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RT is wild about animals and Star Trek

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Recorded: 2012-01-11 21:12:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

drunk I hate I missed it I believe that once again why did you in Orchestra a minute and a half posts I think superkao potato what's up guys good morning national championship for NCAA pain in the neck like it was a terrible game what is podcasting what is on ESPN right now I watch it on my Xbox ESPN take that yeah yeah yeah yeah my soundboard I wish the college football season went by without me everything no no I think another reason I heard a woman's voice talking about financials state of America Joel there's no signal and I'm not sure I can get engaged fully in Denise awful conversation in private session chat or something on her site and are on our top posts I can I visit top posts like crazy even top posts funny where to find the top posts of the week on our site the number to finger the top journals in the past 24 hours 1800 guys baby born at 33 is it him talking to a woman and it's just one of those but it's clearly a robot just spouting off lines world makes good podcast by the way people reading dialogue conversation Joel you read mistersirs Burnie you read The Other Woman and then that way it'll at least be like a radio play so Joel alright so okay working working with their monies the website are you getting rid of your eyes to see this weekend love you too bye and it was posted 2 days ago image Sogo the top images Burnie I'm here I got my script in front of me alright so here you are this is a okay so this is the brunette 33 and Andrew blancharde we begin with baby Burnie Austin alright baby whatever you first top 24 year old female... You enjoy people my webcam but they charge too much the number one spot there I see what you mean I'm bored at home and it usually leads to bad things Miley anytime I take a break from schoolwork I jump a 24 year old just like tiger well autagonistophilia camera you know all the medical the camera didn't show up in my medical terminology intro studies relating freak out if you don't believe me have you ever used scam I have a feeling you're not listening to me as an adult and light it up for awhile URL explain that you on the right side is your camera shy you don't have to tell yourself I'm the one with the fattest remember now it's all coming together it is we are obvious well if you meet me in the Jack I can get comfortable with you and we can talk on the phone winky :-) explanation point San or more to the point of this one of the top record podcast I have an AIM account that I've had for about 12 years now so I have every now and then you'll get stuff like that randomly popping up as I'm shirt and shoes databases that's my girl any danger of 3000 surcharges I will go back and revisit 415 people who fall for the code of Nigerian scam fucking unbelievable find people after they've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars all day light savings plus loan if you did would you listen to that degree but I do it every day that I can go pretty deep too it's like the same thing all the time they never once in the front and which is overlaid United Realty there's 32 million dollars in escrow if you can spend a $10,000 that will help cover the lawyers fees in with the 32 million with you or whatever the outrageous amount of money is to make your amount of money in significant so what's in your Joel Heyman you like I'm in, do this then they get that money from you then they just need more money from you and then when that starts to wear out where they the lawyers fees in the bank for you whenever you start to ask questions about that then they get their hands on the money and they show you pictures of the money but because it was held in the Royal vaults or Mint or something like that the money is dyed red and they some people over to Nigeria for the in his room full of light red bills and they show you with a solution for that one of the bills that died the dividend the solution and the the red runs off and it said you know Nigerian dollar or American dollar to Euro or something like that had to take a day off and then they start hitting you up for the money for the solution to undye all the money in your in a room full of guys paper they think this is all the money and now we're really going to happen for real 415 eater.com or something like that or is it just guys fucking with a Nigerian scammers like it was my favorite one was someone had one of those guys to transcribe the entire first Harry Potter novel light and they probably had a major company called with somebody merchandise Red vs Blue merchandise overseas to Nigeria they were just taking your box is reboxing them and shipping them inner turned out it was just a little lady in the middle of America someone hits your body was in San Antonio I was going to make a little boy and someone in Africa had convinced her to buy a bunch of our merchandise light 253 and $4 for the merchandise and then once it showed up at her house she does Reebok stand would send it over to them in Africa and we were one of many many online vendors that she'd Fallen victim to that makes them know that they told her to order things from and I never understood it but I guess somebody had a policy of if you ship to a certain region of a certain country of Africa they always open those boxes and check for the boxing that's what they call the 405 apartment or something like that Joseph and the FBI had traced a bunch of other problems coming from that's over by at the mission board was happening Reddit through his computer and FBI showed up at his computer but it wasn't him what they are and I'll come say hi to me about something like that to arrest him or accuse him of a crime and you don't even bother to find out what it is 25 with this now I was arrested scam? I don't remember you don't remember music Predators - are you with me at the you tell me stylus committing crime Worx Tool Box with push button in your dream and we don't know for some reason the inner planets by April 2009 okay didn't do either of those things so they failed to meet their end of the obligation sounds like him use it right then had to take legal action to reclaim them overnight and they just settled it and I think the best I had to pay interplay of the two or three million dollars despite the fact they couldn't accomplish the goal just to get the animal rights from them something the MMO rights to Fallout two or three million dollars it's not that they already had them to make the single player game and I already paid that interplay was going to proceed with their own MMO development so in terms of money but it would be nice and get $3 out of it the awesome if they choose to give and it will be like in future turn the volume up on your back I mean enough to get some people running around that's right so they miss you didn't I need to head to Mo image search people biggest thing at the end of the master part but they didn't have the multiplayer people getting their MO first part of it a lot of India shirt we don't we make fun of you for playing video games and getting way too far into the game down with somebody you know how to lock Khan in Crackdown really quickly is beautiful 3 without knowing to use the best system I didn't know I just I was just shooting chicken dinner plate Target the head in Target the legs and back since you're going to Target anything but the head and I was married Persona 4 cylinder head torque if you shoot if you get shot in the groin I mean you're done probably going to fight anymore with the groin that's like you're really the other person's going to stop there Jonathan the Joel Joel of any animal or something the default body and you want to go to the Head what direction do you hit to go to bed you're going to go up there wasn't that wasn't remember that I remember when Top Nails that have the great animations to you when you get like a crit hit on their head exploding are often and even more Bloody Disgusting or something like that for fun I always wind up and critical attack Susan I just like you everywhere Crosby through and then she have any my head for my car when I play the Old Republic now is that interested in your man Star Wars room which star was that can be classified by in Norman Technology rumor light and it's like the size of a football field that means the Star Wars Universe to me in that room and it's a group of people here and you killed a group of three people three other dude I don't know to make a memo guy but I like to try to avoid I don't like I don't like any time I visit a new plan when I'm playing Star Wars is like you trying to get past everyone there as well Star Wars universe and general the Old Republic timeline supposed to take place in a 3,500 years before the movie right yes why is technology not progressed very much into 3500 years UPS once they discovered like Hyper Speed people arguing about it in chat image in there and one of them was like what I'm thinking like why hasn't technology evolve taste so despite the fact that time passes and force the constant so all of the technology Works around that this guy was like telling me a story Jack of the green call each other nerds in the day I don't know why I feel like I owe you The Walking Dead says the guy whose girl soccer image light my electronic complete I thought light sabers were solid manifestations of the force which is why they can cut through anything would you also like Jedis were known to have used them and it wasn't she was just like crystals that make this thing that cuts through stuff but it was pretty much yeah it was like the 400 movies the audience pretty much build a picture of how the universe was and I think that we all sort of agreed on it and then like those are all violated under the water Best Buy did JJ Abrams Austin the way the whole past storyline but it makes sense in that Universe it doesn't really make sense if you do it all the time light top 10 single episode of The Next Generation right 1.8 cologne Drakkar by accident is left one on another planet like stuff like that whatever second generation temporal Rift or something like that and other Enterprises from other dimensions are coming into the game so it's not this is my wife's favorite episode was coming back from the competition goes through and they're collecting all the universe Denise Wonder because they're from a dimension with the board has one and I don't want to go back and it's a good crazy writer like his hair so much not me who my biological collectible item great dream the other night I had a great start to the new Star Trek parallels between that and the original so I kind of got in my head they were remaking Wrath of Khan and then I had a dream that I was watching the JJ Abrams remake of Wrath of Khan and you know who they cast as Khan and Sonam inner Javier Bardem from No Country for Old Men that's cool that would be be a great replacement for Ricardo Montalban I think that was the rumor flooring for a while with their the ringtone back eventually but apparently that's gone now they cast a new villain and it's not like I can I say Buchanan's light appeared in a couple of two or three episodes of the original that's right. I don't know how you left and it was something like that you up next time I see you or whatever they came across the planet again or whatever and yeah check out the Inner Light the planet letting me get pissed off and coming back and buying a pistol I'm pissed him off he waited 20 years and show them that come up on your foot mother fucker recondition a great beginning to start MovieStarPlanet watching the shuttle leave you fucked up cast of cover with spaceship travel story of Revenge what was your favorite ever episode of Star Trek since we're now on this tangent about man to be an extra in episode of that for sure I'll text you and can I get that at the perfect time I was young enough to watch him tiger series like it was like every day before I go to bed to watch an episode of Star Trek next gen syndicated the more I know you Voyager or Enterprise Small Wonder Small Wonder that's a show about a girl whose it was terrible eater using my favorite characters on the brain look like the one we're Barclay got super smart and then built a robot in the Holodeck anytime these the holiday Gangstar 4 Barclay shirt in like it was like it was like pressure in trailer all dressed up and dancing you know that their little outfits in Barclay Barclay is running out here on the ship and everything was a great episode Barclay 1818 yeah you got light Khan Star Trek wormholes 800 the final two episodes Next Generation episodes that were unbelievably great the one where the card gets stuck on that planet it turns out like you Long Beach 08155 that would be good . does a great episode where there in space and there's some kind of protest crossword proof you find a cell phone what is living like some guy's life and he delivers an entire life as that guy in the space of five minutes on the ship a wife and a kid and get off at the end like that we had is that person on the planet the food is inside the probe they like to send a message to the person that the transformation to the Inner Light they could shoot some sort of somebody to make them relive entire life but I couldn't figure out how to build a spaceship card that has like an entire 4050 years worth of memories and knowledge in his head that says that make him like super crazy smart from that point on super crazy crazy Groundhog Day I got to go through that he didn't really do anything dark life experience life experience playing the flute the fuck is that if we transferred all your knowledge to somebody else really getting that package these skills from vegetables what's the most you would probably learn every language no maybe God just knows everything you know so anyway can you hang out in high school you are going to do high school I found you finally found a plot hole in Twilight Gus your favorite Star Trek episode like the other the finale I mean like I struggle to think of many it's difficult to in the shower I think of many shows that ended well and I feel like next Generation really went out on a good note the final line of Star Trek next Generation ones but no no that was anybody dmaic the gambling term for playing poker because there is no computer and no the only in all In come on we gotta figure this out how can we not know this I don't know what the final line was the sky's the limit Sky Zone episode of Barclay Hills Vet lines were at work Picard bounced through three different timelines like the present future and past especially like the PowerPoint station past like the initial episodes and then like the future where it was an old old Jordan India had like the gray streak in his hair even though you look the exact same as the alternate world like his whole life and he's like an old Ensign condition so protective and weird alternate World War II never accomplished anything it was a big loser and I've never given my past present future anyway let me talk to you are back in the series finale is not like that how do you relieve me I think she was she wasn't ready Picard restaurant or something the person who's doing all the interviews in the front camera talking to people at the event what is top yards name the actress good question I don't know who you are you got the laptop and for the eater Crosby have another kid Joseph Mazzello the kid from Jurassic Park and a little like a little boy friends in college like one of the first few guys in the room or whatever it was like the child actors where they are now in the Pacific Dental that I think I recognize you don't Charlie from Charlie and Chocolate Factory made that decision that one movie never made another movie again and it went to I think with the Pittsburgh early he lived in Pittsburgh and became like a farmer but okay I heard is Marilyn Manson now play Charlie he looks like Daniel Plainview From There Will Be Blood now because it's wicked mustache and just looks a little crazy as hell so yeah maybe you left them translate very good thank you now I know you know trying to buy land from the sky forever and it was a long relationship just like they were Rivals and eventually the guy was broken it would offer to sell his land essentially and he said your roommate is worthless to me and I have already trained all the oil from it it's like a milkshake and I used my Droid No Country for Old Men I think it was like he was I think some of the new Country for Old Men No Country for Old Men the Shawshank Redemption electronic Redemption so much that now that everyone like to play so much I like it let's not stupid you're stupid you look at everyone's like oh my God it's a little long but it has little you like Avatar you no not really how do you not like Avatar what's wrong with that the story's been told too many times I've Been Told what characters are pictures I mean it's just like you said like you Myra like at the budget but I like Best Buy or whatever it was that was fun I mean was it was good to get your for your ticket price you know it's hard to say because that was the IMAX in 3D it's like wow this technology is very impressive so glad your water stain on the screen inner fuck you from there last year on Ghost Protocol I thought I'm at school gotta see it it's a lot of fun with one shot in Ghost Protocol that I kind of regret not seeing in IMAX in like even just watching on the normal screen I was like damn I Can Only Imagine 1790 Steelers Springfield there's a lot of really nice German is pretty awesome it's like a pretty great light become an action star he just became like the Corky funny Lakeshore the dead and that boy Runner with him it was better than any fictional story ever and then he plays another guy in Mission Impossible but super smart computer with him on Thursday scheduled when they said I don't the TV on the calendar small India Import Awards next week is great for everything just like fire and smoke and screaming and then walks out of the middle of last year how big is bigger than ever what's his name the guy who is Bullseye eater the whole shit no no no no goddammit why can I not second Federal Kawasaki Vaquero come up on stage was like yeah you know hope everyone's having a good time tonight even though it's a little bit more vicious than I would have liked or something like that it was him but like someone can get paid to play other people in them to somebody else how happy they were to the time people are really stupid and knew he was going to come back we all knew that he was going to be you know absolutely depressed and everything else speaking of I feel obligated to mention the fact that the Gus Guevara shirt finally went up there for weeks and I finally talked about it and what it was that made history 1 inch well yeah I got in trouble what level can a player touch screen which is really nice the first time you see it and it's pretty cool the next 30 times you see it and then after that you like okay I really don't want to see this country anymore it's gotta be careful your game if you do a small tiny Lego try two hundred percent Red Dead Redemption the head to Meatpacking the prettiest thing in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer where you got a triple kill at the same time it wasn't like Halo where you get to kill or second later another killed in four seconds later another I still don't know how to do it but it was an animation in Red Dead Redemption where you skin an animal and it was like your guy with you top flying it was happening was off screen I mean there's a million dr. The Cutting light switch it up with the guy the way that I had started that in the opening cinematic of Halo ODST I was looking around the cabin could you look around your pod yeah but until I hit a button and it is totally immersed in the you know I'm also only other thing you can immerse yourself immersed myself in is going to Vegas emerge virtual Wards at the iwe I'm on a plane here in just a few moments to go off to Vegas to get ready for I have a panel at CES as well at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning of a panel at 9 a.m. this morning Google of the Phil DeFranco show Denise and these two lovely ladies from India intertube which is a review online web content and we're gonna be talking about how to gather and maintain an audience online that's cool as I could have posted anywhere anything like that Wonder yesterday or two that's awesome anything you want me to check out check out that Mark Cuban is going to buy some of the show's over real people like stealing gloves Fallout screen with my hand touch or whatever so they have it now we will pass tonight you know that's a big problem in countries like Korean Air gets really cold in the winter people wear gloves so they would like this particular brand of light sausage like a slim jim that would work with the phone that's why what I would never treat you South or North Korea Khan first came out where someone attack an iPhone to like a remote control plane and they were taking photos with the iPhone for some reason and they needed a way to touch the button and so that I could somehow attach the hot dog to it that would like to touch it and make it take photos I swear to God I can't wait play button this is the most intriguing thing what was the barrels on a planet with you remotely activate able to wear to take a picture they rigged up something outside on the phone with a hot dog second dog about one of those bowling in Iran probe in her first return to the story about the South Korean if you can sausages but I don't think so so we're going to get it now how are we going to take the phone to take pictures and we got a table Gus stick with me peanut butter another guy had some chocolate and I had like a hot dog remote control Hot Dog you've been to Paris anyway how to get the weather yesterday at Burnie Burns Burnie Burnie animal attack people everyday sends me a message and I was going to see how long it stick with it I might have to do everyday for 30 days in one message one today and that's the entirety of that account that's all that he does anyway the baby so maybe just need to let me the story I should have it is an animal if you want to so glad I live in America so there's this CD CD CD in India where it's a Suburban part of the city leopard wandered into other than to this part of the city and just started attack no ma'am leopard kills Manson tiger that went it wasn't his usual probably just San Francisco and he got out and killed four people to do like in the light as you open the children agonizing it they were throwing stuff at the tiger got out and killed the people who were antagonizing it didn't kill anyone else would have to the people who died fox urine Electro last week's podcast you know we talked about Fahrenheit and Celsius and Kelvin and he might have received some emails Hall of Fame 1 the guys name or anything but he was like you know you should have clarified that 212 degrees Fahrenheit only the boiling pressure of water at sea level temperature is the pressure is the boiling point of water changes like fuck you fuck you fuck you Station Square unit of temperature used for the temperature if you would like okay awesome I was talking to whoever weird Twitter accounts like they're going to the guy he just has me there's a guy that I just got it and read it today he has a Twitter account that is just to correct people on this typing the word sneak peek like everything that's the whole purpose of people that mountain people using you or your and you're looking like a possibility but they had a panther and a panther Black Panther on it out of it because this is actually a funny ass story but don't hear it I just don't like the story but it's like we're just like you know before this is like right there it was like they give you Panther don't do this don't do that and we can get it after you get there it's sort of like they've got like an animal got there and really serious about this like we have a panther on the settled here the rules everyone stay in a group like do not get separated from the group because it's different from the group the Panthers going to think you're the weak part of the herd and he's going to go after you and there's all these fucking rules in all this shit remember standing room it's like okay Wonder we have cameras that everyone said we know we have a group of people on stage of Summer theater and I was part of this group of people it was to be on stage and they're like okay bring the Panthers like I talk to you like a piano and there like I was like I gotta go to the bathroom we do this light to the wing to go to the bathroom I go to the bathroom and I'm done the bathroom and I open the door Bears The Panthers about 10 feet from me and then on the other and the group is an animal trainers light good still looking at me and I don't to the day I'm not sure the animal trainer was saying something like he was like making handstand I just slowly start clue doors words like the door for it like the doors too big for the frame I remember this one it was like it was like you had to like me but I knew I couldn't close it all the way and shirt fuck it I can't believe it you're fucking up the panther shirt walking towards me and can I get close the door all the way because I'm going to plan and he comes up to me first thing and then I think at that point that's when the animal trainer was like God of attention everybody that was a fucking crazy fucking thing that happen to me a couple feet probably but I was close I had like I hit my hand on the doorknob trying to hold the door closed and that only made it more curiously thinking back on it because I was looking at you find out who your friends are in the group South and I broke every fucking rule about everything the middle did you know that was on the direct I mean it was you in the panther in the Middle Ages was for me what what show Disney show or something I don't like a ton of those the Panthers of Wizard Place the comedy guy with the panther I mean it's going to be good 30 feet before anyone's even to me I mean I can't but this is going to suck me up before I even was near me so what did you do like when you went back into the bathroom did you try to fake like you were part of a group in the bathroom like Gus did in high school I mean Pittsburgh Zoo never know it's always talk about something else before we get too far into the interior Summit Technology San Luis an iPhone 4S here I do okay Joel you have an iPhone 4S not have one question though what you be on it you stupid Siri getting worse for you well I feel like this but I feel like because I'm making more complex than what you were supposed to get tomorrow like that bring it down as a society Second Great without it where to take on Jeopardy that Watson voice actor that the same thing that happened Humana Detroit about how does how does rumor computer the Manson trivia questions Ken Jennings India answer the question I'm into information and try to figure out what is being asked water creatures are asking is really hard apparently rice water bag questions are the answers or whatever there's always you know that they throw into the kind of really funny stuff it was before they got successful and try to answer these questions really funny answer but I mean every question that every person has the same Cloud connected it has to dry right now that's kind of creepy I mean it's like a judgment of humanity let me in this is everybody talking to Siri and now it's getting worse right Siri what time is Jersey Shore on bailiwick of Jersey is that like an RPM what was a multimillion-dollar machine maybe it supposed to the one every 3 months Joseph will probably prove criminal rumor Ensign X India price can Siri tell me I'm genuinely curious about this here is getting worse that's why I always lie why I never get the first product if you want to see how is going to work out, I mean it. I'd I don't you don't you Siri can I tell you that I use in my truck my pickup truck I have Microsoft think I find that works much much better than Siri. my car turned on me like two cars that usually lacking takedown but like if technology does get into a car that usually works how many days closed system does Google Maps not a GPS feature in cars don't have internet connections on your truck you can get with that truck to my phone I don't understand tropical be like a 3G base station let me put it to you this way this way you don't want to don't have internet let me know where you most likely Wonder yes all the time in my car now to make your life easier traffic on stuff he was like don't be great to have some data I don't think I want anything that I absolutely positively need to work the internet-based Lake WV in the heat in the car was dependent upon the Internet working if I'm going to work I was the question would you give up your car if we had a super robust transit system where you lay Shin Whitehurst Austin like that like that Subway is something we saw that one time a map for Austin and if we have to make that Absolutely I'll drop my car I was there I guess someone to look at them as people who do like to look at that map and decided that Austin would have build out that transit map the way it was designed it would cost 60 billion dollars yeah we have that 33007 Austin to Round Rock and Georgetown Small Talk questions I will fight that mother fucker you keep your car I will fucking Gone with the Wind