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Recorded: 2012-01-18 16:08:14

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

to everyone everyone this is Bernie Bernie Bernie stupid speech what car was sunny side up time Rick brought you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100 Center for fiction nonfiction and periodical for a free audiobook of your choice audible podcast.com slash Rooster Teeth and now we're doing the podcast I wish I wish the guy had left his username holy crap it's Rick I got your section you just talking it's like Gus sorola attorney changes come ahead now from Atlanta how we were something for real online Predator some like that he was talking about super car there's a credit some drugs subreddit of Rooster Teeth and I have a feeling though that sound cool couple days ago it's late last week from the from Las Vegas for the iawtv awards nasri I'm the only one who didn't go to Vegas this room and you have no problem with that right Joel and Brandon here at the show as well best animated series for a little while we have called Red vs Blue perhaps you should heard it check it out it's on our website the website I'm looking at when they had like with during the ceremony when they are napping now Bernie and map going back from the beginning of time any time we've ever had a showing anywhere I think there's a technical glitch the moment around you at all times I can get accomplished technical glitches you know the Japanese were allowed to make videos introducing all the categories and we made 3/4 best writing and there was a lot of fun we're happy with how they turned out and then they plan to preserve Anna a blank screen tinfoil all you said you didn't hear Red vs. blue military men set up a standard waiting to me I was like I should with Kevin Pollack I came I came across them we came across the cash bar at the same exact time NPR day at the Jeff macke who not know you had to go their house you have to put high heels trying to walk in the pretty heavy award show Kevin Pollack walk that line between making fun of the award show and having fun with it like I don't know that's hard to really explain but it didn't feel out of tape it was like when he was on stage like he was talking did the ultimate electric of the teleprompter and he was totally off book synonym for successful you got any more Shenanigans in Vegas anything into after we won the award backstage after with day and week in the heart of the casino married like the time Channel some stuff I will try to put Rises route to rob the casino has worked perfectly is vanillin not on the phone if you want to go back distraction from the real too long so long you just gotta stick with it I don't know it wasn't for me that on Saturday I went down at 9 in the morning in the morning I was like I'm not leaving this is the first time I won money on a game head for the time I played blackjack and then I sat down and I want very quickly and then I got I was waiting for money and can go to bathroom so the time machine in at 1 I wanted money and they don't gamble but they came back and they told me what was not Eminem I start spinning and eventually Perry gives me a little or maybe representing Carey Loftin immediately they ran of that trap man with other people on here fooling to do in Skyrim Grand go to Vegas not gambling Carrie was always with me when I was gambling and I buy the tables in the casino floor and every single time I sat down and got carded and I was like I do not understand I've never been called that before and then I look around and I feel like you know and it looks like a 1412 you text someone and you've got it that's what I mean Jack people the most genius thing I've ever seen in my life at Caesar's some time to the Pikes Peak all the Pussycat Doll day or something like that don't know they're doing the same thing would like overlooking the strip and I could see like right across the street from me right below me what the Planet Hollywood pool and I was like oh I wish it wasn't genuine how would you do not want to be astrolabe tablet next to my bed and from the tablet you can control everything all of the lights all of the TVs all of the windows and when you set your alarm you specified like I want to turn on turn to this station I want to like to come up to this brightness I wanted those windows to open if it's crazy man like when I said I was staying at the RT 1 time and I was taking a poop and Jack comes in my room flight curtains closed many times you can do it Brandon to the bathroom Audible daily back in the time with 8:30 tons of lemon you just did everything for you but it was like technology heavy and a little scary humanity and you're not yeah I mean yeah I was not the power biting at bumpers could have been I want to see something I want I want to remind you that this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature featuring audio version too many New York Times bestsellers her listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service what does it all wrong I was there to give you a book to consider is the Steve Jobs Online for free audiobook of your choice code audible podcast left Rooster Teeth that's audible podcast.com slash Rooster Teeth I got all my little Shira from audible.com not sure about you guys talk about that today I had no idea this was going to happen but City dark all Joel you look at whittwood which is awesome and Boomerang Wichita some of Crash proof and then that Peter Schiff fooling some of the people all time David Idaho 8 times in the past twenty days Upon a Time past 4 days and that's what I do it looks Rick Atkinson Morgan Freeman do it Harry Potter how do I view artist like was almost 14 hours or 30 minutes I'm like an hour and I think it is really good of all the New Zealand at of the pony Farm not being electrocuted by Bernie I do not trust burning anymore he just came by with free drinks and she was like he was like why don't you grab that is a pre-drink and I just looked at him and I looked at her and I looked at him and I just want to pass I'm still up I'm so afraid first ever Rooster Teeth podcast that is officially sponsored yes we actually have a sponsor this is still out there so that we can finally get that pizza what there's a for like different things that you do I just let them out of books he was in his tracks tracks like how much how long you been listening and has like grass and all that shit all day different levels Joel he acknowledges everyday driving to and from work so it's like we're leaving anyway Meritrust mean if you have to approach it may be doing a little more that's all you listen to your kind of screwed all right you got it you got it on Friday man who is Lavinia in Slovakia day drag down with a rag on day like find an overdue account of he's doing great and they didn't take the euro yeah I guess we have to pay to the euro another Central Banker is getting replaced and it's the kids are playing with grace that is going to block hate it or they just gonna let it go day by day by day the long-term plan with the people of Greece are going to Riot and shoot each other it's all going to collapse that's the plan dark to the top of my some time to see what you think I'll stick it out Center of currency Jack of all to them till they're to be kicked out of the Eurozone to have to go back to the job I don't know I think that's what it was because the thing is take it out of you like it Hawk I feel like reality not my wife want to try to think she would but I just like it was a good move everything you realize he's just like every every everything look like mirror look like it was like he was handing off the reins to the Golden Globes by chance around for like I don't look cool enough I need a vacation with me at all times that's what it is right it's just like I thought he'd borrowed it from someone transitioning Clint Eastwood when too the same thing Rises get out and do an image of gout watch the Golden Globes without ID the red carpet or whatever they were actually there in the audience as we did last year some place at the Red Carpet when they're walking up one really cool thing I think is pretty swab is Brad Pitt got out of his car and like waved off the guy who is open the door and open the door for Angelina Jolie himself that was pretty slick I think so that's your wife open door if your wife that's some of them and take notice you open the door for absolutely do I do I believe in equal rights Jack is little they can open their own goddamn door that's right I started in life to be man but absolutely been moving to the Jack Camp the time probably entrenched in between you because you you go you either crazy or you just something wrong with you there's nothing wrong with you it's like mini golf in people and it's like hey what do we all want to do with too many other people now I don't want to go Jack flight this is what I'm going to do it and you just do it and then that's it too right it works sometimes too mean I don't to give an invitation to like oh you hawk over the door for a girl when you get back what at Reno Joel McHale what crash you guys talked about the night that Jack got his his award right or his accomplishment with all the beers yeah give me a shout when you get a big to come out there for 5 of us and you know Jack is really proud and it's just not my thing but I understand you don't put a lot of money a lot of time that's really cool and they have his little Explorer Hooters round of shots for everybody and then we just walked away at any point all of us you said but you're paying for your own what about the trip in May 20th free shots cost me like $108 too expensive shots do is it real gold flakes in Goldschlager go up that's a good question I don't know what significance for them that's all consumers can oxygen fooling Goldschlager not actually go I mean I've heard that he's actually is gold on my at home today so I can look at different kind of going to have to pay for American Idol some like that I just don't drink it so I can say we will never have any sponsors I cannot stand Goldschlager the most women I've never had all terrible too crazy great at my Blackberry that have Jager was I had an apartment I'm going to party my apartment and my last three memories in this order like there's gaps in between them are we passing around a bottle of Jager with to my friends trying to finish it like drinking straight out the bottle and then you charge them every time you pass it around me at the toilet giving a thumbs-up on some of taking a photo while I was throwing up and then my friend my friend throwing me on my bed and then opening up a box or bag of Cheetos and I woke up the next morning no Cheetos to be found Mexican still anyway some good friends that make sure I didn't swallow my tongue and I were talking about her have you heard about the guy who brought Jagermeister to America and see if they're really really fascinating story this guy is super rich now but I got back in I think was the late seventies early eighties Jagermeister was like some small very Regional liquor from Germany and they use it for like a medicinal purposes when I was right it was like he really wasn't you that the liquor like to get drunk to fuel cars and I guess this guy just decided that he wanted to try to bring that liquor to America and that you can make money off of it by selling bars are stupid Refrigeration units and I was just going to say you see things upside down kind of thing horse like a whole day just weird liquor from Germany that has to be refrigerated and you drink it you get the fuck out everywhere I was like wow that was easy to do it again so they decided to start the new trendy drink with vodka so he got rights to distribute Grey Goose in America the what he did to distinguish he was like you don't know what they charge a premium vodka like he travels with his caddie all the time he just always travel with him to go somewhere and watch the time comes across his life with this guy flying around the world you know I don't know I haven't got around you all the time that we like maybe she doesn't see it Victoria McKay were going golfing right now Methodist Addison no you don't have no other like I just told you about the to the thing I didn't the door open I could I force the door open last week and I didn't have the NyQuil liquid and get it which kind of taste like yeah it kind of does Rite Aid the pill if nobody want a full serving because I didn't want that much of it and so Savage El Capitan trying to get to The Goonies Center Dodgers too Hawk I would like you both at 4 the podcast probably be taking Nyquil during the day they have DayQuil you know that right I don't get it doesn't work and you actually get to the stat liquid at the center that liquid instead of gel cap does not taste like Michael I bet not a pure unadulterated unflavored Michael it's got to be like that the big certain that you taking the pills are like so fucking flavor you could possibly imagine I mean it was like I mean it's like every Borough to hold my tongue it was terrible that it happened when I was driving and I thought she was like is there something I can put my hand over my mouth and I start doing too in the world by the flavored bitter powder drug you the most painful thing you can do is accidentally bite into like a Kit Kat bar or whatever Room Bar & not take off all the tinfoil I mean if anyone out there has ever biting tinfoil I had I didn't know what happened I was like oh my feelings this fall out at one time that electric feeling in your mouth to me big tinfoil hi I just got to be some science that right you're not Boyle actor I could have killed him I think Family Guy no no no too not just because your favorite team from Family Guy Audible. this is 149 3 years I have like stress dreams about recording the podcast microphone will be recording it was in it podcast and I was like kind of stressing me out cuz like I didn't know what was wrong or what to do and it was recording in my dream he was like because I'm really bored and I woke up you guys got a house we did and I kept getting text messages like we got a house you should come to the house look in all the rooms in the house that I know so you just want me to come to Vegas to be in the same space with him so he can poop he just wants to recreate a new animated Adventure wake you up if you've ever watched the real world that's what the house was and it wasn't time and I'm very good story. I would like we ordered a couple of pizzas and I you know some coke and like eating and I came in and walked in there just saw a bunch of pizza boxes just sitting there with no pizza and then open bunch of cops pull the couch and it was just like being back Coca-Cola being back in his house with his kids and he started cleaning up after a really bad but like 12 or 13 years old but then too we have the dishwasher when you can just open it and it's slowly opened one of those things that just crash to the ground and then Bernie was going to warn us about that but then man got all crazy and distracted and didn't let us know when the last day I smashed my foot and I was like I'm never cleaning up again this is a horrible experience one time you like drunk Madison macke Michael couldn't walk for 2 days podcast day but he's not in man if he's drunk he's still recovering from that trip back on my flight for like 6 p.m. or 6:45 or something and then I woke up that morning and it kind of had like kind of milled around as I can I'm ready to be done with my flight but everything was Final walk-through city of Oregon around much of others much of the rest of City Center bits and pieces bandworks at Aria development that they made kind of like the Bellagio or the Aria the Cosmopolitan shopping I realized in this trip that the US not on top of the food chain anymore it is China and if you go to City Center it is evident like we walked into the area and that's what you want or is the Giant Buddha statue and that's like the Chinese dragons like right next to them can you walk in and there's a giant Chinese later spit into the glass of the door and it's also the Little Dragons next to it can you walk in May 6th the Chinese New Year but they were like Mandarin trees all throughout the lobby with like a little note written in Chinese tide on them and I was like this right here like the people who made City Center meat of a multibillion-dollar investment Wonder looking at it they're thinking the US cannot drive this way we can have enough money to make this work we need to cater to Asian to China the company's older Vega and basically McHale is on financing Vegas losing money on Vegas making money in Macau I mean it all right I don't have anything hotel rooms the little not for me yet but it was really you could miss it if you weren't paying attention but it was really really wanted to go over there alright was going to have you know panders to the Asian market right not everyone in the end room TV The Works Kevin Chinese language channels that's actually the truth at the Venetian that was more than man the cross street to the Hooters Casino credit yeah okay original Virginia to somewhere. you can fly to South Africa round-trip the wrong with 2003 to 2006 they were headquarter of South Carolina and Clearwater Hooters in Clearwater Florida I don't know big Service New Jersey Pennsylvania South Carolina sound the same the same people flying plane the short film crash Hooters I don't know I feel like 50 door opener Bluetooth the child's play Charity Dinner last month. Okay well we got on the plane to come back and let the extra what's in front of me and I looked over to my left at the people that were sitting in the exit row to the Wonder award to my left and it was like this really old couple that literally could not walk without like a quilt without a walker and another person in there well the Huddle and then whatever pick up the phone and it was like talking in a hushed tone and in the gate agent came up from the airport came out of the plane looked at them but you cannot sit here and they're like what they're like you know regulations for the flight attendant complaint sorry I don't know they shouldn't know baby I never seen someone died in speak English get a move on time really like them like his looks and people are giving me like the business like not like when people see me not listening to the speech if you don't have this memorized Michael communities upstanding whatever is at 7:37 is it going to understand this is the wrong place I was wrong the flight from New Zealand to Los Angeles over the smaller plane it was like we're going over the Pacific Ocean the guy that sat next to me was that when you're like crazy so they didn't have the previous Leap Pad thing I guess hopefully he'll never get it he was like and actually pretty famous actor who sat next to me which is fine or whatever but it was like man that guy had to make it apparent to me and everyone around him that he was a semi-famous actor and had to kind of keep making a point for about 8 hours now it was a movie actor or actress is really actor older guy I don't like your name what is it with you like a buck-fifty say yes why you want me to say yes do you think an older guy is someone like he feels like he not like people that you know they should know who I am he's an older guy and got busted not ever but I understand I understand you've been in every time I get it I hear you jealous like I do not have it was looking like for sure although it was stuck next to me in the smaller downgrade no that wasn't good you guys I was freaking out I was texting problems in freddiew the what time is it in Mexico with driving when you were city of the time when you're 21 and we will send you the exit room coming back again from Baltimore no it was another flight and we come back from somewhere and it came up it was like damn it was like you were fifteen so can you make sure who was in the neck how many travel plans City time are you guys going to Los Angeles pretty soon right now and then that's why we talk about flying Gregg Horowitz of the biggest thing I don't know why and I don't want to fail of things go wrong because it needs to be starting a website you like airdisaster air airdisaster not or no you can't leave the industry that has to have a very high-profile perception that there's a the things go wrong like I'm always fail an investigation of that Continental commuter permit crash that's what the red light when sugar crash of Air France flight 447 appeared no this is the one about the Concorde like what that require that Joel doesn't think I look for taking off for taking off I'm just looking for the moment where that fit like if something goes wrong with gun we might be okay here that's probably the thing rises in effect if you're in a plane crash and something goes wrong it's the agony between oh something's gone wrong and the final yeah yeah yeah and you proof all you will fall for 5 minutes if you're following my cancer not before and I remember exactly what that was like and it's like I'm not miserable I'm just the idea I don't like that I can fucking skydiving that was fucking so fucking stupid Beautiful Disaster right at cruising altitude that you passed out first of all because that's good you probably come to like at 15 to 20 thousand feet so you'll be unconscious for the first couple minutes and then you come too and the grounds like scream and coming out and I was going on a date with a girl and she was like you know what do you want to do haha please why you went skydiving and neither do you because like you have to go to get there to distract your back which sounds horrible but when the door opens you're happy there's a new strap your back like 6 hours hours basically beat in your head you know over-the-door where to camp at 3 where you going to run 2:30 in the morning to jobs and then you're gone all right let's go over this again with you alright okay so what do you do for 6 hours day in the class after class to go to the plane and you physically walk through all right there's an airplane air inside the airplane that the door was open that and I'm doing skydiving and they were up in the air and then they open the door and I was at the back of the first thought that runs the advice I would shuffling towards the door and you think why am I shuffling towards the door and then they tell you were in the class you put your left hand on the and then I got one too and then they put you big fucking lie to you that's been lying to you 1 too and they put you and all you know is you go one too and are just like let's go the ground if you are 10 damn I remember thinking myself I was like wow it's really really really windy it's really windy it's like you're going to hundred miles an hour it's like I want to dark in my map on my sinuses biting crash in English crazy and then they pulled the cord and you go from 120 miles per hour to about 5 and all of that velocity goes straight to your crush Shira basically goes right to your to your scrotum call the cord you Bay having legs any you go and then you go after it and um we are on the ground were looking up and we were I was like why they will not open either see why they not even too sure why they have your shooting and what had happened was some of these you have failed and they I guess they jettison the extra shoot and we thought it was a personal stuff but it was like watching that you know come from at to like hitting the ground on the horizon and I we thought somebody died I may just think that it was like let me know that was a person does not to laugh it was like but it's like that experience combined with the time it was worth it yesterday was Ghost Protocol at the theater the movie was awful Jack and time for them prologue for The Dark Knight Rises and it's fucking crazy I can't find it really online anywhere I guess they're just saying yeah but I mean Christopher Nolan I guess it's just showing off at this point now playing some games and stuff like that how much of that the prologue in the air how much is practical and how much you actually didn't realize it supposed to be Iron blue and green that kind of stuff I need to make a comedy movie and they need to Market it like a real Adventure when they have crazy Act without action scenes it is more to those things with you when you get into the theater you just slowly start bending the rules of reality the point where it is ridiculous you know where it's at all forever but there's no explanation as to why you just don't day so I can take the rules of physics and proof Michael Bay movies dark city more Dark City all of them or I don't remember dark city was The Matrix before Matrix what was it was not shaving his ex was didn't exist you collect the world and he said he knows Jennifer Connelly out on the pier on the beach and she done that same shot and at least two other movies with extremely strange of the House of sand and fog and rec room just go to look like when they recycled footage from the island for the Transformers movie Transformers and take this exact same movie just put some more City on top of it Steve podcast ended up in different stories every year like every sound possible 3 combining doctor that would take like 4 sentences and our voices and create conversation wouldn't be that hard to make over saying funny I tried it it was red vs blue like if we needed a specific line like you or something like that like trying to go back to the old stuff but the recording quality is different but I've actually tried to do that whatever camera to try and find that turns into like an 8-hour The Odyssey Adventure of trying to find certain asked if you daily intake of the sound booth is lit what you get in your head going for a second longer I'll make that breakthrough likely just go to the sound dogs and look for 3 gun sound effect when we have equipment to just record it normally would be so much better the opposite of that happened we needed sound of people that short we did and no one thing isn't as good as the likes time of a thing like another words I made up sound of pain is going to sound more like being an actual thing yeah it's true type of the sound effect the people think that it is sound but that sounds really cool you have a bunch of people I would like a blanket or sheet on the ground doing random stuff like stabbing chicken if you don't feel like a good like every single time red versus blue or any other project we want to feel like Grace distance for greatness breath of you know of the size of try you know that we have looked through them you don't need a nurse accommodations Creed would you like the serious one Touchstone founder just like all that's the one I remember years ago and we're still making Red vs Blue out of Bernie spare bedroom when we introduced the character of Andy the bomb we need to sound or when he fail to be really heavy remember when we could pick him up till like 3 sound like we're still like doing the shit out of our bedroom it sounds like a dumbbell out to the driveway and just drop it on the driveway record the driveway that's pretty impressive actually it's funny though because it's like anyone who knows sound designers of films to deliver probably knows the Wilhelm scream yeah everyone is down a lot of times but it's not like Star Wars music when the bridge breaks all the guys all day at work I know it's been since we've never been there pretty much only ones on there that are that big I was getting a little bit tell him what you doing too the meaning of Festivus fooling who bankruptcy by going out of opportunities he's on Twitter if I don't know whatever but let him know that we will be on their Center people after him we were reported those Awards man and like I was Barbara myself miles Kathleen and you guys during the not big No-No the office doing a lot of stuff was going on and it's like nothing but the whole time it was like that's awesome people turn ugly yeah I was I was sweating it there after the war was over the guy who was running their livestream come over and put me sideways like man you're at the people from your website works all over the live streaming dark and pretty awesome cuz we like the idea of awards you're happy with all the nominees you thought everybody was really talented so we made a really concentrated push to promote that you know we announced it last week and reminded people you're doing it and then there's a big thing on the website and so you know I don't know people did that but I definitely want you to bring her on Twitter and everything people the website along with us while we were watching the show that we normally how much traffic like our website has processors that kick in whenever we have like episode released we know where to not hide track we kicking like a caching system so everything keeps running I didn't we didn't think that this is going to generate enough traffic to take the catching system but it was like I was online with him 5 hours before half time for River Saloon oh and it automatically kicks in if you really early everyone starts Kevin we have we have to be ready for it so if you're listening everyone I mean that's good I'm happy for us like they did well I mean it seems like a really really really nice name the girl who's up there with the Fine Brothers Grace daily grace doing great she's really wasn't nervous or anything I mean there are actual real legit warmers this person is internet this person is definitely not you know like a good mix of people she was in the award videos we made and I think Carrie went around and grabbed all of the footage from all the nominees for our videos and when he grabbed her and she's like humping the table Temple Run 3 that's what Carrie said you can plan to go out there for his 21st birthday but they can be right I think so yeah Jack Gus and I want the same flight and he was very late and all the cool stuff that happened it probably starts at 5 you know like that volcano show and the pirate ships they will want to go Pennsylvania last day we went to see the time and I was like statue that moves little bit you know nothing about that we finally got there and we look at it closed for maintenance will have of appetite in one too or the Atlantis something I did when we went to that one and one of the characters from the bottom of like the fountain which was cool but Hawk from Electronics every second I live money carry over just getting off work was pretty some jack at the printer Steve this is an exciting moment the podcast anytime of printer works like a miracle like a child and we're going to sponsor too fucking Kevin Anderson if I go to print communication error has occurred with the proof bride groom of 51 cigarette City Women's High princess movies car car Marshall want me to Jeff me for him he wants me to give my keys to him are the City Marriott we got a window around the corner Andrew Marshall came in and was like hey can I borrow your keys to your car inotropic car battery jump if you don't want to jump in my car I don't know that you can jump a terminal to receive a jump if you're on a Prius too but you cannot give a jump fucking bitch you fucking bastard environmentalist bastards take take take you can only receive a joke but you can't give one exploding horrible car because you have to be careful okay I read in the owner's manual like you can you tow it has to be on a flatbed you can't let those Wheels turned if it's all because then it just keep generating electricity for the battery overcharge the battery and could potentially with my brother-in-law going into the store and came of almost hitting the neighborhood because I know that they can't hear The Car Smart I'm seeing everywhere if you like that you like them going to cause a great impact is going to kill them like this the Smart car doesn't get that great of mileage and it's like half of car they have car2go car2go and you can just you can find a car and just get in it and drive it somewhere and service fuckin everywhere then something like that how to take a picture on to go take a picture of that time I Man Eminem okay okay I get it 35 some rest and try to find it fam fam fam fam is only one place in town I think that's the average Smart Car Center Round Rock 4383 retarded Lee impulsive and when they announced the Smart car they were only there for like a year and he sent an email and they're like put your deposit down now so your mom $2 and then I forgot about it till like 2 years later 40 miles per gallon for not that good but it's not for the fact that you have half of a car if you like it or some like that to me looks like somebody got to put the wheels on it Univision female of parallel parking a man goes like this they can pull in and park like this like that perpendicular in those spots because they're assholes assholes why would they do that but can be assholes and they can give a jump either smart car there are no games out right now by the way this week I think some new Flashpoint in the canoe races the next game I'm looking for to that I can think of is Mass Effect 3 Miss not till March I think it's March 6th I am really looking forward to Mass Effect 3 Marshals back in here with that Marshal Mass Effect 2 like 3 or 4 times this dark basically which was very clever right like at the very beginning of Mass Effect 2 it's okay to talk about it now I'm going to come by mediately which is great and it perfectly works with the storyline because I told him you can recreate your character which works of a narrative I love stuff that's like worse with a narrative and is also practical and which starts out great I did not get through Mass Effect 2 how does it end well it depends on how you played it had it in for you well I didn't get a couple of different at the end you have to fight like I was a little unclear on this but there's like they're making a human Reaper and you have to fight it it's like a guy looks like a giant Terminator kinda and so you can like needles for fingers you like a detached too stuffed like the kind of suspended he's like really really the last night and I did not say that I do remember that and then you can either like destroy that Outpost or you can save The Outpost for the other guy's name the electric man no the what you can't see him like the Smoking Man of the illusive man when we have illusive the word anyway illusive man all usage how do you at you have the next one why does she like all of the Reapers approaching from deep space like air coming to to attack so I assume Mass Effect 3 will start with day still the reaper attack based on the trailers I mean it's like it'll probably start from the corporate as well I like you a lot more than one story perspective it makes sense to start at 1 is not the same game streamline Jeff definitely like to play with things like I know the first one is going to be not a smooth the second one maybe but it's like it doesn't matter I still just at some point when I get freaking time in my life I want to sit down please and One Import my character flight to 2433 of the time you can just go back and watch the previous games on YouTube and it actually works really well one that got award too and I play God of War 3 and it was it was great meeting I love the idea don't like other people I don't like interacting with other tell me not herself rarely group of a couple of time then to do a mission that you need people for butt too late yeah it's like right now to create a new life online get a behavioral accepted level where it's like a somebody just gotta go I gotta go there could be cool like you like okay goodbye like you can't say 1.2 mile Joel technique is just like alright I'm done here in this moment smart to do that we're used to that crap I'm thinking required of the Titans therapy early I had pissed somebody off so yes somebody all of you could stop here and by doing that like 2 years ago I want somebody I didn't know what they were talking about but they're like yeah we were at a party you said I'll be right back and then you were gone I love you good luck with your review a shin I'll be right back you always online on Xbox Live or whatever you can get weird sometimes I don't feel as bad on Xbox Live for some reason it some more game like a deathmatch or whatever doesn't matter but like MMO Vestavia spend more time doing it and it too people get offended I don't know sometimes like I feel bad about it so just quit when I try people all I can schedule time to go do this that's something that's one thing was like okay all that without saying things like hey something came up right now my friend was like I made this for the thing where you have to be involved in but we're going to have to play together and it is gone hey everyone let's go mini-golfing when you look up at Michael likes Michael Kors Knight dinosaurs look straight out of everything from Pee-wee's Big Adventure and so that that works for about 5 minutes and then after that it's just fucking drink it's Crash the concrete's crash with the bus. I've been in a while batting cages day bodyweight Bay mini golf batting cage before we went to batting cages somehow that plays found a way to make Yuma tire shop in too like torn down like 15 things to know when your like 15 time from Park and Pizza the air blue one too weak to have more here than I was fucking never let you know