Celsius and Fahrenheit 35/34 at 6:43 Jump for us and I do mean it like that I'm totally on board but I gotta say I think Fahrenheit A little better for you today human life I'm from the other day mid windchill you could windshield chip you could die NC people really plane on got to you it is very important when will people be able to be together thanks Barbara Barbara at the window okay so we had dinner last night at at mighty fine I'm really sorry I couldn't come but not really I'm sorry mid night visits bar it's okay I guess his birthday or whatever but it's day or Saturday and it was already the 6th Anna Silk Jordan Flight Jordan the story on the podcast I don't know anyone the whole Conan O'Brien debate went down like Burnie you are very antipodes basically she said credit the guy in the podcast remember doing that the trash in the got this room right now Sweet Life for animated little Jordan Burnie that was brilliant with the first name of me anyway so obviously Burnie Viking Conan you like things seem extraordinary Lee relevant for a short. Time with got a plane exactly like the cone and things things like the most important news story in the world when it was going on like people were like doing anything today I don't know comedy Cody in the end it's only rumor text jokes a mother I don't know I just don't pay attention well Canadian watch Conan like I've been like 40 things can I tell you something I've never been you know what I mean take that back it was Antonio Brown you make Craig kilborn in Colorado Jack ESPN all the time at Inspira got Craig Ferguson not only human in concert at the Paramount what day was it there with him dancing around is pretty interesting it's like Kid Rock with Josie who is wacky as hell mid Jefferson the show character and started cracking up and while he was talking this robot skeleton is one of the funniest things ever the clip are you talking you just get really drunk to be thinking people have the history of being a drunk he's like a recovering got talking about playing a song and come you never respond that's a different one find dog on the Via Wall Street Occupy Wall Street people like that 5 minutes I haven't seen that things that is fucking hysterical I don't know I mean we forgot we forgot to talk about the you forgot the reporter stroke on air reporter that dog that talks and the owners of teething that was a real woman is going to come Aphasia me an argument why that sounds legitimate candidate is because I thought that played a lot but there's on TV a lot and it sort of Internet stroke and have anybody can find cat is bad mid non-existent it was a cat in a and it was looking plane with up the telepathic Mystic but was very bad at it who did the talking dog Craig Sager the number to video on YouTube for last year I think behind Friday mile funny funny video yeah they really like that top 10 YouTube videos now we're going on Awards OK the most fantastic mile the very good night you say that yeah he's going up there Fight Club I was about 10 years ago was 9913 years ago 45 I'm actually out here Brad Pitt was born in 1963 to 2049 this year 49ers you 48 right now Joe Pye clip bracket look at or will ever look at any age Sundance is at the end is like 7 or 8 years is at 7 PS3 keeps going on is it like a Super Bowl ring for cheer Dennis stroke dirt bike tricks ride it whenever got for woman Michigan interviews something happens the brooklyner and someone slipped in the line I Love Lamp Anchorman we should bring podcast is your a Aphasia Jack high school state champion in medical terminology for I have I have muscle pain between my toes you just don't like me mile would be in there and then it's all bullshit and crusty Park International Date Line right now if you talk to me in the old west whiskey curly hair hurt it is you like trick out like that air is Trick all right so you're having your people still here at the eat it or heard of it My Strange Addiction episodes woman whose husband had died and got cremated and her addiction was she couldn't stop Aphasia at 2 mph age little Mania hair pulling out of that she got help yeah it was that called me dirty images on Google image search people who have had to have the matter Matt is removing the eat around here call stuck up it's just a collection of x-ray images of various thing people have stuck up there ass Buzz Lightyear Samoa there's a great Photoshop in at 7 RT comic idea that doesn't talk about someone up comic idea what you just the Toy Story and talking to each other and it was coming and they all fall down antipodes Hyde on in there and the guy that comes in camera in the roof third point in the movie you really kicked out of where they closed what is medical terminology what's the terminology for the wicked turn bluetooth at 1 to call Dennis all these years but how many it was part of something called the health occupations students of America close to the occupations students of America are you walk in the hallway to high school when day you stop Lyle the FED Health occupations like almost all the way through college I was pretty at in college that I mean I have to say I mean in high school I was like I am not participating in anything you talk about it whenever I took my health rotation so my entire senior year three periods I had or I would go to the hospital go to Southwest Memorial hospital and I was going to go there I was out of the high school or the hospital look for me it's like in the late nineties not really Jordan you know I didn't Clip Converter you like people too much to constantly watch them in pain like that personality I feel like you know it's like you're just a slab of this okay I mean it's like I guess you have to get that point if your session and it was like your up someone's ass that's it people why did I mean like Clinical Pathology what you say that was not interesting enough and then I did Ben Taub in Houston medical program weird the morgue and I could see people that was and if they're people Victorville future is here with clippers michelada people started was it like our studio they had giant electrical cords could pull from the ceiling down and was looking for someone or something out we have to have a power point all over the place to put our clothing I don't like half the rooms like in your heart Texas you know to some extent and it's sort of like oh that's true with everything in it sounded like the other day or whatever and then it has real consequences that's fucked up and you almost have to chalk it up to the early morning as you go does a guy and um we talked to me to come cuz he was already you know Jackson we are all going to fucking hear about it in a carbon-carbon things do you really feel like you're supposed to happen little bit probably what does an LS1 have the Joe Piscopo Medical was a long time ago like when you I mean it was like he never died a long time in a got off Estero Lyle Alzado event or something Lyle Alzado to say I love drug and steroid in the Whirlwind what's the girl from who's the boss fortune cookie Bruster's like that who's the hot chick in the hood Chattanooga got ya little ultimate Career Pro Bowl player 2 before he died it was like if you didn't people like you became the poster child for why you don't do steroids side of brain cancer at 43 and he really is a reason he really is the single reason why like steroids are like you so negatively because he went crazy and like and back there just like in it steroids are like now television career you think there's a guy that look like at Lyle is played me and it felt like I had the same air of Captain Lou Albano please tell his football career Things Remembered Lyle is going horribly little more than he was a big football I mean look at that look at that I mean honestly instead of using stuff so do you think baseball and everything you should be well I'm sure there is Joe Piscopo really good you always complain about just money in baseball season Springfield more than ever if you ever want to be frustrated or just laugh at Joel either one people eat with Joel while he watches anyone play the Yankees the Yankees are pitching to them I think I had like a brain aneurysm about four years ago I got so angry and it was like it was so angry that I can't even get to that level of anger in anything in life again it's not Fett toy clip on I mean Craig is it so hard to set up a couple cameras and a couple eggs Earth to make one friend over 1 okay just want to say okay you're right now Piscopo history after battling from thyroid cancer from 1981 to 1982 that's what you might be thinking about it too much Belleville on Frank at his comedy a demand 2 years whatever but the eat and then he never died yeah I know the only thing I can think of anything on this Joe Piscopo what was the movie guitar interface things asshole triangle in podcast will be going to lunch?? We are somewhere where they have probably that would be that home's like that you let you know Jordan places you have eaten while you been and I've been I've been home slice you I was going to go there tonight for dinner okay but lunch is okay too I haven't been a hopdoddy I've been today we went to go see it yesterday Lamberts their clothes for some reason and fried chicken eat it what if they got it done and put it in case it's always me 343 Industries new makers of Halo a gift Christmas gift you went to our old office and then we'll just end up your last week or earlier this week eat it the covered popcorn you know the unopened bags had like a 50:50 percent mixup chocolate popcorn and like I don't know if a popcorn bag and in the oven back there's like four hundred pieces of toffee popcorn 2 pieces of chocolate covered popcorn diverting through and just getting what was left of the chocolate chocolate what can what could you cover in chocolate taste of cucumber you talk about your work so you might check with anything works when you combine chocolate and queso that me know just where we can go eat lunch do you want to go stupid medical you things like a trailer what was the place to go that was a mixture of Thai and Mexican cilantro Korean and Mexican immigrants take Jordan for lunch and I'm going to say it and then walk away you give me the right answer